The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on September 13, 1991 · Page 32
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 32

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1991
Page 32
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Page 32 article text (OCR)

I t f f f t f I C-10Television THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Friday, September 13, 1991 Friday morning Lovable Garner out to steal your heart New comedy shortchanges laughs Real Life With Jane Pauley (8 p.m., Channels 5, 22): Arthur Kent talks to Kuwait oil field firefighters. The Ultimate Challenge (9 p.m., Channels 19, 45): Premiere: Mike Adamle and Heather Thomas host a weekly competition by professional stunt performers. Tonight Show (11:35 p.m., Channels 5, 22): Pete Rose chats with Johnny Carson about the Babe Ruth movie. V f The show is called Man Of The People. So is its star. But don t ask James Garner why people love him so much. "I wouldn't have the least no tion, he says. I just feel I m one of the luckier people in the world, and that people have always been good to me, and somehow they kind of like me." Garner, 63, returns to weekly TV Sunday for the first time in a decade. He plays Jim Doyle, a small-town hustler appointed to the city council seat available after his ex-wife's death on NBC's Man Of The People (8 p.m., Channels 5, 22). ' "It's a character that I'm familiar with. He's a grifter and a hustler and like that. I like the anti-hero," says the star of TV's Maverick (1957-62) and The Rockford Files (1974-80). 1 James . i -M' if ':Mnrnr News Today in Today Donahue iliXi.OOO Head o! One on Cover to Cincinnati Pyramid the Class One Cover CBS News This Morning Live - Regis & Jeopardy! Family Price Is Right News I Kathie Lee Feud Good Morning Good Morning America Home Joan Rivers Geraldo iZ Cincinnati Tom and Chip- G.I. Joe Dennis Peter Pan Tale Spin Silver Bewitched Happy Family Bonania ' Jerry munks Menace Spoons Days Ties Home- A.M. Sesame Street Sesame Street Instructional Programming I Sesame 49 stretch Weather Street Psychol- Psychol- A.M. Captain Sesame Street Another Sew Instructional Programming 54 ogy ogy Weather Kangaroo Page Connecfn Auto Flint- Police Jetsons Casper- New He- Heathcliff Wake, Auto The Judge Ron Reagan 4 Shopper stones Academy Friends Man Rattle Shopper j News Good Morning America Donahue Sally Jessy Raphael Home News This Morning Live - Regis & Geraldo Price Is Right 7 Kathie Lee Business A.M. Body Mister Sesame Street Secret Zoobilee Newton's Reading 3-2-1 Crazy for 16 Report Weather Electric Rogers City Zoo Apple Rainbow Contact Food 20 Minute NBC Today Amazing Gimme a Wheel of Concen- One on Cover to 22 Workout News Micro Diet Break Fortune tration One Cover Public Benny Meadow- New Melody James Richard Joy Larry Lea Today- Kenneth Praise the 43 Report Hinn lark L. Beginning Mountain Robison Roberts Marilyn Copeland Lord G.I. Joe Merrie Ninja Muppet Peter Pan Flint- Home Shopping Death Rides a Horse C49) Lee Van . 45 Melodies Turtles Babies stones Spree Cleef, John Phillip Law (5:50) Real Men (PG-13, '17) Babar Wizard of The Karate Kid Part III (PO, '89) I The NeverEnding HBO Dream On James Belushi, John Hitter Oz Ralph Macchlo, Noriyuki "Pat" Merita Story Cannery Leader of the Band 'PG' Pork Chop Hill C$9) Gregory I Air America (R, '90) Mel Gibson, TMC Row CI7) Steve Landesberg Peck, Harry Guardino Robert Downey Jr. 1 (4:55) AII th I Big Top Pee-wee (PG, '88) The Pink Panther CM) Peter I The Lemon Sisters 'PG-13' MAX Marble Pee-wee Herman Sellers, David Niven C89) Diane Keaton The Bank Dick ('40) I Jen's Place UHF (PG-13, '89) Al I Born Yesterday ('SO) Judy SHO W.C Field, Una Merkel Yankovic, Michael Richards Holliday, William Holden Mouser- You and I Morn. Care Donald Pooh Umbrella Dumbo's Herbie Goes Bananas 'G' Mother DIS cise Me, Kid Mickey Bears Duck Corner