The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 28, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1899
Page 4
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TmTDAiLTPIQNEEB TIMES ,UElAi JMUUAl&y, l-u;u 1 1 MINING AND MILLING INDUSTRY 1 ; "" The Pioneers of 18T6. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. WS jtivc cents wui Dtnr an Kipling Still Critical ingenious package New Vork. Feb. I'TASpecial Rud- - THE NORTH STAR. (From the Chronicle.) The North Star mine situated in the PenoUscot district, is still the scene of ;-:.r,i k'innlinir is still iA a most criti 647 Main Street. cal condition. His physicians are hope ful but his friends entertain very grave 'continuous operation. The shaft is fears of hlis recovery. It must not lie understood, hotfever, Expect from us Besides Perfection in Make a bfn abandoned, either down 105 feet and a drift to the west has already penetrated a distance ot about 12 feet. The vein which wis encountered at the 10 foot level by nim-ninonly a few feel has not been found In the present drift. This drift t I1U.- "ul v ' by Kipling's friends or by his physi cians. They say the change in his con ,1 it i.m is not so serious as all that , and that the chances for recovery arc even is 'leintr run to the west ant! mo i anil ha ofUneeda Biscuit in exactly the same condition as they left the baker's oven Crisp, tender, delicious. Every housewife should tesi thern, every person should taste them. Arid the test is in the tastinj the most satisfactory test Uneeda Biscuit are the highest and best development' of the baker's skilL Everything that money can buy contributes to make them good the best materials, the best machinery, the brightest expert biscuit experience. They are as good as good can be. Only sold ia 5 cent "moisture proof packages never ia bulk. Ask your grocer about them. Test Kipling himself is a fighter, said once or twice that his the workmen entertain the idea that ihey are drifting the wrong way. It ii time has 20 er Cent Reduction plain that the vein has faulted, ad it is possible that it may be found on the not yet come. He has dan mined to conquer his ill f-ast side of the shaft. Tiiere will be no ness. and he is fighting his way back to life with the grim determination of his race. To a friend early today the great let up on the work until that fact is as In certained. The present drift has cut several small veinlets of very rich ore author said: "I intend to get well. That was all he said, but the man to but H Is Hjo&tly found in small pockets and nothing has been found to corres Overcoats, Fur Coats, whom the remark was made saw in the eve of the sick man the unmistakable pond to the main vein. gleam that always comes there when ... THE GRAND JUNCTION MINE the sturdy" nature of the man sets it- II I J. . .spencer and C. C. Crary have and Ulsters. self to conquer. The physicians are iTfsrlv satisfied with the spirit of "no obtained bond and lease on the Grand Junction mine and will probably com mence operations the 1st of March. The We will sell you good Clothing at the bond and lease run for one year, during UK W AY. surrender" thai Mr. Kipling has shown They agrw that it is thejest thing that could happen. No medicine or attention could do the work, that this nerve force can. And every body who comes in contact with the young master encourages him in his battle. Iir. Dunham slept only an hour or two during last night. The physician is a burthei'-iu-law of Mr. Kipling. I lis prof, ssional ini'-n-si in ilie case I? Prices of the Other Kind. Our Goods will wear thev are - which time a shaft will be sunk on the mam moult vein to a depth of 500 feet. It has not as yet been decided whether to sink the shaft from the old work at the lop of the mountain, or continue the McDerrnot shaft in from the west side, until the vein Is struck, and then chamber out a station and sink from There are at least twj wavs of doin? ning: the right way and the other way, itj 'irciigiheiifil hv the tie ul' kinship.' usually as easy to do it the rigar wav as it is there. Mr. Spencer is expected to arrive in a few days when the mat t. r will Ik decided and the work curn- the other way il y va only "know how,"' The secret of the whole u ttter 13 1 a K a owing V In the nielli the i oiidili.ui -.if the author became very serums. Vet through i'. all was the determination ami strength t)f a man w.itli a nigged constitution. Mr. Kipling has made up hi-mind to conquer this illness. He is struggling with all ' his power. UNION MADE CLOTHING Look to us for all the Good Things. OUR PRICES DO THE TALKING. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. WeltnO w how to sell THE LIZZIE MINE. Work on the Lizzie mine is in steady progress and the shaft is going down as fast as t wo shifts of miners can sink it. We understand the shaft has attain 4 Hardware, Stoves, and rs ln-r ed a depth of about 240 feet. There is to be a stockholders meeting about The 647 Main St Dead wood, 8, D, I A FRIOH'ITl' L BM'NUBH.""' Will often cause a horrible Burn, Scald, Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the box' In the world, will kill the pain and promptly heal it. Curse Old Sores. Fever Bores, Ulcer. Bolls, Felons, , Corns, a) 8klc Eruptions. Eest Pile cut 5" rth Only & a box. Cure guaranteeo. Sold by Phillips A Steensen. DruKglsts middle of aMreh and an effort, will be made to finish, the present contract which will make the shaft 285 feet by that time. The ore Is Improving in ap VUUvIJi because we've had experience. Our experi. H'4"H"l',H'4'4,,H,4"yM enoe has not been academic, either. It has, pearance as depth la gained and is still shicious In character. Copper is sCili found in the gauge matter next to the wall, and the width of the vein between walls ia maintained, averaging about 12 feet. No recent tests have beeif t DEM0U1FS "ARK" i GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT HARRIS. , Fred S. Harris, of this city, lately of the contracting firm of HecRart & Harris, which did the grading and con- made. HILL CITY MINES. (From the News.) Messrs. Bo we, Cheese man, been of the most practical kiLd It has taught us that the only sue cessful way to do business is to treat you so well that you can't afford to buy elsewhere. This belief is reflected In all our actions. It is responsible for the variety of our stock, the courteous ness oi our salesmen, the closeness of our prices. v: structitu work on the Wyoming & Can be relied upon to Furnish you anything In the house Furnishing Line Missori River railroad, between Martin, Fourche and tae Hay creek coal i and Bartell, owners of the Waco group of sold claims, near the Sunny-side ids, has been given the appointment Intend ta "place a mill on the 3U"u"'t "7 mine, property. They have a large ledge 1 1U,MU' , Stoves, which they can trace at the surface loTKi A,aimn' ai xne al of the new road. The company has i We're so anxious for your traded, a see a JlS m t L. long distance. They have prospected it thoroughly and from the numerous testa made find the gold pretty evenly distributed throughout the vein, assay returns, we understand, place the aver also appointed Dr. Miller, of Sundance, surgeon tot the employes of the railroad and coal mines. The railroad company has Just com mere s noimng la reason we won t do to and hold it. Come in and look us oyer pleted its newengine house at Aladdin s age value at $8 in gold to the ton of Visitors and puachasers are equ welcome. I and will change the running time of its trailns wtthin a short time, so as to let the train crews lie over at jhe western end. The crew has be -funning out of Belle Fourche and return. Furniture, Glassware 1 Crockery. C. A. Griffltli Hdw'c 0 The change-can not be made at present, owing to the lack of water at the Aladdin end of the road. Machinery has been ordered with which to sink an artesian, well, and it is believed that Gook" Reivied Y Co. rock. They are, so we are Informed, bargaining with Mr. Beavers of the St. Elmo Co for the Tremain . mill, which was used at that mine with success before