The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on August 1, 1990 · Page 12
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 12

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1990
Page 12
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B-2Advice, People THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER W ednesday, August I. 1990 Dear Abby Tell family of AIDS problem; they can lend love, support DEAR ABBY: My dilemma is whether to tell my family that more than a year ago, I tested positive for the AIDS virus and that now and to the end, I will be receiving medical treatment. My family lives 3,000 miles away in another country, but I am in close and regular contact with them. I don't want to sadden my family with this news, but at the same time, I do not feel comfortable hiding something so important from them. What are your thoughts on this, Abby? And would you please ask your readers how they feel about it? If they had a son, daughter, brother or sister going through this painful uncertainty, would they want to be told? SURAMERICAXO DEAR SURAMERICAXO: I vote for sharing your problem with your family. Right now, you need their love, prayers and support, and they need time to adjust to this news. Although the time span from infection to illness can take 10 years or more, with early treatment, that amount of time can be extended. DEAR ABBY: I was recently in France and did some grocery shopping. All the carts were lined Abby Van Buren up between two iron rails. In order to get one out, one must deposit a franc and when the cart is returned, the money is returned. I think this method could be successfully used in the United States. N'est-ce pas? GRETCHEN L. LEHMANN DEAR GRETCHEN: Oui. And according to my readers, it is also being used in Hastings, Neb.; Philadelphia; and Dusseldorf, Germany. DEAR ABBY: I can top "Mrs. M.M. Kelly," whose husband was born in 1910 at the St. Francis de Sales Hospital in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada. The bill for a 10-day stay was $16.75. My daughter was born in 1934 at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Balti more. My bill was $14 for a 15-day stav because of complications. MRS. ARTHUR ROWELL ORANGE, CALIF. Your Health Delirium tremens brought about by alcohol withdrawal QUESTION: Can you explain a little about the "DTs"? Is it just a case of the "shakes" or can it be a serious condition that might possibly be fatal? ANSWER: "DTs," or more precisely "delirium tremens," is a form of mental illness, brought on by a withdrawal from alcohol, which causes the sufferer to lose touch with reality. The primary symptoms of the "delirium" often center on terrifying and vivid hallucinations: sounds, smells, and sights that exist only in the patient's mind. The "tremens" part, however, is the more important factor indicating the underlying danger because it is characterized by a soaring heart rate, seizures (shakes), sweating, and hypertension that can lead (among other things) to heart and kidney failure. Treatment i DTs is often a complex process, the success of Dr. Allan H. Bruckheim which depends on the basic health of the individual. Usually it begins with a prescribed sedative, such as diazepam to calm the central nervous system, plenty of fluids, electrolytes to replenish lost body salts, continued abstinence from alcohol, and multi-vitamins and sound nutrition to bring the body back to normal function. Dr. Allan Bruckheim is a physician, director of the Department of Family Practice Residency Program in New Jersey and editor of Medical Times. The New Deal BY MIKE OECHSLER Enquirer Contributor Neither vulnerable; South deals. North 4 A K 7 2 V 8 3 Q5 4 AKQ6 West East J 5 4Q9863 f K10 6 VQJ74 J 9 8 7 10 2 4 10 973 4J4 South 4 10 4 V A 9 5 2 A K 6 3 4 8 5 2 The bidding: South West North East 1 Pass 14 Pass INT Pass 4NT Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: 10 of 4 How should South declare this hand for the best chance at 10 tricks? While you are thinking about that, allow me to convince you that South's bidding was better than North's. South has three "quick tricks," and many good players consider that to be a mandatory opening bid. (If you are not familiar with that method of hand valuation, by all means read up on it.) Also, South is at most one point shy for