The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 3, 1959 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1959
Page 15
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September 3, 1959 15 Broken Storm Sash? I Bring'em In Now Before the Rush ! Let us repair frames and replace cracked or broken before winter hits; CULLEN HARDWARE! Igona . September. 3, .' s Tidbits by Eye/y.n Mrs William Becker tilled ffife i ter-in*law» Mr find Mrs Lloyd Algona 10 E. State CY 4-4630 SMORGASBORD SUPPER AT THE LuVERNE LUTHERAN CHURCH Thursday, Sept. 10 SERVING STARTS AT 5 P.M. 50c & $1.00 34-35 to tell me the little black ddg I wrote about was their Wimpy. No wonder Mrs Teeter and I didn't hit on the right name. We had Andy and Zeke but didn't hit on Wimpy. Florence says he has a bad habit of following children from the swimming pool and that particular night he was out later than usual,. She was* afraid he Wouldn't get back home but Bill assured her he'd show up in due time. I guessed it-he is a woman's dog. Oh, he's friendly with Bill but it's Florence who is the apple of his eye. » * A few weeks> ago a cute little girl came up the Steps and I said, 'Aren't you awfully young to be driving a car?" (She looked about 14 but I wasfrt insinuating that Pool, and will move September 1» * * * Casper Thllges and Mr and Oliver Rottpe have had llttl* 1 "excursions". Casper was dinner guest of relatives one day - last week and Sunday the Roupes were taken to Whillemore by b nephew, Norman Crawford, of Spencer. Casper was at the Home of his brother, Nick Thilges. » * * Tha Glen Raneys aro vtry grateful to the William Fitzgeralds and their grnnddaugntet tSecky Strayer for taking care 'Of their pet manchester, Foozcr, who decided to see the world the othej* day and came home a wiser ana very tired doggie. The grand^ children David and Tina HoM hammer are here and when the Friday, August 14. Quit* a num- btr of years ago the locals might have rend, "Mr and Mrs Marvin Cady are parents of ft daughter whom they have named Laura Evelyn, born Sunday. The infant weighed four and half pounds (dressed, so I am told)." My celebration on August 14, 1950 was to have boon shared by Velma Rate of Gain Winner 1 " UU L A VV CtvJl I t llJ91*tl4Clllll£i v* H» *« i i i n i i 1.1 i »V4 * 11* v. i tv, * v. i* i ivi »» • »v »» ,..-j- she was being unlawful,) When' Raneys, mother Meredith anq she told me her age, I was flab ergnsted. She is Marvel Hanson, daughter of Mrs Olive Hanson and the announcement of her approaching marriage was in this week's paper! * * * My chat with Heriha Dau about her recent vacation trip to the Pacific' northwest changes my ideas aboul^the Dakotas. She says there is much improvement in the states, flowers bloom profusely, trees are much more abundant than we think, and she says we might take a lesson in neat roadsides. Her sister Mrs Alma Sornson, of Walnut accompanied Mr and Mrs Dau. * * * Mrs Emma Pool has decided it is no longer safe nor pleasant to liye alone. She is going to make her home with her son and daugh- tots left the house the bthef evening, a door wasn't fastened as it usually is and Foozer, in att adventuresome mood, decided tb go out on his own. Now it is quite', a thing for a pampered pet to bfi gone over night und while ho nitty have been enjoying freedom, the Rarieys were anything but joyful. An announcement was heard by Becky and when her grandfather told her about a dog that grandma had put in the garage for safety, she said, "Oh, they-0 ' advertising for him". It was happy reunioin but Foozer was SO tired from the nights exploits, he promptly fell asleep, happy to be re-united with his family. * # * What is good enough for Harlan Miller should be good enough for me so I'll try this out. 