The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 3, 1959 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1959
Page 1
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#* i * > In vesfmenf G/ibs Find Fun, Some Profit 5s $10 per member, Ofte or more (usually cated this rise, first B 7 Dav« Shumwaf Not all tt tnelmtiS in WUM. members ^,.4 ftt each me eting county are ott. ™?.?J**;..T.i!5I! on specific stocks and recommend groups of melt wittt 6ft optimistic plUt . haS6s . CJ UD members don't on the ttatlon*S,long-term necessarily follow thfe recommen- economic future dations, though: United Fruit Co. investment clubs was reported on and J^"™™ 6 ,"?: penoa 01 any sww «««---YfcST :.-.— "• , at a meeting of one club. The e» y k stock Exchange, Unit- this is t bought RCA. because New Jorkbwat ,f*^flcc fortunes , an spoiled b«ck- Investment Club, which overall paper profit of The youngest club is the "Stock Wntcher" Investment Club (SW- 1C), which was organized in SOT a*Msw -doing aj^a&^na s^SrSSWS !«™ L :. ^.L. -i.,u 4« . „««« ol color TV. Since.then.RCA has jjjjj^ J5$y"5.|t ejtper i. n 1 Algona to learn invest- over 15% j n price wfefol*H?° " e x meeting,, This W»h* ere price fol«» * of any " rt comfortably in the block, hnVirig .SnmM"MB»on^ itiy been aided by tho greatest bull *"""" "' rnnrke< In the country's history. The third is near the breakeven point. AmWicnn'CA^nnmiVirHriRgTTml President; Fred Diekmann,' Sec- AU throe.groups priwnrily buy . Si ,. nUoni C p,, lns n?dlo , Oer , era l retnry; 'E. A.Scheme].Tre^urer- u>% since its inception In Decent- April. Ha mcmbeTriticlud*! Weft her, 1957. Its portfolio includes BaftleU,•President;.Mel Bav, Vice jySSS%6r$S?S*&% ;: ?^^ n ' lc<iFtl " lhas<te - = W K *rK ?^r±jsra&a ^ Pv-ffirtt' aa^s '""^» &%&s^3%tt'^v8^^ -• ho Stock established posi- ' toractical experience and ed- were reco tlon S i investing without iHsk- meeting of same club. The SmJ.°aL'ii!'lv .SbuUon lo't g» ind Ba.m.n nearly dupll- - - r» • . . -„•"•' riirniiont \-,ui i ni» ivtiu iu» V.TKI iv»«• • •- *••• • *r • --• • -• • / ---• >, . »^ stocks listed on the prlncipfll ex- Dvnam j CS , General Motors, Qracu Agent; Perry Cull ins, John Hayes, _, ... changes, rather than over-the- •> >r Co Phillips Petroleum, Pit- Leighlon Misbach, John NauhpHz, oft the counter securities. One reason for ., RCAVCS (split three for one John Schnnkenborg, John Scnul- the ease with which the , y u , purchase), Pittsburgh trr, D. J. Shey, Fred Shilts, DBVC listed" stocks can be pj alp Glass RCA. Sneny Rand. Shumwny tmd Joe If .- ,,- Tenri'oM»ee"6ns Transmission nnd Securities in which iSihq Although the clubs'Roalis long- Utah Southern Oil. Wntrhers have their WiS- term capital growth, members oc- ciuh members are Harry Grefin- the moat sea- casionally take n speculative berg, President; Lyle Mnthcs, Vice ,„....,-......-•••-. ------ , _,- ,1 tOlmtry" _»......„.../-««- „„„.,,. K*V,nht A.«. « ..*lj ,. i-u,,«i, «„„,<,•„•, Sorr*.. imiiil. Hovsil Uult'li Petroleum and '•^^HFi IP--<--=-- &r^;«HT"£ ji^iirri^s 1 -'- n ° a * ' j 1 Mr ahd nr- invest fare The oldest group the member* decided to date their holdings bj American Radiator; Stores, Natco and Union ic (the lattef two at a fftttng and buying more shares of SWGK they previously owned, - i •• Their list now includes* Perrff Dixie cement, El Paso Natum Gas, Safeway Stofes, CfOWtll Collier, Perfect Circle, Ameticaft Motors and Revlon. / Members are Oena Murt&gW» President; M. C. Metcalf, Vice- President; R. G, Buchart»n> Secretary; Al Agena, Treflsurfef-Ag- ent; Nat Bangs, Harold 1 Cowan, Andy Crawford. John Dreesman, Jim Everds, Bill Finn, O. B. Hiirmes, Karl Hoffman, Kyle Jim Merryman, Vic Par- pen Peirce, George Powers, Priebe and Orville Wicks. Harold Clark, publisher