Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 29, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1896
Page 6
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Come aud see us—set Credit without asking—pick 'out the Furniture, Carpets, Draperies, Refrigerators, Bicycles, Baby Carriages, in fact anything yon want to furnish your home, and'pay for them as like. Weekly or monthly. Correspondence invited. HOORE BROS. FURNITURE CO., 287-289 W. Madison St., CHICAGO. ENCOUNTER ON BICYCLES, jniyrhwnyiiuin'.* ItcvolvoT Nor.' Kqnjfl to u "Kl-yi" tion. A heavy five-shot revolver anil "ki-yi™ • £un figured in a. lively encounter ou the old Uoston' roiul biwucn ;t -ionc Hinfins'ayinaii ou u bicycle and Charles . F, Smith, who was similarly mounted. It h/ipj'icttfvl ou u hblitary Htrctcb. bc- •tween 'West 1'iMins village and Bronx- villc at dusk. The robber had thoruvol- rcr and Mr. Snilth the other weapon, "•rvliich, .".:' every wheelman knows, eon- rinls of-a. rulibi'r bulb holding it'pi.nl- or more of strong 1 nnimoriu, with n i;ox- ,zle, through which a stream of the.pun- gent alkali may be directed into the eyes of any ill-bred our who rony try •to puncture the rider's pneumatic tires or calves. The 'highwayman got, the worst of it, for ho wns left rolling Itilf- - Minded in the .roadway while. Mr. 3'mith rode ofE on his captured whcei, -towing 1 his own alongside with its ruav tiro punctured by n. bullet. He also cap- •tawtl the "footnod's revolver. , -.'. founct MI' rt kronen. St. Joseph, >Io., Jlay 2S.—S!;eletons from the unknown ynnxs at Stockton, K«n., have been .brought to this city nnd arc now in the hands of physicians, who have decided tliat they are the bones of Indians. Tlie skeletons were t.ikcn from .a trench where 300 bodies hud been burk'd. -__^_ New YorJt,".\lay 2S.—Jiidge Wheeler, in the United States district court Thursday, handsd do'wu a decision dis- aiiHsing 1 thu government's bill of eom- pJiuut^to suit in equity against the Joint Traffic association. Wule.t OpeuH MUUttry Tourniimenr.' London, May ~'S.—The prince of Wales formally openecl the-anniliU military totirnaiuciit at Isling'ton Thursday-in the presence of immense crowds of. visitors. The weatli,er'was beautiful.. • Disproportionate. , ^. . " • > T4iere is .but-one firm -of '-undertaken.: Effort Made to Force It Into the Prohibition Platform. The Majority and Minority Reports Presented — Junior Prohibition League Convention. Pittsburgh, Pa., May 23.— One of the first acts of the prohibition convention when it reassembled iu exposition hall Thursday morning "'as to send a tele- g'rain of sympathy to the innyor of St. Louis. The women were first given oJiearing in favor oE woman suil'riige and otbe.r reforms advocated by the Women's Christian Teniperaiicc union. A committee of Jive ladies wu.s appointed to consider these requests nnd report on them. Dr. J. K. Funk, of New York, chairman of tile committee on platform, then reported this platform as agreed upon by the majority of the committee. aiujorlty Kejuirt on JPlutror'n. The first six' pinnies, denunciatory of the liquor traffic 1 and proposing" straight out prohibition, he said, had been unanimously adopted. The seventh pliink, uhieh declared that no cit- ix.cn should be denied the right to vote or. account of si^x. he sa ! d h;vl been adopted by only a small majority. Tho other plank's upon which, ^-here was Koinu division in the coniniiii'ec were: Clause S. that all citizens slmiiUl be pro- tcctod In their rlfrlu to one day's rear, a wutik. 