The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1940
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LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEW! THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 287. Ulytheville Dally News Mississippi Vnllcy Leader ... .,„„,,,,,,,. , ,,•,,,, ~ " ~ ~ " Klylhevllle Courier lilyUuvillc Herald I'M IIIKV1LLIO, ARKANSAS, TIIU11SDAY, KKBRUAUY '>'>, HMO 1940 Washington Wears O Profile Of Uncle George Finns Call More Men'PflLl To Arms; Soviet Adds! To Manpower Edge j TIE THEM SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HELSINKI, Feb. 22. (UJ')---Tl]e iiiM^iiNiu, i-'ou. ^. (UJ-j-'-rhe liigl, w)iiii)»ii!(l today '<, ... '. I called two more classes lo tin- colors and iiimounced thai /'Ciiale hndorseniciH i'or (jemian Slupwrmhls Arc 2,000 RHSSIHIIS had beon killrtl in vnia attach* on th« new I Anollicr Three Yer\vs Bvf Bvisv Ro-irlvma Nnv! Shin Kiiiiush iKisUions in thc Aliimwhoim liiio. ! ( 1U1IRI ' IU ,., lrals ,N ", 5 |^ <ul .Viiig INa/.i Ship ' •«• Men of 45 und 48 years of nv,i-' NillTO\V Vole LxpCclCu J'OI' IVIl) RELLH'S VISIT Legion Posl To Give National Commander Hearly Welcome ; Enthusiastic over Die fuel Hint lilylhcvlllc was selected us one ol t!ie five cities In Arkansas to be visited by National Commander of the American Legion Kay Kelly, the Dud Cason post is pla'nnini; "u welcome svhlch will include all of Eastern Arkansas. The national commander will come here March 1 nfler having visited in Fnrl Smith and Payette- viile with his visit in Blylheville lo be the longest stay while In Arkansas. Reaching this city by plane, he will Ce guest of honor nt an Open House for nil Eastern Men of 45 und 48 years of ay.i-' NcltTOW were called to Die colors lo pre- liaie lo join younger ones iu hold- Ins "If the lUissian army. I 10 ' 1 <"' the senate by iidinlnlslm- 'ilie oriiclul coninunilc'iuc' finid li "-' 1 toidors Indicated today thai the Itcrt m my attack on. the Ko- •:«;rcli« 1 y of Hlate Coulell Hull'.i nuira railroad slutio had been repulsed. , . ^ A Moscow I'ommtiniciutoii , la-st mnjorlli' <>l I'leht .voiinti.- votes. " I Possibilities of a fight u"i"ei % a7"or week snid the Hed army hud lak- ' n "-' l>all, conducted by prominent of » m'.w dlplomallc tilspuln Involv- (ii Die Kiuimra hliition which Is st ' lul li-' Dt'inocralN, wiis bused on liij? Moru'ny. Cireat lirltaln nnd nbout u miles from Vllpuri. , |[ l '"«t Is ex|iec(ecl (o be a major test Clermany, were seen in l>nrls re- Vole WASHINC1TON, Tel). V> (UP)—A' O.SI.O, Novwuy, l-Vh. 22. (UP) — Clerman shipwrights slarled lo rn- Iinlr llu- slenmer Allmark loilay, . „.. . miller biiaid of three Norwegian on • yesWntay "'"I' trade iimgnnn would be lorpedo uoals, in prciHirnllon lor a .continued another three years by n dash down lhc i-ojsl to Clermany. Aided by « Ijllx/.nrd-ltke Ariovv "" "•' si'i)iile--fl moi-o by iippo- |)orl,s Hint Die Allies liiul storm, the'Finns «ild they hnit In- '"' llls Ol ""•' prouiam to force sen- lllctei! hi-avy losses on lint [Ked " [e 'ntlheallon of eacli ngrwim-nt. H^tr watch alonn llu> Se.indlJia- . ........... = ...... . — v ' ll » coasts and were watching nrmy us attacks were renewdd hi UIU - V ltlL ' PWBlrtent's sit>natnro Is Clcrmun ship movements In Nor- Ihe Lnko Moulin nnd \'nks! st'ctor.s ''"lulred now. In (he center of the Knrcllhn Islh- J " "" ll 'inesllon, II was snld. (\\x Tne German steamer WleRinid _. _ v On Ihal ciuesilon, II was snld, Hit- rvilll ^ l mus defense lines and nl. Tallinn- solmt >' Is divided. -I!) to 41, ni'alnst arrived yesk-iday lo repair "the on Hie shores or Lake Ladoga. i'' ll 'II!callon. Six senators were list- Altmnrk and to p'nll It off uie rocks Tl:c enemy losses nt Tulpate ['" lls woubldil, bill administration of Joesslngen Fjord where n alone were 2.000 the communique [f" °' s . sll , lcl , ""'>' _™ lll( ' oblain the grounded. I-rlday nlgm when Hilt- said. All altaeks were reported re- " " Missouri Senators Score 'Rifle Point' Ransacking Of Mails WASHINGTON, Pol>. 