The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on September 25, 1991 · Page 33
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 33

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1991
Page 33
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Page 33 article text (OCR)

D-4Television THE CINCINNATI I NQIURFR Wednesday. September 25, 199 1 . X "V . - , v '! L r ,-. , ... ., .i i- , , ,,., Teri Garr ... as evil Denise Margaret Whitton ... as good Genny Garr's 'Good & Evil' is short on the good Doogie Howser M.D. (9 p.m., Channels 12, 2): Doogie does it with Wanda. Anything But Love (1 0 p.m., Channels 12, 2): Marty and Hannah grow closer, with a little help from their friends. Good &Evil (10:30 p.m., Channels 12, 2): Susan Harris' disappointing Soap-style comedy with Teri Garr and Margaret Whitton. WKRC-AM news: News director Richard Hunt, fired Friday, won't be replaced. The position will be eliminated in an economy move, says Jim Bryant, WKRC-AM and WKRQ-FM general manager. He says program director Dave Mason will supervise the news staff. Channel 12 news: Weekend anchor Dave Burchell and new anchor Stephanie Riggs will co-anchor Channel 1 2's 5 p.m. news Oct. 1 , replacing Rob Braun and Kit Andrews. Braun and Andrews will remain on the 5:30 , and 1 1 p.m. news. Riggs, from Sacramento, will fill in for Andrews during her maternity leave. No word on who will replace Burchell as weekend anchor. Around the dial: B.B. King guest stars on CBS' new Teech (8:30 p.m. today, Channels 9, 7) . . ., Burning Bed star Farrah Fawcett hosts "Prisoners Of Wedlock," a one-hour domestic violence report, on Your Family Matters (9 p.m., Lifetime cable), to be followed by Burning Bed at 10 p.m Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master makes its broadcast TV debut today (9 p.m., Channel 64). The Enquirering Mind: This Enquirering mind wants to know: If you ran Channel 5, would you invite Gordy Coleman back for another Cincinnati Reds' TV season? For the record, WLWT aired its final game last night. SportsChannel televises tonight's game from Atlanta; Friday's home game; and an Oct. 4 game from San Diego but you wouldn't know that in Warner Cableland. This Enquirering mind also wants to know: How can Warner Cable run ads boasting that "we cover the bases like no one else can," when it has ignored the Reds' cable TV package for two years? Is it time to launch an assault on Time Warner and SportsChannel America executives in New York? JOHN KIESEWETTER Enquirer TV critic John Kiesewetter continues his preview of the fall TV season. Good & Evil (10:30 p.m., Channels 12, 2) No Soap here. There's little good about ABC's Good & Evil. Susan Harris, creator of Soap, The Golden Girls and Benson, fails in her attempt to lather up some laughs with Teri Garr and Margaret Whitton. Garr stars as evil Denise, who will stop at nothing and drop everything (often her clothes) to get her way. Whitton's Genny is the saint, so dedicated to microbiology experiments that she tests vaccines on herself. They're both vying for their mother's job running the family cosmetic company. Denise expects that day is near, because her mother (Marian Seldes) said she'd step down at age 65. "I said, 'When I looked 65!" her mother says. They're surrounded by all kinds of mixed nuts: Eric (Lane Davis), the doctor who dates both sisters; George (Mark Blankfield) the blind lab assistant, a cheap imitation Marty Feldman; Denise's husband Ronald (Marius Weyes), thought to have died scaling Mount Everest; and Genny's silent daughter Caroline (Brooke