The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 23, 1959 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1959
Page 10
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0*4 UpfWt tfc* Mtfne* et De$ utomes WATCH YOUR tAX BUDGETS • - • ' '•'.'.-'.-' • . • "**l While our 1 959 tax will not be due and payable until ne*t year, the amount of property tax that each of us will be asked to pay is set Up HOW, •He!**'*-?'- : ' .**'"."' It is the dfficials who are making up tax budgets now who set our next year's tax bill. the official public agencies, the town, the school, the t different departments maintained by the county and the county represented by the board of supervisors, make an estimate now as to how much of our tax money they are going to need HE'S GUESSING WRONG An interesting aftermath 6f the visit of Soviet first deputy Frol Kozlov to this country is his voiced opjrrioii that he believes the United States is headed for a political system like that of the Soviet Union. Deputy Kozolv thus makes full use of one of the greatest assets of the U.S., the right to speak your own mind freely, without fear of retribution for a voiced opinion. Mr Kozlov l,s guessing wrong. While we on the American scene may. toy with new ideas, to pay for the operation of their department of adjust our old ones, and change from time to our public business. These estimates are proposed time our concept of the functions of government, expenditure budgets. Tfce budgets are published it is hardly likely that a nation founded on in the local and cpunty" v hewspapers and a date Is set when taxpayers may appear to ask for an explanation of the proposed expenditures. If there are no complaints or protests, the county auditor will;be., guided by the budget estimates in making out our tax bills for next year. Most of the budgets that have been prepared show an increase in expenditures for the year, and if the budgets are permitted to stand we may be as* sured that a further increase in taxes will be required of us In, T°60. '*Any taxpayer who feels thdt he has any grounds for believing that the budget set by his elected officials is too high, should attend the budget hearing and file his complaints. * * * RULE OUT SNAILS England might be in its reception of Jones*'* the "rfiivfll ""hew* in spectacular sea battle. Arijf. Inuakns ,we*6 dispelled first pavings «s At the "end ol the Vearr United States B»VI««» »» 'Sg.'hiV'iflsrin•aeftotdaflcewith tht ffij* sates In KosstSHft ••«gt»& MBSS«^tSsSS& %tS5' 8 S3leaded s uum-tarA te* 'C&:fi*^?^^SR8«a Cent* df the t§5& goal. .™,f**at com P an_. _ ^ . Therefor ;called the picture "rtittfetttfe,*., - \ - v ,».'"' «. Cliatlei ' Cobueft finally ftiut v r£" W."Nitchals7 Algona, volun- ^ his long availed oflpbrtunity to ^^ chairman for the savings to insurance play BsnjamjftTranklin as a mart ,b on d 9 program, yreported that of letters aril diplomat, Hf had j une " refused other roles that slress- $83,089. ed the - importance of dther yn'., .... Franklin acWvKJea, ''John P«ul .Jones"- permits him toTpiay* Franklin at the; lima he wai Sft?vini |s America's first \ eomihtestoner to France. x , In fntfrte than half a eentuxy of acting, Charles Cqfcurh has pbr urgu ^ nc b:o£ law, l, OP? MOfOH CLUB O? AMERICA INSOR. U f U h lhc rir«fy?fh^n Jlcember f!S&Sp«»^ 5 T «I« ! ^ v-4n¥ 354 - 607 - 07 » ^^"I^.^OOJWM.O ANCE COMPANY. Newark 4 Su V trayed many famous men'on ^the sutc ofNew Je^yT screen. 'His character' --—•- „_„*: ttittiafvtrftt' tTVanUlJn-'in ' Whereas, the above namea __ JBenjamnn r ranium m hag fu<s( ^ Jn the i nsUran c this Robert Stack starring vehicle of j owa a sworn staMt.—.- —i* his 21st such role. . ' .; **.™^*&^™8S^vfa y $ """" Title XX, V» atf „. over Liabilities June , ,$609,537.73 1959 'WILLIAM ft.' TIMMONS Commissioner ol Insurance freedom would willingly throw those freedoms to the wind and decide to live under communism, or a communistic form of government. However, Kbzlov's prediction may serve a good purpose. It may help to wake us up, if we have been asleep, and to sharpen our efforts to improve-our own democratic form of government. It has never been completely perfect, in its years of existence, but it has proved to be the best form of government to ever rut» a nation, in the history of the world. Kozlov may privately be of the opimpn, from what-he has seen, that we are becoming completely lazy/ completely self-satisfied, and lethargic in our approach toward solving our own problems and playing a part in the affairs of the world. If so, then his remarks may serve "Oh, *top mumbling about Ae law ol supply MM! demand! If you want a raise, you've got>» DEMAND and demandl" Holiday," and General Burgoyne BSmY^. " in. "The Devil's Disciple." '-He -mwawfe. 