The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on October 2, 1991 · Page 49
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 49

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1991
Page 49
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Page 49 article text (OCR)

Wednesday, October 2, 1991 THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER FoodE-3 Produce pointers I I i y i l it SAVINGS FROM EXPERT NUTRITION FROM OUR VETS GREAT TASTE FOR YOUR PETS BY CLAIRE THORNTON Here is your guide to fruit and vegetable prices and availability, compiled from reports from the local produce industry: IN SEASON: Bosc pears, Florida grapefruit and oranges, pomegranates, Florida starfruit, new crop potatoes and onions, pumpkins, cranberries. GOOD BUYS: Carrots, white and russet potatoes, onions, celery, green beans, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, kiwifruit, starfruit, Florida avocados (green, smooth-skinned), California strawberries, broccoli, yams. COSTLY: Lemons, sweet corn, oranges, Hass avocados (dark, pebbly-skinned), asparagus, zucchini, eggplant, blackberries, watercress, parsnips. SPECIALTY PRODUCE: Red cactus pears, golden nugget squash, Black Mission figs, papayas, snow peas, sugar snaps, fennel, celery root, parsley root, sun-chokes, Belgian endive, ginger root, jicama, kohlrabi (purple and green), little Gem lettuce, red ro-maine, green cauliflower, Holland peppers (red, yellow, purple, orange, lilac and white), daikon, sa-pote, pepinos, kiwanos, guavas, plantains, red bananas, gourds, mini-Indian corn, shallots, mini-pumpkins. Claire Thornton, spokeswoman for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Council, reports produce news on WLW radio (700 kHz) Fridays at 12:20 p.m. Her Fresh Idea of the Week spots air during WLW weekend news reports. MANUFACTURER'S COUPON EXPIRES 11991 EXPIRES 11991 MANUFACTURER'S COUPON I Buy 2 Get 1 Free Buy 2 Get 1 Free PEDKjREE EXPERT I VVHoKAS EXPERT it C IX 6 or food for cats 14 oz. food for dogs CONSUMER: LIMIT 1 COUPON PER PURCHASE, PER CUSTOMER. Good only on product indicated Customer pays any aalas tax ANY OTHER USE IS FRAUD Void il altatad, iranilerrad, copied or exchanged 52M323 I CONSUMER: LIMIT 1 COUPON PER PURCHASE, PER CUSTOMER. Good only on product indicated Cuslonw pays any sales lax ANY OTHER USE IS FRAUD. Vcri if aHe-W iransforrad. copwd or encnanoed RETAILER: To obtain lace value ptos i 06. submit this coupon 1 Kl Kan Foods. Inc . PO Box 870065. El Paso, TX 88587-0085 Inweet proving purchase ot sufhoem slort withtn (he pasl 90 days lo cow coupons presented lor redemption must be shown upon request Cash value $0001 Vox) outside USA and wnere pfofitthted, taxed or restricted by law FILL IN RETAIL PRICE S RETAILER: To obtain lace value plus $ 08. submit this coupon to Kel I Kan Foods. Inc . PO Box 870065. El Paso. TX 88587-0085 Invoices proving purchase ot sulrcienl slock within the pail 90 days to cover coupons presented lor redemption muet be shown upon request Cash value S 0001 Void outsde USA and where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law. FILL IN RETAIL PRICE S I 1991 Huny! Offer Expires 1 1991 Redeem Nowl I Huny! Offer Expires Redeem Nowl 1 1 1 1 it it ii ii ii ii ii Tipsheet: Bosc pears EXPIRES 11991 MANUFACTURER'S COUPON EXPIRES 11991 MANUFACTURER'S COUPON Developed tested by veterinarians & nutritionists Highly digestible foods for pets of all life stages High quality Ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors any bag $3.00 Off PEDIGREE9 EXPERT iiajjjaj!: EXTUT EDEE 18 oz. box or rltlX $1.50 off any bag WHBKAS EXPERT Dry food for cats tXPtRJ i-iKjJfal: IXPMT txrarr Dry food for dogs I S214315 CONSUMER: LIMIT 1 COUPON PER PURCHASE. PER CUS- I TOMER. Good only on product ndttaiM Customer pays any sales lai ANV OTHER USE IS FRAUD Vrt il altered transferred coped or exchanged RETAILER: To obtam lace value plus $ 06 submit m coupon to Kal CONSUMER: LIMIT 1 COUPON PER PURCHASE, PER CUSTOMER. Good only on product mdcated Customer pays any taiet lax ANV OTHER USE IS FRAUD Vox) rl altered, transferee. cop) orexenanoed RETAILER: To otMtn lace value plus $ 06 Submit th coupon to Kaf Kan Foods, Inc , PO Box 870085 El Paso. TX 88587-0085 Invocts provmg purchase of sufoent siock wiffwn the past 90 days to cover coupons presenied lor redemption musl be shown upon request Cash value S 0001 VoJ outside USA and where prohttxled, taxed or restricted by law. un i-ooos inc p u box 8'UWtt ti Paso t x bbw-oom invoices prowng purchase ol sufloent stock twtntti the past 90 days to covet coupons presented lor redemption must be shown upon request Cash value S 0001 Void outside USA and where pfohtxied. taxed or restncled try Hw i FILL IN RETAIL PRICE S FILL IN RETAIL PRCE$ I Hurry! Offer Expires 1 1991 I Redeem Now! I Hurry! Offer Expires 1 1991 I Redeem Now! i m I I II mi I23100ll16087 '23100 26001" mature