The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1940
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 19<iO BLYTHBVILLB (ARK.) COURIEK NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uaily rate |jer Jlne lot conseeu- Vc insertions: ne time per line.. ........... ;jOc \wo times per Hue 'per day ____ use Ihree times per line per oay...Uiic Blx times per line per day ..... 05c Month rate per line ............ OOc tanls ol' T.liimks...;'...'..50c & 15e Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for Hi roe or six limes ancl stopped beiore exinra- ticm will be cnorgeA tor tlie uwn- oer b! times Uie add appeared and iiuviit 01 biliwnaue. (jia.ssiiiwl Advertising cop> Viowiueu try persons resiclmu oiu- iftue 'ol Hie ciiy must ue ucx'Oiu- l/nmea by caso. itait's limy ue tu»- L'ompuito iruin aum'o muni. ismioiii IUKCS tnc onu lime line. AO rc'sixjiisiuiluy' «m uc taneii lor mui't ilnin one incurred uis<:r- uon 01 any classilicu ua. For Sale 1£3S Dodge Touring Sedan. Clean throughout. Motor In perfect condition. Will sell cheap if sold this week. Call Graves' with Plihlips Motor Co. Cnll 810. 21-ck-M 10 highly bred Jersey heifers with young calves. Bought from iler- schcll Smart herd, inquire Giimts Market. B'Ck-3-a Gobd wood nnd conl. A. P. Burks Chlcknsawba and R. R. Punnu 867. . 3l-ck-'>29 Welding EXPERT WELDING ELECTRIC & ACETYLENI:' Charles Long. lurmerly welder for Blythevlile Machine Shoj) For Sale or Trade DRAGLINE and ING OUK HEAVV WGI.O- D. W. CRANFOeD GARAGE Deli, Ark. S-F-H WEDNESDAY SPECIALS '39 Chev. Deluxe Couoe i Runs like hew $545 '38 Chev. Deluxe Coupe • '39 motor only $445 '38 DeSoto Deluxe Couoe ! Maroon color .... $419 i '37 Pnntiac Coune Deluxe Model—Special $295 '39 Chev. Deluxe Sport | Sedan for $595. '38 Chev. Sport Sedan Motor Overhauled $425 '37 Ford V-8 Tudor Motor Reconditioned $295 You need, a good second car. We have them. Many Cars for less than $100 WE TRADE Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan Open Nights & Sundays TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. I'bone C33 Land For Sale . . Gennnn Pollco Dc.i, Drown mllfngc. Ukc new. Color; f,vi. throat a?d chest Return to One ownef. It's n stenl at i Wuller Driver, Osreolii. KEWAliO 1930 model Font Deluxe Tudor, Low black. . our price. Your car or rensJnntile cash down payment. Hnlanec up to 18 months, Call 811. Ask (or Stephens; with Phillips Motor Co. Lost Black MULES (Kips Will li*df for Mules, Cows, Cattle, Corn, Hay .-mil Dellft Impk'inents, Inc. Sec Floyd Simpi-on 8-ck-tl Notice Bargains h USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, (Joort M New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO THONK "5 Personal (\npiive lilugjrlf.h I, Ivor, wort ulf the bile to rl« yourself of constipation. gns -wins, mid that sottr, iiunli feeling. Take one ho.v of Kinnvs ACTIVE i.lVKH 1'II.LS ^5c at i^ Klrby Stores Salc.siix'ii iirge ilmntifiK'tiirer wnuls finlcs- mnn foi 1 lilythevllle iinii vicinity. \VII1 pny $2S.uo » week nnd ex|ipnx- nble lo innke teind. Write Hox fs. Musi Itnve (jr.titl nnd l)i' "T. C.", c/o Courier News. 