The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 13, 1959 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1959
Page 11
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•"•«•»••••»•»» WVYV 1^V*'' LEDYARO By Mrs D. B. Mayer MI- r and Mi-s Milton Thompson of Sioux City were here Sunday to visit their parents. Also Mr and Mrs J. .A. Zweifel of Cor- witn and Janctte and Lottie Mason of LuVernc. All called on Mr Thompson who is in the Blue karth hospital with a heart condition. Mr and Mrs John Burns of Des Moines came 'Monday to visit at the home of Mrs Burns' the Jame-! and 'Darcy sister and family, .Bottenfields. Carol Bottenfield, who had been visiting their grandparents in DCS Momes the past week returned home with them. Mr and Mrs Glen Dyer and children of Joliet, 111. came Saturday to visit at the home of Glen s mother, Mrs Eunice Dyer and Howard. Robert Dyer of Minneapolis was here over the weekend. The Glen Dyers plan to go to the cities on Thursday to visit at. the Robert Dyer home for several days. •Mr and Mrs George Gonias and Pam and John of Des Moines came Saturday to visit at the D. B. Mayer home. BETTER PRINTING for less — Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Engagement of Lone Rock Girl Is Announced TOM'S Tel eviews Since the firing of .... or quitting of Alice Lon, Lawrence Welk is reported auditioning new Champagne Ladies . . . WITHOUT KNEES! 1 We will be closed next Wednesday afternoon, as will many sther stores, for the auto races at the Kossuth County Fair. Hope lo see you there. Just got another new shipment 3f black and white TV sets in last week, and they're selling last. Our black and white sets are about $50 cheaper per set than comparable models of last year. , • , A reminder ... to those who may have missed it in an earlier "Televiews," if you're having a lot of reception trouble at this time of year, it very likely is being caused by atmospheric conditions, and there is nothing wrong with your set. "Today", for the first time in will be the afternoon before the show, says NBC. It will enable the program to cover a wider area of events, according to the network . . . and for the first time, emcee Dave Garroway won't have to rise at 4:30 a.m. to get to work. THAT'S RICH . . . For the answer to yodr TV and Radio Problems, tune in (112 N. Moore — CY 4-3200). TOW'S RADIO & TV seven or eight years, filmed on video tape SCHOOL YEARS PASS QUICKLY Now is the time to assure your children of a college education or a successful start toward their careers by opening a savings account for them. The years pass quickly and your savings will grew just as fast. NOW PAYING 3 1 / f,7 <2 ,'C Per Annum Compounded Semi-Annuaily HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N Since 1917 ALGONA, IOWA "BACK TO SCHOOL" IS A WONDERFUL SOUND to mothers. This week's edition of the Algona Upper Des Moines is dedicated lo it. It seems as if summer has just started, and it is true that there are still a few week's left of vacation, but it is equally true that it is high time we were rounding up the kids, putting shoes on them, selecting new clothes and letting down the hems on the old ones, washing the swimming pool chlorine out of their hair, and subjecting them to the civilizing influence of the halls of earning. * * •* FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY CAREER AS A MOTHER, I am sorry to have the school vacation'end! It's for selfish reasons, but as long as I've griped so often in this column about the things Lhe kids don't do and the messy and ornery things they do at our louse, I might just as well say something good about them. They 1 lave been a big help lo Father and me this summer. Bill has done j man's work with his dad, digging ditches and threading pipe and lie girls — well, they've taken over the household duties while [ ye been working in a way that is most gratifying. Of course, they Dicker and fight about fair shares of who does what, but the signs are appearing that they may one day be responsible adults. And, it seems lo me, that is one of the prime aims of parenthood. * * » SUMMER IS A WONDROUS TIME WHEN YO^U are young. It's not so bad when you are Blder, either, but when you are hovering on sither side of the forty mark, you get to feeling a little silly running through