The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 6, 1959 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1959
Page 17
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\l~tl im tidbits by Cve./y'rt Mfft 3« fi. MeMahon and son litattrice", Mihneapolis, have returned from, their annual vacation* trip covering 2500 miles, lihelf first stop was at Arlington, Minn., where they visited Maurice's son-4ft-law and daughter, Mr and M<* Robert - Geftnley and little -&OH Timmie, Frbfrt there Maurice land his mother went" through * rutftftern, Minnesota, " " "-'" "Wiscdnsinj thence 1 to tfie peninsula of Michigan in ttfe Green Bay vicinity and to Sault Bte. Marie, Ontario, Canada. They went to.ignace and ferried to Mackinac island where no autOS are allowed. A tour was made by horse, and buggy "with the fringe oh the top." In this area afe huge resort hotels with de- late aeeewMdatibng. They also crossed the/new expansion bridge, the lafgfest in the world and ai ttfe cost &f 6«e fWhdred mittioii dollars, Driving baej to- Wfflrd home life? stagped at Kate* mazoo and Grand Rapkw, Mfcon^ South Bend and so it goes, ft It DIG* V ^~ V« •*. " * I ix» v %. wmmw r ^^T -~ back lo the old times. 13l« sens ate itrtvinfe bflfck E« j*j Mrs Art Deist 6f fttfal Audubon recently foufid an egg within an egg. The egg was of medium It certainly does. A purchase as i important as a diamond should not be made on tha basis of price or "cut-rate" inducement, but on the firm foundation of quality and valtti received. At this store we proudly display the emblem of Registered Jeweler, American Gem Society * '—your.assurance that'we know and. guarantee the quality and value of ^ ED Jff^ every diamond we offer for sale. ,§ ^^ <£. Ind., and near the latterv placfe visited >Mr* McMa-hoft'S grandson, Eugene Harig.« From there they went to MarshalHoWn to visit the son-in-law artd daufh« ter, Dr. and Mrs Ralph Cartt&nter, thence to Storm Lake to vfsit another son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Richard S6h*niU. And in spite oi all tHe beautiful spots visited, Iowa has a beauty all it's own and they are very proud of her. Few people have traveled as extensively as Mi's McMahon, and she,is proud of the fact that at 88 years she is still aible to traVel and enjoy every mile of the way. Her travel ree« ord includes every state in the nion, points in Canada, Mexicb and Cuba. * * * Liz Taylor isn't very smarh That picture which is under great criticism and shown in the Des Moines Register recently proves the body beautiful some times isn't too darned pretty and a few covers make it much more alluring. Let it be a lesson, some of you gals I see parading around. No, I'm not a reformist nor do I want a soap box * •• • Algona surely must have growing pains for in spile of all the new homes, it is hard to find a house lo rent. ! Mr and Mrs Gail Haase, recently back from California, had to take a rural house, being unable to find one in town. I wonder what a new census would show. »;•".* * . Beulah Richardson is home from a vacation of a week spent at her old home, Wes&ington\ S. D., Alpine and Vermillion'. She had such a good time seeing old friends as well as relatives and indulging in a good old fash- oned gab-fest. The two violets he gave me awhile ago have not >lossomed yet but she assures me hey will. I told her even if they don't (tout I hope they will) the oliage ' is so pretty they maku sens are rnuvinu u«vii OHM \Z I **" 1 8K- *"<-• ITKB won ui JHVUIUIU Biggins family will move out ftntt size nnd_ the egg on tho inside • -• - - •-- ""***-**-*•' was smaller with a nibbery shell. into fche former Lou house on South Dodge street * » * . Mrs William Cook wet« a The shell Was inside the yolk of the first egg. smile when she came to \te we the other day. And no iShe and her husband grandparents for the Hr»t l when a son was born July 8 Ihp City from clftWil and f nny fctnd ettWNi .fty^thi* of the Oohlrnctor, nfirf -ilh*n unto fta«f!»htiM> th* Work ft««inst faulty workmanship arid mnterlol* fo$ n period of two (2i ypar* from itnd nfter IU completion, nnd (ie£ept*nc* by tho. Board, 6, proposed contract »1ion bo slatted by September , The work under the act »1ion bo slatted by iflUi, ifisn «ncl all work shall be completed on or hoforp December IBth, subject to any extensions of which rnny be grunted by the BOI..M. The Board reserves the right to re born July 8 tf KOftCB or tffeAttme AS* __ their son-in-laW and _ dautfhte*, | NOTtcE_OF^PUBUc A ||AWNa viicii ovu-iii"*ci w oiiw ° i**r Y Mr and Mrs Charles Volk. TM little fellow weighed eight pounds and 14 ounces and has been named Vincent Shannon. »«*'', I am an admirer of L«w*M»e* Welk but it seems to me Alice] "t t nn**S ItnOf**! \V6I*G ft Wit OvG^ I miui;*J 10 nviwy v.»iv\:ii mrtf . *i»w »i.