The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 30, 1959 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1959
Page 14
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77---^ (la.) Upf*r t>*» Metnti thurscloy, July 30, COUNCIL MINVftt Button, «pem# tad FISMM STO MANN EdUer OI Outrtoort ST. PEtER, M1NKESOTA... On June 1, 3959. 80,000 loss fishing licenses had been sold in ] Paul and Mark Stevens, sons of Mr and 'Mrs Norman Stevens visited at the home of their grandparents, the Lee 'Olsons, from Thursday until Sunday. A Wednesday caller at the Burdette Hoeppner home was his brother, Paul of Spencer. >Mr and Mrs Otto Herb'.kc, Glenda and Jerry, aecompanicHi by Mr and Mrs Robert Stewart and family and Mr and Mrs Arlyn Walton, all of filmorc, spent from Wednesday until Sunday at Island Lake near North- aim, 'Minn. Mr and Mrs W. C. Vodraska spent Sunday at the home of their son and family, Mr and Mrs John Minnesota than at the same date in 1958, in spite of the fact that fishing this year is better than last. This fact was revealed by Dr. George Selke, Conservationer Director to the semi-annual meeting of the Southern Minnesota Conservation Association at the Hillside Club in St. Peter. In addition to Dr. Selke, other speakers from the Conservation department were Jim Kimball, John Dobey, Chuck Burrows. Mike Casey, Don Ledin, Chuck Knedel, Con. Ohman and Art Emme. The Commissioner told the sportsmen that there still is a diversion of 50,000 dollars from game arid fish funds to the Department of Public Health for water .polution control. "Sportsmen do not cause water poiution but are being penelized for it," Selke stated. Jim Kimball told them: "The most important thing a conservation organization can do is to drive for. good legislation." The meeting was highlighted by an interesting slide lecture on rearing ponds by John Dobey. » . * * ' SOUTHERN MINNESOTA CLUBS The Southern Minnesota Conservation Association is composed of 21 clubs located in all counties south of highway 212. The membership believes that the Commissioner should be .given the power to set game and fish seasons and limits. The meeting was conducted by President .John Getta of North iMan- kato and Secretary Lyle Lafavor of Garden City. * * * TROUT AT ST. PETER The St. Peter Conservation Club has a very successful project in • operation. The organization has taken over the old fish hatchery at St. Peter and Mayor Shtwk in *he eh»tr «nd tt> no named councilrtierv. Muckey, Whittemore, Clbnrt, Drewman; Parson* & Rltn- fd»on. _ ., ..I Mr Q*isy came before thi Council in to sidewalk in the east part of Vodraska at- Spencer. '•Roberta Addy spent from Friday until Tuesday at the home of her friend, Suzanne Baum at Clear Lake. iMr and Mrs Bert Geerdes attended services at the Lutheran Church at Swea City Sunday morning. Mr and Mrs T. R. Estle and daughter, Mrs Pearl Smith, were Sunday guests of Mrs Caleb Hartshorn and family at Fen ton. Mr and Mrs Elmer Schmidt of Canton, Ohio and his sister, Mrs George Thaves of Algona were Saturday afternoon callers at the homes pf Mrs Ida Smith and I. E. Wortman. Rev. and Mrs Marian Krusa and family spent Wednesday at Lake Park, where they attended a family picnic' honoring' Rev. Marvin Kruse on his birthday. Sunday afternoon callers, at the Richard Zielske home were Mr and Mrs Ronald • Zielske ol Albert Lea and his mother," Mrs Hannah Zielske of Lake 'Mills. Friday evening picnic guests of the Roger Kromingas were Mr and Mrs Amos Krominga and Diane of Titonka and Mrs Donna Dunnaven and children of Ilock- ford, 111. Mr and Mrs Nick Thomson left Thursday for