The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 23, 1959 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1959
Page 15
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r W'hittemore came up with a pair of paseb&U Wjns during the weekend and took a tighter hold on first place in the Kossuth County. Baseball League. The loop leaders downed SV Joe," 6-5, Saturday in a rnake-up contest at Whittemore, then, got past iLone Rock, 6-4, on the same diamond-. Sunday. The winners upp/d' their edge to 1% games over sec6 / ttd*plac6 West Bend. downed St. Joe, Takes Pair To Increase Co. Loop Standings ',. W Wtibttembre 8 West .Bend —«—. 6 Humboldt --..— •6. Lone Rock 6 Mallard - 4 Ayrshire —-__.. 4 St. Joe __--_ 1 Algona —,._.>.— 0 L 1 2 3 3 4 5 8 9 HUNTIN6 and fISHING Mrs Mountain Is Honored AtOtlosen Olfosen — Mrs Harold Maun ain, wife of the Lutheran pas or. was honored at $ surpns >arty July 17 at the church par ° The Ralph Richards had invited STU MAMM was a real, thriller. Algona nop-1 i . ^ Q|[ , , Minnesota Outdoert 7-6 G AvrSe 1 K frohi ^tol'SehlTerrbri .and "St 'Joe !2'-6 and tSard a two base hit by Johnson. West „ « ,rn P ? back HumboMt 9-6 Bend counted once In <the third, HE'S A MODEST LIAR - AnMhef full sSte of games is but Algona came up with another « My w . ife called me when n^fflthfs Sunday g jSy 26 counte? to make it 6-1 in the. was at work the other day and wMttSmre wl? travel to Ayr- ^h. . . told me 1 was the biggest lla Wtyttemore. will, gave to Ayr d counted a pair in in Minnesota," So spoke May West fiend and/at Te the sixth and a single run in the nard Emtoerland of Willmar th &S8? seventh to make it 6-4'and Blake day Andy Bystrom and I pro Bend contest settle the issue with a two-on, sen t e d him with the prizes h DeiiU tuuvtai. .u-w,,. *n« in tjhp ninth, i i ,.,„„ *,„ (Wn tViirri nnniia .^.nn .nii mm in the ninth, k.^ won O n the third annua The winners notched 11 hits and Minnesota Outdoors Liars Con TOM'S t' t '' i Televiews the losers got seven. Box score — West Bend (7) AB R H D. Kiepper 5 1 1 Frieden . ••-*& ° £ Mertz __-———5' 1 2 Blake 5 2 3 B. Kiepper 5 1 1 Fogarty —3 0 0 Schmidt 4 ' 0 2 Anliker —3 0 0 Hanselman 4 -2 1 Thursday, July, 23, 1959 Algfeno (lo.) Upp»r D»> f ont :>ne - Leo Tofleberg came Pridny evening after spending .0 days at > Lutheran hospital as a medical patient. Mr and Mrs H. D. Benson »ent Sunday nt the Calvin enely home at Luverne, Minn. Mr 'and Mrs W. H. Wehrspann attended a pot hick picnic supper at the Park at Fenton ^Sunday evening in honor of Salina Hanlelman, a teacher nt t<ho army airport school nt Islvmis, Turkey. • Mrs Ralph Parkinson and ,vr.,^ for the evening. This abled the group to gather unnoticed at the church. A tele- them hack Jacdbson presented tain with a corsage and ed the program. the Ivan Evenson home. Doris and Huth Shipley returned to their home Saturday evening after being gone sinco 1'nst winter. Their sister, Mrs •Helen Fisher of Omaha, Neb. is here and will remain for a few days. ' , and Mrs Everett Lane at- The engines ore tested at the factory of Fairbanks Morse in Beloit, Wds. under government supervision', then completely torn down for "shipping. Upon completion they will be tested ngn'mst wind, rain', sand storms, intense* heat, etc. Total cost of three engines is ten million dollars. Bases are already poured to accommodate 12 engines. Preparatory work has been going on tor two years. To Carpet Clinic Roy Pclersen. Fonlon furnituro store owner, find his son, Richard, left Saturday on a 10-day trip to Amsterdam, N. Y., where they will attend n Mohawk car- Polio