«4 T ai« eiiiv. TV viawers Bonrd of Trustees of the Alftona Mun- raled. I am suie T.v. viewers \ M utimieg ot tno Clly of Algona, have scon So- many knees in tneir Kos(( , ltl , county, town w" 1 —' -• _ i _^_1 *««**** lUnt tUffl I Mtit r*H*i IIH11 li\ Altfrtilfl 1 ON PROPOSED SPKClFICATtONS, AND PROPOSED FORM OF CONTRACT FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF IMPROVEMENTS AND KXTEN^tONS TO THE MUNICIPAL WATERWORKS SYSTEM FOR THE CITY OF A LOON A, IOWA, AND THE TAKING OF BIDS FOR SUCH CONSTRUCTION. Notice Is Hereby Given th«t_ tho i d v i, i \t i »'CT«^ ITV** m*. •»nii» >«* •*- ject nny or «11 bid* nnrt to untor Imo such contrnct or contjrncta n* tt *hall Infcm to be for It* best. Interest, These Improvement* and extension* nrc beinrt constructed puriitinnt to itu- thorlty grunted the munlClpnlity iintlcr Ihe provlnlonn of Chnpter 3H7 of the Code of Iowa, 10SB, ny virtue ot stntutory nuthorlty preference wm be «lven to product* and own home and town that two the city Hall nToJe make an no differerice one way or the other. I don't recaji meet at on the or the other. I don >t recall ,,r m such later time nnd plnco ns particular program in Which the Board then mny fix, n hcnrtni be I overly psed, but may- Wasn't looking ClOseiy. . f 0r m n contract, and to receive bids for I works of sHld-Clty and not upon pro- posnls rccclyfed nnd enter Into n oon- id or contrncts for the con«trucllot\ . said improvements nnd extensions. In general the work to bo clone t aho and saw Reynolds snown at me m&vit" i conslsis oi lurniBning 1111 mum, IIHUKI- »Vipati-f> recently Binfi is aging, inls nnd equipment needed (ind re- SSf with the y rest of us, buf did ^^roTOS ^ ^rcTlISS notice his ears? He and Clark I f or ty l ' • - -—- - f "•" •»"« » American Gem Socktg ALGONAJbWA, an attractive window ledge. addition to my Vacations are coming up over here at G. S. Tillie Steinm'an will have a few days free to be with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Willard' Salisbury, before they return to the Great Lakes naval base. They spent a day at Fox Lake with Our Travelers Checks Make Vacationing Easier! Whether you're "seeing America First" ... or traveling 'round the world — you'll find that our TRAVELERS CHECKS ((•••••^l^HMMHBBBMi^MHBIM^^^^MM^^Bi^^V^M (•^^^•••^^^••^^^^^^•^••l^^f" are the most important thing x you carried along. They are as acceptable' as cash everywhere . . . but much safer. Our Travelers Checks are completely refundable if lost, stolen or otherwise destroyed. Best of all, the cost is so low fbr this valuable protection. ' GET YOURS NOW! !i'!if«rS'T^T '•*. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Algona, Iowa Twyla Lorenz is here from Pompano Beach, Fla. and will bo joined by husband "Dutch" about August 1. By the time this reaches print they, may be en- route '•Home. When the Lorfen? amily is mentioned I always) hink of the mother, a jolly, dumpish woman and fine host- ss. And. such-a good cook. I emerrtber being at her homo ^ears and years ago when I was ust a little girl. My mother and i Mrs John Schu (I guess that's he way it is spelled) were her guests and I can still remerriber he delicious rolls she served, \ome-imade and wonderful. There' was a Fritz Lorenz too, "Dutch's" brother who worked for my father and his partner, George Johnson years ago. We were .ocated near Lakota, then Germania, and when Fritz was sent n town for groceries, I rode with iim. We got our merchandise from Bell brothers. Does anyone around Lakota remember them? * » * Jim Allen has a green thumb and always has the nicest garden. The other day he brought home the cabbages • which were bursting —'just the kind for kraut. Luckily along came a caller, Lois Lamb, Estherville, a distant connection of Esther Benson, sister-in-law of Jim. Up went her sleeves and she pitched right in to help Jim and Bernadine. Doesn't it sound good? Spare