The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on September 20, 1991 · Page 23
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 23

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1991
Page 23
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C-8Television Tin C inc innati i noi iui k i rUhiy. September 20. 1991 Friday morning i 'iterate 'Brooklyn Bridge' spans generations pid sitcom stuff News Tooay in Today Uunafiue SIUU.OUO Head ot One on Cover lo 5 Cincinnati Pyramid the Class One Cover C3S News This Morning Live - Regis & Jeopardy! Family Price Is Right 9 News Kathie Lee ' Feud Good Morning Good Morning America Chuck Woolery Jenny Jones Geraldo 12 Cincinnati Tom and Chip- G.I. Joe Dennis Peter Pan Tale Spin Silver Bewitched Happy Family Bonanza 19 Jerry munks Menace Spoons Days Ties Home- A.M. Sesame Street Sesame Street Instructional Programming Sesame 48 stretch Weather Street Psychol- Psychol- A.M. Captain Sesame Street Another Sew News It Figures Dear Aunt Drug 54 ogy ogy Weather Kanga oo Page Connect'n Quiz Agnes Avengers Auto Flint- Police Jetsons Casper- New He- Heathcliff Romper Auto Love Ron Reagan 64 Shopper stones Academy Friends Man Room Shopper Stories News Good Morning America Donahue Sally Jessy Raphael Home News This Morning Live - Regis & Geraldo Price Is Right 7 Kathie Lee Business A.M. Body Mister Sesame Street Instructional Programming 3-2-1 Instruc- 16 Report Weather Electric Rogers Contact tional 20 Minute NBC Today Santa Barbara Chuck Woolery One on Cover to 22 Workout News One Cover Public Benny Meadow- New Melody James Richard Joy Larry Lea Today- Kenneth Praise the 43 Report Hinn lark L. Beginning Mountain Robison Roberts Marilyn Copeland Lord G.I. Joe Merrie Ninja Popeye Peter Pan Dennis Home Shopping The Hospital C71) George C. 45 Melodies Turtles Menace Spree Scott, Diana Rigg Police Academy 4: Citizens on Encyc. Babar Wizard of The Valachi Papers (PG, 72) I Running on Empty HBO Patrol (PG, '87) Brown Oz Charles Bronson, Gerald S. O'Loughlin (4:45) Power CM) Joe Don Riders of the Rage ot Angels C83) Jaclyn Smith, Ken Howard TMC Baker, Karen Black Badlands Crazy About the lice Castles (PG, 79) Lynn-Holly Hanky Panky (PG, '82) Gene I Thirty Seconds Over MAX Movies Johnson, Robby Benson Wilder, Gilda Radnor Tokyo ('44) The Good Earth ('37) Paul Muni, Luise I Alice Through the Looking I Green Dolphin Street ('47) Lana SHO Rainer Glass 'NR' ('87) Turner, Donna Reed Mouser- You and Morn. Care Donald Pooh Umbrella Dumbo's The Story of Snow White 'NR' Freckle- PIS cise Me, Kid Mickey Bears Duck Corner Tree Circus C87) Diana Rigg juice Woody Woodpecker Fun Zone Popeye Hour Fraggle Pink Dallas Knots Landing TNT Rock Panther Shephrd Faith Robert Tilton DuckTales Bozo Cooky Magnum, P.I. Joan Rivers WGN Chapl Twenty Cartoon I Love Flint- Tom 8, Jerry's I Dream Bewitched Little House on the Angel City C80) Ralph Waite, Paul TBS Lucy stones Funhouse of Jeannie Prairie Winfield Sports- Nation's Business Today Sports- Baseball Thorough- ATP Tour Inside Sr. Getting Fit Basic ESN Center Center Tonight breds Tennis PGA Training Paid Paid Last Voltron Cartoon Express New Mike Hammer Divorce Divorce USA Program Program Dinosaur Court Court Hard, Fast and Beautiful The Bamboo Blonde C46) iThat Girl From Paris ('37) Lily Sylvia Scarlett AMC CS1) Claire