The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 26, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 26, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY FIOXEKB-TUIES, STODlT MORNISO, FEBRUARY 26, 1839 BLACK HILLS DIGEST 1 ;13 ir LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. speaRfish. WE INVITE Mrs. W. H. Pond, wife of the rector of the Episcopal church of Spearflsh FEBRUARY 25. for the past ten days. LEAD, S. D. Miss Ruby Hine, teacher of music at the state normal, has been absent Tour Inspection of a VERY COMPLETE and xten-give Assortment of New WASH GOODS just ieceived m I from her'duties for the past week, on Judge Smeade was attending vurt in account of illness. i ,.. Pe&dwood yesterday. , The Spearflsh dramatic club, under by us. Comprising in part. i- Sheridan coal is the favorite and Is the leadership -of Jean Renolds, is go always on hand tJV the M. J. Bally ing to give another jnerformance i ; Co.'s. 7 (tf.) the city MaceH 4. Deputy Sheriff Harris was In Lead 7The Mailpiays: "The cyanide works In marked contrast to this winter weather is the elegan t display of warn weather goods at the Brick Store. They have learned that to get the cream of the assortment it must be bought early, as even at this time of the year the choicest things are gone in the wholesale stocks. These goods wore boilgni three months ago and many of them will not be shown elsewhere and cannot be duplicated. You will be well repaid for an inspection of their very on official business yesterday started up j Monday morning, for th nri ume isince coia weatner set iu Does your haraeBS or saddle need re-palding? If eo. take It to "Mac" the During thd lay off new eleVatOFn hive i ORGANIES PICRETINES BATISTES GALATEAS DIMITYS PERCALES' NAINSOOKS S CHEVOITS LINENS ' PIQUES . MADRAS CORDDS, WELTS ' Baddler. 1-18-tf. been putn and various other improve J. C. Kennedy of New York City is ments hijve )een made. registered at the Campbell House. miss wiuan ueretue, wno was in , Oils and greases, the beet on the mar complete display. struotor in music and elocution at :he ket for 10 cents, at"Mac" th Saddler's. normal last year, is to bt married Bald Mauntain News: The oil timers 1-1841. March 8, 1899, to Alfred S. Hone, a around Deadwood and Lead remember Pat Donan who was for a short time i , Miss Mazy Lamont, a teacher in the "1 h home, in Stanton, Nebraska. Miss Gerecke is well known in differenent Lead school, was a guest of Miss Mur- editor of the Pioneer about twenty years ago. Pat has been a resident of ' idn uv Deadwood Friday night Fine Zephyr, Corded Novelties and Toil DeNord. GINGHAMS. parts of the Black Hills. She was form ' Father StolLz has been installed as Sajt Lake for some t,lme, and while in erly of Sturgis and while there assist Chicago last week he gave the Inter ed a number of entertainments in pastor of the Catholic church, In Terry. , P. J. McHugh, the traoaferman, was Ocean an interview whicfi ' touched Deadwood. She was an" active figure at briefly upon every mineral resource in the Chautauqua assembly In Deadwood called to Peed wood on court matters Entire New Lines of Laces and Embroid ries. All Coloring in Near Silks. Advance Showing oi New Dress Goods. New Novelties in Millinery. J in 1898. v the rocky mountain region. Klondike yesterday. "r ' not accepted. He mentioned a strike fc,zra Morden s little boy, two years Order your coal from the M. J. Bally company where they make prompt de made last August, by twc dead Hjroke old, attempted to swallow a penny. an prospectors In the Buffalo' If unip moun it looked shnhilemfwypmf wypgwkf)ft liveries, (tf.) tains, Idaho. At -tfr 4epth of 10 feet a Lead, iu luugou in ins uiroai litst ".WgeK. A Chas. H. pickinsoa and Daughter, I BIG BRICK STO RE surgeon had to