The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on October 4, 1991 · Page 38
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 38

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1991
Page 38
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C-10Television the Cincinnati enquirer Friday. October 4, 1991 Friday morning I 'Entertainers' fails to live up to billing '60 Minutes' clips show their age Moyers20 years Of Listening (9 p.m., Channels 48, 16): Bill Movers' greatest video hits with Hubert Humphrey, Joseph Campbell, Robert Bly, Isaac Asimov, John Dean and Frank Capra. 60 Minutes: The Entertainers (9 p.m., Channels 9, 7): Clips from 23 years with Johnny Carson, Ray Charles, Robin Williams, Lena Home, Aretha Franklin and others. Elayne Booster: Live Nude Girls (10:35 p.m., Showtime cable): Boosler jokes about baseball and working out. Springer's spree: Jerry Springer show has premiered with impressive ratings. Springer at 10 a.m. has drawn more viewers than Donahue does at 9 a.m. on Channel Perlman? Beverly Sills? Peter Ustinov? Yul Brynner? 30 seconds. Longer interviews (but we're still talking only a couple of minutes) include those with Aretha Franklin, Sir Laurence Olivier, George Burns and Lena Home. Who, though, wouldn't wonder at the relevance of a 1979 interview with Katharine Hepburn or a 1984 chat with Shirley MacLaine? ii mi-1 in mi hihi ininiiiiii mmt i ii 1 1 1 itn ii ii iw a a t i nnnmnm mmiia i a mm m i News Today in Today Donahue Jerry Springer One on S 100,000 5 Cincinnati One Pyramid CBS News This Morning Live - Regis & Jeopardy! I Family Price Is Right 9 News Kathie Lee Feud Good Morning Good Morning America Chuck Woolery Jenny Jones Gerakto 12 Cincinnati Widget Chip- G.L Jo James Peter Pan Tale Spin Silver Bewitched Happy Family Bonanza 19 munks Bond Jr. Spoons Days Ties Home- A.M. Shining Mister Sesame Street Instructional Programming Sesame 48 stretch Weather Station Rogers Street Psychol- Psychol- A.M. Captain Sesame Street Another I Sew News I It Figures I Dear Aunt Drug 54 ogy ogy Weather Kangaroo Page Connect'n Quii Agnes Avengers Auto Jetsons Saved by Video Casper- I New He- Heathclift Romper Auto Love Ron Reagan 64 Shopper the Bell Power Friends Man Room Shopper Stories News Good Morning America Donahue Sally Jessy Raphael Home 2 News This Morning Live - Regis & Gerakto Price Is Right 7 Kathie Lee Business I A.M. Sesame Street I Shining I Mister Instructional Programming 3-2-1 Instruc- 16 Report Weather Station Rogers Contact tlonal 20 Minute NBC Today Santa Barbara I Chuck Woolery One on Cover to 22 Workout News One Cover Public Benny Meadow- New I Melody I James Richard joy Larry Lea I Today- Kenneth Praise the 43 Report Hinn lark L. Beginning Mountain Robison Roberts Marilyn jCopeland Lord G.I. Joe Merrie Ninja James Peter Pan Dennis Home Shopping A Real American Hero (71) Brian 45 Melodies Turtles Bond Jr. Menace Spree Dennehy, Forrest Tucker 3 Days BMX Bandits IPG, 13) Babar Wizard of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 'P6-U' I Framed HBO Condor David Argue, John Ley Oi (19) - Harrison Ford, Sean Connery Making Mr. Right (PG-13, 17) Reap the Wild Wind ('42) Ray I Business at Usual 7G' She's Out TMC Ann Magnuson, John Malkovlch Milland, John