The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas on August 2, 1923 · Page 5
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The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas · Page 5

Emporia, Kansas
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Thursday, August 2, 1923
Page 5
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Full Auociated Press Report By Leated Wire i United Pre« , xxxiii THE EMPORIO EMPORIA, KANSAS, THURSDAY EVENING,: AUGUST 2, 1923 ' sirfem's -riiys-iciniis Are EVioi'c -ont'ident, as I'lienmnnin Symptoms D HE FEELS EASIER Itful Sloop Is.Uciicfitiiisr K.vecii- Hut. Rtii>id itétum tu '••'• •Jlea-II-li Seems improbable.': •: 'lip Associated Press: residential Headquarters, Pal- Hotel. San Francisco, Aug. 2 he official bulletin issued by sklent Harding's physicians at 5 a. m. today said the chief -cutive had several hours 'of Itful sleep during the -night that he had expressed him- as, except for the marked ex- ustion of an acute illness, oling easier this morning." physicians . said in the -tement that although it would e some "little time" they were iore confident today than here- fore as to tho outcome of Mr. rding's illness. [The condition of the president's igs, affected Monday by pneu aic symptoms, showed "definite irovemeat." . [Che bulletin follows:' '9 ;30 a. m.: The president had eral hours of restful .sleep ing the night and except for r ; marked exhaustion of ar uto illness expresses himself as easier this morning. 'The temperature is 98.2 de i'c's, pulse 100, and reajiiratioi •pi 32 to -10. ' '• . . ' tho-'luns condition shows-defile improvement. "Small quantities of food an :ing taken and elimination re- -jains satisfactory. • •"While recovery .will inevitabl; v -ke some little time, we UP iore confident than heretofor' E i.o the outcome of his Illness (Signed I "C. E. Sawyer. "Ray layman Wilbur. "C.. M. Cooper. ; ".I. T. Boon';. ¡ "lUibert Work." t Time- today to be th 'llief element In the. recovery (. 'resident Harding. It also ' •egarded by his physicians as on if the most uncertain. The qutotton "when wiP t__ incident, be able to travel? :ound about as many different ar .wers nmonp members oí ti WEATHER UNSETTLED Cloudy weather, showers and ighér temperatures are forecast or. tomorrow by the weatherman, oday's maximum temperature •<~s !)(i but at 2 o'clock the mer- ury had dropped to ST. J>asl ¡gilt's minimum was 09. Today's Forecast Kansas—Partly cloudy tonight iid. Friday, probably showers in ortliwestern portion; somewhat armer.' Friday, . • Missouri—^Generally cloudy to- igtit and. Friday,- cooler in east iid south portions, warmer in orthwest portion Friday. Oklahoma—Tonight unsettled, ooler in cast and south portions; 'riday partly cloudy, warmer in orthwost portion. • - Is Charged With 'Transporting; Stolen Car 1'i'oin Oklahoma Into -Kansas TAKEN TO FORT SCOTT Former Assistant Attorney General Will Be Arraigned Before I?. S. Comissione.r Swimmer Crosses Luke Erie ín Twenty Hours Cleveland, Aug. 2.—Carlos Wai- j his assistant, ,11.' T. Lamers, fleet ker. Central Y. M. C. A. swimuier, l-surgeon, and. threo Cleveland good, cloudy, Komi Bulletin, (10 a. m.) Emporia—Fair, roads Pittsburgh — Partly dads good. . Salina—^Cloudy, roads good. Hutcfiliison—Clear, roads good. Ottawa—Partly elon'dy, roads ood. - - ** Coffeyville — Partly cloudy, oads good. • Arkansas City—Pair, cooler, oads good. Wichita—Partly cloudy, roads good. Topeka—OJeor, roads good. Kansas City—Fair, roads good. MRS. W. D.MOWRY DIES Denver, Aug. 2—Mrs. W. D. Mowry. first woman candidate Tor the Republican nomination as governor of Kansas, died here today. Her homo was in Kansas City. Kan. Mrs. Mowry. accompanied by her hustiand. a merchandise broker, arrived herd Into in Juno in bopp that Mrs Mowry won Id-recover her health She was (!. r i years old. .,-tsidential party us they nre per-¡soon wore «ons In the party. Tin; physicians ttendlng the chief executive would not venrurw an opinion. fe.VTÍic"1irc»ia¿'fil''s É¡>iivií1¡?scenne Is going lo take tinn-," :'.uiil Bri;;. T'.en. ('. 1C. Hawyl^r, his physician, but In answer io tho question as tojiow much timn, all Geimrnl Sawyer would say wan "you can never elect ¡i time to be sick. You ewise can never idfict a timo to pet. well." One thing was certain anil that, •was that the president was making progress toward recovery at the bpgiiiniug of the day. !!