Theiss). The forces of Good & Evil deliver only a few laughs, such as when Denise reveals to Eric that she's naked under her fur coat. "I'm a doctor. Do you think that excites John Kiesewetter d cil Television They're back m New Attitude (8 p.m., BET cable): Repeat of ABC's 1990 Beauty Shop adaptation with Phyllis Stickney). Doogie Howser M.D. (9 p.m., Channels 12, 2): Doogie and Wanda lose their virginity. Night Court (9 p.m., Channels 12, 2): Conclusion of last week's Phantom Of The Opera spoof. Sbs (9:30 p.m., Channels 12, 2): Audie's car is impounded. Anything But Love (1 0 p.m., Channels 12, 2): Hannah takes a home pregnancy test. Live From Lincoln Center (8 p.m., Channels 16, 48, 54): Hugh Downs hosts a performance of Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro. me?" he says. This sitcom is more bad than good, and it's hard to imagine millions of viewers hooked on the slapstick, standoffs and contrived cliffhangers. Methinks the bubble will burst soon. It could be Gone & Forgotten before sweeps. Ryan, left, and Harris "do it" tonight on Doogie Howser. High school romances seldom last forever, Harris says, "so I thought it was an interesting, good way to go, to start meeting other people. And it opens up an entire part of the show, meeting people at the hospital, nurses and patients." As the third ABC season opens, i I i ' . . S ( 3 Doogie loses virginity for birthday Wednesday morning , pgqiaonora nun vmi m nmnm nm nmnm News Today in l ocjay Donahue 1100,000 Head ot One on Cover to 5 Cincinnati Pyramid the Class One Cover CBS News This Morning Live - Regis & Jeopardy! Family Price Is Right 9 News Kathie Lee Feud Good Morning Good Morning America Chuck Woolery Jenny Jones Geraldo 12 Cincinnati Widget Chip- GJ. Joe I Dennis I Peter Pan Tale Spin Silver Bew.tched Happy Family Bonanza 19 monks Menace Spoons Days Ties Home- A.M. Sesame Street Sesame Street Instructional Programming Sesame 48 stretch Weather Street Marketing Marketing A.M. I Captain Sesame Street Learn to I Child Care I Mrs. I Read All I Music Box 2nd 54 Weather Kangaroo Read Safety Cabobble About It Voyage Auto Video Saved by Jetsons Casper- I New He- Heathcliff Romper Auto Love Ron Reagan 64 Shopper Power the BeU Friends Man Room Shopper Stories News Good Morning America Donahue Sally Jessy Raphael Home News This Morning Live - Regis i. Geraldo Price Is Right 7 Kathie Lee Business I A.M. Body I Mister I Sesame Street Instructional Programming 3-2-1 Instruc- 16 Report Weather Electric Rogers Contact tional 20 Minute "NBC Today Santa Barbara I Chuck Woolery One on Cover to 22 Workout News One Cover Behind Benny Laverne I Stuart I Dean & James Richard Hoy Larry Lea I Today- Kenneth Reaching 43 Scenes Hinn Tripp McBirnie Mary Robison Roberts Marilyn Copeland Higher G.I. Joe Merrie Ninja Popeye Peter Pan Dennis Home Shopping Fright (71) " Susan George, Honor 45 Melodies Turtles Menace Spree Blackman Arthur 2 en the Rocks (PO, 18) " "Babar Wizard of World Entertainment The Lords of Flatbush 'PG' I Real Men HBO Oodlev Moore, Liza Minnolll Oz News Report (74) Perry King (4:45) The Rose I Riders of the A Study in Terror CM) John Great Balls of Flrel (PG-13, 19) " TMC Garden Badlands Neville, Donald Houston Dennis Quaid, Winona Ryder The Harvey Girls C4 1 1 Could Go on Singing CM) Judy I Dakota (PG, la) Lou The Winning Team MAX Judy Garland, John Hodiak Garland, Dirk Bogarde Diamond Phillips, Herta War C52) Green Dolphin Street ('47) Lana Turner, I Rockula (PG-13, 'Ml I Follow the Boys C44) George Raft, SHO Donna Reed Dean Cameron, Tawny Fere Vera Zorina