22. (Ul>}-Senntor Harry's. Ti-u- t))iiii (bum,, Jlo.), unit! loday tlinl Hritisli removal of U" V S"mils li'oni olipiH'r planes nt vido'point was a "helluva note'' aiitl c'.'tllfd for (Irasiie action (o make (he British bchftvo '"themselves. •;;: . Truman's poslllon was cchoed,py fienntor .Bennett Champ Clark (Dem.-, Mo.), sponsor of a Mil'.id prevent u. s. clipper-mails from 'amlliig at Bermuda. Clark, said Norway's Neutrality Strained pulsed. In the course of flghlint' Hint raged fiercely until Into at night (on the isthmus) nil attacks were support of four of them If necessary. The bill to continue Die Irnde lirognun three yours beyond Hie June 12 expiration Unto Is lly United I'rcsK Knroiic's wars swirled closer than over unlay In Scniidlimvln. llrltl:ih warships and German U-boats were renoiied In or nciir Norwoi!lan waters. One dispatch lolrt of nti nil' buttle, between mii- dentlfled planes oil Norway while NITONS (lie Norlli 8c>a roym alriu. >.c I'luiii'S .snot down (wo more German aorlol midei.s. A snul-olllclal Klftlemcnl, Issued In Purls, denounced Norway for fullnrc to prolret her own nuulr:u- Ity In the Altiimik Incident iind sold Hint (lit! allies would tako (lie necessary tle|xs whenever neutrals fulled lo uphold their rlghta. Tills ll wns liidloiilctl would nicini Descended by direct line of seven generations from the dent's brother. Selden Washington bears marked resemblan to George Washington. Selden lives in Alexandria. Va., near ML Vcv-ldlstiict'woirair-stBte'iloiiors' In'The non, nnd has never had political aspirations. The Washington bust; recent membership campaign, was made In 17C5 by Jeanne Houcion tiiB, Commnndcr Kelly will yivc n iniblic address nt Hie City Audl- lorium that night. He will spend (he night in Bly thevllle leaving here early on tne morning of Mtuch 'i lor Lime Washington Confused About Own Bi Ish wurshlps rescued seamen ircm It. Norwegian ailmlrnlly and other uutlioillies reiuscd nil liUornuitlim .un n.v; lo.nuiiw; uu «nni.Ra >.i-*^ . , • - - •-. —...t> nnd lor many hours there were repulsed nnd a large number of (leollt ™ in the house which also Is cpnfllclunj reports. "lU'lltdMe" tanks were destroyed, the com- ! CX [ I "L«I lo imss ll i.flcr deteiilinu sources even said thai the Wlejjiul munlquc said. ruiMlcallon moves. A vote on thai had no connection wllii the AH- lt ndded Hint northeast of Lnlie lssl | c will come tomorrow with mini mark but look renno In the fjord , Ladotsn Kinnfsh troojis hnd cap- ncl! ° :1 s«i«l«led /or laic tlmt duy because of log, , -••.•Arkansas I lured another "enemy strong ivolril" i 01 ° nUlr(l «y- . Liucr It was asserted dellnlluly i h "" hlr "'German Iron ore ships first Presi Lt '8 to m«lrc-,<i who will nt !!ie same where 2CO Russian defenders .sur- Aiinoiigli Ibe trade a({rcejnciHs thtu tlie Wlegund hud been sent CI ' Nor »'ay. " I time honor (heir district command- rendered ' I'loarum had been ballyhoocd as a lo nld In reimirint; and relioattiix .nee in pronieip^ E A nlte of D )j, t)lev j]| 0i wl , OSB ' ninjoi Issue of the current, session the Ailiiiiirk. und unit both vessels COPENHAGEN. Feb. 22. <UP>~ , Ki • stl " I"'°>» 1S M lo be a key p.iinl iiil'jnded lo mate 11 dash for Ocr- A BerlliiGske Tldcnde dlsprilch '" tllc l"«ldenllal cmnjialgn. bnusg ninny wtllim Uie next leiv dnys. Following this Informal gather- f,om Aabo, Finland, (|Uotcd Hus- ll y ljl >te wns bcliiB carried on In nil As soon na (he Wleijand nrrlvcd, rfnn officer prisoners 115 saying "'iio-'l'hcrc of frivolity. 