The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 8, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1899
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The Daily , Pioneer-Times. 23d YEAR- DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), WEDNESDAY MOHXIXC., MARCH 8, 1899. FIVE CENTS. works, and rejecting the authen- THE OFFENSEp .ouuiy naa thirty-six in the hospital OVER IN THE GILT EDGE all parts of the scripture not during the year, against some twenty n accord with modern human reason. ' 4 $ 4 $ . seven from Brown county.which ranked next in numbers. It looks as if the It was admitted that the authorship of the greater part of the old testament was unknown. disparity for the year 1899 woulld be . ...iAont Are Handlina THE UP-TO-DATE A New Shaft That Reveals a still greater than- for the last year, as The Ainen" T it has certainly made a good Vart in that direction. Six patients have been the Filipinos Witnoui Gloves. Large Bod"of Permanent Pay Ore. sent to the asylum from this county DRY GOODS HOUSE, i Higher Wages for Iron Worker. Bell airs, Ohio, March 7 Special The i hive thousand employes qi-the. Riverside iron works were agreeably surprised last evening a they passed through the gates of the immense since the first of the present year, five of whom went to Yankton, and one to a private institution. Five Hundred Tons Are Broken Has the Following Important Easter News About An insane hearing was held in the office of the county judge yesterday, John Cloooan, of Brownville, being adjudged insane and ordered sent to the works, .when they read notices posted I here (to the effect that their wages Brigade Under Hale Won Brilliant Victory Yesterday. ! Down and Ready For Shipment. would be increased 10 per cent beginning MaA'h U'. The increase will asylum. The county judge received Word from the superintendent of the reach over 3500 men, and will put quite Yankton asylum. Dr. Meade, that an SILKS. During the last few weeks no ore has! asylum attendant would arrive in an amount of money in circulation in this section. The increase in wages in cludta the men employed in the large been shipped from the Gilt Edge mine, I teadwood within a few days, to take in Strawberry gulch, and working Iway the patients on hand. There are Manila. P. I- Marcn ' rnl Hale's brigade, consisting o tube plant, blast furnaces, steel works, force has accordingly been reduced fromllwo at the present time, there being de Nebraska and Wyoming Regiments fifteen men to about nine; but not-1 Miss Olivia Skagsta, Of Bead, besides withstanding this some splendid work Cloonan, in the county Jail. Another and plate mills, and also the day laborers employed around the plant. The increase came after a meeting held between the men and General Manager Frank J. iiearne which was has been done on the ground, and it I insane bearing has been called for to t I j t appears to greater advantage today I morrow, for the examination of Nellie than ever before. Some ore has been Smith, also of Lead The thought and care which we have bestowed upon the gathering of the new Silks are manifest. Our Silk buyers efforts have resultad in the exquisite collection of styles and weaves we have ever been able to show this early. Tou will accept our invitation to see them. Thanks! called by the -ompany. The action of taken out as the development has con-1 The case of Miss 'Skagsta is one ot the company is commended on all sides tinued, and about five hundred tons is I the most pitiful that has come to the now lying in the various drifts, having attention of the authorities for a long and the increase is hailed with delight by the employes. been broken down and stored away, I time. She was the keeper of the Home- until the company decides to resume stake lodging house in Lead for a long Birmingham. Ala., March 7. Special I'he, Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad shipments. time, and was highly spoken of ty j ji,, Twenuetn regulars, wuu a. OriUiiiit victory this morning at San m del Monte, near the -waterworks. Tie Americans decided to assume the jjeMive, and the brigade advanced in tie form of a "V." storming the native ffltwnctoents, and driving the insur-puti in utter route towards the Pasig fiver, where the gunboat shelled them jjtilealy. Their killed and wounded rtUinuber several hundreds. The only American casuality was one Nebras-Un wounded. The natives several Jeff and Fitz Will Fight. New York, Mar. 7. Special. Rpr-tntirives of Robert Fitzsdmmons and in Jeffries have accepted the offer of , California syndicate of a purse of At the time shipments ceased a those who knew her. She is dreadfully -mpany yesterday posted notices 01 shaft was started from near the face demented now. and there seems to be stn advance of wages of 2Vs cents a ton, 4 SPECIAL ALL THIS WEEK- of the lowest tunnel, and this has little hope for her recovering her rea taking effect March 1, the advance be- been continued to a depth of 73 feet son i"S t-auseu uy recent advance in iron below the greatest depth previously The man Cloonan, who was examin A neither advance is expected by tne Different Lengths of silks at Exactly . . HALF PRICE, attained This Khaft w started for the ed yesterday, is also badly demented 1 100 miners in April. purpose of ascertaining how far down although his case is of a different na rho or veinw run At lirst the rrwk In tlire. He has his hallucinations, but the