The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on February 15, 1989 · Page 42
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 42

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1989
Page 42
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E-8Television THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Wednesday, February 15, 1989 This morning Today 1 Donahue I Sally Jessy Raphael Class. Win, Lose News I Sweet- 5 Concen. or Draw hearts CBS News I This Morning Live - Regis & Family ICard Price Is Right News Young & Kathie Lee Feud Sharks Restless Good Morning America Growing I Superior The Judge On Trial Home News Loving '2 Pains Court C.O.P.S. Fun House Ghost- IGumby Beverly Bewitched H'wood Divorce Fall Guy Rockford Files '9 busters Hillbillies Squares Court Sesame Street Instructional Programming I Sesame Street Instruct. 48 Program Ott the Air Captain Sesame Street I The Mimi I Readalong I It's Your I Read All I The Music Art Chest News Quiz 54 Kangaroo I World About It Box Jem Smurfs Care Snorks Heritage Today To Be An- W.V. Gunsmoke Dating Newlywed 64 Bears nounced Grant Game Game Good Morning America Donahue Sally Jessy Raphael Home Growing News Loving 2 Pains This Morning News Mike Family Card Price Is Right News Young & 7 Scinto Feud Sharks Restless Lilias! Mister I Sesame Street Instructional Programming Instructional 16 Rogers Programming Today Live - Regis & Sale of Class. Wheel of Win, Lose Super Scrabble 22 Kathie Lee Century Concen. Fortune or Draw Password (6:30) Joy I Good I Larry Lea I Richard Roberts I Melody Shock- Marilyn K. Israel & Get in A Call to 43 News Mountain waves Hickey Copeland You Shape Action Finders C.O.P.S. Jem My Little Home Shopping Jimmy Success-N-Life Dating Superior Divorce 45 Keepers Pony Network Swaggart Game Court Court Encyclo- Tom The Last Emperor (PG-U, 17) I Best of Not The Great Waldo HBO pedia Sawyer John Lorn, Joan Chen Necessarily the News Pepper (PG, 75) (4:00) Playing for The Dirty Ooien Ct7) 1 Assassination (PG-U, 7) King Kong Lives TMC Keeps (PG-U, it) Loo Marvin, Ernest Borgnlne Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland (PG-U, M) About Mrs. Leslie CM) I My Life as Dog (IS) Shoot Out (PG, 71) Steve McQueen MAX Shirley Booth, Robert Ryan Anton Glaniellus Gregory Pock, Pat Quinn Hm I Henry's I Crimes of the Heart (PG-U, M) I Go for Broke C51) 1 The Natural (PG, ) SHO Story Cat Sissy Spacek, Diane Keaton Van Johnson Robert Redford, Robert DuvaH Good Pooh Donald I Dumbo's Heidi ('37) I Grimm's I You and Walt Disney Presents Oiiie & DIS Morning Corner Duck Circus Shirley Temple, Jean Horsholt Tales Me, Kid Harriet (6:00) Fun Popeye Hour Fraggle The Light Touch C51) Medical Center I One Sunday TNT Zone Rock Stewart Granger, Pier Angel) Afternoon ('48) Archie Jem IBoio Smurfs IGumby I Dukes of Hazzard Charlie's Angels Geraldo WGN Bunker Bev. Hills Jetsons Gumby I My Little Care Jeannie People Are Talking News WOR Teens Pony Bears (6:30) Tom & Jerry's Beverly Bewitched Little House on the Flatbed Annie and Sweetiepio: Lady Perry Mason TBS Funhouse Hillbillies Prairie Truckers C79) (6:30) Nation's Business Today Sports- College Basketball: Coach's Court I Getting Fill Workout Aerobics IBodyshap-ESN Center ing Cartoons I She-Ra Cartoons I Dog Show USA I Mr! I Dennis Lassie Belle & I Pinwheel I Elephant I Little I Pinwheel NIK Wizard Sebastian Show Koala It Figures It Figures Regis Philbin Show Nurse Baby 1 Mother's Attitudes Wok with I Beantown LIF Knows Day Yan Super- Dry Gulch Father I Hazel Our House 700 Club I Straight Talk Amer. CBN book Knows Snapshots Music of Man Women in Africa Comedy I Golden I They Won't Believe Me C47) World of A&E Jazz Break Age of TV ' Cooking This afternoon mmm Pi! mm mm mm mm .i.n wn n.i.ri hm i i-wn -.mri DaysofOoMjvesTAnotheMftW I Love Con-1 Family I Cosby (News NBC 5 nection Feud Show News (12:30) I Bold & As the World Turns Guiding Light Oprah Winfrey News News CBS 9 Restless