The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 2, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1899
Page 7
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THE tfiaei'li'iil-'OmAT MOUSING", MARCH 2, 1899. (R. C. Hayes, Attorney.) NOTICES. NOTICE OP FORFEITURE. To Alex Peterson and John Wann. ' (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) SUMMONS RELIEF. NOTICB OF LBASS. Notice Is hereby riven that the NOTICE OF IXASB. To whom It may eoneern Take No4tea&, That the Burvlvor and Jumbo claims situated on the east fork of Sprues guloa are being worked under lease and that the undersigned owners will not be responsible for any labor performed or material furnished upon said premises, J. W. ALLEN, aaron Dunn.' (First Publication Deo. SO, 189S.) Tou are Informed that we bars expended v muw- ana uuiiiwwwil noon th 8U-Ter Queen, Ground 11cm. Ground Hem n. bers 2, S, 4 and fi ludea or naming claUsa. m.unvu in oihm miQinf oistnot la Lawrence courty, Smith Dakota, at laaal $100 per year upon each of aald claim foj the yew 1898. Ail of which waa dona fig the purpose of noMlog the said claim, tm 1 lodea under thep rovlskma of Section 2124 itevisea statute of the United States, an acta amendatory thereto, for the period ending December Slat, 18J8, and there to duefrom you thereon the sum of $33,21 upon each of said claims, oc 1200.00 in all You are hereby notified that If wltfcls ninety (90) days from Service of thla notice you full to contribute your portion of each expenditure as co-owner with th undersigned during each of the yean abevt mentioned, your Interest In said claim will become the property, the subscriber your co-owner, who bWmaAwthe required expenditures as required bJ aald Section 2324. STEPHEN A SHARPB. MARY E. SHARPB. (KlretXPublieatlon Jan. 8, 1899.) I KOtlCE OF LEASE. Notice Is hereby given that the Dakot Maid Mining company, a corporation, has leased unto several different parties th southerly one thousand (1,000) feet of the Dakota Maid, lode mining claim In Strawberry gulch, Lawrence county, South Dakota. All parties furnishing matetaj for us upon said Dakota Maid Mining claim, oi performing labor thereon, are hereby noy-fled that the owner of aald mkilna clafra will not be responsible" for any i-irial r labor furnished at the Ins tan oj any M the leases. V Dated Strawberry Gulch, Lawrenoa ooun-ty, South Dakota, August 13th, 1898. DAKOTA MAID MINING CO.. Owner. By Joseph King, Prea (Martin & Maeon, Mtoneys.) NOTICE OF' SHERIFF'S SALE Bit ACTION. State of South Dakota, County 6f Lawrence. In Cireuit Court, Eighth Judicial (Mr- cniit. Annie lttwly, plaintiff, vs. William S. Allintani, MarfCiti'f; A lii iihom, . ,.!'i'K' S. Collins and John Burjiffa, (litft'iiilant s. Not i-e is Hereby Giveii, 'l'luut IjV virtue of a Judgment of l-worlosure. and Sale the plaintiff in favor of in. il fend, ml , John - lUinifta. in the abovti cut it iu tjon on Uie lilit day of Ifcvemlter. A. I), lulls, and an exeeutioti i8suel upon said JihIk-ment. 1 lie .subseritier, Alatt I'lunkett, Slieriff of I-tawToiH-e County, State of South lakota for that )tn-pose ap- poiiited, will aell at public auction at liie fnmt door of the Cour House in the City of Dead wood. County of Iaw-rence, and Stiate of South Dakota on Saturday, March the 4th, 1S'J9, at 10 o'cltK k in the forenoon of that day, the real ewtate and mortgtiwtxl pu'etnisea situate in the County ot IawTence, and State of South Dakota, and directed In said Jixlgment and Execution to be ijold, and therein aesoribed follows: lxt number Elghrt. (8) tn Block Lower Main street, according to the map and plat made by Mitchell of- the City of EeaaV tAwfeiice County, South Dakota, or so much thereof aa may be sufficient to satisfy aald Judgment and costs, amounting In ail to four hundred, sixty-throe ($463.06,) Dollars and eix cents, with interest tinereori from the date of aald Judgment, and all accruing costs of sale. Dated Dead wood, Sxwth Dakota, Jan. 31, 1899. MATT PLUNKJSTT. Sheriff of Lawrence County. Martin ft Maaon, Bare CTa's Attorneys. (First Pub. Feb. 1. 