21i)k3:( Strayed or Stolen 2 nlredulc.H. Answer to iininrs. "Scnipiicr" :ni(l "Qnocn." nE- WAHD. II. Yoini", Osfcolii. Arknu- s;is. 21-)ik-2'l Wanted To Buy Copies o! the Courier News (luted February 12. lOc per copy will be paid when delivered at the Courier Office, Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC ANJO ACETYLENE WILDING H r a g line and heavy well specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Wanted to buy house in Blythe- villc. Write Bos 45, Luxora, Ark. . 20-pk-3-l! Wnnl to buy. good used l.ypcHTiT- ef, Cnll 305. J. F. Ellis. 20-<*-27 For Rent 0 room house and bntli. Unfurnlsh~ cd. 625 Walnut. Phone 6i5. 21-pk-28 4 room fiirnlslierl apniiment with batli. Phone 908 or 650. 21-ck-tr Nicely rnrnislied bedroom, 818 Chickasawbn, Phone 630. 21-dh Board Room nnd board, fitea mhenl. B03 \V Ash. Phone Ml). l2-ck-3-ia NOTICK All concerned nrc heiebv notilied thnl we will nol be responsible for any bills contracted by any person, under any clrciiinslniicrji, c.\- c'.pt on written order signed by J. A. CiWnllney or Ora Sims Owall- y. VICTORIA MERCANTILE CO. VICTORIA PLANTATIONS OWAt/rNEY IMPLEMENT CO. GWALTNEY'S. ine. .1. A. OWALTNEY, President. ORA SIMS GWA1.TNEY, Vice President. 3I-7-H-21 USED PASSENGER CARS & TRUCKS WITH 1'IUCKK LOWKR '''HAN KYKK HKI'-OHH '36 Ford Coupe $195 '35 Ford Del. Tudor $105 '37 Plymouth Trg. 2-tloor '37 Ford Tudor .. '38 Chev. Coach '39 Ford Tudor TRUCKS .'36 Ford Pick-Up . '36 International $315 $295 .$399 $499 .... $52 $149 Missouri 'io.y w Notice Is- hereby given (hut the liln hi'iolofoie exlsltnu he- us, whose mimes nro sui>- fcrUied hpieto, muter llio firm iinim- nIK! stylo of Mlklerbranil * Terrell, eiigngccl In the business oi' fiirinlni! In /Ummol, MIsslssloDi Coiuil.v, rtrkiniMN. K-n.s dissolved on Hie 20lli tiny of Jnnimry, 10M hy mnllinl eomenl. Tito business ct wild |>mtnrrshl|> will he wound up by J. U 'ivrrell. ivlio will collenl. mill rrcrivr nil money due or pny< ftblo lo suld linn, mill .,.•„. ,uid tllschnmc nil llio ilnljls mid ilnblli- llcs of Mime, anil will porfonn nil Its unexei'itleil ranlniclii. Ufltpil nt Arniore), • Artniiww, Ihl.t I've 20lh dny or Pick-Up '37 G.M.C. Pick-Up $265 '37 Chev. Sedan Del. $275 5(1 Illllr- " (lou II „ ..... „, I,, J,,,,, to I'lioose frum. TKllM.S— Vfj, sir. "I lillrk nr S.11A1. inciit iillh | (HI li Hut H'ill Our iisnl Klllici- your cm' I. CMh (Iniln puy- .'ilann' on lerins Milt you, M. i - int opcu until 0 1>. (•very night. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. FOR SALE! Olie used KOCH ncrrlgerntor While Wotnl Mem cnsc wllli ri'lfe'ldiihe Compressor. Uhplny (rout wllh excess storage nnd cold drink spnco. Like neiv. Oflgtoiil cost. $1157. Ciuh prlco for quick Biile $;t05. 'I'eini.s 111- rtinBcil to rraponstWe partita. One mini imper tnpe ninelilne. coiinlnr cquliimenl imd Otiiuly ciise. Priced for quick Nile. One used Service Btiillon Ah' Compressor. Clood condltl»n, $'2P. Onn Hilrhnnkii-MorBi 1 Wnlcr I'liuip without motor. Trace Cllmliis, 11 few (;ood mule col- Inra, cotton liocs. ;!0 InisliclH Ct- lesun treated ni'l.