shaft assayed but about $9 to the they do not seem to disturb him much This is only done to make room fr more silks that are coming. ton, but It has been increasing in value "e is exceedingly rauimuuirau.c, auu 4 Depends on Schley. Washington, D. C, March 7. Special Because of the failure of the senate to confirm the nominations of Rear Admiral Schley and Hear Admiral Samp-son for advancement for heroic until some samples that have been will talk as long as he can have any brought in within the last couple of one listen to him days showed a value of $244 to the ton. Information was n leu yesterday The vein has asrfutmd a regularity, against a young fellow of Lead, a mcfe J. WERTHHEirffi I and, has become thoroughly defined, boy. ana me warrant was issuea, pui conduct in tattle. Speculation is rife in naval circles as to the action which with1 Klat on the haneine wall, stand- not served. He will probably be i few will be taken by the department. ing almost absolutely perpendicularly, brought down to the Jail within The bottom of the shaft is all ore, and days biitf thousand dollars to fight in Monitor Nevada next June. A Chicago tlynm announces that Fitzsimmons u injured his arm in a sparring ex-IWoc and his doctor has advised tw months rest In that event the jit cannot take place before August. o German Admiral Resigns. fcrBn, Mar. 7. Special. Admiral mltorr, the chief officer of the Ger-uiavy, has resigned as the result linnonal insult from the Kaiser. Kmht objected to the dictatorial met of the emperor while on board One thing is certain, Secretary 1Oiig will nor submit to the president for i' is not reany Known now imicn tuerei 0. transmission to the senate nxt te is ot the vein on wnicn me snan. nas Mmt& m a Shaft Kuan nnt rtiwn The bottom of the I cember nominations of these officers for advancement. It is therefore ap shaft is about 40 feet deeper than the M i-aieuauue, who w-kln on the Kin nrooer- 'n Ior J- Marconx ana rea m.uon parent that Rear Admiral Schley will remain senior to Rear Admiral Samp ft n r-K nAA Us. tta1 Vzkltvur . . , v. .1 1 J I . I ia a 9UA1 1 UCOl tile ucmu Vi viaxttt TV, wmcn nB aujuunufi. i son unless the department should es Col. M. H. Day, the chief owner of re. waa Hlru " lu UOTU day morning by a ladder, and his skull THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANI( tabltsh the correctness of the reflec the Gilt Edge, is expected to arrive in was so badly crushed that it is believ- the city within a day or two from Chi- ilaphip. o For Chicago's Mayor. tions upon Rear Admiral Schley. It ia announced tnat if Rear Admlra . , .w w,, led he can not recover. He was taken cago, where tie nas oeen nor tuu ., u a that nil. to tne HomestaKe nospuai in Leau, Schley asks for a court of inquiry the rew weetut, ' " - i . ., . ... . rationa will 1)6 started up on ft larger department will promptly order it. In chief artery had been severed and the ikajo, March 7. Special. Z in 'i ttr, ex-president of the board of It, vu nominated for mayor of the ' at the republican convention this scale than ever. the meantime he will enjoy the pay blood was flowing so profusely that it and allowances oi a major general in weaawooa, eoutn Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 was impossible to do anything with CIRCUIT COURT. the army, while Rear Admiral Samp the injury. son will draw the pay and allowance Patenaude had been working In the , noon, o- Tlx Pope Still Improving. Judge Joseph B. Moore, of This Cir bottom of the shaft, which is 82 feet cutt, Presiding. of a brigadier general. The department does not intend however, to permit any further devel- deep. There is a ladder the full depth WU, Mar. 7. Special His Holiness Mis. Lucy Erickson. charged with of the shaft, set in sections and when Leo XIQ. continues to improve, Vaow able to alt in a chair for ments in the controversy unless it be complicity in the robbery of Axel Hed- he was about to put off a blast Pa ten- through a court o. inquiry. To this section, quist, was on trial the greater portion aUlQe wouji draw the lower All Branches of Banking Business of the day Monday, in circuit court, 8ixteeti feet long, up to the next sec- nl hours at a time. .. o Advance in Wages. end Secretary Bong will not urge any nominations next Oecember unless it Transacted, aud her case was given to the jury tion, so that it would not be splintered about 2:30 iu the afternoon. After be- oy SBOt jje had raised it Monday Mburg, Mass., Mar. 7. Special. ing out all that afternoon and night, njght and went back to work yester- be 'those of Naval Constructor Hobson and th officers recommended for advancement by Admiral Dewey. 