The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1940
Page 5
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THURSDAY', FEBRUARY 22, 19iO BliYTUBVIlUJ!, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Social Calendar FRIDAY'S EVENTS Woman's clul> having genera mcctlnj, 2:30 o'clock, al club house. Elm wood Cemetery association meeting 11 o'clotk with Mrs. Otl Bradbcrry. Mrs. W, D. McClurkin entertaining Frlcby Uridyc club. SATURDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. L. E. Old entei'ttitiilni. V.'cdnesday Bridge club. Largu 1'aily Given ,U Hotel Yesterday A seasonal motif was carried out in the decorations for the pavtj given yesterday afternoon at the Hotel Noble by Mrs. Cecil Wtoten who entertained 23 guests foi bridge and luncheon. Thrse floral arrangements were used in (he center of (he table a. whlcli lunch was served. Waceeard tallies also emphasized the spring season while the February birth- clay of Georse Washington was carried out in the menu, Mcciitehen received high score prize and Mis. Marvin Nunn, second high score pri/.e, In (lie bridge games. Tha cut prize presented Miss Mary Spain Usrey. • • t Bridge Luncheon Honors Miss Tlitlma U'orthlngton Another in the series of prenuptial parties being given for Miss Thelma Worthlngton, bride- elect of Hermon Carl ton, was given yesterday afternoon by Mrs. Charles Penn, Mrs. Jame.s Tompkins and Mrs. E. B. Woorison. at (lie Wood- son-Pcmj homo. Twenty six guests were entertained at the brirti'o lunclieon. Mrs A. M. Todd, ol Vicksburg. Miss housegucsl of Mrs. J. P. Tompkin.s, was the only out of town guest. ' A blue and yellow color scheme was carried out in tl le bridal decorations. Jonquils and cornflowers were used in (he centers of the luncheon tables at which i he- guests' places were marked with bridal cards. Mrs. Hunter C. Sims received high score prize anil Mrs. Murray Smart, second hi»li score prize, in (lie bridge games. The bride was presented a gift. Rabbi Pollack Will Sr.eak n( Club Meeting- Rabbi Herman Pollack will be moved to Memphis Melhodisl hospital this mornliur. ills son, Lonte, i.Mlsa.Jiosn Sdumorlt.sdi and Dr. s. ' i'. Muilln went down with him. i Mrs. Alex Ham, of SI. Louis, re-——^=. i ll "'ncd lo her home Momlny alter \Vlth announcement o( the clubs srnls "Tlii- linmier" One observer' h ". vlll!? vtsllc<l llcr <li»>S>>t«v, Mi's. • ' ?J , ,. i 1 -''" ! 'J^ 10 ''. «"rt Infant son of Cn Slimlm' Skits For Stunt JNigla May Startle If Not Stuii Audience and civic groups who will participate In community stimt night Friday night at- the high school auditorium, much good natural rivalry has developed between the groups. The affair begins at 7'30 ' muttered ns he overhe henna! of the e 0 , , „< vt) ^' """mvuio, Mo, who are In lily, music had b,e» hear L ' " lo ? « . h «lJ»«J- »'• «•"» "«• » . o'clock. Russell Fart, general manager of the senior nljjhl, today announced the complete program which Includes besides stunts, several specialties. lhe program will open with a novelty number, "Old Black Joe," — heard but couldn't renumber «-hen. Members of Die high school girl ilc S, Sinilh, of Ciiruthersvllle, spent two days here this week with them. Mrs. j, A. Leech went to ,„.. , , , , scout troop will present ,, ,tdt ' Jl ' v Ijt>cc " wcllt to 1 '-» l11 "The Olrls," When mieslloiied' "'' Ky " Momilt >' for n vlslt wlUl about Its plot, they relied -w s ! I.™"'' 8 ' sht > I' 1 ' 1113 1° «'>"'" Sat- I Issues of food products Iherob) fiuijiliii; discoloration, ImpatriniMi i<: flavor iiitrt favorable condition 'or .spoilage. AHImiish damages by (rcc'/.lnt, cannot tin entirely rcpatral, some mtiy be prevented by careful iniKllliiB, di'iiemtent upon the ex- li'iit of fiWKlng. if g| fts .s jars huvc [wen enough to burst. It Is doubt- lul, Miss fxxisliead says, If uuy of Hie food pi-oduc-t <.