<• obtained considerable sleep during the night and jus-t before lu> dropped off to sleep. General Sawyer, "took slock" ¡is ho phrased it and found all indications favorable. Among those Indications was a normal tempera- tun 1 less labored and moro regular hrealbing, and a pulsn that •vvhlli? «till rather high seemed to show no Indications of increasing. - finneral Sawyer had shortly be- foro demonstr.itod hi!', own cnuti- df-noe In the favorableness of I bo indications by going out for an nntomohilo ride. Tho nurse. Mi?'! . Topeka. Aug. 2—Mrs. W. D Mowry of Kansus- City was the first woman to become a candi dale for the nomination of g:>v ernor in this state. She. had one .•román opponent in the primarj election «i year ago yesterdaj August 'l— Miss H«|IMI Petti r.rev.- of Kansas tMty, also seeking the 'Republican nomination ItmininK against five men candi dates UH* women polled n ven light vote and In Uii-'CounUn o fur Pittaburg, Aug. 2.—Maurice McNeil!, former assistant attorney ;eneral ot Kansas and now a prac- icing lawyer .at Columbus, was arrested at his office this afternoon >y a United States deputy marshal on a warrant charging him with he transportation of a stolen moor car from Oklahoma into Kan¡as. He was taken to Port Scott o be arraigned before C. N. Price, United State's commissioner. A car stolen at Tulsa, Okla., -a year ago, is involved in the charge against McNelll. McNeill's alleged connection with "the case resulted in bis ar•est today. JMcNeill is a son o£ ludge C. A. McNeill, former judge of the Cherokee county district court and prominent as a lawyer and politician in southeastern [Cansas for many years. landed at Lorain at 5:30 a. ni., just 20 Itours and 15 minuses, after he started his swim across ,Lake Erie from Pelee Passage Lighthouse, Ontario, according to a telephone message to'the News, here. .. . The distance 'covere'd' is 32' miles. ' Meanwhile a search is being made for fjfj. power boat Argus which, left Po.frít Pelee lightship; yesterday morning, ' acting as a newspaper mon. It is helie.ved the Argus exits fuel supply searching for'tho swimmer "aitd is marooned itf the lake. .-. Tile pilot of an airplane that left Lorain lai't night to report.oii Walkur's 'progress, 'did not sight the Argus. . "Walker had to steer his way from the Point Pelee lighthouse' to tlif» Lorain lighthouse by the snn Sin! moon and directions given Sometime I by passing craft as the compass convoy to Walker. during tho trip the row boat | he had wlied upon to guid? his which accompanied 1 Walker lost-rvcoursp was on- the .Argus. sight of the Argus and - Hs-4ive ¡ Walker was accompanied in the passengers, commander, ¡lei'ublicnns llavi- "Isnomlniously Fililwl," Soiiator Copclitnd s in Speech CONSERVATION AN ISSUE A(ln>lnístr¡itioii Mus (iovci'iiiiienl-V lis I'uUcy, He Mtii Charles D. Cleveland Boat club,.! ued Solders,' entire distance'by a row boat inari- with five''persons. FLORISTS ARE HERE ÍXBW HOTKli IS CRVTICIt COXVKXTION ACTIVITY OF PAVING PROGRESSES COXTIM'CTORS POUK301 FEET OK CO.VCR.KTE 1N T DAY in lOmporia Is One-, of of JvlndvIOvoi- H'cltl in XJnited States. - : •Only MX»'» GKOKC.K CRITICA!/ •Vssnils lÍTil.ish OovcmiiKMii for IIS l^ck of Policy ByTl»;As"!Oclatfl'3 Pr«"!: London, Aug. 2—Former Premier Lloyd George, speaking on the. reparations situation in the house of coñííncms ibis afternoon, scored the government for not having any definite policy. He declared that with the parliamentary recess at hand and big events impending;, the house was entitled to know, what the Britilsl: policy was to be. incidentally. Mr. Lloyd George declared the .sentimental factor of the French Has In the Ruhr and it» heuriug upon France's national honor, must not he ignored and hn iiuoslituied whether that situation should not be accepted. behind Ihut it ¡it nuce became apparent that tlu»y had no <>iauc<!. 1» tl"! of - fiokil count,-. Sirs. Mowry .• hud rüi.'ó votes"' •<nu ''Wm.-M than "¡in 000 cowl for tin; Kupuldican candidates. Miss IVtllgri'w got .. Mrs. Mowry announcp.d her own candidacy orislnally. filing her name as ¡in official candidate v.Mili the secretary of slate. She divided housuwurli with cain- paienlng. I'lnploylnc a secretary niuili of tho timo lo koep up her o.ori'fspoiidcni'c "'id mail liler- ultirr;. N'citln.-r she nor Miss I'oltlgrew— -lh», latlcr on a light wine and boor platform — had a ?talr; .wide following. Mrs. .Mowry, however, was- wall and favorably known in Ivjusas City. having ¡)crn president of tin 1 lo<al club foileratlon ¡it one time ami prominont in welfare wori;. "1 am ¡limply blnv.ins the way," she said regarding her candidacy. •'I believe Ihe time is coining when a woman will bb honored with tlio highest cxnciillvc office nf tho st-.i ).