Trevor Frances Langford Pons, Gene Raymond C35) Lassie Launch Mr. Yogi Bear Inspector Heathcliff Lassie Maya the Eureeka's Castle Elephant Penner's NIK Box Wizard Gadget Bee Show Place Paid Paid It Figures Everyday Attitudes Growing Baby Frugal Sister Tracey Open LIF Program Program Workout Up Knows Gourmet Kate Ullman House Today- James Batman Popeye Augie Littles Waltons 700 Club Sheila Paid FAM Marilyn Robison Doggie Walsh Program Rising A&E Dinosaur! World of Air Power City of Angels Fugitive Avengers A&E Damp Preview Survival Brooklyn Bridge (8 p.m., Channels 9, 7): Premiere for Gary David Goldberg's series about Brooklyn, 1956. Step By Step (8:30 p.m., Channels 12, 2): Single parents Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers announce their secret marriage. Us (9 p.m., Channel 9): Michael Landon s fall TV pilot about a man trying to reunite his family. 1 vj''YYyj Kiese-watching: Remember when NBC censored their Sisters' discussion of multiple orgasms in May? Producers spoof that in the season premiere (10 p.m. Saturday, Channel 22) with the women comparing numbers of traffic tickets! . . . "Pee-wee's Pornhouse" will open the In Living Color season Sunday (8 p.m., Channels 19, 45) . . . Tiger Stadium, Wrigley Field, Fenway Park and Comiskey Park are featured on the 1 989 Baseball Heirlooms (10p.m. today, Channel48). Eerie stuff: Eerie, Ind. executive producer Karl Schaefer says Sunday's episode (7:30 p.m., Channels 5, 22) is based on his childhood fears about getting braces. In the show, a boy with an experimental retainer hears dogs' conversations. (They're planning a canine coup, as soon as they solve the mystery of doorknobs!) When Schaefer was due for braces in third grade, a friend told him they "drill a hole through your teeth and bolt them on. I was convinced that's how they did it. And I was terrified!" Around the dial: Wilmington's Stephanie Hodge appears on the Tonight Show (11:35 tonight, Channels 5, 22) to promote her Nurses series (9:30 p.m. Saturday, Channel 22) . . . Cable's Comedy Central features Dr. Demento on Short Attention Span Theater at 6 p.m. and midnight today. WKRP news: If you missed the first new WKRP In Cincinnati, catch it at 12:30 a.m. late Saturday on Channel 12. The conclusion airs at 7 p.m. Saturday on Channel 45 or 11:35 p.m. Sunday on Channel 12. Super stuff: Nick at Nite add Superman reruns with a weekend marathon 8 tonight through 6 a.m. Saturday, and 8 p.m. Saturday until 6 a.m. Sunday. The Enquirering Mind: This Enquirering mind wants to know: Is 1 950s Superman star George Reeves really buried in Spring Grove Cemetery? Although legend says that he is, Enquirer stories say Reeves' body was held at Spring Grove for several months after his 1959 apparent suicide, then sent to California for burial. His local connection was his 1940 marriage to Ellanora Robinson Needles, a Withrow High School graduate. JOHN KIESEWETTER to leave Mickey in Doris' care. 10:00 (12) (2) 2020: A company's scheme to avoid paying employee pensions; the results of a survey evaluating the world's 16-largest democracies; a San Francisco SPCA program. (54) America Becoming: The reaction of residents of six American cities to the new wave of immigrants. Meredith Vieira narrates. 