The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 5, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 5, 1899
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. 23d YEAH. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SUNDAY MOKMNVi. MARCH 5, 1899. FIVE CENTS. BROKE THE OLD RECORD iNGRESS CONCLUDES r.j ni fine of the M6st navy has prevented the attack having been made several days agq. Malabon in the stronghold of the insurgents but with the concerted action of tu navy Gen. Otis feels confident that H will fall. There is a great shortage of food in the city. Ucef ha K(Ile up to S." cents per pound. The American menil.-rs oi the Philippine commission have arrived. They have aut horizpH C.-n u. Legislature Passed the General Appropriation Bill the Last Night. memorable Sessions tver Held. V 4 4s 4 4 $ 4 4 4 4 4 4 : THE UP-TO-DATE DRY GOODS HOUSE. Has the Following Important Easter News About ;he M0st Expensive Session of An Account of How the Dispensary Bill Was Killed in th House. to offer two million dollars for the release of all I he Spanish prisoner.-. Rear Admiral Dewey raised 1,11 l,j flagship, he (lag of a full admiral. All the foreign warships in the harbor saluted the flag and the officers tendered congratulation.-.. Federal Legislature On Record. rvil The 5IKLS. gagees to do assessment work on mining claims; to reimburse Hans J. Smith for attendance at the-Taylor investigations; the appropriation' for deficiency of employes; providing that all disbarment proceedings shall be taken in die supreme court; general law for protection of fish; increasing the salary of the clerk of the railroad commission, protecting the in'U-rest of the slate in the Taylor lands and providing for their disposal, requiring shool district officers to notify the county auditor of the issuance of bonds; to empower cities to issue bwnds fora water supply; to compensate Adjutant Gen. Humphrey for services; to more fully describe the duties of judges and clerks of county i courts ytaching wrtain lands to Clay county by a vole of the people; appro: priating back salary for the adjutant general; permitting meetings of township board to be held in oitie where the same are surrounded by the township; allowing the redemption of property sold under chattel mortgage within ten days after sale. The senate wan tangled up again this afternoon on the parliamentary question of allowing a member to hold a bill art the close of the ss.sion by giving notice of moving reconsideration. This was decided n the morning session against the contention, but was all fought over again in the afternoon, with tile .same result of sustaining the ruling of the president. The sen alt e in executive session con K remarkable session oi con6re iiuthe la quarter or a vein,. i.inv it was attedeo. Dewey Is Grateful. Washington, Mar. 4 Special The 'following was received from Dewey by Secretary Long: "Manila, Mar. 4. Please accept for yourself, the president, congress and my countrymen, my heartfelt thanks for the great honor conferred on me. ? "DKWEY." Late to a of unusual excitement anu , h .rr.wds that taxed, to The thought and care which we have bestowed upon the gathering of the new Silks are manifest. Our Silk buyers effort have resultad in the exquisite collection of styles and weaves we have ever been able to show this early. You will accept our invitation to see them. Thanks! IuwawnBu e utmost, the canity of the gained. Oauide of the fact that it has been Pierre, S. U... Mai.ti.ASniJaa la the house yesterday the report of the conference committee on the general appropriation bill was taken up. Mr. lwight opposed the acceptance of the report, which carried, and a new conference was asked for, In which the house committee was instructed to refuse any bill which increased the aggregate of the house bill, in the afternoon session, however, the conference report was reconsidered, and the' report was concurred in by a strong vote. This is the first time since the organization of the state when the general appropriation bill was out of the way before a late hour of the last night. The house committee on temperance presented a unanimous report against the passage of the scniite dispensary bill. The report of the coniinitltee was :',dorted, 9." to 37, and tine action w congress" it has been the mosi Lsive sitting of iho federal legis Gen. Brooke to Name Mayors. Havana, Mar. 4. Special. (Jov. Gen. Brooke has taken the appointment of mayors for the interior towns out ot the hands of the civil authorities. All previous appointments made by the ts body in the annals of the repub- Tb appropriations will exceed a SPECIAL ALL THIS WEEK jlioB and a nan oi umiam. . i...- governors of provinces have lu declared void and the general will ap the cost of the Spanish war, will HALF PRICE, t 100 Different Lengths of bilks at Exactly . . point the mayors himself. course, be the most important item. Wressman John All-en, of Missouri, firmed thfi nominations of Maris Tay RIGD PRESS CENSORSHIP. L oxmputed the expenses of the war lor as public examiner, and .lames Cus- ick as mine inspwtor, and put all oth "cinched." 