The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 28, 1899 · Page 8
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1899
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 28, 189$ THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES PIANOS TUNED toy C. H. Andrews II v- . I Charlie, the Tailor, 25 Lee street. shock Zlpp's for Una V fairing Powder 1' ' Another Battle! Goods slashed right and Wt. Here Is a few of our hot shots. Our $2.50 Broad Cloths at $1 1-2." Our 36in. Dress Flannel aL 37 1-2 c. We will continue that saleif Novelty Dreee Goods and Silks one week "Toisgerr""'' 28 in. Strong Cloth, 7 l-2c, worth 17 Outing Flannels at 10c, worth 15c. Flannelettes ( all colors) 10c, worth 15c. " All of 75c corsets go at 50c. ' All our $1.00 Union Suits go at 55c. All our Scotch Ginghams at 12c. All our colored waists at half price. New Cuffs and Collars. The latest at v M. LIEBMANN. TOMBSTONES. BUILDING SI of the Trio orchestra, 41 Lee sxrewi, Miller block. Mail orders promptly answered, Harrison Phone 150. lm. Honeat grocers prefer to sell honest aoap. Wamond "C" Soap ts honest, economical, every way desirable. If you want a nice lunch at anytime, stop In and eee Cexy.'at the Bodega, Coffee and rolls for a tight lunch In ths morning, 15c. While there's life there's Soap-Diamond "C" Soap. From Jan. 8 until April 1 Miss L. M. Lyon wiil do all kinds of dressmaking cheap as well as first-class. Prices accordfflf to work on the garment Her work guarantees Itself, having worked here eight years with W. E. Lowe and J. C. Haines, In charge of their dressmaking departments. She will .now be found at 65 Sherman st, over Red Anvil, Adams block. Ask your grocer for list of prizes to users of Diamond "C" Soap. '"YoiTwirri 55 '"thaXeneFcTTs no more expensive to use than lignite coal, and is7 much more satisfactory. J. W. CurVan, the loan and insurance agent, has money to loan in small or large amounts, and no delay to get. Telephone 1145 old line. Lead, S. D. DR A. Ft. NAULTEU8, PHYSICIAN. SURCtiSON AND GYNAECOLOGIST. Over Goldberg's Store, Main Street Dr. Gluithe's Celebrated Trusses on hand. of Omaha has opened in the Millinery Department of W. E. Lowee' with a nice line ...HAIR GOODS... which will be sold at low prices We can match any color or" hair I Hairdressing, Shampooing, Manicuring. Children's hair cutting a specialty. We will shampoo and dress your hair for two weeks with each sale of hair goods free of charge. Remember we come to stay. MILLER, THE HAIRDRESSER Deadwood and Omaha.... Send mall orders for Hair Goods. Is i New V er tie Hairdresser 1 i t ej J t 4 i I I t 4 New JScuve otl Fresh cltlcL see us. MONUMENTS' " Foreign and American. j Marblk and Gram Zlpp can, lit any foot to perfection. Charlie, the Tailor, 25 Lte street The Flan Hunter Co. Sell Kemmerer Therea only one soap la the world for me. Thai's the aoap they call the Diamond "C." All kind of fresh cut flower on baud at Mr. M. Liebmann'. The official vote of Use county printed In tabulated form can be had at the Pioneer-Times. Use Diamond "C" Soap and get a full gilt mantel clocrYor nothing. Other valuable prize ala"! J. H. Graham, D. D. S.. dental parlor over First National bank, Deadwood. Crown and bridge work a specialty Your attention la especially directed to the advertisement of I. H. Chase on the first page. i .- Palp will be continued from day to day un til further notice. Home Forum will hold Its next regu lar business meeting in Society hall next Tuesday evening. A full attendance Is requested. The ladies Aid society of the Congregational church, will meet at the home of Mrs. J. T. Shot well, on Cen tennial avenue on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. 