The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 6, 1959 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, August 6, 1959
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ESTABLISH6D 1663 ** *Ms«Mi d»w ttittof »t th« Iow», Nov. 1. 183J. under Act ot Concreu of March 3, 1879, ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 6, 1959 3 SECTIONS - 18 PAGES VOL 96 - NO] 31 Wesley Man's Name Is First Drawn, Gift Shower By Russ Wallet * , * * Polks in the West Bend area are ttow enjoying the newly paved , highway 44, south of West Bend to Rolfe and the connection with highway 3, a 30-mile section now completed between 1). S. 18 and s . ,Iowa 3. The 22*foot highway is 'asphaltic concrete. Access to west Bend and its famed Grotto from the south Is thus made much more convenient. < •* * , * .. One farmer up Fenton way remarked that he wasn't keeping his chickens for profit, just for pets. Other chicken raisers will know what he meant. • « * • * The season for millions of hay fever sufferers is at hand. The ?Worst period is from Aug. 15 to the first autumn frost. Ragweed *' pollen is found in greatest abundance during that time . . . and this brings to'mind the fact that * there is a vacant lot next to. the • V.F.W,. building at Stale & Minnesota which is just covered with ragweed . . . maybe „ the hay fever sufferers can get something done about it. •• r - ; 'Mr and Mrs Roy McMahon, on recent vacation in Canada,'found themselves running into the King & Queen at just about every city they visited. Seems the. royal, party and the McMahons "had about the same itinerary., .. ;, '.,-»•*, -'*.••; • '' ' ' Ross Calhoun was bragging considerably about the quality:* of his home-raised sweetcorn. When some doubt was raised as to whether it was-as super as he claimed, Ross had only one comeback: "Well, it's better than Sam Kuhn's fish." ' * . * * A new grain storage building has just been completed on the John Tobin farm,,, in northwest . Kossuth. One evening after construction had begun, John went out to .see how things- were coming, and thought a small cyclone hac struck.* It had>- a'nd -it^waa •-'smallu;; ••" If'sHem's that alter"" ftieTfourida- " tion had been poured, and bolts were set in the soft cement, the carpenters left. At this time, young Marcia, 3%, decided some changes should be made. She readjusted the bolts to her own satisfaction, all different from the original plan. The father quickly went to work and repaired the damage, resetting the bolts before the cement hardened, and just before a storm-broke. But by - the time he was through, the temporary storm inside of him toward the young lady had subsided, and anyway, she still says MI didn't do it." • » : * * Boys'will be boys! Seerns that in a huckletebuc game a while back, Fuzzy Robinault lost 20c to Soup Briggs and the matter dragged on , . . finally Soup prepared an official statement for 20c and. turned it over to Constable Floyd' Neville, who went down to the Robinault home where it was presented to Fuzzy . . . and. Fuzzy? He paid righl up, giving Floyd two lOc credit ' chips from Larry's to turn over to Soup. , . | '**,-*. ' The three children of Mr and # Mrs Ken Cowan were riding rented horses in the East Okoboji vicinity recently,' when , a deer broke out of a thicket. One of the horses reared up and threw its rider, a second bolted;for the barn, and the third was too astonished to move. Nobody hurt! 1 *...