The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 8, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

... 1 .. : THE DAILY PIONEEB TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 8, 1899. DR. WELD Has returned from his eastern trip an bis patients can now find him as hit office in the' Smith block. - LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. - i 1899.J LEAD, S. D. MARCH 8. "Dim .....' Theie am prninu;;' not rns than a ectro of men walking about New Orleans today who are decorated under tbeir lapels with large tin stars bearing Vie cabalistic word "detective." They . WE INVITE . . Your Inspection of a VERY COMPLETE and Extensive Assortment of New WASH GOODS jnst received by us. Comprising in pnrt are patrons of the various private agon cies of the north that advertise for "shrewd men as operatives in all parts of the country, " and supply the tin star SEWER SYSTEM. Ed Hogers, of Chase's store, is hav- It la now a certainty that Lead will 'PS a new baleony and shelving put in- kave a system of sewerage this season ' o the U'liil Ktore. He is expecting new as every obstruction Co the project has goods and he is trying to figure out been removed. At the regular meeting where Ke an find room for them, of the council on Monday the qufi&rton Arthur Monahan has a window In was up for dussloii and little else j j, M;ir,.()i's store ornamented With and a beautifally lithographed "certif icate" for the trifling sum of $5. The wearers of their insignia labor under the hallucination, as a rule, that they are vested with some special right to was talked of. The recent enactment 01 a talle that is spread and ready for collar their fellow men. The same agen the legislature made the awompis cies uo a lana omce business in wigs, MADIJAS. LINENS. NAINSOOKS. DIMITIES. BATISTES. OKGANDIES. ment possible eo that all that I;ad has CORDS, WEIis. DEKCALES. DIQUES. CHEVIOTS. GALATEA S. PICRETINES. u.s-. It is a pretty sight and shows what handsome dishes they have within. A 20 per cent discount on carpets Is to do Is to put her shoulders to th false beards and other disguises which the amateur sleuth believes flrmly are wheel, which he la beginning to do i part of the necessary equipment of the a way that speaks success. The ques profession. quite an Hem but as S. K. Smith has tlon of money that was once a form id Now and then one of these deluded able barrier to the scheme has been hia own "Weaver" it is easy to see how he can make such a cut. The "Weaver" in question has made a nice individuals, who are to be found in all large oities, gets himself into trouble by attempting to make an arrest; but, as a overcome. It will be raised by private' subscription as there are a score or display of the goods in the show win more of men In the city any of whom Fine Zephy r, Corded Novelties and Toil DeNord. GINGHAMS. dows which is very attractive. could raise the entire amount If nec rule, the mania is harmless and its victims confine themselves to prowling through side streets and looking mysterious. They find great joy also in posing in boarding house oiroles and hearing L. D. Jacobs, proprietor of the Ba essary, so the bonds will be taken at zaar, hung a beautiful awning before home. An estimate of the cost of the system was made sometime since by his place of business yesterday, one that can be seen almost the entire Engineer Rosewater, of Omaha, and folks say in awed undertones, "Do you know Mr. So-and-so is a detective?" It is one of the queerest of all queer phases Entire New Lines of Laces and Embroid Ties. All Coloring in Near Silks. Advance Showing oi New Dress Goods. New Novelties in Millinery. he placed it at 26,000. However It Is length of the street and distinguished because of its bright colors. By the way expected to apond $50,000 In Its con of city life. New Orleans Times-Dem oorat the Bazaar is a prertty good place to struction Including everything that will be required. Mayor Gushurst is Both Are Married. trade as he keeps first class stationery, fruits, etc., and all the papers, including the Pioneer-Times. bound, heart and soul, in the enter j BIG BRICK STORE Load, S. ID The ordinary paragrapher iu referring to a marriage nearly always says tint prise and he may be depended on to push It all It Will stand. He thinks ev Mr. John bmlth or Mr. James Brown The annual election of officers of the erything will be arranged to begin ac Lead Cily Miners Union was held last was married to Miss Nellie Green or Miss Fanny White. It would lead one to think that the man only was mar tive work toy the 1st of June. Mean Monday night and the following were lected to serve for the ensuing term: time City Attorney L. S. Cull is at work securing the right of way and the ried, while the fact is both were married. The wuinuu is as muoh married Thos. Gregory, pres.; Thos. I'. Nich olas, vice pres.; Nlch Treweek, rec. as the man. The man was not simply If '(.; J. H. Iafayette. trustee; Joe See-ill, treas. ; W. E. Scog-gan, conductor; married to the woman. The woman and tho man were married, and tim an Gates' Rock and ore crusher C. McLtniore, delegate to conven tion. Installation occurs next, meetim; engineer Is getting out duplicate pro-flies