'Cuesday 11 was understood, a sf)rel;i! crow that Russia wns preparing a large "' e ! ' mlsc luul >° adjourn because prepared lo repair the AUmnrk's scale offensive nloiif the whole "' " ! ack , 0( speakers—not n usual uninigcd propellor and nttend lo Russinn-Finnish frontier and had ^""lion nmon« «5 pollllchns. other minor damnge IL suilered massed more than 1,000,000 iiicn, U111 >' " hn "" f "l of members carried when it went aground. thday ^ By NBA Service George Washington, wasn't quite -sure of his own birthday, so he didn't celebrate the occa.-.lon during his later years. He was born Feb. 11, 1132, but a subsequent calendar revision, which changed the date,to Feb. 22, left him confused as', to \v'helber it was .{lie Htli, 12th or 22nd, so he just tried to forget th'e whole thing. Washington was worth $2.000,01)0; owned 110.000 a:res of land, 500 slaves and the largest distillery In Die country. He made much of his Rock where hi; will be t«est of honor for n luncheon going to Hot Springs where he will visit Ihe Army ami Navy Hospital before a the attack. in a 500,000 expense account, only part of which was paid. He served i banquet in his honor which will be without pay as President, and spent followed by a radio broadcast prior $50.000 puttini eight years. up a front- ihose''° !l!s leaving tor an engagement In Louisiana. When he arrives In Arkansas, accompanied by his nide, Don Giass- Wushington was tiie ninth rj. s President, not the first. Et»ht other I col >. former meri-.styled themselves ' .«•--—"---. bl' the United States" uncL, Articles of Confederation. Kc firsl under lhc •Constitution, Washington both drank, and of' on yesterday-one Democrat and The fact Hint tmee Norwegian eight Republicans being (ill (hat torpedo boats kept watch was taken i remained when It came lime to lo mean Unit tnc Norwegian gov- "iljouni. eminent knew 01 all developments. ror some (line It has been known H refused permission lor membsrs Hint the niml vote In both Oie of tne Aitiimrk crew lo go ashore house nnd senate would be nlony It would be possible for the Alt- partisan lines. The poll by senate, mark to continue down this Nor- For in e r AAA Assistant Here Indicted By Federal Grand Jury disclosure of the manner in which the British first selzsd the malls Ih Bermuda "strengthens -nvy view" Hint U, B, planes should notice forced lo submit lo British ma'li -'cn.vorsldp. : . Truman demanded steps lo prevent clippers from landing nt British ports and barring British ships from using u. s. harbors "until-the Hrillsh have learned to behave themselves." The rt'inovnl cf U. s. mails ; , at rifle point occurred at Bermuda Jan. 18 when censorship of V:',S. transAtlaiitle air mall wns Instituted by (Uilhorllles nl that point;,. "1 think that n 'helluva' note," Truman said imgrily, "I think-we oujlil lo slop the whole business-of sending our planes over there—and I'm not neiHral. Jiist slop the clippers from running until :this Urlllsh liavo lenrned to behave themselves and slop lliclr ships from landing In our porls," ' ••. •• The notion of 1113 British already hns been subject of comment .by St'cieJary of Slate Corded f lull'who nlso has oiijjBcsted it nngnt us necessary for the clippers to ellml- naiu calls at Bermuda.. . •;". : U wns learned nl Ui3 stnte department today however that'll! reports which It received .of the Ucrmudn Incident there had been no mention of the uso of forte •such ES was revealed today. : '.'