The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 27, 1959 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1959
Page 19
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New Merger James, A. Olson, .president of the Davenport Elevator Company, and Carl G. Orsinger, president of the Waterloo Mills Company, have aftrioiiftced a proposed merger of the twb businesses effective Sept. 1. The directors of both companies have already approved this merger. The riew organisation will operate as the Davenport Elevator Company and it is planned that the entire personnel and the policies including the production of "Clear Quill" and "Winner*' brand formula feeds -will not be changed, The principal offices of the merged comfrafty^ nHIt toe at West fefrttd, wtth Qlsott as president and general manager., The Davenport Ele^atot Company was established in 18&5, the late Bert Dow being president, and thd Waterldo Mills Gqtnpany | in 1924 by Glenn C. Sown and j Carl G. Orsirtger. The merged organisation" will cover thte state of lowii and parts of Illinois with wholesale distributing warehouses, production facilities, grain storage and processing plants and offices in the following Iowa points: Daveni port, Waterloo, Des Moines, West Bend, Fort Dodge, Casey, Adaif and Hampton. This is another step in the contlnUirig progress of the Davenport Elevator Company which started more than a year ago with the acquisition of tha Fort Dodge Feed Cd.» In the U. S. action in Korea, better known later as the Korean War, a total of 5,720,000 t7. S. military men were engaged. Give Yourself The Finer Things In Life 1 H.'i ?"• A"*' >*• "*o IAN N Ldg. 1 er r»- • l . i -. ' There is no easier or surer Way, to accumulate the furids you need for those firier things in li^e than by saving ... yes, by saving in a "strong institution that pays generous dividends. Save for a new car, a college education for. your children, the hdme of yb"u? areanii—but set a goal and save for it. And save here,regularly where your money is insured cind earns big, Big dividendsr-^r- vt J rx ^'V - t. 1 ** f ft* ~--*.sr w.,> '• •ifFf^-i-"!*?' .v . - ' '• * •;_','•'•",'<.*'-,•'••;.' "V ''. ! '~; : •£'•'•'•'• fao . . V J * Per Armum-Gompounded Semi-Annually , HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS "" & LOAN ASS'N. V Since 1917. WVUWYWJ 1 . D. 13 111 3. 53 314 _ i 24 232 VLDT \ na 90 333 DC CSON rainina it. nent rl&on irm lament ipsoy I Dodg4 V 4-J891 iboldt PIONEER produces the top yields your soil and V/eather will allow . . .', .Year after year, Pioneer hybrids turn,out top yields. That's because,every Piorieer hybrid is tested for yieTd-ability for several years before you can buy it... and each year's extensive tests at many locations put new hybrids up against nearly every weather, insect, and disease hazard your corn may run into. Pioneer breeders develop and test thousands of new hybrids to find the few good enough to meet their standards, These are the hybrids that deliver maximum yields on your farm ... in good years or poor, Order now. Your Local Pioneer Salesmen: f hufStJay, *' (la.) U PP «r D«i Moln«-S ' ' • ' ' '' • £c/en-Specrr Nuptials h* « user) In botiliipftHiSTit Wtth sctviep st-1 out In t'nra!jr«t>h« A shrt rtioi-e for the trnhsportfltlcm of film nnd film aect*»orlp» for fleyveiry tti Jrlve-ln -thcftt*-™ in Kosauth, Polo AHo, • 'lav, tlifkltison, Krmtvet, WlnnebaRO, U«Snr>, I'oonhonln*. Wnbsler, IturnboltH, Vilk nnd HancneR CountlBS. lows, The < oinsnlsislon fixed Ttwssrtny. Sept- ,nbrr 2J. 1DS9, ton (10:00) O'clOCK «.m. . (lie office of the Bucnn Vlstn County Auditor, Storm r>n!