The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on March 3, 1989 · Page 55
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 55

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1989
Page 55
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D-14Television THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Friday, March 3, 1989 This morning Toda, Donahue SaliyjiisTRaphael Oass Win,Lose News g --CBSNewslThisMo "pT Pr'Ce Rl9h NCW SS&? Good Morning America Growing I Superior The Judge On Trial Home News 12 Pains Court I . COPS I Fun House I Ghost- I Gumby Beverly Bewitched H'wood Divorce Fall Guy Rockford Files g busters Hillbillies Squares Court I - L I 1 Sesame Street Instruct. Sesame Street Instructional Programming Program OfftheAirjCaptam Sesame Street 1 Song Bag Readalong I It Figures I News W Writer's I Saludos Big A -Jem ST HenlagelLay gg? P"" Good Morig America ' Donahue Sally Jessy Raphael Home Growing News Loving TiZZZ TMike Family Tcard Price Is Right News Young & 7 This Morning News sdnto I FelTd Sharks I Restless Body AtoteT 1 Sesame Street Instructional Programming Programming 16 Electric Rogers Saleot I Class. 1 Wheel of I Win, Lose Super J Scrabble 22 TodaV Kathie Lee Century Concen. Fortune or Draw Password (6:30) Joy Could You Not Tarry Richard Roberts Answer Marilyn j Local Praise (Live) M Finders C.O.P.S. I Jem My Little Home Shop'ping Success-N-Li.e Oating Superior gvyj- 45 Keeoers Pony Network Swaggart " J "Tom Indiana ie,,..,UK,m gfiSitt MV'm HBO Picnic Sawyer (PG. M) Donald SulnWana, w.o wanr ; (530)1001: Space The Graduate (PG, 67) rSJTSfcSrSta" TMC Odsey Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft Leo McKorn, Juha Draki . ' " (6:30) Harlow C65) iMoonstp.cMPG.S)-. I fiE. MAX Carroll Baker, Martin Balsam Cher, Nicolas Cage Sean Connery, Auorty nepour , Um Witness for I The Golden Cni.d (PG-13, 86) 1 SS ,2? LV' ' PG, 83) SHO tn. Prosecutions 'S ' ' Friendl You and I Wait Disne Presents I Ozz.e G3od Poh Donald Dumbo's Mustang ( 74) . Mcka Me Kid Harriet PIS Morning Corner Duck Circus Charles Baca, Flavio Martlnei Flicka Me,MQ I The Student Prince TNT e1'"" P0PeVeHUr ROT" grtSSf lice '"" Archie Tim TboT3 ' Smurfs I Gumby I Dukes of Hazzard Charlie's Angels Geraldo WGN Bunker . I tjt-tt BeTHiiiT Jetsons Gumby I My Little Care Jeannie People Are Talking WOR Teens P"y Bears (6:30) Tom' merry's Beverly bewitched Little Hous'e on the ILovt You Goodbye t'74) jAndy Perry Mason (6Tn" ion's Binei"' Sports- CoHege Ma'yland a. North RSttSgFit Workout Aerobics Bodyshap- FSN Center Carolina State " TTT-S r,rw " 1 Riptide Alfred Hitchcock Hot The Per- Cartoons She-Ra Cartoons Kipnoe pofato centages IICA I ' 1 , i r-rr. r r Elephant I Little Pinwheel mT DelSi Lassie Belle & Pinwheel Show Koala NIK Wizard Sebastian snow ioaia m I r-r- 1 Mother's Attitudes Wok with Beantown It Figures It Figures Regis Philbin Show Nurse Baby rs Atmuaes yan sUpf DrTGui Father I Hazel OuTr TOOaub"1 Straight Talk American CBN book Knows ' ' Boast of K ngs Previn on Concertos River Journeys Comedy Mde jSffL.ckwood, Basil Sldnoy A&E J I Li I " 'WW-" m hmpmh MVW jppv rnanrraaniiT8 f',r "T 5 Days ot o'ur' Lives' Another World Santa Barbara I LgveGen- Fay Cosby News Sews TiBol Soldi As the World Turns Guiding Light Oprah Winfrey News News CBS 9 Restless Beautiful 75s All My Children One Life to Live General Hospital Geraldo Peoples News ABC --0 Barney My Little Dennis AMn& puck- Webster ' Th (12:30) instructiona, Pr'o9ramm,ng ' Homj Sesame Street Mister 3 For Veter- MacNeil Lingo Uar's Fami, Gidget vugiBea, Double Gg's Ge, Andy All My Children One Life to' Live ABC Afterschool Oprah Winfrey