of the Sahcroft Register, is planning a trip to. Washington, t>, C. by auto visit' his brother, and meet a 19 year-old nephew J or the firs 'time,,, and his arrival., at th Washington airport is going to b ' about the same time that Khrush chev;;also reaches- Washington "i good chance ,for a fitet Hand' in view, Harold, if you know a little •Russian.., or better yfet ( «get-tho Big "K" out- to Bancroft; to see ,how folks really live! ' , • « *•'_*;. ' If the Burt Methodist . church snipper isn't -we'll Attended ..this > ; \Veek, it Will nbt r be' because the ,-lifdiest. didn't g^t but to sell ttck- , I et§ . /.we had 'three , delegations , n visit bur bfifitiej.all for the same purpose. ' "' , , l , * ''\ * * Gary Widdel. son of the DuaJtie Widdels of Fehton, and a senior at Sentral high .this fall, spent an * intere'sting 1 ' summer. He worked in a dairy at Kfetchikan, Alaska. Funny thin-g about this 'dairy — • it had no cows. .^Powdered milk is shMped in, and the dairy made '. Various products from it, including ice" -cream, a popular product even j with " temperatures mild all summer. Wallace Andersoh; formerly of Fenton, is one of the co-owners of the dairy. '.I*'* •* - ' , We've heard of window peepers, but over- at Wesley they are looking for a couple of "pants snatcKers.' 1 Scouts tell, us that f * Wesley women are finding, it just \ isn't safe to hang their-'feminine ' unmentionables out . Oh , a • clothes line and ' leave them - after ' dark .'V the culprits have made, off wlih ,a" considerable number of undergarments, ' leaving other items untouched. • , * * * * Bob Perry and his son Richart have Ibfeen 'batching it, and like all o^her nien who do, have made some 'lriterest£ng,j'discoveries. - For example, they -have discovered that in 'cleaning a skillets a*-copy ESTABLISHED 1863 MOONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1959 3 SECTIONS - 22 PAGES VOL. 96 - NO. 35 unty Cieciiiup On Smut Mags ^^B^' ^B' "^ ^1 • ^f • ' ' • ' >^^^^^ „ ^* ^^^^^ • i • ; '' ' II , *f • • •• . . . , -^— — i n n,.Li: A ^i: AM ^ 3rd Major Unit Vetoes United Fund Plan New Penney Co. Manager - dutyj by wiping -out the inside black to easa> up thie burden of. washing . -;1 '.'iiow ' does 'the carpeting get so v dMy .with' only two in a house,"' asks Bob,, and "how does anyone , know What's in them plastic covered 'dishes in the refrigerator?" The above picture Jim Carroll, left Heart Ass'n To rug^be^captiqhied "Coming and Going tihfi;'•'''KanclS With Charles Williamson. .Mr cTiToTrbe U came"The°new"manager of the J. C. Penney store here on Monday, succeeding Mr Williamson who with his wife has purchased a department store at Garner.iwhich they will take over m the near future. They plan to leave Algona about Sept. 15. •_•_ Who says the ads' aren't read?' A reply 1 came in last week to an Upper Des Moines classified ad all the way from British Columbia. i '"' * * " : *' -.',,, 1 The Veras. Ted. Elaine, and Frank; all have been having, a ball catching carp from the, dock at their''cottage at: E. Okoboji. They use sweet corn as bait, dropping it on the bottom to coyer their hooks. The carp feed just like hogs on the corn, hook and all. They caught .two, 14 and 10 Ibs, each, over the weekend. 11 ' * *;•./; *;.;;; A squib in the Mipneapolis Tribune last week reported it this way: "Miss Iowa, Jackie Baker, who lives in Montana, but goes to Grrinnell College, was shopping for the Miss America pageant on Nicollet'-Aye. with "local. chum Marjorie Dai\vson of Roseville. Jackie's winning Miss Iowa •contest gown was made-to-prder in Minneapolis, too." : Maybe someonp should be conducting a little "buy-at- home" campaign? ^ ^ ' ' The Kay Isaacson > School of Color 'finished another class last week,.and for the first time had two students from Canada here for a week. Both were from Alberta. Others were from Illinois, New Mexico, Minnesota, North uatea irom nign a«,-nuui m&ic, ««».