The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 27, 1959 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1959
Page 20
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v^s^f^^^^^^. - ^-^T^ FREE GATE Exposition AT FAIRMONT, MINN. Fri., Aug. 28 GRANDSTAND EVENING "OUT OF THE DARKNESS'', a new 1 concept in outdoor enler- iainmeni. Over 6.000 tubes of multi-colored fire and 100 aerial shells will be used ai each performance io illustrate the story of Creation and the Old Testament. Biblical scenes axe arranged on massive frames in beautiful fireworks tuoline and then set off in total darkness, to breathtaking effect, Each scene is accompanied by narration, music and special effects, using an especially install ed high-fidelity sound system. No advance in prices for this State Fair attraction. Sat., Aug. 29 Afternoon — Repeal Children's Day. Most rides lOc all afternoon to children only. Evening — Out Of Darknest Sun., Aug. 30 Afternoon' 3 p.m. — Thrillcade iarly Evening 7 p.m. — Thxillcadt LATE EVENING . 9:30 P.M. — Out of the Darkness (la.) Upper Det Molfte* , Au§. Tidbits by Evelyn LOW GRANDSTAND PRICES Adults - $1.00 Children - 50c j COME OFTEN! THE GATE IS FREE) Congraiulalloru, Mr and Mrs W, A. Foster on your fiftieth wedding anniversary, 1 hope you have monymore years of hap- pirtess together, f don't know where the years have gone. * * * My meals h«r« are t*rv«d on plates with the three divisions. I was discussing it the other day and mentioned that one of the girls had said they don't use many of them because they don't stack well. 1 said, "It isn't the plate that counts, it's what's on it. If it hasn't got it here (up front) it hasn't got it," This slogan will have a familiar ring to T.V. watchers, i * * * Wednesday, August 12 was a very pleasant day spent with friends and dinner enjoyed with them. The hostesses were Mrs Myrta Wallace and her sister, Marie Grover. Other guests were Mrs Hortense Ferguson, 'Mrs Adda Price, Mrs Ed Hagg and Mrs Grace BreclcbiU. One thing I must mention 'because I had never seen servers like them. On the way home Mrs Ferguson, Velma and I were talking about how cute they were. I wonder how many of you have ever seen tomato juice servers — clear glass — what shall I call 'them globes? Well, when filled, they look exactly like tomatoes and there is a hole in the top and glass tube to use -to extract tho liquid. Mrs Wallace confessed that she saw them some "timo ago in her sister's refrigerator, set there to chill, she offered Ho "peel the tomatoes." * » * . The house is of great interest too. It rates a place in House Beautiful, 'American Homes and Better Homes and Gardens. It is filled with such interesting and, beautiful things. It would -take rne hours -to describe it all so I will mention -it as collections of madonnas, figurines of lovely ladies, bells arid bottles. I^ take up only the subject of ties. One was a five gallon glass jug which was once filled-with distilled water for use in car batteries. The other bottles \vhich were unusual were "twins" and had designs cut on-the'sides; The tops had little disks with numerals on them and like a safe, could only be opened if correct inumbers ware dialed. Mrs Wallace said this was ito keep the servants from, opening the liquor, for only the .master had 1 ithe combination. These 'bottles are <very old and valuaible It certainly is a unique ;\y.ay in which to keep the "fire water" in the right channels. : We tiave had this'experience everyone of us, losing somethin and being so sure of just th place we put it, Tillie SteLrima is the latesit to,come to my notice She was so sure she had;left he glasses on -the dresser in Roy Haag's room. A thorough search there, no spectacles. A call- thome, riot there. 'But; when .she/, got into her car ito drive home, there were the glasses. 