«e, town, n* IIWiO ftnd plHi'e for jn\blic hcnrlng on tht) Above docketed nppllcaHon. IOWA STATE COMMKRCK COMMISSION liniold R. Hughes, Clialrman Hoinnvd J.-Mnftln, CommiBstoncr «>*• T! Thompson, Commissioner ATTEST: Geo. b. McCnxighon, SecrctBrV >iiicu nt uos ivtomes, Iowa, August 8, insn. » thu-kct No. H-4675. lerviee ...-,..-. - 30.13 Upper Det Main** Publ. Co,. pub,. Council Minutes PerQflnde, ifllary Burii*, jatfiry ... Metien Jr., ial«ry ... -— jif'S Prew, iftlary «-^.,..... - Is''? 1 Skillimj, wiary ••'•••- *>•*! Ostrum, salary . ,?'; JorQcmon, labor .- I**!? tcmk»t», labor ..,.-.-......,-. 59.21 Iowa St»t« Bank, withholding fax 70.60 Bowman Builder's, material & < labor --.. 308.0? Cdllen Hartlwarp, Milsc. ., -- ' UM Chester Harmon, labor a. 2-00 Mid-WMt Service Co,, fuel 27.85 Northweitcrn Bell Telephone Co., ,, 6rt service „.-.. --- A !s,s Cities Service Oil Co., 0«» .,-.-- 212.13 PUBLIC SAfETY fiockolman, salary „„-.,..—-— ! -,22 Hutehi»on, salary !;2i? Jorocnson. salary . — -- - ' S2 'l'j <enneth McBrlde, »*l«ry .. ! oSs Schwarzonbaeh, »alary Hlns Button, salary iSS-Js Voigt, salary I2 l'~2 Kohl, salary 20.00 Builder'*, labor ft rr\»- Elbcrt, salary I - 10.00 lo*« State Bank, wlthholcjmfl tax 95.10 E*it ~Erid Fekmdry, trie., Irtiike* Bo^wolf Conttoetrno Co., manttote rino *• eov«r ,-,......,„...,..». Collcn Mflrdw.nfe, nfuhft. . .,^,..,..„ R»V Aktersort, refund , .. City Clerk, advsncr rji-,h .... Sinclair Refining Co., fuel . „. .. HtCntATION St«phfln<on, Hobbift, »wi Mobbi«, Hfirbst, **lmmin<j ihslructionsi ^.. Hcrlut, <;fll.ii> , - . . . Oick"'l. iwiniming Instruction . Bickpit, «al,try . , Garry, iwimmino mstruetion Garry, salary .„_.,., ....... Knoll, ifllarv . ,, Chrisllnmen, s.ilrtry ..... DuVftll, nalrtry . . low/i State Bnnk, withholding tax Cullen Hardware, mrhf. ... .. L. S. Muekny, Plumliinp, rr>(tair . Pacific InlArmountain I'pro'.s, freight . homp9on.H,iyw.irt) CMrmlcal Co , chlorine i colitc . ... . orlhweHcrn ffcll Tolp|)htjnfl Co., srrviee . . BoUlridgn pl.ivoround pro Marian Wilda, daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward W. Eden of Wesley, became the 'bride of Wilbur Spear, son. of'Wm. Spear and the late Mrs Wm. Spear of Titonka. Rev. iM. L. Hulse performed the double,ring ceremony in lEvangelical United Brethren church at Mason,'Ci'.ty. Aug. 16. Mrs George Gooder played tho processional and "recessional and accompanied Thomas Walters soloist. : ' The bride, given in marriage by her 'father, wore a floor length' gown, with bouffant' _skirt of nylon tulle with vertical f owa of lace applique embroidered, with sequins. The fitted bodice & long tapered sleeves fashioned of chantilly- lace of rose and spider web delicate pastel shades. Her fingertip veil of pure silk illusion tulle, with hand' rolled edges, was' held in place 'by a crown of lace and tulle edged with pearls. She carried' a white orchid and stephonotis on satin streamers on her) ; : ..white ; 'Bible. , Her Only jewelry was pair of pearl earrings., a gift;of the bridegroom. Mrs Raymond Franzen. was matron of honor and bridesmaids were Mrs