The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 23, 1959 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1959
Page 12
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4-Algono (To.) Be* Moln*i Thursday, July, 23, 19S9 Tidbits by Evelyn For the *&si lime sine* ihc Al- gpha centennial five years ago tiie Ferguson family had a reunion at the parental Mrs William K. Ferguson home. Present. Were William and his wife Sye, Fairfax, Va., John and his wife and children, Fort Dodge, and Lewis and his wife. William and his wife Came July 1, driving ouf in a station wagon and lucky it was large enough to take back a prized spool bed and some other loved articles. And one other loved article" they took back with them was the John Ferguson's daughter, Nancy. Lewis was at camp in Guernsey, Wyo. with the National Guard, but f&rtunately got hom,e so a family dinner with all membors present was enjoyed July 4 at the old home. The dinner was prepared and engineered by Lewis and his Wife Heidi and of course there was a lot of reminiscing as well as lots of eating. Bill has charge of one of the branch stores of ,ihe Jelleff ready-to-wear Stores. His wife Sue is coordinator in the main Jfeffeff store and her job is to arrange style shows given at various clubs, Bill and Sue, with Nancy as guest, left July 6 and were to stop in Wcrthlngton, Ind., to visit an aunt of Sue and to pick up some . prized furniture which had belonged to Sue's late mothen The Fergusons love the old fashioned things and have furnished their home in lovely old time pieces, restoring it according to the period in which it was built, It has taken a lot of work sntl time .to make it into what Vhey Wnnt, but it is worth every effort and every dollar. •• • » ,4 * A communication frdfn the Homer Tuttles will be of interest to Algonans. "Just a note to say we arrived at California. We had a cool week to travel ns it rained most of the way across Nebraska and Wyoming, We stayed in Sioux City one night with Mr and Mrs Burdctte Agard who were our neighbors and one night in Sutherland with Mrs Tuttle's father, G. 'A. Burrell." Wishing to give credit to friends for farewell entertainment they had listed the following — dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Frank Butts —also of the Alvin Webcrs at LuVerne, and at Mr and Mrs M. L, Vander- Walls. A pot-luck supper at Mr and Mrs Hetiry Johannesens had already been reported by me. Quoting further from the note "I am .working the Pomona Valley area for the Vernon company of Newton, Iowa, and have eight towns in my territory. It is about a 26 mile area with over 250,000 population. I can get home in less than 40 minutes from any point. We have rented a furnished apartment in Pomona and en. oy the warm days and coo! nights. We thought some folks might want to know how we are doing." * » • » I don'l know who is the mote pleased. Claude and Mabel Sam- sun to get bird Dickie back or Dickie bird to get home. II all happened this way. Dickie, a parakeet, had settled on Mabel's shoulder and she had forgotten it when she opened the door. The big, wide, wonderful world looked good to Mr Parakeet so he took off. .Mabel figured there was nothing she could do about it except call Dick Post, bird fancier, and see if parakeets wero apt to go back to the "fold " Dick thought it unlikely but since Dickie had a leg band, there was a possibility he might be found and returned to the rightful owner. The flight look place on a Tuesday. Thursday evening Audrey -Single called Mabel and inquired if they had lost a bird, one with a leg band. It happened so strangely. Audrey's little son Greg went to the- door and in flew Dickie, glad to get in a house. However he played hard tq get, but with the combined efforts of Greg, and the Miller boys, Scott and Dennis, the bird finally landed in a cage a neighbor had loaned. Another call ,to Dick who told them Sam- sons had lost; a bird, arid in a short time Dickie was again at home with Mom and Pop, a, weary little bundle of feathers who has now recovered and chirps cheerfully after his escapade. » n * The p'asi week has been a .nice Morjorie Houck Of Lone Rock Engaged To Wed America's biggest little delivery truck! INTERNATIONAL METRO-MITE® Is only 13 ft. overall, yet carries 200 cu. ftfor 1,000 Ib. loads... gives you more loadspace for the money than anything on wheels t Walk-in, walk-through design speeds load handling, makes every inch of load area accessible. Even further economies: high gasoline mileage, low oil consumption from a power-packed 4-cylinder engine, next-to-no body maintenance, high resale value 1 (Mr and Mrs Donald W. Houck, ,one Rock,'announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their- daughter Marjorie Jean, to Lloyd Camp Jones III, son of, Mr and Mrs Lloyd Camp Jones [I, Lincoln, Nebraska. •'"";. 