1 found a plate of cookies ant birthday card from 'Marg Dahl. Sorry to have missed -the charrce for a chat tout will see her soon when she comes to see her mother, Mrs Agnes Laidley. The mail brought rne several greeting cards. Thank you Ruth Cook, Sigfid Kohlhaas and Yarda Ellis, for your cards and Estelle and Sherman Little of San Rafael, Calif., and letters from my cousin Lola Swinney, Mentone, Calif., and Mabel Livingston, Phoenix, Ariz. I will give you excerpts from the letters after I add thanks to Ruth and Glen Raney for the lovely "glads." * * * Mabel says "Wish I could run in on you and say "Mi Evelyn, happy birthday." I wish 80 loo, "I remember all the good trip's we had in my little Ford. Have not spent much lime, in Phoenix this summer. Charles (her husband) could, not take the heat and we have been up at Pres cott, Ariz, It has been 'wonderful there. Nights always cool. Each afternoon we would lake a ride and it was -fun to see who would see the first deer. iNo thing td'See four or five grazing at one time. We were in hope.i to get to Algona this month bull don't know if we can make it." * * # I envy my cousin Lola and her husband Chauncey who are going on just .the sort of trip I'd like o make." We have reservations n for the (Fall 'Foliage rail tour nd it .should 'be very nice. We will haVe the same bedroom all he way «except for three nights n a New York hotel. Will see many 'Cities, have dinners, at wanky hotels, tickets, to Broad- vay shows etc. .Will go into Canada from the New England tates," . • •••••'i * * * " , : ' . •'• Frank Vera laughs about the way friends 'ganged up on him. 3qme time/ago he was 'a rather leavy 'winner in a card game, reeling in a mellow mood, ,he old the propriet6r to 'give an ice cream tone to 'every youngster .hat ,came in. Several of his 'riends saw 'to it 5that a goodly number' of youngsters had treats. *.• * » I am'sorry I gave the impression Anna iKJellershon was [ already moved in the Beulah .'Richardson ' apartment. She doesn't move in till September 15; 1 * - .*. • ' '* ! ' "Dear Abby -^ AVhat -do you think of'-a -:man'';'yfho' keeps you on the strong 'for six years? I've Letts Creek School Opens Monday, Aug. 31 The Lotts Greek Lutheran elementary school will open Monday, Aug. 31. Parental and friends are invited to attend the opening exercises ,al S a.rft, . '• A brief induction wity be held in the regular service Aug\ 30 for the new primary teacher, Misa Nora Elmsaeuser from Ogalalla, Neb.. She took her training- at Concordia Teachers pollege, Seward, Neb. M, P. Schormann, principal, reports a registered enrollment. of 40 in grades 1-8. An all-day kindergarten will be offered for the second semester. The board of education for Ini- manuel school consists of Eugenfo Vaudt,- Ray Kading r Ray Laabs the pastor, Rev., Martin Peters and principal. ' • • ' taken four blood tests and wo'.ve had the marriage license for so long I'm.not even sure ! '_'_ good. Now he wants me to take another blood test and -I jdon'1 know what to tell him. Bevs Dear Bevs — I'd give my blood to the 'Red Cross and find an other fellow." • • '« * * * When I called Ann Clark for news, I mentioned it was my jirthday — she had mentioned other M. D. » Myrfla 6t!6h Herliss iMinfeto her brother ZtiA daughter Elena, Biloxj, Mtes., called on me the othef eVehlhg, It fiatf been i years t had seen Him and 1 found him Very interesting . Fie is a much traveled man, being a§ 1 stated in a article, in the steward depart ment on merehaM vfessels. The daughter 'Elena, liJLiptens td en roll here in Mgh scno61, arid her father left to ship out from SaUi- more, I tolef her she'd $et homesick for her mother, but she thinks Sjie toill be very -happy here. She Says she likes "Van* kee" food ahd'-the "Yankee" «li- mate. Hurray for filena. And me, I ''"go" for eotn bread dressing, a Dixie dish. • - * Luck waft wlih a woman whom I will le'aVe un-hanied» when she found her diamond wedding ring and engagement solitaire in. the coffee grounds dumped in & certain place in the yard aiter two months absence on her finger That was a joyful reunion. * *' *? * was happily surprised, by . Friday from (Rebecca Jer oddlei 1 and *no sure wal a charmer. ,* * * " A phone chat wilh ; "Duich" Lorenz added to my Wrthday pleasure. I learned Ironl him the Jrother Pritfc 1 mehiibfted^awWle ago is now 81 and lives In Cdun- cil Bluffs. « * *,-..