and maps. This will insure a busy season for !ead, and nearly everything will be furnished here and we are informed that standard wagos will be paid and of course home men will be employed as long as there are any to be found. The money will nearly ail be left In the city as all that will go out will be the cost of tiling and trans nouncement should bo that Mr., rio-aml-eo and Miss So-and-so were married. Itev. Dr. Sunderland wrote a series of articles ou this subject some years ago which were published in this city. Ho K. K. Andreson and A. ri. Petit, mem GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EAR1H 1 at Homestake M Co bers of the First II. S. Cavalrv band tationed at Fort Robinson, were in Fully Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. Iead yesterday to make arrangements with the Miners Union management to portation. Lead 1a certainly to be con 8 Special Fine Crusher laid down the general principle that lie did not marry the man to the woman, but that he married the man and the woman, and married one just as much as be did the other. He discountenanced the issuing of wedding cards by parents that their daughter was married to any particular person, and said he did not want to perform any marriage ceremony in whioh any snob announcement was gratulated over this acquirement as it la something that Increases the value of property, improves its sanitary con give a concert and -ball some time In May. The boys met with considerable encouragement and qlute likely this famous band of twenty-six pieces will be secured. These young men were 1n the Santiago campaign and were In the ditions and withal makes it a more de sirable place to live. made. Washington Star. thlckeet of the fight and have many In teresting stories to tell about those Our Ni;w Design will imerest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- Gates' Improved Vanners. They are the Standard. C3r.-tS, SllOGS CLTXCL Dies Adopted by the Homestake Mining Co Peabodj ! the Btatnu. lively times. Many years ago John Bright and George Pea body, the philanthropist, were fishing in a little Irish stream. Rev. H. C. Harmon, the popular Methodist divine, is to leave Lead per Mrs, W. p. Dacy returned from a vls-H at Alliance: ' Tather Stanton called on Father Redmo&yesterosy, .Copies of the1 Pioneer-Time will hereafter bw oh sale at L. D. Jacob's basaar on Main street (tf.) Captain C. V. Gardner was up from Piedmont yesterday. I'E. Albright returned from a tuning Late in the evening, after a hard day's work, the party arrived at the landing manently and will exchange charges with a preacher at Altona, Pa. Mr. Harmon goes to his new field in about Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Frrna. twe weeks and Mrs. Harmon will leave for Nebraska in about a week to visit Fourteen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery, until her husband comes. This will jtonr to Spearflslr yesterday. cause wide spread regret for Mr. Har fJ! B. Thorn won. the attorney, had GATES IRON WORKS OTTO F. PUR NELL Sole Agt For (he Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel mon has been a faithful shepherd ot his flock and hfs kindly admdnlsterlngs legal business at the county seat yes terday. Robe. blankeU. and all winter stage, and Bright, accosting the inevitable policeman on the bank, said : "What is the proper prioe to pay these boatmen, constable?" He replied, "Seven shillings and sixpence, yer honner, but some gintlemen give them 10 shillings." Bright, turning to hia companion, said, "I have no ohange, Peabody ; have you three half arownsr" . The millionaire psoduoed the coins and gave them to one of the Boatmen. "la that all ye're giving me?" asked the latter. "That's all," said Peabody. , Holding the coins ta the opex palm of his head, and slowly saratohing his head with the other, the boatman said: "And they call ye Paybody, don't theyf Well, I call ye Paynobodj.' New York Tribune ELSTON AVE.. CHICAGO. ILLS, goods going St a big discount at "Mac the Saddler's. Lead. ' 1-18-tf. and sympathies foi tb afflicted ana words' oftrheer Ut all, wilf ;cause him to be revered" by the people of Lead. The only consolation is In the fact thai the coming pastor ia a good man ana an able and earnest worker. - ,Mrt. Matt Kkpp and children resumed yesterday ifrcWVVislt at Stttr- ??TJ vV Oils and greases, the beat on the for 10 cent, at "Mac" the Saddler's, DAIICE SPECIAL SALE ii GRAND : -l-tf. : f t t fir OF, Under the ARRETS. .Auspices of All this week. ft v. v v .1 A'nioe surprise wes given Miss Louise Blatt at the Homestake hotel on Monday nighUTboee that arranged tbe laffalr were ly enough to keep'ali XnoMedge from the .young lady so the party was genuine surprise. The company was a little late in gathering and John Blett, brother of Mhis Louise used all sorts of dilatory method to keep ber from retiring before"- the crowd came and to do It in a way that ehe would suspicion nothing was -a task hard to accomplish. Miss Blatt was equal to the occasion and entertained her guests beautifully. Cards and dancing were Indulged In ' nd there was alse fine Instrumental music. The event went off pleasantly. Lead.'s. D.. Mar. 1. 