<•.. Someone has to ylart tho ball rolling." Ono of Mrs. "Mowry's campaign i i.lofnns was "more office work British. Receive Reply from Italy On Reparations By Tlif-Associate.) I'rws: London, Aug. 2.—Italy's written rfiply to the British repara lions communication arrived ii London' today after Prime Mln. inte/Baldwin's spwch bad been delivered: A .cabinet council wn.° held In the ¡-ivp.mier's room afte the house, rose to consider furl lie thij government's policy and ar ranee- plans for the holding of an other council during tho recess ii the event nf Premier Poinrur making a further communication liy Th" Assni'lntfil I'rfff. Paris. Aug. 2.—As soon as def initi! nows was received from Lmi don today of Prime Minister Bald win's intonlion. to make public th lirillsh reparations documents, i was decided to give out a sum imiry of the French reply. Pro mi'!] 1 Poincare considers that thi rnply loaves the door wide op'>n for continuation of Uii! >iingot.ia- tlons. Scvpii Slilcs/'of Xcw Santit Vi-. 'lYujU Kcnuiln. lo lie Surfaced FTIO^I KA55T. PJÍA1SKS TUB IJIiO'AD\1E\V. "The Motel Broadview, is all right.", said 1 .Harry Heileman,'a, traveling salésmat: 'for florists' supplies from Philadelphia. "The hotel ¡s under excellent management and is caring for tho florists convention" and Uie traveling public as well as any hotel could, considering the building is not completed and. the short time R has been open. Emporians can feel assured that tho new hotel can take care of any crowd or convention ami can. do anything the management agrees to do if the hotel continues to be run the way it has started. Eni'porla should bu proud of The Broadview." Ono of the largest state conventions of tlorists ever held .in the tmited is in session in Kmporla today. Tho florists aro holding meetings on the third Moor of the Teachers College gymnasium and are eating and sleeping in Emporia's new hotel. At !' o'clock this morning 1,25 llorists had registered at the desk- in tlio gymnasium and at Jioon 200 had arrived. Most of l.Hft v|n-.. ¡tors aro men, but'many 1 women ¡ire attending the convention. In addition to the iUiristK IS Jnoii representing wholesale llorisHs' supply houfica are taking .orders for .supplies, and have displays in ihe gymnasium. Yesterday afternoon tho Hotel Broadview was filled with work- in on in overalls using liniiimurK. saws and paint brushes. Last night tho Morists invaded tho hotol ' ' -The StamJeV-Mackey Construction company 'got a late start on ¡•yesterday's work on -the trail j.easi of límpoíia, -b-ut- the end of. • the clay's work, showed 501 Coet !pf concreta had been poured. "'Barring tlio delay at the start, it ¡is estimated UOO.fe-et would have .been completed', --which would j have made a record in hard roud construction in tyon'county. The pavers are working from the. C'oifey county line and have completed more than a mile. .Yearly seven miles must no built before the last gap oil the, cross-conuly Toad is rinishe"d. 'Orading will be finished today on tine half mile south of Ury creek. County. Engineer W. S. 'niiH'Klra says, and pouring of con- cretn (.MI the Soden bridge has been started. Pouring of the arch rings is bning done, and Ibis Mill by followed by tlic hangers, and finally the floor. Tomorrow n cnai-rete culvert south of the Sod".iii bridge will be poured. -; .Mr. R-ngglns says-the concrete construction on "the south road Atlanta, Ca.. Aug. 2 — Charging that the • ttqpubllcnn party had "ignom.inionsly failed" and expressing his confidence that the- bem.oern.tic' party will 'again coiiie into power, Seanlor 'Royal S. Copeland of New York, in an extended address before the Georgia ¿eneral assembly -today discussed some of the chief factors cuter- ing- iulo the problems. These, he brought out, were transportation and conservation o( natural resources. "We are living in a remarkable iperiod of tho .world's history," the senator declared in bis opening remiarlcs. "No mutter how ,' complex, how compelling. bow disturbing, how heart-hreak- ing any. other time may have been, --Í doubt if the souls of men have ever been tried more. than they are at this time." The farmer,**! Sena tor Copeland said, has suffered more, than all the rest of society, and asserted that- "unless the farmer prospers there cannot be .permanent prosperity for any natiou." '•"As 1 view it two Ihings are essential to tlio welfare of tho farmer, itbe first of these te education of the public as to the need of the farmer and national importance of his welfare.'' As a second solution of tho problem, he advocated changes in the tariff, in transportation, taxation and the restoration uC foreign markets. The senator charged the licpuhlican party •with bfiing "strangely blind to tin; right and privileges of labor" and ¡issertnd that never before has il 'gone over so openly to tho side At New York KM 010 0. Pittsburgh . 