Larry Garlockand Mrs Robert .Eden, .v : vAj, Sharon Spear was Jlowei- girl. Merlin :Dirksen was 'rirtgfoearer,. Bob Spear 'was best man and groomsmen were : James Spear and Raymond Franzen. Ushers were 'Roibert Eden and Alfred Steenhard. Following the ceremony' a reception* was held for' 200 guests in the church'parlors. IMrs Vincent Kirschbaum was in charge of the guest book. Mrs Harold Wheeler of Forest City served the" punch. A three-tiered wedding cake, topped with a miniature bride and bridegroom, was cut and served by .Mrs Erling < Flom and Mrs Hazel Carroll. iMrs Alvin E,den and- Mrs Bob Spear poured coffee.. . :.. . ; . Waitresses-were Mrs Ray Matson, Marcella Kelley, . Marilyn Schlicht and. Janice Dirksc'n. Mrs Omer Perry, Mrs Donald Sazanovich and Mrs James Spear opened and displayed the gifts. Eight ladies of the church prepared the lunch. The bride is a graduate of. Ti- lonka "high school and attended Hamilton 'Business 'College at Mason City and was employed as bookkeeper of -First National Bank in Mason City. The bridegroom is a graduate of Titonjca high school and is engaged in 'fanning near Titonka, where they will make their home. (UDM Engraving) , COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council mot July 29, 1939, with Mayor Shlcrk and the following Councilmen: Muckcy, Whlttemore, Elbort, Drccsman — Absent, Pursorw, and Rich ardson. , City Clerk was authorijte-d to advertise for s.ilo that portiort of vacatod alloy lying to tho north of Lot S, Blk. 130, Call's Addition. : Boer permit was granted to the Council Oak Store. , Resolution authorizing Investment of surplus funds In the sewer treatment "plAnl account of the sanitation fund was adopted. Mayor was authorized to appoint a board to study and recommend to the Council changes of the boundaries of the Wards in the City of Algona. ; Quarterly report of tho Utilities was acknowledged and placed on file. GENERAL FUND Mayor Shierk, salary $ 150.00 Smith, salary _-, » IS*!.67 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax 5.60 Arwcll Inc., rat control 25.00 City Clerk, advance cash 10.35 LcRoy Dltsworth, labor 3.75 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Trust & Agency Fund, police pension '''I? .City Clerk, ndvance cash 4.88 Cullen Hardware, point 8.90 Upper DBJ Moines Publ. Co., office supplies 25,00 Kossuth Motor Co., service 15.25 Northwestern Boll Telephone Co., scrvlcrl w. - 28.25 SANITATON Lcmkce, salary - 140.18 Gronbach, Fred, salary — 116.33 Gronbach, LoRoy, labor 14.62 Moo, labor 17.06 Reiner Holmors, labor 22.91 Rcakus, Hclmers, labor 27.49 Weig, Jr., labor 24.57 Rislau, labor ,'v 5 ' Baas, salary 167.3. Nelson, salary ^ . 44.1? Courtney, salary . 94.0C Iowa Slate Bank, withholding lax 7.0.30 Rcakus l-lelmors, manhole ring & lid ._ 32.01 Reiner Holmors, material - - 4.0' George's Body Shop, machine hire 15.0 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., service ... '. — 28.2! Luther Fairbanks, Jr., machine hire l.lyyrouncl proyf/im PARKING Mffft? Gro^n, »ahry . I60<(S salary , 51.33 jwa Stalo llnnk, withholding lax 15.70 'rust A Agfney fund, police; pen- 72.0 279.66 152.05 29.6S 25.05 27.08 2.76 115.71 113.80 50.50 103.4 67.77 604S 7070 60 4S 7020 7631 7020 60.4$ 76 33 70.60 S9.20 2X63 1.50 29.70 231.00 10-15 City Cterk, advance eish —..* TRUST & AGENCY « Oft^ft'S CfrWiiCv/ pfirtsift^ # w *«.».