The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 5, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 5, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

TEE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SDNDAY MOUSING, MAKCIJ 5, 1899. Sarver to run the knives of the mach dorsed by the Governor ine with a chain, but in the absence ot s chut 'magistrate recommends Pe-ru-na, tht National Catarrh Remedy and Nerve Tonic. the chain he runs it wlPh belts ana pulleys. This save rise to considerable trouble, as the bvlis became wet from The Pioneers of 18T6. the snow and ire while running at any EPRESENTATIVE MEN DEATH OF CLARA BLACKFOHD. Clara, the only daughter of Mrs. Blackford, of this city, dl-1 at St. Joseph's hospital yesterday afternoon at l:l-".. after an illness of three week of nervous- prosnaT'on. Mrs. Blackford has charge of the housekeeping at the Bullock ho'cK and tier d.iugllter. the deceased, was about IS cai s of a ae. She was alway.. possessed of M-markaldy good health, and jvas considered -I mill! :ind i-i I n i -it Her ZOELLNER BROS. CO. rate oKspe-eu net a n seven and twelve miles an hour. Other machine require a speed of seventy miles an hour to ac arc slow to speak for publication. This is be cause their influence is so reat. The endorsement of (Joy, mors. Senators and Cnnw..n..n complish their besj. results. Mr. server's machine a!.... demonstrated ilmt ;. 1...1.K . , . " nai.oii- ui.l woras ot praise from iuli proiirncut officials must be based on nna.M it will run through any kind of io no 647 Main Street. Expect from us Besides Perfection in Make a wiedp'. The recon I which the catarrh remedy ru-na is constantly receiving by men of national .:uo is very enuifyiiif,'. Amon recent letters from lersons of eminence is the following from Governor I vl&v Atkinson ot Hest iitrima. The governor says: death j., therefore a severe sh;ck to those who knew her. She had .iccn assisting her mother with her dimes about th.) hotel until three weeks ago, when .-he In-gaii to suffer. a;ie became unable to eat anything nourishing ana retain it on her stomach. Sic vyis given the Im'ki niedwal advice in the city, but she could get no relief. For nearly two weeks she lived upon nothing more s-trcngihenirig than milk and lime water. Last Wednesday it was decided to remove her to the hospital. Several of her friends who had not matter how firmly u ts packed and frozen, somthing thai uo other machine will do. Mr. San.r feols well sitisiie,, with the showing that has been made by his invention, and intends to go right ahead and perfect it. If it will to what he claims for it, he will prove a benefactor to the railroad service iu the north and west., where ihero is snow, for the flanges give about as much trouble as the blockades by snowdrifts. The snow accumulates and boc'mies packed along the rail so lightly that it frequently lifts the Ilauges CfT Aiu.MToN, West Va., March 9, 1898. The Pe-ru-na Mi dicine Co., Columbus, 0. ;e.nti.kmks: - "I can recommend your prescription l'e-ru-na as a tonic. Its reputation as a cure for catarrh is excellent, it having been used by a number of people known to :.u i . .. i , 20 er Gent Reduction 31? uw wivu me very uesi results. Very truly, kv. O. W. Atkinsom. X Catarrh is the national disease. Not In J.wMiaAwwitnWB nhi.w.ji,J,art inirnn. ill h-lrar nf the mils :in,i r..,.'i, ilL-xUl i. mi. x p npttpiin ffii. J Kis auu cure is con- WSJO stant. Experiments of all UinH- 1 . ?Jv,,continually made without result for railing the trucks. Mr Sarver runs his machine on a Hat car, hitched behind the engine, and supplies :he steam from the engine. Pis good. Ignorance of the causes and V v ntimnf oafg..k id nin I . - . . " .a uuivciaai. atarrn is elusive, persistent, penetrating. It may exist in any organ of the body. For this national muhiriv tin- ovit. I (lid not recognize her when they saw her coming down the stairs at tie hotel, preparatory to going to the hospital, so greatly had she wasted. The re-i.iains were taken to Iewis' undertaking rooms last evening. The funeral to rangemeiits have not. been made yet, but it is not likely the burial will lake piaee before tomorrow. Tie-; lady has been a , indent i' the lie, id wood schools almo.