The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on September 14, 1991 · Page 24
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A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 24

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1991
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

C-6Television THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Saturday, September 14, 1991 Saturday morning e mm Last week on the soaps i . Inenand U.S. Farm Agn- Saturday Chip & Yo, Yogi! Captain ProStars Wishkid Spacecats Saved by Saved by 5 Now Report Country Videos Pepper N-Mar. the Bell the Bell Oft the Air Widget New Riders in Goose & Garfield and Friends Teenage Mutant Back to Where's " Lassie the Sky Grimm Nina Turtles the Future Waldo? Off the Air Shopping Peace- Small Winnie the Land of Darkwing Beetle- Hammer- I Pirates- Bugs Bunny & '2 Spr. Nature Wonder Pooh the Lost Duck juice man Dark W Tweety Underdog Tom and Captain Bucky Killer Bobby's Tom and Taz-Mania Little Bill & WWF Wrestling 19 Jerry Planet O'Hare Tomatoes World Jerry Kids Shop Ted Adv. Challenge Off the Air Manage- Manage- Lilias! Wood- This Old Hometime Yankee Motor- Cook- Frugal 48 ment ment wright House Shop Week Academy Gourmet Off the Air Business Business Lilias! Joy of Computer Art Collectors Kentucky European American 54 File File Painting Chronicles Underfoot Afield Journal Interests Auto America's Munsters Out of Laser Auto WCW Worldwide Grudge Match American Gladiators 64 Shopper Top 10 Today World Vision Shopper Wrestling U.S. Farm Weekend Widget Captain Winnie the Land of Darkwing Beetle- Hammer- Pirates- Bugs Bunny & 2 Report Special Planet Pooh the Lost Duck juice man Dark W Tweety Best of National Agri- Andy Riders in Goose & Garfield and Friends Teenage Mutant Week in In 7 Geographic Country Griffith the Sky Grimm Ninja Turtles NFL America Off the Air Body Market to Strip Collectors To My I This Old Yankee I Motor- Frugal Lai! 16 Electric Market Quilting Studio House Shop Week Gourmet Cookin' (5:35) Miami Valley Saved by Roomies Chip & Yo, Yogi! Captain ProStars Wishkid Spacecats WCW Wrestling 22 Used Car Classified the Bell Pepper N-Mar. Praise the Laverne Melody Voice of Scham- Toddler's Friends Joy Gospel Davey & Filling 43 Lord Tripp Mount. Power bach Junction Bill Goliath Station Popeye Little Toxic Bucky Killer Bobby's Tom and Taz-Mania Little Bill & WWF Superstars of 45 Mermaid Crusaders O'Hare Tomatoes World Jerry Kids Shop Ted Adv. Wrestling Running on Empty (PG-13, '84) Babar Wizard of Encyc. Big Bad John (PG-13, '90) Inside the NFL HBO Christine Lahti, River Phoenix Oz Brown Jimmy Dean, Ned Beatty Born Yesterday CSO) Judy The Kentuckian CSS) ' Burt I The Return ol Swamp Thing I The Pick- TMC Holliday, William Holden Lancaster, Diana Lynn (PG-13, '89) Up Artist Back- I Von Ryan's Express C4S) " Frank I Mad About You (PG, '90) Rebel Without a Cause C55) MAX street Sinatra, Trevor Howard Claudia Christian James Dean, Natalie Wood Gross Anatomy (PG-13, '89) I Abbott and Costello Meet the Shanghai Express C32) I Limit Up 'PG-13' SHO Matthew Modine, Daphne Zuniga Invisible Man CS1) Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook C89) Mouser- Umbrella Pooh Dumbo's Wuzzles I Pound I Fraggle Donald I Here Com the Littles NR' I Mickey DIS cise Tree Corner Circus Puppies Rock Duck C85) Mouse Outlaw Trail C44) Apache Territory C58) Rory Hondo How the West Was I Battle of Rogue TNT Hoot Gibson Calhoun, Barbara Bates Won River ('54) Lou Grant Larry World