the no-trump rebid in contemporary methods. Since any balanced 15-point hand (without a five-card major) is now opened one no-trump, a one no-trump rebid is limited to 12-14. Thus North should not make the quantitative four no-trump bid, asking South to bid six with a maximum. The side cannot have the points needed to make six no-trump a good contract. At most. North might explore for a diamond slam. After winning the club opening lead and counting top winners, declarer's first thought should be that there is no hurry to find out if there is a lucky 3-3 split in either minor suit. Declarer's next thought should be to look for possible squeeze chances. In order to squeeze for a 10th trick, however, it is ordinarily necessary to "correct the count" by losing three tricks. At trick two, then, declarer should play a low heart from each hand. If the defenders win and continue hearts, declarer should duck two more rounds of the suit (in case it is divided 5-2), discarding a spade from dummy. Then declarer can win whatever the defender returns and cash the top two spades and the top three diamonds. When declarer now takes the heart ace, West has to give up the diamond jack or un-guard the club suit. If the defenders switch back to clubs after winning the first two hiart leads, declarer should win and play a low spade from each hand. That gives declarer additional chances of squeezing a defender in spades and diamonds or spades and clubs. Word game ARPEGGIO (ARPEGGIO: ahr-PEJ-ee-oh. The sounding of the notes of a chord in rapid succession instead of simultaneously.) Average mark 23 words Time limit 40 minutes Can vou find 35 or more words in ARPEGGIO? The list will be published tomorrow. RULES OF THE GAME: 1. Words must be four or more letters. 2. Words which acquire four letters by the addition of "s," such as "bats" or "dies," are not used. 3. Only one form of a verb is used. For example, either "pose" or "posed," not both. 4. Proper names are not used. 5. Slang words are not used. nose ossa nosey sage oases sago sane sang sans Tuesday's Word NOSEGAYS sone song easy season sego snag essay eyas gassy gens gesso goes aeons agon yang yean yoga People Yo, Stallone, you look pretty in pink Rambo meets Uncle Buck: Is Hollywood getting even weirder or what? Sylvester Stallone is set to star with John Candy in hold the gunfire a comedy by John Hughes titled Bartholomew vs. Neff. Stallone plays a former professional baseball player who lives next door to Candy, a corporate banker-type, as the film chronicles their friendship and its disintegration. The comedy, based on a story by Hughes, is to begin filming next summer in the Chicago suburbs. "I am very excited about working with a director with the stature of John Hughes," Stallone says. "I have long been a fan of his films, which capture the truly comic side of everyday life." Perceptive fellow, that Sly. THE PERFECT HOST: Alex Trebek, the only person to get every question right on Jeopardy, is as perfect at home as he is on TV. According to Trebek's new wife, Jean, and his mother, Lucille, the 50-year-old game show host keeps his house spotlessly clean, hangs dress shirts on light-colored hangers and sport shirts on dark hangers, and has kept his spice rack alphabetically arranged. "If you move anything out of place he lets you know about it," his 69-year-old mom says. "I tell you, it's sickening." Jean, 26, is a little more understanding. "It's Alex's job to be astute, perfect and articulate on the air," she says. "But he certainly doesn't 1 7 Sylvester Stallone . . . just for laughs J1 Alex Trebek . . . keeping order want to be that way at home. People think he goes to bed in a suit. He doesn't." Proof: The couple is expecting in February. WHIRLYBIRD ON LOAN: The helicopter featured in Burt Reynolds' B.L. Stryker television series will soon skim treetops in Florida's Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Reynolds has agreed to lend his French-made helicopter to help officials protect the park, which was featured in Reynolds' Smokey and The Bandit II. "I love Florida. I will do anything to help the environment so my son will be able to enjoy it as well," Reynolds says. LOOKING FOR LOLA: Singer Barry Man-ilow is searching for the perfect Lola and Tony for his Barry Manilow Presents Copacabana, a stage production derived