Danville, 111., whero they attended the funeral services for Marion Leonard, a brother of Mrs Thomson. This is the first death in a family of ten children. Mrs I. E. Wortman was hostess at a coffee Tuesday honor- ng Mrs Opal Wheeler of--St. Petersburg, Fla. ...... Thursday overnight guests at :he William Kicnitz home were VIr and Mrs Mark Mausseau and Bonita of Muscoda, Wis. Mrs Frauke Schadendorf, her daughter, Mrs Roy Ennen and the letter's son of Lone Rock returned Saturday from a four week visit with relatives in California Vera e»me before the Council in eeards to b!»c Mopping «r» parking aree n front of the East End Grcc. and across ho street south. . W L Baker came before the Council and made an offer to buy port of the alloy running past hi* property, The council agreed to take the offer under consideration, but that certain steps would hav« to ho taken before it could be sold. M.- 0. Maasdam camo before the Council with an offer to remove stumps In the parks and other city owned property. The Council agreed to take the offer under consideration. _.-—... Proposed Ord. entitled AN ORDINANCE PROHIBITING THE DISCHARGE OF AIR RIFLES, B-B GUNS OR SIMILAR DEVICES WITHIN THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE CITY Of AI.GONA AND PROVIDING A PENALTY FOR VIOLATION THEREOF was given the second reading. Eurt Harms rcnppolntment to the Board of Utilities was approved. GENERAL Smith, salary ' 5/t -?Z Iowa State Bank, withholding tax. 5.60 North Iowa Directory Serv., Inc., office supplies .?'i5 Kossuth Mutual Ins. Assoc., rent _ 10.00 Upper Dei Moines Publ,, publications , League of Iowa Municipalities, dues 160.00 . ,6 o«uth Motor Co., tepmn _.»». yrm Forshee, labor - — eteival Motor*, seat covers ..«.». il«ona Welding & Mf«., repairs . ,ont Motor Co., repairs -..» liltons Super Service, mdsc. .-.Collen Hardware, rridsc. i. .- kelman, expense ., Oil Co., jjas _.--. — .- owa Employment Sec. Comm., so> •> eial security 2{3'§2 YUd.lowa Industrial Supply, sign* 217.S9 1 Grocn, erecting signs, .*... 50.10 Algona Fire Depart., fire calls — 216.00 SANITATION , . Lomkeo, salary *- '39.00 Gronbach, salary — '19'?' , Reiner Helmers, labor 28.65 ,13,2.8 21,33 15,40 1,43 has three trout ponds, which are producing very well. On the opening day of trout season 694 rainbows, browns and brookies were taken by anglers. Fishing is open ; tio/ the public. Ray Nelson of Kay's Cleaners in St Peter is enthusiastic about the project. "We hope many fisher, men will take advantage of the fine fishing -we provide here," he told me. Ready Mix Concrete & Lbr. Co., refund 6.00 Khpto Loose Leaf Co., mds 4.50 Rowat-Murray, Engineers, Engineer f ee • _-• 36.80 Advance Publ. Co., Publ 59.23 Rusell G. Buchanan, legal service - 712.89 Iowa Empl. Sec. Conim., social sec. 110.4C owa Pub. Empty. Retirement Sys. 154.68 r. C. C. Shiork, expense 14.00 usk Drug & Jewelry, refund 75.00 STREET .ashbrook, salary . 170.24 crgande, salary 160.96 urtis, salary 128.31 Aetzcn, Jr. salary 116.26 rcw, salary' 126.26 killing, salary _ 122.28 Jstrum, salary .. __...- — -- 153.22 killing, Darald, labor —,. 90.51 owa Slate Bank, withholding tax_ 100.30 a. Implyt. Sec. Comrn., social sec. 291.36 a. Public Employees Retire. Sys., Retire, tax 401.34 Cities Service Oil Co., gas 137.82 3roetjberg Auto Supply, repairs _. S.08 iitumlnous Material & Supply Co., Asphalt 166.66 Norton Machine Works, repairs __ 95.75 Algona Flour t Feed Co., repairs _ 20.55 lerman \M. Brown Co., repairs .. 3.81 unk, Plumbing & Healing, materials .".. ... 19.22 'orcival Motors, repairs 61.55 Wilier Lbr. Co., stakes. 