People's News News ABC 2 Special louri (12:30) I Bold & As the World Turns Guiding Light The I Facts ot M'A'S-H Cosby News CBS 7 Restless Beautiful Judge Lite '"l ; -. (,2:00) instructional Programming 1 Mister Sesame Street , Square Thj Victory Business Days of Our Lives I Another World Santa Barbara Family Webster Night Family News (1130) I Jimmy lime! 1 Dean 8. TOOCiub Another Marilyn Praise the Lord Praise the Lord 43 Praise Swaggart Robison Mary Llfe HICKey ... , u rr- Bewitched Jeanme Gomer Woody lu. s Due, punky S UHH ouse on the ".GreUe ' mtimate cLac, Par,' . Beren. IV For Kooos (PG-13, 88) (12:00) Fool for 1 They Still Call Me Bruce (PG, 87) I Don't Eat Daisies 0) ' TPorpl. Ros. TMC Love (R, 85) Johnny Yune, David Mendenhall Doris Day, David Niven Cairo (.MurderonlhoLentExpress jjSng. lX. O2;00) Cross 1 witness for th. Prosecution C82) ' In Search of Historic Josus Magical Trip TGoldon SHO Creek (PG, 83) Ralph Richardson, Deborah Korr (G' " , , I- . Let Balloon Oo(G,76i in Pooh Dumbo's Mouseter- Donald Oak tdison DIS Robert Bettles, Jan Kingsbury Willows Corner Circus piece Duck Street iwins coming o (12:00) The Student Prince Listen, Darling ('38) J SSS"' X TNT ('54) JudV Garland, Mary Astor James Cagnay, Pat O Brien owmy Niw! fAndy Dick van I Leave It I Yogi Bear Bugl I G.I. Joe I C.O.P.S. IFun Facts of WKRP WGN Griffith Dyke to Beaver j Bunny lHouse L"e 1 LoveToTTTSweeT Newiywed Dating Cannon Hawaii Five-0 T.J.Hooker Matt Houston WOR nection hearts Game Game rr--77 1 n, . Law and Disorder C74) " rol f- T5 Gilligan's Leave It Alice Day at a TBS nZStiSZfficlS O'Connor Jerry stones stones gunch Island to Beaver Te Powerboat Racing Lo Racing: Nev. Auto Racing: Off ofWorld Truck Pull Scholastic Running Sports- CiS 1 Bumper NaTr 1 Face the Priil ITicTac Wgh S25,000 Dance Party USA She-Ra Cartoons USA Reaction Stumpers That Tune Music Your Luck Dough Rollers Pyramid Noozles David the Today's Oties ot CoTm HelShdifT Lassie Dennis uTn Don't Just Mr Double NIK Gnome Special Gold Duckula Do That Sit wzaro uare Er Easyt Cagney & U A des jsreet Celebrity Flying Here Come the C- GrleT HaTii I Father (Big Valley Bonanza: The Lost CBN Chefs Nun Brides bells Acres lKnov" I , , I ,, Profiles "20th Chronicle I World of Comedy Golden Jassy('48) Century A&E century Survival Break Age of TV Margaret Lockwood, Basil Sldnoy Cenury This evening inside USA Father Dowling 5 Edition Today Mysteries Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! Magic of David Copperfield Win, Lose or Draw Entertain. Tonight Perfect Strangers Full House 12 Night Court M'A'S'H Wonderful World of 19 Disney 6:30) Business Report Washington Week Street Week 48 MacNeil Legislative Kentucky AIDS Quarterly 54 Update Hawaii Five-0 Klondike Fever 64 Jeff East, Rod Steiger Cheers Inside Edition Perfect Strangers Full House Entertain. Tonight Maaic of David Copperfield MacNeil Lehrer Newshour Washington Week Street Week 16 Wheel of Jeopardy! Father Dowling 22 Fortune Mysteries Praise the Lord TBN Joy of Music 43 Today A-Team Star Trek: The Next Generation 45 (6:00) For Keeps (PG-13, 88) " Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective HBO (6.