Insurance PLUS 9 OTHER DRiADED DISEASES For Iho family — Pay* up io $5,000 tot each membftt. also POLIO - 9 other dreaded diseases * and CANCER for the family The cost is low, why try lo carry thin risk yourself, L. S. BOHANNON Eas,t of Iowa Stale Bank Hi We took a one-week breather from these ramblings, in the Ridiculous Day issue, but are back going strong now. Color TV is gaining day by day end week by week; A minimum of three hours per night (from 7 lo 10) is to be telecast over NBC thisj Fall, and CBS is promising five full hours of color. Among those stars to be telecast in color are Ed Sullivan, Patti Page and Lowell Thomas. Better buy color TV now, and get ready. "Bart's Clubhouse" has been bringing the youngsters { some good entertainment in addition io 39 7 11 Algona (6) AB R H B. Rahe 5 1 * .E. Rahe 4 2 1 Andreason 2 1 l E. Winkel -1 0 0 Johnson 4 1 1 Godden —5 0 0 Long 4 0 0 Vann 3 0 0 Christofiers '1 0 * McNertney 3 0 U Hood —-0 0 0 Geelan 1 ° ° Grill 4 1 1 37 Should Apply I IVJ.Jlllll'OV/'l.Cl V^**vv*«v*w — lest. O, B. Augustson of the Wai mar Daily Tribune had calle Mrs Emberland with the new Maynard, a modest young ma . I claims he doesn't deserve the prizes because the story of the talking walleye and the teacher fish is a true one. Nevertheless, Andy Bystrom of Bystrom Brothers Inc., of Minneapolis erected the boat lift al Wilke's Resort on Norway 'Lake. Wilke is May- I nard's cousin. NORWAY LAKE —' Walt Wilke, formerly of Wall- mar and St. Paul, is a resort owser who believes in a long tourist season.. He closed his re| sort last Fall on November 15 "And we had guests in the resort i up to that time," he told me. "Fall fishing is the best. We caught five and six pound Wall eyes right from shore last Fall, Wilke continued. "We open up I in April arid gel a lot of fisher i men from Iowa and Nebrask who come up for bluegills and I crappies. Norway Lake is a fine I crappie lake altho not many of them go over a pound. "Fishing the first part of this [year up to June 26th has been much better than over the same ~ fishing churn for M Maude ne of Humboldt who died Wednesday morning at the Sisson Nursing home. ' .Interment was in union cemetery. Survivors include a daughter, Mrs Irvin Movick of Ottosen, a sister, Mrs H. C. Barron of Clinton, two granddaughters nd a great granddaughter. Miss Struthers Honored Engineer Working At Atlas Missile Base Site V T Evers of Alfionn, Fair- GAME David Strom, pitcher on n LiUlu League baseball loam m AHn pitched u perfect gnmo ro- •cenUy in his lonm's 10-0 victory. -lo did not allow a base runner, •eltring every man he faced, llo fanned 14'of the 15 men to conn- up ngainsl him. aDM~Clas«lHod8 Pay Dividend* will be .married Saturday, Aug. 8, at her home to Larry Iliglcr of Guthrie Center. as they arrived. Priscilla , Merle Hot . Mrs Ralph Richards the installrttior ..'three d'iesel engines, purchased bv the U. 5. Government, lo be Used at the Atlas Missile Launch- base al Fort. Warren All- Base. <nty car loads of power- equipment, and fifteen cm- parts arc inclucl- I period last year, had been good. Bass The largest Udl-l i_n~v.»i to ~~ —. - — largemouthed bass taken so far , w . _ ; i this summer is a six pounder goo Iowa hunters who;are interest- take by carl Nagl of Om?ha comedies in recent weeks. Bart e d in getting one -of the bOOO deer | Walt added x don t know ,*. • ._n ±_\ 1...4.1* I-,. j.« v.