The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 1, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 1, 1899
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tf The ..... - V Daily - Pioneer-TMes. DEAD-WOO DrS D, (BLACK HILLS), WEDNESDAY MOllN ING, MARCH 1. 1899. FIVE CENTO. Queen Victoria to south France. It is feared that the anti-British feeling mar AGING ADVICE A SIFTING COMMITTEE 4"t- Jr 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- PR Mead to outrages which flhe authorities up to him without arousing hie attention ,and quietly removed the knife" out ftrom his coat pocket, where he Had placed it after having threatened to use it. After geWtinsr Dosses&ion of the wea- "f .V? will prove powerless to prevent j nt; Pflhle'That the A Contest In the House Over! ,the offloer p' warns under ar Extraordinary Bargains this Week by the Well Known apital Removal Scheme. ml ana -- rest and started with him for the pol the Method of Secur- Rebels Are Short of ice station. When part way to the sta I Jefferson, City, Mo., Feb. 28. Special A resolution was. introduced in the house this morning to move the capital from this place to St. Louis. Dt was tion Wallis was seen feeling for the knife, and his surprise was quite evi tng It. UP-TO-DATE i dent when hediscovered that it was missing. Juatiee Early fined him five voted down by a decisive majority. ministration Is Hopeful AP . ... r ii a i liiMiaj-s ana costs yesterday, and he was Compromise Was Finally Ar-Uowed to g0 upon giving secure for DRY GOODS PEOPLE. I CIRCUIT COURT. theDayiiient of the fine. That the End Is In ranged and the Committee CLr- Judge Joseph B. Moore, of This " rwttr Pwwtmnr. Appointed. EIGHT O'CLOCK CLOSING. I Agreement Between Deadwood Labor . In the case of Maleachauffee against Doody, from Lead, which was tried Saturday and went to the Jury Just as Wubington, Feb. 28. Special-The tlnion and the Deadwoud .Grocers. Pierre, Feb. 28. Special Besides the $1 tact lo8 today from Admiral Dewey and court adjourned, a sealed verdict was adoption of a few committee reports, Deadwood, 8. D., Jan. 20, 1899. LadiesHKeady to Wear Worsted t Walking Skirts at Ul Otto are encouraging. i aey the whole time of the house Saturday 1 Tf the Wholesale and Retail Grocers .uiueu ana opened Monday finding for the plaintiff In the sum of $78. This was taken up in the fight over the ap- of Deadwood, South Dakota Actual Value $2.50 V pointment of a sifting committee. All I We, the members of Deadwood Laooi We that mere us uu imuiouaw uk". Cr that the natives are running short timmunitlon, and Chat night firing L largely ceased. The authorities are Cefol that the end is in eight. desired the committee, but the republi- j Utuon. No. 14, realizing that all grocery was an action for wages, and the plaintiffasked for $150. Che case of Mrs. Eliza Bryant aganst William' Henderson, for a board bill, was tried Monday and Judge Moore in cans were broken into two, factions as clerks and delivery men have com plot to the manner of securing! it. and the I ed a dav's labor m 8 n m of racH da v fuslonlsts were opposed toielther meth- I do respeotfutfy request and demand of structed the jury to find for the plain od, as they claimed the right to se)cct you ,the said Wholesale and RetaiT First South Dakota Casualties. Washington, Feb. 28. Special The tiff on all the issues. their own members of the committee. Grocers of Deadwood. South Dakota, The court instructed for the defend The matiter was allowed to rest until Ithnt you close your stores and places just before adjournment, when a com-1 of business, and that u excuse from ant Monday In the case of Kemplin vs. Matt PlunkeU, sheriff. This was a suit begun against the sheriffff for levying promise was arranged, and the speak-1 fulther laoor of any kind the grocery Ladies Silk and Satin Waists Mostly Black at $2.50?$4.50 ! v$5.10 clerks and delivery men in your em er, on instructions from the house, appointed as the committee Messrs. Var- an attachment unon a horso Koino-ir,., ploy, at eight o'clock, p. m.. of each .,r"& to the plaintiff. num, Thayer, Wooley, Hawgood, Glass, bar department has issued a statement w the casualties among the American Lop6 at Manila since the'jlrst out-Lak. Among the South Dakofa;troois Lre have been hve killed, and nine 'wounded. o The Jesse James Trial Kansas Oty.VFeb. 28. Special. The trial of Jessee jVmes, Jr., on the charge cl complicity in W attempted robbery of an express tram last summer, was and every day except as follows: On Saturday nights than you excus :jaid Wyatt vs. Stokes was the title of the Wilson. Odland of Turner, Pusey, Woody and Woodruff. case that was on trial all the time court adjourned Monday night. It is grocery clerks and delivery .men from further duty at nine o'clock, p; in. On The house pass! the following list over some mining ground in the vjcin- regular pay days (Immiik the Kith and of bills: A general lien law; defining duties "of road overseers in organizing ty of Galena, in Strawberry gulch. 