remove it. vein of solid ore 36 feet in, width ws encountered, which went over $200 per Mattle, returned yesterday from Kansas Oity. Mail: Ijew Nelson, the prospector, ton, mill test. In December they told was down from Iron crewk Sund;iy. en 7 Henry Monheim, the merchant, the property to Spokane and Helena route to I:ail. With his partner Rniil capitalists for $575,00CUThH statement -4 ved "by '-f Hers -ft-" s corroborated my ensen, he is sinking a shaft on the llifi Strike group. The shaft is now down fifty teat, has passed tho lime, and is who has Goo. Adamson of Terry, Uuf- friends living in Idaho nar the in sandstone. The latter i.i eonerc tn T- leaves Wednesday for the east to pur- chase goods. " Robes, blankets, and all winter goods going at a big discount at "Mac" the Saddler's, Lead. l-18tf. ' George Waugh, foreman of the Portland and Bonanza mines, was In Leas yesterday. 1 ated with quartz anil water crysrals, Gates' Rock and ore crusher liignly miueralizeu ana carries iron REV. E. I'. IIAMMWW and goWOVhen tiiey go tli rough .his they willTstrike either or or tin' Dan Welch- went over to Yellow GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co Who Ha is, and an Account of thf Work He Has Performed. Creek yesterday to look after his mln Fully Describ d in our No. 1, Catalogue. quartzite. Mail: The normal boys sent for a set of boxing gloves some Ucr.r- ago, a:ul they duly arrived. Sparring is a daily pastime for some of them, and already future Corbetts and McCoys are in evi ing interests. Mrs. Chris Alenloa of Lead is Buffer ing with Bright's disease and Dr. Zer ling is In attendance. Rev. E. P. Hammond was born in Ellington, Conn., in 1S31, and passed h;r-. youth in Vermont. He attended Philips academy, Antiocr, Mass., au.i fitted himself for Williams college. He dence. The gloves we-e mislaid one daJitK wopie of the Pioneer-Times will hereafter be on .eale at L. D. Jacob's last week, and Ellery Knowles started out to find them. He found one of Ty- afterwards entered the famous Univer sity of Edinborouira, Scotland, and It beau's flstjp to the present writing .vas there that he beg.n to attract af 3 special me irusner Our Nw Design xwilTTnicrest you. Gates' High fQrade Rolls NO 5TIIERS EQUAL THEM- Sates' Improved Vanners, They are tiie Standard, Gates, Slioos and iDies Adopted by the Homestake Mining Co he has not called for the other and the colors around otre eye remind a person ter t Ion. He is now "SS years old, but tfrong and vigorous, despite the years of the rain-bow. e i i apert in t'n- seri !'.: of the gi The Mall says M. m. W. S Heckart - bajaar oo Main street. :- (tf.) ' J. W. Ourran transferred a house and Jot in Lead yesterday from Dick Gold-- worthy to .Frank Sayes. ,. - (Mmr Orton art now petUed la - their place of business, No, 16 Mill kreet, with full Una at waiehes, Jew-elry and silverware. , They want row fork, as watch repairing is their speo- , fctty. a - ; i-4-tf."'Jr HvTha Lead Salvationists, held the un- gave a valentine party u the pupils of The following" letter from Rev. B, her rooms week before last, at which Myer of London, was recently publish refreshments were served and a good time enjoyed by every member of her ed. In the London Christian. Rev. Mey Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Frrna. classes in the public school er, is the present pastor of Christ Church In London, and the successor or Dr. Newman Hall. Mr. Meyer says: . The Spearflsh fire department gave a dance in the opera house on the night Fourteen: catalogues describe our Mining Machinery. -, Telling ot the cross Jn the Barracks of Washington's birthday . ., .. J'iiA nlghtTTberewa a large attend- 8TUROI3. 0TT0 F. PURNELL Sole Agt For fhe Black Hills. Office Opposite, Buttock Hotel BATES IRON WORKS .