*-i c- eJierinreceni weeks. Bart e din getting one -ofthe 6000 deer Wallt added, ''I don I know shown 1 (in installments) both licenses to be sold on a first wn resollts don't ,go after that - Friend Flicka" and "Thund- c ome first served basis by th e Septemiber and October bus ness >ad. Son of Flicka," in the sta , te Conservation Commission We are a i ways full during those "My"Friend' Flicka" and/'Thunderhead, Son of Flicka," in the i ytate ^ons.Ki V<*AJJX/H vui ..——- , ^^ aic pasl month or so . . » it's good to | must obtain la current form avail- montns Tee our children enjoy some of able from an^of, the following. | ^ nrM , top notch youngsters' shows -i.-- ^xik^ ' i^vnal nnwserva- Judy and her mother, Mrs anywhere in thr -Virgil Strutters, were presented The P"wer hous« R l™«£* corsages of garden flowers. On eleolncily al 1. .BOO v » U, mstL.ti the table where she opened hereof the usuaj j ^_oi_4iw| : _ gifts was a bouquet of garden | flowers and blue candles. Helping her with the gifts were Wanda Jacobson, Diana Stru- hers, Wanda Worster, Donna Struthers and Beverly Kampen. Hostesses were Mrs Jacob Ryg, Mrs Donald Cooper, Mrs Earl Long, Mrs Laurel Worster, Mrs DeVere Newton, Mrs H. D. Benson, Mrs Olvin Haug, Mrs Arthur Lovig, Margaret Holt, Mrs Loren Daniel, Mrs Donald Usher, Mrs Bertha Jacobson, Mrs Merle Holt, Mrs Fr.ed Karope.n-and;=Mrs-;j-,r— Lesler Wehrspann. Erling Malmin left Saturday evening to visit his mother and four sisters at Sandnes, Norway. COME TO MINNEAPOLIS AND THE NEW. we sa,w . . .before the days of black jackeis and motorcycle' boots.. Here's a- BARGAIN ... if you clip this week's column out of the UDM and present it to our repairman, we'll give you 50c credit>n your next service call. THAT'S RICH ... For the answer to your TV and Radio Problems, tune in (112 N. Moore — CY 4-3260). CftiljJ 1 ''*"' - v*»— — Lcordtr; v 'local coryserva i'io. c, of the Stl|^Gonser,yation Com- UIll/Uo. . Norway Lake is between Will mar and New London. —o— I RADIO & TV through July $12.50 Cold Wave for • For Business • ....Vacation or vlust a Week-end Minutoa from every thin K in Investment Securities lutuai Funds WE OFFER AS AN EXAMPLE: Affiliated Fund Incorporated Investors Broad Street Investing Corp. MaiBachuwtU Inv. Trust Chemical Fund Minnesota Fund, Inc. Electronics Investment Corp. Nalional Investors Fidelity Fund Kovstono Custodian Funds Fundamental Investors Wellington I und HANDLING 100 MUTUAL FUNDS All Offerings By Prospectus LESLIE C. LARSON Ringsled, Iowa PHONE - Volunteer 6-0648 REPRESENTING Minneapolis Associates, Inc. 607 Marquotte Ave. Minneapolis 2, Minn. BASSWOOD LAKE LUCK AT ELY — xne s»w»uri license will be in " The guests on two of Jak effect twMays, Dec. 12 - 13, be- p ete - s C abin Boats recently hel Ween the bours of 8_a.m. and 4 week long competition One --'-- 1 ul boat housed fishermen Washington, D. C. and the jween tne wuma --"• v,""-- ... a w<=ci\ ^--" p.m. and will, be distributed with cabin boat theHaa starting September 1. lne {rom washL, b ^.., _. -- - -- . applications for the shotgun U- other men from Philadelphia cense must be returned by Oct. We can - t tell you which boat 14 ' , won but the two parties comtom- The bdw and arrow license al- ed cau& h,t 282 small mouthed lows hunting from - Octoiber 31 to b 39 nortri ern pike 54 wall- November 30 during the hours for a total of 3 75 fish. Many 6-30 am. to*5:30 p.m: license and of the small m0 uthed bass were tae v/ill be issued September l over four pou nds. through November 30 and there j ^__ n __ is no limit, on the number of licenses to be issued. Somber" <Mr and Mrs Clyde Haroldson of Meringo, 111. were Thursday visitors a I the Herman Pooch home. Mr and Mrs Kenneth Struthers and family spent the weekend at the Ralph Dasen home at Sheldon. Mr and Mrs Robert