^ Unda Ct&mtpy, pension »..._;*» 20.00 Bortha Egtt, pemion .,*». ,. 7S.OO d in the AtQorM Kosiufh AOvanec, Atgaoe, ld#», on gram .. Mcdln, for NOTICE or HEARING ON APPLICATION OF OHTON FRUIT FARM BY WEBSTER ORTON FOR, A PERMIT TO WITHDRAW WATER IN KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA. Notice is hereby given that there is ;now on file in the Office of thb Iowa Natural Resources Council, State House; Des Mollies, Iowa, an application from Orton Fruit Farm by Webster Ortpn 'or a permit to' withdraw water for rrigallon from the East Fork De.s Vloines River at points adjacent to the land, herein described. The 1'nnd upon which the water is to be used comprises about 10 acres generally. -dQsc,ribed..Hjas-. , that \.- GdveriijnentlLbV" 01; Section 11, |T06N, R29W, Kossuth \ C6unty,' lowa.j ,'lying north and west of the county highway in Kossuth County, Iowa. Applicant .requests a permit to withdraw •' water • in the maximum amount of 10 acre-feet a year at a maximum L rate of 0,22 cubic feet a second duping the period May 1 to .October 10 o£ each .year. . JNotio^f is further given that 'a public 'hearing will be held at 11:00 A.M. on September !), 1950, at the Hancock County Courthouse, Garner, Iowa, at which time and place or at any adjournment, the Water Commissioner or his Deputy will take evidence by the applicant and any other person either n support of or in opposition to the granting of a permit. R. G. Bullard ,. . , ~~Water Commissioner , (33-34) NOTES OF SERVICE MEN FORT LEONARD WOOD, MO. —' Army Pvt. Louis M. Scott, son of Mr and Mrs Louis W. Scott, (Burt, completed the i'ood OFFICIAL NOTICE BEFORE.' THE IOWA STATE COMMERCE -dOMMISSION TO THE CITIZENS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA Notice is hereby, given .that Churles F. lies ami Harold E. McKinnoy, DBA own Filfti Delivery, Des Moines, Iowa, ins made application to the Iowa" Statu Commerce Commission under author- ly of Chapter 325, The Code 1958, for i Certificate of Convenience and Necessity to operate as a motor carrier of reight by extending its existing authority as a motor carrier Q£ freight. .A. By enlarging its present commpd- ly description .to include freiglit .United to small parcels and. packages not to exceed UOO Ibs. In weight for each Darcel or package and without limitation on weight of a shipment from any one shipper -or consignor between tlie following points which, it is presently authorized to serve under its Certificate No. 31B and Certificate No. 397 in the name of Charles F. lies and Harold E. McKinney, DBA Film Transportation Company: Algona, Emmetsburg, Spencer, Arnolds Park, Superior, Arm- sli'9ng, Buffalo Center, Burt, Whitle- mo're, Rutliven, Fostoria, Okoboji, Esthervilie, Swea City, ; " Titonka, West Bend, Cylinder, Dickens, Milford, Spirit Lake, Gruver, Lakota, Bancroft, Bocme, Ilolfe, Luther,. Graettinger, Fort Dodge,< Gilmore City, Madrid, Humboldt, Dakota City and Polk City and *••••••. 13. By including a.s additional points on its presently existing regular routes the following: Ogden, Ringsted, Lcd- yafcl. Bradgate, Bode, Otho, Dayton, Ten-ill, Boxholrn, Feiiton, Woden, Lu- Verne, Rutland, Burnsido, Pilot Mound iarcourl, Lone Rock, Ottosen, Liver noro. Badger, Lehigh and Fraser anc equests autKority to. .transport freiglit incited- to small parcels and pack- R. I. Mawdsley ... .Algona Aaron Steussy _ -.. r . -.. AJgona Ted FURftW; Sr. •.