The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on October 6, 1991 · Page 464
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 464

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 6, 1991
Page 464
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Page 464 article text (OCR)

The Great 69t Holiday Movie Sale Give or Get Any 6 for 69t Each plus 2moreZto85off! I Schwarzenegger COP 9 0 .V J Xri 111 "IiMp h'o T,ii( ,,Hhi t,t '1 wUwt.u",','!';,:'' EZ3 LCD WBAMtmcA I M30M I MERMAID! I 8IM7082 1 BACKTOTHEFUTURf I 81M0M 1 DB.ZMVUOO I 0026002 RAMM I 286906? I PITERPAH I 6970092 BOBN OH THE FOURTH I kmm 8533082 MISERY 7763022 EACH TO THE FUTURE II 821302 tTAR WARS 0564082 GAH0W 153304? COMIHG TO AMERICA 4416002 0fVt 'WW AWAKEHIN08 8598012 POSTCARDS FROM SACK TO THE FUTURE III 4870082 THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 0910092 MEN AT WORK 8589062 FATAL ATTBACTI0H 4393072 KICKBOXER 6742002 BONFIRE OF THE VAHITIES 9617062 THE EDOE 8582092 EAST OF EDEN 8076042 RETURN OF THE JEDI 3547042 AN AMERICAN TAIL tlHOtT STAND BY ME 1924432 T0P0UN 4269322 OEATH WARRANT 9I68Q92 FHOBUM CHILD 4882042 R080C0P 2350022 LETHAL WEAPON 6308062 11 I ID CMfflDITEC CAP 9216012 BftlOADOOB 2542352 OEITA FORCE 2 6778072 REVERSAL OF FORTUNE 9697092 R08OC0P 2 8040052 LETHAL WEAPON 2 6427022 CLUB FAVUHITcS BUTCH CASSI0Y 4 SLUE HAWAII 0673302 AFTER DARK MY SWEET 2297082 ROCKY 9175002 - TTTYT TTNAT7 E mmnK 0784022 niys Of THUNDER 8273032 m u0tt ID 0517632 QUO YAMS 2681022 AKIRA KUROSAWAS DREAMS 9608072 STAR TREK- J3 llULlDAl IT HAPPENED ONE NIQHT 1655082 pocsilMED INNOCIMT 9621DD2 WMBOUS UAISQHS 6387002 JOE VS. THE VOLCANO 9538022 THE APPLE GATES 6788052 THE MOTION PICTURE 2035082 iff Tl&70tUTWQ tm 2111022 THfHUNTFOR CHARIOTS OF FIRE 6014432 THE 816 CHILL 1527692 CINEMA PARADISO 3815092 STAR TREK II- JtAV UlVl 1 XjO THE GREAT ESCAPE 0638002 RED OCTOBER 8250002 WlfmtNCE 6556012 RIKKI-TIKKI TAW 7906082 OARKMAN 4981052 THE WRATH OF KHAN 2013012 THE TEN COMMANDMENTS 2026062 THE WIND AND THE LION 2684092 m WZAR0 gF qj THE CARE BEARS MOVIE II 1662132 BULL DURHAM 2360002 DESPERATE HOURS 9173022 STAR TREK IH HOLIDAY IHN 1035152 SINCE YOU WENT AWAY 8834052 (ANNIV. EO.) 294)082 THE ACCUSED 4418082 BODY HEAT 6020112 E0WAR0SCI6SORHAND6 1046042 THE SEARCH FOR SPDCK 2016082 THE NUTCRACKER KEYLAR50 0524072 ALL DOGS 00 TO HEAVEN 2897022 MOONSTRUCK 2716012 CHINA BEACH 9544042 THE EXORCISTS 0424082 STAR TREK IV (BARYSHNIKOV) 2895042 SOMEWHERE IN TIME 2164082 TOTAL RECALL 2276032 FUNNY 01 RL 1511262 0101 2508112 FUNNY ABOUT LOVE 6384092 THE VOYAGE HOWS 4306032 THE ROBE 0631072 THE TREASURE OF THE STEEL MAGNOLIAS 5978072 I1 WEEKS 2708012 TBUEORIT 2026532 ORAVEYARD SHIFT 8363002 STAR TREK V: "nsMByJS am """'"M 222L THE COLOR PURPLE AW10M THE GREEN BERETS 6239342 THE HANDMAID'S TALE 3801052 THE 0RIFTEH8 3830002 THE FINAL FRONTIER 4466052 Ma SEARCH OF SEA OF LOVE 9204052 T . THE fxrpj.. OLIVERI 1760242 THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN 0534542 HAMLET 9706082 GREMLINS 8082242 HISTORIC JESUS 7862022 THE JET80NS 4963072 TERRESTRIAL 6811062 THE LONGEST DAY 0577602 ABSENIC AND OLD LACE 0735442 HAVANA 5122022 GREMLINS 2 9545032 THE SONG OF BERNAOETTE 7591002 CLEOPATRA 0579432 THE SOUNO OF MUSIC 0039052 MY LEFT FOOT 6754052 THE MALTESE FALCON . 