The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 3, 1959 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1959
Page 11
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rdft THE PAST SEVERAL DAYS 1 have been stewing abou what to write for this week's column. Normally it might be cele- brahrtg the fact that the kids are back in school, but I jumped the gun and wrote that a couple of weeks ago. I can't write anything .about what we've been doing at our house because we're stil .canning tomatoes in every available moment, and that .too has been adequatelv covered. Last night when 1 was desparately asking some friends _what I would write about, one of them said, "Well, Harlan Miller is always threatening to write a column oh sex- Why don' you beat him ,to it? But, of course," he added, "yoU wouldn't dare do that m a family newspaper like the Algona Upper Des Moines!' * * * , sex, «t least in some of its aspects, is forbidden. The Ladies Home Journal, for example, ,has several articles every month in which, subjects are discussed" which not so Very long ago were confined to consultations with tithe family doctor. Newspapers everyday run pictures with more sex-interest than, news value and even ,the ads rely heavily on sex appeal for their sales impact! , - ' ''' Ringsted Man Tabs A Bride S>MI Gil*-^- Barbara .Stueve. daugftter of Mf arid MFS Gilbert Stueve. Graettinger. became the bride of Wm. Hewitt, son of Mr and Mrs Leonard Lund of Ringsted, Sunday,'August 23rd at 2 p.m. in the St. John's Lutheran church at Ringsted. Rev. Carlo Petersen' performed the double ring ceremony. Bridesmaid wag Mrs Lavonne Ltihrrtan of Graettinger, sister of the bride. The groom's attendent was Roy Moore of Rjngsted; ushers were Dennis Hewitt and Robert Trof f, j. C. Srnitri ( of Ringsted sang, A reception'was held in the church parlors following the ceremony, Mrs MelvIn Englebarts of Elrnore poured the punch, Mrs Pete Troff of Armstrong served the cake- and Mrs Robert Beadle of *F6rt Dodge poured the coffee. J Waitresses were Marjorie and Beadle of Fort Dodge, and nf the City of Atflftfrn, tftWn ofi thfe ... day of August. 1959, the boundaries ttt the wards In said City hav« ftwft Ttdcserlhed as follows; FIRST WARD-. All thnt part of the City |*W* south of the eentet- line of SWfC Street and west or the center 1m* of S, Minnesota Street. SECOND WARD- AD that nnrt of the City lyfhff south of the eenter line of Stnte Street nnrt east of iho eenter line of S. Minnesota Street. THIRD WARD- All that pm-t of the Ctty Jyl«* north of the renter line of state Street and east of the center . of N. Colby & Garileld Street. FOURTH WARO- All thnt pan of the City lying north of the center line of State Street nnd \vest of the center line , of N, Colby A- Garfleld Street. You are hereby notified thnt the foregoing changes of boundaries <i1 vvards Is also a change of the votJn( precincts In the City of. Alftona, low* nnd will beconw effective at lifts riexJ general election. Published by direction ot the City Dnvld A. Smith City Clerk (3S-38-3T Beverly Troff of Armstrong. • The couple will be at home in Des Moines where the groom is by the Marble and IS PRETTY MUCH HERE to stay. There have been many periods in history when the subject has gone underground for a while, but I'hardly think it was out of fashion. Even such an ancient book as the Holy Bible treats sex in a very direct manner. Sex is a part of God's plan for ..the, human, race, and, in its proper place, can be one of the lovliest 'things in life.'or when',debased by. mankind, one of the ugliest. *• . * * * AS A- BEGINNING - FOR. THIS facts-of-life lecture I want to state that sex begins 1 at /b'iHh "when tftey put' fhe blue blankets on the boy babies and the pink ones on the girls. From there on it gets a great deal more complicated. Boy toddlers tend to «be, quite a bit harder on the furniture than girl babies, girl fourth graders tend to giggle moj-e while their boy contemporaries are out playing baseball and boy junior high students tend to go abbtit their own masculine pursuits for a couple of years after the girls of their own age already have crushes on them. * * * ! ' ": I WOULD BE THE LAST ONE to say that sex is the whole thing • in love and marriage, but a person doesn't have to be very sm^rt to admit that it certainly helps to get the whole thing started. But real devotion is more than sex. When a man spends 30 years caring for his invalid wife, 1 When a woman puts up with a no-good husband for a lifetime, when a man knocks himself out every day to provide "'• a living for his family, or a mother cares more for her children than she; does'for herself, sex-is involved, but by that .time it has pro- gnessed *jtp'genuine JoVe.rAnd that, if you haven't heard it before, , Mantel Ob. The groom is a grandson of the Silas Johnsons of Swea City. RETIRES Alice Madson of Harlan retired recently after teaching there 31 years. NOTICE OF CHANCE OF BOUNDARIES OF WARDS AND VOTING , PRECINCTS IN THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA Public notice is hereby given that, pursuant to action of the City Council ORDINANCE NO. 407 AN ORDINANCE TO DIVIDE THE CITY OF ALOONA, IOWA INTO WARDS; PROVIDING FOR VOTING PRECINCTS, AND REPEALING ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT. BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Algonn. Iowa as follows: •• Section 1. PURPOSE. The purpose of this ordinance is to divide this City into geogrnphlcnl nrcas. herein cnUed "Words" so thnt each rtven may be re> presented on Iho City Council by a Councilninn from Its own Wnrd. nnd to designate snid Wnrds ns voting pre- C See S non 2. DIVISION INTO WARDS. The City of Algonn, lown Is hereby divided into four Wnrds. • Section 3. FIRST WARD. The first Wnrd shall Include nil Hint pnrt of the City lying South of the center line of State 'Street nnd West of the center line of S. Minnesota Street. Section 4. SECOND WARD. The second Wnrd shall Include nil that pnrt of the City lying South of the center line of State Street nnd East Of the center line of S. Minnesota Street. Section 5. THIRD WARD. The third Ward shall include nil thnt pnrt of the City lying North of the center line of. . ..... nnd fcnsf of the eente.r line f North Colby & Onrfleld Street. Sort ion fi, rOURtH WARD. fhe tnirth Ward shall Include oil that pad jf the City lying North of the center ine of Sintr- Street and West of fhe «nter line of North Cilby St Ciarffeld Street. ™ Section ?. VOTING P R ft C 1 N C f 8. Pnere shall he four voting precincts numbered from tfrte to four.- both in- , slusivc. which shall coiu-spond and j ie cnrviensivc with the limits of trie J respective 'wards as herelnnbove pro- ' Vlded Section R. REPEAtCR. Section 2, 3. 4, mid 5 of Chapter 1 of Revised Ordinances or !fi«B are hereby specifically "ppenleit. out! all other ordinances, or •arts theieof in conflict with the pro- tstans heieof, nfr repealed, ' Set-turn n. WHEN EFTECTJVE. This irdmnticc shall be In effect after its tln;i1 passive, approval, and publication BS provided by law. ADOPTF.D and APPROVED THIS 2(ilh day of August, 1!)50. Dr. C. C. Rhlerk Mayor ATTEST- David A. Smith Citv Clerk AUTHENTICATION The foregoing Ordinance No. -107 Is henliy duly authenticated this Sflth day nf AuRiist, IDS!). Dr. C. C. ShU-tU Mayor ATTEST David A. Smllli Citv Clerk (35) Pay ftftll. pny roll — Mervirv TlentRes. labo Wrtbvtf B. Rruner. lal Harvey PeRlow, lahn Drone, labor 233.30 1S3.W lows State Bank. withholding tax ... Sob, Sec. Fund. »oe. ser. tan Blue Cross, ln». premium WAttR fUNtt Walter Peterson, labor Mouiiee Kretaxhach, Inhni WK Drone. Jabot _, |T - -_-!_---niim_i.-iiiij|i.-a»1ra.i--.nliifr-.-.--I— ™~-~A .™-™.. — -_. tm.42 ?34.17 . 44.00 f huriday, Sept. 3, 1959 Algeria (la.) Upp*f 9«i Municipal Utilities UTILITY PROCEEDINGS A meeting of the Hoard of Trustees ot the Algona Municipal Utilities wrm held In the City Hall. Clly of Algnna. Iowa, Aug. n. iiisti. at 7:30 o'clock P.M. Present wore: O n. Harmos. Melvln Bay, T. James Pnlmer, Supt., Irn Kohl, Secretary. Absent was: Allen Buchanan. The minutes of the meeting of Aug 3, lOSIi. were rend and approved. Motion by llnrtnes, seconded by Hay that vouchees payable he approved am authorized paid as audited, Roll call voting "Aye", Harmon & Hay. Votllif "Nay", none. Motion carried. LIGHT FUND North Central Pub. Serv., gas .. 20.22 W. W. Sullivan P. M., postage — 1 , Hetrrier*. labor ^.^.,. „,.„„ Tjsroy Gronbarti, labor - ,„ 28,97 Thorrma Moe, labor ,.„,,,,_ 32.0ft Iowa State rtjink, withholding tax ..„„ 40SO Soc. Sec, Fund, noc. ser, tax . ., 47OT flhle Cross, ins. prem. ... . 10.20 North Otiirnl I'ub. S«r. Co., RnR a 04 T, .Tamf'R Palmer, exp. - , ... .. H.71 DEPOSIT FOND Clyde Cramer rt nt, refund .. i273.f)rt A five yenr extension aKrrcment for 85.22 pas service fir I wren (he North Public Service Co, and tt* Al Municipal UtlllUea, with an of 80.0fe per MCF, w«* wtrpf accepted. Th« salary ot Barbara Pa?«otl* set nt $130.«> per month. Next nn»«tSn)T date wft* »*t fat Sept, I. im at 1%0 o'clock P.M. adjourned, /S/ Ira KoM /S/ O. B, Harrae* President Pro Tern how Barrow /Vat/o Austin, Minnesota ptembe Hormel Geo s ; w^iat; makes the';w,6rld 'go around. '-•*?.'