U.S. Farm People to Charlando Heart of Business Ready to WCW Wrestling WGN Jones Tomorrow Report People Chicago Report Quit Gomer Between Gunsmoke Bonanza WCW Power Hour National Geographic Explorer TBS Pyle the Lines Wrestling College Sports Sports- Outdoor "Fly Ultimate Outdoors Fishin' Fly "jim Salt Water College ESN Football America Center Magazine Fishing Outdoors Hole Fishing Houston Journal Gameday Charlie Dog Paid Paid Financial Freedom Paid Hollywood Crime Story Youth- Dance USA Chan House Program Program Program Insider quake USA Son of Frankenstein C39) Beauty for tho Asking C39) Stage to Chino Bullet Code C40) Republic Pictures AMC Boris Karloff Lucille Ball, Patric Knowles ('40) George O'Brien Story Lassie Littf Bits Eureeka's Kids' Count Heathcliff Inspector Inspector Yogi Bear I Yogi Bear Out of I SK8 TV NIK Castle Court Duckula Gadget Gadget Control "Paid Paid" Paid Paid Paid "Paid Baby ER Image Workshop Attitudes LIF Program Program Program Program Program Program Knows Paid Paid Gerbert Littles Augie Doggie & Flintstone New Popeye I At the Burt Wolf Eating FAM Program Program Friends Kids Archies Zoo Well Profiles Golden All Creatures Great Wild I Together Birth of the Blues C41) Bing Nomads A&E TV Age and Small World We Can Crosby, Mary Martin Saturday afternoon WWF Superstars of Sports Week- Drag Racing: NHRA Olympic Showcase: World Cycling Super- Boxing 5 Wrestling Follies Baseball U.S. Nationals Championships chargers Illustrated Muppet World of Travel NFL Films: Hungriest Baseball Major League Baseball: Los Angeles Dodgers at Atlanta 9 Babies Kids America Men - Vol. 2 '91 Braves Sun- Benson Jesse Jackson I Little House on the Travel I College Football: Notre Dame at Michigan 12 glasses Prairie Update The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai The Black Hoi (79) Maximilian I Never Cry Wolf C83) Charles 19 Across tho Eighth Dimension C84) Sertoli, Anthony Perkins Martin Smith, Brian Dennehy Victory Sewing- Joy of To My Quilt in a Firing Line I Nova Nature I Math... Who Needs 48 Garden Nancy Painting Studio Day It?! Effective Effective American American Marketing Marketing Race to Save the GED GEO Firing Linel McLaugh-54 Teacher Teacher Adventure Adventure Planet lin Group New New Knight Rider Knight Rider Neon Rider Strange Invaders C82) Paul LeMat, 64 Adam-12 Dragnet Nancy Allen Slimer- Ballad of Smokey Laservi- Small Quit Roggin's I College Football: Notre Dame at Michigan 2 Ghost. the Bear sion Wonder Smoking Heroes News Miss Black America Pageant Week- Baseball Major League Baseball: Los Angeles Dodgers at Atlanta 7 Baseball '91 Braves McLaugh- Adam Wall St. Washing- National Town Meeting Tony European Computer Victory Today's 16 lin Group Smith Week ton Week Brown Journal Chronicles Garden Gourmet Saturday Not Just Jesse Jackson Drag Racing: NHRA Olympic Showcase: World Cycling Countdown to Miss 22 Videos the News U.S. Nationals Championships America Circle Super- Josh I Quigley's Flying I Fred Deaf I God's I Stuart I Washingtn Jewish I Huntley , 43 Square book McDowell Village House Jordan World News McBirnie Report World Street American Gladiators The Big Country C58) Gregory Peck, Jean Simmons Moving Violation 45 ' (74) Police Academy 4: Citizens on I Nate and Hayes (PG, '83) Tommy I Attemp I Aloha Summer (PG, '88) I Flrefox HBO Patrol (PG, '87) Lee Jones, Michael O'Keofe Murder Chrit Makepeace (11:30) The Pick- I Pump Up the Volume (R, '90) I witness (R, '85) Harrison Ford, I Taking Car of TMC Up Artist Christian Slater, Samantha