ribs and kraut! Yum-m-m.. I sure enjoyed the cabbage and pepper they sent over to me for salad. * * * M-y old neighborhood" lias changed a lot in the past year-Mrs Dehncrl across the street died, the Wayne Hansons moved to Blue Earth, the Chris Wallu- kaits move'd some time ago, Bonnie Elliott has graduated from, high school and is away, at college most of the year, Rose Potter - who had an apartment at 'Myrtle Turnbaughs died several months ago, Mrs Ethel Gilles movqd from, my back apartment I moved from the front part '— for head appendnges. And no ihsults meant. Just kindly observations, ••' ' .» * * Mrs Herbert Lindqxiist, wife of G. S. manager, is having the time of her life: She has been turned loose with a few quarts of paint (maybe it's gallons) and she is doing a fine job of convert: ing a drab enclosed porch to a colorful and interesting sun room. She is using green on the chairs and pink on some reed pieces, chair', 'table;'sette, and glider. It is a great improvement. , ,.. For ihe benefit of those who may have missed the items, I will- mention two deaths which werti reported to me last week — Mrs Edith Plait Dorothy, at Fairmont, Minn., and Mrs Arch Bushel! (Grace) of Birmingham, Ala. knew the former very well and knqw Arch wiho will be well- remembered. Edith was also 'ormer Algonan but had lived in Tairmont many years. » * * Gottlieb Hanselman, LuVerne is a resident here at G. S. and his wife comes to sqe him often. She was joined here Sunday by -he brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs Harvey Will and the former 1 mother,. Mrs Josephine Will, Fair mont, Minn. * * + Q.P.M. vertical ptoviiib«ii"|ifbwfi" and coal .-•««•.— wlUittt the SWe <sf lown, nna to Iowa domestic Inbbr. .,,._., Plum and Bpeijlflentlorta nnd form of contract goVcrwini} the construction of the proposed jmprovementg and ext«n*!on». and alao 1ho prior proceeding of the Board referring to and d«ifin- irtH said proposed improvement* and extensions, are hereby mndb n part of tills notice and the proposed contract or conlrnctB by reference and the proposed contract or contracts «hau be executed In compliance therewith. Plan* and specifications and form of contract are now on f lie In the of f Ico ot the Secretary of Ihe Board, AlRona, Iowa, where they may be examined by any interested party. Copies may bo obtained from Biien and Wlrtlet- Engineering Co,, of Sioux City. Iowa, by making « deposit of »to.orf, A refund In the full amount of the deposit will be made to all bona-fldc bidders, pro- Vldcd the said plan* and imaeificatlonH are returned In good condition within fourteen days after receipt ot bids, and not otherwise, , ... •rhis IMOUUO Is given by order of the Board of Trustees, Algona Municipal it ti W k *••• FALL and WINTER % *«.. . fabric! u-r"^AlV\\pV\ ._, ^ M! \lW| stefV / ' \V FJ lylJC *J» viCtM* wuii |/I*MI|*» *« *,vi»"i« ••one reinforced eohci-ele nnd mnaonry pumphousci nnd to construct one B nnd 10" cnst Iron pipe raw wntor supply mnln from the new well to the existing water trentmonl plnhl. At the sftld time nnd plhce Bnld Bonid will nlso consider bids /or the turn Ishlng of wnter for the use ot snld C tv nnd It is eutlmntcd Hint Hie needs of the City will require npproxlmntcly 200,000,000 'gnllohs per yenr. All proposnis- nnd bids In connce- tlon herewith shall be submitted to tw Secretary of Hie Bonrd of onld Clly n C or before the time herein set lor Id hearing. All .pvoposnls •hnll be ALGONA, IOWA By Allen K. Buchanan ' president ATTEST: Ira Kohl July M. and AuBiwl 0 . 10511, in The AlRonii Upper DCS Bi o mad«-tb*m«atura elttthe* >. A> ^ INOIVIDUALIZfiB FOR YOU INXV^ * FASHION your flr«» choke in tlyta * FABRIC ehooia from ovftt 400 of Iho newait Foil fabric* * FIT tailored lo your exact moaiuremenl* Nationally Advertised end Priced from $54.50 to $78-50 Now It tho lime lo «elocl your Foil and Winter wardrobe. We look forward to lervlng yout I have seen pictures of a do and cat that were on friendly' •terms but until I saw the Lind- quists 1 dog Frisky and cat Toolsie' play together amiably, I was a bit skeptical. * * * Sound carries io ia degree seldom imagined- The other-evening it was quiet, the hour was around 8:30 and I could hear John Helmers, his father Peto and another man talking about a trip lo Iowa City. The trip was to be to the university hospital and the