The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 3, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAIIT PJ0XBER TIMES, FRIDAY MOVING, MARCH 3, 1899. 9 -i m.'mw fivt m itbMt-1 aaftxtimia. A man might cancel V- I l WW manner HiSrtT TWl ffWr III A ing-xminigratlon and In 7 vlldrnMH contributory - to tne Are much in U!e; THE DEADWOOD PIOHEER bstablisher syjxt t, ipv j THE BLACK HlUTIHESi BOTAJBLI8HBD APBIL T. 1871. THE, DAILY. PIONEER-TIMES Pills rdy. ffficKnt. tifr- .r all l'Tr.U5. !" i"-"1 -stmSsssiiSBiSBssWsasW a h-n r r - wealth of the world fairly staggers the Imagination. All Latin America will be Joined to the United States by mutual Interests that will make the Mot roe Doctrine seem but a flimsy bond tehm,- Juiiu. xr.tipu.'!i. tc. Pric eeoU. Sm b1) ruu iv mk with flood 8rfrUlfc KuunauaK Charter Oak, i' o . OOKBOpiDATHp MAT 14, 1887. heirlooms to an enforcing robber, or boy 'hi space from a soulless black1-nuujer, bu; that he should contract out his conscience and his brain under circumstances which make him infidel to honor, vacant of real Influence and bar-ren of moral self respect should be unthinkable. . For those whose personal or domestic necessities lead them to think that, must do that, charity la taxed to the extreme. Toward those who do it for love of the fact of pelf or of the fiction of power credulity Is paralyzed and indignation fatigued." o I EC I "HONEER-TIHES PUBLI8HINQ CO. Quick Meal and j V St. Claire. NBWSPAPER3 AND PUBLIC MEN. The American Newspaper Publishers Association held its meeting and banquet in New York City last wmk. At the meeting there waa much talk but nothing done that would benefit the newspapers or the p-iblic. At the banquet it wax ail talk and fm- very good talking was done. Lt. Gov. TERMS OF 8UBSCRIPTION: BAII.Y Every Morning, Exoept Monday. es Year .....V 10 00 BU Monthi ....7.'., 6 00 n Month 1 00 WHEKLY Issued Every Thursday. One Yew i 00 Mx Montlu 1 00 represuting the family chantctorisUcs that have linked themselves In our inheritance. The twentieth generation numbers more than a million ancestors. At this ra:e of increase we would need to go back but a few hundred years to count a multitude sufficient to people the whole known world of thalt period, and every s11' r them our lineal ancestor. tue woiuiei-s at wliiit .stage in the Merit, from the two Immtxluite piirents, luck -io the primitive pair, the numbers begin ViTiniiiiish. It is tnle that in our calculations we have ignored the fact that relatives may sometimes intermarry. But as we naturally regard this as one of those 3L 0' 'W r: THE SEARCH FOR ANCESTORS. It ha.s been said that of the throe kinds of pride, face-pride, race-pride Woodruff, of New York, spoke on" Pub lie Men and Their Relations to tuo the Entered t Second-Class Matter at Deadwood Postotfice. and purse-pride, the second is the ifiast sinful. It is certain that our vainglorious thoughts seem less ignobie when Press." He.eaid that if a public ser vant provetl himself trustworthy Special Discount for Cash, COME AND SEE US. widened from the personal ego, so as i if hp mRnifeufcod an earnest regard ror TO UNITE THREE AMERICAS Nine years have been needed for the to embrace the larger unit o.ns s family or community or the still larger group of "tribal connections." If one pursues a search for ancestry !J'ihl"'""u'iiri! "7Fa recent vCslftor to a Internal Railway commission to com & WartoaB-HaMwtre Co: Anns elate its preliminary survey and Its "womWiyiMI report. .But the time Is genealogical library, it is hardly an elevaUne occupation. "0, I don't want . none tod long to devote to the investi the interests of his constituents, he would have no need to fear the criticisms of the newspapers. Success in political or In newspaper life required We"1as'ngconMenoel)T'a''cdnMW cy, not the vacillating honor of an hour. An honest public servant need fear neither Jails nor newspapers; a dishonest public servant has just cause to fear both. Newspaper men',he speaker said, constituted an Impregnable phalanx of advancement and civilization, "How would we know what is going gation of an exploit .which President Harrison nronounced ' vast, but ex- to know all these people,'' she exclaimed. "What is the Coat of Arms? That is all I are to look for." Perhaps, she would have experienced some flagging tremely practicable," and which. If car' iAAAAVTVVVJ apiKtrtviitly exceptional occurrences, concerning which we can deduce no reliable lay of frequency, we excuse tor. The geometrical ratio of the by doubles, which we have made the basis of computation, seems more fixed and