010 001 U. . Batteries: Watson and Buyder; Meadows and Schmidt. At CliiPofto: Boston OUl HO, ... Chicago 001 00. . . Batteries: Benton and Ii. Smith; Aldridge and O'Fnrrell. At. St.. Louis: ' Brooklyn • St. Louis . .- : - • Al Cincinnati: Philadelphia «00 on..... Cincinnati 000 20. .Batteries: Ulasner and Henllno: Donohito and Official County Paper Official City Paper NUMBER 76 SETTLEMENT liiilihvin mid fur/on-Suy French Iteply Holds kittle., liopu ^ I'oi- Progress. DANGER IN STAGNATION lirilain See* Situation Becoming Morn Hopeless—Claim IVob- loms ('.'aiuiot 15e Evaded;• •: • 0 2 0 1 mill AM UKK;A x i i lo.-u;u K Al. Washington: (First. Game) St. Louis . . .000 000 (100—0 Washington 101 OOU 00*—B Datteries: Shocker, Pruett Snveriiid; Mitchell and Ruul. (Second (¿anus) «t. Louis-Washington— A I. .Host on: riiicago onn ooo ¡i.. Boston ..-.". 000 OUT, 0. ., Batteries: Faber, CveiigroH and Schalk; Murray and Walters. Ai. IMiiladi-lplila: rietroit 000 230 ... Philadelphia 000 001 . . . Uatlenos: Pillo!to and Bnss- H;r: Xaylor, Wolfe and Perkins. Al New York. Cleveland <>OQ 100 0 . .1 New York 101! 00 TO.. Batto.rlos: Hdwurds nnd O'Neill; Hoyt ;uul Seining. ,wilj begin on the South Commercial end of the road first. When this has been finished the siub work will be started on the. ¡south ciul of the Dry creek road. Kansas Is Again "Hottest Place in United States r,f capital." Referring to tlio problem of transportation, Senator C.op.Cland ;<sserted that on principle the Democratic party is Brighter Days Ahead for Farmer, Waters Declares Topeka, Aug. 2.—Southern Kansas again topped tho national weather records yesterday with a lemp'orntui-i! of IOS at Oswego and Sudan, according to reports Irom various states received at the weather bureau here. In tho norlh- erii part of the. state, temperatures were considerable lower the maximum in Topeka yesterday being Powderly. during the evening, left lh<i hotel for I he «rut time siuco the president was brought here Sunday. She was directed by Mrs. Harding to lake ii walk In" tho fresh air. Mrs. Harding herself, however, has not Ijiion outside, the hotel since she entered it Sunday morning immediately 'after arriving in San " Frailesco. • Warning was General Sawyer last night and repeated by ono or two of the oilier doc- /toYfl that too rapid recovery should not bo expected. Ocncral Sawyer 'asked that it be remnm- homl that the president was a sick man and aiso that there might 1/0 some ups and downs. For iheso reasons, it appeared Uiat the physicians would be reluctant to approve at this time any plan for tlie future with re- Fpnct either to remaining in San Francisco or loaving tho city for some nearby place of quiet, or (o return to Washington, "\Vi! have got )o feel our way along." said Dr. Sawyer, and in a hat Ho soomotl to epitomise tho feeling of the oilier physicians, Mrs. Harding and even the prew- Jdont himself, although he asked Dr. Sawyer yesterday If ho thought it would he possible to Ftart for Washington Sunday. Whatever tho answer th« doctor made at the time, hn left no doubt in tolling about it later that Mid less oratory,'' generally recognized as a slam, at the administration of fiov. II. .1. Allen, nntoil ¡is ¡in orator. I LATE NEWS BRIEFS ] Two Striking Miners Killed. By The AsMii-Iiiti-il VnsHf. Berlin, Aug. Ü.-—Two striking miners wore killed and seven in- 1 jured at Obcrhausen today in a collision between street cars and Ihe. police, according lo advices received bore. The casualties occurred when the police tired on the demonstrators. UHK STIXG CACSES MOTOIlCAi: .ACCIIJKXT The sting ot a bumbln-bco caused an auto smash-up on tho paved road east of limporia this afternoon. When a bee. stnng tho small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Toral the child screamed, causing Mr. Toral, who was driving. to sworvo into a concrete culvert. Mr. Toral, was painfully injured on tin: head and the girl slightly hurt in the crash. The car was damaged to the extent ot $150. The Torals were on their way from Kansas City to their homo in Oklahoma City. They were able to continue their trip after receiving medical attention in Emporia. Rains hoped for did not come sufficient to be of general benefit in the suffering-corn crop.