'W^NS has also played Chaucer, in "The WILLIAM E. TIMMONS. , Canltetipury, Pilgrims" and Hippocrates, father 'oi medicine. iursuahce o; Commissioner w& A genial gentleman and one of »«g the fl&tdiy of April, 1050. Filmland's best loved citizens, "i further certify -that on December * ' Washington Charles Coburn is a favorite* 'of public and,rs, alike. . S ' highlights * Player, look forward to work- » ca With him A young . «tor. i 8> Anv Terson'cfiimiAg T an, interest Ulg 7®Ji%*A« '& IffiS^ug^^tff , w , 58 ' 624724 o'rfeited/ndllsposc $1,586,247.21 10 W niiam K. uiiey, . **-* ^ A Weekly Report from fhe Nation's Capital by Ray Verrum SHEEPSKINS COME klGH— their living in cities than once remarked, "It'll be nice'to •-Liabilities —— ^.ooo,™..*-. — - wiiiiam . be in the same cast 'with Mr 5 SurpHu' " d «| ard8 $2 ,5B6,247.24 ional Commissioner. Coburn. I can learn a lot about D £ t ed at DCS MoincsT this l day at theatrical history from him.", June, 1950. To which, a venerable charac- 1 iter actor replied, "Son, Charles (Seal) on Coburn IS theatrical history!" ( 20 -30-31) the good purpose of alerting us to these shortcomings we The cost''' of sending youngsters farms. Actually, figures show to college can be a crushing fin-/.that less than 15 percent of our ancial burden in many families, people live ' on farms and the A new survey shows a parent trend is toward an ever decreas- IIIUA* itl What Mr Kozlov is overlooking is that while _ have never done everything,.completely ri 9 ht under a democratic-form of government, we have done more in the way of preserving human liberties'and raising the standards of living of all pur "citizens, than any other nation in the world. We are not perfect, but we certainly take no back'.seat for any nation living under communism; and never will. ' The Department of Agric,ultAJr,e->'cpn»inues playing its game of "hit W miss'f v/itlvihe tax dollar. For instance: they recently asked tor a $550,000. appropriation from Congress for purposes of constructing a new cornborer and other >, There's only one thing in ihis world;'worse than''being talked about,", and* that is not being talked about, — Prairie City News. * * * When adults act- like children, they're just silly. When children act like adults, they're delinquent. Wouldn't it be better to judge each by their contemporaries? — Osceola Tribune.- Decorah Public Opinion — With all the talk about fast drivers and the dangers that they purvey on our highways, let's pause for.a moment and consider the opposite extreme, Sam Snail, another public highway executioner. • How often have you slipped over the crest of a hill doing a reasonable and proper 6'0-or-so to •find yourself staring at a rapidly approaching posterior view of a car doing barely 35? If it's happened to you once, our guess would oe that it was once too, often. The dangers that slow-moving traffic—whether it's automobile, tractor or bicycle—hold for • ,...-. ,the average, .flow of motorists are manifold. In CORNBQRER INVADES TIFTON •many of, the so-called ".unavoidable": accidents, one of the vehicles involved is a vehicle that is inching along as its driver enjoys the sights— cither countryside around .him or perhaps more pleasant!feminine topography closer at hand. A minimum speed law has.been effected for the sections'of our Interstate Highway System. HU!>D 3 «• -«... 0 - . . „..- -A law for all Iowa-highways following..the p | ant pes ts research ^laboratory. But where do "same pattern certainly wouldn't be out T>i line from y OU suppose they wbu)d ; ;build; this-; •.-.•.• .,*•.•., •., our point of view. '"'...'