1898.) NOTICE OF LEASE. Notloe is hereby given that the Two hel Bears Gold Mining Co., a corporation, leased unto Chas. O. Stokes, Sam Morrow, N. Shaw, W. S. Garrett and A. P. Qarreft, the Golden Star fraction lode and a pan of the Rush lode mining claims In Strawber. ry gulch, Lawrence county, South Dakota. All parties furnishing material for use upon said claims, or performing labor there- on, are hereby notified that the owners of said mining claims will not be responMDI for any material or labor furnished at the Instance of any of the lessees. TWO BEARS GOLD MINING CO.. Owner. F. K. CARPENTER, Viae Pres. Deadwood, S. D.. Nor. 12. 1881. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS. Deadwood. S. D Feb. 2, 1899. At the regular meeting' of the board oi couaty commissi onera January 13, 1899, the following resolution adopted: To Henry P. Lorey, county treasurer: Tpu may sell the delinquent real property taxes due.'the county for the year 1895 and prior years, for the face value of the tax sale certificates. All property owners who pay taxes due for 1895 and prior years on or Be fore the first day of March. 1899. ahall receive' the foregoing reduction. This order covert certiflcatee now held by Lawrence county. 1 .Ity of Lew- of Frank J-Wash -t court. Hon. fcnof the estate of Edwin 'Sment purporting to . .warrant Of Ed be the fiH 611 . ,. h city of Ham iWl I it I C V a Rrmtida. having ?Tn the 17th day f1 10 . thr with the ,nBU duly certified, and the P tD;iflm W. Chdd. the ex- lOD 01 , . f- ids nro- frDanT ' .,,. court, and the is- ;rS testamentary to him. That Friday the iMarcn, 1899. at 10 oclc a. m. . .u nt-t hrtilsp in the I J ta.V at uic rood. be and rhe same is tied as the time a ad place for said will and hearing said pe-"the appointment of WU:lam 11 - (horfln' and that -,iM as exerui C mow Da"? Pioneer-i.nv. hs w by 'avv- ted ttiB 17th day of February, A. FRANK J. WASHAUAUun. Couaty Judge. (First Pub. Feb. 18, 99.) 7Z, of FORFEITURE , Z wlker Selma Mesener. ana to t'SKrt Gay. deceased, and to lein eialnuog under them: tiow tifled that we have ex- frj iiwiOO in lator ana iiuii" ( in uvi-j , . . , i " of the following mining claims, fcftf Ble lode and the Phronia fiaSilD bolng situated on the 4 - '1 f Sheeptail gulch In minlnu district, Law- for eaH ot O0.'', ,0g IK'.T and 18H8. in or- ffTnid the said claims und.T section "poised Rlatuu-s of the I'nited 01 " ' .k. mo,.i.t required to hold kW"S nl1inl. Dt.,.,.miJcr 31 'To the "jean, aforesaid. You., the D'S year ending De-K S, and the. heirs of Albert P!Kr . . j ... ,r,iH.iitH their shanks Z expenditure for the years endms Wier 31. of eacn oi me fc .hn.fore. if witnin iuueiy days I uierciuit, .... - , tie terrtce of this notice you fail to vour Dortion of sucn expeimi HlUUUkV I - irm k co-owners, your iuipil u i. VLm become the properly f tjub- Sde, section 2M of-ute. m(TPublicationXfan. yrl8'.9.) .1 J I n V - . VJ i - z vnTIPE OF LZASE. 'TtdpuUeB mrfornrtng laDor or iur-!... m.tiliinonthe Buckhorn and . (jjuteWes.Ntuabaga Bnlch, Law -.-.itT South Dakota: finatfflOE. That the said. claims a mm rked under lease to D. H, Mali Hi anderslgned owner will not pmpailU for any labor performed or watt toniiaed upon Mid promisee. I -i . 1. B. LoBEAU. Owner. JSdta hereby gtren that the aboTe wmtrusferred to A. J. Simmons on "TvT"y B- LeSBAtT. Owner. "QTICI TO CREDITORS. IhemtitT oourt of the county of Law- nsa, luts of 8outh Dakota. I III Batter ot the estate of Andrew Sub, deceased: tl Is hereby given by the underlay Mrs. Mariana Sanksen, admlnlatra-u s! tks aatate of Andrew Sanksen, de- H Um creditors of, and all per- tirUg claims against the said de-to exhibit them with the necessary within four months after the first uob f this notice, to the said Mrs. m Sanksen, administratrix, at her wjwar Merritt paetofflce, in Penning-letoty) In the county of Lawrenoe. Dakota, at atarrltt, S. IX, Jan. 26. 