26th days of eacii monthltjiait 'u ex Stokes claims that Wyatt gave or pro Titles- riiviv til i n f 3 mthfnl of irrant- cn.e said clerks and -delivery men from com mnoluded today, an dthe case went to n? railivBirl riehi n,f w.iv across state further ( utv at ten o clock, p. m i j, Regular Price $4.50 $7.50 and $10. i mised to give him a lease upon the Sunday mine, and that on the strength of this understanding he( Stokes) went jn,- rMiitirinir sehnul dim; Hrr officers I We further respectfully request ana lie jury. It is generally believed that iwrdiotwill be rendered for acquittal. . o : to not fv the and tor of issue or (lis- demand una'i no ciim-km or uruyt-ijr iucu ahead and ierfornied a large amount oi tri.'i bonds- nrovidine for manner of shall work on Sunday .andXhat they . . . , .. .. ... .1 i. i .. i! .l hni,liv nn all work on the claim. In process of thi jtmy Bill Passes the Senate M. J. worn ne rouixi some good ore, and i legal holidays excepting Uibor nay Widrinatnn. Feb. 28. Soecial. TVe 1 ty and town officers. Tlii'se!iale bill coverin i -3 4t ami as to said labor Day tney snail oe bill passed the Hen-V. utiiuiib oi gei i lie same army . iv,.,.., ,t llne possession or the property w,ui members vot entitled to a whole holiday. matter was taken up as a substitute tttoday, only thirteen out allowing htokes any compensation for the house bill providing for pur for bis labor and ex(ense. At any ev chase of printing .supplies wi'lhin the Werthhelmer & Bro. - s state, and passed. The bill to allow ent Wyatt brought suit in ejectment The court took up the case again yes C1IAS. MOVE, President. JOHN H. WILSON, Secretary. And Members: We accede to the above request. the governor to remove constitutional ternay forenoon, and it went to the officers of his own appointing for cause jury about 2:l.r) in the afternoon. Tli tyt(imst it. It is generally believed tlilkhouse will acquiesce, although timet many, prominent republicans to w abject, locapitulating to Uhe nat democrats. o Jumped Six Stories. Vr York, Feb. 28 Special. During Memeot Are this morning Mary Mty, crazed with fear, jumped from called out a figh:, but was passed by a Signed : large vote. jury remained out allthe resit of the afternoon, and announced a di.sagreeo A written opinion by Attcrney (Jen jury at 1 ocloek. The jury was then Lubben & Co. Arnold Broti. W. E. Adanfs Co. eral I'yle was presented, holding that discharged. The ground in question has the oit inspection bill parsed by the been tied up for some time on account house was, in conflict witn the provis 4 4.f 4H4-4'4'4444-4'4"4wi'4"I'4'4"l' ith story window, and feel, a crush- J. W. Fargo. J. Goldberg. L. M. Parker. of the case, as Stokes was awarded an injunction, restraining Wyatt or his ind chapeless m'ass at the feet oi ion of the interstate commerce law, so far as it provides for test at ports of t agents from taking out any ore on the Standard Cash Store. entry, and the provision preventing claim until the matter had been ad J. Hattenbach & Bro. Surprise Dollar Sale ! I the shipment into the state of cheaper oil was in conflict with the provision of Iremen. Forty' families were ren; d homeless by the Are. o Legislators Cut Each Other. fre City. Idaho. Feb. 28. Special lolent personal encounter occur- TO THE PUBLIC. justed. The case of Springer against the Qol the constitution. On this opinion Tha aiwwe filter) was taken In the in- den Gate Mining & Milling company Glass moved that the bill be recalled I ot numaaWy and with o thought 4. was the next one called, and was on trial at the time court adjourned last for amendment, i nis tne speaxer neuu o interfere rights of. could not be done without unanimous today In the house of repreeenta-l Representative Aoertot branJshed or work an injury or hardship to anyJ consen, and AustJln refused to allow it one. While the hours of labor In all i Me, and cult Representative Hess to come up in this manner night. Mrs. Lucy Brlckson ,the alleged accomplice of William O'Neill in the grand larceny case was to have enter branches are. as a rule, too long, those badly. of the Deadwood grocery clerks ana In order to make room for our immense spring purchases, we will, com-mencing Saturday, February 25 th, offer the greatest bargains ever shown in Deadwood, consisting of Dry Goods, Notions, Underwear, Clothing, Hats and 8hoes. 2 dHvervmen have been notoriously ed a plea to the Indictment day before long and hard. The labors of a grocery General Wheeler Indignant. ttlnston, Feb. 28. Special. Gen Police Court. Fred Perry, for whom a warrant wai-Issued night before last, on the charge man, whether employer or employe, are of uttering a forged check, learned by nneeier attended a democratic i caucus last night, but became In- arduous undfr tihe most favorable conditions and the Union believes that as waa.awjIav mAmna PtAnaap.Tlnida nt the addon having been started against I soon as the Deadwood groeerymen ad- at the treatment he received, faed to remain. h1m .and came to town at once to ans- Uust their business tc tne earner c.o ing they would not