*•* First reports from official slate sources indicate that fluoridation of drinking water in Iowa has .brought about a marked reduction in tooth cavities. Largest reduction was found in, the 5, 6 and 7 year-old groups. Favorable results were also found .among older children. Among the cities . mentioned in connection with this report was Algona . , .in communities where fluoridation has been tried longest, the bigger gains were evjdent. :*,*.» Down on Oak StreeJ some of the kids have developed a new game, and of all things it's "school." Marylee Foth, daughter of Mr and Mrs BUI Foth, is the N "teacher." She's 7 years old. Classes are held in the Foth garage. Mrs Foth supervises the "treats" department, for being ' good students, , For the first six months of 1958, farm income ran- at the rate of $14.? billion annually, according to government figures ;. , for the first six months of 1959, government report shows ! that farm income is running at the rate of $12.1 billion annually... perhaps there is something to a recent warning in Congress by ; Merwin Coad that "we are head' ed for .trouble unless we make basic corrective changes to curb production, increase agricultural exports, and increase farm w»<- * comes to a fair balance with oth< ,«.*. Mj-ifVw* *\i+4-a f\f 4-ViA anrtnr\m\r " ' If Bill Hammond of. Wesley, Iowa, had been in any one of 30 Algona places of business at 3 p. m. last Saturday, he would have received 30 individual gifts —• one from each of the stores — as ihe Winner in the first drawing of the Shower of Gifts which began last Saturday. There will be another similar drawing this corning Saturday with the winner to be announced at 3 p. m. in each store. • / • • In section three of today's Upper Des Moines will be found the names of all firms cooperating in the Shower of Gifts, which continues for five more weeks. All you have to do is register each time you are in that place of business.'To win the 30 in- dividual gifts listed, you must be in one of ihe stores when the winning name is announced at 3 p. m. Saturday. For Bill Hammond, however, there is some consolation.' He is receiving in, the mail a certificate good for $10 in trade at any one of the 30 participating stores. The certificate will be redeemed by, this newspaper. ' „,Registrations must be made, each week. While registrations for the week, are to be turned in at the upper Des Moines office shortly after 1 p. m. on Saturday, registrations may continue a 11 through Saturday afternoon," with those registrations after 1 p. m. to', be Included in the following week's drawing. None Injured When Bus Tips At Lakofa , i> >:-•...- •:• • '.; - •" - ' ~ r, : ;Lakota — • A frightening but fortunately not serious, accident Occurred Monday morning when a., school bus loaded with Children and driven by Mrs Jakie Peterson' melt a gravel truck on the. graveled spur just north of the blacktop leading to the pavement. Due to the recent heavy the shoulders were soft and allowed the bus to tip into the ditch. It did- not tip, over and the doors could be opened. The children and Mrs Peterson went back to the school grounds where they took another bus and proceeded on. their way to their swimming classes at the Buffal .^Center pool. • Railway Express OK 3 Towns For Natural Gas For three communities in this area it looks as though a long fight may be noaring victory. Authority to begin nature"! gas service- to 342 communities in six midwestern states, among them Corwiih, West Bend and Whitiemore, was granted last week to the Northern Natural Gas Co. of Omaha. There is still a way to go, but this hurdle Was a major one and resulted from strong activity on the part of citizens in all three towns mentioned. For This Area The Railway Express Agency of New York City was granted two freight carrier permits, including one which afifects Ihis entire area, by. .the Iowa Commerce Commission July 29. The company will be allowed to carry freight between the north state line towns,of Algona, Bancroft, Lu Verne, Lakota, Swea City, Corwith, Armstrong, Buffalo Center, Livermore, Lake Mills, Thompson, Badger, Fort Dodge, Hurmboldt, . Britt, Forest City and Leland s on one of its permits.' The other concerns several cities in other areas of the stale. Mayor To Name Board For City Ward Study Mayor C. C. Shierk was given authorization by, the;city council at its meeting Wednesday night, July, 29,.totappoiht-a board