-i ever ili'e -lie came to Dead wood, and was bright and energetic, ambitions and a good student. Sic was an ar-11 : wi;h the brush, and bad execiit'ed ;! laig. n.iiuiier of beaiiiilni .b-signs "H c.iir,.i.. ,nid iliina.vate 'I bis i- sini- the national scientific remedy Pe-ru-na which for forty years has been doing a grand work. I'e-ru na is the unlliiichinrr foe of eaj Mili jinii overcomes it wherever it flOT.G. W. AtKlNMJN of West l ire ma- Til AT TH KOIllil NG HEADACHE. Would quickly have you, If you used lr. King's New Life i Mils. Thousands c' sufferers have proved their match-lets merit for Sick and Nervous Headaches. They make pure blood and st long nerves and build up your health. Fasy to take. Try them. Only 25 cents. J-ioney back If not cured. Sold by Phillips & Steensen. Druira-lsts. CHURCH SERVICES n of T)r. Maifi i... IVo.Mtli nt of the Surnical It is the pri'.srriptio ivcs pcr-.MKil att. .ii .l :,:,im;re. to a Inmbus, ., w" K Wet of catarrhal diseases. Dr. Hart- wrrespoudWRV on 1 .;j applW-atmi.. All druggists sell IVru-na. JksoDcatanii are m.m Overcoats, Fur Coats, and Ulsters. We will sell you good Clothing at the Prices of the Other Kind. Our Goods will wear they are .m UNION MADE CLOTHING Look to us for all the Good Things. OUR PRICES DO THE TALKING. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. 647 Main St Deadwood, 8, D. HILLS DIGEST. Sp. ,ii ti.-!i ha.-, l.cuu. uiiii ! I' "-'- n fo:- !: I..--; few i .in mli ml III AC u iv jls fol-l a. 111.. -Foreign ot lb. STI'RGIS. !-"irs-t Ilapt ist ri ic 1 Ws' Pi ytlef l-or. l'-e p: ' i. hill.;" 1 I ,:. n. -l!. M : - - ;c ills. .--i v r.i I in in ' Women's M is.-. ;:..!; y .-cm mil Vau- count of 1 1 1 1 liiiK'' -now ilril'i.- ili.n had 'formed .iIoiik the Sh'ailish anyon hram li of i he Iliirlingtoii. All of ilie towns in i he Itlai-k Hills, and in fact k Mtade Dr.miiit ic Lpany gave an enlertain-hoiise last CM-;. I) ol the II till- Service. Le sturgis opera '!i:inli will t;i l.i inn tied "The Lightning . the eiiitue country, nave suffered in a Hod I similar way, but Siiearfish -seins to electric light plant has ;o Samuel Oliver b.u kardsbeor, who took posses-k L Mr. Oliver has taken charge and management of ! I"' !!' "lied as a n e tdciice of her fclitn il t.i-tcs H,r tn-cher has bee,, ai lie -st ' e a , d mil e tier ileiili eoin- i - a f did i Inn..-! without a ny ' "i - l.-iv ;ig ! riend s aie adminis- '" le i gl'lef. but little cm lie ii i; 1 towards healing the wound that ha !n en iutlinled. o A NARUOW ESt'Al'K Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada ii. Hart, of Groton, g. D. "Was taken with a bad cold which settled on my lungs; cough set in and finally terminated in Consumption. Four Doctors gave me up, saying I could live but a short time. 1 gave myself up to my Sa-oir, determined if I could not stay with my friends on earth, I would meet n-y absent ones above. My husband was aovised to get Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and (.'olds, I have it a trial, took in all eight bottles. It has cured me, and thank Cod, I am saved and now a well and healthy woman." Trial bottles free at I hilllps & Steenson's Drug Store. Regular size 50c. and 11.00. Guaranteed or price refunded pa P. K'eiffer, post surgeon lah, has been ill with the !m week or two, and wae l the tore part of this ( Mra his trouble is the kj. ft,. .