Mouser- I You and I Morn. I Care I Donald Pooh I Umbrella Dumbo's Big Bird in Japan Cousin More DIS cise Me, Kid Mickey Bears Duck Corner Tree Circus Kevin Dinosaurs Woody Woodpecker Fun Zone Popeye Fraggle Pink Dallas Knots Landing TNT Rock Panther Shephrd I Faith Popeye I Popeye DuckTales IBoio Chip 'if Magnum, P.I. Joan Rivers WGN Chapl Twenty Dale I Love Flint- Tom & Jerry's I Dream Bewitched I Little House on the Make Me an Offer (79) Susan TBS Lucy stones Funhouse of Jeannie Prairie Blakely, Patrick O'Neal Sports- Nation's Business Today Sports- Play Ball I Sports- Jet Skiing: World Getting Fit Basic ESN Center Center man Ch. Cup Tour Training Tali Paid I Last I Voltron I Cartoon Express ' New Mike Hammer Divorce Divorce USA Program Program Dinosaur Court Court Bette Sing, Boy, Sing CS8) Blue Denim ('59) I Creature From the Black The Web C47) AMC Davis Tommy Sands, Lili Gentle Brandon de Wilde Lagoon C54) Ella Raines Lassie Earth I Mr. I Yogi Bear Inspector I Heathcliff I Lassie Maya the I Eureeka's Castle Elephant Penner's NIK Threw Up Wizard Gadget Bee Show Place Paid Part it Figures Everyday Attitudes Growing Baby Frugal I Sister Tracey Open LIF Program Program Workout Up Knows Gourmet Kate Ullman House Today- James Batman Popeye Augie I Littles Waltons 700 Club Sheila Paid FAM Marilyn Robison Doggie Walsh Program Rising A&E Macbeth World of Air Power O'Hara, U.S. Fugitive Avengers A&E Damp Preview Survival Treasury ejneayate'"oon News I Closer I Santa Barbara I Another World I Days of Our Lives I Sally Jessy Raphael I Cosby News 5 Look Show News Young and the I Bold, As the World Turns Guiding Light Oprah Winfrey News News 9 Restless Beautiful News Loving I All My Children One Life to Live General Hospital Maury Povich News News 12 Quincy Barnaby Jones "Mr I Muppet Woody DuckTales Beetle- Ninja Perfect Hogan 19 Belvedere Babies iuice Turtles Strangers Family Sesame I Instructional Programming Home- Sesame Street Mister Reading Club 48 Street stretch Rogers Rainbow Connect Seniors Speak Out Business Business Sociologi- Sociologi- Smoke 3-2-1 Sesame Street Mister Reading 54 File File cal cal Detectives Contact Rogers Rainbow Highway to Heaven People's People's Sanford Andy Casper- Merrie Tiny Toon Chip 'n' Darkwing Full House 64 Court Court and Son Griffith Friends Melodies Adv. Dale Duck News I Loving All My Children One Life to Live Maury Povich Oprah Winfrey Inside News 2 Edition News Young and the Bold, As the World Turns Guiding Light Cosby Growing Hard News 7 Restless Beautiful Show Pains Copy (11:30) Instructional Programming Instruc- Reading Mister Sesame Street Club 3-2-1 16 tional Rainbow Rogers Connect Contact Love I Closer I Days of Our Lives Another World Jenny Jones Love People's News Daily 22 Stories Look Connect. Court Journal Doctor in Call to Behind I Jimmy James I Benny 700 Club Another Today- Praise the Lord 43 the Word Action Scenes Swaggart Robison Hinn Life Marilyn The Judge The Judge Gilligan's Laverne Brady DuckTales Chip 'n' Tale Spin Darkwing Beetle- Tiny Toon Mr. 45 Island & Shirley Bunch Dale Duck juice Adv. Belvedere (11:30) Rea Men Short Time (PG-13, '90) Dabney Common Threads: Stories Big Apple Arthur 2 on the HBO (PG-13, '87) Coleman, Matt Frewer From the Quilt Circus Rocks The Kentuckian CSS) I All My Sons (') Edward G. 1 The Iron Triangle (R, 88) Riders of the TMC Burt Lancaster, Diana Lynn Robinson, Burt Lancaster Beau Bridget Badlands (11:15) The I Crazy About the I The Mind of Mr. Soames (PG, 70) The Searchers CS4) John MAX Winning Team Movies Terence Stamp, Robert