The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on September 13, 1991 · Page 26
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 26

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1991
Page 26
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C-4Movies, Videos THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Friday, September 13, 1991 j VJeekend movie guide go Ratings are based on viewing by Enquirer movie critic Joe DeChick and Enquirer news services. For information on where movies are playing see movie ads in today's Enquirer. Excellent Good Fair Poor Movie critic Joe DeChick 1 k married sleaze who suddenly turns up dead. This mystery-thriller starts out flat but gradually improves into a twisty, gripping whodunit. Sam Shepard and Mary Beth Hurt co-star. DOC HOLLYWOOD (PG-13; profanity, brief nudity) Vt While driving to Beverly Hills to cash in as a plastic surgeon, a selfish young physician (Michael J. Fox) is detained in a small Southern town and captivated by its chief beauty (Julie Warner). Though innocuous and predictable, this romantic comedy has charm and whimsy to burn. Don't Forget Shoney's Seafood Bar Friday and Saturday , Starting at 5:00 p.m. )JfllWik)llO Cards Available only at participating restaurants. Shoney's welcomes the American Express Card. Opening today THE COMMITMENTS (R; extreme profanity) A raucous, ripsnortingly funny rock 'n' roll fantasy about a working-class Dublin band playing American soul music. Alan Parker (Fame) directs a cast of unknowns who act and play up a storm in this spirited, high-energy must-see about the redemptive power of soul and rock 'n' roll, and the promise of something better. FREDDY'S DEAD: THE FINAL NIGHTMARE (R) No screening; not reviewed. FREEZE DIE COME TO LIFE (Not rated; profanity, nudity) Episodic Soviet drama about two children struggling to survive in a Soviet Orient mining town and labor camp just after World War II. Smart, wry and uncompromising. At The Esquire Theater. PASTIME (PG; profanity) 12 Left-field sleeper about the friendship between a 41 -year-old reliever (William Russ) and a promising 17-year-old rookie (Glenn Plummer) on a class D ballclub in Central California, in 1957. A low-key but rich tale of pride and passion, honesty and basic human dignity. At The Esquire Theater. Now playing BEASTMASTER 2: THROUGH THE PORTAL OF TIME (PG-13; profanity, violence) 12 After time-traveling to Los Angeles, 1991, beastmaster Dar (Marc Singer) joins a Valley Girl (Kari Wuhrer) to try to save the world by killing his brother (Wings Hau-ser). An irreverent tone and Hau-ser's flaming nastiness make this watchable, in a guilty pleasure sort of way. BINGO (PG; profanity) Vi Bingo the dog searches for the youngster (Robert J. Steinmiller Jr.) who reluctantly abandoned him. This tone-deaf spoof of the a-boy-and-his-dog movies of the 1950s is a children's comedy with enough adult jokes to make parents wonder if they wandered into the wrong doghouse. BOYZ N THE HOOD (R; profanity, nudity, sexual situations, violence) Teen-age friends (Cuba Gooding Jr., Ice Cube, Morris Chestnut) come of age in drug- and gang-plagued South-Central Los Angeles. Marked by realistic acting and stylish, nervy direction, this is a frightening look at black urban America. CHILD'S PLAY 3 (R; profanity, violence) Murderous, potty-mouthed kids' doll Chucky terrorizes Andy (Justin Whalin), now age 16, at military school. The result is a full metal racket and another pathetic sequel. CITY SLICKERS (PG-13; profanity, adult themes) 12 Three pushing-40 pals (Daniel Stern, Bruno Kirby, Billy Crystal) try to snap mid-life slumps by going on a fantasy vacation; a two-week Wild West cattle drive. Though sporadically hilarious, this slick and calculated comedy-drama is both entertaining and annoying. DEAD AGAIN (R; profanity, violence) Romantic-thriller about a private eye (director Kenneth Branagh) who befriends an amnesiac (Emma Thompson) convinced she was murdered by her husband in a past life. This noble failure has its moments, but it's too clunky and implausible, and requires it preposterous leaps of faith. DEFENSELESS (R; profanity, violence, nudity) 12 A defense attorney (Barbara Hershey) beds her client (J.T. Walsh), a centerfold house-sitter next door (Teri Polo) metamorphoses into the Night From Hell. Despite the occasional genre-busting scene and some snappy dialogue, this comedy-thriller is just a teeny-bopper take on Martin Scorsese's After Hours. THE NAKED GUN 2Vr. THE SMELL OF FEAR (PG-13; profanity, sexual innuendo) Oblivious Lt. Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) and his cracked Police Squad investigate a plot to subvert America's energy policy. This supremely silly sequel aims for our funny bone but shoots itself in the foot and that's the point! George Kennedy, Priscilla Presley and O.J. Simpson join the spoofing. 101 DALMATIANS (G) Still spotty, and spotted, after 30 years, this charming Disney caper features Cruella De Vil, one of the nastiest cartoon villains ever. Her scheme to dognap Dalmatians for a new fur coat throws the canine population of London into a tizzy. PARIS IS BURNING (Not rated; profanity, nudity, adult themes) 12 Frank, funny and fascinating documentary exploring the subculture of Harlem drag balls, in which gay men dress in drag and compete for trophies. Director Jennie Livingston doesn't condescend to or take pity on the drag queens. A sleeper. At The Esquire Theater. PURE LUCK (PG; profanity, violence) 12 A detective (Danny Glover) teams with an accident-prone accountant (Martin Short) to find a missing and equally clumsy heiress (Sheila Kelley). This one-joke action-comedy tests one's tolerance for nonstop pratfalls. REGARDING HENRY (PG-13; profanity, mild sexual innuendo) 12 After losing his memory in an accident, a self-centered New York lawyer (Harrison Ford) is forced to reassess his life, family and priorities. Funny and occasionally touching, this slight feelgood film works in spite of itself. With Bill Nunn, Annette Bening. ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES (PG-13; profanity, violence) With a Moor (Morgan Freeman) by his side, Robin Hood (Kevin Costner) battles the Sheriff of Nottingham (scene-stealing Alan Rickman) and woos Maid Marian (Mary Elizabeth Mastran-tonio) in England's Sherwood Forest. Dark, violent and overlong a days of yore bore. TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (R; profanity, violence) In this slam-bang sci-fi sequel, two Terminators are sent back from the year 2029 one programmed to kill Sarah Connor's (Linda Hamilton) son, the other (Arnold Schwarzenegger) charged to protect him. Problems aside the middle sags; the ending fizzles this special-effects blowout is on par with the original. THELMA & LOUISE (R; profanity, violence, sexual situations) i2 Existential road movie about friends (Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon) whose weekend vacation becomes a cross-country sprint from the law. Ridley Scott (Blade Runner) directs this whacked-out great time as a '90s Easy Rider with rich humor, energy and a feminist spin. TRUE IDENTITY (R; profanity, adult themes) 12 Chased by a mob boss and hit man, a struggling black actor (Lenny Henry) and victim of mistaken identity tries to play the role of a lifetime: a Caucasian. British comedian Henry gives a carefully modulated performance in this modest but well-observed comedy. . THROUGH SEPTEMBER 29 OHIO . l Elizabeth Perkins and William Hurt star in The Doctor. THE DOCTOR (PG-1 3; profanity) 12 After a heartless heart surgeon (William Hurt, low-key and right-on) is diagnosed with cancer, he's humbled by his patient's-eye view of the profession. A moving and pointed drama that's written, acted and directed with uncommon intelligence. Christine Lahti, Elizabeth Perkins co-star. DOUBLE IMPACT (R; profanity, violence, nudity, sexual situations) Action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme stars as twin brothers reunited in Hong Kong after 25 years and trying to avenge their parents' murder. Dumb and raggedly paced, but Van Damme and a cast of intimidating villains deliver the goods. HARLEY DA VIDSON AND THE MARLBORO MAN (R; profanity, nudity, violence) A free-spirited drifter (Mickey Rourke) and ex-rodeo cowboy (Don Johnson) try to rescue their hangout from developers in 1996. The leads are likable, but this gunplay-packed action-comedy can't overcome toothless dialogue and a weightless plot. HOT SHOTS! (PG-13; profanity) Anything goes and at a gag-a-nanosecond pace in director Jim Abrahams' (Ruthless People) high-flying spoof of flyboy films. The plot? You must be kidding. Like Airplane!, half the jokes soar at Mach 2, the other half crash and burn. Charlie Sheen, Cary Elwes and Valeria Golino co-star. MOBSTERS (R; profanity, nudity, sexual situations, extreme violence) Vi Gangster wannabes (Christian Slater, Patrick Dempsey, Richard Grieco, Cos-tas Mandylor) are caught in and finally instigate a war between New York City's top mob bosses (Anthony Quinn, Michael Gam-bon). Stylish, but shallow and shamefully unoriginal mob riff. MY FATHER'S GLORY (G) Based on Memories of Childhood, by Marcel Pagnol Jean de Florette and Manon of the Spring), Glory recalls episodes from an idyllic youth in France in the early 1900s. The film blushes with warmth and wit and humanity, and is ripe with delightful performances and gorgeous cinematography. At Cinema 5. MYSTERY DATE (PG-13; profanity) A college student's (Ethan Hawke) first date with the mGmmmmmPM tesu 5 o SPEND A FULL DAY IN SIX EACH WEEKENDS: AUG. 24 - SEPT. 29 DAY, 10:30 A.M. TO 6 P.M. OUR 30-ACRE VILLAGE! . MINGLE WITH HUNDREDS OF COSTUMED MERRYMAKERS! SHOP OUR AUTHENTIC CRAFTS VILLAGE! . FEAST ON FOOD & DRINK FIT FOR A KING! TEST THY KNIGHTLY SKILLS! U I ' II I I a SO J A IN A SINGLE 0kk Weekend video guide DAY! i 3r E m n Celebrate the release of Katharine Hepburn's Me: Stories of My Life (Knopf, $25) by renting The Lion in Winter 968). Hepburn won her third Oscar she shared it with Barbra Streisand (Funny Girl) for her portrayal of daft but manipulative Eleanor of Aquitaine. Hubby Henry II fPetfir O'Toola nArfnrtlu Hepburn cast) lets her out of prison on Christmas Eve and they pick his successor. The result Is 1 35 minutes of emotional power games, but the acting and searing dialogue make this unforgettable. CLOSET LAND (1991, Media, $92.98, 96 minutes). Madeleine Stowe, Alan Rickman. Something's out of whack in this intense two-person drama about political oppression, torture and censorship. Written and directed by Temple film school alumna Radha Bharadwaj, the film looks more like a Calvin Klein Obsession ad than an impassioned treatise on human rights. The entire thing takes place in a jaunty-angled, checkerboard-floored room dominated by towering Greek columns; at any moment you expect some moody model with severe hair to wander in murmuring angst-rldden non sequiturs. THE FIVE HEARTBEATS (1991, CBSFox, $92.98, 120 minutes). Robert Townshend, Leon, Michael Wright, Tico Weiss. The Five Heartbeats throbs with the spirit of classic Tin Pan Alley musicals like Alexander's Ragtime Band. If only the film were as memorable as its catchy tunes. Unfortunately, director Robert Townsend freights an insubstantial script (co-written with In Living Color's Keenen Ivory Wayans) with weighty characters and even heavier plot developments. EVE OF DESTRUCTION mi, New Line, $89.95, 101 minutes). Renee Soutendijk, Gregory Hines, Kevin McCarthy. Snappily plotted but sloppily directed, this sci-fi thriller about a scientist and her indestructible android gone amok Is such a terrific idea for a B-movie that it manages to be gripping even though it's spectacularly underwritten. Making her American-film debut, Dutch actress Soutendijk Spetters, The Fourth Man) is excellent. THE HARD WAY (1991, MCAUniversal, 111 minutes). Michael J. Fox, James Woods, Stephen Lang, Annabella Sclorra. Fox as a Malibu actor who hero-worships Manhattan cop Woods and prepares for a new role by dogging the detective's footsteps. i It' f Vf V4 J FREE DISCOUNT COUPONS AT: BP, DAIRY MART, IGA, HARDEE'S VIDEO TOWNE, DRUG EMPORIUM, CROWN SHOES, BRENDAMOUR'S, GETZ A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS AW The Idea of teaming easy-listening Fox with head-banger Woods sounds amusing. But neither the actors have a chance to transform each other because director John Badham is always cutting to the chase. OSCAR (1991, Touchstone, $92.95, 109 minutes). Sylvester Stallone, Peter Riegert, Ornella Muti, Vincent Spano, Harry Shearer. Stallone stars in this excruciating comedy, a would-be farce about a reformed gangster, his daughters, a bag of money and a bag of jewels. All sorts of talent Riegert, Mutl, Spano, Shearer and an uncredited Kirk Douglas is wasted. DAYTON I COLUMBUSi EXIT MWNOlm I jlt Fivr milBB Mat 1775 otWaynsBvill l Antique Capilal ol irfciNCINNAn "" CLOSE AND CONVENIENT TO CINCINNATI. TAKE 1-71 NORTH TO EXIT 45, THEN TAKES,R.73 W. BOX OFFICE TICKET PRICES ADULT $10.00 CHILDREN 5-12 $5.00 CHILDREN UNDER 5 EBEE frrrj JJ USAir jjiQi'-cscsiL FREE PARKING zviles

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