- Some local showers we're reported, tbo ! heaviest being in the extreme. Kansas City, Aug. 2.— : The far- j Km , thwcst portion of tho state, mer "Is coming out of tho slough | liberal reported nearly half an of despair",and his gross income! ¡ 1U .|, j, ruc ¡|,¡t.|t¡ O n. Coldwtiler'got ibis year will he "greater than | is on an inch. Showers were ro- any time since the deflation ofi I)0 ricd at Dodge City and points three years ago," Dr. Henry .1. ¡,, u, al p ar t of. tho state this Waters, editor of the Weekly Kan-] pa» City Star, said at a luncheon address here today before the Cosmopolitan club. Dr. Waters, who was president of the Kansas Slalo Agricultural college is ^rationally known as an authority : op : ,agriculture. •• .-, ', 'The recent break in- the price of wheat." said Dr. Waters, "has; taken away all hone the farmer, had of a better turn in affairs, but ¡ the wheat price situation is only 1 temporary. As a remedy the far-¡ mor will grow less wheat. All In , all. however, the farmer is coming out. of the sloug'l). 'of despair. Conditions now, excepting the present slump in .the price of wheat, are better than they were a year ago. And they were, better then than they were before." morning. HAXKKKS r .Me.n Ai-e Sentenced Servo •! to JO Years. MA UK OKKKHS TO IIAI'.IIINO In; considered question. it out. nf the WATRRS TIMIXS IKUVX .TOK \\Voltly StJir Kditor Offered Prcsl- • deiicy of Oklahoma A. & M. Oklahoma City. Aug. 2.—Dr. H ... Waters, editor of the Kan- Fas City Star (Weekly), has received an offer of the presidency of tho Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical college. The salary was said lo have been set at. $10,COO per year. In refusing the position Dr. Waters was understood lo have promised his aid to Governor Walton In procuring a capable educator to head the institution. Oury's Conference Xoars F.nd. Xew York, Aug. 2.—Officials of the United States Steel corporation today renewed tho discussions started last week on plans to eliminate the 12-hour day In tin manufacturing subsidiaries of tins corporation. Rlbert II. Oary. chairman ot the corporation, stated he was hopeful the conferences might i<¡= completed today or tomorrow. Changes in 1'Ylsro IVrsonnel. Tulsa. Okla.. Aug. 2.—Two changes in tho personnel of the board of directors of the' St. Louis-San Francisco railway company were made at. a meeting of the board'erdiiy, according to 'advices received bore. Grant 1Í. McOnllotigli, Tulsa banker, was chosen to succeed A. h. Shnp- leigh of St. Louis, resigned. Col. Robert. M. Thompson was appointed to succeed .1. W. Kendrick, resigned, the advices .stated. Cjilifornliiiis Offer Homes rrosidrnr's Convalescence. for San Francisco, Aug. '1 —Half a dozen of California's show spots, homes and estates of notables, are at tho disposal of President Harding us residences during his period of convalsccnce. Otters were received yesterday .of the. nu'iitry homes of William II. Crorlter and. Charles W. Clark, at uiirlingnmc on the San Francisco peninsula and that of James I). I'helan, former senator t from California, .it. Saratoga. Denver, Aug. 2.—Leo P. Floyd, prrretary. and John Harrington, teller, today entered pleas of ¡.Miilty to a. charge 'of embezzling i?"2.ÓÜO in liberty bonds of the cloned Hibornia.' Uank & Trust company. The 1 shortage in tho bank's funds amounted to $'l-l.'!.- •ludgo George P. Dunklee, prc- Fuling, sentenced the men to serve from 4 to 111 years in the penitentiary.;i!KD JX Shifts, Crushing Vouths Who Were Sleep AT.MI.tKK CAK. Two HRIlllICIv I5KXRWS UEQfKST KreU.s S.'iO Al'ej;e<l OOO for Stojiograpber's llrearh of Promise. Coffe-yville, Aug. 2. — Floyd Sliatswellraged '2'.'.. of Fort Smith. Ark., was dangerously injured and .1 a tuna Smith, aged 22, of Allen, Okla., sustained a crushed foot this morning while asleep in ¡i ear of lumber in the Missouri Pacific yards bore. They wen; caught between the lumber and tho end of the car when the lumber slipped as tho car was being switched. Two New Homes Dynamited, in Labor Warfare government ownership and:operation. ' ••.-..íí.-y.