••«»..*» ^..- -.-- • . . KAIV. Dame,-and graduated from Sioux Falls College. He taught;, both English and music at Sioux FaUs, then became associated with, the Penney Co at Sioux Falls. He has been with them 11 ^ears^He ^vas late?named assistant manager at Winona, Minn..and ^ manager /at Sisseton, S.D. He belongs to the Elks and Knights of Columbus. (UDM flashfoto and engraving). --. _• Mr Carroll, a bachelor, is a native "of .S.D: He grad- Belni WithjQthers Plans Jot a -United Fund drive m Algona will'have to 1 proceed without'-'the.cooperation of a' least three,, of the major fund drive organizations. * Latest to turn down participation in an Algona United Fund the Iowa Hear* Association., Previously lh« - American-Cancer Society and' /, the P.o!lo',,Fund had. indicat-. | r , ed that ( they j would; not join . the United Fund project. V .'V •'•Only one^pj^the'"four .jmaj fc&fitB ^'hiS, irSTicatedjK • tft wc-i) join the - United project. That is the Red Cross, whicl\ will be 4n'the United drive for. Algona pnly, but said it would conduct itsrown drive as usual'outside of Algona proper. ' : ; ; ^ The United -Fund--Drive here is being tentatively slated : for Many Specials For Labor Day's long Weekend' With a long Labor Day weekend ahead for residents of this area, the Upper Des Moines' in today's issue brings a host of shopping suggestions for housewives — and the men as well. A wide variety of grocery and meat specials .will be found in todays paper, at attractive prices. For the Back-To-School i group there are also many real bargains offered, as well as a host of other,merchandise^ specials. Farmers will .j^dt^nujijerouB, good ^b, "HS^f^ifoino:- "machinery.' ''•and equipment ;lines, as well. We'll - appreciate it if you tell 'em "We saw it in the Upper Des Moines.", Woman Hurt In Crash IVir wallUll, cl uavjiicAwi., AO « *4Mv*T<~ «*.«-—-— — . -' ^.. _ -XT..i -„ *^» i^*.**«b w^»».«w».«*^ —— uated from high school ;the^_ _aUended .^ University i of Notre the latter'part of. October or the Petit For September lenn Former Bancroft Lady Succumbs; Rites first part of November. The Iowa Children's Home Society drive .is evidently also going its own individual wayj as the organization is starting a fund drive of its own the middle of' this month, as .reportedi elsewhere, i , Salvation Army; Joins In the meantime'the Salvation join Carl Humphrey Dies; Funeral Held Wednesday Funeral services for Carl Hum- Mrs Herbert Nelson, 48, of Titonka suffered possible chest InJuJS and facial laceration* wheiV the ear and truej; -Jown «n Ihc above photo collided^ Saturday at 4:30 pirn, a hull-mile boulh ana at $700, while the truck was listed as a total loss. Titonka Topkv-UDM Engraving). _ _ Courtesy has" been ; Buchanan; .United Russell Fund drive The list of petit jurors for the September term of district court here was released by County day in a Clinton hospital. Funeral services are pending at the Garry Funeral- Home at Bancroft; Mrs Underkofler's late husband, ,G. S. Underkofler, was once a Iowa Cullough's Funeral Chapel. Rev. Myron H. Brower of the Presbyterian church officiated and burial was in Marble Valley ^ w'ee ks . Clerk Alma Pearson Wednesday druggist at Bancroft. afternoon; • The list of jurors m- ludes the following persons: Dakota arid, dozen 'in of 'course Iowa, a Survivors include a daughter, Joyce, son, William, and three ly necessary to reduce the toll of heart disease. The declination to join the United Jund, approved by the Heart Association's Board -of Carl Nathan Humphrey was born Feb. 9, 18T1 at Buffalo, New York, the son of Nathan and