-ll-A cotton R. E. WRIGHT II. W. 01, <>,ie Alile So. I'linno -IHl-.l 1(HO. . U. illldcrbrniiti I-, TciTdl. Children H! In UK - PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - • Accurate VOID- i>reBcri|illo« bnigBist Fowler Drug Co, l:lln & Flrtl I'iioilf 1<1 '""T* ***'* uu'y Su^ai carle by uk loot or ynril, with a penny a foot flB the usual rale ' SI'liNI) VOUil tiASOMNK nor.i.Art SAVE .'le lo -If |>cf ON GASOLINE Valuable Coupons U'HIi Kiicli I'lirrbasr (1ASOI.INK— MOTOIt Oil, 'KKI108KNK Wholesale f, Iti'lulj IliADK WITH JOYNER OIL CO. TANK CAR TO VOUIt CAK lllRhwu)- . Bl, North, IllyllievHIi: We Drllvrr I'lidiic lr>:i Now l.iH-nti'il In Utenrnc llolel lllilg. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU »()N IvDWAIiD.S, I'mjirleliir All Alnki-K of Krlnitll TyiiinvHtcrH, AiUllnjt Sini'lihu'S and CiiUMdutnis—Kepnlrliift—l'i»-(s—Itllitiunii Our Service IS YOUR ; Assurance ' 'OF /:•':': --'I Safe Driving! Safe motoring Is the' ntm of every driver, Then, why hot as- Mire yourself of this safety as fur «s your automobile Is cou- cornrd. Drive In Hl j ( i ] c t our ' intclinnlcs mil your ear In shnj>p tor nny driving. The cost Is leiisoitthlo nnil the work euar- EXPERT MECHANICS > MODERN EQUIPMENT •••; ALL WORK ..:'' GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. One bedroom adjoining bath. 1000 W. Ash. Call 445-W, Mrs. &i. G. Goodwin. 19-ck-tl For sale with possession tills spring II sold soon: ^ )GO acres good land on good road, improved. 80 acres land vveili improved. • 157 acres land .extra well ilnprov-1 Site go.jjcres \vell .Improved. -Prices' will run from SOQ to $90 per'acre. 250 acres liuprpycd, Vi in cultivation. $35 per acre. It will all grow alfalfa and nil arc Southern Illinois Alfalfa Farms located on concrete and good gravel roads and Phone 19 or Res. IOIS are close to schools. TERMS. Hugh *" ' — ' \ViIcnil \,fpr'llli-ii T11!i*nir. 1ft iilr'Xl Anlos For Sale Large comfortable bedroom, twin beds, 2 closets, steam lical, men preferred. Phone 1, Mrs. J. G. Sudbury. . • . n-ck-2-1 u|iailmeni. ,talh.. Utili- Mqdern Downstairs. Private ties furnished. J129' W,"AslV fioom convenient to bath. 500 W«l- 10-pk-'23 mil. 3 rcom furnished apartment. Pilv- Wflsoii, McClure, Illinois. 19-pk22 1280. ate bath. Desirable location. Call 1938 Plymouth Deluxe Tudor. Extra clean. Low mileage. Ymir car in trade or small down payment and notes to suit. Ask lor Shanks at Phillips Motor Co. Phone BIO. 21-ck-22 Help Wauled WILT, PAY STRAIGHT SALARY $35.00 per week, man or womaii with ailto. sell' Poultry Mixture to farmers. Eureka Mfg. Co., East St Louis, 111. 2C-pk-22 BRITISH QUEEN 1-ck-tf. Unfurnished aijartmenl In Shnnc Apartment Building on West Main Street. Call 571 or 197. 1-ck-tf Rooms or npiulment. Chickasnwbn near School. Phone 116, 30pk2-M 3 rcoiii fiirnlshetl apaiini?nt nnd bath. Modern and clenn. Corner Mnin and 2nd. P. Simon, phone 7G4. 25-ck-ll IIOIUXOHTAI, 1, G Wife of the King of Gr»;it ' Britain. 14 To combine. 15 Insane. J6 Sawlikc organ. J7 Relief. J8 Relinquishing claims. 21 Pistol. 22 The deep. 24 To distort. 25 Seed bag. 26 Roof Window. '28 Beaten with n c;me. •'<0 Hnlf ;m cm. :il To liiuidln. 