0508072 HENRYS JUNE 4993012 CHARLOTTES WEB 2095282 MOSES 0614082 ALIEN 0002082 A FISH CALLED WANDA 3675082 PRANCER 6037002 JACOB'S LADOER 2303002 THE WAR OF THE ROSES 0339022 THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOV 8018032 ALIENS 3609092 ABOVE THE LAW I 6336022 PLANES, TRAINS DEATH WISH 4: THtKRAYS "mwT WEST SIDE STORY "OSOlilT LITTLE WOMEN (1949) 8764092 JANE FONDA'S ' TANGO I CASH 647404? ' AND AUTOMOBILES 4394062 THE CRACKDOWN 3449032 LA STORY aioOlT PETSEMATARY 447904? 2t Ebdum w.miri M7M2 COMPLtTtwM"(WT 8359042 THE KINO AND I 0347022 HARVEY 9217002 LITTLE SHOP OF LIOHHEART 5245042 WHEN HARRY MET 8ALIY 3914092 R CHRBTMM CSSsiCS 7810052 EX.UESStlDEOTPf 5963042 BLUE STEEL 6965002 KARATE KID 1710092 HORRORS (1866) S297172 MILLER'S CROSSING 045708? ALWAYS 9215022 MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET 0547002 """"" 6027462 GIANT 6080182 KARATE KID II 1894072 LASSIE COME HOME (RESTORED) 8730002 MR. AND MRS. BRIDGE 3829032 OUT OF AFRICA 2131162 IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE 4079082 WILLOW 1982002 THE LAST EMPEROR 1974002 KARATE KID III 595405? CAHILL: U.S. MARSHAL 6355082 NARROW MARGIN 2298072 EDDIE MURPHY; RAW 4392082 THE BELLS OF ST. MARY'S 4046082 UNCLE BUCK 5836072 PARENTHOOD 5841022 THE LAST UNICORN 068502? FINK FLOYD IN CONCERT: NEW JACK CITY 971507? K-9 583401? NATIONAL LAMPOON'S THE BEAR 5993082 TWINS 5610092 SILVERADO 1810242 OEUCATESOUM NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER "7226031" YOUNG GUNS 7266042 "'1"A "CATI0M JS LICENSE TO KILL 8802032 NEXT OF KIN 6472062 TEENAGE MUTANT OFTHQHOfa 4t270M ONCE AROUND 5240092 YOUNG GUNS B 0412022 ,?,, SJL MMimi 25 K" ROMANCING THE STONE 0694092 PLATOON 6500282 NHMA TURTLES: THE CAM BABAR: THE MOVIE 8133032 PACIFIC HEIGHTS "0425072 "bEETLEJUICE 6330062 STOLE CHRISTMAS 2711062 JEWEL OF THE NILE 3571032 COLORS 235507? Of THE KILLER PIZZAS 8025042 THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS 8134022 PREDATOR 3649012 ON GOLDEN POND 0523572 R CHRISTMAS CAROL 2710072 8REASE 2074312 TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE 8247062 TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA LA8AM8A 1963032 PREDATOR t 1043072 AMADEUS 6529172 WHERE JE8U8 WALKED 1345022 TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD 1022282 BILL. TED'S TURTLES: THE EPIC BEGINS 7986038 MY STEPMOTHER PUMPUPTHEVOLUME 8576072 SEVEN BRIDES FOR CHRISTMA8 IN CONNECTICUT 2713042 PATTON 0043332 EXCELLENT ADVENTURE 391201? TEENAQE MUTANT ISMULIF.N 8902082 QUICK CHANGE 96Q6092 SEVEN BROTHERS 2518352 FROSTY THE SNOWMAN 6019022 THE PRINCESS BRIDE 1250052 BLAZING SADDLES 0012462 NINJA TURTLES: FIRST BLOOD 6503092 THE ROOKIE 9692042 "ANNIE 1516132 6IRDONAW1RE I 4973C52 BUCK RAIN 9117012 CAROUSEL Q33S032 C0WABUN8A SHREDHEAD 613806? RAM80: FIRSTBLOOD PART II 6527012 THE RUSSIA HOUSE " 7392012" MO' SETTER SLUES 498006? DIRTY OANCINQ 495515? BATMAN (1969) 6425042 HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS 2219032 OS A 3807092 RAM80IH 7975062 SIBLING RIVALRY 7759082 THE UNTOUCHABLES 4321042 SACK STREET 6830032 SESAME STREET PRESENTS: SINOIN'IH THE RAIN 2554552 TO SIR WITH LOVE 6990012 HOW THE WEST WAS WON 2669082 TUNE IN TOMORROW . 