-00) Of Cairo A Night in the Life of Jimmy Rear don (R, 88) TMC Grace Kelly - the Moonstruck (PG, MAX American She-Ra Cher, Nicolas Cage (6:30) The Golden Child (PG-13, 86) " Broadcast News SHO William Hurt, Our Little Girl C35) The Boy Who Loved DIS Trolls (6.30) B. Fraggle Rock The 25th Hour TNT Bunny Anthony Ouinn, Night Court The Assisi Underground C85) ' Ben Cross, James Mason Cheers WGN Cosby Kate & A Hie Matter of Lite and WOR Show Sanford and Son NBA Basketball: Andy Griffith TBS Sports-Center Speed-Week Powerlifting: Heavyweight Champ. ESN Murder, She Wrote USA Inspector Gadget Looney Tunes Mister Ed Patty Duke NIK Spenser: For Hire Cagney 8. Lacey LIF First Cympics: Our House CBN Eagie & I Winston I Sweet as You Are C87) Bear Churchill Miranda Richardson Chronicle W'vld of I Survival 4E Hunter Dallas Falcon Crest Mi I From Belvedere Scratch 20 20 Star Trek: The Next Generation War of the Worlds Peter, Paul and Mary: 25th Anniversary Washington Week Street Week MacNeilLehrer Newshour '80) Mr. Belvedere Just the Ten of Us 20 20 Dallas Falcon Crest Mark Russell at Memorial Hall Miami Vice Ever Increasing Faith Praise the Lord War of the Worlds Friday the 13th: The Series Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (PG, 84) Nighthawks (R, 81) Sylvester Stallono, Rutger Hauer 87) King Kong (PG, 76) Jeff Bridges, Jessica (R, 87) Garry Shandling Holly Hunter I Return to Treasure Island Underground C41) Jeffrey Lynn, Philip Dorn C67) " Virna Lisi INN News Death Dallas Mavericks at Boston Celtics Boxing: Replay of Roberto Duran vs. Iran Bark ley Alfred Hitchcock R. Bradbury Donna The Hitchhiker Werewolf My Three Sons Saturday Night SCTV Reed Like Normal People (79) ' Linda Purl, Shaun Cassidy Athens 1896 700 Club Shortsto-ries News Tonight Show David Letterman Magnum, P.I. Arsenio Hall Nightline Cheers Wipeout Sneak Previews EastEn-ders News Veterans Only Toff the Airi NBA Basketball: Indiana Pacers at Los Angeles Lakers News Magnum, P.I. Nightline McLauah- EastEn-ders MacNeilLehrer Newshour lin Group News Tonight Show David Letterman Praise the Lord Praise the Lord Arsenio Han Love Connection Newiywed Game The Mosquito Coast (PG, 86) Harrison Fora, mien iwirren Good Morning, Vietnam (R, 87) Room Williams, t-or nmmn Lange Fire- houst Super Dave Eddie Murphy Raw (R, 87) Ozzie & Harriet Romeo A Juliet (PG, 68) ' Leonard Whiting, Olivia Hussoy Escape Mo Never Honey-mooners Hill Street Blues -All Marbles Benny Hill Morton Downey Jr. Arsenio HaH NBA Basketball: Philadelphia 76ers at Portland Trail Blazers ' To Be Announced Sports-Center AWA Championship Wrestling Miami Vice Camp Midnite Laugh-In Car 54 Room for Daddy Mister Ed Spenser: For Hire Lady Blue Remington Steele First Olympics: Athens 1846 Carol Channlng at the tmprov Eagle f Bear Winston Churchill Reds once more dodge the pay-per-view pitch Warner Cable QUBE subscribers willing to pay for extra Cincinnati Reds games on cable TV will have to wait at least one more season. Warner cable recently struck out with its second pay-per-view pitch in three years to the Reds front office. More than 1,000 . QUBE customers had signed up for the 25-game package in 1986, which was canceled before Opening Day that year. The 1989 package 10 home games for about $4-$6 per telecast was proposed jointly by Channel 5 and Warner Cable last month to Reds President Marge Schott. Reds TV announcers Thorn Bren-naman and Johnny Bench would have described the cable games. "All the parties agreed that there wasn't enough time to do it correctly," says Stephen Schott, Reds executive vice president. However, the door to Schott's Riverfront Stadium office is open to cable TV proposals for the 1990 season from Warner or any other cable sports programmer, such as the new SportsChannel Ohio (a subsidiary of SportsChannel America, which holds National Hockey League TV rights). Interested in proposals "We're interested in proposals," he says. "We're simply looking for the situation that would maximize our exposure and benefit all parties, particularly the fans." Besides the lack of time, another problem with the Warner-Channel 5 proposal was that it would only reach