Johanna Andrews Humphrey. He came to Ipwa in 1912 and was 1, 1913 to Iva B. The cou- City Engineer For Algona Named Hoger Hanson, 25, of West, Union, is tile new city Engineer for Algoua. He was chosen from three applicants and will begin work October 1. He was formerly associated with his father, Bert Hanson in an engineering firm at West Union. He is married and his wife expects to ]om him here in November. Gerber .Kamrar; John Fav Asche v Claude Haag, Wai- step-children, Richard Underkof- Directors, -was revealed in a let- married Jan T Hans, Marlin Hardt, Iryin ler, Bancroft;. Celeste (Mrs Frank ter sent , by , Dr . E . Dunn of Es- Howe at Gilmore City. The c. H&Snp and Orville Miller, Recker), Hampton; and Mrs Mon- therville president of the North- p^ moved to Algona InlWJ- SweaCitv; Louis-Bartlett, Art- ica Deitering, Daytona Beach, western Io , wa Heart Council and h 'Surviving are his wife, th TUT Bartlett, Ray Kahler and Fla. , v member of the Board of Direc-1 daughters, Mrs •faze! Stott. Titonka; Charles A. Mrs Underkofler had been | tors of the Iowa Heart Associa- Beririger, Betty Carlson, Mary Devine, Alfred Erickson, Evelyn Iowa. Ferstl, W. A. Foster, Carmella Graham, Ruth Harlan, Delmarj Kern. Milo Kollasch, Max 'Miller, Cecile Ann Norton, Robert The Armour Co., it was reported, Vas ready to close its Sioux City plant for good, if that strike materialized... made plans to permanently ; transfer ,. all Sioux City operations into the Decke plant (owned < by Armour) a Mason City, if and when. * * * Those teen-ad* killings in New York...maybe it's a ease .for psychiatrists and social welfare workers... but then again maybe it's a situation where the only solution is meeting force with force, and .drastically. Is anybody going to talk the young murderers into being better citizens? j • • ' Reding, Vaughn Rising and Floyd ] Weishaar, Algona. Paul Berrfhard, Kenneth Bol linger, Ed Schmidt, Eunice Vaudt, William Voigt and Art Zeimet, Fenton; Russell Dits« worth, Maureen Vogel and Betty Welp, Bancroft; John A. Dornbush and Eddie Sheldahl, Lakota; Paul Egel, Lela Hof and Edward Pergande.'t ,LuVerne; Frances Funnesmark and Irma Kunz, Wesley; Hemwuv Hlg, E'l- nore Kohlhaas and Verl Patterson, Bode: Doris Keith, Edward Fenton Children Injured At Home To avoid any obstruction to the stated Dr. Dunn's Madison, Ketchikan, Alaska Owen, Algona; Robert, Clarion i letter, ^Heart Ablation*, of- Merle, Webster City; Nathan 1 ficial fund raising policy and a Volga City and Allen, Fort Larsen and Raymond Lovstad, Whitte Burt; Shirley Maahs, more; Ralph Masten, Elmore; and Robert Trenary, Corwith. Hay fevw victim* hay* us to extend thanks to the city - for removal of the ragweed covering a vacant lot at the corner of State and Minnesota, and graveling same, »•*••• Famous but _W»» '') »U hU wt The jurors listed slated to report at house Tuesday, Sept. a.m. here art the court 29, at 10 ££6116 — --- -— i WiddelT 5," suffered' injuries in falls at their ."homes recently, Eugene is a son of Mr and Mrs Ronald Chrischilles and Pa*Dy a daughter of Mr and Mrs-Duana Widdel. Eugene pulled v a chair to the oncrete - railing on the family ront porch, sat on the chair and oppled with it to a cement sidewalk eight feet below. He suf- ered a fractured skull and was reated at Estheryille. Patty fell from a picnic table n the back yard and dislocated an elbow, She was treated by a ocal doctor. . Finger Severed kedyard -« Edward Looft met with an accident last week Tues day. He was. getting into a car with Albert Johnson and Ted Wallentine to go to 'Fort Dodge to an R.E.A. meeting When he slammed the door-pf the. car on his middle finger on, ,his lef hand. WJien .the men optnod the 4bor tne end of bis fingej? l>een completely stipulation in its charter"prohibit I Dodge, 31 grandchildren and •• - .i--!