- .. . T' DcMOuTHS ARK i pOwnty Bank sent a tele- ItapoHfi Thursday of the f Moertaln what action taWh regard to the pro- efl for Port Meade, W lad been coming in for Can be relied upon to Furnish you anything in the house Furnishing Line 5 fM. A reply was received nea P. McCarthy was Mer. but that no award ufenfer. have bad more trouble than any other in this part, of the country, for there were several days' during the recent sitormy weather when it was almost impossible to get a train through, and consequently several trains were abandoned. BEIXK KOrrtOHE. Rev. A. D. Shockley has tendered his resignation as pastor of the Uelle Fourche Congregational church. City Marshal Brookes has been chasing the rounder element O'U of Belle I'(i..'ho dur'.; '.he past week F. C. King has purchased an intercut in the Comp Crook mail contract, and w111 take charge on the Belle Fcurche end aa far as Macy April I. A mild form at the measles has been going the rounds of the school children at Belle Foturche for the last week, and has caused a light attendance. S. W. P. Sellers retired from the office of auditor of Butte county Wednesday, says the Bee, and has succeeded by D. R. Evans, formerly treasurer of the county. The Times states that the senf lm tats of the Dead-wood trooper in regard to enlisting under Col Origsby In the reg-ufar army are endorsed by the old1 troopers who are in Belle Fourche. Stockmen coming into Belle Fourche from the north and northeast during the past week report, stock to be doing finely, and say there will be no los.-, among the range cattle to speak of fhis year. ''Vill H. Ross of Pine C. tt. Wyom ing, was in Belle Fourcae during th vttk and stated to the Tiue that the w Titer had been unusuallv severe on stock in hie part of the country, on account of the scarcity of water and the protracted cold weafther. Club of Stiurels held f Stoves, I eek, and discussed va- tatere. One of tha t Sa li school i.' i.", p. ui.. Junior meeting I! p. m. I'nion meeting of the It. Y. I 1'. and Epwoi-th Uvitfue in the !U 10. church at " :!ii p m (iitspol ami song service 7:30 p. m. in the church, to be followed by the ordinarnv of the Lord's Supper. All members are urged to tie present at luth morning and evening services. A cordial welcome extended to strangers. Special evangelistic meetings will be held tn the church every night next week excepting Saturday. C. L. KIRK. Pastor. German Lutheran Church services aJt City Hall buikltiig 7:30 p. m. REV. M. rOSS. St. John's Church Morning aervVe at 11 o'clock. Sermon by Rw. E. R. Dodds. Celebration of the Holy Communion at 11:45. Sunday school at 10 o'clock. Lenten services Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock. Rehearsals, Tuesday and Friday at 3:3; Sodurday at 7 : 30, chXWren Thursday at ( p. m. GEO. G. WARE. Rector. E. R DODDS, Assistant. First Ward M. E. Church Sunday school S:45; preaching U a. m.; Junt-4or League 3 p. m.; Bpworth Leagu 6:30 p. m.; preachiing 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at parsonage 7:30. All cordially invited. C. E. GIDDtNGS, Pastor. a The Sunday school of the Congregational church will meet at 12:15. as usual. M. E. Church. Services as usual both morning and evening. Swbject at 4. m.. lessons from the Hammon meetings. Sunday School at 12:15. Junior League at 3 p. m. Ther will be a union meeting of the Baptts-t yong people and the Epworth league at 6:3V in the annex of the M rl church. SuO-jt of sermon at 7:30: "If Chrirt had failed in His mission, then what?" Beginning w-ith Monday evening, the 6th inst.. the M. E. church wiU unite with the other churches of the city in a union evangelical uteettng at the Baptist church C. B. ClARK. Pastor. mnp walB In regard fkldw aoroBB the frtrw for wWch Detltto Mwwlatton tor eome time. Furniture, Glassware f""-1 w Midge will but. v u '"ald portions of Sco-wwnttee. which ftpa CONFIRMED BY THE SENATE. The following telegram from Senator Kyle is self explanatory: Washington, Mar. 4. W. S. Warner: Dead wood, S. D., Your nomination as receiver of the Rapid City land office was confirmed last nlghC JAMBS H. KYLE. The appointment was a worthy and graceful compliment to Mr. Warner himself as well as to the newspaper with whtoh he has 'been connected since its establishment, twenty-two years ago. It Was also a tribute to the memory of his father, the late Porter Warner, who had more friends and fewer enemies than any other Black Hills newspaper man can ever hopeHo have. Mr. Warner, or "Will," as he is known to every one, will make a competent and obliging official and a most pleasant and agreeable companion for his associates in the land office. r MJe county. Tne r k Also at work upon i a totrodudng he raiaing Q Z Crockery. r-Toeooty. The neit an dub win SPEAEim f MJertainiment entitled "It's P'V.