voluntarily re.uru wer. He appeared In Justice Early s flore Goods For One Dollar ? yesterday, but she was suffering with asthma, and was unable to appear In court. She was accordingly given more (time. She was reported better yesterday, and it was thought she would be able to put in her plea today. She is sUll confined In the county Jail. It Is thought that the case between Wyatt and Stokes will take aboujt an hour today and It will then be ready to go to the Jury. Judge McGee will arrive from Rapid Olty on this morning's train, and will hear the arguments on the law points Spanish War Vessel Sinks. to the old jKim& While the union is court, and pleaded not guilty to the K1, Spain, Feb. 28. Special. The charge. His hearing was set for Satur Than you ever .dreamed possible confident that Us action in tne- pt-mtees is right and just there is no de day of this week, and he was releases sire to create feeling between me upon his own recognizance until tha. Union and any class of citizens, least time. He states that the cnecK upon of all those who employ union labor. 4 4 which the complaint was entered wa-s 900 PAIRS given to him by M. Hellora a few days The Union believes that the Deadwood previous. Being in the city Sunday, and grocery men have irbpl long hours in the case between the Wasp No. 2, . .. . . m mlnln." and the wine eiue imtuuu . in need of money, fie. presented the upon themselves and cneir emp.oy. Wk to Mr, Soayde, in return for ten under the mistaken notion that H was claims on ,YelIow creek. This was an x : OF :- ...... n i. n avoui in business. . i Metoro sprung leak last night. m the harbor here. The Met- n auillPlary cruiser that was d by Spain before the war. V "H- J Buy Cuban Railroads. "a. Feb. 28. Special. A syndi- Now. York CpltaJteUls mak-l w-ajigemeata to purchase Ou-ilro. The total Investment. ' thirty million dollars. Cambers ToBe Removed. tt.-pecliL U i ly that a communication has "Strod from WaahiMtaJTwhloh equity case, and about ten days were pent by the Judge in hearing testi dollars. He says be tola r, spayu- yj - that he could present the check for if aTany time the fnJH a grievance against toe cu. v mony In the case several weeks ago. At Mni' on the payment if he desired, and did not re-miftat him not to do so. He does not members in their employ. the close of the taking of testimony in know how Heller's account stands with pledges Itself to thoroughly Investigate the case the arguments on findings of Men's Womens and Children's Shoes, . the bank upon which the check was as It will also Investigate any . .o. T a . . . .. fLTnfai'V lTltR oi tne aoove asTwiunu andaSrrwrymen are invited to become fact were heard, but the,eourt was unable to, remain Do hear the law points argued at the time. This is an interesting case, and" has attracted a great deal of attentwi. drawn, and he proposes to settle that with Hellers! Mr. Perry lives on Centennial prairie, and is well known in .t.u sHtv and .t Snflirflsh and While members ot the Union with the assur ance that itVill not affect their rela Waaiuranca that Chief Justice MHO 1 W , wood. He seemed consideraDiiy.i V'- tions with their employers. , - The Union, through its duly author- Values Up to $4.50 at $1 Per Pair MANILA BELLES DEPRECIATED, '-prised that hte name should becomJ as- ! matter nf this kind, ano lred committee, addresses this letter to Mavf.:" writes a i souiicu - "You need not stated that he regretted it; but he wW the public to set fitself right We are t v ' - anar w In Manila, "that us fellows . Ammtr . or yvwv , , ,,j. A K1 rn oylfimr TT sailSlHf UW, MluuAno, ' are all going to marry over here, mere . wm.. . , te not to stir up torlly .i-, a an ajvinaied as we r ot Samoa will be rumored. 'oravia Reported Ashore. . Feb. 2&.-6peckl.-Th long tiamburf-Amertcan Uner Mor-"ported to have run ashore at dud auid broken In two. ring of Scurvy At Dawson. rr?. 28. SpecbO, Aarlces ar a large number of dying there of acurryt. was stlfe or fcrray one class against anoth- Come and See what $1 Will Buy. ioAnii Wallis. "Tobacco Jake, thought we would he with the languorous eves and other Oriental charms. 1 given a hearing-Wore Justice Early J er We ttrm a part and parcel of Chls vesterday. for behaylng too freshlyn , community and like other members of wouldn't take a curly-headed Kansas ( ! . . . .u. Llm the day before. Wal ; the coinffl unity Ve know what- our 5Q WHERE THEY f CHASE girl for ell the charmers 3 l" I knlfe ln the saloon duf- rights areand insist upon having them. oOie H wiater. Iked hWwfal common and disgusting.; ing k v-r nmfiiiir. U SELL CHEAP .tSm of the matter was oonreyed Officer when you cant see anything eise, v n- Oarr & Berry Block, Deadwood. " . ' ... .. .-i ,vv- tnrr-a irl Mcmerny. ins """ Deadwood Labor Union, No. 14. W.( F. M. iry tho Committee. X oon-t uunx - joon, ud by that Ume Wslli.jr- Vhen her dress comes only tocher . at the flans Cause Uneasiness. 'eh. zlpeclaL--UnearineM OTw h proepectlTe nstt of standing knees." 1 I

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