Warner's service area not all of "Reds Country," and not Tristate cable customers served by Storer, Metrovision, Miami Valley and other cable systems. Warner Cable of Cincinnati, the nation's 15th largest cable system, offers 142,000 QUBE (immediate pay-per-view) homes among its 165,000 customers. But the Reds are looking at a much bigger TV picture. Schott says the Reds would like to see a pay-TV cable proposal encompassing cable systems from TVfilm highlights Evening 8:00 (5) (22) Father Dowling Mysteries: Police confuse Father Dowling with his identical half brother, a brilliant criminal who plans a diamond robbery. (Captioned) 8:00 PM, CH. 9 AMAZING MAGIC: DAVID COPPERFIELD An Explosive Encounter - Advertisement -- (12) (2) Perfect Strangers: Larry encourages Balki to watch horror movies on Halloween. Repeat. (Captioned) (19) Wonderful World of Disney: "Daniel Boone" When Daniel embarks on a little-known Indian trail leading to Kentucky, he ends up confronting the Shawnee. (From 1960) (54) AIDS Quarterly: (Premiere) A four-part magazine-format series addressing AIDS-related issues, begins with Presidential Commission on AIDS Chairman Adm. James D. Watkins' role in forming health issue public policy. (Captioned) (64) Klondike Fever '80. Jeff East, Rod Steiger. The young Jack London sets out to seek his fortune during the Gold Rush. (45) Star Trek: The Next Generation: The crew is kidnapped by a mysterious force that wishes to conduct deadly experiments on them. Repeats, 9 p.m. Channel 19. (Captioned) 8:30 (12) (2) Full House: Jesse must tell his parents he wants to go into show business. Repeat. (Captioned) 9:00 (5) (22) Miami Vice: Crockett's scheming cousin shows up in Miami with a daring new racket. (Captioned) (9) (7) Dallas: J.R. doesn't follow the agreement to consult Bobby about business; Sue Ellen seeks Radio highlights FOCUS ON THE FAMILY: "How to Beat Burnout," Part 2, WTSJ-AM (1050), 6 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. NATIONAL PRESS CLUB: John Tower, President Bush's choice for Secretary of Defense, guest, WGUC-FM (90.9), noon. FOUR QUEENS JAZZ NIGHT FROM LAS VEGAS: Singersongwriter Dave Frishberg, WMUB-FM (88.5), 7 p.m. AFROPOP: Sounds from Algeria, Sudan and Ethiopia, WNKU-FM (89.7), 10 p.m. RADIO MYSTERY THEATER: The Deadliest Favor, WPFB-AM (910), 10 Ti. John Kiesewetter RadioTV here to Columbus, Dayton, Lexington, Louisville, Huntington and Charleston. The club also continues to research the impact of pay-per-view home games on Riverfront Stadium attendance, he says. Tony Kiernan, Channel 5 general manager, says he'll work on a new pitch for next year. "We're going to have plenty of time to put together a viable package," he says. In March of 1986, the Reds and Warner announced a joint Reds Vision cable plan to televise 25 Reds home games on Warner's QUBE channel. The package cost $89 if fans subscribed before April 1; or $100 after that date. Individual games cost $5.95. . More than 1,000 fans signed up for RedsVision in March, about one-fifth the target base desired by Roger Blaemire, then Reds' marketing executive. But Mrs. Schott dismissed Blaemire and pulled the plug on the cable TV before Opening Day that year. The ball club's statement cited inadequate time to "bring all this together before the start of the season." Virgil Reed, president of Greater Cincinnati's Warner franchise, says he hopes to have the Reds playing QUBE in 1990. He was not here for Warner's RedsVision attempt three years ago. Will it hurt attendance? "I think it would be good for the Reds and the City of Cincinnati. I think there are a lot of people who can't make it to the stadium that