Wayne (17) Glenda Jackson ot Control The Unforgiven C0) Audrey Real Life (PG, 79) Albert Brooks, Worth Winning (PG-13, '9) Mark MAX Hepburn. Burt Lancaster Charles Grodln Harmon, Madeleine Stow The Lion in Winter (PG, 18) " Peter I The Adventures of Miio and Destination Moon ('SO) I Coast to SHO OToolo, Katharine Hepburn Otis (G, 1) John Archer, Warner Anderson Coast Mouser- I You and I Morn. ICare I Donald Pooh I Umbrella I Dumbo's Mr. Ma goo in Sherwood Forest Freckle-DIS else Me, Kid Mickey Bears Duck Corner Tree Circus (12) i"lce Woody Woodpecker Bugs Bunny & Pals Popeye Hour Pink Panther Parade Dallas I Knots Landing TNT Shephrd I Faith Robert Tilton DuckTales I Bozo I Flint- Magnum, P.I. Joan Rivers WGN Chapl Twenty stones I Love Flint- Tom & Jerry's I Dream Bewitched I Little House on the S.O.S. Titanic (79) Oavid TBS Lucy stones Funhouse of Jeannle Prairie Janssen, Cloris Loachman Bodies in Up Close Sports- I Sports- Sports- Sports- Basic iBody- Sports- I Sports- 1 Getting Fill Body by ESN Motion Center Center Center Center Training shaping Center Center Jake Fat Paid Last Voltron Cartoon Express New Mike Hammer Divorce Divorce USA Burning Program Dinosaur Court Court Guns at Batasi CM) " Richard Wis Girl C37) Ray 7. King Kong C33) " Fay Guns at AMC Attonborough, Jack Hawkins Milland, Miriam Hopkins Mansfield Wray, Bruce Cabot Batasi Lassie I Launch I Mr. I Yogi Bear Inspector I Danger- I Lassie Maya the Eureeka's Castle Elephant Penner's NIK Box Wizard Gadget mouse Bee Show Place Paid "Paid It Figures Everyday Image Workshop Growing Baby Frugal I Sister Tracey Open UF Program Program Workout Up Knows Gourmet Kate UHman House Today- James Batman Popeye Augie I Littles Waltons 700 Club Sheila Paid FAM Marilyn Robison Doggie Walsh Program Rising A&E Dinosaur! The Accountant (19) Alfred City of Angels Fugitive A&E Damp Preview Molina, Tracie Hart ' BY SCOTT WILLIAMS The Associated Press The gang over at 60 Minutes is starting to show its age. How else to explain CBS' embarrassingly geriatric special, The Entertainers, tonight (9 p.m., Channels, 9, 7)? The two-hour anthology of clips from 23 years of celebrity interviews, most by Mike Wallace, Mor-ley Safer and Ed Bradley, was described by the 60 Minutes publicity desk as a "potpourri." "Recycled" and "melange" seems more apt, with a dash of "hodgepodge" and "muddled" thrown in. It certainly doesn't live up to its billing as "the best of the best" from hundreds of 60 Minutes interviews. You get the idea in the opening segment, a 1979 interview with Tonight show host Johnny Carson at his drum kit. Imagine, 1979! At least two wives ago! After a brief conversational volley with Wallace, Carson is seen no more. Safer's longer, 1984 interview with Jackie Gleason is followed by Johnny . . . quick Carson clip Luciano Pavarotti . . . dated Ed Bradley's profile of Robin Williams (one of two featured performers Friday afternoon Both women demand much, much more time. How hot is Johnny Cash these days? You can't tell because his interview with Harry Rea-soner dates from 1982. And who represents the show's take on rock music? Hint: It's also the show's most current interview. Give up? It's a January, 1991, piece with Paul Simon. The best of the best? Pavarotti and Vladimir