Beautiful News All My Children One Life to Live General Hospital Geraldo People's News ABC 12 Court News Quincy Barney I My Little Dennis I Alvin & Duck- I Webster Three's Happy I Family Kate & 19 Miner Pony Chip. Tales Company Days Ties AHie (12:30) Instructional Programming Yoga Sesame Street Captain Mister 3-2-1 Irma MacNeU 43 Kangaroo Rogers Contact Lehrer Saiudos I Zoo, Zoo, I Well, Well, Well with Good- Education I Sesame Street Mister Square French in Business 54 zoo Slim Goodbody body Focus Rogers One TV Action Report Lingo Liar! Family iGidget Yogi Bear Scooby Double I Jetsons Gilligan's Get An2 An2y. 54 y CM) Affair Doo Dare Island Smart Griffith Griffith ' All My Children One Life to Live Geraldo Oprah Winfrey People's News News ABC 2 Court News (12 30) I Bold & As the World Turns Guiding Light The I Facts of M'A'S'H Cosby News CBS 7 Restless Beautiful Judge Life Show News (12 00) Instructional Programming T?l I Mister Sesame Street Square DeGrassi Hometime Business 18 Contact Rogers One TV Jr. High Report Days of Our Lives I Another World Santa Barbara Family I Webster Night Family News NBC 22 Ties Court Feud News TBN I Jimmy James I Reginald 700 Club Another Marilyn Praise the Lord Praise the Lord 43 Today Swaggart Robison Cherry Life Hickey Bewitched Jeannie Corner Beverly Woody I Dennis Duck- Fun Punky I Silver Little House on the 45 pyie Hillbillies Tales House Brewster Spoons Prairie (12:00) Great Foreign Body (PG-U, 16) Encyclo- The Gate PG-U. 7) Utile Shop of Hor- HBO Waldo Pepper Victor Banoroo, Warren Mitchell pedia Stephen Dorff rors (PG-U, 86) (12.-00) King Kong Tai-Pan (R, 16) Just Me and You (78) Playing for Keeps TMC Lives (PG-U, (6) Bryan Brown, Joan Chen Louise Lasser, Charles Grodln (PG-U, 86) Love with the Proper Stranger C63) The Natural (PG, 4) I Going In Stylo (PG, 7 MAX Robert Redford, Robert Duvall George Burns, Art Carney (11:30) The Natu- I Women of San Ouontin ('(3) I Around the World in 80 Days Henry's I Crumb- I Goes to SHO ral (PG, 14) Stella Stevens, Debbie Allen Cat cake Camp Hockey Night I Wind in iPooh I Dumbo's Raccoons I Donald I Incorpo- Edison Russkies (PG, V) OIS Willows Corner Circus Duck rated Twins (12:00) One Sun- I Great Diamond Robbery CS4) Saratoga C37) Muppets I Bugs TNT day Afternoon Red Skelton, Cara Williams Clark Gable, Jean Harlow Bunny News Andy I Dick Van I Leave It I Yogi Bear Bugs G.I.Joe ICO.P.S. Fun Facts of WKRP WGN Griffith Dyke to Beaver Bunny House Life Love Con-1 Sweet- Newlywed Dating Cannon Hawaii Five-0 T.J. Hooker Matt Houston WOR nection hearts Game Game Hot Rods to Hell C67) Tom &, I Flint- Flint- I Brady Gilligan's I Leave It Laverne 8.1 Day at a TBS Dana Andrews, Jeanne Crain Jerry stones stones Bunch Island to Beaver Shirley Time Boxing Jeff Lampkin vs. Walt Fishin' Tractor Legends of World Truck Pull Th'breds NBA Sports- ESN Muhammad Hole Pull Class Wrestling Today Look (10:00) I Bumper I Name I Face the Press Tic Tac High I 125,000 Dance Party USA She-Ra Cartoons USA Dog Show Stumpers That Tune Music Your Luck Dough Rotters Pyramid Dr Little Today's Cities of Count Heathcliff Lassie Dennis You Can't I Don't Just Mr. Double NIK Snuggles Prince Special Gold Duckula Do That Sit Wizard Dare eTr Easy Cagney & Lacey Attitudes The Patricia Neal Story (11) ER Easy LIF Street Glenda Jackson, Dirk Bogardo Street Celebrity Flying Here Come the Camp- I Green Hazel I Father I Big Valley Bonanza: The Lost CBN Chefs Nun Brides bens Acres Knows Episodes Profiles "20th Chronicle I World of Comedy Golden They Won't Believe Mo I World of Profiles 1 20th A&E Century Survival Break Age of TV ('47) Cooking Century This evening Inside USA Unsolved Mysteries Night My Two Nightingales News Tonight Show David 5 Edition Today Court Dads Letterman Wheel of Jeopardy! Garfield Bugs Equalizer Wiseguy News Magnum, P.I. Arsenio 9 Fortune Bunny Hall Win, Lose Entertain. Growing Head of Wonder Hooper- China Beach News Nightline Cheers Wipeout 12 