benefits derived Were spoken of in glowing terms. There seemed to be no opposition from the party involved most. Mrs Helmers, who works here, told me the next day it was grandpa Pete who was taken there and he went willingly and idean oSlctM b.'ddng blnnUs turn- ot first P shed by the City nnd any n ten; tons I Notito is n n the officlnl '"'•^of^ropOB.n wm cn- cct'the propos'nl Involved from con- deration. Each proposal shun be •nliHl nnd plainly Identified. Ench proposal ahull be neeompnnUsu A n separate envelope by n certified heck In nn amount equnl to ten per cnt (10%) of the total nmount of the id, drawn on nnd certified to by n >nnk In Iowa, payable to the city Treasurer ot Algona, Iowa, ns scour- ty thnt If n warded the contrnel by csolutlon of the Bonrd. the bidder Will enter into n contract nl the iirlceR bid nnd will furnish the required corporate surety bond. This certified check may be cashed nnd the proceeds •etuincd by the Bonrd ns agreed - quldnted damages If the bidder fnlls to execute n contract or file un acceptable bond, for the faithful performance thereof within fourteen (14) days after the acceptance of his pro- ' "--esoluUOnJr.Of.,Uie,Bmr.d,, No. withdraw a proposal "lor'n period of." fineti'n'' (15) ;days nftof the date set for opening bids. At snld hearing flic Board will consider the plans and spec flcatlons mid proposed form of contract for thei pio led. the same now being on file in the offtcc of the Secretary, reference to which is made for a more detailed nd complete description 6f. _ tlie PIO- josed improvements nnd extensions, and at said time and place the-siiid Board will also receive and consider nny objections to snid plans, specillcn- Jons and form of contract made by any nterested party. , Payment for snld Improvements and extensions will be mnde pursuant to Section 307.9 to .307.10. Code of Iowa. 1058. in cash from cash on hand JL- cumulntcd from past Net Earnings of the snid municipal waterworks. Neither the Board of Trustees nor the City ot Algona. Iowa shall Incur any general TttEAlJunY - DEPAHtMENT, Office of Assistant Roglonnl Commissioner Alcohol nnd Tobacco Tax, Internal ne- ve nue Service. Omaha. Nebraska. Onto ot first publication, • July 22. 11(5 . - ;ivon thnl on July o, .,.orcury -l-door sedan, SU 104047 jM, with ac- c'cssorlesrwns seixod In Kossulh County, lown, for violation of 20 u.S.C., Section 7302, Any person claiming nn interest In snld properly mtisl file a clnlrn and vor a $250.00 cost bond with the ,crvlsor In Charge. A eohol and incco Tax, 1B05 Dodge Street, Omn- Nebrnskn, on or before August ti, iiiB!l. otherwise the property w111 be • and disposed of according to ,„„ lam K. Lllley. Assistant Regional Commissioner. (20-30-31) WaifSf/ritt'fif' TOM'S Tel cheerfully. He is 93 and the possibility of surgery looms a bit on the worrysome Side. » * * It is strange how families drifi apart and one wonders what has happened to them. A short time ago a woman attended the sale of the late Myrtle St. John's belongings and there saw a man who she thought resemlbled Myrtle's' brother, Austin. I called Mrs Judd St. John to find out if he had been here. He will be 'well rememibercd by the older generation. He married Gladys Wright, they moved to Chicago, and she has been dead for sometime. Austin has not been heard from for two years and the last time he wrote, ,he was in Florida. * * * It is good to see Nettie Haag afternoons again. She has been All Purpose Hi-Fi Speaker "The Sound Piper' Adaptable To Any RadiO-TV Hi*Fi Unit • Stand It or Hang It 20-Ft. Extension Speaker Wire • Guaranteed Waterproof 5 3(4. ^vi* *»v/wi »t? u (•)•»» •»« W--— so faithful in her visits each af- teinroori- to her Husband Roy. She •w,as taken sick on onc of these calls about a month ago, was hospitalized a few weeks and riow is much better. * * * I love the "Dear Abby" stories don't you. Here's a cute one "Dear Abby: I am 44 years old and would like to meet a man my age with no 'bad habits Rose." Dear Rose: "So would I. ' Mr and Mrs MJUon Dahl have been visited by Mr and Mrs M H. Mitchell, 'Brownsville, lex whom they met when spending winter vacation there some litn ago. The Mitchells were en route to Minneapolis. The Dahl have also been visited a fort-: -night by the grandson Bob Pratt of Clear Lake and Tom, son, 'of Mr. and Mrs Craig Vinson of Rock Rapids came Monday for <* visit. *. * * Mrs Jennie Luken had as callers' July 27 friends from her former )iome, Mr and, Mrs J. K- French oi- Colman, S. D. We had a nice chat. They had been visjttog' friends at Waverly and came Here via Wesley where they called on Mrs Luken'a daughter, Mrs Viola Studer. *• » I'm a# bad §1 minded professor, back today for 31 A IRQ licit luww oiutii n •*.»