- Ed BiUlngs,advance agent for ' the William H. Horton aid Mrs. Delia BeYrton. of Dalzell, wera man led si Blttner theatrical company, was In "When a young clerk In London, i6 a city counting house Xjtba Attracted to the "services .htch Rev. B. Paycn Hammond was holding in the Charel of the venerated Baptist Noel. I could pick out the seat today where I sat, f nrt I can never forget the effect produced upon me. It was the first breath of reTiral spirit which had ever swept rcross my heart, and it strangely Rapid City last Sunday. Joseph Abrams, a printer who work EUSTON AVE.. CHICAGO, ILLS ed In Sturgis for a Urn-!, writes DicV Lead yesterday disytbutlng bills announcing the coming, of the troupe on Monday. V ;--- William Ftiggins, road supervisor ot Central district, says that he has gc the roads in good traveling condition again but H has required a great Hartman from Omaha that he is working for the Douglas Printing comp&i 7 and doing well. Ordcra were received at Fort Mea lo from Che war department Monday o muster out all soldiers of the Flit cavalry who had enlisted for the wr. Lead Steam Seal ot labor to make them so. touched me. The hymns have lingered in my memory, and the scene i of children gathering around that noble form are vivid as I write. "Since then I have eagerly road ev- m irrlB nl luni nf Mr. HammoniTl Ranted A reliable gentleman or lam oin C Of with 1200, to act as treasurer wwn company to lfrnfa!ialarrfW About seventy-five took advantage jet ' . -'t.',j,.,w,nV i, . i . ,.-,. mi, mil nvwt nf thorn lft for work as he has carried the tidings ot I ; pee; week and etpeneea. Long engage- Lent. For. narucWr call on or write 17 South Gold St the Ooepel to the east and to he wet. stlrflngiwithnli jword Vat mukl-tuder of men. Y am increasingly enamored of. the work among children. They ve not to 'pinwn th- habits ot ilvubts' and misconceptions which hin . . GRAND . . :i)tEAfiic SALJ - Prior to invoicing March fFirsr t will give -Kgjp . 20 Per Cent ' Off For Cash On my entire stock. I mean business,, and it will be a Genuine Clearing Sale. I have got the goods and want your ,JASH All Orders by Telephone will be Promptly Attend- , ed fr k t; ! J. M. at R. Marshall's barberihop, iead. j UMt I GoW Run Camp talWof7 )bas been awarded the banner offered by the executive jcouJmoI for the larg-membership in )898. The banner will e along in a Setr days. The Lead der ic many from accepting the uo- nC If i natBrai for them. t trusi t)n. HARRISON TELEPHONE 225. whom tnx. tw 10 si ni camp has nearly 309 members and oyer I choicest treasures, to conform them selves to" His sweet life; None but those Our Wagon-will Call who have worked among children could credit the readiness with which on Deadwood Customers WT. ine ease is a special car ut ria oeen sent out for them. Some of. them re-en Hated. '. But one bid has been received at Fort Meade for the work of sinking the new artesian well, that of Ole Nelson, who offered to do it for five dollar a foot. Mosto the bids, however,, were received at St. Paul, and the figures have not been learned. - - Action has been started by the state against C L. Bradford, of Sturgis," under the provisions of the. state liquor law. It was alleged that gambling was permitted in the saloon that Bradford kept. . ; Nick Schummer la going to begin et-cavating for a new building, at the corner of 'Hills and Bitney streets as soon as the weather will - permit The bi'ulding will be of stone, and with, a 50 foot front, and 90 teet deep. This will make a solid sbone fronting bt 150 feet f rom the cornier of Junction avenue.f ' - : -" A telegram was received Monday an 4U more wan u new nigaesi,' naron. tj Mr. Dickinson, wife ot the dentist, ' cqntrary to the doctors expectations and various reports,. did, not return