Horowitz are one thing, but surely violinist Nadja Salerno Sonnenberg and soprano Julia Migenes-Johnson don't fit the "best of the best" 60 Minutes aspired to. There's another worrisome detail: The rough cut made available for previewing did not date the interviews. Let s hope they got that fixed; otherwise, you have only the interviewers' hair color to go by. That is a clue, perhaps, to the surprising irrelevancy of The Entertainers. It has been said that 60 Minutes is aging. There certainly aren't any young bloods, or even younger bloods, evident on TTie Entertainers. Instead, the old boys' club at CBS has offered up its limited view of the entertainment world. According to 60 Minutes executive producer Don Hewitt, the program "will be to show business what the Hall of Fame in Coopers-town is to baseball and Canton, Ohio, is to football." If that's true, the 60 Minutes showbiz hall of fame is a dated, poorly designed mausoleum for the quick as well as the dead. Iraq's nuclear capability. (9) (7) Brooklyn Bridge: Alan is asked to join other young players in a baseball competition at Ebbets Field. (12) (2) Step by Step: Carol tries to help her new family adjust by making some ground rules. 9:00 (5) (22) Dear John: John offends daytime drama writer Mary Beth when he leads a group meeting. (12) (2) Perfect Strangers: Larry tries to break the lease on his posh Victorian apartment. 9:30 8:30 PM 9 Critic are cheering. Brooklyn Bridge It 5. In fact, Springer's 28 average audience share for his first three days was higher than any other daytime talk show here except for Oprah Winfrey (30 share). He's also appearing more comfortable in the role every day. However, Springer's ratings and audience share also has dropped daily, from a 7.8 rating and 32 share for Monday's debut to a 5.8 and 25 share on Wednesday. Around the dial: Marjorie Monaghan of Colerain Township stars as "Elaine" in Murder She Wrote (8 p.m. Sunday, Channels 9, 7) . . . Inside Edition host Bill O'Reilly will tape Monday's show (7 p.m., Channel 5) in Newport, Ky., today ... The Harvard Lampoon folks deliver their first TV special today parodying MTV with MTV, Give Me Back My Life (10 p.m., Comedy Central cable). In concert: Don Henley's July 23 Riverbend concert airs late tonight on ABC's In Concert '91 (1:35 a.m., Channel 2) and late Saturday (1 a.m. Sunday, Channel 12, after WKRP In Cincinnati). Reds recap: Since WLW-AM won't sell a 1991 Reds highlights tape, you'll have to settle for a season recap on the Reds Week In Review at 12:05 p.m. Saturday on WLW-AM (700 kHz). You'll hear the Reds highlights and low lights, plus Bill "Seg" Dennison's audio gems Dennis Martinez' perfect game, Nolan Ryan's no-hitter, triple plays, etc. from the American and National leagues. The program, part of WLW's Reds radio contract, will resume in April. End of Ernie: Ernie Harwell will reflect on 32 years as the Detroit Tigers' radio announcer after his final game Sunday on Bob Costas' Coast To Coast radio show 9 p.m. Sunday on WKRC-AM (550 kHz). JOHN KIESEWETTER (5) (22) Flesh 'N Blood: Arlo and Rachel attempt to arrange a music scholarship for backwoods-style violin virtuoso King. 10:00 (5) (22) Reasonable Doubts: Tess accuses Dicky of being overly aggressive in pursuing a