The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on September 16, 1991 · Page 17
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 17

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1991
Page 17
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Monday, September 16, 1991 THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Puzzles, entertainment'B-5 The leaders Basic crossword f" f ' 1! I P " ' r-wy i; rr A 'TP- ... LS K "-A -:L edge 57 team DOWN 1 Ooze 2 Isle of exile 3 Verve Strapped 4 39 Tennis stroke 41 Son of Odin 42 Dispatch boats 45 Highway haulers 49 Footballs: colloq. 51 Sustain or bolster 52 "As Long Needs Me" (song) 53 TV's " Grant" 54 "Welcome (movie) 55 Lab animals 56 Acknowl- --Is - PT ''' V 1! ! j i footwear 5 Drinks greedily 6 Kimono sash 7 Jokesters 8 Native of Oklahoma 9 Tropical banana plant 10 "Der " 11 Political cartoonist I f .41 ? il 1 I ACROSS 1 Understands 5 Weather-map area 8 Cross over 12 Logan or Fitzgerald 13 Lawyers' org. 14 Spicy stew 15 Israel's Abba 16 Submarines (slang) 18 Bearlike mammals 20 Work of the Bard 21 Seed coat 23 Perlecta. for one 24 Playful speaking code 28 Anagram of care 31 In the manner of 32 "Santa " 34 Ending for miss or pass 35 " Side Story" 37 Artist's colors 17 Short haircut 19 Soviet sea 22 Lawful 24 Handle roughly 25 de France 26 Ingrid Bergman film 27 Mock moon, once 29 Camp couch 30 Printer's measures 33 God of love 36 Buffets 38 Bursts forth 40 U.S. editor 42 On to) 43 Right of passage? 44 Farm structure 46 Boast 47 Soviet peninsula 48 Lovers' quarrel 50 Women's org. I Solution time: 26 min. J '4 As Cincinnati Ballet begins rehearsals this week for its 1991-92 season, here's a look at the two artists leading the company: Nigel Burgoine, acting artistic director Burgoine, 37, has known Richard Collins for 20 years. "I saw him in London last year and he asked me to come and see the company. I came over last Christmas and I liked what I saw." Collins invited Burgoine to join the company as ballet master and director of education. Burgoine was in Cincinnati less than a week when Collins was injured in an auto accident. Friday, the ballet board asked Burgoine to step in as acting artistic director. A native of London, Burgoine attended the Royal Ballet Scnool and was a principal dancer with the London Festival Ballet. Among his many roles: Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake, Hilarion in Giselle, Alfredo in Rosalinda and Gum in La Sylphide. He has directed education and outreach programs for the London City Ballet and the Dallas Ballet. "Now I have three jobs to do, but education will still be a main objective," Burgoine says. "What we want to do is . . . go into all the schools in the area and give the children a complete breakdown on what ballet Is all about and how a professional dancer works so they won't be afraid to come to the ballet." Johanna Bernstein Wilt, ballet mistress As Johanna Bernstein Wilt, 34, begins her 11th season with the Cincinnati Ballet, she will not only dance in the corps de ballet but will be the ballet mistress as well. "My main responsibility will be learning the repertory, rehearsing the corps, putting up schedules, making sure everything runs smoothly and assisting Nigel." Bernstein Wilt grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and studied at the The Cincinnati EnquirerTony Jones Nigel Burgoine, acting artistic director, practices with members of the Cincinnati Baljet. raDAVllTriplASISEID' CANADA A B R A D E JR O N I cTl IR A I DEf G I E N fc M I Clf" R 13 I N N DA T a"P H (b S I"- '"-j K O SOC" U B TWa" TOM L N T Em" R O G ATT I V E D O R A O n "Ffclc" aw P"" RjMpiS O RJOI'",1"1""'! SUN CI A VIE "Starr A G K A N G I N AfTT A I P E Tl W J LJ?J fT N V E N JJ ST E L A EtJC OAS TW Ballet: We will make it work Acting director to guide troupe through planned season Saturday's answer 1 12 13 14 ' lb 6 1 Id y To 11 T5 T3 T3 T? 76 17 TS 19 '"j 21 22 I !3 24 """26 27 ( '"""2U 29 30 31 f""! 32 33 j 34 35 36 r 37 38 ' i 33 40 '""""41 r 42 43 44 IU1" ' '! 45" 46 47 48 49" 50 """"" 51 52 """"" 13 : 54 35 56 57 BY MARTY MUNSON Enquirer Contributor This was the year that Cincinnati Ballet wanted to start the season on a hopeful note. Reorganizing the administrative staff, making budget cuts and announcing a season full of favorites, the company was aiming to start turning around its financial woes and gear up for Richard Collins' first season as solo artistic director. ' But as the curtain goes up today on the season's first rehearsals, the dancers' spirits aren't where they hoped they'd be. Because Collins can't make it. Head injuries from a one-car accident Wednesday afternoon have him listed in critical condition at the University of Kentucky Medical Center,' Lexington. State police reports say that Collins lost control of his car, which then flipped several times, when trying to avoid a tractor trailor that had changed lanes. The extent