or Draw Tonight Pains the Class Years man Night MASH College Basketball: Cincinnati at Memphis Simon & Simon Star Trek Morton Downey Jr. 19 Court State (6:30) Business National Geographic I Stacking C87) Singing Stream EastEn- Off the Air 48 MacNeil Report Christine Lahtl ders Am! Kentucky National Geographic Stacking C87) MacNeil I News Off the Air 54 Woodlofs Afield Christine Lahtl Lehrer Hawaii Five-0 College Basketball: Kentucky at Louisiana I Perry Mason Dick Van Hogan's I Turf way I To Be An- 54 State Dyke Heroes Report nounced Cheers I Inside Growing I Head of I Wonder I Hooper- China Beach News Magnum, P.I. Nightline 2 Edition Pains the Class Years man News Entertain. Garfield Bugs Equalizer Wiseguy News Taxi I Pat Sajak 7 Tonight Bunny MacNeilLehrer National Geographic Secret Intelligence First Eden Newslead- EastEn- MacNeil Lehrer 16 Newshour ers ders Newshour Wheel of I Jeopardy! Unsolved Mysteries Night I My Two Nightingales News Tonight Show David 22 Fortune Court Dads Letterman Praise the Lord TBN I Dino Show Faith That Shock- Praise the Lord Praise the Lord I Praise the Lord 43 Today Lives waves Team Poltergeist II ('86) " Sanford Sanford Arsenio Hall Love Con- Newlywed 45 Craig T. Nelson, JoBoth Williams and Son and Son nection Game (6:00) Little Shop You Can't Hurry Love (R, 88) I Coming One Night 1st 8. Ten: The Last Emperor (PG-U, 87) HBO of Horrors Attrac. Stand Broke John Lone, Joan Chen (6:00) Playing for Eddie Murphy Raw (R, 87) Modern Girls (PG-U, 86) Assassination (PG-U, 87) 1 TMC Keeps (PG-U, 86) Daphne Zunlga Charles Bronson, JIM Ireland on Ibiia (5:30) In I Friendly Persuasion CS6) I Terms of Endearment (PG, 83) Chan- MAX Style Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGutre Shirley MacLaino, Debra Winger I"" (6:30) Ernest Goes I The Natural (PG, 84) I Best of Showtime I Happy Housewives (R, 76) SHO to Camp (PG, 87) Robert Redford, Robert Duvall Coast to Coast Barry Stokes, Gay Sopor (6:00) Russkies Miss Bliss I Danger I How the West Was Won (G, 63) "vd'M DIS (PG,87) Bay James Stewart, John Wayne Clark Gable, Lana Turner (6:30) B. I Fraggle The Sandpiper ('65) I Waterloo Bridge (-40)" T TNT Bunny Rock Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton Vivien Leigh, Robert Taylor Flfl ChSeTi" Night A Fistful of Dollars C67) fNe-! INN News I Honey- I HiH Street Blues Psycho WGN Court Clint Eastwood, Marianne Koch mooners "' Cos- Kalei A-Team A-Team News Benny Hill Morton Downey Jr. Arsenio WOR Show Allie I I Andy Sanford Clash of the Champions V I Beach Red C67) " TBS Griffith and Son Cornel Wilde, Rip Torn Song Sports- Scholastic College Basketball: Seton Hall at I College Basketball: Oklahoma at Kansas Sports- Inside ESN Look Sports Connecticut Center pGA Tour Miami Vice Murder, She Wrote I Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (17) " I Miami Vice Dragnet Edge of USA Michael Ironside, Wendy Lyon Night Inspector ILooney Mister Ed I Patty My Three I Donna I Saturday ISCTV Laugh-In Car 54 Room for Mister Ed NIK Gadget Tunes Duke Sons Reed Night Daddy I Spenser: For Hire Cagney & Lacey Shattered Vows C84) Spenser: For Hire Lady Blue LIF Valerie Bortmolli, David Morse Our House Voyager C63) I 700 Club Remington Steele Voyager ('63) CBN Lassie, Robert Bray Lassie, Robert Bray Chronicle I World of Rattle Linel Air Power I Vietnam War with Decades: '60s Evening at the Battle Line) Air Power A&E Survival I Walter Cronkite I Improv WLWT's late news wins top ratings The Cincinnati Bengals didn't bring home a trophy from the Super Bowl, but the station that broadcast the game here scored big ratings for the game and its evening newscasts last month. WLWT (Channel 5) won the 11 p.m. news, as it has consecutively since May of 1987, and tied for first place at 5:30 p.m. with WCPO-TV (Channel 9) in January Arbitron ratings released Tuesday. Channel 9 was second at 11 p.m. WKRC-TV (Channel 12) ranked third for both newscasts. Arbitron also reported that Super