. "' ^£Kp^~ Not irt the midwest, where these pests-are lo-*^ cated and do their dirty work, but neatly tucked away in, Georgia. ••••' It is not immediately apparent whether the borer has moved his headquarters to a warmer winter climate, or the Department considers Tif- Von to be-a-part of the midwest. A more logical step on the part of the Department would be to allocate this same sum to already existing research facilities in several midwestern colleges and.universities. These same schools are operating on limited budgets, and yet seem to have the capacity to turn out excellent jobs -in plant pest control. Why not give. ai E Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa them the necessary funds to operate full scale instead of wasting $550,000 worth of time, effort and funds on just the building in Tifton. But then, why be logical when it is much more fun to be wasteful!. ' _ * * * SOME CAUTIC COMMENTS Eagle Grove Eagle — Ever since the days of President" Nollen it seems Grinncll. College has been attracting "peculiar or unusual" presidents. President Samuel Stevens could "and often did" publicly lie down in the middle of a drawing room with dozens of people present and go to sleep. It demonstrated among other things his ability to "concentrate" he said. Now the present head Dr. Bowen is attracting a groat deal of attention as a liberal. He headed the Governor's study committee that rec ' other things a reapporlionment plan thai must be prepared to spend from 'ing agricultural population. Best $7,000 t'o $10,000 for "each'child's'.bet is that a year of study will four-year college education. To a be undertaken before such a father of three children, for ex- department is organized, ample, thait means a total bur- —o—• den of between $21,000 and $30,- THE FLIGHT LINE — Amer- '000. And all of this is after taxes 'ican airlines ' will put up a big and none of it tax deductible. : It fight to make sure that they get has now been suggested Hhat-the. a fair share of international air- Federal Government step in and ,line passengers. Figures show FRO M THE FILES OF THE „„„,„„« „,...„...., , insure 90 or 95 percent of the ''that 55 percent of all passengers ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES the' laws of this state relating , i 1 l • • '- mU •_ 1 . _ i L1_!_ .«.«... u. 4-vt. r « « J Tl ll^/AI-^O **iJ%**^*^ ** , -. ,. !.__.. » n »«n INSURANCE DEPARTMENT OF IOWA - DES MOINES &'-U;%:'iW;^«3^.,<'-;' :t:^ ; ;:'i:''' JULY 27, 1939 -....;. ..* ' ' '.*'.' ..• * A rat terrier. at Sexion had a ANNUAL CERTIFICATE FOR PUBLICATION OF THE" FARMERS NEW WORLD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Located at Seattle in the State of Washington. Whereas, the above named company has filed in the Insurance Department of Iowa, a sworn statement;, showing ?ts condition'on'the thirty-first'day of December, 1958 in accordance with-the provisions 'of .Chapter '515, Tltle^ XX, of the Code'of loWa, 195^ relating to Insurance Companies; and whereas said Insurance Company has complied with of this State relating to insurance. . . . T Therefore, in pursuance of law, I WILLIAM E. TIMMONS, Commission?!; of Insurance do hereby:/; certify that If By . • } ....... Clair Blossom SEE AMERICA FIRST you have your heart set on risk on loans to students. This between this country and Europe would be similar to the'way the were American citizens. Last Government helps'.American's•• buy y ear the tota ^ had risen to 73 homes, There are ; few 'loans percent. In 1948, however, ?0. ^ which'would be safer" than those percent of the trans-Atlantic b.usy time of it one afternoon last £ W a B iVrtne manneT provided "by law proposed for college students. It passengers were flying on U.S. we ek. The dbg discovered a rat unt n the first day of April, i960, is estimated that a college ..airplanes but last year ^he figure , u hder an old board. '' Ed FiWh education is at, least $100^- had. dropped to 42 percent. ,,,, jwas^watching-iitne: dpg ;at. ,work "" " -•- •• '^-o— • •'•• . 'trying to get the ra't out and gave 2 Total" Liabilities HANDS ACROSS THE SEA— him a hand b y lifting up a few Except ~ 000, over a student's lifetime — , the ' difference between a college education and. no college edUcaT We might be wise to pay^mpre. boards tion. illl me iirsi uay ui ^H-..,*«,,«. _u«.. I further certify that on December the statement shows— ,. Admitted,. Assets,, -,4,0,148,458.93 -.$37,677,773.46 . the vicinity. The ter-. 3 a Paid up ; _______ $ 1,134,500;00 attention to our friends m Spam. ir and Mr Fi t 0 h then got busy • 4 surplus over all »,r,-M.' o__:_ ;„ --- ^K Q ^ ~- "" member of . . Liabilities — - r - — -—. GOING prcSSure - KIOUp 10 IIKJIV lup uau". , *»."