from his 1978 hit song, "Copacabana." Manilow held auditions in New York on Monday and Tuesday, and plans auditions Thursday and Friday at Los Angeles' Landmark Studios. The play opens in Atlantic City, N.J., on Sept. 25. n Engaged Wynonna Judd, 26, the daughter and lead singer in the Judds' mother-daughter country music duo, has announced her engagement to songwriter Tony King, who is best known as the co-writer of Ricky Van Shelton's No. 1 country hit "I've Cried My Last Tear for You." Judd and King have not set a wedding date. Honored Comedian Bill Cosby will be awarded an honorary doctorate degree Nov. 18 from Rust College in Holly Springs, Miss. The star of TV's The Cosby Show will receive his degree during the 124th Founder's Day celebration at Rust, a liberal arts college founded in 1866. D Separated British physicist Stephen Hawking, author of A Brief History of Time, has separated from his wife of 25 years, Jane. According to a Hawking associate, the couple split over religious differences. "She is a committed Christian and as he increasingly became interested in scientific rather than religious explanations, it became more difficult." Birthdays Actor Arthur Hill is 68 today. Actor-director Geoffrey Holder is 60. Composer-lyricist Lionel Bart is 60. Actor-comedian Dom De-luise is 57. Fashion designer Yves St. Laurent is 54. Sen. Alfonse d'Amato (R-N.Y.) is 53. Rock musician Jerry Garcia is 48. Actor Giancarlo Giannini is 48. Actress Tempestt Bledsoe is 17. RAGWEED If you suffer from itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing during the fall months, you may qualify for an investigational drug study. Qualified participants will receive financial compensation. Call 381-2800 code 7489 II UTf ftp ffca: DAYTON, KY Route 8 SINCE 1929 261-6766 12 min. from Riverfront Stadium ONE FREE DINNER (Up to $12 Value) with Ihm purchaB of m fcond dmntr of oquml or grmmtot voluo. Oiler good through Aug 31. 1990 Valid any evening Sunday through Thursday 4 9, Friday and Saturday sealing before 6 pm Not valid on private parties, holidays, nor with any other otter Reservations requested "Best Steak House in Greater Cincinnati" Cincinnati Magazine i'ULii:r.ll M I !V SOLARIUMS PATIO ROOMS SHADES VJ WINDOWS DOORS SKYLIGHTS Outdoor Living. ..Indoors" CALL FOR A FREE 60-PAGE CATALOG 745-0072 7125 MONTGOMERY Rl). SILYERTO.NKE.WOOD Independently Owned and Operated Franchised Location From Custom-Made To Ready-Made... You've Got It Made With Us! L E V O L O R 1 Hoilionlil ' I Vrt)c- won r w; w it tn ir 16 00 23 ) 23 99 28 99 2 1999 24 99 25 24 99 ?6 220 26 99 2 ?6 99 2999 28 26 99 29 2332 ?6 99 2999 30 28 99 32 99 31 24 38 . 28 99 32 99 32 33. 34 26 99 32 99 35 36 24 99 27 99 2B 99 32 99 37 36 34 99 39 34 99 36 99 40 4" 42 39 99 43 39 99 43 99 44'. 45 39 99 46 42 99 47 42 99 46 99 48 42 99 51. 52 32 99 3 7 99 44 99 59 99 )( 60 49 99 70 49 99 7' 46 99 49 99 59 99 64 99 72 46 99 49 99 59 99 ' I 5999 I 78 V.nyl Ivory COKjr 7800 84 Same as aoove 94 00 78 fAOiK Sanqvrft or Brioer '25 00 84 Sai"e as aoove 132 00 R E A D Y M A D E B L I N D S SAVE ON LEVOIOR I " mini-blind, in white t olabasterl FREE SHOP-AT-HOME service 241-4020 50 OFF ALL DELMAR CUSTOM PRODUCTS DOWNTOWN 905 Vine Sfreet Mon. - Fri. 9 - 5 Sat. 9 New! Tri-County I 1798 Springfield Pic. (Rt. 4) 671-4600 Mon. - Fri. 10-7 Sat. 10-5 " Sharonville wt MALLARD COVE Luxury Apartments "FOR SENIORS" One and two bedroom apartments surround a scenic lake. Roomy floor plans with fully equipped kitchens, patios and decks. Located minutes from Tri -county shopping area. 24-hour telephone entry system and on-site management Private bus, community functions and tamiy activities. From $535 to $695. Cal Flo McEntyre, 772-6655. Information center open daily 9-5, weekends 12-5. KtMPtR Q l cove OH 75 ?. llPPflMAN T w L 2 ' I GAEENWOOO 5 N SM4.BON HQ I PBiNCf TON M S - -f I tf.LU. G i 'The Good Neighbor Builder"4. . .Since 1928' DOWNTOWN ORD SHOP THURSDAY DOWNTOWN 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. "It Pays To Stay" 20 0 At V J m i v - m Off and receive dinner for two from The Restaurant at JIlC , Q'lwenti with even engagement ring purchase. 1& Hyde Park Square 871-1700 epeae Kenwood Towne Center 891-4700 4 West Fourth St. 421-6080 jewelers of distinction since 1877 i

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