to study and recommend 'new boundaries for wards in the city Recommendations will be made to . the council as soon as the board memlbers are named anc the study completed. The council also decided to invest $5,000 of sewage treat merut plant funds in U.S. Bond: to be held in reserve agains possible necessary repair or ex pansion at the plant in the fu ture. The money was considered excess funds and City Clerk Dave Smith was instructed to make the investment. A vacated portion of an alley in the 1400 block on East Oak street was advertised for sale. An offer for the property was received from Walter Peterson New Vehicle P Sales Bounce Back After Dip Snles o;f now vehicles in Kossuth county jumped again .during .he past couple of weeks as 42 licenses were purchased, nl the county treasurer's office,/* New owners are: „ ' GMC — Garrigan High School, Al'gona, . " i Volkswagon — B. Ki Prie-bn, Algona. Chevrolet— E. B. Priebe, Fenton; Irvin Kramer, Bancroft; H. K, ChH-fee, Butt; Donald M.. 61 T. M. Hilbcrt,:LuVerne; Jane M Ames-bury,, Titonka; K'o s-s u;tjh Motor Co., Algonit; J. P., Hllbcrl, Bode; Titonka Imp. Co,, Titonku Frank Flaig, Lone Rock; Wayne Truesdcll, Titonka; Droesslei Market, pickup, Bancroft; W. C Kuhn, Algona; W. P. Tnibsdell Titonka; R. K. Johnson, Ledyard IT. R. Pellit, Whittemore; D. G Cloplon, Algona; Marjorie Enges ser, Armstrong; D. F. Harjg, Al gona; L. J. Johnson, Swea-Cily G. D. Baer, Algona; F. S. John on, Wesley; and 1 Terence Kene- ick. Olds — W. R. Phelps, Swea liiy; E. C. Kruuse, Fenlqn. Pontiac — R. A. Carney; Al- ;ona. : Ford — H. M. .Risius, Buffalo Center; A. E. Ingalls, Bancroft; VIrs Eva Saunders, Bancroft; Barbara Haggard, Algona; L. H. Reilly, Algona; Kent Motor Co., Algona; Kent Motor Co., pickup, Algona; ,J. J. Grandgenett, Corwith; A. J. or Maxine Dittmer, Burt. Dodge '— V. G. Loucks, Ledyard. Plymouth —• Dean Mclllravy, Algona; L; H. Laird, Algona.' Rambler -— Dau's Garage, Al- Bancroft, Wesley Boys Sweep Honors In 4-H Tractor Contest gona. Buick — Oliver gona. Edsel — Milton Will, Algona. Bakken, Al- K. or Ardis Philip Heldorfer, Bancroft, and Reuben Skow. Wesley, the couniy's champion 4-H club tractor j operators, are shown -in the ]oe Skow, leader, Reuben Gerald Sodcrberg. The boys — grounds Saturday.—(UDM Engraving). Two champion 4-H tractor drive above composite photo with their lenders. In the photo left to right, are) crS) Philip Heldorfer, 15, and Reu- Skow, junior champion, Philip lleldorler. senior champ, uncl his lender, bt>n skow i 3) werc presented s are holding trophies awarded to them following the meet at the ft ! ii: -1 wi(h tl . ophles Sal urday afternoon 13 of Golden Wedding \ J$Jpeeders Pay Fines In Mayor's Court A'lgona's police department pu its speed analyzer into use again several times during the pas' week, resulting in a 'total of 1^ arrests for speeding. The following paid $5 and costs for speeding in Mayor C. C. Shierks court following hearings: Emil Carlson, Ira Dutton, Thomas Hutchison, Luther Fairbanks, Raymond Muller, Eldora Minard, Kathleen Griffin, Gertrude Reefer, David Erickson, Richard Sjogren, CHnton Godden, all of Algona; John Doyle, Des Moines; Raymond Depue, Cylinder; and Thomas Laubenthal, West Bend. Three Algona boys paid $5 and costs each on charges resulting from operation of go-cants (motor scooters). They were Mark Beringer, no driver's license; Jirn Stanton, go-cart violation; and Richard Barry, no plates on go.