The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 7, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 1899
Page 1
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The TTTv r JrlONEER-1 IMES. DEApAVOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 7, 1899. ,yEAR. FIVE CENTS. Daily egg? THETO G SCENES REBEL PLAN FAILS I rfy, ge rj aa e 4 .J. rj. .1. ... i Data la Lnts Attempt m known as tne Molineux case, has been thus far one of the most mysterious and one of the most interesting with which the New York police have had to deal in many years. The man who is now the central figure in the drama, perhaps the tragedy, that is about to come, is a prosiero'us young man of Brooklyn, whose father is a successful manufacturer and a respected citizen of that town. He is a club man. and moved in nolile society The Business of the Last Day amir , of the State the Waterworks ana Are Repulsed. THE UP-TO-DATE DRY GOODS HOUSE. Has the Following Important Easter News About he I he Last Day in the Senate American Commission Has Taken Quarters at Malate. An Excellent Combination. The pleasant method and beneficial Nearly Resulted in a Riot. His prospects were most flattering, and lie was married to the woman he loved. Even though his past might have Iteen stained with the crime if murder. Ins future WM-nied (dear. This was the situation when the. mighty weight oi the law fell upon him and he .found himself in jail charged with the most atrocious offense' in all the-category--of crime. effects of the well known remedy. SILKS. SykuP ok 1'ius, manufactured bv the Lilt, Mar. e.-Speeial.-Sevenieeu ..r killed lest nie'.t California Fio Svuvp Co., illustrate the value of obtaining t he licjuid luxu-tfve ' pr fiTcfpTefT'o f ' ' pTa n tsTn i wn'to lie medicinally laxative and nrcseiituiL' ; tne en w the outposts, ' a lrmish wan . Nebraska and Oregon regiments. ,. ronnipd this niornine. i-ierre, . I)., March 5. Special The house started Saturday morning with forty-one bills on its calendar for the last day, and disposed of two of them them in the form most refreshing to the taste and acceptable to the system. It is the one perfect strengthening- laxative, cleansing the system effectually. He ittacK L tie natives were routed and forced i rio-ht Americans wer? at the forenoon session. Resolutions dispelling colds, and fevers gently yet promptly and enabling one were adopted donating to the speaker Ruling of a British Court. London, Mar. 6. Special. The British court of appeals decided today that the English owners of the Schoenhofen brewery in Chicago must pay the English income tax on the entire profits of that concern. The decision affects The thought and care which we have bestowed upon the gathering of the new Silks are manifest. Our Silk buyers effortr have resultad in the exquisite collection of styles and weaves we have ever been able to show this early. You will accept our invitation to see them. Thanks! uided. The object of the rebels was i. . .u- !.. to overcome habitual constipation permanently. Its perfect freedom from -taletbe waierwuiKs, um iuc mu fu dismal failure. every objectionable quality and substance, and its acting- on the kidneys, liver and bowels, without weakening-or irritating them, make it the ideal laxative The American commission nas es-Liisbed headquarters at Maiate, and the British holdings In St Louis and other American brewing properties. In the process of manufacturing figs I inking tne aniva.i The remaining Spanish prisoners i l. - .1 and is going to have a widespread ef are used, as they are pleasant to the taste, but the medicinal qualities of the remedy are nbtai:. (1 from senna and fect. U by the Americans eniuamcu 101 lone today. other aromatic plants, by a method SPECIAL ALL THIS WEEK- known to the California ! 10 SvKi r Co. only. In order to net its beneficial End of An Ill-Starred Venture. Kansas City, March 6. SpecialTwo Kipling's Daughter Dead. v- Ynrk Mar. Special. Jose- effects and to avoid imitations, please remember the full name of the ( 'ompany printed on the front of every package. inn Different Lengths of 111 r DDIPC lUU Mlks at Exactly . . HALT rillULi coach loads of disappointed "invaders" I"'--. SK, the daughter (l Rudyard Kip- of Central America, who left here Mon dav night, for Honduras and who wefe CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. Ene ian noei ana uiivciisi., SAN FRANCISCO. CAL. LOUISVILLE. KY. NEW YORK, N. Y. topped at New Orleans because ot his chair and gavel and other minor matters. A bill passed to