The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on September 28, 1991 · Page 20
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 20

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1991
Page 20
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C-2 Advice, People I MF. CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Saturday, September 28. 1 99 1 People Dear Abby Secretary needs to tell boss about demands on her time Abby if n m j van puren Kevin Costner . . . most kissable Randy Travis . . . being sued re- V Jr ' - " ;, ,1.J Airing The animated Dr. Seuss tale of an escalating arms race, The Butter Battle Book, will air Sunday at 6 p.m. on cable's TNT. Awarded Ohio's Dayton Contemporary Dance Company is one of eight dance groups nationwide awarded grants by the National Dance Repertory Enrichment Program. Sued Country music singers Randy Travis and Alan Jackson are being sued by two songwriters and a publishing company claiming they copied a song. At issue is "Better Class of Losers," written by Harlan Howard and Ron Peterson in 1982. A song with the same title but different melody and lyrics is on Travis' new High Lonesome album. Donating Author James A. Michener, 84, in print a man of many words his books run 600 or more pages took only 12 lines to inform his alma mater, Swarthmore College, that he is giving it a gift of $5 million. D Quoted "I had a personal trainer once who kept saying, 'Come on, let's jump!' I finally told her to jump the heck out of my house." singer Patti Labelle, on exercising Birthdays Actor William Windom is 68 today. Actor Actress Brigitte Bardot is 57. Sunday: Singing cowboy Gene Autry is 84. Actress Greer Garson is 83. Director Stanley Kramer is 78. Actress Anita Ekberg is 60. Singer Jerry Lee Lewis is 56. Actress Madeline Kahn is 49. Compiled by Kathy Doane Costner, Roberts smack at the top It's here! Herpecin-L Cold Sore Lip Balm's "Most Kissable" survey. The most kissable men, in order, are: Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, Andy Garcia, Alec Baldwin, Richard Gere, Kurt Russell, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Newman and Patrick Swayze. Most kissable women, in order, are: Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kim Basinger, Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson, Chynna Phillips, Christie Brinkley, Madonna, Demi Moore and Paulina Porizkova. 'DESIGNING' MARLA: Maria Maples, whose engagement to Donald Trump has ended, will play herself and discuss high-level romance in the Oct. 14 episode of Designing Women. Maples will offer a few words of advice to the character Allison Sugerbaker (played by Julia Duffy) after the latter "becomes involved with a wealthy Wall Street financier." In the show's premiere two weeks ago, Allison said she'd been invited to be one of the bridesmaids at the then-planned wedding of Maples and Trump. AIDS AUCTION: Arnold Schwarzenegger is parting with his leather Terminator jacket. Madonna is tossing in the notorious gold corset and panties she wore while performing "Like a Virgin" in Truth or Dare. These donations, along with others from international style-setters from Michael Jackson to Giorgio Armani, will go on the block Sunday in Hollywood at "Divine Design," an auction to benefit the Los Angeles Center for Living, a charity that delivers hot meals to 200 home-bound AIDS patients. DEAR ABBY: I am a secretary and have been for some years now. But recently, I started working with a new company, and I have one major problem with one of the higher authorities (who isn't my bosssupervisor) who uses me as her personal secretary and I do mean personal. She has me doing her income taxes, her daughter's income taxes, her lease, etc., and making coffee. Yes, I am supposed to assist her, as directed by my boss. But he means as an aide, not a maid. ', I really would like to tell her to do her own personal things and make her own coffee, but she's very sneaky and I fear she might go behind my back and tell my boss some off-the-wall story. How do I handle this without jeopardizing my job or any future references? : SECRETARY ; DEAR SECRETARY: If you are comfortable with your own boss, talk with him confidentially. Keep the level professional, and Calmly explain what this lady is asking you to do, specifically. Tell him that the woman's personal requests are cutting into company time and productivity. ; From there on it is the responsibility of your boss either to direct you to fulfill this lady's requests or not. But remember, it is the boss's responsibility to speak to this Maria Maples . . . 