'So I'll start by saying "Where has the who was to take mo to the hotel for dinner. The day was anything but fit ffyr us to be out, so it was passed here at Good Samaritan with Velma, Evalyn McDougall and Esther Helbcrg, delicious sundaes brought by VeU n;i and cookies given me by Marg Duhl being the "party" refreshments, Saturday * Received birthday greetings from Loin Stewart Men- denhnll, Laramie, Wyo., Dorothy Young Campbell, Seattle, Wash. Gladys Barker, Phoenix, Ariz. and Emily Meyer, Titonka. Thank you, and I'll give excerpts fron the IjHers. * * * Lela writes, "My husband took his l\vo week vacation and we left June 12 for Calif, and Ariz '(George Stewart, her son ant family live in Phoenix and Hel en, her daughter lives in Calif. Leorui (Mrs Charles Rocker) live; at Buffalo Center. "Leonu and he two boys went on the train anc were at Helen's when we go there. Helen and her husband Ra. have bought a house near Culver City closer to his work. Helen works for a film company. We visited Dam's sister's in Pasadena and saw Fred and Ida Behnke (former residents here) — "Leona and the boys went with us to Phoenix. It was terribly hot there, 114 at Blythe and 112 at Phoenix. We stayed at Phoenix two days. Hottest Brand Going! CONOCO FURNACE FUEL with anti-sludge, anti-smoke additive! You save on home heat: You save on burner repairs: Because Conoco Furnace Fuel burns clean and complete Because Conoco's remarkable anti-sludge, anti-smoke ad;;; with less soot and carbon in your burner. The unit ditive guards against burner fouling by keeping burner works cleaner, heats better, lasts longer! Savings like the filter and other key parts free and clear of deposits. Remake it your best home heat buy—by far*. suit? Better heat for fewer dollars! Because dean4)urningC!onoQoFvirnace Fuel defiyers more Because Conoco Furnace Fuel automatically services your uniform heat all through the house... steady, comfortable burner as it heats your home! Use of Conoco Furnace heat that's more satisfying! All winter, you enjoy eco- Fuel assures you smooth, trouble-free burner performance nomical heat that cant be beat! the whole winter through! FOR PROMPT, COURTEOUS SERVICE, CALL YOUR CONOCO MAN! Askabwt W'K<&p*Full"and Budget Plans ...fill up NOW and my LATER! CALL: C. G. • Vehteicher »+»•»+++»»»»»»+ and STU MAHtf Ed I tot Of M>nn«»o!a Outdoor! CONOCO STATION - Phons CY 4-42! 5 ' Don Elhorington of Algona, shown hero with his champion rale of gain steer, was presented with a trophy during the livestock sale at the Kossuth County Kair Friday morning. Other trophy winners at the fnir included Terry Johnson, beef. Jerry Seller, swine, Kenneth Traub, dairy, Arnie Lindc, shoep, and David Lynch, horse, nil for showmanship. Dairy brood champions vt'cro John Ruger, Holstein, Kenneth Nurre, Jersev, Linda Anliker, Ayrshire. LaVerne Wiskus, Guernsey, and Ronald Banwurt, Milking Shorthorn. Engraving). (UDM Newsfoto- One of George's men, who 1 had worked a year for him, was overcome with the heat (lOli) and died in the hospital where he was taken immediately. His wife and daughter were visiting in Ohio." * * * Dorothy Young Campbell wrote in part, "1 remembered your birthday as it isn't many people I find who has a birthday the same as mine. Please tell all my Algonu friends "Hello". Mother is ready to return to Washington this fall. She really likes it out here." (Her home is at Garner). * * * Emily Meyor, whose hobby is letter writing to pen pals, took time to write me quite a long letter. She said her father Chris Anderson, 84, also enjoys writing letters and recently was thrilled at hearing from his sister in Denmark whom he had not heard from since 1914. 1 was happy and surprised at winning a blue ribbon at a flower show recently My tropical plant was taken by .the minister's wife to the show IV was my Jacobin,-!, Barzilian plume which won the honor." * * * Gladys Barker writes, "I am on a different job. I was with this- lady and her two children two years ago but left in July to go back to Iowa and help care foi one of my small grandsons who had sleeping sickness. I am now with a boy, 10, and a girl, 5, the ire-view of "The Big Circus", •vc'd lake that in between Thurs- lay and Saturday. Had a little .