1899. . To theubllc: I have the pleasure Of announcing that I have purchased the 'Anelytkal Laboratory and Assay Office of Chas. H. Thole, which I form Mayflower Lift 20 Per Cent of f for Cash i 'Tcsterday was the" wannest day for tfiree months and the snow melted rapidly. . t Ths next attraction is Lew Hall's minstrels. They, wlf be Ceopera bouse tonight . ' '..The Black Hills Water and Canal Co. has a force of men digging up the frozen pipes in Central. " Chlorodyne Cough Mixture will cure that cough, or we refund the money. L. P. Jenkins Druggist.' :,tL J Am IgojBgtbearVhe Quartet? Well I guess yes. never miss a good thing, and this company of singers are all right tor I've Beard -them before ' W. M. Fuller represented E. E. Bruce A C, (Of Omaha J A Lead yesterday. George Rlsdon of the Western Class 4k Paint Co., Lincoln, was in Lead yesterday, s : ; Jr r Dof R. I. 0. O. F, IIiwmw Doa. Nanaeons medicines nowadays poasess none of the terrors that many of a remember when "powdera" were given in jam and castor oil in hot milk, as pharmacist, have invented no end of ways of giving the nastiest drag without any flavor at all Castor oil. cod liver oil and things of that disagreeable kind are made up in little flexible oapsnles. whioh slip down the throat like a strawberry. These oapsnles are also made In two parts, so that any one can bny them inpty and pnt the powder or other drag in himself, sealing them and then swallowing tbem without knowing that the dreg Itat a taste Then there is the round wafer paper, in which ean be in-olosed any kiud of bolus, pill or powder and which, -when moistened, can be swallowed , with ease. - New York World. . i Central Call and Seethe BARGAINS, I Mu5t Make Room for New Goods. S. R. SMITH. LEAD. City, erly awueoVind reumednarge Marcn jiAt Miner's Union Hall 1. 1899. " All essays and analytic-al work In BLACK HILLS ; Does your harness or saddle ned re trusted to me will receive prompt and careful attention.;4 , " . I K. P. Orchestra folding? It so. kv te n te v Ma" , me Tnejikhig'yoi kindly tor your pat Saddler. ronage In Ura past and noping to. en TICKETS $i. 1 Office Lalioratory and Assay joy, a continuance of your favorey! re- aaaTaasassi Mt maln Respectfully yours,-, A.r. -d-. . iTBENTtT SCHNITZEL. i . Clever Wltaeaa. In a kecent county court case in which a man sned another for balance of wages tin defeudiit called a witness. " Witness I beg pardon, yonr honor Before I give my evidence I want my axpeSses.., ;;,c-.A j, , ' j Jodge (to ,defendant)Pay him ?s. ,Tba defendant having dona so, the judge said. "Now that yon have had yonr expenses, what do yon know of tha ser J JLi...-v., , Witness Nothing at all, yonr honor. London Tit-Bits, . . No. 1, South Bleeker St, Fanat Blk. I "The Woodmen Circle will be organized ib $Mday ifeht7a 7: 30 eharj i i the lodged room in the jfUersoa building. The supplies are all on band 'and everything Is In readiness for the event " ;' " . Becmsr & Ortoa .era now' J settled to their, place of business. No. II Mill HENRY SCHNITZEL ; H "j FRENCH . CLASSES. ,. The study ot the French ' language forms a prominent part not only ot a 'LaJ L Potofflce BoxSOl Samples or bijUlon by mail or express will receive prompt attention. Tests made In the beet adapted process of ores. Laboratory and sampling works In Faust Building, 81 Bleeker SL street wltl full line of watches. Jew fashionable, but also- ot an ordinary Cot Flowers furnished on twntT four hours notice for all occsa from the cradle to the gr Bpeclal rates to wetlding P" and funerals. elry and silverware. They want yonr English education, and an opportunity now presents Itself to those desirous . ork, as watch repairing Is their speo- - laity. t-4-tt. ; LEAD CITYi ot actiuliinf Parisian French.: Address South Dakota. r i Tatnod, who is employed by Fred Mrs. Helen Saens, Black Hub Steam C.G. IflBffi Black Hills Laundry, Pine street, Deadwood. i Telephone 1136. A C&aLI OOAL1 COAL! LIBRARY hOTICB.. . - : ' --. . - - - - Z.., ..'j.jCasrttsas Tjru ' - Jtk Clergyman hr-quoted y Sir M. E. Grant Puff in bis memoirs as authority for the Itory that on the oooasion'Of Eallam's ' going down to Richmond to be'Tgoaiatherrto TeBnysonTildesr boy the historian asked, " What is to be the child's name?' - ."Hallam," answered the poet , "l don't like surnames for Christian names, " said the other. "Why ot call hia Alfred" "What if ha re to turnout afonir wuthsM- FftwIfir.iHnll- & WWffii r.;'..on' In the Yellow Creek mine, was f ;..:V.y hurt' yesterday by having a 1 ! '.t fall upon him in the shaft a dMa-t a of 20 fet. ir.s skull was badly i. ":rvl but the IlumecUke surgeons f.-- in: ;.vle j-ct ta tell how serious Use Hostess "Please play something classic, professor; play something pret ty.". ',. - . . : i AtrnRMFYS PuTchasers of Sheridan coal win find t to their adTantage to consult with Paul Bewman, Desvlwood, before boy. log eJsewfcera, J J Until further notice the . public 11 brary will be opera, on Tuesday and Saturday aftarnoooa and - Saturday evenings, as heretofore. By order of thatwardof aJractors.-. - ,i . Mrs. a-j. snatbjji' See. Professor Vlch tCI yoo half Tlret, Counselors at la Ma'am?" New York Weekly. Lead, 5. u- ; -.-

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