• Added to my gilt list was a cake, a box of fudge J froth Wcki, his, age and location. Then I hoard "Happy Birthday.' Evelyn" and the boys John and Timmie •sang it for me. Thanks aigain, lads. Nicki is in service ' in Memphis, Tenn., and still holds Ihird highest in a class of ono riundred arid forty. ' ' •v* * * " , August 14 — More birthday cards and thank you Irene Chris-, chilles, Emily Meyer of Titonka, Hattie -Burlingame, Agatha Hansen, ' Mrs John •• 'Briggs, Freda Ghristcnsen, JDru Mertz, Grand Island, Neb-.^Betty Litoott, Hollywood) Calif., and /Mabel Hutzell. It is wonderful being rememiber-; ed. The v i\ain , changed plans Velma Hagg had made 'f but the "switch" .was just a call from '-Evalyn MoDougallj Esther Holbeng' and her, plus "refreshments." •,. - * # * i * . A . By the time .this reaches ? the press 'little -. Paul Orton will ' doubte'dly Ibe 100%, judging the way he has' responded to ;the gcnson, daughter of (Mr and Mrs 'Harold Jergenson who moved to Aurora, C616., a c'otiple' of. year ago. 1 'She is visiting her ''grand parentsj Mr and 1 Mrs J.'.L Merryman and* other relatives. 'Rebecca was graduated 'from* high School last.May.arid hasriU decided what' she, 'Will 'take up this fall'.- She has two or three projects iri mind; I've known her since she was a , Mfs J^ohn Briggs and Fred tensett, cfab-apple, Jelly,' more candy, and rolls from friends, it waHndeed a 'happy birthday. ,. * * - ^ Millie Van Alleh has ft jplaie which -would be, a -.collector's delight it is a Ii&ge milk glass one wilh round .indented places on >the rim that -at first Were thought io -be nierely decorative. It turns out that itot only were they decorative, they -were Useful as well and are to put '.little birthday candles in. . . * * '* • , Mr and Mrs W* C,*McDoU9all celebrated their thirty - second wedding anniversary Aug. 15. Over the .years they, have acquired a son Bob, a daughter-in- law, Holly arid two grandchildren Kristin and Jay. t CLASP ENVELOPES, ALL "'SIZES at Upper >Des,Moim« Dividend Announced Dividend payments totalling over $7^00 will be made to Members of tfte Algona National F*arm Loan Association, it was announced today. Nearly 300 Kossuth County farmers who are stockholders of the cooperative farm credit association will receive dividend checks, Eugene H. Hutchins, secretary-treasurer, reported. Directors of the association are Hugh Black of Algona, president; Leander Menke, Swea City; Douglas Wildin, Algona; Lawrence Dittmer, Lone Rock; and Hugh Raney, Algona. - FftEAK ' A freak of hature -was found recently in the Eldon Heikes garden in Ocheyedan. He found a red radish with a white radish growing onto it at the bottom and a root was growing from the white radish that measured more than 40 inches, long. BALLROOM WHITTEMORE, IOWA SUNDAY, AUG. Mdrv Reedstrom No Advance Booth Resflrvtitldhs Do&rs Open at 8:30 IF IT'S HEW& WE WANT IT shots the, has .received. 'Hisj ailment watf diagnosed as iron deficiency ,and his diet will include such foods as' are rich in mineral. He' was at Park, hospital under Dr. Sartor,' and, $ Fri., - Aug. 28 Frank Buhr And His Ramblers Sat., • Aug, 29 Jules Herman ' fe Orch. Finest For Dancing' Tues., - Sept. 1 — Teens ,'• 8 to 11 . Eddie Randall. And The Downbeats ' Jack Rockufelor, from KRIB Thurs., - Sept. 3 "Modern America's iMan of Music" / STAN KENTON . And His World famous Orch. Sal.,'-.Sept. 5 Henry Charles & Orch. Sun., - Sept. 6 The Romantic Style Of Russ Carlyl© And His Dance .Orch. DRIVE-IN NOW! Ends Sat. GREW PLAINS PREMIERE NOW! Ends Sat. AlanlADD UmHEFLIN JeanARTHUR Bonus Feature — 2 — Color Cartoons — 2 Gigantic Exhibits of Cattle, Horses, Swine/ Sheep and Poultry. Biggest in History. Other Main Features are: • 80-Acre Farm Machinery & Home Appliance Shows. • Gorgeous Night Show, Tea Mites, with Fireworks. • Auto Races All 10 Days- Five Days, Speedway-Type Cars; 4 Days, Late-Model Stock Cars; 1 Day, Midgete. • Statewide Assembly of 2,500 Top 4-H Clubbers. , • Huge Farm Crops, Flowers, Fruit 4 Vegetable Shows, • 7 Nlte' Horse Shows, A«8. 