natural than the "averages on which many statistical tables are made. So, if our numerical reckoning ends In an absurdity, we are tempted to look with distrust upon many another carefully prepared table of the "figures that will not lie." FILED FOR RECORD. Geo. Powell to Nels Nelson, an undivided half interest in the Baltic, Ta-coma, Oakland and Simms mining claims, in Bear Butte distridt. $1,000. ried to completion, will knit together the three Americas and give to ths of zeal if she had heard the remark of an official in the same library, that PIONEER FURNITURE HOUSE i most of the Insignia claimed by Amer OF United States a controlling Influence in the development of the incalculable ican families had aa elementr-48pur-iousness or at least of doubt hanging on In the world were lt not for the newspaper man, that prince of bohamia and arbiter of publtd opinion?" said SAM SCHWARZWALD, resources of the Interior of the Southern continent. To connect New York over them. The real peers of the realm did not, as a rale,-come to seek their the lieutenant-governor. "Whichever fortunes in the New World wilderness way we may turn, we will find the ir- fey rail with the trade centers of Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Chill on the reelstable glad-hand newspaper man, as. indeed, why should they? But whether or not the number of families entitled by the laws of herald Pacific coast and with the Atlantic with sharpened pencil and a nose for news, who stood on tne bridge Dy tne Carries a full line of Upfolstmf 4 Nels Nelson to Peter J. Lynch, a half interest in the Smoke No. 1, Smoke No. 2, Smoke No. 3, Smoke No. 4, and side of Schley and calmly photographed the smashing of the Spanish" fleet at Furniture. Latest designs in RorocoC ry to display armorial bearings 'be as few as this genealogical expert would have us believe, it is of slight Import ports of Caracas, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Monevideo and Buenos Ayres, will be a gigantic enterprise. It will cost, According to the estimate of the com Smoke No. 5 mining claims, in West Santiago? Who continued the writing Carbonate district. Couches and Tukt'sh Chairs. Caroline E. Zipp to Jacob Goldberg, of his 'story' after he was shot almost unto death by a Mauser bullet at San mission, about $175,000,000 and years off a fourth interest in the Summit and ance to the true explorer of genealogical fields. If we find a blazoned shield which commemorates the prowess of some far-back ancestor, tt is certainly an "interesting and innocent object to conitem plate. But for practical value it is as empty as a last year's bird's nest and far more meaningless to a labor, but it will give this country supremacy in a market already large and "will be a potent factor in devolptng Juan? Wbo raced to Hong Kong to put on the wire the dispatches telling bow Dewey sank the Spanish shins In the harbor of Manila? and who fell only last week at Caloocan, in the - the agricultural, mineral and J.lmber Summit No. 1 mining claims, in Bear Butte mining district. W. L. McLean to Richard Glid-deu, a small barn in the town of Terry. Mrs. Nelson Brown to Richard Glld-den, a one etory frame house in Terry. William A. Watson and William A Watson, (trustee, to Charles Walte, the "wealth of the Andean uplands and of ai Philippines, In the forefront of the column's advance? Who? A news most unknown regions east of - that people who have been for generations in the position, of "younger sons," so far as the profits of Old World nobility paper man!" t. uiair McKelway s theme was 1 . . . are concerned. The man whoae fore "The Press in Its Relation to Pubyrf fathers boasted no such heraldic device lien." He said that the "relations' were MBprovisg. fuduc man were range. VThe plan proposed by the commission contemplates the building, of a line from the southern irontler of Mexico, connecting there with our railway -systems through the Mexican roaos, through tlbe western part or Central uesire No, 1, Desire No. 2, beta, Halt-Itiie, Lost Camp, Minnesota Maid, Emma fraction, Tiger fraction, Terry fraction , Lilly fraction and Abstraction mining claims, In Whltewood mining district. $15,000. Re-Upholsterlng and new work to order. We re-cane chairs and dO all kinds of furniture may be equally rich in all that contributes to success in American life possibly even richer, If we may truet the philosophy of the author of "Night finding that the rowdy press could do them no harm, and the decent press were finding that rowdy public men Thoughts:" could do them neither harm nor good. ma America and