•hat with Mrs Gilles. shopped a :it, nibbled "Dairy 'Queens" and jack to G.S. where supper failed u interest me. * Tuesday Seemed cool on i waken ing but ere an hour hac passed, changed to a cool frock A visit from Mrs Merlon Baker .ind Mrs Cliff Etherington who brought a beautiful bouquet o orange and yellow glads and yellow dahlias sent by Mrs Henry Lund. I've talked often with the bearers' of the boUquet and wa glad to really know them. Mr. Teeter and 1 spent the evening on the front porch. There was a lovely breeze. * * • * Wednesday — Still very warm und thoughts of the Kossuth county fair do not stir my blood in the least. Tried to crochet on bootees I've promised the Crippled Society Hobby Show, but very indifferent about that, too. Luzod on. .the frgpU porch again after supper and Esther came across the street to join us. THE LOOKOUT M O U H T A tit STORY — Virginia, Minn. — This is life story of a winter skiing area which grossed more money duf- ing the month of July .than many Twin City ski runs made all la*i winter. Lookout -Mountain at Virginia is the result of a successful public subscription drive the results of a successful public subscription, drive the results of which have given 'Minnesota a fine winter playground and an exciting touri&t attraction for the summertime visitor. The dotible chair lift is giving the tourist a trip ride for 75 cents f$$ and 50 cents for children. The month of July grossed niore than $2,000 dollars. * * » . ;'' THRILLING EXPERIENCE — Ed Maher of the Coates Hotel, Don Schwartz manager of Lookout 'Mountain, Dee and I mada the trip on a recent Wednesday afternoon. It was quite a thrill to lake the five and a half minute ride to the mountain top, but it was even a greater thrill cpmr ing down. The view from the top of Lookout mountain is spectacular. You look down on a forest wonderland. There is nothing commercial to mar the view. One can see miles and miles of Minnesota forests which have made this state a mecca for tourists from all over the world. This summer visitors have comfi from almost every state in the Union. Mrs Ole Longen was $ visitor from Raros, Norway., Juan Swantoz registered from Mexico Thursday Hotter than ever but I felt cooler when I was writing about the temperatures Lela Stewart Mend,enhall wrote about. A part of her letter mentioned she had rented her house to the Tom Lundclls. I was so surprised. boy goes into fifth grade this fall Well, after all, there's nothing like and the girl in kindergarten. Their the old home town und GenevJeve father, an air force captain, was killed five years ago over Africa. The family was living in England at the time." * * * Sunday—When I went to do my serious reading I couldn't find my "Upper Room," so I read some more of Genisis. After a good dinner, a nap und brief nod and wave irom Ruth Rancy who had been up to see Mrs Anna McQuaid. A call from Mr und Mrs Lloyd Pool who were going from here to the W. A. Fosters fiftieth wedding open house at the Meth- uclist ciuirch. Finished "A Man Ten Feet Tall" und since the programs on T.V. were ull repeats, I turned in on Ed Sullivan—only mildly entertained. * * * Monday, a perfect day and the birthday spree Velma Hagg planned really "came off." Dinner at the Algona hotel, on to se.e Jerry Lewis, and while I've never been a fan of his, we got a few laughs and decided, after viewing the will like being in the same town with her parents the Adrian Sterlings and her sister Helen Passmore. This is one of those quiet ciuys, too hot for people to stir around much. I've been busy at my word machine most of the day with a little time out for the aforementioned crocheting. I need Li/.zie Post here with me to lend enthusiasm. She und Rose Sigs- bce are very busy ut the floral hall. Lizzie has charge of textiles and Rose is her assistant. Wonder what new ideas she will come up with. She is very observant 'of fancy work. There was a nk'e breeze and Mrs Teeter and I again enjoyed our ::Hulcony" and Mrs James Black joined us for a chat. Last year when "Grace" wrote her "Tomatoes" column, I meant to keep it. it was very clever so I am glad she gave a "re-broadcast" City. * * » •.