8:30 PM 12 NEW! PATRICK DUFFY SUZANNE SOMERS IN STEP BY STEP 'Step' full ofstu Brooklyn Bridge (8 p.m., Channels 9, 7 CBS) We all know about Gary David Goldberg's fictional Family Tics (NBC, 1982-89). Now we'll learn about Goldberg's real family ties in this autobiographical series, a cross between The Wonder Years and Happy Days. Brooklyn Bridge takes viewers back to Brooklyn, 1956, when guys sang doo-wop on street corners, everyone lived and died with the Brooklyn Dodgers and doctors made house calls. Yet some things never change: Little boys dream of being professional ball players; Grandma knows everything; and Grandpa insists on watching his favorite show, then promptly nods off. Such universal family observations that made Family Ties a hit drive this 1956 vehicle. The con versations have been moved from the Keatons' huge TV kitchen to the cramped dining room of Sophie and Jules Berger Happy Days' Marion Ross, Louis Zorich). At the heart of this heartwarming humorous drama is Sophie, who cooks and baby-sits for her two grandsons, Alan (Danny Gerard) and Nathaniel Silver (Matthew Louis Siegel). They live upstairs with their hard-working parents (Peter Friedman, Amy Aquino). Sophie is the wise, resourceful, firm mother figure who's along for everyone's guilt trip. When Alan shuns his best friend, she says: "I'm not somebody to push myself into somebody else's business . . . (But) this is not why I came here to America. No sir! This is not what I came here to find. Do you know how long I was on that boat?" But Happy Days aren't here again. There's no Fonz or raucous laugh track, and Gerard and Siegel aren't Fred Savage's equal. Consider Brooklyn Bridge a lovingly restored 1956 Buick Road-master: It looks majestic; starts slow; and builds to a rollicking cruising speed before journey's end. Step By Step (8:30 p.m., Channels 12, 2 ABC) Here's the story of a man TV highlights Evening 8:00 (12) (2) Family Matters: (Season Premiere) Steve Urkel steals an orangutan from a science lab; Carl steps on a treadmill booby-trapped with a bomb. (19) (45) America's Most Wanted: A California gang member, accused of the shooting death of a baseball player; a Hungarian immigrant, convicted of conspiracy and grand theft. 8:30 (22) Expose: Landlords accused of sexually harassing women ten Friday overnight NTJohn ' RKip;pAiPtttfr ML. yiiwwwww. v ,1 i cicvioiui i OS Si, I They're back Family Matters (8 p.m., Channels 12, 2): Steve Urkel goes ape again in a science lab. Perfect Strangers (9 p.m., Channels 12, 2): A stripper entertains at Larry's bachelor party. Dear John (9 p.m., Channel 22): Meet Kirk's ex-wife, who left him for a woman. Flesh W Blood (9:30 p.m., Channel 22): Arlo sabotages Rachel's date with a dreamboat. Baby Talk (9:30 p.m., Channels 12, 2): Mary Page Keller and Scott Baio replace Julia Duffy and George Cloo-ney for the second season. named Duffy, who had never done a sitcom in his life. And it's the story of a lovely lady, the Three's Company star who plays his wife. Sound familiar? Yes, meet TV's new Brady Bunch. Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers star as single parents who surprise their children by announcing their secret marriage. It's another formula sitcom from the Miller & Boyett factory (Family Matters, Full House, The Hogans), with another patented upbeat theme song and lots of Stupid Sitcom Stuff. (Dead rats in school lockers; pet spiders; people who shower and dry themselves with socks, etc.) Somers (as hairdresser Carol) appears much more mature than in her Three's Company days, although her own stepchildren instantly tag her as "the bimbo." Duffy (as Frank) lacks all common sense, typical of Miller-Boyett sitcoms, which have won Friday nights for ABC in recent years. ants; a man's fight against the mob's control of his union. 9:00 (12) (2) Perfect Strangers: (Season Premiere) Despite Balki's promise, Larry's bachelor party turns wild. (19) (45) Ultimate Challenge: A stuntman hangs from a moving plane, then parachutes to earth; three explorers become trapped in a New Zealand cave. 9:30 (12) (2) Baby Talk: (Season Premiere) A head-to-head confrontation with her boss causes Maggie Days of Our L ves As the World Turns Guiding Light One Life to Live General Hospital Mr. Belvedere Muppet Babies Woody DuckTales Anotner World Sesame Street Friday afternoon News Closer Look Santa Barbara News Young and the Restless Bold, Beautiful News Loving All My Children 12 Quincy Barnaby Jones 19 Sesame Street Instructional Programming 48 Nathalie Dupree Needle Workshop Nova 54 Highway to Heaven People's Court People's Court 64 News Loving All My Children News Young and the Restless Bold, Beautiful (11:30) Instructional Programming 16 Love Closer Look Days of Our Lives 22 Stories (11:30) Local Praise the Lord Jimmy Swaggart 43 The Judge The Judge Gilligan's Island Laverne & Shirley 45 (11:00) Running on The Adventures of (PG, '89) John HBO Empty Rage of Angels Penitentiary III (R, '87) Leon Isaac Kennedy TMC (11:00) Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo C44) MAX Green Dolphin Secret of tht ice Cave (PG-13, Sally Kellerman, David SHO They Were Montgomery, Western Tradition Western Tradition Wild America 3-2-1 Contact Sanford and Son Andy Griffith Casper-Friends Merrie Melodies One Life to Live Afterschool Special As the World Turns Guiding Light Instructional Reading Rainbow Mister Rogers Another World Jenny Jones James Robison Benny Hinn 700 Club Brady Bunch DuckTales Chip 'n' Dale Tale Spin Baron Munchausen Neville, Eric Idle Family Playhouse My Man Godfrey ('36) William Powell In the Mario Cosby Show News Oprah Winfrey News News Maury Povich Family Feud News News Beetle-luice Ninja Turtles Perfect Strangers Hogan Family Mister Rogers Reading Rainbow Club Connect Sesame Street Mister Rogers Reading Rainbow Tiny Toon Adv. Chip 'n' Dale Darkwing Duck Video Power Oprah Winfrey Inside Edition News Cosby Show Growing Pains Hard Copy News Sesame Street Club Connect 3-2-1 Contact Love Connect. People's Court News Daily Journal Another Life Today-Marilyn Praise the Lord Darkwing Duck Beetle-juice Tiny Toon Adv. Mr. Belvedere Babysitter Batman (PG, '64) Adam West, Burt Ward Red Scorpion 'R' C89) The Three Musketeers C48) Lana Turner, Gene Kelly Friend Deed Orchestra! Gidget ('59) Sandra Dee Care Bears Donald Duck Kids Incorp. Mickey Mouse The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson C90) Andre Braugher, Ruby Dee DuckTales Chip 'n' Dale Flint-stones Flint-stones Brady Bunch Happy Days Good Times Tennis: Davis Cup - U.S.A. vs. Germany S25,000 Pyramid Press Your Luck Just the Ten of Us My Two Dads The Reward Ci5) ' Max von Sydow, Yvette Mimieux Heathcliff Yogi Bear Mork & Mindy Hey Dude The Cover Girl and the Cop