-- - TT_!I«J Fund great-grandchildren. A son ana rt to I daughter preceded him in death Reservists Leave A group'of Air Force Reserve members from Kossuth County eft Wednesday for Miami, Fla. to attend a school of instruction. Making the trip are Max Bartholomew, Leighton Misbach and Harry Greenberg, Algona, Luther Injured At Pool „„..„, — Jane, daughter of the Vincent Eisenbachers fell from the bench at the swimming nool Sunday evening and suffered a cut knee that required 5 stitches to close. conduct a February Heart Fund campaign. I The letter stated that when the American Heart Association conducted its first national campaign in 1949 it had no .rule against local 'Heart Associations; participating in United Funds and that many of them did. Say Funds Cut Income "However,' 1 the letter went on, 'studies of these Heart Associations that had/participated m federated appeals showed that United Campaigns had sharply curtailed the income needed for our expanding program of research, education arid community services. These Heart Associations in federated campaigns had also lost volunteer support, hac lost identity in their communities and had lost the educational impact of a separate campaign What is more, local United Fnin< committees usually cut or denied Bancroft Man Critical After Crash In Ohio A 23-year old Bancroft soldiei Kenneth Goche, son of Mr anc Goche, is in critica in a Cleveland, Ohi ac labor Day Closing Algona retail stores, banks she aU courthouse offices wiU closed next Monday, as usual. program . re fight agams many budget and quests vital to heart disease"., , The letter added that as a suit oj these experiences nited Fi»n<J« HP Wen ' Mrs Art condition hospital following an auto* cident Sunday night. Kenneth is suffering from a fractured leg, fractured arm) broken jaw, concussion and internal injuries, and according to his parents, who flew to Cleveland Monday morning, has not regained consciousness. Young Goche, a 1954 graduate of St. John's school at .Bancroft, has been stationed in North Carolina in the army. He entered the army in February. Full details on the mishap still aren't known. It is not certain if the accident involved one vehicle or more. His parents left for Cleveland immediately after re- Swea City Boy Dies Under Car Wheels Funeral services for Steven Patterson, 2Ms, son of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Patterson, Swea City, were held Monday at 2 p.m. in the Methodist church there. Burial was in the Harrison township cemetery. Rev. Wallace Parmar and. Rev. S. H. Hammer officiated at the rites. Stc-ven died late Friday morning of injuries received when an auto driven by his grandfather, Robert Harvey, ran over him in the drive at the Patterson farm six miles north of Swea City. He suffered a skull fracture and died i-n route to a hospital. According to reports of the tragedy, Mr Harvey's auto was driving out of the lane when Steven chased a butterfly near the vehicle and went under the wheels of the auto. A son, Robert, was the only witness to the mishap, which occurred at 11 a.m. Friday. Ho is survived by his parents, two brothers, a sister, his grand- 42 Publications To Be Ordered OffNewstands The office of County Attorney Gordon Wlnkcl and Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst will swing into action today (Thursday) in an attempt to remove smutty magazines and literature from news stands in every corner of Kossuth county. The move was requested Tuesday by Iowa Attorney General Norman Erbe, who sent letters requesting the crackdown on the, sale of such literature to county . attorneys all over the state Tuesday morning. Winkel .received his letter from Erbe by special courier the same morning. A total of, 42 publications were ordered removed from racks in news stands in Iowa. Prompt and vigorous action on the part of, county-.