„„ ij 0 s ,|v(>ti Sucli food would hnve tern sufft- I'k'utly frozen to cause extensive ircaklug down til I he llsMies, would nave to be transferred (o nnothfr <'oiualiii>r mid reiiroressc'd which would further breaking <lovvn i" lexluro. There would lu>, In ad dllwii, seme (lunger of broken i»r ti-.'li's of glass In llio food, extension specialist ndvlscs about Its plot, they replied, All About Boys." The Eastern Star is masking Us f.klt in the deepest, da.-!;cst secrecy. The name, however, leaked out. It's "TnivcHn"'. hats, dresses and oilier- • •u.uiiy iiujiitcr. -uici Black Joe, vmmins miis, dresses and oilier- by the niytheville band under the • accessories will come In for their direction of Charles Morchead,! shlm> cr pinning in the /iliint to This wil| be followed by Ihestmits ''" "'""" '"' ' ' ' which arc competing for the first, second and third prizes of five, three and two dollars. "Silence Is Golden" Is the name selected by the Khvanis club for! • „,.their skit. To hazard a guess at! ll!e Rotnr y club will finish oil the nature, of this stunt would; lhe slunt I»°B!L""i with « "Mellcr- imply that women could never' tlmmlller " in which undoubtedly collect off golden silence or more' L1Ule Nril wilt l»' ol »bly be pursued "--'-- " •••• ' 'by lhe bold, bad villain and saved unlay. Mrs- Ralph Ilcrryinnn 1 3 able lo be out after having been 111 for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Charles C Jr. ond Mrs. Bernard Clooch . . ycolerdiiy \\\ Memphis. spent ; be given by Iicme economics club, 'lhc> name is "Styles Is Styles." The Lange Parrnt Tcuchcis association will present "The Womanless Tea." Could it be a male teal party? M libel At The Hospitals IHytbevlHf Kospltat likely the "title merely refers to,. - ;;-- „;• —- ••— the chib's reluctance' to divulge I L - v rulc BUle Havvy. the contents of Us prescnliulon° I s ! )eclnl "« include a solo, "Bll- »« hmv»..Ar m0r r° W . n ' s ]'« Menl ,"i glnson, Mavjorlo Mays, Margaret ssv^* %. -s x^^yz* ss Eerie melodies •om the Ihio Blytlicvllllnus as Bmekon. city, admitted, Cilv, II. iidmllleil. "'" '""** O. C. Wuoil, city, admitted. Martha Kryjiolils, Haytl. dismiss ed. M. A. Weiss. Memphis, dlsmljsc: Walls Hospital Ulllt.-etli Oarrell, dly, dlsmlsse:, Lavcn Brady, Minlin, dismissed Ronrtel Leslie strong, steclc d!s missed. Memphis Bapilsl Mrs. A. A. Pitts, U3SS311, ndinlt led. Nancy Uzzell, Joiner, ariinlllKl number. "Lady in Blue", by Miss! — Issue forth Louise Angel and Bill Chamblln. ran the throats of prominent Miss Jean Bourlaiul, director of " ••'licvilllniis as the Central Ward the chorus, and Earl B. Snider arc •nt Tc.u-liers association pro- accompanists for the number::. the principal speaker at the general meeting of the Woman's club tomorrow afternoon at the club house at 2:30 o'clock Mrs. James V. Gates is in charge of the program, Rabbi Pollack's subject,.will he "American CitizEn- shio." Members of lhe club and their friends arc invited to attend the meeting. * * * To Have Party The Intermediate Girl's Auxiliary of the First Baptist church, which announced postponement of its party this \ vee k, has decided to have It tonight at 7:30 o'clock at. the church. I<akc Strcrf Group Meet.- Mrs. T. I. Ncal gave the devotional at the meeting of the Woman's Division of Christian Service of the Lake Street Methodist- church Monday afternoon, at- the church. Eighteen members attended the meeting which was presided over by Mrs. W. L. Green. Crash! 