Olson and family attended the Lewis Olson family reunion at Mankato Sunday. Hair Cut, Set Included SHOP 1415 E. Lucas Phone CY 4-4780 REPRESENTING State Bond & Mortgage Co. ® Accumulation Certificates / ® Mutual Funds Broqcl Street National Investors Whitehall Fund For free prospectus write or call Chuck at THE WINNER — The 16 foot Mirro-Craft De Luxe runabout first prize in the Minnesota Outdoors bass contest was r the only boat to finish the grueling 26 mile' Wisconsin Wm- nebago - Land Outboard Marathon for pleasure Craft. Ihis race was so rough that many boats broke up or turned back. Rienpie Wagner and Dale Avery were the winning drivers. U$$L w here Southern Hospit lity moved North. Write, wire or phone for rcscrw*- Hon. very Popular rates. FREE TELEVISION AIR CONDITIONED PARKING FOR GUESTS HOTEL MARYLAND 200 Rooms • 200 tile Bat/is LASAUEATORAN1 • MINNEAPOLIS WITHOUT OBLIGATION TO ME I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES NAME _. ADDRESS Mail To Leslie Larson, Ringslcd. Iowa (or Call Collect) \ 4-2595. BOX 463 Blake Funeral Homes "U,nd,erstanc!ing Service" At T1TQNKA " RENWICK '..'• ;>•• • • •'..•2.4'"-HQy^: > • • 4nrjtewtoc9 Service Oxygen Equipped TIP TO FLY ROD, FISHERMEN 1 A new weedless • popping bug is here. It's called the Hook-loc. It was tested- in Minnesota for five years and it really works. Bob King Named New Assistant HQf Iowa One of AlgoAa high school's most successful modern - day coaches, Bob King, 35,'who served, as head man ifl basketball and baseball and as an assistant in football for eight years prior to 3,956, was named- assistant basketball and bas.ebal;! coach at the State University of Iowa, Iowa City, Wednesday, July 15. King, a native of Gravity, la., graduated .from the University in 1947, coached baseball "and basketball at Britt before coming lo Algona in the summer of 1948. He soon became one of the most- respecled men in the. profession after several of his basketball and base-ball clubs hung up enviable records. His basebal teams went IQ the state meet several times and his basketball learns came through with a couple of North Central Conference titles aftd neavly made it to the state two or three times. "•Ring has been (Caching: a West Rockjiprdj 111.^e he lef here, '- . ' THE KOSSUTH WOMEN'S CHORUS WILL HOLD AUDITIONS FOR THE TALENT SHOW TO BE HELD AUGUST 20 AT THE KOSSUH COUNTY FAIR AT TWO SITES NEXT WEEK. TUESDAY, JULY 28 - AT SWEA CITY HIGH SCHOOL, 8 P.M. FRIDAY, JULY 31 - AT FARM BUREAU BUILDING, ALGONA, 8 P.M. ANY FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT SUITABLE FOR A LARGE OUTDOOR AUDIENCE IS WELCOME TO AUDITION. KOSSUTH WOMEN'S CHORUS 75 tons or 150,000 pounds o bananas were shipped recently t i the Iowa 13anana Company Iowa Falls. Normally shipment arriving weekly, are around 100 000 pounds. hurch of YOUR Choice Every Week St, Thomas Episcopal First Presbyterian First Methodist Regular Baptist Seventh Pay Adventist Congregational St. Cecelia's First Baptist Church of Nazarene First Lutheran Trinity Lutheran This MessogQ Sponged &y ^ --^.; ! «; " MUSICLANP Plus tax and 4 recappable tires BLACKWALLS ANY SIZE ANY TYPE NEW TREADS • applied on sound tire bodies or on your own tires An outstanding value! You get the same tread width, depth, design and rubber as used in new Firestone tires. Buy a complete set for your car today. WHITEWALLS... ALSO AVAILABli Hutchins Champlin - Algona Bancroft Oi! Co, ," * •, i, . | |, T n -j, .1 nfi) ri i •"• t r^?*~ r 'ir K ~ '' 1 f fi ' "f* " r'^^^ - Ll - ' , i ,. ~ ft fa', "l* l '^f*r-

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