0. Kon-sectartan Sfhools to he taught In the English lansunse. 10. Election of pre.iWont., vice prcsldetir nnJ senators directly l-.y the people. 11. Lllienil pensions 12. Exclusion of pauper and criminal 1m- mlsrants. 13. Thc"nat'ur.illi!()d citizen not to vote till* a yc.-ir nfter' nu;unUi;;n.tlon. U. Favoring a,rbllr:.:lon. JE, InvltliiK cooperutlon of all persons favorlns 1 thusc views. St. John Jinnils minority Report. When Oo'v. Si.. .Tohn rose to present, the minority report, he wns received with loud applause from tlie broad grunge faction, which increased ns he read t.lu 1 minority p.'ank.'is follows: "Kesolved, That ,il! money lio issued by tliu poverr.nu'nt only and "without the in- torvention ci' iiny i)rlvate citlxon, corpora- ion or bankir.fr Institution, U should he based upon the wealth, stability and integrity of the nation nr.d be a full les 1 "-! louder for all debts, public and private. and should be of sufficient 1 volume to meet the dcrr.ar.d3 of. thr l<i);ltlmaLo business Intcrpsis of the country and for the purpose of. hon- I'.-tly liquidjflnir nil our outstanding obligations jiaj'ablu in coin. "VYc demand tbe fi-eo and unlimited culnaj-ro of silver and frold at a ratio o:' sixteen to one, without {.•annulling any otlic-i- nation." 'J'lm otlier poir.ts oa which rbe minority abkeu cc'Llon were- as follows: 17. Preserving pr.bllc lands from monopoly find .speculation. IS. 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WITHIN OUB BORDERS. News Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana. Full 10 Oust Con-ily. Indianapolis, Ind., May 2S—The Indiana republican ''committee went into special session at one o'clock Wednesday afternoon to consider a proposition to remove John K. Coutly, the chairman, and tlie leader of the M'cKinley forces in the state. After an unbroken session of eight hours the committee wa.s unable to agree and a recess was taken. The vote stood six for removal and six against. S. A, Wood, the member from the Twelfth district, .was absent. He sent a proxy by John Morris, of Fort Wayne, but the committee by a vole of six to six decided that the proxy vote could not ue cast. Upon reassembling the anti-Gnwdy men on the eommiltoe gave up. nnd tho committee adjourned. ]t is believed ihnt Che attempt to oust the chairman will not be renewed. THAT LTB1A E. PKK'LUI'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND _ Is Daily Curing Backache, Dizziness, Faintness, Irregularity, mid all Female Complaints. : [si-Kern. TO oiru J.ADY r.EATK-.jrs.j Intelligent women no longer iloubt the value of Lydia K. Phikltam's Vegetable Compound. It speedily relieves irregularity, suppressed or painful menstrua- \jitiun;, Avail*.; c. w. uorcion, JJns Molnes, TIL.: auditors, A. M. Todd, Kalamazoo, Midi..; John Loyfl Thomas, New York city. The National Junior Prohibition league of America'has.a membership ol'..20,000 young 1 men and women, who are pursuing' a systematic course of study oi tlie underlying elements of civil government. WITHIN THREE FEET OF DEATH! JS. fiivorins; an income tax ::n'd Imposing only such import duties as are necessary to scetiro equitable commercial reunions with other nations. And lastly, clause 2C, favoring tlie adoption of the Initiative and referendum as a means of obtaining i'rco expression of the popular v.'lll. Tlio