The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 13, 1959 · Page 23
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 23

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1959
Page 23
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Tidbits by Evelyn I was happy lo hate as caller* Tuesday evening Mf and Mrs ton Norton and Milton's sisters, Edna Ferguson and,. Pauline Morrow of Keokuk and Audutoon, respectively. My acquaintance with them dates back many years, Edna and I being in the same,.gfade- way .back in old Cen- >tral jifty^ "-1 Wonder if she re* thai, she, Mary Ben- Zffda 'Bfurison arid I used to take lemon juice and sugar, bottled, add water at recess and 5 refreshments. Of course 6 ? had td be cookies too. I thfftft' spring must have been in itie aif and we were picnic' mirided. I,recall we had a pic- niclone 1 fine dsy ^and Walked to the woods opposite the Ambrose .Call State park. v We had oranges t6 substitute for cokes, as yet unheard of, ,-My orange went bouncing d0wti hill and Ethel , Lowe retrieved it for me. In , mentlbnifig, a trip Edna, Pauline & El&a'rKMShradj I didn't get Edna • and Pauline far, enough. They went to Hawaii and were joined ; by Eleanor for the trip home and ' 'a -visit with relatives. Edna has ^a son in California, The years '.have dealt lightly, 'with, both .women, and have been kind to Eleanor t too. * * * '[,' A card from ihe A. L. Longs /.Davenport, stages they are a '• Wellsville, Pa., with Abner's son ' in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs ,Glee Pitcher. # i* •»• -. Mr and Mrs Harry Ward and daughter Patty arrived homo from a vacation., trip August 4. They went via plane to Los Altos, '• Calif., and visited their son and ' daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs ''Curtis Ward and thence to Colorado Springs .to visit the son, Don and family. Mrs Grace Ramus observed a birthday anniversary August 1, but the celebration took place the , previous .. week when her son George, came from LaPorte City to spe v nd "the day with her. His wife was unaible to accompany 'him as they manage, a convales- *" cent home and it is not conven- • ient for both -to be gone a't the same time. The celebration was - early because of' vacations. "i ' * * Mr and Mrs William Sieele and . daughter Sally vacationed at Lake Madison, S. D, awhile ago with Mrs,Steele's brother Lester Plender :and family. Thursday, Auguit 1$, 1959 Alfldfta (ta.) Upper Pet Why do announcers and others say acc'limated instead of the correct acclim'ated? • .*, .* * Reccommended for pleasant and amusing reading, "Dough Ray and Me," by Pat Kilmer. I: you liked '.'The Egg arid'1" you'l enjoy this. . . Born to Stallibn and Lillie Shetland Pony, a son Gremlin July 29 at the Randall Clark [arm. Lillie became the property of Sarah and Linda a. few years ago. The girls out-grew Lillie and she was passed on to Matthew, 10. He ndw becomes possessor also of the colt and what happens to Lillie I don't know. Probably kept as a pet as she become one of the family over the.years. Sarah reports the name Gremlin was chosen because he is such a little fellow. Now this isn't a story that makes one feel good but since it happened on that very hot day. Wednesday, I m'ay have--looked as old as I felt, which was pretty old but not as far along in years as one of the residents here men- tioned.X I think the old man's eyes are. not too good, and believe he had some other per' son in mind or else he was ribbing me, logical solution. At any rate, here's the tale. He stopped - in my doorway and started a con, versation which in it's course ran -. something like this. (I was to • blame because I had mentionec ' a birthday .coming up , quite soon) "How old are you"? "You guess." (hoping for flattery, o course.) He, "Oh, 89?" "No, 98' •I answered, perhaps-with a little heat. "Oh my, I'd never dream --you were that old." Well, >I con fessed to my actual years and he said as seriously, "Well, I didn' miss it far." ; Oh no — not far • only by twenty-some years, but | maybe that isn't far. Years pass I ' so Vapidly. Maybe he was just having fun, but,he sure looked serious and I've examined myself in the mirror. Honesty compels ' me to say I do not particularly , enjoy my