•'-,'',. '. ' \ ,i • 1 'fc 'i* , IT SEEMS TO ME, ARE more interested in sex in general than women are. But women are more interested in how sex affects them; personally. If it isn't 'telling tales out of school, I would like to .state that I have' been in on some hen parties when wives have tolHi such intimate, details that they made me blush absoluetely purpleh'Jh some cases, I firmly believe that husbands would be entirely jwithin' their: rights 'if they beat a wffe for discussing things" so 'personal, but : it -sure; gets; a big ; laugh from the girls. ' •;l}:Wv : '' v; :,-'. '. •' -Vrfj : :<<M3-v. * * : MEN. ON;:THEjOTHER:HAND/are more prone to whistling ant? more- devoted- tor the smutty 'joke. They admire the display without any '^hopes of ever acquiring ' the merchandise. Even the happily; married ones seem to 'think it;. proVes 'something or other if /they I arti inpsey, enough to. hear ipts of things ntat meant for me, and I still»,thinl4-men keep sex on ; a : less personal basis than do wome,n. But I never yet have met a man who did not believe he had some appeal for women. ,, •••. „ -\ \ -.<•-. , • • . • ( , '„, J H '"•*, ! *, S*' i , * THE BEST THING ABOUT SEX is that there are two of them. Vive la difference, say the French, and I am inclined to agree with them. I am^swfgi^KtJjSTeA.of _tM5aiq!$s*6Tid ^thDUgh- I -'admi/tf *hd male sex from'the other side of the fense, I don't want to imitate them. And at the same time, unless you want to insult a man, do not even intimate that he is a little pn the sissy side. * * * • .SO MUCH'SEX INFORMATION is available for young people today that I doubt if any of them who go wrong could with any honesty says it was because of innocence "of the facts of life." If a modern author would write a book pn "What Every Young Girl Ought To Know", she could do it without much mention of sex. But the fields of cooking, cleaning, canning, freezing, and the care and feeding of husbands and children aren't nearly so well covered. Most girls, when they get married already have all the technical knowledge about the birds and the bees that .they need. What they need to know is the upkeep on the nest where they practice it. . , , p , SEX MAY BE A FASCINATING subject to discuss but we girls still have to cook. September brings a revival of club meetings and luncheons and if you'd like to have a nice Chicken Loaf recipe to serve, I have one for this week's Recipe. I got it from Dorothy Cook but'it has. Erm'a' Berischoter's'name on it. • ' ' .'"-.' 2 medium or 1 large chicken I 2 vQups copked rice-. , •. ;• .-; • ._ ' j,:4 ; cups soft bread/crumbs • . : '%.! cup'-better?or cnicR'eri fat> • ' . 2 cups \chickeri: stock'or milk . 2 well 'b'eaten eggs' •'. -.-••••; ,< , 2 tsp. salt Va cup pimiento Cook chicken until tender, remove bones and cut meat into pieces. Add ingredients above and mix well. Bake in a deep pan J.% hours in a 350 degree oven: To add to the attractiveness of the dish, cover before baking with a layer of buttered cornflakes. .This serves 12 to 15 people, and it s'eems to me it would be very good with a sauce made of mushroom soup. —GRACE. CUT FARM COSTS Get the horsepower you paid for with firc$fonc retreads New tire * tread design * bar height * bar width, * bar length v * tread rubber -yijjft^ ^-oaatfig^ \ J«* our LOANER tirt» whll» your* BRADLEY BROS. CY 4-2421 Algeno, !PW« jiiilliiiiiiiiililliillliilillilllliiiiiiiilllliliiiiil PHONICY 4^3535 - YOUR NIWSPAPIR New High Standard In Styling RANGES *nflf W ELECTRIC ^v?U\« vv • fcLtN. I i\lV BUW^V^ affffi" ! K-' till m 7#AT> { BP ;«fe8 • ^^ • "Red Hot 'n Seconds Surf-A-Stat" burners . . . temperature controlled units become RED HOT in a few seconds. • "Magic Eye" in center of burner unit presses against bottom of utensil to keep food at constant temperature you set, automatically. No more burning, scorching or boil-overs. Easiest oven cleaning . units. . everything removable including oven * MONARCH Meat-Tender . . . enables you to roast meat or fowl just the way you like it everytime . . . automatically. Oven will turn on automatically and buzzer will sound when food is done. mm* MODEL 4A30 "CP" GAS • Automatic Oven Timer, Minute Minder and Electric Clock in mantel back. • "Magic Eye" in burner unit presses against bottom of utensil to keep food at constant temperature. • Meat-Tender — to roast meat or fowl just the way you like it ... automatically. WIJtL • Timed Appliance-Griddle outlet and fully automatic oven. MONARCH all new 30-inch ranges set a new high standard of styling .. . the fashion line .. . most stylish looking ranges ever made for.your kitchen. Breath-taking features, unequalled "Built-in" Loo, beauty, speed economical performance, plus "way-out-front" styling, all combine to make MONARCH your smartest purchase! We Also Have Many Other Models Available At (,/'/! /I OUR OUIN HARDUJARE '*

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