The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 13, 1959 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1959
Page 16
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.T 8~Alg6f»o (to.) Upper DCS Maine* Thursday, August 13, -— , ROOSTER : ~" Six-year-old Billy Ofr, Jr. of Fayette has a pet Leghorn rooster fSnmed "Smartie" who will perch for hours up^n Billy's sJroulder and head. And, should Billy put him on a fence to perch. Smnrtie will not move until Billy gets GOPHER Etnil Lubbert of Saratoga recently trapped an albino Pocket Gopher. The while gopher is n rarity and Lubftcrt plans to have the rodent stuffed. AUG. 18-19 -20 -21 We Wish To Extend A Hearty Welcome To Kossuth County's 1959 FAIR. , WHILE IN ALGONA STOP AT BRONSON'S DEALERS FOR CLAY FARROWING STALLS SIOUX STOCK TANKS SIOUX CORN CRIBS ELLSOTT PAINfS TOP GRADE LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLIES Ex-Residents Picnic Aug. 8, long Beach By Buddy and Butrell Mason • Special Correspondents We now have one slightly battered Dictionary compiled by some guy named Webster,If you're wondering, why my dictionary needs a refresher course in authenticity and accuracy on matters lowan, get a load of what it fondly hopes is a | fairly correct definition of the word, "picnic!" We quote: "picnic (pik'rtik), n. a short excursion into the country by a pleasure party carrying their own provisions; (SLANG), a pleasant time; an easy job; a cinch." UNQUOTE. As we once said, lowans don't picnic accidentally, THEY DO IT ON PURPOSE! If a vacationing lowan in Alaska suddenly looks at n calendar and says, "Mom! It's getting close to tho second Saturday in August," that does it! Without a word Mom starts to pack and tries to remember where she saw those road maps to Los Angeles last. As for "carrying their own provisions," any man who would call an Iowa sty.le baked pie, chicken salad or roast turkey merely provisions" should be forced to eat his "giant, illustrated, approved compilation of over 50,000 definitions" without salad dressing. The "cinch" part we'll dismiss. It's a rinch that the males will lot out a bolt cinch, or two, in cinch their chances of having room for extra dessert. An "excursion into the country," indeed! We'll bet that the Kofisuth team .would scale the Matterhorn to attend oh Iowa Picnic at its peak. For Mr Webster's information, a picnic, when held by the Iowa folks is: A convention of picnic experts, of caters of good food and ladies who know how to prepare tasty viands, It's' a gathering of convivial men-of-goodwill; a multi-family reunion; a beauty parade; baby-show; old- timers' get-together and one-day"Friendship Club" organized to greet old neighbors and friends from back home. It's also an fnfnrmation Bureau for seattef- ed relatives and friends. It .all adds up to NICE PEOPLE. BATING NICE FOOD, .MEETING OTHER NICE PEOPLE ANtf HAVING A NICE TIME! Picnic day at Recreation Park, Long Beach, California, on Aug. 8th, was no exception to the above rule, Kbasuth Countians were out in jovial groups to en-; joy the good-fellowship of eaclv other. We missed Ernie Taylor, who hasn't been absent from an Iowa Picnic in many, many years. Inquiry brought' no information concerning Ernie arrd frankly* we are worried. Otto* K, Elbert, another old picnic standby, was also missing. We had the pleasure of meeting Eddie and Peggy Abbas (She's the former Peggy Freeh of Algona) and their four children. Eddie hails from West Bend where his mother and dad, John and Esther Abbas still reside. Eddie and^Peggy have been out here two years and live in La Mesa. Mr and'Mrs H. S. Dailey, former Algona residents, were catching up on Kossuth County news. They've been out here 35 years. Mrs Dailey was Patricia Fay from Wesley before her marriage to Mr Dailey. H. S. is a well- known painting and decorating contrac'jfcr in the Southern California area. He's a brother of Tom Dailey of Algona. Leonard and Florence Frost at- NSOM SERVICE N. Hwy 169 CY 4-4369 KOSSUTH COUNTY Roiierman, -K Boeckholt Every Star Represents A Harvesiore Owner -K Gabrielson -K Tindall WINNEBAGO COUNTY We are pleased io announce ihe appointment of RICHARD AX as Area Represeniaiive for the A. O. t SMITH Harvesiore RICHARD AX Ventura, Iowa , Phone Valley 9-2712 HANCOCK COUNTY Y6u owe it to yourself to investigate the advantages of Sealed Storage Possible only in a Harvestore. -K Buntenbach CALL OR WRITE US. We will be glad io show you. HAWKEYE STRUCTURES, INC. . ! - .- : . . ' f •"*•:, Phone 1480 Humboldt. v lowf Partners in Progress !;;> / .with Sealed Storage. Want Heavier Hogs And Sows For West Coast Shipment ... 