Tree Circus C80) Clorli Leachman Goose Woody Woodpecker Fun Zone Popeye Hour Fraggle Pink Daktari I Daktari TNT Rock Panther One Day Faith Robert Tilton Banana Bozo Flint- Magnum, P.I. Joan Rivers WGN at a Time Twenty Splits stones I Love Flint- Tom & Jerry's I Dream Bewitched Little House on the Guilty Conscience C85) Anthony TBS Lucy stones Funhouse of Jeannie Prairie Hopkins, Blytht Danner Sports- Nation's Business Today Sports- Baseball Thorough- Sports Inside Sr. Getting Fit Basic ESN Center Center Tonight breds America PGA Training Paid Alphanet- Cartoon Express Jem Cartoon Express Lost in Space Divorce Divorce USA Program ics Court Court The Sainf i Double Trouble I The Gay Falcon C41) I The Falcon Strikes Back I Beware My Lovely C52) AMC C40) George Sanders George Sanders, Wendy Barrio C43) Tom Conway Ida Lupino, Robert Ryan Lassie Launch Mr! Yogi Bear Inspector Heathcliff Lassie Maya the Eureeka's Castle Elephant Penner's NIK Box Wizard Gadget Bee Show Place Paid Paid It Figures Everyday Attitudes Growing Baby Frugal Sister Tracey Open LIF Program Program Workout Up Knows Gourmet Kate Ullman House Today- James Batman Popeye Augie Littles Waltons 700 Club Sheila Paid FAM Marilyn Robison Doggie Walsh Program " Rising A&E Dinosaur! World of Air Power City of Angels Fugitive Avengers A&E Damp Preview Survival " 1 1 1 fv Garner . . . back Sunday Friday afternoon John Kiesewetter Television The only thing natural about the golf course episode Sept. 22 is Garner's swing. He spent the past decade away from TV and movies hustling the greens until his handicap became a hand icap. "My handicap's going up instead of down, so I figured I might as well go back to work," says Garner, who once sported a 1 handicap. That means he'd shoot one stroke over par for 18 holes. Now it's jumped to a 5 handicap. "You play golf four or five days a week, and it can get boring. It really can. borne days you just wish you were doing something else." So he cut a deal with NBC Productions to work a four-day week on Man Of The People with Kate Mulgrew (the mayor) and Corinne Bohrer (his aide). It's shot on film without a studio audience or laugh track. "The idea of a half-hour series, as opposed to an hour series, is much easier physically and mentally. You know, Rockford almost killed me," he says. (Doctors dissuaded fragile Garner from saddling up for CBS' Lonesome Dove. Robert Duvall got the part.) Garner arrives as one of a half-dozen fall TV season con artists on Sunday, along with Connie Sellec-ca's debut as a con artist turned informant on CBS' PSI LUV U (9 p.m. Sunday, Channels 9, 7). Others include: David Keith on NBC's Flesh 'N' Blood sitcom; Dabney Coleman on Fox's Drexel Class; D.W. Moffett on CBS' Palace Guard; and Cincinnati's Rocky Carroll on Fox's Roc. "People like to see a little larceny in their heroes," he says. "And Doyle's got a lot of larceny." That's the problem: Doyle has too much larceny. If NBC doesn't apply a quick fix, the old con won't steal our hearts again, even if we're willing. Sam Donaldson Diane Sawyer honored was a Dec. 11 piece called "The Struggle for South Africa." Primetime Live, with Sam Donald Pli .cv.i ft y MM WKRP news: This just in from the new WKRP In Cincinnati folks: WKRP writers had a great joke for buxom receptionist Jennifer Marlowe (Loni Anderson), who was known for her wealthy suitors on the old series. Writers wanted to say that Marlowe had married Burt Reynolds but actress Anderson, who is married to Reynolds, refused to go along! Traffik jam: Channel 48 will repeat the Masterpiece Theatre finale of Traffik at 9 tonight. It was interrupted by transmitter failure twice Tuesday. Tonight's scheduled P.O. V. will air at 11 p.m. Wednesday, pre-empting Alive From Off Center and Nightly Business Report repeats. Channel 48 addition: In response to numerous requests from teachers, Channel 48 will repeat