- cart. Bernard Becker, Algona, disorderly conduct; William Thul, Whittemore, failure lo have 0011- Irol 6f vehicle; Charles Fletc'hall, Algona, stoplighl; Joseph Lasinski, Algona, careless driving; Eldon Skattebo, Wallhi'g'ford, illegal muffler; Otto Hansen, Downey, Calif., illegal U4urn; and Riehard Crail, Algona, illegal muffler; each paid $5 and cosls in othei cases heard by the mayor. The fines of Hansen and Crail were suspended. Scout Leaders Save Life of Bancroft Boy A convulsion which struck year-old Eugene 'Schneider Bancroft, almost turned a Boy Scout camping trip into a tragedy Monday, ut the Prairie Gold Scout camp at Lake Okoboji. Fast work by^Scoul Leader Lambni Jensen, and assistant leader Don Welp, saved Eugene's life. At 7 a. m. Monday, Larry Bergman, tentmatc of Eugene, rushed to the leaders and lold them something was wong with Eugene, Jensen rushed back to tfie tent and found that Eugene hud swallowed his tongue, his face was blue, and he had seemingly Dog Exhumed After Biting Boy At Burt Fractures Hip In Church Fall Seneca — Mrs Carrie Jensen was injured in a fall on the steps of the St.'John's Catholic church at Bancroft last Tuesday morn- ling as she was leaving the church following funeral services for her brother-in-law, Leo Delperdang. 'She was taken by ambulance to the Holy Family hospital at Slopped breathing. The men forced the boy's jaws open, got his ongue out, and for 10 minutes worked over him with artificial •espiration. He then began breathing regularly again. The boy was rushed to the Spirit Lake hospital. He is a son of Mr and Mrs Elmer Schneider of Bancroft. Jensen suffered wounds to a finger with which he held open :he boy's mouth, and this also was treated at the hospital. Another Scout, Donald Diers, 15, was taken home after he began suffering severe headaches. He had fallen the week before, and X-rays showed the fall had caused some skull damage which was causing .undue pressure. The Scouts arrived at the camp last Sunday and were to remain until Saturday. Two Boys Hurt As 3 Mishaps Mar Weekend A car, driven by a Cylinder woman, Mrs Marguerilc Berkland, went into a ditch wljen the front wheels slipped off 'the, blacktop 2% miles west of Algona on the McGregor street road at 5:15 p.m. Friday. The Berkland sons, Larry, 15 and Keith, IVfe, were slightly in iured in the mishap. The oldei boy had a bruised shouder and tihe younger, minor bruises. Mrs Berkland was not injured. According to highway patrol man, Bill Tordoff, who investi gated, the car sustained $45C The body of a stray dog had to be exhumed from its buriai place at Burl Friday after it was learned the animal had bitten Paul Ulses, 12, Burt farm boy. The dog was then taken to Ames where various rabies tests will be conducted. ' The Ulses boy was riding his bicycle on a Burt street when the dog nipped Him. A search for ihe dog began later when the boy reported ihe incident. Reports that the dog had been hanging around ihe resident of Mrs Helen Johnson were confirmed . However, Mrs Johnson had called Marshal Walt Steward when she noticed the dog acting sirange and the marshal shot and buried ihe animal. Rabies treatments for the Ulses youih will depend on the outcome of the tesls at Ames. Last Rites For Algona Man To Be Held Today Funeral services for Sorcn Jensen Didriksen, 81, retired farmer, wiM well-known be held today (Thursday) at 4 p.m. at Mc- phif Hi. the fairgrounds following sev- crnl hours of written tests and driving skills. Heldorfcr, son of Mr and Mrs Ervin Heldorfer, Bancroft, and a member of. the Greenwood club, won the senior title and Skow, son of Mr and Mrs Joe ,Skow, Wesley, a member of. the Wesley club, took the junior championship. The senior winner will represent the county in the state meet ut the Iowa State Fair Aug. 28. Judges of the event were Olivet Carlson, Jim Andreasen, Charlej Bloom, Les Riter, Virgil Rohlt. Bob Porter, Lyle Riedmger v er segments of the economy•-'" •' - * ', •. « _ Last Line «• politicians never diet ju»t run ftjoct tee offcm. Old Mr and Mrs John Hichter, Wesley, ^ shown here, wiU- observe their 'golden wedding anniversary Saturday, Aug. 15, beginning with a high mass at 9 a. m., in St. Joseph's Catholic church, Wesley, followed by a dinner for the immediate family. An open house will be held, at the Richter home from 2 to 5 p. m. for relatives and friends. No invitations are being sent and