-v.. Senator Copelnnd declared that congress must give serious study ID all financial problems of. the country. Ilij expressed ' the- opinion that the subject of tax- exempt : securities will be 'Missed ed to the bone." Adjusted compensation for war veterans and particular dire'Tot- al! .who suffer mentally or physlc- ;tlly ¡is a res-ult, of. the war wan piso expressed as a Democratic Varty principle by the senator. Passing lo the subject ot foreign relations. Sonntor Copeland asserted that the. p rosón I, .trouble of the world is not war or the fear of war. but discontent born of idleness. "What the world needs is work," he said. ".Voth- in;r makes for eonU.Milmeiit of mini', like pleasing occupation •.vltb n fair share of the profits and the certainty of unfailing incomes." In' conclusión Senator Copeland deplored what hfi termed tlm 'Republican abandonment, of the "established policy of couHerva- tlsm.' 1 "President Harding." ho said, ."in one of his Alaska joy ride. Mpivchos " * ; " * ° attacks natural conservation and advocates theiie treasures for tbo wasteful uso of this generation." He r.lKirged the chief executive with "being painfully lacking in porspectivft" and declared It wns no .wonder his great plurality of "seven million i voles have been disfipntRd." Senator Copeland declared that 22 viales which were carried by Míe Republicans In 1Ü20 have swung over to the Democratic r.tandard and declared tho defection in hia belief wa.s because our people "will not stand for tho thoughtless neglect of the multitude for the of tho few." "Cod grant we may measure up lo our opportunities and I am r irm in Ihe belief that America and the world will prosper be- r.'insi! we have won." Major Clarke May Succeed MacLean JjiiwiKincc Mun Consiili'fs Siipcri"-' tcndfiiiry i>r Sliito Hoys' Industrial School :it ToiUikii. Topeka, Aug. 2.—Major Sam Olarho. of Lawri.-ncii. a. world war veteran, Is here today taking advisement tin; proffer of tlui position.' of superintendent of tin; State Boys' Industrial school. Ho accompanied tht! board or administration members lo tho school north o|' town today. Major Clark» was with tho :i"illi division. Ho IH said to bu ¡i Republican. It was announced ¡it the hoard of administration's office: today that the resignation of. Major W. P. MacLean, supurinteudnnt of. the school tliu last four yoai'H. -h:iH bct>» ¡iccuplod. 1 Thn lutlcr i)f re- Hlgnalion, nnliinllt'ul by Maclean on July Ü-I ¡uid not mado. jmJillo until today, stalud hi; would Iwivi? till- jllll Allgll!?t 1 tl. Thi! .major's letter ¡H bning much disc.ussod In -|Jolltlnal «IrclPt» today. It lul't no uncertainty na tu why IK; is (tutting the jub. II'! is ¡i. H«|iubllc;ni and was an :ip- lioiiitof of I'l.irmor Govermir Alton. lli.4 wnrk l.n> conducting Ihc Institution has (.'licitud «niiiinmi- dallon ¡ind sincu tíovcrnor Lfcivls took oftlw last January, no do maud by llm gnvi-rnor has buen niadi'' fur MacL-can'H ronigiinl-ion Mac.I.can alsri is stnti; coiniiniinli'1 of llin hogiou. "l^or nearly fnnr yoan; I worki'd hern iHuk-r tin; Inipri'SHiiir i lint. I was working for tho nial",' said MncLoau's letter to the guv iirnfir. ''.Mr. Carlioy (imüiihoi' o tat'í hoard of ¡idmlnlstratlon) a -pry opportunity ha» improssci iv. 1 with tin" fact that if 1 shmili stny, I would no longer bn work tig for tho Kt!U« but for the Democratic party." Chinese Fight on Yankee Steamer Po photographed by Looinis on your birthday.—dAv. Have seen the new Salary Wai-rants Ave Denied. Sacramento, 'Cal., Aug. '.'.—Supreme court justices of California have been denied their" salary warrants by the state for the last, four.months because of failure to comply with the lav. 1 relating to the disposition of cases before them within ¡>0 days, it was stated today by St;;to Controller l!ay L. Kiley. The aggregate of salaries held up is $ IS. IMS. or $2.i:til for of the sevon justices. Don Buick.' Rook. Diepo. K Pagan. Kckdall & McCarty. Xcw Washington, Aug. 2.—Manuel llerrick. former representative in congress from Oklahoma, renewed his request 'in court, today for $50.000 damages from Miss IClhlyn Chrane, his former stenographer, for breach of promise to marry' him. He denied charge? made by the. young woman HI her reply to his suit, including one that he proposed a secret, mnr- riiiee in order that ho might co1- leci money from newspapers which afterwards commented on their relations. •" HlnejndtetM Quell Disturbance \Vlirn Soldiers Are Refused Km- Hide on Shi|> Cleveland. 0.. Aug. 2.