Bowl XXIII drew an incredible 66 rating and 90 share of all available Tristate viewers on Sunday, Jan. 22. That translates to 462,000 TV homes watching the San Francisco 49ers defeat the Cincinnati Bengals. Ratings for the Super Bowl week special shows broadcast live from Miami at 11:30 p.m. nightly will be available later this week. Late news ratings showed that 35 of all available viewers watched Channel 5's Jerry Spring-er-Toria Hammill newscast at 11 p.m. That's an increase from the 29 of all viewers who were watching NBC programming on the station at 10:30 p.m. "It appears that people make a fairly conscientious decision to find us," says Cliff Abromats, Channel 5 news director. "I'll take a 35 share any time." Viewers also are definitely flipping to Channel 9 news at 11 p.m. and deliberately turning away from Channel 12 news. Although 28 of all possible viewers were watching ABC programming at 10:30 p.m. a shade below Channel 5 s 29 Channel 12's late news audience sank to 18. "People just aren't sampling us, which we know," says Terry Connelly, general manager at Channel 12, which debuted a new anchor team last September. 'Dove' gives CBS its best week BY KATHRYN BAKER The Associated Press The final episode of Lonesome Dove was the highest-rated prime-time show last week, and although the four-part CBS Western only corraled a tie with NBC for the week, it was CBS highest rating in two years. The Monday and Tuesday installments of the eight-hour mini-series landed in the top 10 in the A.C. Nielsen Co. television ratings, but NBC's sitcoms and a new Perry Mason movie kept the No. 1 network's unbeaten streak alive at 34 weeks in a row. Lonesome Dove, Part 4 had a 27.3 rating and 41 share. The miniseries wound up with a four-night average rating of 26.1 and TV highlights Evening 8:00 (12) (2) Growing Pains: The kids throw a surprise 20th-anniver-sary party for Jason and Maggie. (Captioned) 830 8:30 PM, CH. 9 Wild World of Sports! Bugs BDaffyYosemite Score Big LaffsPrem! " "" " Advertisement "" 9:00 (5) (22) Night Court: Bull's on a Radio highlights FOCUS ON THE FAMILY: Former presidential aide Chuck Colson talks about the use and abuse of power . . . and the role the media plays in politics, WTSJ-AM (1050), 6 a.m and 12:30 p.m. THE STUDS TERKEL ALMANAC: Author Randy Shilts discusses America's neglect of the AIDS crisis, WNKU-FM (89.7), 9 a.m. JOYCE WISE: Guests Eve Gregory and Adele Aldridge have created erotic computer software. (Is it X-rated?) Would you call it up on your P.C.? WCKY-AM (1530), 9 a.m. CLASSICAL MUSIC: Handel Music for the Royal Fireworks, Mozart Flute Quarter, Viotti Piano Concerto in G Minor, WCIN-AM (1480), noon. THE RECORD SHELF: Host Jim Svedja rates the latest records and compact discs, WGUC-FM (90.9), noon. RADIO MYSTERY THEATER: The Trouble With Murder, WPFB-AM (910), 10 p.m. tJJohn 1 Wj Kiesewetter kpfr' RadioTV Critic Meanwhile, Channel 9's CBS audience grew from 10:30 (17) to 11 p.m. (24). "This station is doing remarkably well to overcome that (network deficit) as much as possible," says Frank Gardner, Channel 9 general manager. The 5:30 p.m. news ratings tie, by Channels 5 and 9, brought smiles in both newsrooms. Channel 9, the usual early news leader, saw its ratings improve over last January, despite the tie. Channel 5, usually second in early news, was happy with the tie, despite a ratings drop from a year ago. Channel 9's new 5 p.m. newscast continued to win its time period, beating Channel 5's Cosby Show reruns. "Our news still beats the biggest entertainer in television," Gardner says. Magazine shows popular Ratings for syndicated series showed that Donahue and Oprah Winfrey handily win their time periods, and that Tristate viewers are tuning in the nightly news magazines, just like the rest of the nation. Channel 5's new Inside Edition premiered strong in January, drawing 16 of all 7 p.m. viewers (compared to 12 for USA Today in November). The news magazine