The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on October 9, 1991 · Page 33
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 33

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1991
Page 33
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Page 33 article text (OCR)

D-4 THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Wednesday, October 9, 1991 Ar Advertising Social of The Cincinnati EnqMfrer iiii: liiiippliiill Choosing the perfect pet means doing some homework v With more than 250 different breeds of cats and dogs, prospective pet ow ners can gather information from veterinarians, breeders, animal show s, pet ow ners and reference books to help narrow their choices. Once a few favorite breeds or mixed breeds are selected, DEWKR "Mirny problems associated with owning a pet ran be avoided if the pet owner does his homework." said Dr. Gary Lindsner", an expert in the field of pet behavioral issues and a member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AMI A). Consultation with a veterinarian, combined with background information from additional sources, can make choosing the right dog or cat for your household an enjoyable experience. "People should know that veterinarians offer advice in addition to medical care," said Lindsbcrg. "If people are willing to invest a little time before taking an animal home, they'll end up with a better behaved, healthier pet that matches the style of their household." doctors encourage potential pet owners to set up a consultation with a veterinarian for more detailed Information on pet behavior, inherited medical problems and physical characteristics of each breed. "Veterinarians who deal with a variety of pure and mixed breeds can provide the least biased answers," liindsberg said. "Direction and information from veterinarians can minimize your problems as a pet ow ner." The selection process for dogs and cats Is almost identical. However, with cats the owner will have far fewer choices in relation to breeds and pel size. Potential pet owners must give consideration to selecting a pure breed or mixed breed, puppy or adult, kitten or cat, male or female, short hair or long hair and buying from a pet store, breeder, private source or humane organization. "More often than not, people buy their pet on impulse," said Landsberg. "Then we see pet owners coming to us with problems that could have been easily avoided if they had done their homework before bringing the animal home." Popular pets fit in '.' " 'MaM' ...j,.. . ,..f..,..,-. .,. ,,,,.-., .... (j. tywwmfmm . ..waswi CIIOOSIVG THE RIGHT pet means more than adopting a cute kitten or puppy, according to the American Animal Hospital Association. It takes homework and careful consideration of what kind of pet will best match your lifestyle. v MEOW 6958 Plainfield Road in Silverton (across from Meier's Wine Cellar) OPEN Tuesday-Sunday 984-3312 i UJf ...,! m, v 4 Jl V - j.t " . -., ,. 1 1 " ' i ji m We Cater To Cat Lovers! Meow Mart features many About This Section Pet Health and Happiness is a product of the Marketing Serv ices department serving The Cincinnati Enquirer. Editorial and photographs were provided by Metro Newspaper Services and the American Animal Hospital Association, an international association of more than 10,000 veterinarians who treat companion animals. Dog Dchavioral Centre Bring your dog in from the dog house to your HOUSE, we train with positive reinforcement methods in the comfort of your home. Classes personalized to fit you and your dog's needs. Problem solving included. 820-277a unique items for you and your cat as well as cat care supplies. T-shirts Ceramics Stationery Si Jewelry Sweatshirts a r r -Y f9 . vd I "" J Featuring a large selection of Christmas ornaments, wrapping paper & cards. Allprofits from the Meow Mart go to the Scratching Post Cat Adoption Center. We are a non-profit au-voiunteer organization, nease cau me aaopnon center for more information on adopting a cat 984-MEOW (984-6369) if t v. tC J Hamilton County SPCA Animal Shelter AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION EXCELLENCE LEVEL MEMBER pockets three years and hamsters typically live at least two to three years. Some Interesting facts about pocket pets: Guinea pigs' eyes open prior to birth; gerbils mate for life; the gestation prior for hamsters Is only 16 days and for guinea pigs, it's 68 days. Pocket pets' incisor teeth continue to grow If not worn down. However, they do not need to gnaw on wood to keep them filed dow n. The normal process of chewing ordinary food, by rubbing the upper and lower teeth together, will help them keep the teeth from growing too long and will help keep them sharp. Pocket pets are easy to care for, provide hours of entertainment and kids think they are great. People w ho want to own a smaller animal should consider ow ning one of the many pocket pets. Fancy Feast 17 Flavors to choose From Your a 1 '"dll,,M...ri rlaoicA 9Q0 3ozcan Cm M each Limit 48 cans per customer Purina Special Purchase a a 4 lb. Cat Chow in a reuseable feeder Limit 3 per customer Compare & Save on our Valu-Check Cat Litter a a a 25 bag 1.58 $ Limit 4 bags per customer n era o d o i $2.88 & DENVER When most people hear the word "pet." the first thought is usually of a dog or cat. However, there's another breed of pet that is grow ing in popularity the pocket pet. Pocket pets are rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice and even rats. "Most people don't know this, but rats are among the most gentle creatures to humans and to each other. They make great pets," said Dr. John Harkness of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. However, the most popular of the pets are rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, according to Harkness. Pocket pets are perfect for people who live in apartments where dogs and cats are not allowed, or for people who are physically