—An explosion of dynamite bomb» early today caused the destruction of two newly constructed houses ¡¡ml badly damaged two others. Neighbors declared their construction had been marked- by labor difficulties. The houses were 1111- ofcnpied. The damage, was placed by the police at $:if>.000. Labor trouble also was attributed by police lo the destruction »f four houses under construction early last Sunday. One was wrecked by dynamite and tho other Ihreo were destroyed by tire after cans of gasoline had been thrown on tin: floors and walls. Itv Tin- Afpnclnti-il Peking. Aug. 2—In ;i fracas j aboard the American steamer Alice Dollar, caused when a crowd of Chinese, soldiers boarded her at Ichnng and demanded free transportation, tho captain of tho «hip and ¡bree women, including the wife and ' daughter of the Iiollnr line agent, .were injured, ¡wording to a ruport reaching nst.onls officials hero today. Mrs. J. 1?. Peery. of St. Joseph, Mo., formerly of Eniporin, are visiting with Mr. and Mr.«. Jess Hair, ' " Mechanic. Af.'HEK TI) rntl/ISIl X0T.US i.'renoli Only A wait. Word fro in «iiv.-il Kritnln Paris, Aug. 2 —If the. TíriliKli, I'overument demands publication of the doc.unienls recently exchanged between the allied gov- "runients on reparations, the French government will agree to this re'ri'iiesl, it was announced today, and will Kueif publish the ¡ French note as soon as it re- I reives tlm consent of the other American bine- jimvers, notably Belgium, gunboat respond- A party of jackets from a ing to n call for help, overpowered Mrs. C. \V. liendrieks and child- the. rioters and arrested l."_of'ren will leavn KmpQrhi Salurdaj them. Sh.its-were fired before-tlio ¡ f'ir ¡i month's visit with relative; trouble was omlwi. ¡at fíalo. Ükla. The ChinpRp soldiers had be.-i corne threatening when their de-| Tou can cook better irlth fM Have you seen the new Buick? j nand for a free ride was refused. , Saperia Gat Co.— OFKIÍKK I'SYOIIOI.Of.'Y AS IM;KH KOK IMHGKSTIOX Chicago, Aug. '¿. —Phycho- logy as a. cure for Indigestion was mentioned by Dr. Arno 1!. I.uckhurdl, head of the department of psychology of Chicago university in an address lust night before the Amerk-an Home l->onomic association, in session here. "A hungry man. afraid to eat. because he bad indigestion." Ur. I.nckhardt said, had been persuaded by him to swallow ¡i toy balloon to which ;i tube ¡Hid snv.ill bclloWH \vaR ;itt:n-lied. When the balloon was inflated, be said, tho man's hunger vanished. The Ktoin- noh stimulated the sensation of ¡i s'lnare meal. "When we v'illved on!, tho air and collapsed tin; balloon, the subject again experienced the panes "f huTiKor," the doctor said. FUND IS GROWING Fivo subscriptions liavo Imeni madi! to tlic* fund for obtatniiiK 'ilinal in-alniPiil. for lh« lilt.'' 1 crippled girl Kmimria-ns linvu mk(>u under their wing. Tim account, at noun today stood as follows: Vludgod tn date $ S- (1ft U. !•'. IKiynoldK 1.0° f'arl Nation Ü.OO Kendall Kills lodge. 10.00 Total $17.00 It Is'.-d bplwoiiii SM) ¡mil $7Pi will In- needed to give tin: girl (hi 1 iriuilmi'iit in KaniMi» C'lty which in cxpocti'd to n'Sturc In-:' lUuiltli. Chonkii ill''- hoing mailud to Mrs. Nina IMiigs, (Mt.y Jlatron. If yon bavii not. siMit. a rhi'ck. do it now. It will Tintín nrin'b to (hn littli) girl. Kansar. Artillery x To Riley Rang'e National (¡iinnlsiiieii KiiVi'Min T<>day I'oi- l-'nrittninnfut—Inl'nii- It-y \ViIl l-'olloiv C'harlns Johnson has quit work at tln v soda fountain In the Morris drug store and T,fKoy Triggs, snn of Cbii'f Fred Triggs, has tin; job. Mil. Kck- Hrive you KÜCII the new Uemlngtops. Uckdall & McCarty. Junction City. Aug. 2.- —For the first lime since 1 !H n the, field artillery units of the Kaiisi'is National Guard will hold lhe : rr annual firing practice r,n the Kxirt Riley military reservation. The sixtieth field artillery brigade, Composed of the i:'inh and Ifilst ire simen!!», 'otaling approximately l.t'OO men. s ¡trriving at the ramp ot Kopuh- lican flats today on sir special trains;. HI-IK. Cen. W. Mel). Howaii is in command of the lirifl ade and Col. M. 1(. VicLoan and .'.t. c ( d. •iKh Hunt. are reg ¡mental commanders. Adjutant r,enoral II. Neil l?;ihn Is rainrv commandant. The artillery will remain August 111 avid wilt be succeeded on the day ioVlowinu: by tin 1 infantry, cavalry ¡in».' other National Guard units. Governor Jonathan M. Davis j>hms t<» sp'-n.l ;i week at the camp. it. \v;i* .«t;iti'il today. Regular army officers b.ive been designated ;is observer-,. 13y Tlic Asseelnit'rt IYCHH: . . . London, -Aug. 2.