--«- «—~— ^- -- c- - - . ...--.... fi., t^, f **+¥ *• »***•». ' *» " •*•-- •—: , • — ties The trend in recent 5 years miles from Russia. It is import- A1 . gona photographer, died at his has'been for 'economic power to ant to note that we have given home he re Wednesday at 10 a.m. concentrate itself in two groups that country little of the foreign He had been a res ident here for — labor and business. There are aid money that has been so gen- 46 years and was survived by all kinds of ideas kicking around e 1 " 0 "^. spe SL- n .^°_ f5 4vr" r °^.f his wifeijwo sons, a brother and Congress to help this L " ~ INSURANCE DEPARTMENT OF IOWA ,.,,.,,. DES MOINES •; making a trip in the near future, make sure you've seen the yrond- ->:; ''•.••^'. .'....•! ••:-•": . •!. - ers of'';Ani- erica first. Every staie in all iha 49 has so much lo offer in wal of "points of i n. t e rest .and ; al- iso v a.C'a- t i onlarids. No malter what vour fancy, it's within our borders. Whether "you're traveling north, east, south or west, you will return with so many pleasant memories. ' until you've agent; Be in order peace of f Blossom insurance'Agency, 109 No. Dodge Street, Algona, Phone CYpress t--.27.35. man. mers Entered as second class matter at'the postoffice at Algona, v lowa, under Act ol Congress of March 3. 1879. . ~ Issued Thursday in 1959 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor C. S. ERLANDER, Advertising Director DON SMITH,..News Editor CLIFF LONG, Advertising Mgr. FERMAN CHRISTOFFERS, .Plant Foreman forgotten countries. Forgotten is the fact A Department 6f Consu- that Spain fought the Corn- has been suggested. R munists when other parts of the would do for the consumer what world were little concerned with the Department of Labor does for the threat that the Reds posed labor and what the Department to inter-national freedom, of commerce does for business. " A pending bill would require ; • - ~\.i- •-" ••"' '.' •--' large corppralions to give a 30- day notice before increasing prices. Another bill calls on the President to hold public hearings on price and wage increases' whenever they threaten economic stability. SPEEDING UP THE A-PLANE — There is every indication that the military will discard the 14- year plan to turn out an atomic- Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON sister. Funeral services were held at the Congregational church at 10 a.m. Saturday. * •* .* Ball games were pulling big crowds all over the area. The Algona Brownies blasted 'Mankato, 10-3, before a large, enthusiastic crowd here Tuesday night as Forrest fanned 14 opposing batters. Danny White furnished most of the hitting fireworks for the locals, including a home run. The ; Hub softball team, which lost its first six games, ran its winning skein to two with a 10-8 ^win over the previously unbeaten "White Rose crew in a 10-inning .thriller Wednesday night. Hub hurler Pommerening clinched any American 'schoolboy can with a man on. you all about John Paul * After three days of betier-than 7 90 degree temperature' readings NATIONAL EDITORIAL among NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., Ne.W York 18, N. Y; 333 N. Michigan^ Chicago 1, 111. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year, in advance — .,. ........ - ----------- . Both Algona papers, in combination, per year ---- $5.0Q Single Copies „ ----- „,, ............ - ...... - ---- ..... W>c SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year, in advance . ------ .._— ---------------- :~S4.00 Both Algona papers in combination, one year - — $0.00 No subscription less than 6 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NJWSPAPER Display Advertising, per ipch ---------- :« ----- .. — 63c ADVERTISING RATES ClUiVJ.Mfcj V/V14V-* «-"--C3- * * , _ . put both houses on a population basis. He also had some very unflattering remarks to make about Iowa in general that showed a complete, lack of understanding of the state. • Now he has made headlines again by refusing to accept federal scholarship funds for needy students attending Qrinnell,because, according to the law they have to take an oath of allegiance o the United States. He has been supported by the pinko editorial department of the Des Moines Register and Tribune J \JCll Ui.CTil li\J VlAiAi WL*l* t*** Mfc*Ji***\-~ —., ;. 