Math: Who Needs It? at 5 p.m. Saturday . . . Channel 48 also begins repeating the 14-week Cosmos series at 9 p.m. Sunday. MASH memories: A crew from CBS' M'A'S'H retrospective Sunday visited the Cincinnati home of Dr. John Vester, a Korean War veteran who had sold three stories that became M'A'S'H episodes. The special will air in another "CBS classic TV weekend" Nov. 25. VCR alert: Peter Pan, Disney's 1953 animated classic, makes its Disney Channel cable debut at 7 p.m. Sunday. Po' Povich: Maury Povich's premiere week slump continues. On Wednesday, his new Maury Povich Show ranked last among the five commercial stations at 4 p.m. He was beaten by Oprah Winfrey, Sally Jessy Raphael, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tiny Toon Adventures and other cartoons on Channels 19 and 64. Cowabunga! WVXU wins: WVXU-FM won its fund-raising race with WCPN-FM in Cleveland by reaching the $171,000 goal at 8:31 a.m. Thursday, just 10 minutes before WCPN-FM. Sports shorts: Announcing Sunday's Bengals-Browns game (1 p.m., Channels 5, 22) for NBC will be Marv Albert and Bill Parcells, the retired New York Giants coach . . . WTBS cable will televise the Atlanta Braves pennant race series with the L.A. Dodgers at 7:30 p.m. today; 7 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. JOHN KIESEWETTER news Emmys son and Diane Sawyer, got one of its Emmys for the segment "Murder in Beverly Hills." ABC's Nightline won for outstanding instant coverage of a single breaking news story for the Aug. 1 program "Bulletin: Iraq Invades Kuwait." CBS' 60 Minutes got three Emmys. One was for a segment on Chernobyl, featuring correspondent Steve Kroft. CBS News Sunday Morning won for the Nov. 18 segment "Soldiers' Stories." He can't see himself as anything else. "A lot of people aren t going to accept me as an out-and-out villain. I think they re conditioned over 35 years to a little something different," says Garner, whose films include Murphy's Romance, Vic torVictoria and Support Your Lo cal Sheriff. "If there's not a little bit of humor in it, (in) the first 15-20 minutes, people are sitting there (thinking), 'Well, when's he going to make me laugh or smile?' " Unfortunately, those who watch Man Of The People will be thinking the same thing: When is he going to make me smile? Garner s new series is so con trived that nothing rings true. Doyle conducts his first press conference in his favorite poo! hall, where a woman slips him cash to arrange her U.S. citizenship. He solicits council members' playoff tickets for charity, then sells them to his buddies for $50 each. In the second episode it was so Dad l had to give it another chance he introduces an ordi nance providing free limos for council members; considers a $150,000 bribe from a country club developer; and declares a chil dren s playground unsafe, "a time-bomb waiting to go off" (so it could be bulldozed into a golf course) News Closer I Santa Barbara I Another World I Days of Our Lives Sally Jessy Raphael I CosbyNews 5 Look Show - News Young and the I Bold, As the World Turns Guiding Light Oprah Winfrey News News 9 Restless Beautiful News Loving All My Children One Life to Live General Hospital Maury I Family News News '2 Povich Feud Quincy Barnaby Jones Mr Muppet Woody iDuckTales Beetle- Ninja Perfect Hogan 19 I Belvedere Babies juice Turtles Strangers Family ' a Sesame Instructional Programming Home- Sesame Street Mister Reading Club 4B Street stretch Rogers Rainbow Connect Nathalie Needle iNova I Western I Western wild TFi I Sesame Street Mister Reading 54 Dupree Workshop Tradition Tradition America Contact Rogers Rainbow Highway to Heaven People's I People's Sanford Andy Casper- Merrie Tiny Toon I Chip 'n' Darkwing "video 64 Court Court and Son Griffith Friends Melodies Adv. Dale Duck Power News Loving All My Children One Life to Live Maury Povich Oprah Winfrey inside "New! Edition - News Young and the Bold, As the World Turns Guiding Light Cosby I Growing Hard News - i Restless Beautiful Show Pains Copy Degrassi Degrassi I Degrassi Fall National Audubon Reading I Mister Sesame Street ciub Tz-i ' Hi9" High High Preview Society Rainbow Rogers Connect Contact Graham Closer Days of Our Lives Another World Your Health Love I People's News Oaiiy 22 Kerr Look Review... Connect. Court Journal (11:30) Local Praise the Lord I Jimmy James I Benny 700 Club Another Today- Praise the Lord 43 Swaggart Robison Hinn Life Marilyn The Judge The Judge I Gilligan's Laverne Brady DuckTales Chip 'n' I Tale Spin Darkwing Beetle- Tiny Toon I Punky 45 I Island 1 8, Shirley Bunch Dale Duck juice Adv. Brewster NeverEnd Arthur 2 on tho Rocks (PG, '88) " Dudley Daddy's Dyin'.. Who's Got the Real Men (PG-13, '87) HBO Ing Moore, Liza MlnnolH will? (PG-13, '90) James Belushi, John Rltter , Dakota (PG, 'W) Lou Diamond iNavy SEALS (R,'90) Charlie I Gibbsville: The Turning Point of I Leader of TMC Phillips, Horta Ware Sheen, Michael Biehn Jim Malloy ('75) the Band The Searchers C5 " John Crazy About the I The Maid (PG, '90) I A Star Is Born C54) MAX Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter Movies Martin Sheen Judy Garland, James Mason . Look wh0'' Talkin9 (PG-W. ') " New York Stories (PG, '89) Nick I Jen's Place I Treasure Island SHO John Travolta, Kirstio Alley Norte, Rosanna Arquette ('34) ... L"nch I Musk Box I Cheetah (G, '89) Keith I Masquer- 1 Raccoons I Pound Care I Donald Kids Inc I Mickey D'S . Box Coogan, Lucy Peak ins ade Puppies Bears Duck Mouse 13 Ghosts C40) Charles Herbert, I Thirteen Frightened Girls C3) Cornered C45) Dick Powell, TNT Jo Morrow Murray Hamilton, Joyce Taylor Walter Sleiak ,.mi Gerald0 News Can Be I Andy I Lead-off I Major League Baseball: Montreal Expos at Chicago WGN Told Griffith Man Cubs Perry Mason Disaster on the Coastliner (79) Tom 8, Jerry's Funhouse Rirady I Happy TGood TBS William Shatnor, Lloyd Bridges Bunch Days Times .. Bodies in iBody- Body by I Surfer I Power- I Motorcycle Racing: I Motoworldl Inside the PGA Golf: Hardee's Classic ESN Motion shaping Jake Magazine boats 250cc Motorcross PGA Tour The Jud9e The Jud9e Chain Name Wipeout Win, Lose I Hollywood 525,000 Press High I Just the I Kotter "SA Reaction That Tune or Draw Squares Pyramid Your Luck Rollers Ten of Us Sulpition ('4,) " Grant' Joan The Saint's Vacation Tho Saint's Double The Gay Falcon ('40 Falcon AMC Fontaine ('41) Trouble ('40) George Sanders, Wendy Barrio Strikes , Davi I Little I Noozles I Maya the Littr Bits I Lassie Flipper iLooney Heathcliff I Yogi Bear I Pete 8. Hey Dude NIK Gnome Koala Bee Tunes Pete Image Workshop Supermar- Shop 'Til Moonlighting Attitudes Cracked Up ('87) " Ed Asner, James LIF ket You Drop Wilder r . "Paid I American Prince Valiant ('91) " Voices of Falher I Father ALF Audi I Popeye I Popeye FAM Program Baby Robby Benson, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Knows Knows Doggie Scarlet Street C4S) Edward G. I Ellery Queen The Race for the Double Helix C84) Fugitive AiE Robinson, Joan Bennett ... Jeff Goldblum, Tim Plggott-Smith ABC, PBS top winners in ENQUIRER NEWS SERVICES ABC's Primetime Live and PBS' Frontline won five Emmy Awards apiece for 1990 news and documentary programming. The awards were handed out Wednesday by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. ABC won 15 Emmys and PBS won 13. CBS won seven, TBS four (for National Geographic), and NBC two. HBO and the Discovery Channel won one each. Among Frontline programming Friday overnight Friday evening .: mm mm i mn nun mm i i-m ni.i mm im mm mm (5:30) NBC Inside Wait for Real Life I Expose I Amityvilie: The Evil Escapes C89) NewslTorSt 5 News News Edition Wind Patty Duke, Jane Wyatt Show (5:30) CBS Wheel of Jeopardy! Fantastic All in the Always Remember I Love You ('90) News Arsenio : Ne New