the Isthmus, and thence They that on glorious ancestors en through the valleys, of the Andes that large, Produce their debt instead of their iisnti irr r rn run approximately "There are rowdy public men and there are rowdy newspapers,'' said the jjpoak-er. " "They Save a "natural affinity for one another. The other kind of public men. and the other kind of newspapers north and south, to . , discharge," SAM SCHWARZWALD. .XakeTltlcaca. whence it will pass east- But there are ways of cultivating an The Fall of Jaat Prte. One day soon after the Mulberry Bend park was laid out in the Italian quarter of New York the man who had had mora to do with the good work than any ops else was pawing there. As he strode happily along, thinking of the oltTio, - toting and pro 620 Main Street, . DEADWOOD, SO. DAK. I Interest In ancestral belongings which are letting that first sort alone. A line of cleavage in every community Is be- posed limes will 1m utilized wherever vvvyvTTVVVVV7VT tfig "drawn between, .decent 'pubMxumen and rWdi Wlic4 ri W4 tenements that used to stand there, the fresh, clean earth attracted him and be walked ooflnpon is. Stamping Joyously about, be exclaimed; have no element of pride connected with them, at least in "any objectionable or un-American eense. Genealogical Inquiry has been unjustly regarded as Inducing a feeling of aristocracy or 'Iue-Jblood'' exclus-ivenesa Yet the natural tendencies of the study seem all the other way. The true genealogist ought to be the most pronounced ou democrats. As one follows towards -fxpb vne important , branch to be "Fine, fine I They have planted the kWlt wlU gdve connection -with r- seed and soon the green grass will spring ftp under the warm sunshine. It is my proudest" lU touch QuflrvtU CttjJTrf ECiU! J nit then a park policeman who had wr anr the hlghes tJk worWj Firsli IJational Banl Of OEAOWOOO, 8OUTH DAKOTA XTixtea. Sta-tes Depositor CASH PAID XST, $100,000 . . . . . . 8UEPX.U8, $X5O,O00 rowdy newspapers. Public nSen worthy of the name wish to benefit the city, state or nation and 'believe that the Idea of their party are 'likely to do It Public Journals phave the same wish and the same belief. PubHc men divide off by'ijtfa8.i "So, tn' the' main, do pbblic fiV;iThe , velations between-th-v press and public are jurimartly itherefore those of 'alllance or of opposition, ae-oprdingte likeness or nnllkeness et belief. The public' men are factors on one part and the public Journals are factors on another. part of the 'same neld. The role of the nuhn w wtU bring Into contact with dvUltatioa Caxanwc. 'anale' tie of the PefUTlanncas, aid witf 't slipped np behind him landed two vigorous whacks on the good man's back. "Git off'n th grass, ye looney old crank r h.e said. "Be off wid ye, quick now, an don't let me ketch ye "round here sg'ln or I'll run ye la Beer OSran, now.' The philanthropist bad leaped wildly to the walk and his -fist doubled up with anger, but s second thought, that the "sparrow cop" was right, caused pme points rise bj difficut grades o me height, of 14.000 feet above the OOSHPks'. P. fTlhl altitude, howeverta less by Tt 1 hb nXJOMS). a t. sAiassvBT, t. $. eaxu, 9. n. spabks, D. a. MoPHKIUKJM. OJTJ'X-"ST1SI uousana reer than the summit of the u . . 0. . SAUSBTfBT I OMhln.... TV trmUmA, ftteppten word; that of the public his hand to relax, and the maker of the park "moved on, "'son but wise as principal' rallwaiiow inOprjatton,tn Peru, surveyed and constructed by Saan the various sources all of toe converg-mg rills Ithat have contributed to the streams' of Me, own personality, he can scarcely help acquiring new views ot the essential brotherhooa oof man, and W the links that jbind all social factors Into one toterdependent .whole. . The relations of Americana to their ancestors seem, to measure, different from those of people in other . lands. In - Japan and Either Orientlal countries where occupations ane ' hereditary, there is trantnieted from father to son a vast amount of techni-al knowledge as well as prestige In the tamdly craft, It becomes Vita! then to society that the line of descent should" be kept un-brokenr ih such a" eoc al organism veneration for one's ancestors easily assumes the character of worship,) and becomes a species of religion, -.ftt Europe,' the existing land laws aver. New York Timea ui Amerfcaq engine to that theprac : -X Sa4r aac tk Van. A Scottish paper tells s story of Ban M-tttttlMI MtMlliUMUIIIHttt" wiui mi umj written wotfl. But the wwd.r ualees reported, i8"not widely ffectiTe. And the reported word, If not largely read. Is not