7 „. « .....'•--. -:t • ** **» +.-+T+ *• »••.-..—- tj - -. powered airplane. This .will go Hollywood, Calif,..— Almost the win by slamming a home run against the wishes of President • — ! " "" Eisenhower who favored an orderly development of the A- »:j o ~nes" plane.. The Atomic Energy Com- tv However, the fame of the __„„___._. _ mission, however, feels that wo , founder of our American Naval area citizens hoped the weather- can turn out such an airplane Code seems not to have spread man was telling the "truth when sooner by using the know-how ^ o some parts of Spain. A matter he predicted cpoler readings dur- already in existence. that the "John Paul Jones" com- ing the weekend. The mercury —o— party discovered while filming hit 93 degrees July 23 ,and 25, BIG NOISE FOR NOTHING— the story of his life in Madrid, while the low during the week Unless we are wrong the current • Conchila Hombria was secre- W as 60. NO rainfaU was register- avestigation by Congress to fary to Samuel Bronston, who ed during the period, determine whether retired gen- .produced the Technirama feature . , ? . * , * . erals and admirals are exerting 'for'Warner Bros, release. Miss There was a great deal of pressure to get lush contracts for t Hombria excelled as a bi-ling-ual excHement' at the home of John ;he companies they have been 'secretary. In "other words, Con- Wonderly at Livermore at 6:30 lired to represent will fizzle out chita was a gal who can tell you - • ••••••• completely. As much as Congress .her boss is in INSURANCE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY X J. R.*(Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance 206 East State St. Phone CY 4-3176 BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan NT^ Dodge .Phone CY 4-2735 DOCTORS Why not take the oath—it is impossible to . . . individual conceive of any situation in which would refuse to take this oath, Dr Bowen may just be trying to attiaet attention to Grinnell by this latest odd RW 0 """' ment. But if sp'he is attracting the wrong km<i of attention. •y- I SEE BY THE PAPER ,., "Your daughter is engaged . . . your son Js <?i»piain of the basketball team ..," "I see by the paj^r ..." , It's a comment that starts thousands of conversations everyday, That's because your newjsp/aper is. the datebook oi the community, the diary o| your everyday life, the historian of our time?, |t anr nounces births, weddings, deaths. It tells thf community Bbout all the things that happen t9 u£ from the cradle io the grave, It is the only f9«rce of detailed information about your home tov^n affairs , , , »n4 available for your y ending at v.,oys BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE St. Ph. C - Automobile - Farr Polio Insurance CHARLES D. 'PAXSpN Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life/General Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL -ho can tell you Monday when a jar, contain- OvermoooToOO worth,' conference and f ng ch i or ide and sugar exploded, "Yuranc^ in force! A li the house and" basement with smoke. A bucket brigade was _ formed by neighbors who heard Con " the blast and the fire was quick- THI AtOQHf UPPIR DES MOINES Read Weekly By ©Vgr would like it will not get the cannot be disturbed, in either g(?l tne garage on fire and filled names of the generals and ad- Spanish or English, without the - .*;>,-. .-. — -.<.*- mirals who may be using their slightest trace of accent, new posts to throw contracts to , * * * the companies which have hired -One day, the efficient ^ u _ _ „__ ^ them. This is unfortunate since chita answered the (telephone j extinguished. A small hole Congress has gone out of its way with her usual, pleasant, "John ,j n ^ ie roo f o f tj ie garage and to grant adequate- retirement Paul Jones Productions," and sm pke damage |n the-home were funds to these people. Enlisted the.reby teed-off a rapid-fire con- repor tedly covered by'insurance, men on retirement are the ones versation in Spanish, . While the m ne C hi6ride and sugar had been who should be complaining. x caller may never win any gold s t ore( j in the ga.rage for a couple —o— ' stars, for prplipiency, in History, of .years..' It had been used in NO HELP THIS YEAR—Thcro the ^dia.lqgue had its interesting blasting is little likelihood that,- Congress