-.; Burt Henry Sehrfce^ter,, -; -, Lone Rock Eugene Kollasch :..,., Bode Walter Vaudt.; WKittemore ** RfebiHs&h Produce jack Dethmers - Oarner District §a!e$ Mgr. service course Aug. 13 at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Scott received training in cooking, baking, meat cutting and preparing a field kitchen. He entered the Army last April. The 23-year-old soldier is a 1953 graduate of Burt high school. —o- FORT SILL, OKLA. — Arm* Pvt, G'ary.L. Ewing, son of Mi and 'Mrs Alvin V. Ewing, Swea ity, is scheduled to complete eight; wbeks of advanced in- dividij'sl artillery training jSept il at the 'Artiliery and Missile Center, fort Sill, Okla. 1 Ewing is receiving training in ,he duties o* a in u 105 millimeter howitzer section. He entered the Army last April and completed basic training at.iFoi't parson, Colo. The 22-year-old soldier is a 1954 graduate of Swea City high school. —o— FORT SILL, OKLA. — Army Pvt. Glen^L. Welp, 22, son of Mr and Mrs Ray Wejp, .Titonka, is scheduled to complete e i g h * weeks of advanced individual artillery training Sept. 11 at the Artillery and Missile Center, Fort Sill, Okla. Welp received training , in the duties of a cannoneer -in a 105 millimeter howitzer sucljtm • He entered the Army m April of, this year and wa^ la^ sjtation- (34 & 37) ed at Fort Carson, Colo. Welp it; a 1954 graduate ul' Ti- ages not to exceed 200 Ibs. in, weigh iot or each, parcel or package and withou imitation on weight, of a shipmen from any one L >shipper or consigno aetween said points and .all points on Is existing regular routes Including those set out in paragraph A, and C. To serve as oft-route points all motion picture theaters located within five (Similes of. its existing regular YEARS/ OR DRY Butler • In dry years, lets you harvest two to four weeks earlier for less field loss, higher yields and more income. • Gives low-cost, reliable protection against heavy discounts and spoilage losses in wet years. • Lets you sell early harvested grain at pre-harvest prices — or seal and get your loan sooner. • Saves work-harvest while .ground is still dry, and firm. Ona grain handling-into the bin-and youi; work Is done. ALL IN ONE "PACKAGE"- Famous Butler bin, Super Air-Flo perforated floor, force-Mr fan, and Stor-N-Ory heat«r (if noceuary) aro available a» a complete "packaged" Stor-N- Dry lyslem. Nothing extra to buy. Eaiy set-up. System* for all crops and moiilure conditions. COME IN AND GET STOR-N-DRY DETAILS NEW fe USED FARM EQUIPMENT AUCTION LUNCH WAGON ON GROUND^ SALE STARTS AT 12 NOON An w» nro moving our rnnln bn»o of oporntlonn lo Emmotr.hurg, Iowa, we a*« alforlng Ihe lollowlno now nnd unecl fnrm mhchlnory nnd oJher mtrchandlM lo roduco our Invnnrory and «nve the oxpontn of moving. Tho »nle will be held dl our plnco of buninpti. the Whlllernoro Implement Co. at Whlllamore, la,, an the following dnle: ^ MONDAY, AUGUST 31 49 TRACTOnS — F S60 On» Domonslmlor; lorqun amplifier live PTO, power mooring. F 4BO Oni Domonilrhtor; lorquo amplifier, live PTO, power tloarlng. F 340 Denionslrstor; lorquo Amplifier, live PTO. fail hllch. New I 150 GAR; torque amplifier, fail hitch. I 330 On* Domonstrnlor; Regular equipment. 1858 F 400 Gn«: torque amplifier, llvo PTO. 1352 John Deere A. 1954 Super M Gnu; with live pump, 1940, 1844 and 1944 M Farmalli. 