• " Tne Bcrniudn mutter and other points of friction between tiie United Slates and Great Britain over contraband control nnd .em- I baruo measures now are under ic two coun- Denioerats, which hns been con- wcgliin coast tj the narrow dueled sccrelly for more two , Hak and then h the fcdcral 'grand jury In Llllle liqck yesterday on n II. n. Rlslnrdson. formerly senior <"j> cussltm jld assistant In chnrge of tho ciark felt 11 t .. - pro:eed 11101115 mo pi'vSm,! ^"^ r^ A , ot . nco ' n 'details concerning ,.~.«. listed nil Republicans, tlte Norwegian und'awcduli coast!? into ^ lh ° vm °' Wbw lm "" l <* ^ ^» - ; * ---- .._ JL . ^, 11<0 „„,„ , UUJULUIU ui BLICHIIJUH; i ,.'-,,, ;l' Vl ' D Fl "' ml! >'-Lnliorlles, and the one., the saiuty of tho Baltic. men-.styled themselves "President' !he iiotipnal/commniKler will UegM .dinner S Aviator Husbiirlc) i''"Wss've In favor of senate-mtV' An clgiith iimirol me Allhurk's -""'"-- "-••--' — - •• ; i, r the'"' 8 schedule which Is the 1 heaviest • 'f 1 "- -•,•[ "r>'"t ' > ,\ t] " M °n of Irailo'ngVcChicnls, nujl-,crcw (lieu aboard tile Jihlp'*Sc;iicr- Among ihose KCleaseu 'eonlcmls that such proecduro would osy as tlio result of tlie firm lic- wrecl; the program aiid be tnntn- twccn (hu British, and Uimmu mount to rcturniijif to log-rollliig sailors. pioccdurc on tariff problems. The newspaper SjoofarlstttlciKle " C551ml ol ll ' llclnl Bi'anu J'»'y which '-Thais n ni:o fricndfy I'orty-elehl Democrats mid one published n loiter lojay under tne " " lH only a tc ' <v Ol ' 5 ' s hu ' rorD toward n would-be ally over attempted by a national commander of the American Legion while visiting in Arkansas. The strenuous program was plon- swovc. He is on record of setting j I1C J after Commander Kelly nn- up the drinks for thc boys during i nounced that he would "visit as Dal1 '- American aviator, and seven election periods. As a military many places possible and speak as olllcr Americans were released to- By Spanish Leader MADRID. Feb. 2'L (UP)—Harold leattcr, he cursed like n cavalryman. * * * In his "110 Rules of Civility," Washington as a boy prcsslbed tliat ' :s nationally assigned quola you should "talk not with meat In 1940." mtny times as possible it they wanted him to. In a state which wes first In the nation lo turn in for dav from a prison camp. They were Ihe last eight Am°rl- held in prison camps whore ll is understood nrilson, who hns been Mr, nicli- In Jail nt Bermuda her ; sup"It just duds so'nie more details,"-, ho said. |'My vleivs arc .the same/' Said , Senator - .Gpi-alii , P. Nyc (Hep., N. D.), an advocate'of strict ., . ., Ihirrlslmri! while aw.illln 3| Ihe next u. s . boJatlon' In torolgn RWoIrs: session of federal grand Jury which -Thais n iilse friendly ntiuuae' Independent, Sen. George W. Nor- | ion name, "Voelmuind," presuma- hc was turned o\vr t 1 ) fc -\- ris of Ncurnska, were recorded uly from .some person 'of sl;imlfiijf, ccr!l NnVl "• wl " iigainsl ratification. No attempt was made to poll tho lrlc;l nexl wcek In which. Premier Johan Nygaards- iu Fc(lcral court nl ' Ju»=sDoro. void and c. J. llnmbro, president Aflcr hnvlnsr entered n jilca of 1 SB• - - O m>ry '«!