C89) Dinah Manoff, Julia Duffy ALF Heroes-Wheels Popeye Popeye Ron Harper, Fugitive Sally Jessy Raphael Spirit (R, '90) Thomas, Elaine May Expendable ('45) ' Robert John Wayne '90) Mendenhall Lunch Box Music Box DIS Cheetah (G, '89) Keith Coogan, Lucy Deakins More Than a Miracle C68) " Sophia Lor en, Omar Sharif TNT Geraldo News WGN Perry Mason Nowhere to Hide (77) Lee Van Cleef, Tony Musante TBS Bodies in Motion Body-shaping Body by Jake ESN U.S. National Senior Sports Classic Shanghai Express C32) Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook Wind-Up Wilma Raccoons Pound Puppies The Voyage (73) Richard Burton, Sophia Loren Can Be Told Andy Griffith Honey-mooners Leave It to Beaver Tom and Jerry Tom & Jerry's Funhouse Motoworld K.I.D.S. Up Close Chain Reaction Win, Lose or Draw Hollywood Squares Scrabble Robert Ryan Salute-Illinois Full Confession C39) ' Victor McLaglen Littl' Bits Lassie Flipper Looney Tunes Moonlighting Attitudes Father Knows Father Knows Ellery Queen Savage Season (70) ' Diane McBain A in ' The Judge The Judge Superior Court Superior Court USA (11:00) Sylvia Scarlett The Racket C51) Mitchum, Robert AMC David-Gnome Little Koala Noozles Maya the Bee NIK Image Workshop Supermarket Shop 'Til You Drop LIF Paid Program American Baby Zorro: The Legend Duncan Regehr, Efrem FAM Begins C90) Zimbalist Jr Man on the Move (72) James Wainwright, Vera Miles A&E Friday evening yvrii WnCTtmm rVTTTwl WTCTTM ivttvi WiCTvl PTwT pinrn IVnrwTv WWTtgt aWfFTfJ WPTWYTH (5:30) I NBC I Inside I Candid I Reds I Maior League Baseball: Cincinnati Reds at Houston News I Tonight '!""r""!""rr 5 News News Edition Camera Extra Astros Show c Ln'9 ?ard Late Night With Friday Night Videos News Headline News forts I , 5 Show Copy David Letterman Fniiiot (5:30) CBS Wheel of Jeopardy! Brooklyn Bridge Us C91) Michael Landon, Casey News Arsenio T nr ..,,.. c .A ,. 1 n- ... I L!!!f! 9 News News Fortune Peterson Hall 9 aH Monsters Fnday The 13th News Off the Air (5:30) ABC Current EnT Family I Step by Perfect I Baby Talk 1 20-20 New! Cheers M. h.,. 77- r : ' r- rr . ' -r 12 News News Affair Tonight Matters Step Strangers 10 Nl9h,line Da Joan Rivers Home Shopping Spree Off the Air - 1 1 1 iZ Journal Who's the Kate& Married... Night America's Most Ultimate Challenge Star Trek: The Next M'A'S'H Simon & : S .. rzr 1 n; 1 : . 19 Boss? Allie With Court Wanted Generation Smon 10 c!" & ?"ey . Uncanny (77) "Donald Piranha (-78) "Bradford Dillman, Leave It I Close- 1 . J " 19 Simon Miller Pleasence, Peter Cushing Heather Monties to Beaver Comfort MacNeil-Lehrer Business McLaugh- Washing- Wall St. Evening at Pops Baseball's Heirlooms EastEnd- Nomina- M. . r. ,, 1 . . I 48 Newshour Report lin Group ton Week Week ers tion 48 "on Club Business MacNeil-Lehrer Comment Legislative Washing- I Wall St. America Becoming News n(, .. . ' I 54 Connect Report Newshour Ky. Weekly ton Week Week u" e Air Andy Andy Love Golden Hunter Tom Horn C$0) Steve McQueen. I Mama's Love n ,. .,..AJ.- : r , ..... , . : , 1 64 Griffith Griffith Connect. Girls Linda Evans Family Connect M Welcome To 18 M. Courtney Beverly H.lls Body Snatcher. t'89) Demons of Ludlow 'B3 Paul r- , , ' 64 Thornt-Smlth, Mariski Hargitay Vit Tayback, Frank Gorshn Von Hausen, Stephanie Cushna News ABC Candid Cheers Family Step by Perfect Baby Talk 20-20 News Golden Mt,. ,h. m h. ir ', .. 