the erection of the present ten stamp mill. . James Huckln tells the News that he has sold the Wild Horse group of mining claims, situated near the Sunny-side ,to eastern capitalists. John Wise of Slate . organ-ltJ 1' ' Clinm Mining ccie any with $1,000,000 cap'il and the same hs been incorpotated under the taws ot the Hate of Si.ih Dakota. Their mining cl il'ni- are situated on Plate creek and.trihttares of the same. . . . TUNGSTEN. HAS THfi ONLY SURF CURE FOR PRIMARY, SECOND TErtTIARY BLOOD PERMANENTLY IE rvn 5v DAYa Yo RLOOD PfllSOH SECOND HAND GOODS I by this means enough water may be' obtained for all purposes. George M. Nix, general manager for the company, and the man who promoted the enterprise of building into the coal .mines of that region, passed through Dead wood Saturday on hie way to Omaha There he will join B. J. Hoffacker, one of the principal stockholders of the company, and together they will proceed to New 'York. Mr. Nix stated- that th mines are producing steadily, and the coal is finding an excellent market CI Ikiw aMBBMi treated at home for " 1 y 1 . -r- hat ((1 I J rioe under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to come no ' Always en Hand at Bargain Prices. contract to pay railroad fare and hotel, bills, and no coarse " 1 If mil havA ioban MCDr'tltJ V mmUV OVT Oil mil Still hftT4 M. Tieinbold, the Omaha chemist who iwrins, MUCOUS PATCHES ill .mouth, SORE. THROAT, PlMPBB8ol( ome Special Bargain Stoves to Cut Down I V COLORED SPOTS, ULCERS on any part ofthe body, HAIR ? J FALLING OUT, t is this BLOOD POISON that we GUAJtJUlg, fOW We solicit the most OBSTINATE CASES and CHALLENGS 'fii ' YL Stock. :V ; V f. has been looking after hjs mining interests In the vicinity of Custer for several days, left for his home Tuesday evening. Before leaving he informed Chronicle reporter tha work would shortly be resumed "on the Tungsten' mine in Sunday gulch. - vmm- m a WVS . 11UII vi ir.--- y THE SKILL OP THE MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS . DR. WELD Has returned from his eastern trip an hie patients can now find him as his office in tbe $nlth block. - GOODS ' DELIVERED. Several of our most prominent public men Kmge and Bmp" 12 lands ha.v Kiuviimhorl tn thia Jj or hum under the best talent unjtmtted wealth of nations oouM employ, out" Call and See.' DeMouth's ;M." I Aetna Powder Co. Kjcr ksuXy known only to ourselves. During rvt our existence no less than twenty different concerns have gtfjtt itaite our treatment, prompted by our unprecedented success: of them remains fa burfnmaL 70 Sherman Street. SPECIAL RATE ON LOWjjfRAbK ; - ores. ' , V.Ths amaltet will givf special rates npon low grd ores where Uty. are to of an specially undesirable char-tcter. If the ore Is low la slUca tike ctttala Carbonate ' Camp. Oalsna sad Wc Stand illone Without A Single SuccessfulvCcBf THE COOK Marionv m hu Mnif cured thoussn . 1 I eed City ores, we will make a corres Dr. J. A. Ps&dock, , Sr. Losts Bow ' CO TO world-wide reputation for speedy cores, honesty and Integra - NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATC pondingly low amoltlnf rats so that eras ronnlni but 8.f0 or llfl.00L mar - i L a Dynamite and Black Powder - - Fuse, and Caps, ' Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, nors ucadqua be mined at a profit. Call at ths works NOR C. O. D., METHODS PHYSICIANS . & SURGEONS. V Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND 'Lg GE3ent sealed in nlkln mVif an nnltc&don. NO , . I iftt rartber Informatloo. -1 : . ; FRANKLIN R. QARPENTER, --1 v. . - Geo. Manager. ' , J f-. : For a Fine Lunch, Fine 1, Drinks, Best in the City. OOom Wo. , u IjadieM Block, ftof" now seal door WMtmsnoa M, , Office Hours From ft. b. m. . v. mua ana wue,- ana- - little daughter; rem. left for Valentino; Ne ONE MILLION DOLms BEHIND OUR 60ARAlT ilte COOK EEMEDT C8MPAIT. 1928 JKasonic Ten - i CH AS. C. BOHL, Prop. braska, for a short visit ""; '.'' - Soto TotophoeaoatoSlcM ssl rUtOM, f "V,

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