—Prime Minister Baldwin joined with L-orcl Cur/on, tho foreign minister, in. informing parliament toda.y t.'iat ithii replies by Franco and Belgium ; lo the British reparation not» soenidd to hold out no prospect oí ¡i. Bettleineiil of the Ruhr situation in the neur future, nor tho opening of a. discussion regardine reparation. ' ' • Great Britain had submitted to the other allies the draft of a joint, allied reply to the lust riermau reparation communlca- lion and (¿rent Britain had attached very great importance'to tho dispatch of such ¡i reply, the . j premier said. Neither France nor ; : .'. however, had mentioned . this reply in their answer to tho t.iih communication and. tireat Britain to the regret of her • government was unnlilw to find in theso responses stiffi'clcnt material for the dispatch of a joint allied reply to Germany. y the danger ot the Eli- lopeu.n situation sinking Into irretrievable ruin'during prolonged, negotiations among tho allies, tho lirit.lah government, holding that ibis problem cannot 1»> evaded, llio stntcinent said, has invite* the allies to agree In the, publication of their c.ominnnicallon in. Ihe hope thul these documents to- goihi.'r with llinf.c propared by Gre'iit nrltnin may convinco tho world of I ho necessity of prompt and. nnlli.'d action. The prime minister, in 111" house of commons and .Lord. C.'ur- .«Dii In the house of lords, llegan their Identical addresses by reciting the hliilnry of tln> n/ot-tiL negoiialionf. They then broko new ground In this manner. "Tho government drew up a draft reply which 1 they forwarded on .Inly '•!(> with ¡i «ovorlng note to liio. allied governments." "In this drart voplj the British government dealt with tho vnr- (iiiH proposiils containod in the ierman niemornndnin nnd they' >xprosHi:.d the opinión that while, lotbing KhouUl be done, which was nc'.HiHiHloiit with Hie stipulation» . if '•'.'- irudty oí V«;i-5alllep. m!¿ui;- jigi- would In? derived by «n ex- iinlnat.loii by Impartial experts, in. in with the rep'iraUon in. Into (Jurnwny'H capacity tn pay. An regard» the guarantees offered by tin.- German government, ¡ho British went on lo Point 1 out in the draft reply that the economic value (if any such guarantees must largely depend on faetón) oC which the tiorman government in. ¡is iiu'inoraiidiini had made no mention, such as slnbtli/.ing tlni mark u-nd tlm Herman budget, an-.l that no guiinmteti could be effeclivij unless pruvisioii were mail»! for some form of in- U'l-iiatiinial (Kinli'o 1 ! over tlirt Oer- inan financial administration. "Tho reply ended.' 1 continued the prime minister, "by advlsini; i he German government that ¡f it desired a resumption of thej In• iuii-y to withdraw without further delay the ordinances nnd decree* which organized and fomented tin» lioliey of passive resistance, anil lo iiiinrniivorally disavow,tho acts of violence and sabotage which in i-.onie rases bud acr.ompauiod It, "The rejMy expressed the belk'f that Hit'-b action on the part of Geriintny \ye-n1d ¡nvolvo roconsid- ei-alinn by the occujiying powers of tin; conditions of their occupation and tho gradual return to the normal features of Industrial l!f>> in tlio Ruhr. "In the covering note, with, which tti't draft reply was sent ti> the allied troveninient, the British uiivonimi>iit gave a fuller explanation of the views which they held on all the'-.e points and they urged upon their allies that an Inter- allied discussion should be oponed with :is little dd;iy as Possible whether Iw conference or otherwise for the purpose of elaborating a comprehensive plan for i ceneri'l and 1'innl financial sottle- meiit." Tin- prim') minister then mad<> the Bailie statement to the members of i be commons Unit Lord Cni-7.011 made in tlm upper cham- i her. «.'xpressini: regret that thi* government could'not find cnouch material in the French n-nd Bíl- r:!an responsos to send a joint a!- Jied reply I" tin- Cernían note. "The replies of the allied KOV- ertim"iits now have been received. Th,> Italian governui^it h:i« not s» far returned a written answer, but exprossed thomielvoi us tn L-eiieral agreement with t'[i" views ami primn-sals "f bis majesty*» ifivernine'it. (Cheers gre. ot'-'d "The Frencli anil JVIi erni'ients reiurncil indi replies. "His ninicsty's «ovprnitl drvotei! tho n.^t caref«l ions consider;ilion t<» ih-i'S V.'' \v.' ar» fuiiv con.- frii'iidlv^ti.iíf i •A.T,' cii;''-!;-'»! :>n<l rh , i... i v: ' :i>i) ' fl ov \v,vo n<iv< '•>• < f''or builiiiiiic nmterin!s «"ill on MoKre-K\vniini; t.iiin!«fr ^ p M:iteri:)l i'o.. .'! 1-J Moixh.nU s'í- plume 7.S, j

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