the grass barefoot, swiping green apples off the neighbor's tree, and rolling up in a blanket to sleep in the back yard. The capacity for eating corn on the cob diminishes with age, too, and you find you can't eat over five or six ears at a time without paying for it with indigestion. Not only do . you get to feeling a little self-conscious about your bulges in a bathing suit, you also find that one lap across the pool completely winds you when it wasn't so long ago that five or ten didn't tire you. * * * ANOTHER WAY KIDS DIFFER FROM ADULTS is in the way time shrinks. "The long, long, days of youth", is no idle phrase. What, seems to me as "only yesterday" is "ages ago" to the kids. I say something about what they did last week and I'm corrected by, "Why, Mom, that happened way back when I was in 4th grade." In fact, Pop and I have to think a moment before we tell someone whether our youngest will be in 4th or 5ith grade this fall. * + * WHEN OUR YOUNGSTERS GO BACK TO SCHOOL, August 31, if I finally have it straight, .Bill will be in llth grade and Mary Ann in 8lh at the high school building and only Jean will be ie-ft at Bryant in grade 5. Such a short time ago I was buying resting rugs for them for kindergarten! Since that time they have each learned to read, a miraculous accomplishment in itseli', but what's more they enjoy it! They have all mastered the multiplication table, which I never fully managed, they know about the history and government of countries not yet established when I was in school, they haye had the opportunity to become acquainted with art, sing in choruses, act in plays, learn to play musical instruments and participate in a variety of sports in ways in which the opportunities were much more limited in my day. All through going to school! - I * * + HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT IT WOULD be like for Barents if there were no schools? We think we have it tough enough now, getting the kids clothes ready, supervising homework and cutting in a little time as home room mothers. But what if we lad to conduct classes for our own youngsters at home in order for them to gel their education? Wouldn't teaching Junior to decipher, '.'-Look, look, Jane! See Spot run! See Spot run after Puff! Spot!", kind of interfere with our coffee hours? Wouldn't Sister's crayon murals get a little boring if she insisted on drawing pink houses and green cats all morning long while we were trying to vacuum the living room? And even if we survived the daily "Show and Tell" time wouldn't it be awfully hard to channel off 3ur adolescent's excess energy if he didn't have school sports? * * * IT COSTS A LOT TO RUN SCHOOLS, and all of us have to pay for them whether or not we have youngsters to educate. That's js it should be, for if we left it up to only the families with ichool-age kids, we'd either have to close down the schools or drown .he youngsters because we couldn't afford both. Many people have gripes about the way schools are run, but they rarely seek to air them by going to school meetings, attending budget hearings meetings (6 is a big crowd at these) or running for a position on the board of education. The school board gets to have quite a bit to say about the schools (at long hours; no pay) and they have the enviable privilege of getting blamed for everything anybody thinks is wrong with our schools. * * * I DO NOT HAVE OUR YOUNGSTERS READY for school, but I suppose it will open anyway August 31, whether or not I am ready. I do know that there is going to have to be considerable scurrying at our house if our kids are not to appear in their summer shorts and sneakers. * * * BACK TO SCHOOL AT THE LOUIS REILLY home in Algona will be a real mass movement. They will have Mary Beth, 15, Eddie, 14, and Michael, 13, at Garrigan this fall and Eileen, 11, Sharon, 10, Kathy, 8, Christopher, 7 and Mark, 61 at St. Cecelia's, and Mathew, 5, in kindergarten at Bryant. Besides that they'll have Bernie, 4, Theresa, 3, Becky, 1 ¥• and the ne.w baby, Shawn at home. * ' * ' * MRS REILLY CAME HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL when Shawn was five days old and the same day she and her husband processed 30 packages of corn for the freezer! The next clay she was a little tired because Shawn fussed at night so