Vaughn Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter The Kitchen Toto (PG-13, '87) Sibling Rivalry (PG-13, '90) I Super We Have I Krgll (PG, '83) Ken SHO Edwin Mahinda, Bob Peck Kirstie Alley, Bill Pullman Dave Tales Marshall, Lysette Anthony Lunch I Music Box Walt Disney Umbrella Fraggle Raccoons Pound Care Donald Kids Mickey DIS Box Presents Tree Rock Puppies Bears Duck Incorp. Mouse The Princess and the Pirate (MS) Casanova's Big Night C54) Boh Eight Iron Men C52) Bonar TNT Bob Hope, Virginia Mayo Hope, Joan Fontaine Colleano, Lee Marvin Geraldo iNews Lead-off I Major League Baseball: Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs I Flint- WGN Man stones Perry Mason Death Scream (75) Raul Julia, Tom 8. Jerry's Funhouse Brady Happy Good TBS John Ryan Bunch Days Times Bodies in Body- Body by Water Skiing: AWSA Sports T'mrw K.I.D.S. Legends of Monster Amer. ESN Motion shaping Jake U.S. Open America Promise Wrestling Trucks Events The Judge The Judge Superior Superior Chain Win, Lose Hollywood Scrabble $25,000 Press Just the My Two USA Court Court Reaction or Draw Squares Pyramid Your Luck Ten of Us Dads (11:00) Imitation of Lift CJ9) Lana Turner, John The Last Time I Saw Paris C54) Effect of Gamma on AMC The Web Gavin Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson Marigolds David- Little Noozles Maya the Littl' Bits Lassie Flipper Looney Heathcliff Yogi Bear Mork & Hey Dude NIK Gnome Koala Bee Tunes Mindy Image Workshop Supermar- Shop 'Til Moonlighting Attitudes Stark: Mirror Image ('84) " Nicolas LIF ket You Drop Surovy, Kirstie Alley Paid I TBA St. Louis Blues C58) Nat King Father I Father ALF I Heroes- I Mario I Popeye FAM Program Cole, Pearl Bailey Knows Knows Wheels Bros. Conspiracy of Hearts CM) Lilli I Mrs. Columbo Penny Princess C53) " Yolanda Fugitive A&E Palmer, Sylvia Syrm Donlan, Dirk Bogarde Wednesday evening (530 I NBC I Inside I Candid Unsolved Mysteries Night Seinteld Quantum Leap News Tonight 5 News News Edition Camera Court Show (5:30) CBS wheel of Jeopardy! Royal Teech Jake and the 48 Hours News Arsenio 9 News News Fortune Family Fatman Hall (5:30) ABC Current Enl. Dinosaurs Growing Doogie Sibs Anything Good 8, News Cheers 12 News News Affair Tonight Pains Howser but Love Evil Who's the Kate & Married... Night Street Justice Big Trouble In Little China ('84) MAS'H Simon 8. 19 Boss? Allie With Court Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall Simon MacNeil-Lehrer Business Wild Live From Lincoln Center: New York City Opera: 'Le Nozze di Figaro' Star 48 Newshour Report America Hustler Learn to I Business MacNeil-Lehrer Live From Lincoln Center 54 Read Report Newshour Full House Golden Studs I Love Matlock I A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream I Mama's Love (4 Girls Connect. Master C8B) Robert Englund Family Connect. News ABC Candid Cheers Dinosaurs Growing Doogie Sibs Anything Good & News Golden 2 News Camera Pains Howser but Love Evil Girls News CBS Wheel of Ent. Royal Teech Jake and the 48 Hours News Married... 7 News Fortune Tonight Family Fatman With MacNeil-Lehrer Business Hometime Live From Lincoln Center MacNeil- 16 Newshour Report Lehrer "Night I NBC Current Family Unsolved Mysteries Night Seinfeld Quantum Leap News Tonight 22 Court News Affair Feud Court Show Praise the Lord Praise the Lord Behind Messiah Date With Jack Van Praise the Lord Praise the Lord 43 Scenes Dale Impe Little House on the Star Trek: The Next Star Trek: The Next Amazon Women on the Moon C87) Arsenio Hall 45 Prairie Generation Generation Rosanna Arquette, Griffhi Dunne (5:00) Arthur 2 on Inside the NFL The Exorcist III (R, '90) George C I Crypt I Dream On Short Time 'PG-13' HBO the Rocks Scott, Jason Miller Tales C90) Cage (R, '88) Lou Ferrigno, Reb Penitentiary III (R, '87) I Fear C90) Ally Sheedy, " Great Balls of Flrel TMC Brown Leon Isaac Kennedy Lauren Hufton The Unforgiven CM) Audrey Ordinary People (R, '80) Disturbed (R, '90) I Wild at MAX Hepburn, Burt Lancaster . Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore Malcolm McDowell Heart "(T30) I Rockula (PG-13, 90) Narrow Margin (R, '90) Gene Sibling Rivalry (PG-13, '90) Swindle SHO Krull Dean Cameron, Tawny Fere Hackman, Anne Archer Kirstie Alley, BiH Pullman Lose or Adventures of Robin I Umbrella The Story of Snow White 'NR' 1 Escape From Fort Brave CS3) Ready DIS Draw Hoodnlk Tree C87) Diana Rigg William Hokten, Eleanor Parker Steady! Gilligan's Bugs Bunny 8, Pals Gunfight at the OX. Corral C57) Burl I A Gunfight (71) Kirk TNT island Lancaster, Kirk Douglas Douglas, Johnny Cash Different Perfect I Cheers I Golden Munchies ('87) Harvey Korman, News Twilight I Magnum, WGN World Strangers Girls Charles Stratton ' Zone P.I. cios? Andy Beverly Sanford For Your Eyes Only C81) Roger Moore, Carole The Great Escape TBS Comfort Griffith Hillbillies and Son Bouquet CM)" Inside the Up Close Sports- Maor League Baseball; Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles Baseball SportsCenter ESN PGA Tour Center Tonight Cartoon Express MacGyver I Murder, She Wrote I White Lie C91) Gregory Hines, MacGyver USA Annette OT00I0 Effect of Gamma on Creature From the Black I The Web C7)"Ella Imitation of Life (14) " Claudettt AMC Marigolds Lagoon CM) Raines, Edmond O'Brien Colbert, Warren William Crazy Get the Inspector Looney Earth Superman Get Smart Dragnet A. Green Mister Ed America NIK Kids Picture Gadget Tunes Threw Up Hitchcock Acres 2Night Supermar- Shop Til Tracey Open L.A. Law Prisoners of The Burning Bed C4) " Farrah LIF ket You Drop Ullman House Wedlock Fawcett, Paul LoMat Rn yip Zorro Waltons Big Bro. I Maniac Father Dowllng 700 Club I T and T Young FAM Tin Jake Mansion Mysteries Fury Avengers World of Air Power Our Century First Disaster Living Dangerously Evening at the A&E Survival Flights Chronicles Improv Doogie and Harris are facing many changes. Wanda (Lisa Dean Ryan) goes to college, and Doogie moves from home into an apartment with Vinnie (Max Casella). Harris also is on his own, living in a rented house, as his parents resume life in New Mexico. "It's not like I'm leaving them (parents) for good," he says. "There are a lot of people here that are watching out for me, that care about how I'm doing, and I think it should be fine." When his Doogie days are done, Harris plans to pursue a degree in theater or film not medicine. While narrating a JVova special about Harvard Medical School students, he was shocked to see the stressed-out future doctors. Says Harris: "I would much rather act. Really." JOHN KIESEWETTER Doogie Howser M.D. receives an 18th birthday present today he'll never forget. He and Wanda, his college-bound longtime girlfriend, have sex for the first time. "All my life, I've done everything way ahead of other kids," says the child prodigy doctor (9 p.m., Channels 12, 2). "And now I'm lagging behind." Tonight's show handles the issue quite sensitively, with Howser (Neil Patrick Harris) weighing the consequences. Harris, who turned 18 in June, defends the producers' decision. "I think many 18-year-olds have had sex, and many have had sex very often. And so I don't think that it's such a shock, at least to the 18-to-2 