1899. Una MARIANA SANKSEN, trix of the estate of Andrew Winn, deceased. I0WLIR, CULL t WHITFIELD. , Attorneys for Administratrix, gwt PnbUctUon January 27. 1899.) , K0TICI OF FORFEITURE. Nelson and to whom It may con- rt tsreby notified that i have ex- n labor and Improvements six doUam (J600) o each of the rol-?aln claims, to-wlt: The Mark- "Me data and, the Sandburg lode toied on WjdlYle batireen Deadwxxxl gulch, in Quarts Mintag dtetrtct, ity. Sooth Dakota, hi f okl fjaVi :: ciatiM under jWrrtetooa Bection 2324, Re- mfc Untted States, being ZTT J.ulr to hold the same for S n'net7 Uys ol the service ttd-J th. properti of the sub Zvdsr said section 2324- fJW pM. PAT MARKHAM. rnbllcaHon pjy. it. iggg.) atatT11"11' M adtstnistrator Thomas li McKimnn I yeonrn0n f eCT? (nK,,r mi hundred BSllSLt,11SL Twa Bit Basin. U SSS! 4!atrlct- Lawrsnos ooun-1 4&rtJS 1ordCT to hold said ' onar 8ttuto of th United laSual labor upon mlE ii .jaia; monn' required to WthtiJ2i"T1Uda ninety a or rehJ. i.40 01 thU notlos, J? ttstnaT111 the eetlaa. NOTICB OF APPLICATION FOR LETTER 3 OF ADMINISTRATION. In (he County Court of the County of Lsrwrence, State of South Dakota. tb the Matter of the Estate Urban Gutting, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given that Daniel Gutting has filed with the Clerk of this Court, a petition, praying for Letters of Administration of the Estate of Urban Gutting, deceased, and that . Saturday, the 25th day of February, A- D. 1899, at 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, being a day of a regular term of this court, to-wrt: of the January term, 1899, at the Court Room thereof, at the Oourt House in the City of Deadwood, ln the said County of Lawrence, has been set for hearing said petition, when and where any person interested may appear and show cause why theysaid petition should not be granted. Dated Deadwood, South Dakota, February 10th, A. D. 1899. FRANK J. WASHABAUOH. Comity Judge. (First Pub. Feb. 11. 1899.) NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Lucetta Hlldreth and Leon a Godfrey and to whom it may concern: Tou are hereby notified that I have expended ln labor and Improvements the turn of ods hundred (S100) upon the Blacktal fraction lode claim situated ln Blaektall gulch ln White wood mining distrlot. Law rence county, S. D., ln order to hold said Blacktall fraction lode for the year 1898 under tbe provisions of Section 2324 of the Revised Statutes of the United States, being the amount required to hold said lode. If, within ninety (90) days of the service of this notice, you tall or refuse to contribute as co-owner your portion ot aald expenditure on said claim, your Interest la said Blacktall fraction claim will become the property of the subscriber, under said section 2324. CHRISTIAN GODFREY, (First Publication Jan 17. 1899) John K. Wilson, Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ' In the 'matter of the ewtaite of John Herrmann, deceased. All persons having claims against said John Herrmann, deceased , are re quired to exhibit the same, with the necessary votH-hera, to the undersigned executor of said estate, at his office on Main street, in Deadwood, In the county of Lawrenoe, State of South Dakota, and that six months have been limited as the time for creditors to present their claims against said state. Dated the 4th day of February, 1899. JOHN TREBER, Executor of the last will of John Herrmann, deceased. (First Pub. Feb. 7, 1899.) NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE By Virtue of an order and decree of the County Oourt of Lawrence County South Dakota, made on the petition of the undersigned, James P. Hymer, exe cutor of the estate of Joshua P. Tay lof, deceased, for an order to sell the Real Estate and Personal Property of said deceased