these games would appeal to," Reed says. Would home games on QUBE hurt the Reds' attendance? "I certainly understand that fear," Reed says. "Hopefully anything we do will be a positive for the Reds and us." clues to Lockwood's past; Tommy McKay infiltrates the Dallas drug trade. (Captioned) (12) (2) Mr. Belvedere: George and Wesley's plans to play hooky go awry. Repeat. (Captioned) 10:00 (5) (22) Hunter: A senator becomes a murder suspect after a blackmailing prostitute is found dead. Repeat. (9) (7) Falcon Crest: Angela op (SaM TEae E3)etti? Sundays, 10am, WCET, Channel 48. When This Sunday Next Sunday March 19 March 26 Guest James J. Anthony, M.D. John K. Krieg, M.D. Mahmud Shah, M.D. John W. Moore, D.D.S. Hosted by Dr. Sponsored by Providence Hospital and St. Francis-St. George Hospital. LjtJLKI FRANCISCAN HEALTH SYSTEM OF CINCINNATI, INC. Member - Franciscan Sisters of the Poor Health System, Inc. PETER, PAUL AND MARY 25TH ANNIVERSARY TONIGHT AT 9 Peter, Paul and Mary (9 p.m., Channel 48). VCR Alert. All their , great songs are blowin' in the wind. -(Repeats 5 p.m. Sunday.) Starting from Scratch: (9:30 p.m., Channel 12): James appears on a TV show only to discover it's . not as easy as it looks. This series ; is proof. Movie Madness: Lots of cable treats tonight: Moonstruck (8 p.m., -Cinemax); Broadcast News 8 p.m., .: Showtime); Indiana Jones And The ; Temple Of Doom (9 p.m., HBO); The Mosquito Coast (1 1 p.m., HBO); Romeo & Juliet (1 1 :30 p.m., Disney). Fox explosion: Married...With Children ratings are going right ; -through the roof. The Fox sitcom ' was the clear second place show at 8:30 p.m. last Sunday behind Murder She Wrote. Married ranked 46th overall with a 1 2.5 rating, ahead of NBC's Day By Day (49th with a 1 1 .5) and ABC's Beverly Hills anniversary (67th with a 7.8). Movie preview: "J.B.," John Brown from the WKRQ-FM (Q102) morning zoo, may be seen on Channel 12 reviewing movies and concerts. He taped an audition last week. No decision has been made as to whether JB, the 31 -year-old former Philadelphia lawyer, will become a local TV star. Around the dial: Steve Forest seemed to enjoy his stint Thursday anchoring Channel 5's morning news for Lauren Chesley. He even did a little play-by-play while showing UC basketball highlights: "He's bumped! He pumps! Bingo!" ... The Frank Weikel Memorial Dart for the worst TV news feature during February sweeps goes to Channel 9's Lori Stafford for her -"Mothers Behind Bars" story at 1 1 p.m. Monday. She interviewed two ; prisoners a young Lincoln Heights woman never identified as a mother and a white-haired Indiana grandmother. And Stafford noted the Lincoln Heights inmate's "campus like" surroundings but never told us the name or location of the prison. Play ball: WLW-AM repeats Tom Browning's perfect game from 9 p.m. to midnight today. The Cincinnati Reds first spring broadcast, the Plant City openers with the Kansas City Royals, arrives at 12:35 p.m. Saturday on -WLW-AM (700 kHz). JOHN KIESEWETTER poses Lance and Pilar's marriage plans; Maggie leaves Richard; Anna agrees to let Nick and Ben care for her. (Captioned) (12) (2) 2020: Scheduled: the effects of technological advances on our future work lives. (Captioned) (19) War of the Worlds: The aliens scour the Army base searching for a list that would lead them to the burial sites of 10,000 dormant brethren. Topic The High Cost of Medical Care Hip Surgery A.I.D.S. Tempero-Mandibular Joint John R. Loughrey ...for over 25 years. Peter, Paul and Mary, the legendary folk trio, -sing their classic songs on this special reunion concert. rWCet-tr

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