'Designing' role Julia Roberts . . . most kissable woman and not yours. DEAR ABBY: When someone telephones me and I am not at home, my brother asks if there is a message. If there isn't one, he terminates the conversation. I say he should ask who is calling, so that I will, at least, know who called. My brother insists he has no right to ask more than, "Do you care to leave a message?" He says it would be rude an invasion of privacy to ask more. Who is right? D.K. DEAR D.K.: Use the following routine: The telephone rings. Your brother answers it. The caller asks, "Is 'Donna' there?" Your brother replies, "May I ask who is calling, please?" If the caller does not wish to leave his or her name, the stock reply will be, "Never mind, thanks, I'll call back later." But nine times out of 10, the caller will give his name. VIDEO RAGE: The 1950s action-comedy A Rage in Harlem, filmed in Greater Cincinnati and starring Robin Givens and Forest Whi-taker, hits video stores Nov. 20. City Slickers, Billy Crystal's summer smash, is out Dec. 4. REAL STORY ON PANTHERS: New Jack City producers Doug Mcllenry and George Jackson plan to make what Jackson terms "the real Black Panther Party story" for HBO next year. "We're doing this film in conjunction with the original Black Panther founders Bobby Seale, David Milliard and Eldridge Cleaver and with the cooperation of the estate of Huey Newton," Jackson says. Singles LEATHER on sale now ooooooooo RECOR1 ID a COLLECTORS V CONVENTION Q Role reversal helps both sexes understand problems of other GRAND OPENING 27 New Showrooms Buy 1 Get 1 Free in Stock Wallpaper Up to 40 Oft Furniture Drapery, Bedspreads, and Carpet on Special Tool 4819 Cooper Rd. at Kenwood Rd. Contemporary styling with the comfort you love. Now save 40 on glove-soft Eldorado leather on the San Diego sofa, chair, sectional or sleepers. Delivery in 6 weeks. And of course, it's kid-proof. DRAWBRIDGE INN - KY BUTTERMILK PIKE & 1-75 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 10 A.M. 4 P.M. Admisston $1 50 with this ad o o or with coupon from local record shop. ; Qi icon M o o l-or intormation, call: fI) 714-2087 000000000600 Barbieri Blue Ash, Oh 791-5566 AD Save 40 Eldorado leather and The San Diego 9691 Kenwood Rd. Blue Ash 793-9699 Orig$4125. Now$2499. UNHAPPY OR SAD? Feeling depressed, sad, hopeless? Lost interest in your activities? Feeling worthless, guilty or useless? Indecisive, unable to concentrate? If you are experiencing these feelings, call the Cincinnati Medical Research Institute in Montgomery, 792-5042 or Clifton, 569-4762 for free, confidential information. Participants in our research studies receive: - Free physical exam, lab tests, EKG - Free psychological evaluation - Free medication TODAY AND TOMORROW 10-5 Saturday 12-5 Sunday House Paint, Stains, Floor Paints, Solvents, 3M Products, Caulking, Spray Paints WAVERLY WALLPAPERS & FABRICS ON SALE, TOO! To understand why men are the way they are, put yourself in their shoes for a minute. So says Warren Farrell, author of Why Men Are the Way They Are (Berkeley, $5.50). Much of the pop-psych gender babble out there is garbage, but Farrell's brand is not. Farrell, 48, has men and women participate in role reversals that are alternately unsettling and enlightening. ' Men become addicted to unat- tainable women early in life, fueled by images of female beauty they ' see daily. Farrell says this leaves men "operating from a base of powerlessness. They're addicted to something they can't have." But where men do have and use their power is in the area of initiative, he says. They can say "I'll call you tomorrow" and choose not to do so. When they don't, they become "jerks." Women's front-line defense against rejection is a "self-assurance" or self-help book, such as Smart ' Women, Foolish Choices, Farrell says. Men's equivalent is Playboy. Both objectify the opposite sex. "We turn the other sex into objects as a defense mechanism, because it hurts less to handle , rejection from an object than it : does to handle rejection from a full human being." Farrell notes that every woman ' alive is judged in a daily