1-year-old age group. "In fact, I get a lot of flak because Doogie hasn't had sex (yet)," he told TV critics in July. Wednesday overnight , Ira rmn i mn mm nxm rrm rrm i im m i wm mm Tonight Hard Late Night With Bob I News I Headline News Robert TiltonlNBC 5 Show Copy David Letterman Costas News Arsenio Magnum, P.I. I Can Be News Nightwatch I Night- Business 9 Hatl Told J watch Nightline Daily Joan Rivers Home Shopping Spree "Ent First 12 Journal ; Tonight Business Simon & Barney The Long Hot Summer '85) DonJohnson, Jason Robard Leave It "Earth 19 Simon Miller to Beaver Journal Off the Air ' I 1 1 48 News I Off the Air ' I 54 Hunter I The Naked Jungle CM) Eleanor I Twisted Justice CM) David The Judgel Bullwinkle 2z Parker, Charlton Heston Heaven er, Erik Estrada Who's the I Nightline No I Into the Night News AH News Night 2 Boss? Excuses Scene of the Crime Personals Smith 8. I Can Be News Nightwatch I Business 7 Jones Told MacNeil- I Star Off the Air 16 Lehrer Hustler Tonight Late Night With fiob I Miami Valley Used Car Classified I Miami Valley Used 22 Show David Letterman Costas car Classified Voice of Scham- I New Life Back on Donald I Christ on I Praise the Lord I Praise the Lord Praise the I TBN 43 Power bach 2000 Course Whitaker Trial Lord Today Ron Reagan Black Sheep Home Shopping Network Home Shopping 45 Squadron Network Sh2 IS"? PJV'lti, " Fr,d I Cased Fury (R, W.Erik Riding the Edge (R, '19) 1 Behind "BO Time Ward, David Warner Estrada, Roxanna Michaels Raphael Sbarge Screams n:05) Great Balls 1 The Iron Triangle R,'M) Short Film I Random Harvest C42)" Ronald I Picture Show TMC of Flrel Beau Bridges Showcase Colman, Greer Parson H5)JI!!lId1,,1H!rt',' Black Rain (R, '89) Michael I Lady Chatter ley's Passion -R' " The Boost H' MAX CTO) Nicolas Caoe Douglas, Andy Garcia C90) Mahi, Carlo Mucarl C88) OJ'30) Swindle I JR, W " KWer I Casualties of War (R, 19) Michael j. Fox, 1 We Have SHO HR' CT1) I Sutherland, Julia Roberts Sean Penn Tales The Thin Man CM) HrComi Mr. Jordan The Story of Snow Whit 'NR' I Cool Change 'NR' CU) DIS William Powell, Myma Loy ('41) ' (17) Diana Rigg Jon BlakeLisa Armytag tut I ? Ci,ii?r 'L7) " ' SonoaGunfighter('4)Rus$ Travels of Jamie 1 Trailer TNT Gunfight Robert Taylor, Chad Everett Tamblyn, James Philbrook McPheeters Camp Magnum, Thi Scat (') Paul Henroid, Rank I Facts of I Soap I Word of Honor (10) Karl Maiden, WbN P.I. Joan Bennett Sinatra Life Rue McClanahan tb Th6rt Escape CM) ""Steve The Deep Six CS) " Alan Ladd, I Hogan's I Gomer I Headline"" TBS McQueen, James Garner William Bendlx .- Heroes Pyle News Baseball I America's Horse I Rodeo Inside the Sports- I Up Close I Auto Racing: NASCAR Winston Cup - Gettino Fit ESN Magazine PGA Tour Center Goody's 500 ueningrn .... EM"x I WWF Prime Time Wrestling Limbo C7i Kate Jackson, 1 Werewolf Fit One uaft I Kathleen Nolan AMC Si55! TWeb C4;)Ella I imitation of Life C34) Cbudetto Cofbort, AMC of Lite Lagoon CS4) Raines, Edmond O'Brien Warren William Looney Dobii I Patty My Three Paid I America I Get Smart Dragnet A. I Mister EdlDobie pSitT NIK Tunes Gillls Duke Sons Program 2Nlght Hitchcock Gillls Duke Garry Molly Paid Paid Paid PM 'Paid Pali Paid Paid Paici Pali up Shandllng Dodd Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program (TU0) Young Fury (15) Paid 700 Club Paid Paid PaW Tali Pali L arrv Lea FAM Rory Calhoun Program Program Program Program Program Program ... Our Century I First Disaster Living Dangerously Evening at the Raffles Peter Wimsev Aae Flights Chronicles Improv

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