•' other slilo -whsre we'd hnd done tt bo .toilny. 1 If the 1 know senate on continuation of tho pro- of parliament, were vigorously crlt- no ' r gullly en n charno of , they were Incarcerated after being gram. Leaders believed that IdMd oecmisa of "Ihelr ludlanaiil eiul u'-lerlng hi Circuit Court hare, fortune a. 1 ; a your mouth, cleanse not tseth with tiie table cloth, napkin, fork or knife . . . but with a .tooth; and If you couch, sncise, I dress the student body of tho Unl- , . _ „. siah or yawn . . . put your hand- versitv of Arkansas and faculty. roulc to Sevlllc - f. _ _ . i i. . ' . ' . • A I to Fnyettevllle where lie will ad- Captured dining the. civil war. (Will be only n formnlity once, rntl- answer lo ino British prime min- ll0 withdrew Iho p'.e.a for one of i Dahl and tv.-o other, Americans, Htntion has been settled. | btcr Saturday" r-'jardlnj tne A<t- 8'lllty when he came to trlnl and ;ii^rk inctocnt, " thu case was continued without. "Wo never saw tho premier or s . cnton «° hcln ? im«ed on concllllun He will first be in Fort Smith foi ,,..,,. ,,,,,,„,, breakfast meeting before going who fought for the .Spanish loyalist , The senate Is ready to rush Its a! ™' M ' " rrlvcrt ln Sovllle - worl! °" tlle bl " to eon " mic 1|10 Three other Americans were en program as soon as final action In ... , , mclm lnhl i,, p , ,„ ,j, " rt „, that hu sorvo a sentence on the " ltfl tn Spvm " Ule 'W's i is first in the U. S. to use the present aside.' system of collateral security. Kis great-great-grandfather. £n English minister, wns turned out of his parish by parliament tecnme he was "a common frequenter of ale houses, not only himself sitting daily tippling there, but also encouraging others i.i beastly vice." A great host, the President entertained 2835 guests, serving 17,091 mea!s at Mt. Vernon durlr.g l-l years. Inventive, Washington cnce designed n 16-sided barn, and used a plow of his own creation. He helped kerchief before your fa:i- and tun have'lunch with ihe Chairman Pal post there V/HER£ T LL I POT THg DOOR?? when other ex-service men In thc ! First District will be g^sts and A political group once offered (will visit the United States Vet- . ,, . , Wnshlnalou tl.'e Job of beini kinij'erans Facility for the first lime a v ' lievc(1 ezroulc lo Sevlllc. naticnal commnnder has visited Tluls General Francisco j this facility. j From there he will come to Bly- . . thsville, iirloted by Buck Carter in °" ers '" 5po1 "a cabin plane owned by Col. T. If. I Barton. C. A. Cunningham. E. A. Ktce, R. Cnrler. Nclll Reed and Floyd A. Whit-: have been named a coin- by Post Commander Dun the They may board the American Harrison (Dem., Miss.) of the son export liner E:<irla, scheduled to ate finance committee' will begin ,;ail for the Unite:! States tomorrow, hearings next Monday with hull Two other Americans also wcro and Secretary of Agriculture Henry •• • - - |A. Wnllace as Hie first witnesses. Franco ' Tl'erc was no Indication that talcral cl)rtr S° Tax On Arkansas Plant Void nl1 ->f the JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.. Fel).:S2 —The mere Inct Hint nn Arkansas. factory Is directed by executives llilni; In Missouri docs not make =[• JTSirll^SrS ^'-""tV-ilToVdiSI •iorieTo:; i^ j^e factory, ^onie.ibjeet «o M* our neutrality by sinking our ships and kllllrg our sailors," had released tlte last of thc Amer- '"lercst In the house debate on leans who were held as war prls- f llp 1]i11 would Increase In thc final .i:.le chnrjo was repaid, the writer Tll ° federal charges nre In connection with checks totaling Sias.53 Ife criticised for mm- nlic ' 3C< " y Cor ^ a nt llu ' A/VA offl:o current trade negotiations with Britain hi connection with tne here. Hrstllutlon lists nbo been made for these checks. hours. Despite the after lib capture but was pardoned •by 1 111^ LHUtUl (J IJUli \S .li Milt UUi ILII T-, , , " ----. Franco who received',, letter D ™™« •», "''• ^.