reflection, but still -I don't look eighty-plus! Tho ' moral v pf this story is, "Never ask anyone to GUESS your age. Come right out with it — don't be coy." * <• » , ' A letter from Mrs Herman Bleich on behalf of herself, mother two sisters and two brothers and a daughter,' Mrs Morton Hoffman, St. Louis, Mo., she said was prompted by having read an ' item I Wrote some time ago about • the theft of flowers from tho Cady cemetery lot and gas frcmv cars' at G. S. Mrs Bleich, whose home is In Des Moines, says she >'has experienced theft of flowers ''too, roses placed on the grave of her father. She agreed with ' me that persons who steal flowers; plants and gas are a low ' grade : -type and utterly despicable; ^ ,, • v Mr and Mrs A, D. Crawferd had their first experience in talking over telephone 'when their daughter Cleone called them from South Hampton, England. The call wa received July 30 and Cleone said she had; lef t^ttie 'European tour group 'with whom she left foi abroad June 8, and is now on hei own tilt August 10 'when she will arrive in Des Moines, From south Hampton she went to Edmburg, Scotland where she was guest of Dr. John Watson, a cousin of Mr Crawford. * ,* * Evalyn McBougall makes tho jest green apple pie. She uses luge wedges of angel food cake ;opped with ice cream over which a generous serving of sweetened sliced fre*sh peaches, maraschino Cherries and sprinkling of coconut is piled. Yes, it's a joke, and the explanation "is she had 'asked me how the pie would suit me to serve at' a little informal coffee She had for few women Friday afternoon. Velma Hagg was surprised at the change too, buftho switch was very acceptable and may be an inspiration to other hostesses. • * * * I mentioned the death of Mickie, parakeet of Mr and Mrs Gottlieb Hanselman. Mr Jtan- selmtan, chief trainer of the bird, is a resident here now and I have little visits' with his wife who comes often to see him. * » * Maude Dorweiler gave a fine account of the Indian Day celebration at Ti,tonka July 28. , She said she and her husband, Dr. P. O. Dorweiler seldom miss and she has the honor of having attended the first celebration back in 1904 I believe she said. • .*. • * - * Maude's brother-in-law and sister, Mr and 'Mrs Budd Lawson of Corwith lead the life of Riley. VIrs Lawson is Bess Hutchison who was a classmate of mine. She,and her husband spend the summers at the old home farm near Corwith and in the fall hie ;o Florida where they have a louse trailer, Maude says the old lome is. full of treasures, old 'urniture and glass belonging to Budd's mother. * * * —• Mr and M!rs Joseph McFarland have had a nice vacation, part of which was spejit in Iowa City and Davenport where they went to school. A ride on the Mississippi at Davenport was most enjoyable. Prior to that they had been at Grinnell where they visited Mr and 'Mrs K. W. Hutchinson, brother-in-law and sister of Mrs /McFarland. At Maloy they were with her parents, Mr and Mrs J. L. Shay. They left the children Sheila and Nei! there and went to ' Kansas' City to see a baseball game. Enroute home they stopped in Perry to visit the parents, Mr and Mrs G E. MeFaYland. » * * Ed Sluder, resident at G.S was visited Saturday by his son and daughter-in-law, Mr an Mrs Vernon^StuclerY T Ames. returned from a vacation in CalS* fornia and are happy to be back in towa. They don't like the crowds and congested highways. Mr and Mrs D. D. Monlux foci the Same way. , They have had a three Week vacation at Saratoga. Calif., With their son and daitgh- ter-in-law, Dr. and Mrs Robert Monlux and family, Marilyn, Dennis, Andrew, William and Carol. They accompanied another son and daughter-in-law, Dr. and Ames. Mrs William Monlux, Mrs Claude White has received a card in memory of Beatrice Heilkiri, 31, daughter of Mr and Mrs Harlan Emry whO lived here several year.s ago, Mrs Heitkin died July 22 and was buried July 25 at Kcolrt. She and her husband lived near Chicago whore her husband, who It* in service, was stationed. ,Sorne time ago she had & leg tion due to cancer, Dea<tii due to further development ol i troubl*. * i «i When f/tts Kenneth Pawish spoiled the name of the bridegroom whose marriage to Kenneth's niece, Barbara Parrish, took place at South Bend, Ind,, a