the Ripnters request no gifts. ! Mr and Mrs Richter (she's the former Laura Ferstl) were married, at St. Benedict in 1909 and have resided on the same farm for many years. They are parents of nine children. They are: M^rie (Mrs Neil Garry), Akron, Ohio; Jack Richter, Wesley; Terese (Mrs Edmund Qtis), Wesley; Hettie (Mrs Edward Pusold), M&son City: Ann (Mrs Jteck JJ&ys), Waterloo; Ruth (Mrs Kenneth Budstrom), MinrteapoHs; 'Edward Bichter, Bancroft; and Frank Riehter, Wesley. There are also 37 grandchildren and a great-grand^ child. A son, Urban, is deceased. Estherville " where it was found that, she had suffered a fracture of the hip below t'he socket. Sunday morning she was taken by plane to the Children's Hospital at Iowa City, where she will receive the required medical care. At the termination of her stay at Iowa City she expects to recuperate at the home of her son, the Maurice Jensens at Waterloo. Trip To California Mrs Alma Pearson, clerk of the Kossuth district court, and her son, Monte, left Monday afternoon by train to visit relatives at Coronado, Cal. Jrma Greiner, •Mrs. Pearson's sistev, who has been here on a visit, returned with her, and ajso making the trip was Mrs Evan Finnel and son Stanley, Brfcinerd, Minn. Mrs Finnel is also ' a sister of the other two women, Grand Opening For Remodeled Schultz Station A grand opening of the new- y remodeled and expanded SchulU Bros, gasoline service station and garage, on South Phillips St., on the newly paved lighway 169,, will be held this coining Friday, August 7. There will be special presents and treats, and the publir is invited to stop in by Alfred SchulU and hi.s sons, Wesley and Arniin. The firm had to move its station back due to the widening of the highway, and all-new pumps and new paving have been installed for the station. A new picture window has also been added to the garage. Full details on page throe o! section two, this issue of the Upper Des Moines. Cullough's 'Funeral Chapel. Rev. Jumos.Boyd of flic First Congregational chdR'h. will officiate and burinl will be-in- Riverview cemetery. Mr Didriksen died Tuesday morning at his home at 303 S. Hall here. lie had been in failing health since last fall. He was born, February 20, 1878 at Orsted, Denmark, tihe son of Jens D. and Anna Jensen Didriksen. He came to Algona in 1901 to join his brother, Martin, who had migrated to America earlier. He, was married Dec. 24, 1904 to Kristine Krislensen who had come to Algona from Denmark to join him. The couple farmed near Algona. most of their married life with the exception of a few years at Brill, and retired last June and moved to town. Surviving are his wife, a niece, Mrs Wilbur Zeigler, Algona; a niece, lledvi'g Didriksen, Denmark; and a nephew, Anton Didriksen, Algona. A daughter, A'gnes died m 1913 at the age of seven. Pallbearers at the services will be Alfred Jacobsen, Jim Jensen, Leslie Huff, Charles Deibler, Don Cook and Jens Sorensen. in damages, Two minor mishaps were reported in Algona during the weekend. An auto driven by Olive Hejjbst, 62, Algona, collided wilh a car driven by Mary Bradley, 16, Algona, as the Herbst vehicle backed from a parking space near the intersection °f Thorimglon and Call streets at 11:22 a.m. Saturday. There was nq damage to the Herbst car and an estimated $120 damage to the. Bradley machine, according to Policeman Pete Jorgen^on who investigated, • « ,The second mishap occurred, oh Harlan street at 3 p.m. Monday. An auto driven by Jerald J. Seiler, 16, Algona, struck a parked car owned by Clint Lighter, 73, Al'gona, when the f owner pulled over when he met an on- "eomins vehicle. P/ajTvaige was estimated at $100 to each vehicle by Policeman Joe McBride. There were no personal injuries Humidity Index Wilts Everyone Kossuth county enjoyed a most welcome rain Sunday, when 1.29 inches fell between 4 a.m. and noon. The moisture hit tho ground with a nice steady beat most