220 To 250 Lbs. Phone CY 4-2411, ALGONA MILWAUKEE STOCKYARDS OR THESE AREA HOG BUYERS Frank Fox, Wesley; Murray Elevator, Bancroft; Jack Mertz, West Bend; Dale Dundas, Burt; E. K. Johnson, Fenton; L. A. Nitz, Ledyard; Murphy Livestock, Livermore. CYpress 4 2411 THE KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR, AUGUST 18-19-20 & 21 MERITS YOUR SUPPORT. BE SURE AND VISIT THE LIVESTOCK SHOW CONTACT US AT ONCE TO SELL THOSE HEAVIER HOGS & SOWS ALGONA » AT MILWAUKEE STOCKYARDS tended wltti their family at healthy youngsrters. As athletki a gwfap of robust kiddies as you'd cat*. to meet. The Frosfe have just fetufned frofh a vteit wftii the-j&reivfe'd* Florence, M* arid Mrs Gteorge JWichtendahi of Whittemore, Leonard is ' employed by. HunWngtdn Beach high school. Howard Mayne, a former Led* yard man, also greeted us. Mr Mayne ran th$ Standard Station in Ledyard for 13 years. He moved to Ledyard at the turn of the century and made it his home until 1943, when he left for .the Coast. He worked for the fticJi- field Oil Refining, Cot here <or 10% years and is now connected with the Cleveland Wrecking Co. Mr Mayne . introduced us to George Anderson, another 'former Ledyard resident, Mft dus Anderson, his mother, still makes her home in Ledyard. George la engaged in the decorating business in Santa Monica. 1 Mr and Mrs- L. D. ("Heavy") Mayne, she's the former Anita Gelhaus of Ledyard, wefe a popular couple at the picnic, "Heavy" is a truck contractor fdr Pacific Electric R.'R. He ran ,a produce business in Ledyard and is well known there. He's been living in Long Beach, .for the past 17 years. , An attractive , young couple turned out to be the Fandels, Robert and Dot, The Fandels came out to the Coast from Algona and Whittemore about a month ago and Robert is employed by MaoParlane- Electric in Santa Ana. Before their marriage, Dot was Dorothea Pasley pf Algona. Her mother, Mrs Donald Christensen, is an Algona resident. Robert Fandel is the son of Ralph and Hilda Fandel of Algona. • The Kossuth registration list follows; with their original home. Betty McConnell,, Pasadena (Algona) Reynold Schiltz, Long Beach (Bancroft) Lloyd E t White, Long Beach, OLu Verne) Doris Warner, Lakewood, Cal., ('Fenton) " • Darrell Odell, Cqmpton, (Bancroft) , . Phillis (Gade) Riwa and Alfred Kiwa, Whitfier, CFenton) . Jbel, Kent, Julie and Kirk Berkeland, Chino, CFenton) Harold Berkeland and Marion (Gade) Berkeland, Chino, (Fenton) Doris Berkeland, Wells and Denny, La Puente, (Fenton) • Mr and Mrs Earl Neal and Benona OPickett) Neal, (LuVerne) •George Anderson, Santa Monica, .(Ledyard) Howard D. Mayne, Long Beach, (St. Benedict) Jossie Spear, Long Beach, (Fenton &.. Bancroft) Genoa Ludwig, Long Beach, (St., Benedict) \ , «H. S. Dailey and Patricia Fay Dailey, Long Beach, (Algona) :•" Dolly Holender, LaCrescenta, (Swea City) ' i-Mr and Mrs. Eddie Abbas, La- Mesa, (Algona) Henry Mayne and Aneta Mayne, Long Beach, (Ledyard) May Goslin, (Wesley) Mr and Mrs Leonard Frost and family, Huntington Beach, ( gona) Everett E. Cooney, Long Beach, (Bancroft) Robert & Dot Fandel,- West minister, (Algona) Mr and Mrs C. A. Nelson, Long Beach, (Swea City) Area Residents •' Urged To Get Polio Vaccine 1 • y. ;. < "Hundreds of persons in Kossuth County are inviting disaster," warned Dr. L. R. Potter, chairman.of the Kossuth County Chapter' of The National Foundation, "if they continue to neglec vaccination against polio." , Dr. Potter referred to the situation, in Des Moines and several other large cities in the United States where polio epidemics are now raging. "In these cities," he added, "large numbers of persons never got their Salk shots because they thought It was too much trouble. Now look at 'the trouble they're in. The toll of persons stricken is mounting rapidly and there have already been some deaths reported, Kossuth county could be next. The National Foundation, Dr k Potter said, is rushing nurses and, other 'medical' personnel .and a great deal- of special equipment to the. Des Moines area to help meet the emergency. Dr. Potter urged all those in Kossuth County who have not had any Salk shots to get started at once, and those who have had only one or '|wo shots to complete the series* of .three as soon as possible, . PEACH Loren Perkey of Pella has a seven year old , peach tree in his back • yard that : has "produced ripe peaches already this year, Recently he harvested over a byshel of Clingstone peaches from the tree. Peaches usually do not ripen until late August or early September. JEleven year old,.'.Roger ,Feter<son of'Aurelia was killed recent^ ly when hg was run over By a wagpn load of oats. Ife had 'been helping level the oats from the combine into the wagon and it was not known whether he fell or jumped from the wagon as it was making, a turn in the field. IF IT'S NEWS WS WANT IT W F1 Jy Ju TO THE Kossufh County Fair FROM YOUR i SURGE SUES t SERVICE v Warren "Brokaw ' > ., ALGONA ' tY, 4*3461 Back - To - School SPECIALS Free Ball Point Pens While They Last! Children must be with Parents. 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