much-needed murder witness; Tess' estranged husband seeks counseling. (12) (2) 2020: An undercover sting operation in Rockland County, N.Y.; former San Francisco Giants pitcher Dave Dravecky. (54) Great Performances: "Everybody Dance Now," This performing arts series' 19th season opens with a look at the dancers and choreographers who have influenced music videos. News Closer Santa Barbara Another World Days of Our Lives Sally Jessy Raphael Cosby News 5 Look Show News Young and the Bold, As the World Turns Guiding Light Oprah Winfrey News News 9 Restless Beautiful News Loving All My Children One Life to Live General Hospital Maury Family News News 12 Povich Feud Quincy Barnaby Jones Mr. Muppet Woody DuckTales Beetle- Ninja Perfect Hogan 19 ' Belvedere Babies iuice Turtles Strangers Family Sesame Instructional Programming Shining Sesame Street Mister Carmen 3-2-1 48 Street Station Rogers Sdiego Contact Nathalie Needle Nova Western Western Reading Square Sesame Street Mister Carmen 54 Dupree Workshop Tradition Tradition Rainbow One TV Rogers Sdiego Highway to Heaven People's People's Sanford Andy Casper- Merrie Tiny Toon I Chip 'n' Darkwing Full House 64 Court Court and Son Griffith Friends Melodies Adv. Dale Duck News I Loving All My Children One Life to Live Maury Povich Oprah Winfrey Inside News 2 . Edition News Young and the Bold, As the World Turns Guiding Light Cosby I Growing Hard News 7 Restless Beautiful Show Pains Copy (11:30) Instructional Programming Instruc- Mister Sesame Street Reading Carmen Square 16 tional Rogers Rainbow Sdiego One TV Love Closer Days of Our Lives Another World Jenny Jones Love People's News Daily 22 Stories Look Connect. Court Journal (11:30) Local Praise the Lord Jimmy James Benny 700 Club '. Another Today- Praise the Lord 43 Swaggart Robison Hinn Life Marilyn The Judge The Judge Gilligan's Laverne Brady DuckTales Chip 'n' Tale Spin Darkwing Beetle- Tiny Toon Mr. 45 Island & Shirley Bunch Dale Duck Iuice Adv. Belvedere (11:30) Framed Encyc. Sylvester (PG, IS) Richard Martians Go Hornet 'PG-13' Worst Witch HBO C90) Brown Farnsworth, Melissa Gilbert CM) Randy Ouaid (11:35) She's Out Rainbow Drive (R, '90) " Ptr I Pillow Talk C59) Rock Hudson, Making Mr. Right TMC of Control Weller, Sell Ward Doris Day (PG-13, 17) Wall of Noise C63) " Suzanne I Police Story: Burnout CM) Lindsay I Red Sun (PG, 72) Charles MAX Plshtt, Ty Hardin . Wagner, Lloyd Alton Bronson, Ursula Andress Coast to I Power CM) Jo Don Baker, Karen Black Somewhere Tomorrow 'PG' I Adventur- SHO Coast (-83) -Milo Lunch Music BoxPrri (G, 'S7) I New I Raccoons I Pound Care I Donald I Kids Mickey PIS Box Neighbors Puppies Bears Duck incorp. Mouse The Moneychangers (74) Kirk Douglas, Christopher Plummer Zebra in the Kitchen CW) Jay TNT North, Martin Milner Geraldo News I Can Be Andy I Lead-off I Major League Baseball: St. Louis Cardinals at WGN Told Griffith Man Chicago Cubs (10:05) S.O.S. Crime Club (72) Lloyd Ton of Tom & Jerry's Funhouse I Brady I Happy I Good TBS Titanic C79) Bridges, Barbara Rush Fun Bunch Days Times Bodies in I Body- Baseball I ATP Tour I America's Horse Thorough-1 Inside the I Senior PGA Golf: Vantage Championship ESN Motion shaping Tonight Tennis breds PGA Tour The Judge The Judge Superior Superior Chain