of Collins' injuries and the length of his time away can't be determined yet, but for the short term, things are in place for the season to go on as planned. The company has two things working in its favor until the end of this year: One, the season's first ballet is The Great Gatsby, by guest choreographer Andre Prokovsky, who's long been scheduled to spend a six-week residency with the company, starting this week. Prokovsky has worked with these dancers and Collins previously, having most recently choreographed A Woman in New York School of Ballet, the American Dance Festival, Ohio State director isn't around, the responsibility goes on the ballet master's shoulders." Some of this season's negotiations still need to be completed, but Burgoine explained, "Luckily, I don't have to sit down and make a lot of decisions. The repertory has been planned. All I have to do is see that it is rehearsed correctly, that it looks good on stage, and the dancers are content." Continuity helps Ballet Mistress Johanna Bernstein Wilt says that the company already has the advantage of continuity. "The company has the structure set up right now that we can continue, and everybody here knows each other. We're not a brand-new company, and that helps tremendously. The people here want to make it work." Wilt herself is new to her artistic position, though is no stranger to what Collins likes to stress onstage and in class, having worked with him since his arrival in Cincinnati. How this will affect the company's efforts to get finances under control is unclear, with instability never an incentive for investors. Yet the company's structure this year is far ahead of where it was last year, in the chaos of then-director Ivan Nagy's abrupt departure, the announcement of the company's serious deficit and no executive director. This year, however, under the guidance of executive director Paul A. Stuhlreyer III, the company has made budget cuts and set more realistic long-range plans. In addition to the immediate challenges, there are a lot of other things that an artistic director like Collins has going on, aside from providing a single artistic vision for the company. Things like planning and negotiating for next season, collaborating with other companies, in-school programs and other special projects. So between teaching and rehearsing the company, Burgoine will have to pick up a lot of other duties. This isn't the smooth start for which Cincinnati Ballet had hoped, but the company expects to step into the season gracefully. Cryptoquip University and Rotterdam Dance Conservatory before joining the Cincinnati Ballet in 1981. For the past three seasons she has been the children's rehearsal coach for Nutcracker. The experience, plus suffering a broken foot three years ago, made her begin to "think about life as a non-dancer." In June she married Ian Wilt, a "non-dancer." She thinks of Cincinnati as her home. "I'm not going anywhere. I care about the company. We all want to make It work," she says. , i "We have a lot of . choreographers coming in this year The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to Love in last May s series. Acting director named Cincinnati Ballet's second piece of luck is that locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. Today's Cryptoquip clue: R equals W RLF MH RG MEUPG HV to set new pieces, and they will be in Nutcracker follows Gatsby on the schedule, a work charge. It s more for me to be a familiar to the company. sponge and learn everything and get To provide leadership in Collins absence, Cin the style and the feeling. . . . You just don't go out there and dance. Someone has to organize It." cinnati Ballet's Board of Trustees has named the company's new ballet master, Nigel Burgoine, as A K E D K V M A K E D R K F N L G OWEN FINDSEN acting artistic director. Every ballet master who takes on the position has to know they're rather MEUPG RKF? N L G H V ike a vice president, said Burgoine. When the . Saturday's Cryptoquip: DAD SIGHS, "HUGE CHARGE ACCOUNT IS NO CREDIT TO OUR Bridge Advanced crossword BY OMAR SHARIF and TANNAH HIRSCH VE PAINT ALUMINUM SIDING We know the method for refinishing Aluminum Siding by painting. Is your ALUMINUM SIDING fading or discolored? Our method will give your siding lasting beauty. Costs just a fraction of the price of new siding. Both vulnerable. West deals. North 4 9 6 5 V KQ2 10 5 3 2 7 4 2 10 year guarantee We are fully insured. West Colors can be changed "We are the leader in the industry" Call Now For FREE Estimate K East 7 3 2 10 9 8 7 4 5 3 K Q 9 8 7 4 A J J 6 41 Tanks or tees 44 Pals 46 "I Married ": MacDonald Eddy film 49 Church section 51 Film star John 52 Outwit 54 Novelist's problem 55 Ranger or wolf 57 "...baked in " 58 Nurses' aides, for short 60 Young Guthrie 61 Grate 62 Looks over 65 Papua New Guinea city 13 Endure 18 Twain 24 An Alan 26 Govern 27 Mall businesses 28 Arrive unexpectedly 29 Outward