Fortune Facts Family Patty Duke, Joan Van Ark Hall . (5:30) ABC Current Ent. Family Comedy Perfect I Growing 1 20-20 News Cheers 12 News News Affair Tonight Matters Prev. Strangers Pains 'la Wh0'f,h Katei Wno''" Night America's Most Ultimate Challenge Star Trek: The Next M'A'S'H SimonT- .19 Boss? Altie Boss? Court Wanted Generation Simon MacNeil-Lehrer Business McLaugh- Washing- I Wall St. Masterpiece Theatre Clarence Thomas .48 Newshour Report iin Group ton Week Week NStion Tarings ... " I Business MacNeil-Lehrer Comment Legislative Washing- I Wall St. I Chasing a Rainbow: The Life iNews 54 Connect Report Newshour Ky. Weekly ton Week Week of Josephine Baker An,,. Love I Golden Hunter Twisted (-85) Christian Slater, Lois I Mama's love 64 Griffith Griffith Connect. Girls Smith Family Connect. ; News ABC Bengals Cheers Family I Comedy Perfect I Growing 1 20-20 News Golden . 2 News Browns Matters Prev. Strangers Pains Girls News CBS Wheel of Ent. Fantastic All in the Always Remember I Love You C90) News JeooardvT" ; 7 News Fortune Tonight Facts Family Patty Duke, Joan Van Ark MacNeil-Lehrer Business Techno- Washing- Wall St. All Our Children With Bill I Encore McLauah- MacNeil-16 Newshour Report Politics ton Week Week Moyers . Iin Groj, Lehrer i Night" NBC Current Family Real Life Expose Amityvilie: The Evil Escapes C89) NeI Tonight . 22 Court News Affair jFeud Patty Duke, Jane Wyatt Show , . Praise the Lord Praise the Lord Behind Debra Frederick K. Price I Praise the Lord Praise the Lord ! Scenes Paget J Little House on the Star Trek America's Most Ultimate Challenge A-Team Arsenio Hall i ' 45 Prairie Wanted ; '; The Karate Kid Part III (PG, '89) Friday the 13th (R, '80) I Friday the 13th, Part 2 'R' "cTvdT TcislT J HBO Ralph Macchlo, Noriyuki "Pat" Morlta Betsy Palmer, Adrlonno King ('81) Amy Stool Tales Deadly I (5:30) Leader of iFlatliners (R, '90) Kiefer I Air America (R, '90) Mel Gibson, Navy SEALS 'R' ; TMC the Band Sutherland, Julia Roberts Robert Downey Jr. C90)" I ... (4:4S) A Star Is Born C54) I Whispers (R, '90) Free I Desperate Hours (R, 90) ' Mickev J MAX Judy Garland, James Mason Victoria Tennant Preview Rwrke. Mlml Rogers ' . A (5:00) Treasure I UHF (PG-13, 89) Al Yankovic, I Look Who's Talking 'PG-13' flouise 1 Death Warrant 'R' SHO island C34) Michael Richards ('89) John Travolta DuArf C90) . Quarterback Princess C83) I More I Son ot Lassie (G, '45) Peter I Good Old Boy C88) " Richard ; PIS Helen Hunt, Don Murray Dinosaurs Lawtord, Juno Lockhart Famsworth, Maureen O'Sullivan i Gilligan's I Bugs Bunny & Pals Daughters ol Satan ('72) Tom Deadly Blessing C81) " Maren i TNT Island Sellecfc, Barra Grant Jensen, Ernest Borgnlno , Baseball I Dream I Night I Andy Oh GocM You Devil C84) George "News! I Major League Baseball- While WGN of Jeannie Court ' Griffith Burns, Ted Wass Sox at Angels aseDa"- vyn"9 l Close- Andy Beverly Major League Baseball: Los Angeles Dodgers at Atlanta The Legend of Billie Jam I TBS Comfort Griffith Hillbillies Braves ("15) " Helen Slater -on PGAGo" Up Close Sports- Major League Baseball: Los Angeles Dodgers at Atlanta Major League Baseball- White ESN I Center Braves Sox at Angels Cartoon Express MacGyver I Murder, She Wrote IThe Exorcist (73) Ellen Burstyn, Max von I Exorcist II USA Sydow (5:30) The Falcon Sort of Frankenstein C39) Boris You'll Find Out C40) Kay Kyser, I The Raven C35) AMC Strikoi Back KarloH, Basil Rathbone Boris Karloff ' ' ' "Boris Karloff ! IfF TlFl- Pector ILooney iMorki, I Get Smart Get Smart Dragnet A. TGrle Mister Ed I America NIK Kids Picture Gadget Tunes Mlndy Hitchcock Acres 2Night . Supermar- Shop 'Til Tracey Open L.A. Law Ruby and Oswald (78) Mlchwh Spenser- For Hire I LIF ket You Drop Ullman House Lernor, Frederic Forrest . Rln Tin Zorro Prince Valiant ('91) " Voices of Scarecrow and Mrs. 1 700 Club Maniac I Videosyn- fAM Tin Robby