Mathis Kelly McGillis Business Mister Roberts CSS) Henry I The Shrimp on the Barbie 'PG- I Scavengers (PG-13, '88) Kenneth I Cinema MAX Fonda, James Cagny 13' ('90) Cheech Marin David Gilman, Brenda Bakk Paradiso (11:00) I The Karate Kid Part III (PG, '89) I Winter People (PG-13, '89) Kurt I Rockula (PG-13, '90) SHO Limit Up Ralph Macchio, Noriyukl "Pat" Morlta Russell, Kelly McGillis Dean Cameron, Tawny Fer Crystalston (PG, '88) I Animals I Olli Hopnoodle's Haven of I Danger I Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (PG, '89) DIS Kamlesh Gupta of Africa Bliss C88) Bay Rick Moranis, Matt Frwr Battle- El Paso C49) John Payne, Gail I Land Raiders C49) " Telly Savalas, George I Maya TNT Rogu Russell Maharis Soul Train I Sidney Shorn A Girl's Best Friend I Navy Wife C54) Joan Bennett, 21 Jump Street WGN ('81)Tony Randall Shirley Yamuguchi Happy I College Football: UCLA at Tennessee I CHiPs CHiPs TBS Days College College Football: Louisville at Ohio State I Football Goif I PGA Golf: Hardee's Classic ESN Gameday Scores Shootout High Desert Kill C89) " Anthony I Going Berserk C83) John Candy, Square Kotter I Miami Vice USA Geary, Chuck Connors Joe Flaherty Pegs (11:00) Republic I His Kind of Woman CSI) " Robert I The Raven C35) Boris Back Street C41) AMC Pictures Story Mitctwm, Jane Russell Karloff, Bala Lugosi Charles Boyer Dennis- I Dennis- Lassie I Flipper I White I Cricket Around the World in I Can't on Make the I Double I Salute NIK Menace Menace Seal 80 Days TV Grade Dare Shorts Frugal Sister Supermar- Garry Moonlighting Hotel Spenser: For Hire LA. Law LIF Gourmet Kate ket Shandling Virginian Wagon Train Big Valley Gunsmoke Bonanza: The Lost FAM Episodes Animals in War I David L. Wolper I Fugitive Th Wanderers (79) Ken Wahl, Caroline's Comedy A&E Presents Linda Manz Hour Jean Wetherall, sister of a Boston patient who died under Daniel's care, is trailing them. NEXT WEEK: Billy and H.B. think Dylan has executive potential. LOVING: Hiding in a house,' Matt and Ally find clothing and use them to disguise themselves. Leaving the rehab center to return home, Paul fears being on his own. Paul's first night with Ava is filled with romance. About to move out of the Alden mansion, Dinah returns when J.J. becomes ill. Impressed by Dinah's loving ment of J.J., Jack says he wants her to stay on. Trisha is stunned when Jack tells her she's underqualified for a job at Alden Enterprises. NEXT WEEK: Carly confides to Kate about her child. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Although he truly loves Cassie, Bo starts to recall his love for Sarah. Tina is incensed when Sheila loses the part she won in the play. Deciding to hold a society tea on Friday the 13th, Tina tells Sheila to attend because this would be Sheila's debut into Llanview society. An offended Sheila turns down the invitation, saying she won't be anyone's "token." Stephanie is rebuffed when Kevin says he can't have sex with her in his home. Carlo, horrified when he finds condoms in Stephanie's purse, hires Jason to keep Stephanie and Kevin apart. Dorian fantasizes about being with Jason. Stunned when Asa shows him a picture of Lee Ann in bed with a cowboy at Sweetwater, Max decides to leave Llanview. NEXT WEEK: Stephanie finally makes love, but not with Kevin. SANTA BARBARA: After Augusta tells Lionel that Warren is not his son, she realizes Lionel has always known. Warren is determined to question Sophia about her shooting, but arriving at the cottage where Sophia is staying, Mason