confined and can't take the dog for a walk. These animals also make great pets for children. "We've seen a big increase in the past two years in pocket pets, especially In families w ith young children," said Dr. Merry Crimi, area director for the American Animal Hospital Association. "People take them seriously and they want quality veterinary care for these pets," she said. Pocket pets are less expensive and easier to care for than most animals. They require a clean cage and fresh food and water each day, and tender loving care. Ow ners of pocket pets also need to be aware of their animal's dietary needs. "Too often, pet owners are taken in by pretty packages, and sometimes these packages are mislabeled and misleading. Pet owners should check with their veterinarian on which brand of food is best for their pet," said Harkness. Pelleted food advertised as a complete balanced diet should make up at least 90 of the pet's diet. Seed diets, hay. treats and snacks are not balanced diets, according to Harkness. Feeding too many vegetables and fruits also can lead to an imbalanced diet. Malnutrition is a common problem seen by veterinarians. Guinea pigs require a daily dose of vitamin C. V itamin C tablets can be added to the water D BLUE ASH KENWOOD AND COOPER RDS. KEYSTONE PLAZA by MARX HOT BAGELS 891-5998 STORE HOURS: O Mon.-Sal.9-9 Original or adult a i i a 11 HP TflWW 20bag 27.88 40 bag Receive a free lams canister wpurchase of any 40 bag of lams Dog Food. A $14.99 retail value - Free while quantities last Purina Dog Chow S 25bag '12.88 40 bag Limit 3 bags per customer mm a a Now available Radio Fence Invisible pet containment system-protects your pet and property! Save MOO00 on this 1st time offering. reg. $599.00 jjtf Easy to install yourself Sun.n-5 BBW a I l Amn " Xmm I Mm: Days I 3 & MART : Prints Starred Price Marker k A CYO4 II NET WT 5 LBS. Jj Wed., Oct. 9trTV "$jJtzS? OctMth The Hamilton County Animal Shelter SPCA is a charitable organization founded in 1907 for the purpose of protecting and caring for animals and educating the public in their care, handling, and treatment. We offer a wide variety of animal care services to the community: Adoption: It is the policy of the SPCA to find homes for unwanted animals - cats, dogs, kittens, puppies, and when necessary, horses, pigs, hamsters, rabbits, birds, or snakes. All cats and dogs adopted form the shelter must be spayed or neutered within six months of adoption. The SPCA assists each adopter by providing on-site spaying and neutering free of charge by our staff veterinarian. Last year more than 24,000 animals came to us and good homes were found for many thousands of them. Pets for People Program: With support from Ralston Purina, the Pets for People Program provides the companionship of pets to senior citizens 60 years of age and older. All fees including initial veterinary care are absorbed by the program. SpayNeuter Clinic: Our full-service spayneuter clinic is available on-site at our 3949 Colerain Avenue facility and open to the public. Dogs adopted at the shelter are spayed or neutered free of charge. Other animals are offerea the service for a nominal fee. To set up an appointment, call 541-4510. Puppy Love Program: Area teen volunteers visit nursing homes with puppies from the shelter. These visits bring a happy and warm response from the residents and is recognized by nursing care professionals as therapeutic. Dog Licenses: The Hamilton County SPCA sells dog licenses and enforces laws governing licenses covered in the Ohio Revised Code. Emergency and Rescue Calls: SPCA staff is on call 24 hours a day for emergencies, rescues, or calls of an urgent nature by calling 541-6100 from 8 a.m.-1 1 p.m. or 541-922311 p.m. to 8 a.m. For more information on these and other services please call 541-6100 SHELTER HOURS: Monday & Thursday 9am-8pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9am-4pm Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm 3949 COLERAIN AVE. Cinti, Ohio 45223 Please Spay or Neuter Your Pet TWO UNCONTROLLED BREEDING CATS... plus all their kittens and all their kitten's kittens f none are ever neutered or spayed add up to: 2Httrtprrtir Mturvnrmgliifltna each time the water is changed, or guinea pigs can be fed fruits or vegetables containing vitamin C, such as cabbage or kale. The most common health problems in pocket pets are respiratory disease, urinary disease and tumors, according to Crimi. Injuries through trauma from being dropped or mishandled also are problems seen by veterinarians. Although there are no specific vaccinations for these animals, veterinarians recommend annual health exams. If pet owners have more than one pocket pet, they often have them spayed or neutered. In general, pocket pets have a short life span. Rabbits live the longest for five to seven years. Guinea pigs' average life span is four to five years. Gerbils live four years while rats and mice live Singin' - Good Wild Bird Seed 20 bag reg. blend r Wild Bird Seed $ 2.88 Limit 4 bags per customer Bird Lovers Gold Thistle Seed inpie cleaned-great for attracting small wild birds 10bag 6i49 or by the pound for 69e Limit 4 bags Rawhide Bone Blowout! 6" - 880 8' -1.88 10-2.88 12" -3.88 Mfl Kyf 0TW' ' JY ALL YOU NEED FOR ANY BREED! r ' M I . ' I I Special Purchase , llrat yMr: IS 10 McondytwM lhlrdyMr3S toM.M97M yw orwwnj mm 420.7 IS 2.423,316 imsmkm lourthytar: 2.201 l HfthyMr: I2.M0 hilhyMr:.M1 Mvtnlhytir: 4ghMiyir: nkhyarM3,tM,290 Gaines, Ken-L Ration Labels Mean Cash for Our Shelter Please help our animal shelter feed, care for, and love our homeless pets. Gaines" and Ken-L Ration Dog Foods are offering cash for Proof of Purchases from any of their products. Please send proofs of purchase to the above address. 65i I Homer Symbol Can Label i d un a WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES i h K

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