-... SUCCESSFUL FIRST YEAR — The winter of 1958, the first year of operation, saw 21,000 skiers come to Lookout Mountain. 11,000 of them came from outside the range ... from border to border and from coast to coast. From Maine to California and from Canada to Texas they came. In September and October and November, prior to the opening of Lookout Mountain, Don Schwartz and his staff conducted skiir\g classes in schools, in Virginia Gilbert, Eveleth arid Mountain Iron. More, than 5,000 pair*- of skis..were .'(purchased in , the -area the first .winter.- The winter of 1960 will see five new runs at Lookout Mountain. "-At; couple of them may scare the ex-. perts," Don Schwartz told me.;, • * * * ..•';" LOCATION — Lookout Mountain is located a few miles north of Virginia on the Border Trail (Highway 53). It is just north of the Great Lau* rentian Divide. There is a leg-: end that when a rain drop hits the Laurentian Divide it splits with half of it flowing into the Border Lakes, Lake Vermiliionr Lake Winnipeg'. The Nelson' River and eventually into the Artie Ocean. .The other halt- flows into the Great Lakes, over- Niagara Falls into the St. Law-, rence River and eventually reach? ing the Atlantic Ocean. v Friday The heat cancelled out* the date 1 had with Velma Hagg to see "The Big Circus" LOOKOUT NOTES — The Lookout Mountain ski championships and winter carnival is held March 22 and 23rd.' After skiing activities have made" Virginia a gay community in th'e winter time with the Coates Hotel as the hub of the fun. The! summer visitor is increasing in numbers thanks to the double chair lift summertime operation! Something new and wonderful, has been added to Minnesota's, outdoor attractions thanks to ;a' group of .public-minded citizens of this Minnesota Range City. Virginia and the entire state may well be proud of Lookout iMoun- tain. • : ' OfSIGNED FOti YOUR Conoco Bulk Agent 701 i, STATi, ALGONA - Phone CY 4-2878 Served in the Gracious Atmosphere of the Ballroom Each Sunday — 11 -.30 a.m. to 3:00 p,m. Featuring Music on the Hammond Organ • Delicious Food $ Graciously Served Sunday Dinners From $1,40 Up HOTEL ALGONA CQFFf E §HOP and DINING ROOM .vhich is a disappointment—but after all, who wants to stagger around at such high temperatures. This will finish the week and I will close it on a nice note, Rea Hutchison, Waterloo, dropped in. for a chat and brought me a gift,. A tin of "biscuits" (fancy cookies to the American, biscuits to the' British and Canadians.) The con-: tainer is pretty and will 1 be nice for other uses. Rea has told me about his violin making and jt must be a tedious job, so exacting He has made as many as three in, a year which is quite a record for; as much time must elapse for curing. He said his sister and husi band Dr. and Mrs P. O. Dorweilejs are on vacation and were at OP very near the Yellowstone quake," And so ends the weekvin front of the fan and hoping for a CQoJ. breeze by tomorrow. , ^ DAHLIA r) /Mrs Florence Bell has a huge, dahlia plant in 'bloom In her g$tf den in Perry- M is newly $ large as a dinner plate — measures nearly eight ir across. (Mrs BeU says tpst of the blooms she's seen we- 1 ,-,„, about five inches in diameter, s| The 13Mi><ton chwph ,_,,.„.„ e4 in the tower of JJOW church in Mon$rw»' the tersest on ths « «?an continent, ,v ; ,. 1 • * K' 4 , ,•"

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