I'lffllt I^u^TUK. On the motion to make their recommendations part of the majority vc- pui't, fjit! fight, bfgiiii.. ludiur.a delegate's dema.iidecl that the vote be uiKen by a call of states, and JS'cw York and J'einisylvunin delegates to a snJTicicjU number sfcouded this motion. The vote wns rhcn taken on ;i motion t'o table Oov. St. Jolins' proposition, and resulted a,s follovvs: Yeas, 3JO; n-yes, 'Jfi2. So the conven- I ion refused to table the motion to make the minority report a part oF the majority report. Tlie previous question' was then ordered, and Gov. Sr.. John was recognized to close the .debate amid a scene. ot much cxcitcmcjn. He explained that niiiliin;;- the minority report part of the majority did- not nvikc the recommendations of that committee part of the platform; each plank could he voted upon separately. Tho first five planks relatingr to prohibitory legislation for the suppression of the liquor traffic were road and unanimously adopted. An ineffectual effort wa.s made to table the sixth plank calling- upon the churches to support the prohibition iict at the polls. When the woman suffrage pi mile was reached a tot debate arose. It ended in ' victory for woman suffrage. Junior Pi'olilljltlon I/OftSfuc, Convention Hall, Pittsburgh, Pa., May 2S,— The National Junior Prohibition Loo.gne of America held its first annual convention Thursday morning. Aibont 350 representatives were present, The following officers were elected: President, G. W. Hopkins, New York city; vice president, A. M. Comn. Hopkins, Mo.: secretary, H, D. DrJesbach, Flndlay, O.; treasurer, Myrton T. Smith, Hart- 'ord, Conn.; councilors, Joshua Deverlnfr, Baltimore. Md: Hon. John P. 'St. John. Charles Mu.nln ITiuigM to tbo Brulio IJcam or a IIiipldly-Ruunlas Car. • Tv.'O minutes suspended by his clothing 1 within three i'eet-of the snarling wiipeia of a freight car w^as longer to Charles Martin than the 17 years which hnd brought, him 11 forlorn solicitor for employment to flic great city of Chicago. All this was the result of an attempt on tin- part of Martin to steal a ride to Wisconsin on a Chicago & Northwestern freight train. As a result of his venture Martin was not seriously injured, but he was so prostrated by the shook ::iifl suspense that his nerves suiifvaed to have failed him entirely. Mai-tin came to Chicago in search of employment, and, being unsuccessful, hnd resolved to go to Wisconsin, where he hoped to obtain aid from some friends. Uavmg no means to pay car -fare, he decided ro steal his transportation nn a freight vra.in. At 4:20 the other afternoon hi: jumped to get on a rapidly reeving freight car at Wade street ar.n the .Northwestern railway track*. In making tJic leap liis 1'oot slipped end lie fell between tin- cars As lit: wr-.;r down his clothing- caugh on i.lie brake ucn:u of the forward ca Jinrl );.?)•) li'.ia .wurcly. The train spci on, iind Martin, whose cries wen drowned l:y !.!re rumbling of tlie wheels hung witiiln three feet, of the rolling monster that threatened to cut hi body in twain, should his clothir.gr givi way. " » The helpless sufferer Iried to reach the wheel' truck with his hands, bu was unable to do so. At Dyadi'-y strce the (.rain stopped at .1 crossing 1 , and the crew: .hearing the bey's screams, ctinu 16 his reiiel'. The boy was only slight ly bruised, but paralyzed with fright A patrol wagon wa.s called and he wa; taken'to the county hospital. Pustisd K:>Inoii lillls. Columbus. Ind.. May iS.