points. . . • • will enact legislation to provide ''Please, may -I speak with special health insurance for the Senor John Paul Jones?" asked elderly and the retired this year, the voice in a matter-qf-iapt tone. .Many pressure groups, including Now Conchita was alsp ''Hep' the medical profession, are again- in both languages. . This spund? st it. It should be pointed out, ed too much like a' call for W however, that the income of the Lyon put through to the near- G5 and over age group is the low- est z»o. Nevertheless, Conduta In one nearby town, spme •citizens claimed it was not enough to fry an egg — however, one person tried it and found it wasn't quiie that hot. * * « A. surapce in force. A home-•; cdmpahy. Safe, secure.- Phone CY 4-3756 Lola Scuffhanv Sec'y HERBST INS. AGENCY , For Auto, HouserHousehold ' H*>ods, and Many Other Forms Phone CY 4-3733 Ted S. Herbs! ANDY CRAWFORD • i General Agent Iowa Farm Mutual":Ins. Co.' Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life - Hail -' Tractor , Phone CY 4-3351 MELVTNG. BOURNE. M. D. ' "' Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY.4-2345 Resident phone .CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician & .Surgeon 218 W. State Street f Office phone CY 4-2353 /Resident phone CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician & Surgeon 114 N. Moore Office phone CY 4-2224 Resident phone "CY 4-2232 "JOHN M. SCHUTTERT M.D7 Physician & Surgeon 220 No. -Dodge, Algona •.-Office phone CY 4-4490 Resident phone CY 4-2335 ractor 'D'r. D, D'.' Arnold . Chiropractor . Ofice Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: 9:00 ^-5:00 Open Friday Night : Dr. R. J. Thissen Chiropractor 17%' E. Slate St., Algona .;• . ; Phone|.CY 4-3621 OPTOMETRISTS ,„,., in. ttQSfoSX nearby tpwn reading the funny papers, esA of all age groups in theVoun- played it straight with a simple, ^ do ^J?imeSSlv Ld fS ^V'L^ jc^r, 59.3 pcux-cat of but h,9 is WtV^l" •If this was gjL^gJ "Jfiffig, 8 " ^ ghe wJs air^uples ovlr 05 had iwpmes, the ^arush v^'swn of an Amw- WW R tel at the time and m te-to.,?nd, 32 percent of te«V I& * *<* a n^wpiiwttaj s J^ e ^ u S^ » { fi thud. 3, SUNDET Representing State Farm Ins. Co. 706"So. Phillips St. Ugona Phone CY 4-2341 AUTO—InlFE—FIRE—HAIL —o, BU|*EAUCRAQY -^ Naw tey're talking about s^ttjing up a Department of Urbicutee This,is arrange word but rlas to |Q wit,h problems of cily-ljf at thg.time and a- " * * % weefe of ' r here, feaj-ur- "Serj?n^4 e ". with " ' ' Ayres, 1U tl^VJUVa mtff fftfff'f^"- Tr* 1 «v*" "f ~" w^TT'. eit+inu $1,5.0,0 ,^nd 32 percen^ of j,e$i\ yjto,, fct ^ a non-cominrtta] EH The tKis'group tried to live on less answer, n ^ *"*' - "js he twn at Hilton #$*,&'!" the informat^A seeker cpmyjuqd,." I uftderstanol he Is staying th,ere.'' f^ConchTfei, r^altged by th.en lhs& e4 '*&&&&i no, rib w§s jnt(@p4ed. - JeaneWe McL^, w vkM «y»w *»«-«•» »» v.vj-v^, "John F^ul Jones was an Ian. Hunter aol The DpDjM-tment of Agriculture American hero but he is dead," "She Married A Cop" with Phil ira! oSiS during the admin- $» tried to eyplain. u gegan, Jean Parker and Benny Lsi.raUpn of Abraham' Wncolfl. At , "Oh, J am s® wwy," 9^10 the, 'ftafer; "Andy Haxdy Gets Spj^ng that time 80 percent gf the people wply in-Spanish, mease, where Fever", featuring wctoy Rooney, lived on farms and agriculture does one send flowers?"' Lewis Stone, Ann Rutherford and was a most important, part of the * * * Fay Holden; and "Unexpected $s>mmx- Q£ fiWA«£, it s.uu m > T& wafesa tiw& Bistefe. few« f^ta^ mife §tew'tey. tes, gs today *but now more people Kdru "was alwayb the pui,sib2iiy that nis O'Kc-irfe and Misvha Auer. DENTISTS PATRICK J. DENTIST 11? Nsith I49,or^ Street Phone CYpress 4-2708 DR, I^ARL B, HOFFMAN Qffiqe m Home Federal Bldg plione Cy4.-4.341 PR, J. B. HARRIS-JR Dentist New Lpcation Drs. SAWYER and ERICKSON J .;- ,.v; Eyes,Examined ,.' l Contact Lenses " ' Hearing Aid Glasses • 9 East State Street Algona, Iowa Phone CYpress 4-2196 Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:'00 p.m. Closed Saturday Afternoons DR, C, M. O'CONNOR Optometrist Analysis & Visual Training 108 South Harlan St (Home Federal Bldg.) ; PHONE Cy 4-3743 Farm Management Carlson Farm Management Company 12ft N. Dodg« P 4 h. fty.4-3891 Pcb Alfp.rKNWtlinqo^nt%»

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