at the January Term, A. D. 1899. of said Court, to-wit: on the thirteenth day of Feb., 1899, he shall on the eighth day of March next, be tween the hours of ten o'clock in the furenoQu and four o'clock in the af ternoon of said day, sell at Public Sale, at the front door of the Oourt House in Deadwood. in said County, the Real Estate and Personal Property described as follows, to-wit: An undivided one-third interest ln and to the Vandertdlt Lode Mining claim, situate in and near City Creek about three fourths of a mile from City Hall, Deadwood. Subject to a mortgage for $100.00 and Interest in favor of Morris Eilenberg and also subject to the taxes due. Also 18808 shares of stock of Home Mining Company, subject to assess mentsihade on said stock. ""lSo household goods and all person al property, ln Lawrence County, South Dakota, on the following terms, to-wit: Cash In hand 'on day of sale- Dated, this 13th day-of February, A. D. 1899. JAMES P. HYMER. Executor of the Estate of Joshua P. Taylor, Deceased. (First Pub. Feb. 14, 1899.) . NOTICE OF FW.F'SITURE. ' To Warren Nelson, and to wham it may eoneern. 1 Tou are hereby notified that I have ex pended In labor and Improvements, tw hundred dollars ($200.00) upon the Squaw, Humper and Rubberneck lode-j. cla'ms. sit uated on the divide between Blacktall and Polo creek gulches, ln Whtewood mining district, Lawrence county. South Dakota, ln order to hold, one-four.h (1-4) Interest of said claim for the years of 1897 and 1894 (I. e., $100.00 for each year) under the pro visions of section 2324 Revised Statutes of United States, being the amount required to hold said one-fourth (1-4) Interest b. said claims for the above mentioned years. And if within ninety days of the service of tSIs notice you fail or refuse to contribute as co-owner your part of said Interest In said claims, your .part of said Interest is said claims will become the property of th subscriber under said section 2324. JOHN LIND3ERU. (First Publication Jan. 6. 189S.) 1 Esther Lodge No. 1. D. of H., A. 0. V. W., meets In city hall building first and third Mondays of each month. Vlsltlnf members invited to meet wtth us. MART MTCIJJNQER, CL of H. ITUNDENNIS, Recorder. nalda" Mining company, corporation sea leased unto B. B. Van Horn. F. M. Wat) and James Bryan, a part ot the "Anchor" Lode inlnlnc elalm. lot Na iueltuated to Br Butte mining district. Lawrtsws Cotlnty, SI d. - All parties furnishing material far as noon said claim or performing labor then on, " hereby notified that the owmt al aald mining claim will not be reaponetUs or any material or labor furnished at tfes Instance of any of the teases. Thuanelda Mining Company, Owner. F. R. CARPENTER, Prea iedwood, 8. D., December 10, IMS. Martin A Mason, Attorney a) NOTICB TO CREDITORS. EsUte of William H. GUcreet, Deoeaeed. Notice la hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of William H. GUcreet, deceased, to the creditor at and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator at the office of his attorneys, Martin ft Mason, ln Dead wood Lawrence County, S. D. Dated at Dead wood, 8. D., November 2 1898. CHARLES L. GILCRE8T, Administrator of the estate of Wm. H. GUcreet, deceased. Martin & Mason, His Attorneys. (First Publication Jan. 1,.X89" To whom it may concern: TAKE NOTICE. That the Omaha lode wo Bit district, has this day been leased to George H. Stevens and Ben H. Welch and that the undersigned owners will not be responsible for any labor performed or material furnished apon sold lode. CHAS R. HVANB, CHAS. H. LEWIS, F. J. WAS H A B ATJGH, December 14. 