1941 M Farmall with overdrive, 1951 DC Cnio. 1952 Co-op E-3: live PTO and pump. 1942 M Farmall. 1050 Alll* Chalmori WD. 1948 and 1941 A1IU Chalmori AC. 1946 John Deore A. 1944, 1942 and 1941 M. Farmnll*. 1949 C, Farmall. 1952 Maisey Harris 44 II. 1952 Mnmoy Harrli 30 Gn». 1937 WC with Farm-Hand ttacker and loader. 1949 1HC WD-9. Two F-30 Farmalli. Six F-ZO Farmnlls. Oliver Model 80. 1956 Vl-Mollno Unl-Trnctor; power nloorlng. big engine. Three Wide Fronts for W Formal!. 12 DIESEL. THACTOIIS — F 5BO Dlmel Domon»lrnlor; power steering torque impllflor, llvo PTO. 1958 F 450 Diesel; power steering, torque amplifier, live PTO. 1956 F 400 Dipnoi; power Mooring, torque amplifier, live PTO. 1956 F 400 Dleiol; lorquo amplifier, llvo PTO. 1952, 1951 nnd 1950 M. Dloiels. 1951 M Diesel with overdrive, 1953 Super M Dipnoi with llvo pump. 1949 TD6 Crawler with Inncson dozor. IHC TD9 Crnwlor with Hough loader. COHN PLANTERS — 1959 IHC 450 4-Row Plnnler with liquid fert. 1958 IHC 450 4-Ilow Planter with dry fort. alt. Now IHC 444 4-Row Planter with feri. ait. IHC 440 4-Row Planter with forti all. Case 2-RowPlanter with ferl. all. Two IHC 240 Plantori with ferl nil. Oliver 4-Row Planter with forl. alt. PLOWS & DISCS — IHC 411 Fait-Hltch Plow. IHC 411 4-16 Fail-Hitch Plow. IHC 4-now Hoe with hllch. Two IHC 37 13-11. Wheel Dlics. Roderick Lean 9-fJ. Wheel Dine. Throe John Deere 15-fl. DUci. 25 Two nnd Three-Bottom Plows. Graham Hoome Plow, IHC 18-ft. Dlic. New IHC 15-L 3-14 Plow. MISCELLANEOUS — M-Mollne B Corn Shelter; Humboldt Manure Loader; ew Farmhand F-15 Manure Loader; 2 now Comfort Trailer Sprayers; new Jroyhlll Trailer Sprayer; 2 Caswell Manure Buckets; Farmhand F-11A dem- nslralor Loader; Steel Slock Tanks; Baler Twine; Bolster Hoists; Tires of II sizes; Utility-type Elevator: Viking 42-fi. Elevator with hydraulic lift; 1-fl. Bole Elevnlor: No. 0500 Baler Wire; 50-fi. Hammermlll Belt; Electric 1 i.p. Motor nnd other electric motors; IHC 3F Self - washing Croam Separator; tow Wagon Boxes and Farm Wagons; Many misc. Items. COMBINES — Two Now IHC 76 Combines with quick-change cylinders. BSD MnnBoy Harris 60 Combine with PTO, dpi. M-Mollne G4 Combine with on- Ino. Two A.-B Combines with engines. Allls Chalmers 5-ft. Combine, PTO. /lollnn g-ft. Head f6r UnilTraclor, with pickup and reel, i ....,'. CULTIVATORS And SPREADERS — IHC 4fo 4-Row Fast-Hitch Cultivator. )omonstralor. Allls Chalmers 4-Row Cultivator. M-Molino 4-Row Cultivator. 4o*soy Harris 4-Row Cultivator, Four Allis Chalmers 2-Row Cultivators. IHC -Row Side-mounlod Cultivator. M 420 4-Row Cultivator. Side- Dress Attach* monl for 4-Row Cultivator. IHC 200 Tractor Spreader. John Deere Trade* Spreader. Now - New Holland 331 130-Bushel Spreader. Two Ezee-floW Fort- llzor Spreaders,, , , •..-••"*, TRUCKS & PICKUPS — New A132 IHC i'/i-T with now combination box, 1957 IHC A100 Vz-Ton, 1957 IHC A102 Station Wagon. 1957. IHC A110 j-Ton. 1953 Ford C600 with air brakes, 2-speeds, fifth wheel. !' . ' ' HAY EQUIPMENT — New IHC 46 Baler. PTO. New New Holland 67 Baler. PTO. Now Holland G6 Baler with engine. 1958 IHC SST Baler. PTO. 1954 IHC 45T Baler. PTO. 1954 Massoy Harrb 1 Baler. Engine. New Now Holland Hay Conditioner. 1959 Cunningham Hay Conditioner. New Holland 46 Mower, Trail- type. Demonstrator. IHC UF 28 Fast-Hitch Mower. Demonstrator. 