I Win, Lose Hollywood Scrabble $25,000 I Press I Just the I My Two USA Court Court Reaction or Draw Squares Pyramid Your Luck Ten of Us Dads H:) Guns at Batasi Wis Girl C37) Ray The Scarlet Pimprnl C35) Leslie Tall in th Saddle AMC CM) Milland, Miriam Hopkins Howard, Merle Oberon C44) David- I Little I Noozles Maya the I Littr Bits I Jeff's Flipper I Looney I Inspector I Yogi Bear Mork & I Hey Dude NIK Gnome Koala Bee Collie Tunes Gadget Mindy Image Workshop Supermar- Shop 'Til Moonlighting Attitudes Tb Turning Point (77) Anno UF ket You Drop Bancroft, Shirley MacLain Paid I American Black Beauty (71) Mark Lester, Backstage 1 Father ALF I Heroes- I Mario I Popeye FAM Program Baby Walter Sleiak Knows Wheels Bros. Late Night With Avengers I Bobby Doerf told C77) Al Pacino, Ellery Queen Fugitive AiE David Letterman Marine Kettor under age 50), in which Jonathan Winters steals the scene. The oldest interview dates back to February 1975, a stale piece on Shirley Temple Black, presenting her credentials as U.S. ambassador to Ghana. There's also another interview from 1975, featuring tenor Luciano Pavarotti. He talks about his vocal instrument and himself in a piece that is hopelessly dated. The Entertainers has its mo ments, but they are only that. The clips are a breathless series of frustratingly brief, superficial treatments. Some are simply appalling, reduced to bumpers for the commercial breaks: Jessica Tandy and Hume Cron- yn? 30 seconds. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton? 30 seconds. Miss Piggy? Ray Charles? Itzhak TV highlights Evening 8:00 (5) (22) Real Life: A report on three sisters who are battling ovarian cancer; a profile of Denver Bronco Kenny Walker. (12) (2) Family Matters: Steve looks forward to kissing Laura when they act as Romeo and Juliet in the school play. (19) (45) America's Most Wanted: An immigrant convicted of conspiracy and grand theft; a man wanted for killing his estranged wife; a Jamaican posse leader charged with murder. 8:30 (5) (22) Expose: A report on lax security at a California laboratory and its alleged contribution to Friday overnight mrirvn i ymnt Friday evening mm rtfri'Ei mm nwm nrnn h-mfi rwwn vmm ppi fumi miwn &tmm heum i mm rvmn f y h'I'M i twi'i tiMm rrtw rimn rrarm . I (5:30) I NBC I Inside Candid I Real Life I Expose iDear John Flesh N Reasonable Doubts News I Tonight Tonight J Hard I Late Night With I Friday Night Videos I News HeadlinewLxJJJl S News News Edition Camera Blood Show 5 Show Copy David Letterman Travel ', (5:30) CBS Wheel of Jeopardy! She-Raes Brooklyn 60 Minutes: The Entertainers News Arsenio Arsenio Monsters Tales- I Friday the 13th: The I News Off the Air " 9 News News Fortune Bridge Haw 9 Hall Darkside Series I, (5:30) ABC Current EnT Family Step by Perfect I Baby Talk 1 20-20 News Cheers Nightline Daily Joan Rivers I Home Shopping Spree I Off the Air 12 News News Affair Tonight Matters Step Strangers 12 Journal ,,' Who's the Kate & Married... Night America's Most Ultimate Challenge Star Trek: The Next M'A'S'H Simon & Simon & Barney Shanghai Surprise (it) Sean Pnn, I Fire with Fir ('80 Virginia Leavelt I close- 19 Boss? ANie With Court Wanted Generation Simon 19 Simon Miller Madonna Madstn, Craig Shaffer to Beaver Comfort MacNeil-Lehrer