** «-••,* «•-!•••--- — obligation for said improvements nnd extensions and the contract or contracts for the construction of said Improvements and extensions shall not constitute a general obligation o£ the City or be payable In any manner by "payment to the Contractor will be on the basis of monthly estimates equivalent to ninety per cent (90%) of the contract value of the work completed and/or materials of a permanent nature delivered at the site ot the work, during the preceding calendar monln. Estimates will be prepared on the first day of each month by the Contractor, and submitted to the Engineer for approval, who will certify to the Board for payment each approved cKtimnte on or before the Tenth (10th> day o£ the month in question. Such monthly payments shall In no way be construed as an act of acceptance lor any part of the work partially or totally completed. Final payment of the remaining ten per cent (10%) will be made thirty-one (31) days after completion of. all work and acceptance thereof by resolution of the Board, subject to the conditions and in accordance with the provisions oi Chapter 57J of the Code of Iowa. 1058. No such pnrtla or final payments will be due until the Contractor has certified to the Board that Die materials, labor, ana service involved in each estimate nave been paid for in accordance with the requirements stated In the specliica- ll< Thc" successful bidder will be required to furnish a bond in an amount aual to Onc Hundred Per Cent (100',i) f the contract price, said bond to be ssued by a responsible surety, and pprovcd by the Board and shal uarantee the faithful performance ol ho contract and the terms and con- itlons therein contained and shall uurantee prompt payment for all ma erlals and labor, and protect and save Aclress Margaret O'Brien will appear on "Rawhide" tomorrow (Friday) evening when, as the daughter of a pharmacist, she helps trail boss Gil Favor rid his herd of a strange, fatal disease. If. you haVe laid away your portable radio for ihe rest of the year, it would be a good idea to remove the old batteries . . . inactive, used batteries usually leak, causing irreparable damage. Either remove them completely, and save the batteries outside the sot, or replace them with new batteries. "Brenner," one of the newer series of detective stories, will teach a lesson Saturday on good citizenship. The series is about police vice squad activities. We just received another shipment of RCA color TV sets... come in and look them over. "The Wings of ihe Dove", a drama set in England, returns lo "Playhouse 90" for the second time tonight. It stars Dana Wynter and John Baragrey. THAT'S RICH . . . For the answer to your TV and Radio Problems, tune in (112 N Moore — CY 4-3200). SUN DA Y DINNERS Served EVERY SUNDAY IN BALLROOM PLUS MUSIC on the Hammond Organ Delicious Food Graciously Served FROM 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Hotel Algona COFFEE SHOP And DINING ROOM TOM'S RADIO & TV Take a tip from the man who has one — "Yob Can't Beat ^^^^•^r^^r-^ -^—— SPEAKING? Loan!" ^ in front of Bju&lrom's Auction House A letter camo c-f street ad, have a Ibttge-r letter when I add to the returned one. Here'sVhy you should choose a Land Bank Loan: • The payments are low • You can pay in advance, without penalty. • You deal with a local loan assocation for complete information about a Federal land loan on yowr land, see or write your local NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSOCIATION Do you know that sweet golden corn stays garden-fresh for twelve whole months in a home food freezer? (Or p two-in-one refrigerator freezer.) It's one way to enjoy summertime eating all winter long. No wonder smart homemakers say; "You Can Live Better Electrically," Algona Municipal Utilities Phone CY 4.3333 m Box 670, A!0*nay lews ISoMth cjf Preferably Mfen&W or . YNh • H. HWTfcKINS, Secretq iryTi*MUM* ^c... f /

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