1, r r1 rr, 1 iepnani msnna 2 News Camera Matters Step Strangers Girls 2 Who's the Nightline Good Life In Concert News Off the Air News CBS Wheel of Ent. Brooklyn Bridge Major League Baseball: Cincinnati Reds at Houston News n.rl, ,,,t)J. .,!. I c ,k . T 5 T, 1.. T rmzr. 1 7 News Fortune Tonight Astros , Marred-. Dark Justice Personals Smiths, Can Be News MacGruder and Loud C85) John Diff'rent 1 1 , 1 With Jones Told Geti, Kathrvn Harrold itroket I MacNeil-Lehrer Business Techno- Washing- Wall St. American Masters I McLaugh- MacNeil- .. .. , ni. ,. .. ' ' 1 1 1 : 1 I Mr0Kes 16 Newshour Report Politics ton Week Week lin Group Lehrer 16 Night NBC Current Family Real Life Expose Dear John I Flesh 'N I Comedy Salute to News Tonight TniM , ... M. M uu... r-rr ... . , ... . rrr rrrr - 1 . 22 Court News Affair Feud Blood Michael Jordan Show 0, IT9 ' Late Night With Friday Night Videos Miami Valley Used Car Classified lUsed Car - 1 1 1 i tl Show David Letterman riAttifipH Praise the Lord Praise the Lord Behind Debra Frederick K. Price Praise the Lord Praise the Lord Minm o,. .. ,k. rK Ti tttt TT-. ; 1 , 1 1 1 ' l-'""":a 43 Scenes Paget (11:00) Praise the Prison Mario Why Maker's Real John Dallas Local Praise the Lord . 1 1 43 Lord Ministry Murlllo Wait? Match Videos Jacobs Holm Little House on the Star Trek: The Next America's Most Ultimate Challenge Hunter Arsenio Hall D D. . . ... 1 r-rr. . j -I . . I 1 ! 45 Prairie Generation Wanted - Ron Reagan Black Sheep A Minute to Pray, t Second to Die Expresso Bongo C60) Laurence rrrrr, rrTT r Ir tt -r-rr , .... . ' zr, t 1 , 45 Squadron Ca8) Alex Cord, Arthur Kennedy Harvey, Sylvia Syms (4:30) Police Academy 4: Citizens on Kickboxer (R, 89) Jean-Claude Cobra (R, '86) Sylvester Crypt ? T-rj 3 . 1 .. . 1 ' ' HBO Batman Patrol (PG, -87) Van Damme, Dennis Alexio Stallone, Brlgltte Nielsen Tales uan Comedv Hour Presumed Innocent (R, '90) linide the NFL Headhunter (R, '89) Wayne I r- , , ' : r- : : 1 I HBO Harrison Ford, Br an Oennehy Crawford, Kay Lent (S:15)Red Runaway Train (R, '85) Jon Penitentiary (R, '79) " Penitentiary III (R, '87) - , . . 1 -r-n- : ' ' ' , TMC Scorpion Voight, Eric Roberts Leon Isaac Kennedy Leon Isaac Kennedy TMr ?! Vl ' J," jMn" "r KlM ('5S) " Frank ln Cold Blood (R, '47) Robert Blake, Scott Short Film n . .J r-3 rr; z , I j 1 1 TMC Claude Van Damme Silvers, Irene Kane W son Showcase The Harvey Girls C4) Judy Hamburger Hill (R, '87) Anthony Def by Temptation (R, '90) riiidy ,,c. , . r , LZ : . 1 3nowcase MAX Garland, John Hodiak Barrile, Michael Patrick Boatman Cynthia Bond Chatter. uav ,1 Li , ? - , Wild a Htwi (H' W) N,c4la Vounfl Ladv cha,"r'Y -All the Marbles (R, '81) 1-, , 1 : -r 1 T " I MAX Chatterley's Passion Cage, Laura Dern (77) Harlee McBrlde Peter Falk. Vlcki Frederick 7l0O) fSupeT Great Balls of Firel (PG-13, '89) After Dark My Sweet (R, '90) . I Narrow Margin 'R' tt , 1 1 wtpriqe refer i-am, vicki Frederick SHO Gidget Dave Dennis Quaid, Winona Ryder Jason Patric, Rachel Ward C90) cun Narro,w uPer Incoming Freshman (R, '78) Casualties of War (R, '89) Eyes of the Panther Vi L I r- - , .. J ", .... r: r-5 ' 1 SH0 M"r0ln Dave Leslie Blalock Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn The Parent Trap ('!) Hayley Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (PG, '89) Sam's Son (PG, '84) Ready , ., ' . : L 1 J : I DIS Mills, Maureen O'Hara Rick Moranis, Matt Frewer Timothy Patrick Murphy Steady nic Llttlt KidneppwCM) Cheetah (G, '89) Keith The Parent Trap Ctl) Hayley Mills, Maureen I Ozzie & 1 1 Zl ' Ula Charlton Heston Coogan, Lucy Deakins O'Hara Harriot Gilligan's Bugs Bunny 8. Pals 433 Squadron ('44) CliH X-1S ('41) " David McLean, Char es 7 3 . . I v 1 1 1 ; I Harrlet TNT Island Robertson, George Ch.klris Bronson tut The Proud and the Profane C56) William The Naked and the Dead C58) Aldo Ray, Cliff Robertson 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 Holden, Deborah Kerr Andy I Dream Night Maior League Baseball: Chicago Cubs at Montreal Expos News Magnum, 77 rrr; ... ..... 1 . , WGN Griffith of Jeannie Court pi Magnum, Atlantic City C44) Constance Hit Facts of Soap Search and Destroy C81) Perry ; 7r r-; . ,.. . . r-r-T ; ; 7. WQN PA Moore, Brad Taylor Parade Life King, Don Stroud Close- Andy Beverly Sanford Jaws 2 (78) Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gary Ma or League Baseball: Braves tt-. r ' 1 1 ' I TBS Comfort Griffith Hillbillies and Son at Dodgers too Ma0I L,eauue Scalpel (74) Robert Lansing, The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant NigM I Hogan's 1 1 Ids oaseba Judith Chapman (71) Bruce Dern. Pat Priest Trri uarMA Tennis: Davis Cup - Sports- Major League Baseball: New York Yankees at Boston Red Major League Baseball Braves TT. 1 , , i-!- pru" """' tiqst I Tram I Heroet ESN U S A. vs. Germany Center Sox at Dodgers Wajor League Baseball: Braves Sports- Tennis: Davis Cup - U.S.A. vs. Germany College Football: Virginia at Georgia Tech 1 1 111 tSN at Dodgers Center Cartoon Express MacGyver Murder, She Wrote Alfd. Ray Swamp Hitchhiker School Spirit , .. . 1 1 , 1 USA Hitchcock Bradbury Thing (-85) .,eA 1',., Caveman C81) Ringo Starr, Shelley Happy Hour C87) Richard Gilliland, I Charlie Chan at Tt5 1 Anthony Viva Zapata! C52) Marlon The Ox-Bow Incident ('43) Anthony Isle of the Dead ,, " . ' ,' , lL,nflt r- 1 Ja"" Farf Monte Carlo AMC Reward Quinn Brando, Anthony Qtinn Henry Fonda Qulnn ('45) "'"he Viva Zapatal CSJ) Marlon The Ox-Bow Incident C43) Anthony Isle of the Dead C4S) " . . : 1- 1 . . rr-rr : 7 rrr- rr r. rz ' AM' a Brando, Anthony Quinn Henry Fonda Quinn Boris KerloH. Ellen Dm Craiy Get the Inspector Looney Mork & Get Smarl Superman and the Superman Marathon ,.. e 1 1 c""1 ur,w NIK Kids Picture Gadget Tunes Mindy Mole Men NIK Superman Marathon Supermar- Shop 'Til Tracey Open LA. Law The Last Prostitute C91) Son la Braga, I Spenser: For Hire . ,.. , , , , , . , LIF ket You Drop Ullman House Wil Wheaton . ,c Grrv, Molly pld Paid Pald P'1 pid p'd Paid Paicl TPald fpi RinTin Zorro 2mm tJ Legend Begin. (10) Scarecrow and Mr, 1 700 Club Maniac I Videosyn- " . ' P"Vm FAM Tin Duncan Regehr, Efrem Zimbalist Jr King Mansion crasy r.u Vldeosvn- JJopli('51 Stan Laurel, 700 Club Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Avenger, ' World of I A,r Power The Baby M.kV (70) - Barbae iiTS Evening at the tT. h L "nl . S Program Program Program Program Program Program A&E Survival Hershey, Scott Glenn Improv ..- J faoy Maker (70) Barbara Revue Evening at the The Evil Mind C34) Detour ' I 1 L- 1 1 $ 1 1 1 AE I Hershey, Scott Glenn Improv Claude Rains, Fay Wray

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