^.^ efforts of house Allmilr ' t - Hnmbro had hinted thnl llntlons. It was understood, however, that lhc discussions tontln- . - poscd by only eight Republicans, " Ml ""'' newspapers reported thai bu m to carry his of the country, iut he tuved the offer down In a rajc. U1C Klnscr and dancer. He had licen ,, held at Salamanca .since October. «*" '""Hon o ndjou,-,, Despite thc , n .,n ,shonts of eight "noes" by the Rep-1" 1 """" there was reason to b;licve that lnc Altm » fk ""Went would not A sculptor almost Washington In making a cast, then broke- tlie east g it off thc President's face. His real hair, sandy colored, was never .iijwn in portraits. Edwards to make arrangements for I thc Blythevllle program. suffocated " '"'itfnj Anniversary Program Held By Rotarians !H it/A ave I Second tallest of the presidents. I Washington wcijhcd 'Jia povnds, i topping Lin:oln by 30 pounds, but ! wns 2 inches shorter, .stancliivj fl ;:, 2 inches. Onlir usiiy ] nblicnns. Ilcp. Jere Cooper (Dem |Tcnn.) jiresldlng, ruled that Kcll- I er's motion was can-led by his lone, Ibut loud, "aye." Every Four Years j _ [Evidence Reveals Dog Blythcvllle | ~ . •i. ,Scvcral persons of antl Immediate vicinity will have j Trained to Slcal Sheep OHAFIAMSTOWN, South Africa annl\7rsaVy W0 f'\hc"lMaVciiib"wcrei. icr Ncws ls lnt -= rcstc d '" lenrnlng (UP)-A specially trained dog was Tlie thirty fifth anniversary of! Ihe Rotary club ard the 'eighteenth ' birthdays nest Thursday time in four years. for lhc i ,e Coiir- | observed today with an annivcr- how many persons here were born described ns the key member ol n , ' Year. Any birthcl <>:-' one who Ins band of native sheep slcalers, design the Potomac canal that still exists. General Washington received no Mcdicv?! methods of medical practice took Wnshinytan's Weakened by doztors' fclcet'.ir.g h with leeches, he aiccutnoed san- proTi-n nt fio v'"e' r iv lim~ii eon meeting of the local" - OU p" at i "'J? birthcl <>:-' 's nskcri ID plinse when Kalclc Gxowa, the leader of the Held Noble | call 30a or drop n note glviivj name the gang and owner of (he dog, . and address, wns sentenced here to six years' C. A. Cunningham, OUR of the five charter members sliil in the 1 quinsy soie throat Ju.'.t n days im cU ">. allci l ! Ye ' irsl presldcdt. to!;l n Q Atinivpr«lrw t.i of l " c " rly lllstor >' of Rotary In Darn un Hnmversai y Blylhevill;. salary during thc "war. but turned i c afore the turn of the century "'"i ^'^ cl!ar ter members who arc : _.: i still iu the club arc Mr. Cunning; ham. E. D. Ferguson, Dr. I. K. 0| Washington's Birth I Imprisonment and eight lashes for stock lliefls. I G.xowa's brother-in-law (old Ihe •court how Ihe sheep stealer Woman Released On Charge Oi Arson Clifton Russ, 2S-ycar-olil nsjro i snught by officer. 1 ; since tho biirn- | In^ of ills house several vrceks a^o, i was arrested in West Memphis yes! lerday. I lie will be given o preliminary Bond Pending Trial taring tomorrov; on a chaue of ° arson. Chief Deputy Sheriff John Mary Oipson. 