46 to 3G. This action today Another of Those "Hong Kong Reports" settbs the fate of any disensary bil b of JOW,000,Ouo, but his figures are at the present session, as it is now too This is only done to make room for more silks that are coming. J. rJERTHHEIM. lipoid by the experts of the treasury Referred to By Otis. Hong Kongy March 4. Special. A number of American correspondents late to take action by the two houses hutment on any other measure. Tkt river and harbor bill called The" report was prewnied by Kepre arrived here and report that they were compelled to leave Manila on account fetl tt most bitter struggle of the seiita'tive Purdy, who spoke at length er nominations over to tomorrow. On account of the former veto of tiie Aberdeen awl Watertown normal school bills the governor has not seen fit either to sign or-verto the new Aberdeen bill, and it will become a law by limitation at midnight tonight. The senate at the night session, after several attemiits, sectured an adjournment, leaving the bill to allow the governor to remove appointees without a second reading, which kills it. The of the rigid press censorship exercise! in favor of the action of the commit M. Tie senate made every effort to 4- $ - 4' f 4 tee, declaring the senate bill to De Ldi the Nlcaraguan canal item butt by Gen. Otis. The correspondents state that many Americans at Manila believe that Gen. Otis will never be able something which impotency could not tsilly forced to accede to the de classify, but which had been branded to suppress the retvels and he might of tie house. This Is conceedeu by the senate as a dispensary Trill ; that as well leave the islands. the advocates of both sides who appear fctfedsive victory for the Hun fight was on this question. ed before the committee had declared SMuilmad interpsf Ttip aeents some of the principal features to be in idteejha of the latter have been A Spanish Report Madrid, Mar. 4. Special. A telegram from the Flllipino Junta at Loo- Ready To Fight Again. direct violation of tlhe constitution Cheyenne, Wyo., Mau. 4. Adjutant fitHtr energetic throughoih the and that It carried no appropriation General F. A. Stitzer has been advised don says the Japanese are assisting the with which to make It effective, ex have been amply repaid for that It is probable that an effort will oept a warranty provision which coulo be made to raise a regiment of infantry Filliipinos. They have already landed canon, rifles, clothing and food for the natives. not pasibly be put into effect. .-Ymtarenee reports on all ap- Representative Stoddard spoke in fa irtoo MTIb were adopted, gener THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 from Wyoming and adjoining states for service under the volunteer provisions of the new army (bill. The work vor of passing some Kind of measure I1' f luge majorities. to carry out the provisions of the con will be litr-ustijd. to Major Thomas Wil .foWtisuodlng that the house by stitution. f wbehning vote on Thursday helm, United States army, formerly instructor of the Wyoming National The nrst contenskm n the house rt consider the resolutions re this morning was over the right of pe guard. Several of the militia companies now organized in the state will enter tition, which Mir. Cooper raised over ujr tbe Judiciary committee de- the refusal of the house to receive .taUGtn. Wheeler and the oth the volunteer organization. Assurances petition favoring a bill killed several Expect Alger to Resign. Washington, Mar. 4. Alger's political assistants are anticipating his resignation from the cabinet within the next thirty days. A systematic campaign with Uhla end in view has been rtnaugerated against htm, and the effort to induce htm to eee the wisdom of withdrawing from the war department nas reached a state of political meneu-vering. The details of certain transactions in Which it is alleged Mr. Alger has been prominent are being quietly col I otobert who accepted cc have been received from Nebraska that days ago. several companies in that state are . the army had thereby va All Branches of Banking Business Transacted, ready to Join a western regiment if or The house passed the senate bill for a deficiency appropriation for em ganized. -wir teata, the speaker ,today "cognize Gen. Wheeler ployes; providing for printing reports of appointive officers, which have in TO ADVANCE WAGES. . nor eaueavoTed to secure w to an attempt to reply to DRAFTS ISSUED on China. Masilla. Havana. Parts RIm. the past been submitted to the govern or alone; deficiency for publication oi Bailey. The speaker's re- Announcements of Increase By Many constitutional amendments; apDronri Large Concerns. ation to pay Judgment far fuel furnish Seioned wide spread comment. ,3,ohow were adopted In the sen Providence, R. I., Mar. 