ranked third at 7 p.m. behind Wheel Of Fortune (30) and Night Court reruns (19). The move to 7:30 p.m. increased ratings for USA Today (to 14), but the program still finished fourth behind Jeopardy (28), a revitalized Entertainment Tonight (20) and MASH (15). a 39 share, good enough for 14th on the all-time-high miniseries list. It is the highest-rated multipart movie in 4Vi years. NBC had expected to lose the week, because of the unexpectedly high audience levels for Lonesome Dove. But NBC prevailed by a fraction of a rating point and, after rounding, was tied with CBS. Both had a 16.7 rating for the week ending Feb. 12. That was CBS' highest rating since March 1987. ABC had a 12.8. Top 10 network shows 1. Lonesome Dove, Part 4 2. The Cosby Show, NBC 3. The Cosby Show Special, NBC 4. Lonesome Dove, Part 3 game show; a cantankerous judge jails Dan for contempt. (Captioned) (9) (7) Equalizer: Jimmy asks McCall to investigate the attempted kidnapping of a fatherless boy he has befriended. 930 - 9:30 PM, CH. 5 'My Two Dads'lots of laughs, lots of love! " "" Advertisement (12) (2) Hooperman: Harry pretends to have a date with Mo when ffjill ffFsmms ARBY'S FAMOUS no Col fol A BREAKFAST HOURS ONLY Head Of The Class (8:30 p.m., ABC): This one is heads above everything else tonight: Charlie directs his students in Little Shop Of Horrors, the first of two parts. Concludes next Wednesday. National Geographic (8 p.m., PBS): Most people think of elephants as entertaining creatures in zoos and circuses. But they're also worshipped, exploited, studied and slaughtered. Wonder Years (9 p.m., ABC): Kevin and Paul conduct a science experiment with hamsters. Local mystery: The 1982 death of appliance repairman Permon "Gene" Gilbert will be featured on NBC's Unsolved Mysteries next Wednesday, says segment producer, Tim Rogen. Gilbert, 46, a Brown County resident, was found shot, beaten and naked near Bethel, Ohio, on May 22, 1 982. Unsolved Mysteries spent a week taping the segment here in late November. Bridgetown real estate salesman Joseph Zahneis plays Gilbert in the TV re-enactment. Sweeps bleeps: The hits just keep on coming. Tonight's special "sweeps" news series are: Channel 9 profiles the TV pioneers' lunch bunch featured by Jim Knippenberg on last Sunday's Tempo cover (5:30 p.m., Channel 9); "When Violence Hits Home," about domestic violence (11 p.m., Channel 12); and the troubling lack of quality at auto emission test centers (5:30 p.m., Channel 5), though I'm told Noel Morgan's Channel 5 series won't name places and names, as Dave Fehling did last year in a similar Channel 9 series. News leak: The TV news wars have turned ugly at Great American Broadcasting's station in Tampa. Michael Shapiro, WTSP-TV's assistant news director, was arrested on 14 felony counts last week for "break-ins" and "attempted break-ins" of the newsroom computer system at rival WTVT-TV, Shapiro's former employer. Shapiro, caught by a phone line tap placed on WTVT-TV's computer, was charged with reading and destroying computer files relating to news stories. JOHN KIESEWETTER 5. Roseanne,, ABC 6. 60 Minutes, CBS 7. A Different World, NBC 8. Golden Girls, NBC 8. Lonesome Dove, Part 2 10. ALF, NBC Bottom 10 network shows 62. China Beach, ABC 63. Charlie Brown Special, CBS 64. Dolphin Cove, CBS 64. West 57th, CBS 66. Cathy's Valentine, ABC 68. Smothers Bothers Comedy Hour, CBS 69. Bedknobs and Broomsticks, ABC 70. Dynasty, ABC. 71. Murphy's Law, ABC 73. A Fine Romance, ABC Ms. Stern asks him out. (Captioned) 10:00 (5) (22) Nightingales: An emergency reminds Chris of a devastating Vietnam experience; Sam's new job tempts her to drink again; Becky and Allison date the same man. (Captioned) (9) (7) Wiseguy: While hospital-" ized, Vinnie must confront feelings stemming from his relationship with deceased mob loss Sonny Steelgrave. (Captioned) BREAKFAST CROISSANT AT PARTICIPATING ARBY S

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