widely effective. The public man needs ; reporting., vHw report needs circulation. Publicity ialthe one peed of both. U "Theviblic ioornal tht sub-ists or exists for public phinder is a mndi. cant, a sycophant and compulsory dy Mo-s a Forfarshire farmer who had been ; spending an hour or . two In the evening with a friend : a ' couple of RIQtlTAWAY coword. Only those who compel press IS THE TIME TO BUY A consideration by deserving it, either by , uuiw remains of rem&Li iiiotvm crfflracter or ability; or bo-.h, . ,M i -7 - 'w j -w . rim m mwkI :9 WBSHBeRKJOn SS PUOllC UWH. "Only those newspaper that m.k6 iSfSSSV to.Amertea there QOOD JH0E HEAP. mues away, it was a mooallght night, and Sandy after partaking freely of his friend's hospitality, was riding quietly home across the sheep pastures on his "guid sold man," when they came ts sn open ditch, which his mars refused tocrosa. "Hoot awa, Maggie, " laid the rider, "this winna dae. 7s maun Jist gang ower."( . . Be turned back about a hundred yards, wheeled round and gave the mars a touch of his whip. On she went at a brisk, canter, but as, they reached the edge of the ditch she stopped dead and shot Sandy clean over to the other aide. . Gathering himself up, Sandy looked his mare straight in the face and said: "Vera weal pitched indeed, ma lasa Bit boo are ye gain to get ower yersel'. upkeep ; sblvency rn themselves and tlT'TZ ? Tali ts- ,vi2ijr. . l . . 1 the equality of all lines of nntir i. by thenxMVeB'.aaw worthy of consider 1 . .gaw WHSV greatly adds to the labor aa weU as to. ation as public Journal. Th The next two months tfbablUty- of overebming the tupend-4obJ dlfflcumeeole Cordil Jena), lis Jlfeady jpn&Li From the southern terminal of the main line branches mre 'planned to connect with the' rwayathai lead to the port of ' Braril, the Argentine, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Of the tqtal length of (his inland roube from Ner York' Cttjp tP J3euno. Ayres, 10828 WW..VrVl Tulles have been builtf leaving 6,45 roBe. to be eonatmcted. Now that all the republics of the con-tinent are, or are about to become, members of the, ; international- union whose Id theBuneau of imsrican fee-publics, the publication;' of thJ.Tepcct ov.0ht to have a profound effect upon public opinion In all the countries m-te.-wted. Thus far there ha seen ev-ry evidence oteordial cooperation In this project Now that It has been pot lr' dt'ac:t9 tori.i- this ? enternriae M uid 'trt capi as w ai Prop " vtrei'K" ncoura'gement "-The e.r ct of this Interwiinnental Uhk npon Footwear Fo will require solid ment may be an advertiser in them like any other customer who has matters to nM aaown,butjthe renting , of business space should carry, with - it no mortgage on conscience or on brain. There mar he a'dlspufe over the permanence or power of the Independent newspaper. . I am too committed Id the principal to indulge the reflected . me incerest of the ancestral search, ft also gives a freedom from anxiety as to what we may discover, that increases stili further the steet of the pursuit. I00 ta "fi to experience the feeimg ofwondar at the rapid Increase of the eomrical jwrfes. " If we go back ten f&rUiOB number "-V'txiat is sometime. Included between the child of to-day ed the first comer of his name to 7jn C0OIlt deration wJtata,,, than 1.000 P-00" tht have twirrttufcdco our heredity. And Mnca erery- good grandmother tntroduoes us to ancSer ttvely brief apao. a tnousand sumames if you wish' to keep shy of a doctor bill. ' We are selling our heavy and medium weight shoes at big aiscoon to order to cut down stock. If you want good . :- ;' . $5.00 I SHOE FOR $4.00 OR $4.00 SHOE FOR 3 00. Or anyiother - stU or, price Cafl, and let us fiit a pair on you at " G. E ZIPP S, tism of advocaUnf iThere. But there VT1 NOTICB OF UU93L itiS0 . hereby giren that th Balls Bldrldga, Julia Holmaa sad ths UIhTb mining claim. th fbrk ofSnAj. AUCf ifowK rTTT,,fur,dhlDB t1al for cm on on saldeUlms or performing labor tbarm are hereby notified that Uis wnTS3 mining culms will not b. rSlbl.To, any material or labor foxaUiTthl f stance of any of ths lessee T - ; aaroh bvtnt, (rtrst PabUcaio, Baa SiSg can hardly be a doubt about the la-menUbJi and pitiable plight of the de Pendent newspaper, lit miMt mask the fact ot slavery behind the pretence of orttJr-. I must conceal the condition of beggarhood 'behind the .front of oraclehood. It is ot all sjhings the'most r, . -h-ra r-.'.-r, of trade would be ob- t T 1 1 j 1 1 n m i m 1 1 s I V 1 1 1 g i'i g g t 1 1 1 1 1 i t t

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