—U. E. Henry, of G.iIesbiu-g-JJ!., :in Oshliosh iraveJJng insuranee man. is alleged to have passed •i one-dollar bill raised to a ten on Ai .Foster's siloon and offered anot.her at the Third Street beer garden, when the. attempted fraud was discovered, two policemen called and the slrnngev taken to jail. He did not deny the charge and said his father lived near Nashville, Brown county. 20 miles west of here. .In his room at the St. Denis hole! tools and f! uids for doing- the work were found in his grip. I'oor Outlook for \Vlipnt. Wa-bash, Ind., May 2S.—Wabash grain dealers, who have collected in.forma1.ron regarding: the growing crop from jl) parts of the country, say that the yield in this county will not exceed half of an average. The quality is certain to bo very poor, and very little Xo. 2 wheat will be marketed in Wabosh this year. The. reports from farmers confirm the statements made a week ago of the serious damage inflicted by the Hessian fly, chinch bug and rust. lions, weakness of the stomach, indigestion, bloating, Icucorrhrea, womb trouble, Hooding, nervous prostration, headache, general debility, etc. Symptoms of Womb Troubles ..iro dizziness, faintness, extreme lassi- tmle, "'don'i care, T1 .iiiil "waniio be left alone" feelings, excitability, irritability, nervousness, sleeplessness, ilaiu- leney, melanclioly, or l!:o '" bines," and b.iekic.lie. Jjj-dia K. Piuklmn's Vegetable Comiioit'Kl will oorvcc!, all this troab'o as sure as tho sun shines. That Threaten to Lynch Warner. Li;?onicr, Tnd., May 28.—Masked men m.'ironed from here to Albion, headed vit.h a drum corps, to lynch Warm-r, the slayer o£ Charles Badg-er, but upon hearing- that Warner wa.s in jail at Uoshen they dispersed. They now sny that'when Warner is put on the stand, they will take him from the officers ind 11:1113: him iip by his leg's and riddle him with bullets. The g-ra.nd jury found a true bill ayaiust Warner. Origin of Phnmc, "As tiy'ht as Dick's hatband" origin- atoi] in the days oC Richard Cromwell EOJJ of Uie great Oliver, who, in tlie humorous parlnnca of the time, found the crown so tight that he could notpul it ou his head. Tho X Mark. The cross mark, still used occasionally instead of a. sig'iialnre. did not origin nte in ig'norauce. It \vns simply appended to signatures in medieval tiroes as an a.UcstaiJoc 'of g-ood faith. -\Vill I'rolJiibly Coiisolul:itc. Dtilniquo, fa.. Mr.y -3.—The loyal an(' Kecedini;- g-raii''! laclgus of Tc>\\-a A. O. U. \V. hnvo disj:;:.--«od their eaijos' hero nq-iiiir^r t-:;d: o ; .;ri', :incl wil! probably THE_JIAKXETS. Griiln. VrovSitlonx, Kte. . ' CHICAGO, May 2S. FLOHH—Dull .iticl anoliangod. Quotable 8" 'follows' Wliuer-Pulcnta, 53.(>0(!?3.SO: F-traJs-iits, S3.25JM..W'.- closre, }2.,SO«J3.30; seconds, S2.ufi@2.10; low gnuK-s, J].7F-fi>:.00. Sprl-nff—Patents, K.(iOlft:!.Cr). strnlshts, $2.05 '©•' 90;" bu-kera', SS.lCiQl.So: low grades, $1.00 4(1.75; Red Doff, 51.2317,1.-10: Rye, SI \VHF \T—Moderately active and unsettled. May, . r )7y-©r,S"4c: July, s7%5r5S%c; Sey- tcmber, S^Vj^'lfeviiC CORN'-Easy. No. 2, 27»ii!?2Sc; No. 2 Yellow, 2Sy,<iMS%c: July. 2S'.ifj-2S%o, and Scp- tembc:i v / '^y^-yy^ and -U'JjiC. OATS—Steady, wltli moderale tradlnp. May. 17-Xor July, iSKiWiSXc; September, lSV i 'i?lS : ^ c ' Samples lower, No. 3, ITVl 1 ® ISV^c- No. 3 White. lSK®109io; Xo. 2, 1S?»