10 Dozen Eggs PASADENA, Cat. (UP)— Geoffrey G. Wilcox believes he could QWil- ify now as one of ffhe oldtime film 1 actors who were on the receiving; end o^ pie and egg throwing shots. • He fulled to make a boulevard stop, crashed into another car and get 10 dozen eggs square in the face. Minor thhns he took oji the receiving end were a citation, a (iainased car and a cut face. ' Bits of News Mostly Personals Mr. and Mrs. Toby LOUS; and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Matthews of Sikeston. Mo, spent the weekend in St. Louis. Miss Margaret Kinman, of Mem- plus, will spend the week cud here as the of Airs. Did: potter and Mr. Potter. The condition of Edward Workman, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Workman, who has been critically ill (drfa week, is better. Z. A. McCiiistoh is ill of influenza at his home on First street. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Phillips and family, who have been residing at 801 West Walnut street, moved today into their new home at 100: CiiiclcasAwbs avenue. The home from which they moved, wlibh is owned by Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Crigger Sr., will be redecorated before Air J and Mrs. Crigger Sr. and Mr. and I Mrs. Charles Crigger Jr. and soi; move into it the latter part oS nest week. C. C. Wood underwent n sinui operation this morning and is lo undergo another this afternoon al Blytheville hospital. David Welch is ill al- his horn; on Ash street. He will undergo c tonsillectomy the last of the week. Miss Julia Margaret Phelps. ol Caruthersville. spent the week enci here with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Berryman and family, she came down especially for the Cotillion club dunce Saturday nlglil as she was the vocalist with the Harry K.. I May orchestra. I Mrs. Allan Walton, who lids been staying In Memphis with her granddaughter, Virginia Brooks, while Mr. and Mrs. Berry Brooks Jr. are (ravelin:; in Mexico, will come Friday lo spend the week cud here. Her granddaughter will her. . with Joe Isaacs, who has been seriously ill at his home this waek, was re- Demonstration (Hub News No Los Arkansas farm fiuuiiies have cs perlenccd heavy losses through Hi freezing of canned foods durln (lie recent cold weather, occordln to information received from Mis Mary E. Longhead, extension spe clalist in foods and nutrition,..University of Arkansas College of Ag ricultiire, by Miss Cora 1*0 Cole man, county home deinonstratioi agent. '• Freezing breaks down the cellulai The Dominion of Canada grows flax both for Its seed and its fiber. EXFKRT BEAUTY WORK CALL 106 Appointment Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP REDUCE SENSIHLY Swedish Brassage, Vaji. Baths Mrs. Itutli Latvhcm mm SPRING SUPPERS Hindi, IJlne, Kctl and Green Patent, Alligator, Gabardine or Kill. $2.95 & $3.95 , FORTUNE SHOES FOR MEN $095 \-'!/ SKofEIS for fays mtcfGtr/f *'»-AS Ij'.r.o'i. BLACK PATENT TAN— BIEGE— Pumps Ktr.ips, licv Oxfords, f.eatlicr and Crcpc Soles. 312 \\'. JJaid 3 smart girls discovered thai JO-DEt JUNIORS hava wSai ii lates lo bo as culo as llio dicleni. ll t not only became t!io slyling is young and livo- ly with haod-embroiticfy, bul Iho fit is smaller girls go in'o raves about! Ths colors, Blossom ?irk, Regal Bluo, Golden Ian. or Sea Foam Aqua s.-o really grand. fiat Jars In which Hie liave lior.en bill Hie Jur has not burst .should bo leslert to .sec If llir seal has been liroken. If It hns not broken, leave ll to thiuv of its own aecoicl, foods will probably discolor and Ihu tlnvor nnd li'slurc will not be as e,oocl n s \\ K y tt'i're Ijelore Ircezlnj, but will be usable If not kept too loiiij. Kslra '•"re should be used In thuruuglily lieaitng (he contents of Ihe cuii befurc usliii; and any wlitrh iipjK'ars t|ii('MI(5iHible shouli be illsi-avded. If the seal on llio jar Ins been broken, loosen (lie cover sll/Ulty, lilaee in n water bath the same as In riimlng, using cold water liowevei, to start iirocesslns. Henl unuliiiilly (o the bolllnu point, boll'.i'i 15 minutes, seal, and store, no- jirocoisliiB i,wy not check spoilage In ft!! i'n«ii s Ijpcause of llio coilenl of (ho [re.iv.lng damage cannot bt dotennlneil, bill any savlnu of food us a result, of doing this makes It o of freezing,' worth the work, All Jars siisjiccled ezng or reprocessed jars should bo examined frequently for Indications ol .spoilage. Miss l/>nghe:nl nays Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge) of correct social usiiuii by muttering tlio fol- !owln» queslloiu, then ., -,—,..