well on the tree and are not ripe when picked. They are usually stored and shipped unripe. Bosc do not change color when ripe. There is a short crop this year and prices will generally be higher than last year. STORING: Store Bosc at room temperature for a few days until they yield to gentle thumb pressure at the neck; then they are ripe and ready to eat. May be refrigerated at this point for a day or two. PREPARING AND USING: Wash, peeling optional (more fiber If skins left on). May be eaten out of hand; an excellent pear for baking or poaching, whole or halved (cored). Bake cored halves topped with butter, honey and a dash of cinnamon until fork-tender. Serve slices with assorted cheeses and crackers (good with soft ripening cheeses: Brie, Camembert). CLAIRE THORNTON SEASON: October through March (domestic), spring into summer (imported from , Southern hemisphere). POINTERS: Bosc pears are a winter pear, harvested domestically in the fall for the winter season. About 90 of the winter pears grown in the United States come from Washington, Oregon and California. Bosc pears are a golden brown with fine network of russeting over a golden yellow skin; this unique coloring along with a symmetrical shape and a long, tapering neck, makes them easy to Identify in the store. They are a medium to large pear, with creamy flesh inside. Once ripe they are tender, buttery and very sweet NUTRITION: Contains vitamins A and C, also fiber. Once medium-size pear is about 75 calories, natural sugar in pears Is fructose and converts quickly to energy. BUYING: Pears do not Menopause - J - . The Answer Croup, a national consumer research company, Is Looking for women 45-65 who are currently experiencing menopausal symptoms which have been diagnosed by a physician or who are currently taking hormone therapy for menopause. Qualified respondents will be asked to participate In a consumer research group. Respondents will be paid for their time and opinions. if Interested, please call Kathleen Thursday, October 3 after 9:00 AM at 489-5656. Slow Drains? :B1 ' 'i. i. l. : Whemiii You'll never have a slow running, or clogged drain again! The secret? Clean drains don't run slow. Slow drains, or periodic clogs, are signals that a thick layer of "gook" is choking your pipes. This gook coats the entire length of your pipe- from sink to sewer, or septic. Conventional drain openers cannot remove this build up. Even a small tunnel through the waste lets them flow through the pipe, leaving the gook behind! Now, with just a few minutes each month, you can easily clean out your pipes like new... and KEEP them clean with Plumb Clean. Its totally unique formula clings, and penetrates deep into the gook. That allows it to liquefy even I years of build up. Plumb Clean will "clean the entire length of your pipes. It .wilt make your drains run like new, action is so revolutionary. Plumb Clean is money-back guaranteed! Save Money. A 1 lb. container of Plumb Clean holds up to 4 1 drain treatments. Even if drain openers could fix slow drains, you would have to buy over 10 quart bottles to get the same number of treatments. Plumb Clean costs about 35 ( per treatment. We don't know of anything that cleans drains for less. Safety. Conventional drain openers are dangerous chemicals. They can injure eyes on contact. They can release deadly vapors, in some situations. Some, may damage your fixtures. Plumb Clean will not burn skin, or eyes. It will not release harmful fumes. When used as directed, it is 100 safe for people, and of course aUpIumbing. So, if your drains are signalling you, get safe, guaranteed Plumb Clean today! Available at: cme to microwave fries ACEU HI 'stands alone. J when used as directed. This penetrating Klingenherg's Hardware: 715 6th, Dayton; 1031 S. Ft. Thomas, Ft. 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Curt vilirt is?0f GROCER For nch coupon property ndaimid. t will WmbutM you tht tic i trt KM M hirtdhrtg fltprotfuc-rt prohtwm ItivoKH proving tuthewnt itock muii to ttown on rtquMt VoWwtWI prohibrlw) Mail coupon! to fell Uar Fnnria ftB.lft Com- CONSUMER Coupon limrtrt to iptofitd proOud it tlma of purcrtiti bifi vilut GROCER For itch coupon propi'iy ridaimitf, mt writ rtimbu'M you If tea valut piut 81 fundling RtproduC-tain prohibited Invoicat proving luftictnt itock mult M Ittown on itqutll VorJ wtwra 8'ortibrttd Mill coupon! 10 il M; Foodi. 6936 Com-man Awn, ( Pno TX Aduim MICROWAVE FRENCH FRIES bwncomolKd Dy you tnd lf conjunw lnvociDovngiX)rcreolluf'cnl itoA ol ttw QoMan Vtiitv product ipeM otihowiuottrirexiueil Any tales. Hi mutt ot paud by tht oontumtt Cash value 170 Otlw limited to one coupon ptf laimty Unauthorixed reproduction prohibited Group entries void. IN YOUR GROCER 8 FREEZER. 7W5 iimit urn wurun mirct Avtnut. El PlIO, TX 7W15 LIMIT ONE COUPON KB DtinruAOC 71150 101,351 L J

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