@ IS^c; No; 2 White, 19-M''-0'/i:«. RTK—Was ug-iiln easier; very little demand. No.-2 cash, 5"u; sample- lots. 33Vi9 ; July delivery, 33c. BARLEY—Supply decreased. Ofterlnss SICK HEADACHE Posltty|B]y cured l>y tlieao tittle fiUs. They also relieve. E Jtress froth -Dyspip^av ndigcstion and Too Hearty Eating. A.per- *d remedy for Dizziniss, Nausea, Drowsf- es», Bad Taste in the Mouth; Coated Tongue ' . v legtilate' the : Bowels. ^ Pnrdy.yj-geti)!!.: , " . mi^»*IKMISi-i^MM; wolrht, 'but off color, 2S©:'9c; ?;ood color. fair to £«od weisrht, 29@>32c; choice to fancy, . MESS PORK— Offerings rather liberal 'and demand fair. Prices steady. Quota; tlons ranged at J7.00igi7.05 for- cash; J0.il"® 700 for- May; $7.05@7.12Vjc lor July, ami Si.&'MiT. 32&, for September. LAKD— Demand moderate and^offerlnB") 'free Prices 'sleotly. Quotations ranged at M20@-t.22 1 ,'" '(or. cash; Ji.lTVjlSM^C for May; $4'.22WfM.20',for, .July, and.-$4.35l5H.37V4 Ior Eoatemb'er. ..' • BUXTEK — Quiet, aid -.steady, rather tRme,'.'. 'Creameries,-. Uiglloc; Dairies, S@13c,, 'LIVE POTJLTRY'— "Only .moderate .de- Docs Sot. BocoRnlzo Stiver Blun. Indianapolis, Ind., Ma3- 2S.—The dom- ocrntic state cfimnijtlcc at. its meeting WctJnesclny refused to recng-jiixc ;!<e organ i/.ation -forr.icd b.y the free silver people. Cliairi'.inn Holt aniio-unced nfter thp ineotinjf that'the members of the committee were all democrats, >aiul therefore did not discuss the notion of the men who were Iwe Tuesday. FroffN from the Skicrt. Lig-onier. Ind.. May 2S.—Tlie f:inn- crs livinp near the vicinity of Bremen \vitnessed a stranfj-e phcnoiiuJnon during- a riiinstorin. i,:ir{;-e lield>> "'ere eov- cri'il with thousands of xvvifl^ling cren- turus ri'sc-iiibliiig fvoys, vhich nu-as-- iii-cd about one-Half inch iu length. The people v.-cre at a loss to account.for tbe phenomenon, » Korc!Ic:i jlarrlos, Indian:i]:ol:s, Ind.. M:>y 23.—>frs. Lillian B. Overtoil, known over the country as'.Nordiea. and a sinjrerot rare gifts, wns quietly marricr] in this city io Zai- tuin F. Doene, a lenor singer whom .sin- met something over a. y.enr ago at, ;i German watering- place. Xorflica has been sinfj-ing- here at the May festival causing pain, \veighi, a:nl backache, is iiiiilanily relieved and permanently cured by i!.s v.se. Ur.ilor all circumsciiices it iieu in perfect haniiony with the l.iv/s tlia; govern t'::o female syslvm. is as harmless ns water. Jt. is wonderful for Jiidndj Cuinpi'tint:! in either sex. Lyclin, Ei Pi:5!cha:!:'s Liver Pills work i:i unison -,vii.h tho Compound, and .ira a sure cure for oons'-ipniion and sick- he:t;lap;ie. -Mrs. TinklnnVs Sanative V.'a.sh !.-, f:'C'i;n;:i!!y fonn-.l of great vslne for IOM! appIic.T.ioi;. Correspondence is fretily soli'eitei by Uin J-y<iia E. rink- ham Me.iieir.c Co.. Lynn. JIass.. and Ac s'.ric"': 1 ''. i'onfi l'".i'',: assured. All drug<:;-,!s si-':l i.he I'fiikliniii remei.'uis. The V,. .,..•.,(,].. fniirii-iinid i:i three forms,— Li:n'..! ; I'iiU, «ii.: Lo/.cuges. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC —-*->- TA K e TH e -C--V—~ TO Killed lllinsotf. J-iunting'ton. Jiul., .May 2S.— William Myers rayatcrioiisly disappeared froiji lierc tt'ii days ng'o. Wednesday morn- •ng hi^5 detui body was found near Dayton, 0. lie is said to have •frr.mlulenUy Ijurehased some stock atn Kile recently, nnd it is snppcsad the fcnr of prosecution-caused him to Uik' his life. Will JIivvo « Hall Team. Kokomo. Ind., May "S.