preserve official ballots until the time of court had passed; amendments to the bill fixing the salary of ithe adjutant general; engineer license and fish protection were concurred in. An attempt to pass the Watertown normal school bill over the governor's veto failed by 42 yeas and 42 noes. An attempt to pass a lcrmanent educational appropriation bill over the veto failed by 39 yeas and 44 noes. The house in the afternoon devoted the time to passing bills providing for the letting of contracts for the printing of supreme court reports; appropri ating money for a deficiency at the reform school; appropriating money for the expense of selection of endowment and indemnity lands; providing for disposal of dead and down timber on state lands; appropriating $100 for the purchase of portraits of Governors Mellette and Sheldon; providing regulations for construction of sewers; allowing the attachment of adjacent territory to independent school districts; regulating the practice ot osteopathy; requiring itemized expense accounts MiU( ' Led six years, died (his morning, af-Ci week's illness with pneumonia. p news is to be kept from the father For sale ty all Druggists. Price 50c. per bottle. This is only done to make room f-r more silks that are coming. their inability to secure steamer trans I portation, arrived home today. A. V . s appropriating $(i,257 for deficiency in Evans, tie leader, was not in the the expense of the account of the rail iMil be has undergone iurmer recov-U, te the blow would certainly affect liiiererely in his present weakened part road commissioners; legalizing a settlement between Aurora county and J. WERTHIIEira, I Treasurer Eastman; creating a state board of embalmers and licensing its practice. To Pay the Cuban Troops. WtshiBtton. Mar. 6. Special. Pay V f ? f h f f f 4 "The newspapers told about the trip beforhandy(his time," said one of the men.C-iyfext time they'll tell about it after it is done." Attorney T. A. Witten, who started the exRediition south, says his "clients in Honduras" must procirre 100 men here or else-where and that they will be. forthcoming. The bill to appropriate monyato J. outer General Carr Is arranging the B. McCloud for care of horses and men in the Indian uprising of 1890-91 was cut from $2,772 to $.r00 and passed. The Mil to create an Immigration depart ment in the office of the land commissioner failed to pass, as did the bill to compel state officers to turn In fee August Witzel returned Sunday from a visit to his family at Los Angeles, California. He Tiad a pleasant trip and left his family in good health. and perauisites. A recess was then from state officers before issuance of expense warrants; appropriating money for additional legislative supplies; THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK (Mill (or a trip to Cuba to pay the 'Mb troops in accordance with an 'ifntot between Col. Porter and teSwet General Can will take the 'ithn required to make the pay-sat Ites million dollars with liim. I M m'i Credit Not Good. , Ctgutlnople, Turkey, Mar. 6. Spec-M-Hk Krapps have declined to fur-jiilh saltan any more guns until flint has 'been made for those re- nilf furnished. The sultan expresses I Brute at being treated in this man-;tera tttat he has done 'or Em- taken. The house at the evening session passed bills applying the principles of the referendum to cities and municipal itiee; appropriating $1,050 for the ex Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895. $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899. $642,815.00 penses of the trial of John Eton don from the unorganized county of Shannon; providing for a sugar beet bounty of 1 cent per pound for a period of seven years; requiring railroads to put Mr miiiun. A Mew Trial Denied. tyrti, Kan., Mar. 6. Special. Awarded Hlglwrt Heoor Mdal aad Diploma, World'! r Columbian Exposition, alao apodal Oold Medal and Diploma. California Midwinter Fair. in sidetracks for mills and small ele vators. The bill to allow the levy of the additional mill for deficiency was lost. Bills were passed providing the man Branches of Banking Business Transacted, ner of procedure to secure the laying of .sidewalks in cities of the third class; aonrouriatinfc money to Banger and Hunt as expert plumbers In the Inves ISSUED nn China. Manila. Hawaaa. Porta Hie DRAFTS tigation of the buildings at the reform Africa, England, Fraac, Germany and all Parts of ttia World, at school: authorizing counties to Issue lowost market rates. bonds to fund outstanding indebted ness; to allow cities and towns to levy COLLECTIONS made carefully and accounted for promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable poll tax. The senate started with ten bills on Rates of interest to any extent warranted by borrowers a.. I the calendar and disposed of nine or them at the forenoon session, the bills $mr ffl) A TITMfl responsiDlllty or collaterals- TTTTH IS XISTIKTOTIT7'Ji3IJY JSL passed being: Providing for the manner of contest of state offices and a re Huen bag refused to grant, a wtrlalto John Collins, recently con-'Wttffte murder of his father. '.