2t. Spring Tiredness la different from the Weariness caused by labor. The last is cured by rest; the first requires a few bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla to cure it. If That distress ij.ftef eating isc ured by Hood's Pills. They do not gripe. 25 ceuts. J. W. Fargo has purchased the clothing and groceries of the. Deadwood Mer candle company's stock, at a reduced figure) and Is able to"1 give his patrons somevsplendid bargains, at his store In ths-Flrst ward. It wili pay to call and see hftri, as the" stock purchased Included many desirable articles of wear, and the groceries are first class. W. L. Nell, D. D. S., All kinds of dental work carefujy done by the latest methods. Office and residence over Phillips' drug store. Open evenings until 9 o'clock. As the season of the year when pneu monia, la grippe, sore throat, coughs, 'colds, catarrh, bronchitis and lung troubles are to be guarded against, nothing "Is a fine substitute," will "an swer the purpose," or Is "Just as gotil' as One Minute Cough Cure. That 13 U one infallible remedy for all lung, throat or bronchial troubles. Insist vigorously upon having it if 'tome thing else" is offered you. Foi sale by Htrk G. PhllllpsV Not one hlld dies where ten formerly died from croap. People have learne the value of One Minute Cough Cur and use it for sev re lung and throat troubles. It Immediately stops coughing. It never fails. For sale by Kirk 0. Phillips. II O tSE TALKING That In troment at Hwley Piano Store takes the whole oaks. It is for YOU o trifling; people can now make their own music and real music too, No. 19. by ths Postofflca . , t For elegant slippers go to flpp'a For trost bites, burns, indolent sores, eczema, ekln disease, and espec ially piles, DeWltt'i Witch Hazel Salve stands first and beet. Look out for dishonest people who try to imitate and counterfeit it It's their endorsement of good article. Worthless goods are not imitated. Get DeWftt's Witch Haz el Salve. Sold by Kirk O. Phillips. Never before hare the people of Lawrence county had an opportunity to buy good first class goods at sucn bargains as they now will find at Chase's -Deadwood store. One toe of K earner coal for fuel qua! to one cord oi good oak wood, or 1.700 pounds of AathradtesaiA Mr.' Hammond goes to White wood, on iw oiwea k cmkk xrergni loaay to noia one meeting. This is at the earnest sol. tdtatlon of the people of WrUbewood He desires Just as many christian work era as can shall go with him. He tele graphed the Bkhofn headquarters for free transportation ' for' twenty-five persona. He expects a favorable wer. Mr. Hammond virges that all who can go shall report at the Klknora depot at 10:45 as In any case they can toM n V 4n IwslV vi. v mmm . m v ,ui W4y ww v. The company wilt return at 1:40. Let good crowd respond.' "' THB MODERN WAl ZZJ tr-t- Oommends itself to the well-informed. 'do pleasantly , an deflectually what was lormeny oona in the crudest manner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse the system and break up colds, headaches and fereriwlhoat unpleasant after effects, use . the I delightful ;uldj&iiive remedy, Byrup of Flo. Kodak supplies ait Wilcox Pharmacy. Oysters, all styles, at Reuppel's cafe, new Clark block. Charlie, the Tailor, 25 Lee stre. It's Just as easy to buy Diamond "C" Soap as inferior ktnds. Your grocer sells It. FRESH GOODS AT THB LOWEST PRICES. PROMPT SERVICE AND DELIVERY AT THE STANDARD CASH STORE,' SHERMAN ST. THAT IS THE PLACE TO GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH. Kodajtriind camera supplies, list pritaKd prompt attention given to mail orders at