Business McLaugh- Washing- I Wall St. Moyers-20 Years of Listening Reform on EastEnd- Business Off the Air I - 48 Newshour Report lin Group ton Week Week to America the River ers Report 48 Club Business MacNeil-Lehrer Comment Legislative Washing- Wall St. Great Performances News Off the Ait Off the Air 54 Connect Report Newshour Ky. Weekly ton Week Week 54 i Full House Golden Studs iLove Matlock American Ninja It Blood Hunt (19) Mama's Love " Hunter The Lost Idol CM) Erik Estrada, 1 Blown Sky High C85) Daniel Hirsch, 1 The Judoel Buiiwinkie 84 Girls Connect. David Bradley, Stay James Family Connect. 64 James Phiilipt Clayton Norcrosi M DU"wlnMe News ABC Candid Cheers Family I Step by Perfect I Baby Talk 1 20-20 News Golden Who's the I Nightline Apollo I In Concert I News Off the Air r 2 News Camera Matters Step Strangers Girls 2 Boss? Hair . News C&l Wheel of EnT She-Raes Brooklyn 60 Minutes: The Entertainers News Married... Dark Justice Personals Smith 8, I Can Be News Th Fog C80) Adrienne Bar beau, I Jeffersonsl Andv i 7 News Fortune Tonight Bridge With 7 Jones Told Jamie Lee Curtis Griffith ), I MacNeil-Lehrer Business Almanac Washing- Wall St. Moyers-20 Years of Listening Fai McLaugh- MacNeil- MacNeil- I Off the Air 16 Newshour Report ton Week Week to America Preview Hn Group Lehrer 16 Lehrer S Night I NBC Current Family Real Life Expose Dear John I Flesh 'N I Reasonable Doubts News Tonight Tonight Late Night With I Friday Night Videos I Miami Valley Used Car Classified 1 UspiI rr , 22 Court News Affair Feud Btood Show 22 Show David Letterman Classified Praise the Lord Praise the Lord Behind Debra Frederick K. Price Praise the Lord Praise the Lord (11:00) Praise the I Prison Mario I Why Maker's I Real I John I Dallas I Local Praise the Lord 43 Scenes Paget ; 43 Lord Ministry Murlllo Wait? Match Videos Jacobs Holm Little House on the Star Trek: The Next America's Most Ultimate Challenge Hunter Arsenio Hall Ron Reagan Black Sheep Across 110th Street (72) Anthony Vault of Horror (73) Daniel P 45 Prairie Generation Wanted 45 Squadron Quinn, Anthony Franciosa Massey, Michael Craig I Hard Times (PG, 75) " Charles Indiana Jones and the Last Crusad Iron Eagle II (PC, 'M) Louis Crypt I Night Eyas (R, '90) Inside the NFL I Comedy Hour Cookie (R, '89) Peter Falk. Emllv J HBO Bronson, James Coburn U' C87) Harrison Ford Oosstt Jr., Mark Humphrey HBO Tales Tanya Roberts Lloyd roier ram, cmny (5:00) Making Mr. I Narrow Margin (R, '90) Gene I Rainbow Drive (R, 90) I She's Out of Control 'PG' Watcher It (R, '90) Marc Singer, Th Notorious Lone Narrow Margin (R, '90) 1 Th Old-Fashioned Wav I TMC Right" Hackman, Ann Archer Peter Welkr, tela Ward CI9) Tony Denia TMC Tracy Scogglns Wolf ('44) Gen Hackman I'M) w!c Filds f Ensign Putver C4) Robert Walker I Bloodfist (R, 19) Don I Btoedfiit N (R, '90) Don I Passional Passion- 1 Cartel (R, '90) Miles Midnight (R, 19) Lynn I Mind Garnet (R, 19) 1 Comedv ExDeriment : MAX Jr- Burl tves wihn, Jo Mart Avellana "Th Dragon" Wilson Pleasures MAX at PL O'KeeHe, Don Stroud Redgrave, Tony Curtis Edward Albirt txperiment Th Adventures tf King David (PG-13, IS) " Richard I Th Servants el Twilight 'R' I Elayne Boosler: Live iPeniten- (11:35) Penitentiary -R' I Cindy's Lov Games 1 1 Com in Peace (R, 