beauty contest. "From the time she is born, people are saying how cute she is or not saying anything at all. . She experiences herself as invisi-. ble, as catered to, or somewhere in between. And for all the beauty . power she has when she's 18, she ; knows she has to deal with her invisibility when she's 80." Farrell asks the men to stand and be judged in a beauty contest. He calls them "boys" or "pieces," and asks if this angers them. The "invisible curriculum" in adolescence teaches women that they will not be loved if they are not attractive. It teaches men that they must perform intellectually, physically and financially. So the women can experience being "success objects," Farrell asks them to divide themselves according to income, from those making $60,000-plus in the front row to those making under $10,000 at the back. Those in back are asked to feel what it's like to be called "losers" and to be invisible. "Feel that anger deeply and know that's the anger every man would feel if he allowed himself to be in touch with his feelings," Farrell says. "He learns the game early in life the game being that there will not be any love if he's in the very back rows." Farrell says a man wants two things from a woman. He wants some element of attractiveness, and he wants her to understand him. If you want to understand why men are the way they are or why women are the way they are walk a mile in their moccasins. Bolce &Thomas 4011 RedbankRd. 271-1818 CINCINNATI MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE Clifton 569-4762 Montgomery 792-5042 Mon.-l it. tW Sat K-12 DECORATING CENTER nVorid of iqett- 4 BIG DAYS Friday 10 to 9 Saturday 10 to 6 Sunday 12 to 6 Monday 10 to 9 MONTHS Your Health or 5 casn FREE Interest Discount Changes in diet, exercise can reduce PMS symptoms Dr. Allan H. Bruckheim QUESTION: What can you tell me about premenstrual tension? ANSWER: The causes of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are not fully understood. Many researchers believe the wide-ranging symptoms that often occur in the 10 days before a woman menstruates are caused by an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone. Another school of thought is that PMS is associated with a salt imbalance in the body, resulting in the accumulation of water in the tissues just before menstruation. Others think nutritional factors play a role. Common symptoms include tension, irritability, depression, anxiety, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, abdominal cramps, headache, backache, muscle spasms, breast tenderness, weight gain, swelling of the joints, especially in the fingers and ankles, bloating, abdominal heaviness, nausea and constipation. Experts estimate the condition affects 70-90 of women at some point. There are a variety of ways to manage PMS. Many doctors recommend a change in diet a wee. 10 days before a woman expects her period. It often helps to eliminate caffeine, sugar and salt. To fight the depression and fatigue associated with the syndrome, some suggest dividing food intake into three small meals a day, plus three high-protein snacks. A regular exercise program can help. Vitamins, especially vitamin B-6, are often recommended. There are several over-the-counter drugs made specifically for relieving the symptoms of PMS. Aspirin and acetaminophen can be helpful, and in some cases, a diuretic might be prescribed. Allan Bruckheim is a physician, erector of the Department of Family Practice Residency Program in New Jersey and editor of Medical Times. OBVIOUSLY.. AN EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED. HERMAN IS FAMOUS FOR THEIR FABULOUS INLAID WOODS, SPARKLING BRASS COLLECTION AND UNIQUE ACCENT PIECES. CHOOSE FROM THEIR HUGE SELECTION OF BEDROOM, DINING ROOM, OCCASIONAL FURNITURE, DESKS, AND ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS. SAVE 45 TO" IN-STOCK AND CUSTOM ORDERS 1050 Mi'hriiiK Hi FrceniHll 5 13-2H-I (CO VALERIE Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Sunday 12 p.m. 4i00 p.m. r'World of iqcttcy & Casual Dining Tri-County, Princeton Plaza (next to TJ. Maxx), 671-0022 Cherry Grove, 482 Ohio Pike (Beechmont Ave.), 528-7400 i Miamisburg, Springboro Pike (Rt 741, next to Penney), 434-8001 1 MAKSTELL INTERIORS ran rafl&ni mb war em tJ DISCOUNTED lma m (3J DRAMATIC DESIGN

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