'Miss Houck attended Iowa State University kt Ames and the University of Nebraska at bincoln, where she was a member of-the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. Mr Jones attended the University of Georgia at Athens and ndiW attends the University of Nebraska -where he is a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity. The wedding will take, place August 29 at the Presbyterian church, graving) Lone Rock (UDM En- one — a call from Karel Horan, Minneapolis, a week ago Friday? a call from Margaret Platt Pannkuk, Fairmont, Minn., .this Friday and a visit from my cousin Julia Cady, Mason Cky, Saturday. I arn past the 200 mark on; callers according, to a recent check on my guest book, with from now till August 30 to make it a year since I moved -to Good Samaritan. Bculah Hartsen of busbuqtig was also at Bancroft ViMtiHg I/ft* and Mrs Nick Sandt aftd tfte'Pete Sandts of Burt and 0UWayH6 Sandt called here at the same time, * » » We jniss the daily calls of Met' tie Haag (Mrs Roy) who has*ao faithfully spent each afternoon here with her husband. On One of the calls she was taken sick, finally landed in-»6t. Ann where she has been till July 9. She is now with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Duane ktem, and before long will be able to resume her visits here at G S. The son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Gene Thissen, arid children have been here" from SI. Petersburg, Fla. They were on vacation which coincided with Mrs Haag's hospital sojourn and had not been here for two,years. * * * Did you notice the picture of "the charming little girls in the Sunday Des Moines Register magazine section, iCristy and Karen Kern, lovely daughters ol Mr and Mrs Delmar Kern. There is a strong resemblance to mama Joan Wolcott Kern and 'the late- grandma Josephine Wolcott. * * « I had the nurses and personne here running in circles trying to find the little magazine tha wasn't there. I was so sure I hac a fourth copy of the "lowan" and since two were from the library and the one "lost" being from Jicre preyed heavily on my mind. That I should be so careless as to lose one! And in one room there aren't mapy places to lose' things. So when Beth Annis called me from the library and told me I was mistakenn and did not have the magazine at any time, my relief was immeasurable. Well, it all goes to show I'm geltine old and forgetful! * * > J ' • Julia Cady was here Saturday and we had such a nice visit. It has been some time since we have been atole to sit down alone and get caught up on aid the fam- uy news, bne stopped briefly in Garner to see, the son Pat and family. The daughter Jean, as 1 have mentioned, is at the National Music camp at Intenaiten. Mich., where she is on 'the faculty. She will be there through August. She was on the lacuny at Hammond, La., the past two years. And Jerry, the oldest of Julia's family, is a doctor with the navy air force and at present is at sea. He was recently promoted to Lt. Commander. Thig 'report is correct. Mrs Harvey Tnompson, Hurt, became a resident /here Thursday. She had previously been at St. Ann •hospital. I saw > her daughter Helen;. Lathrop bring in a few things to make her room more homey. Isn't it strange how at tached ture? we get to bits of fiirni : Irving Applegaie of G. S. was visited Sunday by his nephew and wife, Mr and Mrs Victor iApplegate, Ames. Edward Stu;der went to West Bend Sunday fwith his son and daughter-in- flaw, Mr and Mrs Wilbur Studer JKanawha. The son Vernon Stu- I r der was also a caller. John Rink ;=had Max Nitz and John Frandle Low price tag I • » 1,000 Ib. loads! Easy handling, parking! High-economy power! Low upkeep! Phone CY 4-3501 1417 Commercial St. AUGONA, IOWA INTERN ATIONAL* TRUCKS WORLD'S MOST COMPLETE Second ppri of prayer -— "Keep my mdnd free from the recital of endless details — give me wings to get to the point. — 1 ask for grace enough to listen to the talcs' of .others' pains. Help me to endure them with patience. — But seal rtiy lips on my own aches and pains —- they are increasing and my love of rehearsing them is becoming sweeter as the years go cby." • • * * * Mrs Anna "Mc'Quaid celebrated 'her 05th biHhday Saturday and many friends called on her at Good Samaritan. She is feeling very we'll and enjoyed the day so much —• It is vacation-time and Mary.Zaugg is taking the week off. There " is another purpost other than vacationing in the real sense. Her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs John Phillips recently came from Eureka, Cal. and sjnco arriving became parents July 2 of an eight pound one ounce son whom they have