-' . -o ! ? Charged With Wife. Murder. Norla, Kan., Mar. 6. -Special W Gilbert was arrested here yesier-ty, rtirred with thejnurder of his euofonr children near Enterprise, ktanade a full confession of his the head of each victim was open with a hatchet. Gilbeii Wtoaclaland domestic trouble "ilia to commit .he murder. Outlook at Dvso. Jloony Outlook at Dawson. Jrwcisco, Mar 6. Special. '""from Dawson say the outlook ming season is -exceptlon-flUoouty.Th exodus continues, and Vnerchantj hare been left with k of goods on their hands. "J Want, Some Territory. Jfcy Want, Some Territory. Kong, Mar. 6. -Special Italy " hand In the game of terri- iJrWn M 0hina's "pense, and j"!! Oi session of coaling 7 Ban Man bay. It has offered Uoi'w thouand Pounds for the A count of the ballots: for the protection of large game; to prevent the moving Accounts of Banks. Corporations and Individuals of buildings from lands before the payment of taxes; relating to meeting of Pure Cream of Tartar Baking Powder Wpwmm solicited. Oorrospond enoe Zxa.'vltiocl.. Insurance commissioner, passed 26 to 19; providing for printing and oistnD- V titing daily Journals; pertaining io uu- es of road supervisors. The general appropriation bill as DIRECTORS: ADAMS. " JOHN TREBER. W. E ed carries 891.750. which is liui,- pas greater than the general tun oi 39S HARRIS FRANKLIN, President BEN BAER, Vice) Presideat. wo years ago and almost equal to tne otal appropriations of the last session. araa an sxisr r?aatla S total appropriations will be nearly 11 500.000. . - . oeciared the intention de- miLi nip to enforce th-.tWW.CUi refuse. ' The senate had Ifttle business before it at.The afternoon session and adopted a resolution presenting the president with his chair and gavel. The bill defining the first and second judicial circufts passed and the mutual insurance bill was killed. An attempt to pass the ballot laws over the veto of the governor failed by ofi veas to 19 noes. The bill to allow HOW CREAM TARTAR IS MADE. Cream of Tirtar-which enters to largely into the manufacture of Dr Price'a Cream Baking Powder-i obtained from the tart Wines of France, Germany, Austria, etc The Crude Tartar, called Argolis, is deposited oa the ides of the wine ca.k. during the lermentauon of the wine. After the wine is drawn off, this crystal deposit is removed, dried and exported to America . where the elaborate process of refining takes place, producing the snow-white crystals of Cream of Tartar. In linfUn? out Dr. Price's Crean$3aking; PowcUf from li hs competitors and bestowing: upon it a special Gold Meoal, the California Midwinter Fair concurred in the verdict given by the World's Fair jury, which awarded both medal and diploma to Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder, declaring it superior to every otter brand. ; . , The victories won by it at ail the great fairs, and its wonderful growth in popular favor, due to its purity, tmiformity, wholesomeness, keeping qualities and excellence, have confirmed and emphasized it as Foremost Baking Powder in all the World." -The Cream of Tartar Refinery, controlled by the Price Baking Powder Company,' is the most complete and extensive in the World. ! Pope Improving; "to "lclal The bulle-condition of the pope is T' an4 I is now little redemption of property sold under chat lolineitv ti...i fi... j. TOMBSTONES. BUILDING STONE. MONUMENTS Foreign and American. Marble and Granite. deadwood, s. d J. H, CALE, Agent. mortgage, which passed yester.oay, tel wa.s called up on the pretense that it not received a third reading and had on" reconsideration it was killed. , - musi rieaa. , w. .Ro.and B. Moli- torn? tWW 111,01 tomorrow to TvBot caiHy to charse tki At that rtW,1rfthpoMlbll,t-mslafloiuandoCthrlU- r tW caw. now. to be The closing scene in the senate came near being a riot between Lawson and the chair. On reconsideration of the (Continued on Page Five )

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