4o) Doloh I Mv Little Chickadee I'M) I SHO Mil and Otti Gr, Alice Krlg C91) " Bruce Greenwood Nude Girls tiary SHO (79) (R,19) Lundgren, Betsy Brantley i w c PlVlMM vlt " DaHy Duck's Movl Fantastic I LHtl MU Broadway C3M Charrol (G, '69) Elvis Presley, Ina 1 Th Searchers (lliOO) Th IPerri (G,'S7) ' Litlt Miss Broadway C38) 1 Charrol (G. 19) Elvis Preslev ina DIS Island (0, 13) - SMrkty Temple ialin t'S) DIS Searchers - shlrfy Temple BaHn te Gilligan's I Bugs Bunny 4 Pals I Ben Hur C$9) Charlton Hti, Jack Hawkins (8:00) ITh Savage CS2) Charlton Arrowhead C53) Charlton Hasten, 1 What) No Beer? C3S TNT Island B,n Hur Hston, Susan Morrow Jack Palanc 1 Jimmy Durante, Buster Keaton Basebal Saved by II Dream 1 Can Be Lagona Heat (17) " Harry Hamlin, News ' I Night Kojak (11:30) Laguna Heat (17) Harry Hamlin, Passport I Joan Rivers 1 The Executioner C70) Gora WGN thtBetl of Jeannle Told Jason Robard Court WGN Koak Jason Robardi to Profit Ppo"d, Joan Collins Close- Andy Beverly Maor League Baseball: Houston Astros at Atlanta Braves I Semi-Tough (77) Burt " Semi- Gold of th Amazon Woman (79) Seven Blows ol th Draoon Niaht Tracks Vnmm 1 un... J TBS Comfort Griffith Hillbillies Reynolds, Kris KrlstoHerton TBS Tough Anita Ekberg, Bo Svenion (72) David Chiang Tracks He?oes Motoworld Up Close Sports- Major League Baseball: Houston at Atlanta Major League Baseball: Los Maor League Baseball: Teams I Sports- I NFL Speed- j Up Close I Senior PGA Golf- Vantaoe ChamDiomhiD ' ESN Center Angeles at San Francisco ESN to Be Announced Center Yearbook Week bog,, Cartoon Express MacGyver I Murder, She Wrote I Beyond TSay I Swamp Hitchhiker I Jocks (17) (11:00) Jocks Th Van (7a) Stuart Getl, Fatso (10) Dom DeLuis. Ann 1 Charlie Chan at J USA I -7- Bradbury I Thing Scott Stradef USA (17) Deborah Whit Bancroft " s.lSand (5:00) Tall in th Son f Kong C33) Gary Boys of Summer Beginning of th BeginnlngJ Son of Kong CJ3) " T&-J I Boys of Summer I Beginning ot the End C57) AMC Saddle ('44) Robert Armstrong, Helen Mack Cooper End CS7) AMC ot the End Robert Armstrong, Helen Mack Cooper Petw GravePoggi Castl I Whal You I Get th Danger- I Looney iMorki Superman Dick Van I Get Smart 1 Dragnet A Ed Mork 4, D I Patty I My Three DSnTS America A. I Dragnet I Superman Dick Van I Get Smart I Mister Ed NIK Do Picture mouse Tunes Mindy Dyke Hitchcock Acres NIK Mindy Gillls Duke Sons Reed 2Night Hitchcock Dyke ""- M"r to Supermar- Shop 'TH Tracey Open L.A. Law Scandal in Small Town (18) Spenser: For Hire Garry Molly Paid Paid Paid PM Paid PaW Paid PM PM pjd LIF ket You Drop UHman House Raouel Welch, Reony Cox LIF Shandllng Dodd Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program RinTiii Zofro Black Baauty (71) Mark Letter, Father Dowling 1 700 Club Maniac I Videosyn- Videosyn- Flaming Feather C$2) 700 Club Tati "Paid ?aifii PaW P!d P, M I FAM Tin waiter Sleu MYtrle Mansion crasy FAM crasy Sterling Hayden Program Program Program Program Program Program i Avengers Late Night With I Time Machine The Men Who Killed Revue Evening at th Time Machine I The Men Who Killed Revue Evening at the Cause (or Alarm i'51 " Hernni in" I E David Letterman Kennedy VQ" J lA" I Knmiy jlmprov Loretta Young, Barry Sullivan USA

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