4. The Lon lected. When this ammunition is ready it is said to be the intention to lay the facts before the president, together with a statement that the whole story will be published unless Mr. Alger re lowast markat ratas. COLLECTIONS mada earafully and aecountad far promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers ed at the agricultural college; appro sdale company, employing 2,600 per priating money to pay Davidson coun Bdtaf Vice President Hobart sons, has decided to advance wages on I ifn of hta rulings as presi- responsibility or collaterals. April 3. signs. The result is expected to be a ty for care of prisoners; allowing claimants not in possessuon to dispose of their interests in real estate; to pre oeienate. Harrisburg, Pa., Mar. 4. The Penn sudden aickness or Indisposition which "eo,ntion were introduced will make it necessary for Mr. Alger sylvania Steel company has posted a notice announcing that beginnln Ap i - vj umgreseman Daily to give up his duties as head of the war department. ril 1 next there will be a general ad to Speaker Reed. vent fraudulent voting at caucusee. Senate Joint resolutions were passed authorizing (he procuring and preservation of the trnduutes of the constRu-tional convention which framed t first constitution of the state, and for vance of about 10 per cent in wagea Individuals (Accounts of Banks. Corporations and solicited. The advance affects 6,000 employes. Pope Getting Well. Why Train Robbers Prosper. The Ghicago Tribune wired Prose Baltimore',' Md., Mar. 4. The Mary Oorroapond onoo Invited. ffi- aJ -The follow- land Steel company, of Sparrows Point, an amendment to the constitution to cuting Attorney James A. Reed of KTvl this morning: Jackson ooumtcy, Mi, asking for a has announced a 10 per cent Increase in the wages of all Its employes;. require amendments to secure a majority of all votes cast at an election. " WW tranmvll nivht statement regarding the dismissal of Fall .River, Mass., Mar. 4. The con 1 enough to leave his DIRECTORS: E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. The ballot measure vetoed by tie the cases against the train robbers who have been doing a booming business in ference ot the representatives of the 3J boon today, governor to prevent a name from ap pearing more than once on a ballot and around Kansas City. Here is his HARRIS FRANKLIN, Prasldsnt. BEN BAER, VI ea PrasldanL "PAPPONI, cotton manufacturers and the labor unions resulted in the manufacturers agreeing to advance wages on April 3 aC the rate of 12 percent. The de answer: WM. SELBIE, Cashlar. "MAZZONI." Kansas City,-Mo., March 2. (Editor L and to allow those to vote who cannot read English to call assistance In marking ballots were passed over the veto. The senate bill providing for the cision carries with it joyful tidings. of the Tribune.) The train robbery oases were dismissed because the state Wflfl trmiblfl in the conviction of not only to the 30,000 mill operatives of this city, but to 125,000 more of their Jesse James, against whom stronger oi npui iiuurumeiw, a om fellow workers throughout New Eng indorsed by the National Bar associa evidence existed than could be pro land. TOMBSTONES. BUILDING STONE. duced against those who wer? Jointly Reports from New Bedford and Prov- tion, was Indefinitely postponed. ' An attempt was made to call up the ; senate anti-pass amendment, which charged with him. Missouri is one of Wenre- ay that the big manufacturers the few states which has prescribed the Wj-w chlmnJes, released I Hrw. completely ruin- V ertesa to death penalty for train robbery, ana , was wrangled over by the senate most t of the forenoon, and force it on the heir citizens and lawmakers are as moch opposed to the commissi o 3 ot crime as those of any other common MONUMENTS Foreign and American. Marble and Granite. watiot. ' calendar, but It utterly failed. The senate passed a bill raising the , tax levy and killed the house resolu-j tion to resubmit the dfspensary amend I meat, which will be reconsidered. wealth. So long as Chicago, the moral in .those sections will voluntarily Increase wages-126 per cent on April 3, and -request a like agreement with tne operatives to a eliding scale, Chicago, Mar. 4. The American Tin Plate company has given notice of an increase in wages In all its plants. The men affected are those who have been receiving less than $2.50 per day, the increase ranging from 6 to 10 per cent a day. Pally 10,000 men will be bene - Bin center of (OTtnots permits the manu ."'aw Malabon. facture of her mothers Jdto Luetgart ?tih x. sausage, Kansas City and Missouri A resolution was passed for an amendment to prohibit state officers taking passes. In the afternoon session the senate may endure even an aggravated case" of train robbery. JAMES A. REED. J. H. GALE, Agent' DEADWOOD, 8. D. fited by the advance. J Jackson County. Ma ! waee . vowertg mort-j and

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