tosses Warren out. Amado has been hired to guard Sophia. Warren learns Mason tried to buy Warren's gambling IOUs. Mason warns Craig not to dawdle in his search for Ted. In Angela's new apartment, Warren discovers if he looks through the telephoto lens, he can see into The Oasis. A mysterious man scales the wall to Angela's apartment, assembles a rifle, then takes aim at The Oasis veranda. Amado tells Katrina that Dash is a rapist. Sophia asks C.C. to reconcile with Mason. NEXT WEEK: Shots ring out in Santa Barbara, leaving one person dead and another near death. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: At John's urging, Traci decides to tell Brad she's pregnant, but before she can she spots John and Ashley in a warm moment and has a change of heart. Having suffered a miscarriage, Julie realizes her abuse of crack cocaine is the cause. Nikki tells Victor she's leaving town . . . alone. Victor suspects the real reason Nikki is leaving town is because she's having problems with Jack. Lauren continues to believe Sheila is hiding something about her mother. NEXT WEEK: Victoria wants some answers about Nikki's ALL MY CHILDREN: Still posing as Natalie, Janet realizes Hayley and Brian are on to her. rearing she will be spotted at one of her treks to the well, Janet pays a last visit to her sister. Just as Natalie has given up all hope, a tall, dark, handsome stranger rescues her and takes her to his villa. Feeling neglected by "Natalie," Timmy starts to bond with Ceara. Brooke suggests to Jack that they forget talk of marriage. A hurt Jack spots Erica at the Pine Valley Inn and proposes they have a drink. When Erica cuts her finger, Jack says he has a first-aid kit in his room and the duo go there. When Jack's first aid almost turns into CPR, Erica pulls away. Chuck tells Brooke she should consider revealing Tad is Jamie's father. NEXT WEEK: Hayley learns the truth. ANOTHER WORLD: Olivia earns Sam and Amanda have rec onciled and is distracted during rehearsals for the Ladykiller video. Olivia falls and injures her leg. Olivia, playing her injury for all it's worth, gets Sam to let her move in with him. Olivia is pleased when she s able to walk, but keeps it a secret. Jenna is selected to take Olivia's place in the video. Ryan arrests Carl for attempting to murder Rachel. Rachel grows suspicious when Jake and Paulina ask her for money. Released from the hospital, Grant begins his political campaign and welcomes Vicky to his campaign staff. Marley, obsessed with having a child, tells Jamie she plans to increase her fertility medication. NEXT WEEK: Carl spends a night in jail. AS THE WORLD TURNS: Without consulting the police, Dar-ryl gives $2 million to Dana's kid nappers. No longer Billy's captive, Dana returns home and overhears Frannie say the police believe Dana was in on her own kidnapping. Kira steals money and a photo of Duncan from Jessica's purse. Only the police seem to believe Kira's charge that Duncan was sexually abusive. After Duncan's arrest, Kira insists she's telling the truth, even though it could mean closing the Earl Mitchell Center and sending Duncan to prison. Told by Gavin she needs to stay in Switzerland to finish business, Lily tells Holden ,they must put their wedding on1 hold. Barbara tells Lisa that Darryl, not Gavin, is Baby Jennifer's father. NEXT WEEK: Darryl tells Con nor to keep their past together a secret. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: After another love session with Brooke in the lab, Ridge seeks Taylor's professional advice. When he wonders if Stephanie could be right about Eric falling back in love with her, Taylor says Eric is in love with Brooke. Having hired a handwriting expert, Stephanie has him write a letter in Eric's handwriting. She then shows the letter, which contains words of love for S.ephanie, to Brooke. Stephanie suggests that Brooke and Ridge go away for a weekend. Margo and Blake grow closer. Blake ters Taylor that it's best they go their separate ways. Ste- vi uynuci jHirsch . -a phanie reveals to Taylor that she, not Blake, had the video camera set up which caught Brooke and Ridge making love in the lab. Jake and Macy can't deny their feelings. NEXT WEEK: Stephanie plays Cupid for Brooke and Ridge. DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Ray, the arsonist, admits to setting fire to the boat, and Bo is arraigned when Ray won't reveal who hired him. The faux Roman and Marlena realize the medallion she gave Eric could be a clue that might tell them where she was held for the past five years. The real Roman, still in his prison cell, has decided not to hang himself he might be able to dig his way to freedom by using a medallion he has that's just like Marlena's. Victor also has a medallion which he keeps in his safe. Chauncey informs Ginger her father is dead. Chauncey pretends to Ginger that he doesn't know of her daughter's whereabouts. Tanner, in need of money to obtain more information about Molly's mother, spots the nightly cash tape at Wings. NEXT WEEK: Thanks to a hearing Shawn Douglas, Bo gets the goods on Victor. GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nancy and Bill's custody battle for Sly begins with each one determined to do whatever it takes to keep their son. Alan and Monica are stunned after learning A.J. has been subpoenaed to testify at the custody hearing. Scott and Lucy fear the worst upon discovering Nancy has stolen the vial of the carbon disulfide found in the Barrett Industries plant. Two employees from a roadhouse swipe Mac and Dominique's wallets with their identification and plan to use them to their advantage. Tracy is most surprised when Paul starts avoiding her. Sean manages to uncover proof that links Harlan to Faison and Taub. Taub and Faison eavesdrop on Robert's conversations via the telephone they've bugged in Robert's office. NEXT WEEK: Sly's future is determined, leaving one parent vowing revenge. ' GUIDING LIGHT: As Springfield residents get a glimpse of Nick, most wonder if he's trying to put one over on the Spauldings. Fletcher discovers Nick trying to break into the Spaulding mansion. Relieved Kat was not seriously injured after her run-in with a car, Hamp lashes out when Gilly tells him about her "call girl" past. Realizing Frank is living on a shoestring, Eleni suggests they re-do the diner into an upscale club. Dylan is aware Bridget lied in her statement to police about Elvis' break-in to the Bauer home. Blake presses Alan-Michael to get information on Roger's participation in the waterfront property scam. Daniel makes certain nurse Gloria Walters doesn't get hired at Cedars. Daniel and Holly are unaware Saturday overnight Saturday evening News I NBC I Countdown to Miss I GoldenGirlsEmpt Nurses Miss America Pageant . Newl I Saturday Night Live News I WWF Wrestling Headline News Sport 5 News America Nest jj J Spotlight Legends News CBS Wheel of ICash Throw Momma From the Train C87) Rewrite for Murder I News I Arsenio Arsnio Party Machine With I Up th Down Staircase C47) " Sandy