2S, in jail here since Feb. !l aw.iitlnj the action of circuit courl on a charge of Brand J.irccny, made bond today ol $1030 nnd wns released until .omt meets April 1. Mary Gillis, 13, also of Hlyllie- vhlc anC who is fa^irg n similar chnrec, Is yet t:i jail as arc Marvin Ilucy, 20, and Rubs Elliott, 21, who arc charged with accessory after the fact of grand larceny and receiving stolen property. The men's bonds were set nt S15M each while thos: of the I' 1 , nclnmlller said lolay. The ncjro is allfje:! to have threatened his v.'itc. by li-ilin'i her that he would burn all her clothes and tho following night alter he lelt, the liousi! v/as mysteriously destroyed hy [Ire. Tile house was located ucsr thc Dan Stunt bla:k- Income tnx, the stale supreme court held yesterday. - ' The court ruled exempt from this dale's Income levies $2,680,918 In sales from the P. Biirkhart Manufacturing Company's factories !OT cntcd In Artansns, Mlchiijan . and Panncylvnnla. reversing a ruling' By St, Louis Circuit Court. . ".'.', "Only Missouri connection, of the cut-of-stalc factories which Missouri sought lo tax, the decision hekl, "was that tlie company owning the plants wns n Missouri corporation and lhc general business was directed by executive officers of the company located In Missouri," None of thc goods Involved.', tho court comniEntjd, ever was,. In'!! liiis slirle. i ; . is Improving After .,'.T Swallowing Poison STEELE, Mo., Fea. 22. — Cooper M-thfus, who attempted suicide Tuesday hy poison, is trained a dos to go out at night women were S1000 each. Kiwanians, Wives Hear James F. Mooney, 77, Patterson And Carry Of Dell Succumbs Johnson, R. F. Kirshncr, and B. Lvtich. James P. Mooney. father of wire Manhattan Callsd Isle George W. Patterson, pastor ol the First Christian Church, was j living daughters nnd ono son. died thc principal spcikcr nt thc dinner iast night at his home at Dell meeting of the Kiwanis Club at wheie he had long resiled lie the Hotel Noble last right when ' • — - wives of the members were nlso guests. | ami catch sheep. Gxowa used a Jerry Wayne Wllliford hns a b=t- whistle to direct thc dou, and ais:o ter chance to gi-o-x up to be lite ' lo signal to the natives (if Gra- Gcorgc Washington than most buys hamstown Hint he had meat to u'ho.'ie mothers Imva that ambition sell. for them, tor Jerry was bom on i Among the witnesses wns the 8- Wnshl'.iston's birlhdiy. | year-old daughter of the accused lie is (lie son of Mr. nn:l Mrs. n '- a "- s lie said that her father took Ul hvil Indian Snirits J- w. wmirord of nor west Ash hcr Ol " °» "is bicycle «t timc.s to Mr. Patterson spoke on "Crows ancl Scare.-rows", a .subject which the minister applied to affairs cf Imporlance. Matthew Curry, rector of the St. Stephens' Episcopal chiircli, deliv- Ulk, "Howdy ered a humorous Ladies." Bill Morse. Billy Jontz arid Miss Marjoria Stevens presented a musical number. Eill ueswlck led group singing street. He wcl?he:l eiaht and one |1C1 P C(ltc1 ' sheep. v;as almost 77. Death i:ir-r,s t>f two years. Tne Kev, Mr. Johnsor 'ollov.ed an ECif'ORA, Miss. (UI')_ji m Walton. director c( ths General .Sam- pastor of uel fJ.ito Historical Society, says half puuiidi and was torn minute e.ftcr twelve o'clock morning. De!l Methodist Church, will con- the Indiar.s really pulled a smart i (iuct services at tho church Friday ... morsini. 