1958 John Deere 25 Mower. IHC 25 V Mower. Kosch 7-11. Side-mounted Mower for Ford. M-Molino Side-mounted Mower. New Now Holland 55 Side Rake. New IHC 15 Side Rake. -• FORAGE HARVESTERS .-CUTTERS — HOISTS — 1B56 Cehl with corn ilcklo heads. Skyline with engine. For corn & hay. Hay head for New Holland EDO. New Idea Slalk Cutler. Continental Stalk Cutler. Brady Stalk Cutter. John Deere Drivo-on HoUt. John Doore Overhead Hoist. Stan-Hoist Drive-on Hoist. Meyer Drive-on Hoist. • CORNPICKERS — 1957 IHC 2PR 2-Row Pull-type Picker. Two 1956 IHC 2ME Pickers. 1955, 1954 & 1953 IHC 2ME Pickers. 1954, 1956, 19S4, 1953 and 1952 New Idea 2-Row Pull-type Pickors. 1953 Case 2-Row Snapper Pull-type Picker. 1951 IHC 2M Picker mid. on F-20. 1950 and 1949 IHC 2M Pickers. 1949 New Idea 2-Row Pull-typo Picker. 1954 Oliver 4 2-Row Mounted Picker. 1955 IHC 24 Picker with now packings. 1853 Alll« Chalmers 2-Row Mounted Picker. Red Woods -Row Picker. Throe John Doere 200 2-Row Pull-type Pickers. Two IHC 2P -How Pull-typo Pickors. Massoy Harris 6-Cyllnder SeU-Propelled (Picker. 1955 W-Mollno 2-How Plckor for Unl-Traclor. 1956 M-Moline 2-How Sheller for Jnl-Tructor. TERMS: — CASH, or make arrangements at sale. Two years on used qulpmenl; 3 years on new. Not Responsible For Accidents. Auctioneers: Clurk and Clark Clerk, Farmers State Bank, Whlttemore WHITTEMORE IMPLEMENT CO. — Whiliernore, Iowa BRADLEY BROS. CY 4-2421 Algona, Iowa FARM LAND SALE Because of ill health I will hold a public, auction on my farm located 9 miles riortn of Esiherville. Iowa, or 4 miles west and 2V* miles south of Dunnell, Minnesota, on Wed. Evening, Sept, 2 Sale Starts At 7:30 P.M., Central Standard Time 240-Acre Farm 240 Acres More or Less LEGAL DESCRIPTION Section 25 In Petersburg Township, Jackson County. Minnesota Southeast Quarter (SE'/4) and Sputh One-half of Northeast Quarter NE l /4.) Of Section 25 in Petersburg Township, NEW PARTNERSHIP NEW PARTNERSHIP ^MACHINERY AUCTION As we have sola an inlerest in our machinery business; and added a third parlner, we are holding a public auction lo dispose of our presenl large stock of used machinery. The auction will be held at our implement located in Ceylon, Minnesota, on Wednesday, August 26 • Sale Starts At 1 O'clock Daylight Saving Time 9 IH TRACTORS — 1953 Super MD, new sleeves and, pistons. 1953 Super M - LP, New rings. Wide front. Just repainted. 1952 MD. Motor just overhauled and tractor just repainted. 1950 MD. Motor just overhauled. 1949 M. Power Pack. Live PTO. Just repainted. 1948 M. A-l condition. Just repainted. 1940 M. Ready io go to work. 1949 Farmall C. New rings, Farmall F-30. _. ___. -,. CORNPICKERS — Nine 2-M Pickers. 2-ME Pick. 1955 Minneapolis - Moline Picker with rear elevator. Two Oliver Pickers, with rear elevators. New Idea Picker with rear elevator, Three IHC 2-P Pickers. WC Allis Chalmers Mounted Picker. Case 1-Row Picker Two Woods Single-row Pickers. 