she merely did the usual housework and taxied daughters and neighbor kids to Girl Scout camp. Thinking of this, it shouldn't be such a job for me to get our three youngsters ready lo go back to school after all. * * * OUR GARDEN IS PRODUCING LIKE MAD these days. In it, Pop figures he has invested $15 for plowing, fertilizer and seeds, and we've already taken twice that much out of it in hobby fun and produce. We've made sauerkraut out of the cabbage, dill pickles out of the cucumbers, we have bouquets of onions hanging nn the back porch and a refrigerator drawer full of carrots. We've eaten corn on the cob twice a day and oodles of sliced tomatoes, which we now have to start canning. We've been so busy with :iur home-grown stuff we haven't even worked on the peaches, but we shall soon now. * * * IF YOU'D LIKE A RECIPE FOR A PEACH PIE that is a good party dessert, here's one for this week's recipe: 1-9 inch Graham cracker crust 2 cups fresh sliced peaches '/i cup chopped maraschino cherries v -> pint whipping cream 1/3 cup powdered sugar '/i cup chopped walnuts 10 marshmailows '-i cup orange juice. Cut the marshmailows into small pieces and let stand in the irange juice. Fill the shell wiih peaches. Whip the cream and fold n remaining ingredients, including the marshinallow mixture. Pour nlo shell over peaches. Let chill in refrigerator about 2 hours jelore serving. —GRACE. NOTES OF SERVICE MEN FORT SAM HOUSTON, TEX. — Capt. Herbert B. Tjaden, H(i, whose wife, Alice, lives at 2715 Wilson ave., SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, completed the military orientation course July 24 at Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Tex. A newly-commissioned medical service officer, Captain Tjaden received training in pharmacy, supply, sanitary engineering, optometry, podiatry and medical administration. Captain Tjaden \vas gradual- ed from Tituiika hK'h school in 19f>0, St. Oluf College, Northfield. Minn., in !!).';•) and thi.i State Univi-rsity uf lowi College of Medicini; in J9.V!. His parents, Mr ;:nd M 1 '- Kirphen Tja- Jen, live in Titonka. — o First Lieutenant Patricia E. Eowen, daughter of Mr W. E. Quinn, Bauer.>l't, Iowa, has recently been tran.-'-fenvd t<> James Conn'ally AFB, Tex., for dutv as General in the Hf>lifilh USAF Hospital. Lieutenant Bowen, who received In r B.S. degree from tho College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minn, in 1951, ii^is just returned from a 2 year tour in Chateauroux, France. .While in France she was assigned to thu 7373rd USAF Hospital. Mr and Mrs Milton .Marlow Lone Rock, have announced the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Madonna Mary Marlow, shown here, and Bernard Kramer, Algona, son. of Mr and Mrs Clarence Kramer Riceville. The wedding will be held in St. John's Catholic church at Bancroft Saturday, Sept. 12. Tho bride is a graduate of Lone Rock high school and A.I.B., Des Moines, and is employed at ?Ium- boldt. The bridegroom is a graduate of St. Cecelia's Academy here and is employed in Algona. (UDM Engraving) • WESLEY By Mrs. Viola Studer The baby girl born to Arnold Lalliers- July 30 was baptized Sunday in St. Joseph's Catholic Church and named Janet Louisa. Mr and Mrs Roman Thill of Corwith were sponsors. 'Mr and Mrs Mark Studer plan to attend the get together of the 432 Bomb Squadron at the Congress Hotel in Chicago Thursday through Sunday. Mr and Mrs Mark Studer and family took Sister Hertula to Ponora Sunday where they all visited the Joe Materns. family of Knst ntihuque spent several days last week at the parental, Ben G. Studer home and with other relatives. Lou Lick'tcigs are having a 2- bcdroom ranch-type house built on the lots in the south part of town which they purchased from George Ama's. Mr and Mrs Neil Garry and Mary Ellen of Akron, Ohio came Aug. 1 to visit her parents, the John Rit-liters and other relatives and friends and to attend the golden wedding anniversary party of Riehter's August 15. Their son Bob has spent the summer months at the Ed Richter home, Bancroft. Mary Ellen had been attending summer school at St. Mary's in South Bend, Ind. Mr and Mrs H. E. Hemmirig- sen accompanied by the C. J. Wilsons of Belmond attended a Walker family reunion at Adel Sunday. Axel Hornniingsen of Newell was an overnight guest