30 thru Sept, 4, & Sept, 6; Matinees, Aug. 29 and 30; and Sept, 4, 6 and 7. • Dairy, Bees, Art, Women's, School and State Exhibits. • Royal American Shows on World'f Largest' Midway. "Bujr ftfiffwtf fcy Mo«,' Grqndtfwd, $2 ft J2.JO (fxnpt $vn<feV Aftwoepni, «.5Q « |, ibpr D9Y Afttrnoon, |) , Hprn Sfow, |I £Q A f „,._ ;/i»f|t or Mpn»y Ordtr i^ -, M/Wi«P>o SWf Fair,», fgd 19, "'t Gtft A^ro/ii/fln, 99$. i OF THE eKEflTEST STORIES EVER TOLD! The Dick Allen's'little daughter has teen named Mary Lou, a name 'grandma Bernar dine""" has long admired and planned. ; to use- l)ad ahe ever been blessed with a girl!* A girl was not in the cards .but she can ,bask in the reflected glory. The sisters, Debbie and Sandra approved of the name too. . ; *.,,*.*, .; An angle worm, a grub worm nd a night crawler were all the ame to me -till I talked, with firs Allen Bullock the other day. She set me straight on "worms' and also told me about their re- ent fishing trip on which they caught fifty bluegills. I didn't know a bluegill either and she jave a good description. T asked how come she knew so much. She replied she ihad 'been brought up on a farm arid had always oved to fish. What about (that Jzzie and Hazel and Rose? * + * The D. K. Chiquets were in Chicago while on a 'two week vacation. They saw all the sights and had a fine 'time. Mrs C. said "We saw the White Sox beat the Yanks" and there was such satisfaction in her voice, I ligured they were not Yank fans. They also took a ride on lake Michigan; * * * , As I remarked once before, we do not have Whistler's mother here but we do have a whistler. I don't see ihow he can stay puckered so long. The other night I -was amused at hearing "The Isle of Capri", surely a strange tune for a man of around 85. "When You and I Were Young, Maggie" I can understand, 'but 'The Is}e" — well, 'he thinks snodern. And believe me, he "swung it." The rythum is a little tricky but .he had it. .Who is he? Ed Studer of Corwith, ' * * * This ha* been a nice week, full of activities which I love. . One night the ".thre§ Muskateers" and Leora St, John took in the drive- in theatre showing "Some Luke It Hot." -I think it is a lot of |un sitting in the privacy of a car, commenting favorably or other wise on 'fche picture^ having the sound at the volume we wa'n/t, and nibbling refreshments from the nearby stand. This was fol J*>wed (by a dinner with friends and Thursday a birthday party ag given toy M^i Hutsteli |or Ethel GiJJes. (Friday I 'was $ yejana Hagg, an ^ser my anniversary, Ye§; j f si town* from MifctVi FREE MIDGET BIBLE! For Each Paid Admission! GIFTS FOR KIDDIES! l Havinq Their Bible With Them! Frpm The Bibles fenable 6f The IVodiqal Son... As In Lute, ChapferU...Thnll ToThe Desfrucfion of The RaqanGod^ Temple....Beautiful Maidens On A HumanWheel of fortune! «•*», «$M& .1ANA TURNER EDMUND PURDOM m\ • AUDREY DAITON &.. •:•:•.:;¥•:• P;*;*;f mm m& : $mm olfiSs Itofh features In CINEMASCOPE and COLOR!! STORY Of THE GR6AT PYRAMID! ITS CONSTRUCTION TURNED A HALF-MILLION PEORU INTO SLAVES II COLLINS l^ Stern of TffS^Vii^^Sem^d9i$ , m l ? U SUNDAY! FOR 3 DAYS SUNDAY! FOR 3 »AYS - ALSO Bugs Bunny Cartoon TECHNICOLOR* Continuous Show F,rom 1 P.M. Sunday Only "One Showing Mon. and Tues. Shows Begins at 7:30 — Feature at 8:00, SUNDAY! FOR 3 DAYS i HOLLYWOOD HAS NEVER MADE A GREATER SUSPENSE STORY! ...A more tender love story IN Cinemascope .Or a finer human drama! DIARYOF ANNE FRANK JOSEPH SCHILOKRAU1 SHELLEY WINTERS GUSTIHUBER wd EPWYNN Donee Novelty Demon;' 4 Color Cartoon "Foefle* Train Ride"

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