&mk," m th Opera i SECOND HAND GOODS :: r wanj elated over the Always on Hand at Bargain Prices. Some Special Bargain Stoves to Cut Down $ L '1 ' 'building of a f alU) normal school, w,Wtlooof ,25 000 lofteuieateto be J text Friday and the l W10m' fctT rPrentA-tn u "rrugL Ttie chief Times? The populaition of Snoma-land has been Increased about four this week so far as heard from. Sons were born to the wives of John Beam. Victor Ward, Martin Sorenson and Wm. Seifert. The three first named all arrived Monday 'morning. As soon as the addition to the Butte county court house Is completed the county auditor will move his office into the soutwest room, and' the tpeffrer will tak the . 4 . Stock. GOODS DELIVERED. CHAMBERLAINS COUGH REMEDY. This remedy is intended especially for coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough and influenza. It has become famous for its cures of these diseases, over a large part of the civilized world. The most flattering testimonials have been received, giving accounts of its good works; of the ag-feTavating and persistent coughs it has cured; of severe colds that have yielded promptly to it soothing effects, and of the dangerous attacks of croup It has cured, often saving the life of the child. The extensive use of it for whooping cough has shown that it robs that disease of all dangerous consequences. Sold by all druggists. X Mother and Babe Minis. DeMouth's "Ark." now opeupiea Dy me nuuuui. judge will take the room to "The CoupJ 70 Sherman Street. 4j by the treasurer. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Shockley return il 1 1 1 1l lift lM"M"t"H !!! It fTtt weacner win per- CO TO X TONE but a mother knowi the I painif anguoh and dread that a wocoin endures before and during childbirth. And still nearly 11 tha tuf-ferngBunoeccMary. The faithful of MOTHER'S FRIEND wul in great measure overcome every distressing lympWm, and labor itself will not be a very Knots ordeaL Remember that MOTHER'S FRIEND b an external liniment that soften and relaxes the muscles, and M not ft dangerous compound of opiates to swallow. Aik your druggist for it or send price ($1) to TK BtADTUS CGUATOt CO, AUMU.U. Baod' for oat frc fflnitratad book, "Bfcfocd Baby it borm." Dr. J. A. Pad4ack, Br. Louis Hew. PADDOCK & HOWE, PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS, ed to Belle- Feurebe. from .their wedding trip Into Wyoming the fore part of the -week. They were in a snow blockade In western Wyoming which prevented their returning sooner. Mr. Shockley la oge of the proprietors ot the Times. '' WTTEWOOD. Fred Smith and Miss Ida Ames were married at Whltrrood Wednesday by ED. SARVER'S FL ANGERS. B. s. "Marvin, Burlington train master, and Ed Sarver, the locomotive engineer, returned yesterday from Spear-fish where they had been on a rial trip wfth Mr. Sarver's Hanger, the machine calculated to remove the snow and Ice from along the rail. The machine did excellent work, considering" that it At only a model as yet, ha many Imperfections and Is not constructed foc hard service. II is the Intention of Mr. wl7 in the op- Pabst Headquarters For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in the City. : CHAS. C. BOHL, Prop. OOocm No. , up I ejradkal Bknk, fin rioor acnt.door Wwtera Union TaLjoOo. Offloa Soan non 0 a. m. to 0. p. mt Botk TocUpkoBdctBtofficM tad tmUmom, . ww Rety W. D. Atwater. (Contlmwd on Page Six.)

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