Dennis, I Off the Air " 9 News Fortune Explosion Danny DeVlto, Billy Crystal Hall 9 Hall Nia Peeples Eileen Heck art College Football: Entertainment Gymnastics: World I College Football: Penn State at Southern California " 'he Air WKRP in I Current Affair Extra 1 Home Shopping Spree I Off the Air 12 Notre Dame at Mich. Tonight Championships Cincinnati Super I Superboy Hogan I Growing Cops I Cops Ladykiller I Best of I Rockford Files I Comic Strip Live ft Th Electric Horseman (79) " Robert I Zandy's Brid (74) Gen I McCloud 19 Force Family Pains the Worst 19 Bedford, Jan Fonda ' Hackman, Llv Ullmann Why Do These Kids Lawrence Welk What a Way to Go C44) Shirley Doctor Who I Man on a (11:35) Man on a Tightrope I Off the Air 48 Love School? Show: Jerome Kern MacLaini, Dean Martin Tightrope 48 C53) Frdric March Tony Bookmark Adam Techno- Evening at Pops I Mystery! Lonesome Pine I Artwear: The Body Off e Air I 54 Brown Smith Politics Special Adorned Jjf Yellowbeard C83) Graham MTV Video Music Awards Hunter Howard Stern Shater Run C85) Cliff Robertson, I Explosion ('69) Don Stroud, I Night Flight 64 Chapman, Peter Boyle 64 Leif Garrett Gordon Thomson College Football: I News I Dayton- Gymnastics: World I College Football: Penn State at Southern California . Newi WWF Wrestling I Off the Air 2 Notre Dame at Mich. Beyond Championships 2 Challenge News CBS Wheel of Cash Throw Momma From the Train C87) I Rewrite for Murder News star , s,ar Lifestyles of the Rirh Emer- I Entertainment I Byron Allen I Seven Hours to Judgment C88) 7 News Fortune Explosion Danny DeVlto, Billy Crystal Search ' Searh and Famous gency Call Tonight Beau Bridget, Ron Llebman Yan Can Wood- Hometime This Old Nature I Cosmos College Football: Eastern Michigan at Colleje Off the Air I 16 Cook wright House Miami-Ohio 16 Football News NBC Current Affair Extra Golden Girls Empty I Nurses Miss America Pageant Newi Saturday Night Live I Pump It Up l Off the Air 22 News Nest 22 Huntley Joy of Benny Hinn Back on I Zola Robert Schuller R.W. Schambach I Larry Lea Jon' Dawe Real Highway Dave Meadow- Praise the Lord 43 Street Music Course Levitt 43 Jaccbs Roever Videos to Heaven Roever lark L. (S:00) Moving WKRP in I WKRP in Cops Cops Ladykiller I Best of New New Arsenio Hall Parlv Machine With Friday the 13th: The Born Innocent (74) Linda Blair, I Eric (75) John Savage, Patricia 45 Violation (74) Cincinnati Cincinnati the Worst Adam-12 Dragnet 45 Nia Jeeples Series Joanna Miles Neal (5:45) Firefox (PG, '82) Clint The Two Jakes (R, '90) " Jack Nicholson, "crypt Comedy Hour Prumed innocent (R, '90) Masquerade (R, '88) I Kickboxer (R, '89) Jean-Claud I Vietnam, HBO Eastwood, Freddie Jones Harvey Keitel Tales HBO Harrison Ford, Brian Dennehy Rob Low, Meg Tilly Van Damme, Dennis Alexlo Texas (5:00) Taking Car I Glory (R, '89) Matthew I Pump Up th Volume (R, '90) Dragonard 'R' ('1:05) I Out of th Dark (R, '89) Jogger I Taking Car of Business (R, fO) I Th Pick-Up Artist TMC of Business Broderick, Deniel Washington Christian Slater, Samantha Mathis ('88) TMC Dragonart Cameron Dy, Lynn Danlelson Jamas Belushi, Charles Grodln (PG-13, '87) (5:30) Cinema Paradiso 'PG' Free I Why Me? (R, '90) Christopher I wild at Heart (R, '90) Nicolas ... Th Adventures of Ford Fairlan 'R' Def by Temptation (Ft, '90) I Body Chemistry (R, '90) Red Surf (R, '90) MAX C89) Philippe Noiret Preview Lambert, Christopher Lloyd Cage, Laura Dern MAX ('901 Andrew Pic Clay Cynthia Bond Marc Singer, Lisa Poscla George Clooney Gross Anatomy (PG-13, '89) Navy SEALS (R, '90) Charlie Boxing: Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Lonnie Mark I Body Garnet (R, '90) Corrln I Flatliners (R, '90) Kiefer I Rockula (PG-13, '90) SHO Matthew Modine, Daphne Zuniga Sheen, Michael Biehn Smith SHO Schlff Marctiand, Wilier Van Ammelroy Sutherland, Julia Roberts Dean Cameron, Tawny Fer Hector's Bunyip I The Story of Snow Whit 'NR' 1 1 Shrunk Th Parnt Trap C41) " Hayley I Funny Girl 'G' (H:) Funny Girl (G, '48) I Olli Hopnoodle's Haven of I Honey, I Shrunk th Kids (PG, '89) Ozzie & DIS C87) Diana Rlgg the Kids Mills, Maureen O'Har ('48) 015 Barbr Streltand, Omar Sharif Bliss C88) Rick Moranis, Matt Frewer Harriet Bugs Bunny & Pals I Point Blank C47) Lot Marvin, I Final Verdict ('91) Treat Williams, Hetven With Gun C49) Glnn Th Big Heat ('53) Glenn Ford, I Human Desire ('54) Glenn Ford, TNT Angl Dickinson Glenn Ford 'NT Ford, Carolyn Jonet Gloria Graham Gloria Graham Super I Hangin' In I Andy I Fortune Maior League Baseball: Montreal Expos at Chicago Cubs iNews I McO 11:M MeQ (74) " John Wayne, Super I Monsters I Passport I Runaway- In This Hous of Bred (75) WGN Force Griffith Hunt WGN Ed4l Albert Force to Profit Rich Diana Rigg, Judl Bowkw World Championship Wrestling Part 2, Walking Tall (75) Bo Svenson, Luke I U.S. Olympic Gold: "Night N'Stit I Fear No Evil C81) Stefan Arogrim, Night Tracks Night Tracks I Night Tracks Night TBS Askw Swimming Tracks TBS Tricks Elizabeth Hoffman Trackt PGA Golf I Sports- I Football I College Football: Alabama at Florida ! Football I Baseball Sports- Expedition Earth: History of College I Sports- Motoworldl Inside Sr. College Football: Alabama at Florida ESN Center Scores ' Scores Tonight Center ESN Coos Island Football Center PGA MacGyver Counterstrike I Firestarter C84) David Kith, Drw I Hitchhiker Alfd. Class of Nuke 'Em 01 Clast of Phewix th Warrior C8) Prtii Firestarter C84) David Keith, Drew I Alfred Hitchcock USA Barrymor Hitchcock High C84) USA Nuk 'Em High Khambatta, Kathleen Klnmont Barrymor Hour Under My Skin CSO) I Cronyn- Lady Luck C44) Robert Young, Destry Rides Again C39) " Marlon .... Back Street C41) I Under My Skin C50) Cronyn- I Lady Luck C44) " Robert Young, I Destry AMC John Garfield, Mlchelin Prell Tandy Barbara Hale Dietrich, James Stewart AMC Charles Boyer John Garfield, Michelln Prll Tandy Barbara Hal Rldt What You Welcome I Doug Looney Looney I Gel Smart I Donna I Mister Ed My Three I Patty I Dobie I A. D-agnet Green Patty America I Get Smart I Donna Mister Ed My Three I A. I Dragnet I Patty Qobie NIK Do Freshmen Tunes Tunes Reed Sons Duke Gillis Hitchcock Acres Duke 2Night Reed Sons Hitchcock Duke Glllls Th Last Prostilut ('91) Sonia Braga, Fear Stalk ('89) " Jill Clayburgh, Veronica Clare Hidden Confes- ... Spenser: For Hire Paid Paid Paid Paid Paici Paid Paici Paid Paid Paid" LIF Wll Wheaton Stephen Macht Room slons Jf Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Border- I Zorro Rin Tin I Black Raid on Rommel (71) Richard Dirty Dozen; The Border- Bonanza .... Bcrtanza Zola Paid Paid Jewish Paid Praise the Lord Paici Paid FAM town Tin Stallion Burton, John Collcot Series town FAM Levitt Program Program Voice Program Program Program Agatha Christie All Creatures Great A Piec of th Action (77) Sidny Comedy on the Evening at the ... A Piec of th Action (77) Sldny Comedy on the Evening at the I Mussolini: The Untold Story A&E Mysteries and Small Poltler, Bill Cosby Road improv A&E Peltier, Bill Cosby Road Improv

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