in the H. E. Ilcmmingsen home last week. Mr and Mrs Richard Anderson of Donully, Minn, and Mr and Mrs Harold Anderson visited Mr and Mrs Clifford Anderson Aug. Mrs Grace Diekman of Algona visited Mrs Bettie Wester Aug. 2. Linda and David Wagner, children of the Dwight Wagners of Algona, spent last week with their grandparents, Mr and Mrs Al Wagner. Mary Cruise was one of 30 nurses to graduate from. Mercy hospital, Mason City, Aug. 8. Her parents, Mr and Mrs Vincent Cruise attended the Mass at 9 o'clock in the hospital chapel and the breakfast at the Hanford hotel. The exercises were held Jn Holy Family auditorium. Mr and Mrs Bill Flanagan of Phoenix, Ariz, visited her sister, Mrs Viola Studer and their mother, Mrs Jennie Luken several days last ,week. Theron Hanson has rented his house on Main street to Mr and Mrs Al Discher. Mrs Discher, who is a sister of Mrs Paul Warner, will teach 7th & 8th grades in the local public school. Mr Discher has been employed at Weidenhoff, Algona, since October. Dr. Paul Warner, his ' wife and children left Aug. 8 for Fort' Wayne, Ind., where they attended the wedding of the doctor's sister, Mary Warner and Joe Kemerer. W.S.C.S. met in the Methodist Church Wednesday for Guest Day, a parcel post sale and program. Patrick Lickteig, son of Mr and Mr and Mrs Jotm Welter and, Mrs Urban Lickteig was honored FARMERS ELEVATOR "Buyers & Sellers Of All Grains" Wishes To Extend A Hearty Welcome * * To The Kossuth County Fair Get Our Bids On Your Grain Before You Sell H. DALE COLE or CORWIN C. PEER 419 So. Phillips St. CY 4-2741 NOW SHOWING! ENDS SAT. DRIVE FIRST RUN IN ALGONA ! BLUSHING IN GORGEOUS COLOR ! GOD CREATED WOMAN FOR MAN AND SEX BEGAN WIDE SCREEN in Eastman Color ia,,ir.g CMRJSTJANE MARTELand CARLOS DA5NA 1i.« Iwnnvr MiSS UNIVERSE Irom FRANCE Dir.cud by ALBERT GOUT - PLUS BONUS FEATURE IN COLOR ! "VILLA" BRIAN KEITH - Color By De luxe Cinemascope Do corah his par- Erdman on his ninth hirthdny Saturday, Mr and Mrs Lowell Erdman and son Lindsay of came Saturday to visit ents, Mr and Mrs Paul and other relatives. (Rev. and Mrs Robert Jones and family left Sunday for a two week vacation at Brainerd, Minn. There will be no church services in the Methodist church AUK. Hi- Alan Jordan attended a picnic at Clear Lake, AUK. 4. Thursday, August 13, 1959 Algona (la.) Upper Des Mo!ne*-3 Indonesia, an island nation spread over 735,000 square miles of the Pacific and Indian oceans, has a population of 82 million. Davenport Burns In Local Home Algona's firemen answered a call to the residence of John Arndorfer at 421 East Elm street at 2:04 p.m. July 2-1 when an unidentified passerby saw smoke pouring from the house. An alarm was turned in and a davenport in (lie living room was blazing furiously when the firemen arrived. The davenport was carried outside and the blaze extinguished. Besides the damage to the davenport and cushions, there was smoke damage in the house. There was no estimate of damage, according to Fire Chief Ira Kohl, who said the fire might havd been serious if it had been discovered 15 minutes later. UDM Ctn^lfieds Pay Dividends Matinee Each Day at 2 P.M. Adults 60c - Kids 35c NOW SHOWING! ENDS SAT. Mighty In Blazing Color! Cast of THOUSAMDSV Cost in MILLIONSI UNCHAINED AVENGER EMERGES FROM THE RAGING RIOTS AND , REVELS OF 10,000 YEARS AGO! - Added Thrills Color Cartoon • Deep Sea Novelty NOTE! "HERCULES" Moves Out To Drive - In Sunday ! Moves Out From Downtown ! Sunday! Ends Tues. /.> /JOSEPHS LEVINE present! REEVES Bonus Feature In Color 1 a pretty teacher •••• she should have known! ..and it* ahocklag aftermathl •JBBKHSBBffBCTtgTgpi Always 2 Color Cartoons SUNDAY! FOR 4 DAYS Continuous Sunday From ,1 P.M. Weekday Matinee at 2 P.M. THE WILDEST WAVE OF HIGH-SEAS HILARITY EVER TO SET YOU ADRIFT IN HELPLESS To THE ANNALS OF AMERICA'S NAVAL HEROES. NOW ADD THE NAME OF JOHN PAUL STECKL6R VII FIRST MAN EVEfl TO MISPLACE A DESTROYED! '*/ know I left it around here somewhere..?* HYSTERIA! Officer and Gentleman by Act ot Congress Sure, we never lost a war but we never had an officer like him before! MERRILL-DIM SPENCER EXTRA I ADDED! Thrill To Acrobatic And Precision Flying With Air Force Jet Pilots "THE THUNDERBIRDS" In Technicolor ALSO: COLOR CARTOON

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