32 Indefinite article. lo Previous Puzzle 4(5 Weapons. •58 Oriental rcsttiausc. 'SI Form ot "be." 52 Clock, fnec. 5-1 Climbing pliinl. •W Nolo in senle. 3(i Norso -• tnythotopy. H8 Wholly. M Mistiikc. 60 Aflirmjilivc vote. SI fler husband's former title, Duke C2 Her eldest rinughler is the heir •'M,Room .,.v. •T) Fiber knots SVAssiiiillsr. •to Apart, n Peak. •13 Each. •H Jewel. 45 Type .standard. of Yorls. VERTICAL ) In so lar as, '>. Concord. '.'• Kind ot duck •1 And. T> Modern. G Arabian military commander. 7 To bathe. 8 Roman calendar dny. 55 Constellation. !) Onager. -57 Coloring 10 To subsist. matter. 11 Unit of work, 12 Ex char gee. 13 Derby. ID Distorted: 20 Right. 23 Roomy. 25 Window glass panels. 25 She is . . or strongly attached .to her family. 27 Click beetle. 20 She visited with her liusband Jasl year. 29 Prediramcn'i- 34 Snake. 36 Hog. 38 Single --mr. 3!) Young salmon 41 Tn deafen. 46 Genus of auks' •17 Courtesy title. •18 Button. 49 Stringed instrument, 50 Nigh. 53 Vcstmenl. Favni Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Hales. We are equipped to handle or small loans on any sized tract of farm land, at low cost, nnd al a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 313 Walnut St. Blythevlile, Ark Poultry Baby Chicks Custom Hitlching Marilyn Hatchery lil.vlhcvllte in,,.).. c,l N'ortli Repairing Expert gun repairing. Sec~E7M Damon at the Bljthcvillc Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays. filly \'our AMERICAN EXI'KKSS MONEY ORDE HOUINSON'S store Now fn New Location J. J. HARGETT SERVICE STATION Main &, Division I'lionc 500 PRESCRIPfroliS Freshest Slock • (Jtiaratitccd Best t'rice.s Kirby Drug Stores HAPPY GRO.& UOUR "(DIRT. FREE DELIVERY 1W W..ataln St, 1'honc -15 I1Y 1'RICD HAHiMAty LUCKY I ESCAPED AMT2 GOT HERE ,OR_ THAT Foot- RED H&ATJ WOOLI>,4. SPOILED ~ Col OMUY £ue~K?i.f WOUfitD W OME ARrt, DRAVJS W\5 P15TQU A^ RED FWDG.R. *-^.,^'\ RUNS OP. ^.-sSTAiftei Expliinalinn intil Proecdurc •HVPMOSIS INDUCED) INOIRECTLV, YES ... By CAUS ' MOW, REFRESHED B/ 1IIEIR. DEfeP OUR. FRIEMQS COK1TEMPLAIE "THE: TASHOf= RePAlRlfJG THEIR.VESSEL, PAMA/jEPIM AM EARLIER AOVEMTURE '., C>"O'i,VO!J f-M't.'j.., &V MUSIC'--SO THATS '{HE SECRET OF THE SIREMS' SPELL. THEIR. MUSIC PUT US TO IM& EXHAUSTIVE F. HOWgVER. ; pUE TO OOPS GREAT PHYSICAL. EMERGE BROKE THE X^JD WOKH BE PLAYIKte ANY TUWES RIGHT I DIDM'T HE THAT LEAIt PLUGGED. 'I? 0 ! 1 *! ANI)^!KK PO& I WF'RE HY EI1GAR MARTIN WASH TUBHS •'•MOMEk'T OF CCWFUSIOU WHEM BY ROY CRANE: H5 OULV OLD (VIE MEWR3V1 HWPLV 6ATHER THE OlINS VOLI CAM .DO NOTHING, I'll VOUR BEVOM6IH& 16 TME6E IN THAT WN'T NO G-MMl! OTHER GENUtMEU- HIS KHIKNDS HY ftlEKRILL SMALL BOYS ARE IMFUJENCeO 6Y BIQ6ER. BOY CX3, SPENDS wo'ir f Bur OF MIS WirM 'rOO l.'.o.' rrr WANT MIM We" Oit>JT ItLL HIM TO OIOP J BACK THAW THAT. 1 WHEN KIDS THAT CQMPAMV, THIMQS T£> HAPPEN I / (-tow WOULD You LtKH TO LOCK AT THE MOOM .THfttjOg I ROM WINDOWS/ 7/ • THAT'S WHY NOI C WAY a\CK . WMO1-C COLUMRUS So-CALLPO MOTION PlCTURe COMPANY' TWE TROUBte BEGAN/

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