aspect 30 Centuries 31 Goodman of comedy 33 Frankie or Cleo 34 White-tailed birds 37 Tailless feline 40 Pell : confusion 4 10 9 3 dealer pre-empt. When North showed some values in response to South's cue-bid, South proceeded to slam via the quickest route. West led the ace of hearts, and dummy was a great disappointment. The king-queen of hearts were, to all intents and purposes, completely useless. There was not even an entry to the table for the trump finesse. However, West continued with a heart, and declarer not only was able to discard a club on the heart king, but found himself on the table for a trump finesse. Hazen duly led the nine of spades, but paused to think before committing to the finesse. West was an expert defender who had to know that Hazen would never have leaped to slam holding two fast heart losers. Therefore, there was no way for declarer to get to dummy to take the trump finesse. Why, then, had West so conveniently provided an entry to the board? L & L PAINTING " 21 Years of Special Service" 513-241-1169 4 8 6 South ACROSS 1 Harvest 5 Addis 10 Phone 14 breve 15 Spill the beans 16 Austen's Miss Woodhouse 17 Descending 19 Accts. 20 Florida gulf city 21 After lob or mob 22 Pre-Easter season 23 Historical period 25 Jordan's neighbor 27 Shimmered 32 "The Man from 35 Beer ingredients 36 Condemn 38 "The Merry Widow" composer 39 Poles apart: Abbr. 40 Authorization 42 One, in Bonn 43 A of cake: easy 45 Chinese: Comb-form 46 British composer Thomas 47 Watchdog's greeting 48 Wide open spaces 50 "Good Times" actress Esther 53 Sauna site 54 Foresee 56 Race course 59 Type of drum 63 Mrs. Burt Reynolds 64 Spotted color 66 Fairy tale beginning 67 Minneapolis suburb 68 What is new? 69 Driving aids 70 Songstress Delia 71 Cuts off DOWN 1 Intense 2 Queen of scat 3 Reuner 4 Caters to 5 Pub order 6 Hazards 7 In a brawl 8 Fido's favorites 9 Hopping mad 10 Turn down 11 Accusers 12 " and a Woman" LE: ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZ Share A Country Cottage at Evergreen. 4 AQ J 10 8 4 6 A 4 AKQJ5 The bidding: West North East South 3 Pass Pass 4 Pass 4 NT Pass 6 4 Pas9 Pass Pass Opening lead: Ace of . This deal, played many years ago by the late Lee Hazen in the Masters Individual, reminds us of the story of a foreigner who arrived at Kennedy Airport and helped a lady who was struggling with her bags. "Why are you being so good to me?" she asked. In his best English the Samaritan replied: "Madam, I am good for nothing." Hazen picked up one of the best hands he was to hold in a long lifetime of bridge only to hear the S cJaM pJii jc 1 1 aTi it o p. iiiiUmiiiIIJh hi JLlliAIV A N S VT LIE TIaTX A B I EnTA I C3Y 1 0 ! N sTeTtTjd' I bUcTF 1 1 sTtTe Aiu mOR AS hQa! 0 i A ILK LMil-L r. o. nTs j d e s. aminoDr i seETdomi K I N OilWfTE T CUM A D AWlllIlSUIO IlII C .PlLLlS LillA S MilH nil rfs n A i Kni-Lii sIpTeIwUtIaInWsUsIeIrIt The obvious answer was that West was being good for nothing. If the defender wanted declarer to be able to take the spade finesse, it could not be in declarer's interests to be accommodating! So Hazen spurned the finesse, shot up with the ace of spades and landed the slam when the king came tumbling down. Word game Words must be tour or more letters. 2. Words which acquire Fireplaces and Built-in Bookcases four letters by the addition of s, Garages: Oversized. Room for Storage such as "bats" or "dies," are not DECRYPTS (DECRYPTS: dee-KRIPTS. Deciphers; decodes.) Average mark 12 words Time limit 30 minutes Can you find 19 or more words in DECRYPTS? The list will be published Tuesday. RULES OF THE GAME: 1. used. 3. Only one form of a verb is i P P I4 K l5 F P F F H 1' I1' u 13 Ti "is 7? iT is 25 ?! 5j : ' ' 53 24 53 2?" 27 ' la ' 29" 30 131 35 33 34 35 35 3T" 31 3 40 i 1 J3 44 3 46 J7 4l 49 ' - 52 51 jb2 " S3 Lif si bTTSe 5! bTTeTTET S3 w 6l 55 55 7S 71 I j j used. For example, either pose Mere a tried and true "new" idea from Evergreen Retirement Community... Mare a country cottage at Evergreen. Save balf-aottage worth Of money! Perfect firsim. brvtlm ywMfrierulwu nviiv much nirfi or "posed," not both. 4. Proper names are not used. 5. Slang words Bay Windows: Breakfast With k View large Patios and Decks Flower Beds: Room (or Gardening WasherDryer Hook-Ups Two Spacious Bedrooms and Two Luxurious Baths Call nuu-for all ik Ixwtiftl Mtik are not used. Sunday'9 Word PROTRUDE y 4 sap 948-2308 (dtwwtwrV depot drupe detour duet doer dupe dope duro dorp erupt dote euro dour drop pert prod redtop rout ordure tour poet proud report route outer trod pore prouder repro router outre trope port prude rode rude toed troupe porter pure rope ruder tope true pour purer rote rued toper truer pout purr roue opted tore uredo pouter redo roup order torr deport Immdtatf Otnpmcj ' U)rtlm tuiatmnl ClmKmtHfrmltr ( fcmIWImwmCoiMiiill I i OtlhnUtkKUi. CpkHmW.OMoWH Stumped? Call 1-900-896-2123 95(tminute.

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