10 o'clock, with in Hm'.voo.'l Cemetery here. He is survived by his wife. Mrs. _. Jofcphir.e Mooncy;" hi^ daii-ihlers. WES Ihe place where tlis spl'-'lts of <CP)—Hofis ff.OOo" ^ r.._ n> n ll~ I* ,_ _* —- . . ., ...j_. . __.. . . . ' •--" "* " __ 'Die women arc alleged to have \ stolen $500 from gam Thomas r.rd Finis Keeling of Lciichvillc nn.1 thc two Ulytheville men nre charged with aiding them In making their get-away nnd with receiving a portion of the money. These casc-s arc expected to be unions Oic firsl to ba tried when court opens. It Is alleged that trie robbery commuted at a lo:al lourlst camp nnd that tha two m»n, who nre t.ixl drivers, took the smith shop. apparently Improved today althoujh j Ihe outcome of hb illness will not be determined for several more niiys ( It wns announced this morn- Ing. Ho is at Ills' mother's home at D^iiton. >, Mr. Ma thles, 32-yesr-old merchant, swallowed between .25 ani 33 grains of bichloride of'marcury. «'hcn they sold Minhattan • islinl lo the Dut:h for $15. j Wsllon sayi that tiie Inrlian : name was Ma-Na-Hatti it Livestock • Dredge Turns Up Long LflSl Class Ring women to Helena for safe kceplnj ° ° after the women hnd given them EAST FT." LOUL3. I!!.. Fcf>, Mvs. Stella Cook of Para^ould, Mrs. the wicked were punished Ihroujh John Turner of si. Lotiis, Mrs. hijinlty. He says it h certain tint Vi-S.'.ray Ho^cbth of Manila, nnd no Indians lived on the Island nl Mrs. Anna Grlc-e, Miss Pauline the time of Ihe transaction, as thc Mooney. Miss Virginia Mooney, nulls of all criminals exeaulsd by Miss Mary Lee Mooney, Miss Catli- H~c Indians v/ere consI-.-cd t-i with Miss Nannie Clark Smith as|crir.c Mooney snrl Miss Betty Jo Mi-Ka-Hatta. i accompanist. Mooney, all of D3ll. and one son. Walton credited this information M'ko Plckelt of Helena was n' Floyd Moonoy, of Dell. lo the fragmentary papers of Oen ?u«st. C°bb Funeral Home is In cliar^c. £»tt)U9l Dale, whodlod : ln 1841. ' Top, 5.55 171.--30 Ibs., | BLLSSFIELD, Mich. IUD—Fifteen years ago Burdclte F. Scljerl lost tho class ring he received graduation from nilssllel:! j seme of thc money. 5.-15-5.55'.le: 2,200 Steers, 8.CU-D.VO e:- steers, C.SD-ll.o') Sliml Flier Fears Mine ' BU1TE, Mont. (UP)—Bcrnadlne liirh rrhorl. It fell o.f his tinser Kins, who risks her life daily as u while he was a stiidant at Mlchi- stunt flier, wns Invited nt n Rotary Ban Slate College In Lansing. luncheon here to make nn undcr- j *ei?trt moved lo Salem, Afo., rroi'nd trln tdroirh on? of Butte's i and his ring now Is en route to famous mines, sho declined. "I'm him. it was discovered by work- afraid I'd be scared," she explained. SheV/onted a PaJ,. Not a Husband— Ann Hutcil Rcinij Alone, Hue! No Time for Love Mixed yearlings,'heifers, 1.75-9.25 men dredging the Rod Cedar river Flaujhlcr beKors, C.50-10.5D in Lansing and wjs Identified by According to statlstlM, tho typl-' Beet cows, 5.25-6.26 ths namo o! tho school, tho yoar «J American workman has an Cutters find low cuttsrs, 3.7J-3JX) and hll initial* nveiaio annual incoma of Read the Mew Serial $1 So Week Starts Today On Page Foiu- To Hold Ward Rites Friday Afternoon Funeral services for Mrs. C, V. Ward. 23, who died Tuesday, will b<> held Frtdny nftsmoon, 1 o'clock, at Coljb Rtncral Home. Burlcl will be made at Number Cemclery. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, not quite so cold in west portion tonight. Friday !n- crcnslnjj cloudiness, slightly warmer in west and control portions. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and coldsr kmljht, lowest tempsrature j 24 to 23, Friday fair. j The maximum temptrature hero ! yesterday was 40, minimum 3+, • i ciotH" ; vvith a .trace ( 0f snow fall, ' eccordiog to Samuel'rV ( Norrt$, offU qlal weath?rYo)Ke.rver> >Last night ', thi' niinliritim 'ftili 24. ' •'.

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