13.65 v\IHon Will, dirt 15.20 Cent Motor Co., repairs ... .- 23.88 Roderick Hardware, mdse., 15.97 Hutzell Sj office supplies .99 Rowat-Murray, Engineers, Eng. feo 821.45 Jacks O. K. Tiro Service^ repairs » 1.00 Welp «, McCarten, Inc., Chips ..-2048.20 Algona Impl. Co., repairs 11.25 .eroy Gronbaeh, labor ..«—-.Thomas Moo, labor - — owa Slate Bank, withholding ... Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., repairs _._„ ~ alow Helnhors, manhole ring & hd 32.00 Hilton s Super Service, service ._ 7.20 8-l-F Industries, Inc., freight — 4.54 'rat! Electric Constr, Co,, labor .. , 2.94 Muckey, Plumbing ft Heating, la- . bor t materials ._ .__ 13.4? Norton Machine Works, repair .. 32.73 Michol Sales Co., repair .— 61,6! - service . -• 1.95 Algoha Laundry 8, Dry Cleaners, Iowa Public Employees Retire. Sy§., retirement — J84.26 Iowa Employment Soc. COmm., social sec. J 1 139.90 North Central Public Serv. Co., gal 6,15 Horbst Ins. Agency, Ins. . 338.95 Ready-Mix Concrete Lbr. Co., ma- ••-. .J, terials — 116.31 Norton Machine Works, repair 24.1: Percival Motors, repair —, 6.1: Miller Lbr. Co., materials 10.2 Luther Fairbanks, Jr., machine hire 20.00 rt end 1 Foundry, Int., M. H- mitlv w ttVerf, salary erb**, salary fttll, Mlary saTary •;.-.-- — - *— ' ' 88.47 88.47 ----- » ...... — Hobbi*, salary ................ 150.97 G.irry," salary . ---------- . ---- »— ' Jg-fs hrisHarwsn, salary ..—.—*—. 112.92 uVaii; toiary „.__*.. ....... -.- ]iMx owa State. Bank, withholding tax. 139.20 owa Public Employe** Retire. Svs., retirement fund -*. — — .» ---- aO.62 owa Employment See. Comiti., so- r.ia! sec, __> ........ .___..*-«... §9.66 Thermoga* Co. of Algewa, gas .... 30.75 Drug fcKMO.X... — »- 17.74 60.75 •^unsrwc rug, KMO.... — »- . Toms Radio & TV, repairs ...... 24.95 Thompson-Hayward Chemical Co., chlorine ________ , ----- .... ----Pratt Electric Constr. Co., labor & mdse. _.__._,_...-,.„.•-..- Hutchms Super Service, gas ---- Uppcrr Des Momes Publ. Co., tickets Muckov, Plumb. & Heat,, labor & materials ---- „..«.,.. .I.. a ------The Chrischllle* Store, mdsc. ----- i. -p * ' tasPWtt:* 1 ^ Hi 4^w»^^ISp^ s ^ •^.wb* .^i-.-.ASsatisffli^. z 3 - 60 1 •JgSJtfw-egrTKtSSff —-I' ao-» '•* Bcit«, Ubc I*. PwbWfc EmployM* R«tlre*«M . Bdiiferd U»..C&, ifwtettab .^i.1.- siia .^A—,. 47.50 ,_.,_ RttSuth e&riv t., July 2t, 1939. PROTECT ./3 10.00 Corlen Trucking Service, truck hire - 3.UO 5.00 , Suds yor Duds, laundry »_... ------ 17.97 Advance Publ. Co., office supplies 2.30 Botsford Lbr. Co., labor & materials, 23.3i Hutzoll s, supplies ------------ 127.68 DEBT SERVICE Valley Bank & Trust Co., Interest 77.50 Bank Of Memphis, Interest „_,..... 56.25 PARKING METER Grocn, salary ----------------- 214.64 Sands, salary --------- . -------- 75 '*x Iowa State Bank, withholding tax . 34.90 Trust & Agency Fund, pension .. 2.40 Parking Meter Repair Service Cen- _ tcr, repairs ----------------- ??-f2 Fordoft, Jr.. labor ..... . ...... l 75.00 Beitz, labor _ ................. 50.50 Boitz, labor ... ........... — — 26.50 Tordoff, Jr., labor ------------- 43.13 Mrs H. H. Murray. enlertainec at a coffee Monday for lie daughter-in-law, Mrs D e n n i Murray of Northfield, Minn. ,You'll Enjoy Your StayMuch More in Minneapolis at the NEW Hilton s Super Serv., repairs 6.50 .56 Cullen Hardware, bolts Algona Welding & Mfg., labor & materials .—i .. 7.10 Sradley Bros., repairs -,.-,-. 3.44 Ready-Mix Concrete and Lumber Co., machine hire _..... 57.00 Bolsford Lbr. Co.,r materials 49,06 PUBLIC SAFETY Bookelman, salary _._.. __... 227.85 Hutchison, salary _. 190.65 Jorgenson, salary _ ;— 177.11 MeBride, salary 155.62 Schwarzenbach, salary 141.16 Bulten, salary . 