Dickinson's Pharmacy. Lead. , tf' Six fine silver plated knives free to users of Diamond "C" Soap. Ask your grocer. CoDee and rolls, finest in the city, at Reuppel's, opposite B. & M. depot. BY riAVINu THE NlCKLES AND LARS DURING THE YalAR- VOJ CAN DO THIS BY BUYING AT THE STANDARD CASH STORK, SHERMAN STREET. Dr. Oantz,- dentist, over Rosenthal s clothing store, CROWN AND BRIDGE WORK. Before the d'iscovery of One- Minute Cough Cure ministers were greatly dis turbed by coughing congregatl(ns. No excuse for It now. For sale by Kirk G. Phillips. Save the wrappers around Diamond "C" Soap. They are worth money. . The ladles of the First ward M. E. church are going to serve a New England supper in the Beuter building Wed nesday evening, February 22, commenc Ing at 5 o'clock. The menu will consist of baked beans, brown bread, roast pork, apple sauce, pickles, cold slaw, salad dressing, baked apples, potato sal ad, common bread, light rolls, pumpkin and mince pie, ginger cookies, doughnuts, tea and coffee. ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUS AND PABST WILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE CALL. FOR IT. I. E. Albright, the Black Hills piano tuner, can be had by telephoning 1044 old line, 221 new line, at S. R. Smith's Furniture Store. Has had 22 years experience. P. O. Box 416, Lead S. D. Diamond "C" Soap Is a wastKday friend. Cultivate its acquaint; "Give me a liver regulator regulate tne worm, said r g The druggist handed him a Ixk .L ju! DeWltt's Little Early Risers, the Famous little pills. For sale by K . (i. Phillips For Hot Spring Kidney Spring and Piedmont Spring water, delivered in carboys, fresh, telephone Keith. 140 or 99. JOINT INSTALLATION CERS. OF OFFI- Three Companies of the Uniform Rank Knights of PyhlasJVork Together. ine three companies of the First Dautaiton, second regiment, of the grand Pythian domain of South Dakota, held a Joint Installation of officers in the armory of Deadwood company No. 5, last night, followed by a general JolHncation. Major Edward Mc Donald, commanding the battalion, as assistant inspector general was the installing officer. The officers installed were as follows: iMamond company No. 2. of Lead: Captain, A J. Beck; first lieutenant, J. A. McLemore; eecond lieutenant, C. B. Varney;, reportJer. W. Ind; treasurer;" T. A Brownlee. ' x" General Ouster ocmipany KoV 6r, of Central City: Captain, J.' F. Barry; first lieutenant. T. O. Connor; second lieutenant, A. N: Grassencer; recorder, D. E. Mullen; treasurer, J. E. a Wil- marta. , . " ,. Deadwood company. No. I: Captain. Royll Bbarpe; first lieutenant, E. P. Oilman; second lieutenant, J. B. Mills; recoroer, u. -. Cblniqny: treasiHW.i Bol t; right guide. Leo Attmefer; left guide, James Byrnes. There were good delegations from Lead and Central City, and after the installation ceretnonlles a lunch was eaten In the ante room, followed by cigars. The battalion assembled ''again in the armory, and a couple of hours vere passed with short addresses, re- ,-....?a,,rar eketcnes, and etorlea. Those who contributed n Major McDonaW; Leo Akmeyer. Cao- isrBcl oTLead. w. McDonald and W. IX Ind of Lead; W. B, Dwtnnell, R F. Bacon and 3. R Harris of Deadwood oPa7 end ... others. fTaken all "oa wli-rBTiooeBafnl meeting. jf you want a ska lunch can at vs Home Bakery, S5 Sherman etaad get orne of those nice baked beans at brownAnad Or spiced mlnsa an. Pie or lemon pie, jojghnnta, ginger ealt of an kinda and cookies, "ad and rona, fijne. J 1 . ay is' can 91V US. DEADWOOD, S. D. I. H.CALE,. THEJJJTY. Kemmerer coal U cheaper fuel by 20 per Met than any othtg bituminous cotd on tit market. "4 "Oh Say! lCan you see?" Whepe' to eee you at the ARK. ,JBajan4j;Mn4 l&T sale). Bee those Bilgium. lamps Best on Earth at THE-'ARK. Diamond coal still takes Qie lead for cleanliness and lasting Qualities. Order from the Stearns Co. $00 pairs of elegant quality shoes rerta up Jm $4.