to lead Thursday but Secided'to'Droiong her visit Tor another week in the M9U MratTPltklnson haa- heen gone zincs' All Work Guaranty. I S. R. SMITH. Lead, South Dak jta. they receive the Gospel. Rev. J. Currens, Sunday school missionary for1 the Nebraska eynod. in a pamphlet that was sent out announcing the coming ot Mr. Hammond, says: C. ROBERTS, Manager early hut fall and ?haTbeegiiritii T TTTT T TTTTMTTTM TTTT 'TTf TttittttlillAIII4AAAAj rUUvet ia Wteconiln, 4v Such a man as Mr. Hammond is e - ED. HART, Aejjut ) : Terry Record: Trry Peak Miners' ' Union on Wednesd'nigh. performed. not often seen in the far west. He is widely known ,In this , ' country and Europe, has been several time In Mr. , a' most praise wor to j action when they Fowler, Cull 4 WWtllelcl, ATTORNEYS-AND COUNSELORS AT LAY. UWUMU 25 to MreOi.F. ip gulch. Thla- woman, as man) F8B1 COMPUTE CLtUWUP , Nevada Spurgeon's rchurclCeeTen moiKha at one, time In London In meetings every rfavLliii' been sweral-tlmes Inmost of our readers are aware J ing object of. charity as she was heart Out Flowers furnished on twentj-four hours notice for all occasions r from the rlile to the pive." Special rates to wedding- parties , i and funerals, '' ". , '. .. TfllfO 9 Hot or Cold B nouncing Matthew Flynn's appointment 4 ft of the large cities or tna, am i.-w Joined thhttTches after his meetings la fig Louis and 4,000 aite.bU meetings in Cincinnati Some laim that h BLAC BILLS tohe position of saddler at the Fdrt t5 , ana ft Jrrne j pisseton lBrdian agency. Flynn was mil dot mm a kiTiSLDeadfDotf, tl. if'" has had sew icTeton thr nr. Moody.'' -v i MIMtlVllMHtttr CHAS. H. THOLE, lessly forsaken by her jkBrtleMJius band some time agoand ln Ker orippid condition i nnableto donythItr toward the support tf .herself and little -.cWMren. , ; ; ' vy, Mike O'Neill of Lead was e'Terely bitten by a dog yesterday. The dog was hitched to a. sled and was drawing a couple ot children. This made the animal feel so Important that would not give the track for anything and bis attack on O'NeiH was without provo formerly a memfcer of the Eighth csv-airjvbaad He receauy re-enlisted for the band at Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont There eeema to, be some question as to whether be can bow get bat of the service to accept the new se-potntment. ,1? i.. r.Tillnrd. 3 t , returned from his eastern Si SUCCESSOR- TO HTOIRT scHNrrH The firm of Sullivan, Kenny A flar- shelm he this day been dlasolved .by ni patlente can now flnd nun -offlca in the Smith bloct mutual oneent, Daniel SuUlvan and , . Lead. 8. XX, P. 0. Box Mt . Sample or bullloa by man or exprea rm, ' Sidney Mmueiu m.u " WedMsdaeahln And ..m.f. wlflJbeecmtntteffWltaon.1 1 ... . . , - - recelTa DromnL attimttM --onn idW tIMl POUfllaJI OUAJELK. NEBRAskA. ": "-;'' OPJTHE-WEST,- ""J'' ' American PlaolSo per flay aa Buvpeaa iW-fLOO per day and vn. cation. The wounds were dressed at the LIBRARY pobllc Until further notice the ' I 'Asd. O'Neill 4s carrying a ail , hooter and there will probably be a tuesday brarr will be open on Record: About 18 months ago W, G. Fletcher put "some young black baas In his pond, and just before the late cold nap the water was annf off from the D. T. Kfenny nd J. E. Lonergan. under Ute. firm nam of Wilson Kenny ft Co who asettcae a& obTigaftona) and coDeot all socoanm one said firm, " : Deadwood. D., Feb. IS, 189. Teats m3 or the betadapted rw- Acent Cor the Deotro Cyanld proMss TLB. Fatent'Na fUjm. .fc Lboetary and Mmptag wnrfci; : U , Itae BttUdlng. city ordinance broken and a dead dog RntrWLnT rflnt1CM And - e cf thse days. TWdiypsT-eretoforo. ... -It. I c (Continued oa Page Four.lft tha board bf adrectora, j f E. UAEKEI & SO W.' v y 5 . . . : -'

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