159.13 Voigt, salary __ J ,w W -*^ivJ'**l'57,65 Kohl, salary —s'-Jl^:. ^5.'—2..-? 20.00 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax _ 138.50 Trust & Agency Fund, pension fund 13.97 Greenberg Auto Supply, mdse. 12.16 Schwarzenbach, expense .. 66.10 Modem as tomorrow— New Hotel Maryland offers everything for your comfort. Minutes from shops, theaters, auditorium and points * f Enj ? oy dining in Maryland's Orleans Room and Cypress Room. Come to the New Hotel M dryland there Southern hospitality mowjdlnortft. Write,wire or Very Popular Rate*. • FREE TELEVISION )AIR CONDITIONED • PARKING FOR GUESTS . 200 ROOMS • 200 SPARKLING TILE BATHS These Fire Chests And Fire Vaultt, Built For Home Protection, All Have Insurance Underwriter's Labels And Are Not Costly. Loss Of One Valuable Document or PapeJ Would Cost Fair More Than A Fire Chestl •LAKOTA Mrs. Sophie Ellsworth Mr and Mrs Harold' Koppcn entertained at a Saturday night dinner honoring her parents, Mr and Mrs Clayton Lowery of V-ernon Center, Minn, on their (thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. Mr and Mrs C. W. guckels entertained at a picnic Sunday lor Mr and 'Mrs Faye Asche of Bancroft, Mr and Mrs LeRoy Asche of Brookings, So. Dakota and Mr and Mrs Fred Asche of Lakota. Dr. and Mrs Robert Powers and family of Bement, 111. wei-e guests ithis past week in the S. L. and S. P. Powers homes. Mrs Rosa Rhamslock, her daughter, 'Mrs Wilfred Radig and children of Lone 'Rock were Wednesday visitors in Fort Dodge. " iMr and Mrs Herman Bosnia were Friday evening guests al the Kennelh Beck home in observance of their 30th wedding anniversary which was Saturday, July 18. 'Mr and Mrs Gus Koppen arrived Saturday after an extend, «d visit witb their daughter and iamily, the Clifford Knutsons of DeSoto, Wis." I Thursday evening, Mr and Mrs John A. Doren'bush and Mr and '•Mrs Art Wirtjes enjoyed a picnic ajt Feirmont in observance of •Mrs Wirtjes' and Mr Dorentoush's birthdays. Mr and Mrs Wilson Brack, Mr and Mr$ Hugh Lewis and Howard Lewis were Sunday guests at the William Burkhart .home at Clear Lake. iMr and Mrs Robert Hamilton, Mark and Brian spent Thursday and Ffiday visiting .with their son and brother, Robert, at Merit , Lodge, .Le^ch Lake, Minn., where '• «smployed fpr the summer VICTOR TREASURE CHEST EVERY HOME NEEDS A Fltt 2-3 and 4 Drawer Files And " . Storage Cabinets on Hand PRICED FROM AND UP ADDING MACHIN (NEW) Smith-Corona - Victor - R. C. Allen It *' lf>'f f it jjjfr and Mrs Andrew Jansen enjoyed a fish fry at the home & ifoeir dawyghter, Mr and Mrs Arnold. Karels at Frost, 'Minn. evening. ~V ^ij$$'Le3$oy Asche are sjt -the parental Fred __„ faome, arriving Friday evening. f!r Asche.just received ,, ..„...*__,_ pegj-ee in student r i?om the University . tin jswjxefcingi' South I>a}$pta. ti /] '^''/i^i^y^mith, daughter oJE Mr W^tyJMJM&'V'efniiM Smith gnd. Linda ^^^q^KW^dweWw? of 1flr and Mrs ^4tfmn:fimoeni -we spending -,a *;Jya -Witeon and her son. d -wife, aU At The Fairgrounds In Aigona Good Quality 16 Ib. bond white TYPING Compare at $1.25 Elsewhere 500 Sheets Ream Tuesday, Aug. 18-CHIIDR Wednesday, Aug. 19 Thursday, Aug. 20 Friday, Aug. 21-Baby if- Paper Clips Paper Clamps Desk Blotters Desk Pads Gummed Tape Scotch Tape Columnar Pads Lettering Stencils File Folders World Globes Shorthand Books Clip Boards Typewriter Cleaner Ink Eradicator Rubber Stamps Gum Erasers Lead Pencils Colored Pencils Ball Point Pens Desk Pen Sets Carbon Papers Pen Ink Staplers Staples Thumb Tacks Ring Memo Books Paper Holders . . 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