362101? THE GREATEST STORY FIDDLER ON THE ROOF 055103? FOLLOW THAT MRO 6117831 TREMORS 4962082 SHORT CIRCUIT 360701? ENEMIES, A LOVE STORY 6769082 CHINATOWN 2025232 EVER TOLD 8855062 THE BEST LITTLE THE MUSIC MAN 6147012 HELLO, DOLLY 060947? SHORT CIRCUIT II 6906042 CRAZY PEOPLE 6244092 THE TWO JAKES 6296062 SYE BYE BIROIE 1628002 WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS 21660W APOCALYPSE HOW 2001132 BEVERLY HILLS COP 205302? THE NUTCRACKER THROW MOMMA WELCOME HOME WILLY WONKA AHO TDM SAWYER ' 8762012 WORKING GIRL 3722012 BEVERLY HILLS COP U 4319082 (LIVE BY THE BOLSHOI) 521607? FROM THE TRAIN 2351018 ROKYCARMICHAEL 8385082 THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY 6061032 SWAN LAKE (BOLSHOI BALLET) 5194052 THE BRIDGE ON CLARA'S HEART 6372072 FROM HERE TO ETERNITY 191700? CADILLAC MAN 8042032 WHITE HUNTER BLACK HEART "9607082" TaNEEYRJ 3644062 DAVID AND 8ATHSHEBA 3725082 THE RIVER KWAI 1806308 THE QUIET MAN 4032122 THE WITCHES OF EA8TWICK 632307? AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER 680609? WILO AT HEART 676409? ThEALAMO 0583052 BYPSY 6083072 THE OOPS MUST BE CRAZY R 656807? THE STING 1005292 TOOTSIE 1509122 HENRVV1986) 0403032 DO THE RIGHT THING 5840032 IMITATION OF LIFE 2211012 CHISUM 6316062 THE DEER HUNTER 2124152 MICHAEL JACK80N: 6HE 0EVK. 2383032 THE SHINING 6103292 AN OFFICER AND AUNTIE MAME 6122002 "tHEPHUDELPHIASTORY 2503062 TEQUILA SUNRISE 6369062 MOON WALKER 4686032 M-A-S-H 0055362 CASABLANCA (COLOHIZED) 2917062 A6ENTLEMAN 802139? REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE 6101052 RIO BRAVO 6165082 SHOCKER 9202072 DOCTOR OOLITTLE 0732212 GORILLAS IN THE MIST 5804072 THE EXORCIST 6003532 THE ABYSS 6811022 EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE 6010052 THE SAND PEBBLES 0749062 CROCODILE DUNDEE 4297042 JS 3674092 THE GRAPES Of WRATH 053157? KNIGHTS OF THE CASABLANCA "050757?" "THE BIO COUNTRY 2764022 MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION 2141062 CROCODILE DUNDEE B 4415012 THE BLACK STALLION 0504012 MY BLUE HEAVEN 9546022 ROUND TABLE S74O0S2 WTERNAL AFFAIRS 9129072 " ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA 6056082 RAIHTREE COUNTY 2936052 JANE FONDA: LIGHT AEROBICS FULL METAL JACKET 6325052 THE OOOO. THE SAO LAWRENCE OF MISSISSIPPI BURNING 2373052 "PaSt YOUR WAGON 304907? JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR 2166022 t STRESS REDUCTION 8432058 NUNS ON THE RUN 040006? ANP THE UGLY 858206? ARABIA (RESTORED) 5919092 FLATLINERS 857508?" "WHITE PALACE 4992022 W HARM'S WAY 443604? LOOK WHO'S TALKING 5979062 SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVS, 5942002 I LOVE YOU TO DEATH 6567082 RAIDERS Of THE LOST ARK 9108022 O00DFELLA8 9696082 DRIVING MISS DAISY 6822072 THE BLUES BROTHERS 8117068 HARLEM NIOHTS 9118002 THE LOST BOYS 631507? GH08TBUSTER8 1742012 INDIANA JONES i MADONNA THE IMMACULATE HARD TO KILL 9535052 THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN m 100909? OLORY 6557002 FIELD OF DREAMS 9203062 0H0ST6USTERS II 5944062 THE TEMPLE OF DOOM 9107038 COLLECTION 9634038 GHOST 0 AO 4974042 YANKEE DOODLE DANDY 0574062 BEN-HUR 2603312 ROAD HOUSE 2875062 RICHARD SIMMONS: INDIANA JONES MARKED FOR OEATH 0456072 THE GODFATHER 0008022 48HRS. 2022262 SCARFACE(1963) 2168042 TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA SWEATHT TO THE OLDIES 6483038 8 THE LAST CRUSADE H0SO4S MEMPHIS BELLE "9635022" "THToOOFATHER PART H I 0018002 I ANOTHER 48 HR1 I 6278082 DIEHARD I 3676072 TURTLES: THE MOVIE 8034032 ) THE LAND BEFORE TIME I 5822052 I MY FAIR LADY I 3507512 ADVANCE SELECTIONS Save up to $140 more-have less to buy later! You may order one or two more movies now for 89.99 each so you can save up to $140! Columbia House Video Club Dept. D0S J P.O. Box 1112,Terre Haute, IN 47811-1112 I Yes, please enroll me under the terms outlined I in this advertisement-and bill me for the movies J indicated below. As a member, I need buy just j six more movies, at regular Club prices, within Aim eacn Discount purause rcauces your memueraiip owigiuon oy one n Also send my firal selection lor And ilso send still one more for which I will be billed an additional $9.99 plus $1.75 (tout $34.82). I then need buy which I will be billed an additional $9.99 plus $1.75 shippinghanding (loud: $23.08). I then need buy I uic iicai uuee ycais, Send me thpv A movie far 69C pnrh only 4 more (instead of 6) In 3 years. only 5 more (lnedof6) In 3 years. plus $1.20 each shipping and handling (a total of $11.34). 0 1991. The Columbia Housa Company or none at all, just mail the response card always provided by the date specified. And youll always have 14 days to decide; if not, you may return the selection at our expense. Money Savins Bonus Plan. If you continue your membership alter fulfilling your obligation, youll be eligible for our generous bonus plan. It enables you to eijoy great savings on the movies you want-for as long as you decide to remain a member! 10-Day Risk-Free Trial Well send details of the Club's operation with your introductory package. If not satisfied, return everything within 10 days and there's no further obligation. For fastest service, use your credit card and our toll-free number. Call 24 hours a day. 1-800-5444431 DeptD0S Columbia House Video Club 1400 N.Fruilridgc Avenue, TcrreHaule.IN 47811-1112 AD movies available in VHS only. Got tome movie tans on your Christmas list? Then do your holiday shopping with the Columbia House Video Club. You can choose any six movies for 69C each, (plus shipping and handling) when you join the Club. In exchange, you agree to buy just six more movies in the next three years, at our regular Club prices (which currently start as low as $29.95, plus shipping and handling)-and you may cancel membership at any time after doing so. Whafs more, you can get still two more movies at savings of up to 85 aid have muck lea to buy later (see complete details in coupon at the right). Free Video Magazine sent every four weeks (up to 13 times a year), reviewing our Director's Selec-rioN-plus scores of alternate movies, including many lower-priced cassettes, down to 514.95. Ana you may receive Special Selection mailings up to four times a year (total of up to 17 buying opportunities). Buy only what you want! If you want the Director't Selection, do nothing it will be sent automatically. If you'd prefer an alternate selection, " .AH. Mn 09 Sblc 2QT2QV2QW Have vou bought anvthinf bv mail ( Notr. Cohimbli How Video Club iwwvw the right to reject mry ipphcuioa or Cfntrl sny nmvbn iliip. Ofcr United to cMmenuj LIS (exdodimt Atrial xl(iCudrmkwabcirrcdirom j in the past? OYes DNo (06) How have you paid for your matt-order j purchases? (check all that apply): Cash ID Check Credit Card Money Order (09)

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