-.officials -was requested'. . ., »•• • ' ^ To Contact "Newsstands Winkel said Wednesday, morning that his ofiface, would cooperate with the request and that ho and Lindhorst would contact every news stand operator in the county personally and ask that all of the magazines listed by Erbe be removed from their racks immediately. "All such magazines must ba removed by Tuesday", said Winkel, "or it will be necessary to charge and'try violating operators under the obscene and indescent books portion of the code of Iowa." Under the section of the code, conviction on the felony count could result in a one year prison term or $1000 fine. Erbe's letter followed thorough research into the problem by himself, his department and the State Bureau of Criminal Investigation. On "Forbidden List' Magazines ordered off news stands by Erbe's opinion, according to Winkel, are Ace, Adam, Bare, Caper, Casbah, Dazzle, Escapade, Figure Art, Gala, Gent, Glance, Good Humor, Girls Harem, Hit, High, Hi Life, Jem, Knight, Lark, Monsieur, Mermaid, Model Studies, Nudist Views, Nugget, Peril, Pose, Plush, Rogue, Scene for Men, 5>camp, Sizzle, Sprite, Stockings,' Sun and Health, Sun Bathers, Sunshine and Health, Swank, The Dude, Tomcat, Vue and Zest. Some voluntary citizen groups throughout the state 'have also been asked to assist in enforcing the new directive, ' according', to Erbe. . " . When asked if Erbes action on the smut magazines would have anything to do with Erbes possibility as a gubernatorial candidate in the next election; Winkel said, "His opinion on the mat-, ter was very timely, politically , , Fairbanks and Don Patterson, ceiving word of the"crash. Fenton Woman's Name Drawn, "Gift Shower" Mrs Dean Cannon of Fenion had her name ( drawn last Saturday afternoon in the Algona Merchant Shower of Gifts" but was any of the participating s-iores at 3 p.m. She thus lost 30 individual gifts, . . . • • However, Mrs Cannon receives a consolation award .of B merchandise certificate good for $10 and redeemable »n merchandise in any one of the cooperating 5to*es she may 8018 The final "Shower pf Gifts" drawing will ittarplw* ibis Saturday afternoon, Sepf, 5, with name of the perpon drawn to be aniwunced in each P* *h» participating stem a* 3 p.m. TuJldS ofthi a«* §hp%en4. iwe p tf jte H g»ven *W» «Bw*5•>/-twh-ffrw will fee foun4 w P»9fi .iw m 'SSBofwttwi three in this isswe, parents, Mr and Mrs Robert Harvey, Swea City, and 'Mr and Mrs porge Patterson, Burt. Steven would have been three years old Feb. 14. Edith Teeter Dies Wednesday Mrs Edith Teeter, 79, Algona died Wednesday neon at St. Ann hospital here. She had been a patient there since Friday evening. ,. Funeral services were pending at press time at McCullough's Funeral Chapel. Mrs Teeter had been a patient at the Good Samaritan Home here prior to her hospitalization. To Meet At Btjrt The annual Fall Feed and Live. stock Outlook meeting will be held Thursday, 8 p.m., September 10, in Burt at the Legion Hell, The Extension office is ing the meeting- speaking.' . The attorney general has been receiving support fiora ' some quarters as a Republican candidate for governor. Five Couples Get Wed Perrnits Wedding license business continued to flourish here during the week. A total of, five couples got licenses from Clerk 'Alma Pearson at the court house. They W ^Cug.°37 — John L. Henry and Lavonne M. Winkel, Algona, j Aug. 29 — Eobert Hmns and,* Roxanne Shacketfoyd,. Aleona* and Merlin Schumacher 'an,< Nancy Summers, Des •Sept. 1 - Cto^ 01 * boidt, and Beverly gona, , * Sept 2r~

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