named David John. Mary is looking- after the little fellow and his mother, the former Kathleen Zaugg. When little Mary Mar garet Zaugg wasn't feeling very well this morning, July 13, with polio rampant in Des Moines, any sickness is a worry. She has hac shots so it is probably a little summer upret. But one can worry, can't one? — Other G. S. news is that Mrs Malt Kapp was visited last .week by her cousin, Mrs of Ledyard ' as callers * » Monday. Teke heed — "If your wife wants to learn to drive, don't tend in her way." * V » I had more interesting callert- Saturday afternoon — Mrs Edna Stebbins, • Pomona, Calif., and Mrs Margaret Ross, her sister, Dayiton, unio. Edna just misses being a relative. Maybe I could call her cousin-in-law. .Her daughter Leeta married my cousin Melvin Henderson. That's pretty close, isn't it? Edna is retired haying lor many years 1 been a clerk in a store at Pomona. Margaret is still employed in the postoffice, a job also held by her laite husband. These women were the Winslow girls. Edna came Monday afternoon for a further visit which I enjoyed immensely. In checking my copy before sending it to the office, I should ha~Ve added to the biru story v is too bad Hazel Lusby's Jeffrey was never lound. Ho too was hired by the big out doors but no reports were ever heard from him. He was so cute I could do a page on that alone. fe take time to enjoy a "telephone break" It's a wonderful way to relax, ' Just a few minutes of easy chatting on the phone and tensions vanish, spirits rise. Make it a habit 'to take time out occasionally for an enjoyable telephone visit with friends and relatives, It's one of many little ways your telephone helps you live better, enjoy life more, NORTHWESTERN BiU TiUPHONE COMPANY New Weil To Be Drilled At Bancroft Don't FOOT those bills.,, ... pay by check \ » Hot or cold... rain or shine.,»TheffeVftfi • need to stand in line. A checking sceotmtfcives you a world of convenience, safely • / and prestige' and you're always at the head _ 6f that bin-paying line. Remember, teo, t youf, > - •. v - canceled checks are valid proof of payment} • . So don't foot those bills... open f your checking account today* y IOWA STATE BANK 'Bancroft will drill a new well in the northeast section of town. Estimated cost will be $4,650 for the 400 foot . drilling. Property was purchased for $600. The old well has been filling with fine sand. Sand was founu 140 feet down and' casings were ratted Resulting in muddy water The sand has been causing abrasive 'action on the pump, necessitating frequent pump replacements. Site of the new well was purchased from Maurice and Elizabeth Wolfe just south of their residence. Transaction for the^and was completed Thursday. 'The action had 'been approved at the July council meeting, Thorpe Well company of Dea Moines will drill the wejl. Wesley Wizards Met The regular meeting of the Wesley Wizards 4-H club was held July 6 at the home of Marilyn and Louise Skow. Plans were made for Achievement Day to be held August 10 in the Methodist church in Wesley. Plans were also made for 4-H camp at'Clear Lake. Marvis Nygaard, Pelores Goelz and Louise Skow gave talks. A team demonstration was given by Marvis Nygaard and Delores Qoetz. ,. Kossuth County had 789 heifer calves officially calfhood vaccinated for brucellosis durin June, according to official re- KEEPS MEAT FRESH 7 DAYS WITHOUT FREEZING FROST-FRE AUTO-DEFROST REFRIGERATOR^ New 13 cu. ft. Combination with exclusive COLD INJECTOR SYSTEM Keeps all foods fresh longer NOW-SHOP ONLY ONCE A WEEK! Even hamburger stays store- fresh 7 days in the special Meat Keeper. 1 Big twin porcelain crispers keep vegetables garden-fresh longer than ever. • low temperatures all over ... you t. can even store milk in the door • No-bind Glide-Out Shelve* L • Freezer has package dispensor NO COILS ON BACK .. . fits flush all around and there's ho space to collect dust. •'" ; . •HEW SHAPE OF TOMORROW, STYLING with Choose-N-Change Color Panels. icmce STANDARD "As you travel. .. asU A new Mnd of travel information service awaits you at Standard Oil Dealers all over Mid-America, On a trip, when you have a question, Standard Oil Dealers invite you.., ".As you travel —ask us," For Standard Dealers are trained to be especially helpful. They have directories jto ifrelp you find: <places to eat <pr $eep, local streets, emergency service^ rquseums, recrea tion spots, S<i r^mefrber, wherever you may go, whatever you want x ~ KM « " ar^VSSS V,~r? faSh**? ' 4 - If * # < !. J gxgegf wore from STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS HOPKINS SUPER •fhone CY 4-3372 State form v ^ n ^^$~^~ti^^^ ^yf^s** * * rt ' * """' * . * .

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