Benson, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. King Mansion crasy ... noer World of I Air Power I Never Come Back C89) Nathaniel Parker, Susanna Evening at the AtE Survival Hamilton Improv Tonight Hard I Late Night With I Friday Night Videos I News Headline News Candid 5 Show Copy David Letterman Camera Arsenio Dracula Monsters I Now It Car Tales- I Off the Air 9 Hall Be Told Darkside Nightline Daily Family Home Shopping Spree I Shopping I Off the Air 12 Journal Feud Spr. Simon & Barney Missing Link CM) Peter Elliott I The Cars That Eat People (74) Leave It I Close- ' Simon Miller Terry Camllleri, John Meillon to Beaver Comfort Off the Air I 48 Oft the Air 54 The Zoo Gang C85) Ben Vereen, I Dogs (76) David McCallum, George I ...And Hope to Die (72) Robert 64 Jason Gedrlck Wyner Ryan, Jean-Louis Trlntlgnant Who's the I Nightline I Good Life I In Concert I News I Off the Air 2 Boss? Dark Justice Night Heat I Can Be The Hanoi Hilton CS7) Michael Moriarty, Paul TAndy I Jeffersons 7 Told La Mat Griffith MacNeil- I Off the Air " 16 Lehrer Tonight Late Night With I Friday Night Videos I Miami Valley Used Car Classified I Used Car 22 Show David Letterman Classified (11:00) Praise the I Prison Mario I Why Maker's I Real I John I Dallas I Local Praise the Lord 43 Lord Ministry Murillo Wait? Match Videos Jacobs Holm Party I Johnny Black Sheep Hotel Sahara C51) " Yvonne De The Long Wait CM) " Anthony 5 Machine B. Squadron Carlo, Peter Ustinov Ouinn, Charles Coburn ,, 01:30) Casta Inside the NFL Weekend Warriors (P., '84) IThe Further Adventures of Tennessee crypt HBO Deadly Spell CH) Lloyd Bridges Buck (R, '88) David Keith Tales .. (:) Navy Red Surf (R, '90) George Clooney, I Flatllneri (R, '90) " Kiefer I Short Film TMC SEALS Dedee Pfelffer Sutherland, Julia Roberts Showcase ... Corporate Affairs (R, '0) I Hardware (R, '90) Night Angel (R, '90) Isa I Backstreet Dreams (R, '90) MAX Peter Scolarl, Mary Crosby Dylan McDermott Andersen, Linden Ashby Brooke Shields Death Frankenhooker(R,'90) I Psycho (R, '40) Anthony I Pink Floyd: The Delicate "Deep SHO Warrant James Lortm, Patty Mullen Perkins, Janet Leigh Sound of Thunder Fried TV Ready Here Comes Mr. Jordan Herbie Goes Bananas (G, '80) Cheetah (G, '89) Keith ozzie & DIS Steadyl ('41) Ctorls Leachman, Charles Martin Smith Coogan, Lucy Deaklnt Harriet ,M, The Legend of Lizzie Borden (75) Windows ('80) Talia Shire, Joseph Hit and Run CS7) ' Hugo Haas, Cleo TNT Elizabeth Montgomery, Ed Flanders Cortes Moor Major League Baseball: White IConan the Barbarian C82) Arnold Local Her C83) Peter Riegert, "GN So at Angels Schwarzenegger, James Earl Jones Burt Lancaster Legend- I Dead and Buried ('!) James I The Dark (79) William Night Tracks TNight I Hooan's TBS Billie Farentlno, Melody Andersen Devane, Cathy Lee Crosby Tracks Heroes .... Major League Baseball: White I Sports- I NFL Glory I Up Close I College Football: Houston at Miami ESN Sox at Angels Center Yearbook Days (11:30) Exorcist II: Tim Meatballs III C87) Sally Kellerman, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball I Charlie Chan on USA Heretic C77) Linda Blair Patrick Pempsoy Bowl-O-Rama ('88) Broadway .... The I Son of Frankenstein ('39) Boris I You'll Find Out C40) Kay Kyser, I The Raven ('35) Boris AMC Raven KarloH, Basil Rathbone Boris Karloff Karloff, Bel Lugosl mi Mork 4 Dobie I Patty I My Three I Donna America I Get Smart I Dragnet Ta! Mister Ed I Dobie I Patty NIK Mindy Glllls Duke Sons Reed 2Nlght Hitchcock Glllls Duk Garry Molly Paid Paid Paid PaW PaW Paid PaW Paid Paici Paid LIF Shandllng Dodd Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Vldeosyn- Little Rascals 700 Club Paid Paiti Paid PaW Paici Paid "M crasy Program Program Program Program Program Program . . Never Come Back ('89) Nathaniel Parker, Susanna Evening at the Mussolini: The Untold Story A&E Hamilton Improv

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