(0 per pair, aH go at 41.00 per pair at Chase's. Nice line of new crockery just in at THE ARK For Sale On reasonaole terms, the building and furniture of the Elkhorn Hotel, First ward, apply to Fish Hunter Qor - 1 Wante-A good dining room girl rlt the Cottage Boarding house, First Ward Work sot hard: Best Vage paid. There will be a, .meeting of the South Deadwood Hose Op., uesay evening, Feb. 28. A large attendance is requested. Refreshments " , D.. McBHERSON, Foreman. v The members of the board of trustees of the Congregational. ch lire h, the members of the church and all who us ually attend, are requested to meet at the offlce-tJJudgwBecnetitrthie evening at 7:30 p. m to consider matters of Importance tothe church. Ck G. BENNETT, President of the board E. C. Howson and A. JMossman having united In the business of THE ARK with C. F. DeMtfuth at No. 76 (Sheman St., a clearing- up Vale will be made for 80 days, at which low cash ytiom will be made. We have some especial Bargains. Goods delivered. i w. - - IF YOU ARlN0T'BUTiNO AT. THE! STANDARD CASH GROCERY, SHERMAN ST., TOW Aftg JjQSlttQ MONET. THB NEW CUSTOMERS A)lBl INCREASING DAILY. " Dr. -Graham- and Burns of the ' Northwestern Medical and -flurrical ln- ' strtiite of Minneapolis whajiave been at the Bullock the past feek 'will go to Lead this morning and tfemaan at ths HowtkHn1rf nti IPrtd. T V Their time Is United for H Jar them to five most all necessary J etr attenVI lion to the1 patients of the Institute. ' After seeing patients here a few times stoat of the chronic cases can be treated by mall from til Institute. Tne : . j?ood their advertisements1 or tell the patient ad Sufferers from chronic dis eases should consult them. Joseph. 36lrus, called "Tobacco . Jake", ahouTtha dtrirharT.aa:lii " known,, was arreeted yesterday even lag for drawing a knifeln the Bodega aioon ana tnreatening conse x upon a man with whom herbad been baring some word. Ha was placed la the city Jail where toe spent thnight ' The six rlgrancy eases were brought op in' justice., court yesterday. One of ' them waa tried, the offender waa fined . dollar a oats, and was allowed , to raise .the money. Another case was - dismissed, oa the promise of the defen- v dant to go to work, la' the city today,; and the ottoer four were continued nn ill 8turday, March 4. The defendants in the last' four casea wer: released npon their own recornlxance. v ' - A warrant waa Issued last night for id rarest oi rrea rerry cnargeq wrcn ' passing a forged check In this city. Perry , la a wood haulerand Uvea on - Centennial Prairie. He recently turned the check over to W. L. Spayde, taking ' therefor ten dollars la 'currency. Tle denomination of the oeck was about $19. Perry asked Spayde not to present the check for redemption at the bank, a&ylng he would oome IntaaeV take K nplumseit lie really left the check as ecurlty. He did not appear o redeem ' tbe cick at the tlme'agTeednponand - r e ,r resented it at the bank. . He was i ; i tiat ths man whose name T a . : 1 ta the check bad no deposit i i V:s l..v..,'k, and ta not ' known. 9 swore out te warrant I nv a to "wwwMyywMuywwwywMwwyyMwwuyMAAAi -Goods. OUR SfirfhP Gooas. .J Arrived, curtd being VLnpackeci cund plac&cL the. shelves. They cure from. &curis Lonkoix 27ew YjorJz. Corfie arid -y' W. E. Lowe. JTaSe by Cillfarnta. Vr rs v ' KRS. 8. COVKLTN. Pnw, I

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