—An org'nniza- tiou was formed here that insures Kokon-,o a first-eloss baseball team. The new park is being- iuclo.sed and ;i large amphitheater constructed. Part of the players have been signed. The first nuic will be played, here next Tuesday ith the logansport Ottos. Trying to Save Her Hnsbaml. Wabash, lud.. May 2S.~Mrs. Tcrcivai Coffin, wife of the banlc wrecker, who was senlenccd'to uig'ht yenr.s' imprisonment in the penitentiary for his part in the fall of the Tnciiannpolis jjntional Liank, is making- an energetic efforc to secure a pardon for her husband. EzprCHH Robber ConffKXtn. Fort Wayne, Ind., May 38.—Howard Yociim, the Alliance (0.) Aclmms c\'- jress luesseng'er, who stole a SU.OCO noney packag'e two years ag;o and was arrested here, confessed to the officers jefore h'e was taken to Ohio, without requisition papers. MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers Thcdreatot Perfection yctitUined In Boat Conttrucl Ion--Luxurious Equipment, Artistic Furnithinjc, Decoration and Efficient Service, insuring the highest degree of COflFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TRIPS pen Wre« BETWCCN Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac PETOSKEY. "THE soo," MARQUETTE, AND DULUTH. LOW RATES to Picturesque Mackinac end ' Return, including Heals and Berths. From Cleveland, $18; from Toledo, $15 ; from Detroit, $13.50. EVERY EVENING Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland with Earliest Trains for all points East, Soutli nnd Southwest r.ud at X>etrojt for all points i^orth and NortJiwesL Sunday Trips Juno, July, August and September Onlj. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-ioBay $ Toledo •Send for Illustrated Faraphletr Address A. A. SCHANTZ, a. ^- *.. DETROIT^ MIOM. Til? oeiroi? and Oie?p-iam! Steal uav. 60. Harbcr CoiuznltH 8utcl(lc. ,\fuucie, lud., May £S.—Charles E. Harris, aped 30 years, a barber by trade, committed suicide by taking- morphine it his home and was found in a dyiiig condition by his wife. 1ft. was der pendent because he was out of work. Will Go to Chicago. Wabash, Ind., May 2S.—liabbi S. iisenbcrg-, of the Jewish congregra tion 7i this city, h-3 tendered his re,sig-n-a- iou, to .take efTect immediately, . r utd vill leave this week for Chicago, where le has an appointment. Will Drive Out the Indians. Great Tails, Mont., May 28.—Tv/o roops of cavalry have been ordered rom Fort-Custer to round up 1-hc Croa ndiu-ns .so.that, they may be deported to >i.nada in accordance 1 wjth recent fed- ral.legisln.tipD. The.Crees say they- fill not,go itnless Canada, proclaiais J*,^.ni~4-ir ;'-f-i^ »*'.'*IVai-i- f)flJ"ticil5flt^ OT1 "^ .1-11 ft" GOHPLEXIGR POWDER been tno stanu.ira for rortr ycnrs uoa Is ra^rc popiiJ.'ir to-ij.i^ tL^jj ever tsuio ldci!lconi|iIcx>3U powdrr— Miln;:, cleanly, li?i\IlJ\ful and A doUCii-u, invl>tli]c protection to tho f.' WKh cvorv m«.t: nific«-:tT K BOX t™ tJrtT*u fircc or etnr^rc. .STS AMU FANCY STOKES. TK£ NEW FRENCH REMEDY. VITALfS PRODUCES THE ABOVE RESULTS'sOUl Toy.' 2t oulckl.v nnd sorely re-l moron Nervousness. ImrolcnCJ', 1 3STI»htly admission", Kv'l Brjnins, l_ Wns'lnV diseases and all pflccis of L. ----..--. nxwss ana InJIjcrelioii. Ei^iorea Lose Vitality,. . fudCQittu'anptton."ci"rcuwhen allotlicra CM. Insist » j.xAj.i.^./J" »""•-•• ^)*;i ^e carried in ^%£$}£& > &S%&SS£-:Circular Free. Address lii-ai^Si'ftiKSf^Siifeli&^i' Sfe4CTS«i»S

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