1952 New Idea Single-row Picker. Like new. 1949 New Idea Single-row Picker. Case Single- row Picker. Like new. . _ BALERS — New Holland.o. 66 Baler. Four IHC 45T Balers, wagon hitch and chute. Four IHC SOT Balers, wagbri hitch and chute New Holland No. 77 Baler with starter and hydraulic tension. New Holland No. 77 Baler with motor. Case Twine-Tie Baler, NCM-T. CULTIVATORS — Two IHC 12-Ft. No. 9 Field Cultivators. John Deere 4-Row Cultivator. Three 238 Cultivators-. Noble 4-Section ° a HAY°EQUIPMENT — New Holland Chopper, corn & hay heads. Mover Hay Conditioner. Case Chopper with hay head. Twp Hay Loader New Holland Rollabar Rake. New Ford Side-mounted Mower.' IHC 25-V Mower. IHC No, 31 Mower. New. New Holland Mower-Crusher. Demonstrator. John Deere Blower. New Holland Blower. New. Two New Holland No. 76 Balers. IHC 20-C Field Ch ° P C P OMBiNE C S°- BINDERS - WINDROWERS - Allis Chalmers B-Ft Combine with PTO. IHC No. 64 Combine with PTO, Allis Chaimers 6-F1. Combine with PTO, Case A-6i Combine with motor 803*A Sewing Machine BIG NEWS is the revolutionary IMPROVEMENTS —'New, Large 32 x 48 Coin C>ib an^^Qverhead with A 12'F1. Alley,. Overhead Granary will hqld 3,000 Shened CcSnr Round - Roof 20 x 78 Machine Shed; Garage? 16 x 28 Workshop; Large 34 x 60 Barrnyiih 20 x ; 24 x 48 Hog Howse with Overhead Storage Space; Large Brooder Housei HpUsT^LTrgTlJodern House; Half Bath downstairs 4nd Full Bath Upstairs; Hardwood floojs downstairs; Full bawmf nt> Hot Wj»Ter Heater; Steam Heating System; l.arg^ CUtern Shallow Well Pressure System; Good Well with Deep^ate^ Nbf E -r- Here is an excellent 24b-acre ( farifn which s • well tiled/'has new fences, AU of He best of cropsi A bg prpducer «pw«,.Th«-farm has two wells. Build. for 220 frorn Free-WestinghousR Super, Automatic! It's an "auh . seller , . . designed fpr Ihe needs of everyone . . • It's Jhe one JJf; chine designed to "dp everything' : . , doing it simply, easily, vnt! oerfect pr'ecisipn. As Low As ',',-' TERMS Bjusttom Furniture The . . s 9 nie,b,upng §i ar e w rej -f , Fatm is. Ioc%te4 m low lax area anl isjocated 1 trjile owl Stale Une, in southern Minnesota, on the JackspR t Martin po?nty lirSi Jf YQH.are inlerested in a 240-acre farmi don't miss flis one, porit.fbrgeHhat this - - 4>/% INTEREST WITH YEAR. . ON Case 5-F1. Combine, PTO. Real,clean. Two Massey,Hams Clipper Combines. M-Moline G-4 Combine. Corn Head for 101 Combine. 1 vr old Two Hume Reels for '76' combine. Demo, McCprnnck Deenng Corn Binder, PTO. McCormick Deering Cora Binder. Minnesota 8'Fi. Binder. IHC 8-Ft. Windrower. John Deere 9-Fi. Windrower, M-Mphne 12 ' F PLOWS°& 6 DISCS'— IHC No. 15 3:14 Plow, New. IHC No. 16 3-16 Plow New. Three IHC No, 16 4-14 Plows. New. IHC 4-14 Mounted Plow, IHC No. 16 4-14 Plow, .Used two years. Qasf 4-16. New stylo bottoms. Two Case Q-16'Plows. New.sty^ bpttomsj Five IHC^NP. 8 Plows, Two HM No, 150 Disc Plows; IHC No. 8 4-14 Plow. On Rubber. IHC No. 8 4-14 Plow. Two C Plows. Two Mounted Plows Minneapolis Moline 12-Ft. Tandem Disc. John Deere 1 11-Ft, Tandem Disc. IH Sub-Soil Plovv.TraJi type., New<, r, . ..* _ PLANTERS - M-Moline 4.Row Planter, with fort, att. Two Blackhawk Planters. Four IHC No,. 440-, 4-Rpw Plante,r§, M *-* f.Row Plahler for Farmall C, Three Oth?? Slackhawk f \ -Jo"n Deere 290 Planter, John Deere. 4-Row Bea,n Plants, IHC SH JLLERS" & "CUTTERS ^ M-MoHn® ?.%!%?/, ~ " Sheller, IHC Cylinder Cprn Shelter. ,1*1 SJ?«l cpndition. Worn Stilk Cutter, TWQ Lund^lJ,! Stalk Cwtte?. . VS L Two Use^'8 Cutter Bar *W No- 20°* TwP, JHC Ppwer w*»* _. N<? w , Three B.pletej, T "" ,M.»^ef, -- AT mt«; M O Rest jord, Owner ,8«SSr«i. iil'oiS&T We^ei ana Clai'fe. &ucBoiwers Ruth J-Uleriwarth, Xiioirnef Miiker Pump, Conplete . Two

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