1 tandred employes of the Hamil- the Jury anally reached a verdict of not day morning without lowering it. DRAFTS ISSUED mm China, Malla, Havaaa, Perto Rloa, guilty and brought it in at the opening probably not thinking of it. He loaded wtton mills have been notified of Jnace in wages April 3. The raise Africa, England, Franca, Germany and all Pari ml tha Warld, at lowaat market rates. of court yesterday forenoon. The vtr- a bucket with rock and started it to diet was reacned about 6 o'clock yf- the top. It caught on tne hanging sec- lerday morning. James Frawley ae- tion of ladder and caused it to fall, fended the woman and John R. Wilson striking him on the head. As the ladder COLLECTIONS made carefully and accounted far prometly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers Slain in Revenge. Birmingham, Ala., March Special Richard White, a merchant, while going home last night w th Fannie Adams, a female acquaintance, was accosted at Tenth avenue and Nineteenth street by two strangers and shot to death. His pockets were rifled and his was the prosecuting attorney. A large feJ1 ne ygjied to the men at the top. responsibility or collaterals. amo'at of testimony was introduced, tnat being the last that was heard showine that Hedaulst and the woman tram hm. He was taken from the be eleven and a half per cent . .? o Alger Willing to Resign. . York. Mar. 7. Special. A dia-i to the Herald says Secretary Al-n informed President McKlnley 1t Trilling to resign, but d lata to oat of office trader lire. He he objected to- being superior McCook. He and McCook, he tpUloed, ewe bitter enemies, and mid consider it a personal insult the latter appointed hi his bad been rouud the town together all shaft at once and sent to Lead. He re-nleht. on the nlzht that Hedquis-t was Mined oonsciousnet several times THIS&sOISTIJTOTrv'inijT HOILVTE, BANK. shoes taken from his feet. The girl relieved of his money. It was shown during the day, but would immediately that the woman had drank thirty bot- drop off into a stupor again. He is a notified the police, but the murderers escaped. She says the men called on White to hold up his hands, but shot 'Accounts of Bank Si Corporations and Individuals' ties of beer while out with a man, and about 36 years old, and French it was taken from this tha. she was not bv birth. He has been in the country him before he could obey. for some time, and has been married. n a condition to be conscious of her actions. As the man had also been tak During the coroner's investigation, which is not yet concluded, the police his wife dying several years ago. He has several children, part of whom are solicited. Correspond onoo Ixixrltod. DIRECTORS: W. E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBEIL arrested the Adams girl on suspicion. attendinf the Catholic school at Stur- ing beer and showing his roll of money to every one he came 1n contact with, it would be hard to aaeertair They say that White was to have been gis, while the others are at school just who became possessed of it. The j OTe where in the east woman has been released and will proh , married next week; that he had already broken off with Agnes Gary, a friend of Fannie Adams, for another iwg Will Receive a Peerage. r York, Mar. 7. Special Advices t-Midon say 'that Rudyard Ktp- novelist-poet, mill be elevated ew by Queen Victoria next ltt raoognltlon of the marvelous aai ccomnhshftd- HARRIS FRANKLIN, President. BEN BAER, Vlca President. mm. SELBIE, Cashier. ably be given the opportunity to leave girl, and they suspect that his murder town. The court was busy all day yester might have been the result of a plot to Sal wreak vengeance and that the Adams t day with the case of Stanton ts f condition continues to im mon, involving the proceeds of a cer eiri lured him to his death. The sus FILED FOR RECORD. William Whitehead to John Walsh, Jr., a parcel of land in the easterly part of Lead, with a one story frame building. J. M. Ellis to Joseph Shoultz, a part of the north half of lot 4, block 32, on Grand avenue and High street, Lead William Zoeckler, Matilda Zoeckler, "Ul e death of his daughter. tain amount of ore that was shipped from the Reddy mine in Lead. This is a case that was tried to a jury a couple of months ago. and resulted in a dis TOMBSTONES. . BUILDING STONE. MONUMENTS . Foreign and American. Marble and Granite. pected woman denies any connection with the murder. o Sol Burns is at work on the General Sheridan fraction, near Garden City, and has two men employed. C. E. McHugh has a force of men at work on the Gold Edge Mining com-pany'e ground, in Strawberry gulch, prospecting and determining upon the most favoraible site upon which to sink; the shaft that is in contemplation. He expects to start the shaft by the fore part of the coming week. The Gold im mmnuiT has secured office quar U still concealed from him. visional Force Not Needed. jf"",' Max. 7.-poclal Pres-IcKlnlejr has decided not to use istonai force k of thirty-fire men provided by the army neve, the regular. farce of thousand will fee sufficient n tte Improved conditions In Bd Ow Philippines. BiMtit History Only. '--SpeciaL-At Methodist preachers yester-1 ?M-re4 and OTrored. agreement of the jury. Frawjey & Laf-ly of this- city represent one side ot the case, and Thomas L, Redlon ot Lead is appearing for the other. The last witness in the case will be called the first thing this morning, and the arguments will begin. .... o . Insanity Cases. Lawrence county had the record in 1898 for having a greater number oi patients la the Insane hospital Vankton than any other county. This Peter Zoeckler, J. W. HigWe and Char-lea Sasse, lots 3 and 4. block 2. Spruce gulch addition to Deadwood. $500. The United States to William H. Sutherland, the southeast quarter of the southwest quarter, the southwest quarter of the southeast quarter, and lot 4, section 1,9, township 7, north of range 1, east, Black Hills meridian. Charles Krause to Annie Curtis, a tract of ground on Carney street, City of Deadwood. ters In the opera house block nd Mr. DXADwooD, s. d. . J. H, C ALE, Agent McHugh has fitted K up exceiienuy.

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