1898. Owners. LEASE OF SCHOOL LANDS. Notice is hereby given that on March 22, 1899, all unleased school lands ln Lawrence county will be offered for between 10 o'clock a. m. and u'lick u. m. at the front door of the court house in said county. Pierre, 6. D.. January 10, 1899. DAVID EASTMAN, Com. of School and Public Lands. ( John H. Burnn, Atty.) NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE State of Stuth lakota, County of Law rence. ln Circuit Ootrrt, Eighth Judicial Cir eui'L John H. Buu-ns, Plaintiff. vs. Noah J amen Tuplin, Ira L. Sanderson Sylvester C. Fargo, Charles C. Far go, co-partners as S. C. Fargo & Son Herbert N. Gregory, Edward Hanska Ira Allen, The Kennard Paint & GLatfti Co., a corparation; The Fre mont Foundry & Machine Co., a cor- poraition, and the Lead City Miners' Union, a corporation. Notice Is Hereby Given, That by vir tue of a Judgment of FVireclosuire and Sale in the above entitled action on the 30th day of Jan., A, u. 1899, and an ex ecutlon kasued upon said Judgment, the subscriber. Matt Plunkett, Sheriff ot Lawrence county, state of South Dako ta, for that purpose appointed, will sell art public auction at the front door of the court house In the city of Dead woo, county of Lawrence and sJt&te of South Dakota, on Saturday, the 4th day of March, 1899, at 10 o'clock rn tbe forenoon of that day, the real estate and mortgaged premiees attuata tn the County of Lawrence and state of South Dakota, and directed m said Judgment and Execution to be sold, and therein described as follows: Beginmlng at a point on the woateriy side erf Carney street ln the city of Deatrwood, la the ooucfty of Lawrence, in the stNte of South Dakota, twenty- eeren (27) feat, three (3) xncbesj acuta easterly of the srjuttteasterly corner of lot "C tar1 Nook No. thirty-one (31); running thence CD suutihewterly akmg the wteaterly line of Carney street forty seven (47) feet to a point; theooe 2) westerly at t right angle to Carney street westerly to the easterly line of Mineral Claim Na forty-five (46); thence (3) alans; the line of said Miner al Claim No. forty-five (45) northwesterly to a point twenty -seven (27) feet. three (3) inches southearly of ttte southwesterly corner of said thence (4) tn a straight line to the place of beginning, as shown upon map of Peter L. Rogers, Esq.; the said prop erty being part of lot "D" hi blpck Na thirty-one (31) ln the city of Dead-wood . aforesaid, forty-seven (47) feet in width, fronting on westerly side of Carney street aforesaid and running thence back of even width to the easterly line of said Mineral Claim No. forty-five (45); or so much thereof as may be sufficient to satisfy said Judgment and costs, amounting In all to four hundred and seventy -eix (478 45-100) dollars and forty-five cents, with Interest thereon from the date of said Judgment, and all accruing costs of sale. Dated Deadwood, South Dakota, Jan 31, 1899. MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence County. JOHN H. BURNS, , PlalntlfTs Attorney. State Of South Dakota, Eighth Judicial In the Circuit Court la And for Law rence County. Stearns Company, plaintiff, vs. John H. Bone and Elisabeth Bone, defendants. The State of South Dakota sendB greeting; To the above named defendants; You are hereby summoned and required te answer the eomplatat of tbe above named plaJrAiff.ya copy of which Is herewith served apon you, and to serve copy of yofu- answer upon the subscribers at theiJ office tn Deadwood S. D within thlrtrdays after the service of this summons on you, exclusive of the day of such service, and tf you fall to answer this complaint within that time, the plaintiff will apply to the Oourt for the relief demanded ln the complaint Dated at Deadwood. S. D., this 16th day of January, A. D. 1899. MARTIN ft MASON. PlarotlfTa Attorneys. To the defendants above named: Please take notice that the summons and compTffit li case were filed tn the office of the clerk of the above entitled court on February 8th, 1899, in Deadwood, B. D. MARTIN & MASON, Attorneys for Plaintiff. (First Pub. Feb. 9, 1899.) ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Anna Gold Mining company, principal place of business Deadwood, S. D., location of mines, Spruce gulch, Lawrence county, S. D. Notice m hetftjjfy given that a meeting of the board of directors of the above corporation held on the 9th day ot January, 1899, and assessment (No. 8) of one and one-fourth mills per share w.jj levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable immediately tVw. S. Elder, treasurer, at his office in Deadwood, S. D. Any stock upon which the assessment shall remain unpaid on the 4th day of March, 1899, will become delinquent and advertised for sale, unless payment shall have been made before, will be sold at public auction on the 23d day of March, 1899 at the office of the treasurer in Deadwood, S. D., to pay said delinquent assessment, toetXei with the cost of advertising and expense of sale. neil Mcdonough, sec. (First Pub. Jan. 10,-99.) (Thos. E. Harvey, Attorney.) ORDER OF HEARING APPLICATION FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRA TION. In the County Court of the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota. In the Matter of the Estate of Valett tine Zem, Deceased. On reading and filing the petition of Stephen J. Zerega, praying for Letters of Ad-ministration of the Estate of Val en tine Zein, deceased; IT IS ORDERED, That Thursday, the Ninth day of March, A D. 1899, at 10 o'clock a. m. of that day, being day of a regular term, to-wit: of the March term, A. D. 1899, of this court, at the Court Room thereof, at tbe city of Deadwxxxl, ln the said County of Lawrence, be appointed for hearing .FRANK J. WASRABAUGH, said petition; and that due notice thereof toe given according to law. County Judge-Dated February 21st, 1899. fFlrst Pub. Feb. 26., 1899.) t (Martin sc Mason, Attorneys.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of William H. Ollcrest, De ceased. : Notice Is hereby given by the under signed administrator of th estate of William H. GUcreet, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against tne aua aeceasea kt exhibit them with the necessary voucher, vfthln air months after the flrs publication of this notice, to the said administrator at the office of his attor neys. Martin ft Mason, ln Deadwood, Lawrence Co., 8. D. Dated at Deadwood. a P.. "Nov. 21 CHARLES L. COCREST. Administrator. of the estate of Wm. H. Gilcrest, de-oeasad. Martin A Mason. His Attorneys. (First Publication Jaa 19. 1899.) NOTICE OF LEASE. To Whom these Present., may Concern. W the sndersia-ned jave this day lease tn Waa-Koner and the Oro Bella lodes an mining elalms situated on Hoodo gulch, I Bear Butte mining district, Lawrenc County. South Dakota, to John P. Plunkett John Hahre and James McKelvey. and du notice Is hereby given that we will not be responswie for any labor perform eu. m- terials, ar supplies tarnished, or for otne debts coetracted by said leasees ln the op eratlon of said mining- claims. - - Dated Aagwt 25, 1899; BARBARA WAGGONER FRANK HALTER, DEADWOOD DEL A WARM SMELTING CO DWW R. COLLINS. NOTICB OF LEASE. Notice is hereby given that the Belt Eldiidge, Julia Holms and the Lillle B mining claims on the east fork of Sprues gulch have been leased to Isaae Downing, All parties furnishing material tor nas up on aald claims or performing labor thereon are hereby notified that the orwners of said mining claims will noi be responsibls tea any material or labo.- furnished at th la Stance of any of the luesces. AARON DUNN, H. A. TORTAT. (First Publication, Dec. 26, 188.) I Rice & Polly, Attys.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Henry C. Rice, deceased, Notice itj hereby given by the undex- signed.WilliamElHooper, administrator of the estate of Henry C. Rice, deceas ed, to the credUora of, and all persons having claims-agalntft the said deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within eix months after the first publication of this notice, to the said William E. Hooper, at the office of Rice & Polly In Deadwood, ln the couaty of Lawrence, South Dakota. j) Dated at Deaxtwood S. D., Feb. '28. 