-,.,,,, i in: 11 v:iii,i:ttiijy "ttalnst iho «uihorUalK' u answers below: 1. In speaking of an employee In a business letter, should oiw vvrllo Our Mr. llrown"? 2. Should a business letter begin I wish to Inform you Hint . . ."; 3. la the iiln-ftse "altached plviUo 'id . . ." uooil business iisasjo? •l. Should you refer to iv letter or relief misery ' »Mv« rjjoj. 1 * telegram received os "your com- iiiiinlcallon"? J>. IN the phrase, "Please advise mo whether . . ." K0 od form? Wliat would you do if— In a business tetter concerning mi order, you are referring to thq order a second lime. Would you— (n) Wrlio "Tlie nbove jncntlon- ed . . ."? (b) Wrllt "Tills order will . . ,"? AlWH'lT.1 1. No. uniici- "Mr. Drown" or 'Mr. Hrown, ol our office," 'i- No. Dcgin wllli what you Imvo 'o say. . : , 3. No. "Attached Is , , .»''•-. 4. No. "Your letter." Or "You telegram." 6. No. "Please let me know or "Please notify . , ." Best "What Would You -Do solution—(b). St. Bernards r-.rc among the largest breeds of dogs, but they arc not long-lived "and seldom raich the age of 10. If they get wet, they catch cold cjstiy. Read Ccurlcr News uailt ads. Reopening Friday BILIIE S BEAUTY SHOP 102 North Sccontl Newly remodeled nnd redecorated, nnd better equipped lo serve your bcaulv needs. Talented . oiierulors. I'HONE 215 FOR APPOINTMENTS Mrs. lone Cakes Ropp iMiinittfer Mrs. Juck McCoy & Mrs. Eugene Hrown Ope ra lorg r ~zr y gBr^, ^^ K\/' ^09k. » .<?i.... "J'o tz^l •Vo, CO. •'•%^ 0 '* ^«Ts <n /i?' i% n <fe i'tyt. *>»> ^ °i»* '»»«$!•, n, *S>> . } :°»i- 'Cl ( •i-c, -^Qr wj- lo- cj- <"!* ^ tp^h, ^•c, "^",^1 Son A* *l "$$*** ^ o«. III W- I'illianl color comljinatlons! ! Women's PAJAMAS J" printed wi n( (sor col- ton c.'epe. Sniarl ,sly] 0 , s -l>u chcr boy. * 4 Notched collars! 2 ; '°'i'.' &£*-sr You'll findth biggest dolla values in tow r i K h t here a ennuy's. Compari 'pnce nnd qurtlity— they're un equaled 'Come early and I f plenty. ^°S>^;:^ Ma in JO l 'ls. "-'i\\ $1 n •S^fefts! S>^% >^>/L^ A' &ti. *'te '*„,":'«'"„ V£-'». ^ft«,«? ^"Scoy,, "n m UTILITY BAGS <«, ,*"* "So, //<., v/ '"/ '6i, ^0, '* '.^'f, e«|. •c.v/ <^^.^>" '*.' >, *"% 'L*/i in mPsm p^ r°*r« -*»«„, .Offt "a nt. '(/ IfC, .)-o, '01,1 '•b, <vr '<>r »i<1,' l>o t °^r <L^f *W( -ots lore room '. 6 ^lidfi fastener, ""V or Mack, sim- :1 leather. ^ FfiHt color prints, "Lnslex" sides y-biitton ,yokc (j AJJ fronts. Value! l>rs 51 MEN'S ATHLETIC SHIRTS Compare thorn for price and quality 1'inc cotton in com- G Q| able Swiss rib. ' forWI BARGAIN TABLE Visit U—odds and ends drasltcally reduced foi tiiilck sales! You'll find bargains that will astound you—and please, you! Hurry! *^&: Jui| '^^K i ,,' fi- n . yo.s.^-r'o /'"/ ^ £^>!? ; »->- ^ "01,, '^ Vic t , ^01 ^>, '"Oil s *^. "o in,. "<Wt «r/;,'. ."e, ,,/ ; /'f,s-/' e .<'A-.' 'C(. f/ • /!// «'«/• «"•>. Value! Dttralilc H SUITCASE iVood frame! l.oA and 2 snap catches! Black enamel linish. Q4 A bargain! t5? tor MEN'S TROUSERS Work ami dress fabrics! One group Ki'catly reduced fnr immediate clearance. 1C you're accustomed to paying S2 for your pants, see these Ol quickly! 2 Pr $1 Men's Woolen DRESS TROUSERS , It' you're accustomed to giving ?4 for extra dress Irouseiv*, you'll appreciate iho tremendous bargain we're offering for

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