few weeks ago, Niecod&ki (will' lam is the first name) I said, "It sounds Polish". "That's just what it is," she replied. I asked If he has the usual black hair and eyes and she answered I was right about that, too. She said it was quite a wedding with the tradl* tional Polish dances. "I never saw anything like it," she added. I have seen the dances on T.V. They are quite a "dish." A MESSAGE FROM YOUR Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain rtevt York, N. Y. (*|>i*Ul) - For the first time science has found a new hcnltng substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, and relieve pain — without surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amassing of all—results were •O thorough that nufTorers mndp astonishing statements like "Pile* have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a now healing sub- sthnce (Blo-Dyne*)-dlscovory of a world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in suppository or ointment form under the name Preparation //.* At your druggist. Money back guarantee. •Bra. 17. 8. Put. Off. Mr and Mrs Max Ulrich hav VyouMl Enjoy Your StayMuch More 1 in Minneapolis at tho NEW Home-Owned Elevators AND AN INVITATION TO THE KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR 4 Modern as tomomnfr-New Hotel Maryland offers everything tot your comfort. Minutes from ahopa, theaters, auditorium and points of interest. ... . .. Enjoy dining to Maryland's Orleans Room and Cyprew Room. Come to the New Hotel Maryland ~where Southern hospitality mavedlnorth. Write,wireorpho*efari*»frmtim, V«ry Popular Bate*. • FREE TELEVISION «AIR CONDITIONED • PARKING FOR GUESTS 200 ROOMS • 200 SPARKLING TILE BATHS WHERE YOUR MONEY IS: SAFE Each savings account at Home Federal Savings and Loan Association is insured to $10,000.00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, an agency of the Federal Government. ' EARNINGS HIGHEST RETURN ON INSURED SAVINGS PER ANNUM COMPOUNDED SEMI-ANNUALLY AVAILABLE Home Federal Savings and Loan Association has never failed to pay a request for withdrawal of funds upon demand! HOME FEDERAL MAINTAINS HUGE RESERVES IN CASH AND GOVERNMENT BONDSI ( SAVE BY AUGUST 1 0 th EARN FROM AUGUST' 1 st HOME FEDERAL Savings & Loan Association 220 EAST STATi ST, CAUL CY 4-3545 AL.Q9NA, IOWA INSURED' ORGANIZED IN 1917 We are starting into a second century of Kossuth County Fairs — this year's fair is the 101st event of its kind, to be held at the fairgrounds in Algonq on August 18, 19, 20 and 21. This is one of the finest traditions of the American and Iowa rural scene, and we are proud to be able to take a part in the Kossuth County Fair. FELCO FEEDS are also becoming a "tradition" in the Iowa rural scene, since the establishment years ago of the first "home-owned elevators." We (see below) are among many fine community elevators founded, financed and built by local farm citizens to serve their needs in their communities. These elevators serve the people who own them . . . dividends are ear-marked for the people who built them and have continued to support them, and these elevators are community landmarks and often among the most important business enterprises in the areas they serve. They pay taxes, support local community activities, provide local payrolls and take part in many other accomplishments. Your "home-owned elevators" are proud of their connection with FELCO FEEDS and their ability to provide you With the finest in qualit/ feed and seed.products, and they are happy, to lend a helping hand in support of the 101st Kossuth County Fair. LOME ROCK CO-OPERATIVE EXCHANGE LORENZ GEITZENAUER, Mgr. FENTON CO-OPERATIVE ELEVATOR CURTIS LURA, Mgr. WEST BEND CO-OPERATIVE ELEVATOR R. W. JURGENS, Mgr. WHITTEMORE CO - OPERATIVE ELEVATOR BILL BLEUER, Mgr. FARMERS CO-OP SOCIETY AT WESLEY FRANK BLEICH, Mgr. FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR, TITONKA JOHN STOTT, Mgr. FARMERS CO-OPERATIV£ COMPANY, LEDYARD BERNARD REILLY, Mgr. LuVERNE CO - OPERATIVE ELEVATOR ELOON GUESS, Mgr. SWEA CITY FARMERS CO - OP ELEVATOR RUSSELL PARKER, Mgr. FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE ELEVATOR AT OTTOSiN ALFRED SCHJJVTZ, " ,' ' " '....> ' "• "

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