1899. WILLIAM E. HOOPER. Administrator of the Estate of Henry C. Klee, deceased. (First PubflcaMon Mar. 1, 1899.) (R. C. Hayes, Atty.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Frban Gutting, deceased Notice 1m hereby given by the under-signed. Daniel Gutting, administrator of the cm ate of Urtwin Gutting," deceased, to tlic creditors of, and all persons having claims against the sals deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within six months, after the first .publication of this notice, to the said Daniel Gutting, at the office of Ilolx'rt C. Hayes, Lee street. City of Deadwood, in the county of Lawrence, South Dakota. Dater al Deadwood, a D., Feb. 28, 1899. DANIEL GUTTING. Administrator of the Estate of Urban Guttmg, Deceased. (First Pub. March 1, 1899.) NOTICE. The firm of Sullivan, Kenny & Ftar-sheim has this day been dissolved by mutual consent, Daniel Sullivan and Sidney Flarsheim retiring. The bael-ness will be continued by John Wilson, D. F. Kenny and J. E. Lonergan, under the firm name of Wilson, Kenny Co., who assume all obligations and collect all accounts due said firm. Deadwood, S. D., Feb. 23, 1899. The Agr of aa Orate. It is just as eary to tell the age of aa oyster by looking at Ha shell as it ii to ascertain the age of a horse by examining its teeth, or a tree by inspecting the circles revealed by the ax or saw when it is laid low. When the oyster Is 6 months old, it is as big as a dime; when 1 year old, it will cover a silver half dollar, and when 3 years old, will be about the ciroumferenoe of a silver dollar. The oyster, unlike the crab, Is not obliged to seek new quarters or build new house every time he grows appreciably. The extensions tbat he puts on his honse are clearly marked by a well defined rMuft Oysters trVfesteemed to be at their best when between 4 and S years of age. nd tbe planters endeavor to protect the beds for that length of time. Consoien- tiods oyster men that is, men who are not inclined to kill the goose that lays tbe golden exg always return to the bed oysters that are too young, bnt in case a patriarch is brougnt up, over whose shell the tides of from 8 to 1 3 winters and summers have ebbed and flowed, he is sent to market, where be is pnt at the bottom of tbe heap and sold with bis younger and more luscious companions. Pearson a Weekly. The Kthlcal ProoeM. Mr. Hniley says Ingeniously (speak ing of societies of anhnVils) that tbe ethical process "is, strictly rpeaktug, part of tbe cosmic proceso, just as tbe 'gov ernor in a m earn engine is part oi tne jBcbanism of the engine," Bnt we know how the governor "got into the engine; we don't know how or why early men introduced tbe ethical process. "It was their natnre to," and the ignorant," superstitious blacks say that god, Baiame, gave Ihem this law Yet in some ways mtanlity does seem to pay. practical ly, t bough not when carried to an extreme. The universe, like the traveling tutor, teems to whisper to its pupi Is: t Practlo youths, a little virtue, Jartt as much a will not hart yea. This is ordinary morality. Go moon farther, and you are a saint Tht Isle of Saints has ever been tbe most 6is- tressf uponutry. Whither in the world are thesV-retlections hurrying ' usf I have no idea beyond an ineradkskhle oenviotion that the ethical prooesg, plus some "governor" not yet uveritad, will win la the long ran, and tbss) v awnst back It with our beet sxsrtlon JLa- drew Lang in Longman's Migasina J pfc J. B. WELL'ii, J ' ounty Auditor, By A- K. Garretson, uepuiy. NOTICE OF LEASE. . m. . urfnrm 112 labor OT IUT- Jllshlng material upon the Mormon I. Met Lode. Lot 139: , . ... w-. TARE NOTICE: That ?d..c,f'f lng worked under lease and that the under iied owners will not be Tnl for any labor performed or material .furnished npoa said premises. STJGH M'CAl CFlrst Pub, Feb, 1, 189S.) HENRT ?IUS sueaUoa,. Jan. u, UN.)

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