of the time, although thero were some gusts of wind toward noon. No hail was reported in the county. Following the rain, the mercury shot into the 90's and if the heal didn't bolher, the fcumidity did. Official forecast for today (Thursday) is variable cloudiness, occasional showers with the pre dkled high temperature of 90 and a low 'of 70. Driver Fined $100 Second Time Around A dozen persons paid fines for a variety of violations in Justice C. H. Ostwinkle's court this week. A Blue Earth, Minn, man, Edward J. Dickman, was fined $1C and costs on one count of improper lowing and when it wa found he hadn't taken necessary steps to correct the problem was fined $100 and costs on a seconc count of the same charge. Hal of the second fine was suspend George Wolf and Paul Haverly. " Twelve counly implement deal- : ers supported the contest t Other entrants in the senior division included Jerry England, who placed Second, Donald Cherland, Gerald Kluger, Bernard Laabs, Jim Behnkendorf, John Mescher, Tom Nurre, Duane Hubert, Glendon Peterson, Dean Dodds, Philip Seaberg and Mar- - vin Locbach. Junior entrants were Wayne Patterson, Lynn Bierstedt, Larry , Kluger, Brian Borchardt, Eugene Dumstorff, Jerry Bristow, John ScufTham, Roger Vaske, Kenny Schmicking, Elmer Alt and Dennis Elberl. Funeral For Eleanor Meyer, This Afternoon Funeral services for Eleanor Ruth Meyer. 16 year old daugh- IV of Mr and Mrs Albert Meyer, Whittemore, will be held this afternoon (Thursday) at the Lutheran church at Lotts Creek. , Rev. Peters will officiate^ ' ; 'and burial will be in the 1 Letts Creek cemetery. McCullougn's- Funeral . Chapel is in charge of arrangements. ' ',',',, Pallbearers will be cousins, Duane Lieb, Eugene Lieb, David ' Meyer, Bill Meyer and Henry ' Lauck, Jr. • ', > Eleanor Ruth died shortly after ; midnight Tuesday at her'parent's home. She had been ill since December 18, 1958 with a blood disease. ' " , I' -. ' She was born July 24,' 1943,-;at . Whittemore to Albert ,and,- lona Behnke Meyer/ She '\attehded Sentral high school' near'^Fenton* where she would have been a junior this fallT ,' • <" Surviving are her. parent, a brother, Roland, Sanford, Calif, Graduate From Nursing School Graduation exercises for the Joseph's Merey ; The official readings: H July 30 83 July 31 85 Aug. 1 90 Aug. 2 85 Aug. 3 91 Aug. 4. .92 - L 65 59 55 65 6(5 71 1.29 Bureau To Meet The Salesman's Bureau of the Algona Chamber of Commerce will meet for a noon luncheon, Saturday, at the Algona Hotel- The program will be # presentation py the highway patrol of its radar speed control program which will be demonstrated. ed. W*. VJLMV-J. , J.VU*t**4<^) *3Ct4l4.Vf& Up ^ In other cases heard by Os-t-' an d a sister, Nelda, a,t home, winkle, Melvin Plalhe, Bancroft, 1 paid $15 and costs, stop sign; Donald L. Eden, Titonka, $36,95 and costs, overweight on registration; Warner H. Beenken, Ti- lonka, $5 and costs, slop sign; Virginia Weisbrod, Fenton, $5 and costs, expired operator's license; Jerry A. Anderson, Crescent, and Floyd E. Price, Coun* oil Bluffs, $10 and costs each, throwing bqttles and cans on the highway; Thomas Sampson, Algona, $31.00 and costs, overload on registration and $37.0Q costs, axle overload; William Layton and Leslie Jensen, both Livewnore, $10 and costs each, consuming beer on a highway; Paul W. Gilligan, LuVerne, $5 and costs, violating restri9te4 license; and James GilUgan, " Verne, $5 and cpsts, allowing authorized person to j - ! — Benefit Dance The , . America^ Legion wijl benefit d,ajnce. August 7, at the room at Whittenciore. antatjon" School of Nursm g ^t Fort Dodgo were held Saturday, Aug. 1. The 1 school was closed, ttiis June after more .than hsif a century of vice in the. community, Conferring the p. ins at t calaureate. exercises in 'the chapel- ^3$ Sister a, R$M, farmer of ,St, 'Betty- , and Mrs; Thujas ppgley, ;Bp,

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