Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 22, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 22, 1894
Page 3
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«i. •• Btotche* on tl-.i. Slilu. />/«'"/ . anil a« 7«iT»oiM (Jiirf tr-mbl,iui »';••»; (i,m» nro relliwl <»j unliia »"•»<• ' •'•• Covered with I Taitotoi and SolBblo Coatir-3 01 nil drn«i«lli f' l '-'X 3 ,",r' 1 ,"!' I?- 1 'To The Eating Public. Wo are serving 1 clean, well cooked meals that are appetizing in themselves. Our place has been renovated, we have attentive and tidy service, and will endeavor to please all our patrons. We set a good lunch for l~> cents, a full men.! for 23 cents, 21 meals for $3.r>0. We can aecomodato CO d*y boarders. We have a well-stocked lunch counter, bake our own pastry and always have a good cup of coffee, call and iee as at TIMEIIIIE 3iO I1BOAD1VAY. And itwffl Keep You Cool Drlnlc It when yon »rr Inlroty; when yon ore tlivd : when you an overbroted. Wnen- *v*fynu<Wltb»l» hMllturtvlug timperenoi drink will do you go»d, d_nnjt_ HIRES' Root beer A We. pkg. mrtWlBiUnw. Sold every whore. The <!lui«. K. Hlrc« Co., Plilliidflpliln. IHIllltltlMHlll'I'lllftlllllllltUtimllllllllllll Traveling Alone On journeys is tedious— tnakei trips teem long which ore all too short with good How is it then that on one great journey so many choose to travel absolutely alone — cum their backs on the only companion* that can make the way pleasant f Iff the journey of life, and the way if long, tedious, and even dreaded, uuleM We are hand in hand with those Two Friends Health and Strong Nerves I When they are along days are full of sunshine 1 ' An they vntk you matin/ tkt journey taffy, or Mane you Jrivtn thtm way ty canleaniis, worry, nirtoork, iittipatian, o.-°<itrtavsa I Wt want to Ml you /tat afreafl and fail* till use of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer v •alvays irinft taet Health and Strong NirvU" matfs a reconciliation f Kxplaln yonr case (with «t»mp for reply) mnfl the Doctor will glndly advise you. Free treatment for other dJiemse with Nervous Troubles will be given to users of the Vitallier if found necessary or druggists at. Ji.oo « bottle, or If not found with your local dealer write us, The J.W. Brant Co. Mskers ALBION, MICH. A«d4»D*jr«.,IUwYorH We offer $500 to any chemtat or other pernon who ahull flnd by ftnaly- •Ma particle or opium, morphine, co. calne.or anv barm< (til dr.icln this n edywmcb users can depend upon Hall Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MOBNING. MAY 22. Get your ahlrt w»UU and ready made wrappers at the Trade Palace. All the little needfuls in man's wear, • *t Patterson'* new hat and furnishing '' *tore. Haute for Sale Very Cheap—No. «08 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. "; DeLonir, No. 402 Market street. Acute and ohronlo catarrh; disease* "of the throat and ear treated by Dr. J. H. Shultz, 412 Fourth street. Telephone 157. Do not fall to attend tha King's • Daughter! entertainment on Thursday ••vtnlng at the re»ldeno« of Dr. Coleman. Admission 25 oentf. For Sale—A. E Taylor'i brick reil- ' Hvery barn and blaolnmltb Eel River avenue. Inquire of Brown, at George H»rrl«m'§ ^ «!•?•. «S4 Brotdway. ' REDUCING EXPENSES. A sharp axe Is being vigorously wielded on the Plttsburg, Fort Wayne & Chicago road. The Fort Wayne Sentinel says: Another order to reduce operating 1 expenses has been Issued from the general offices of the Pennsylvania lines, and as a result the working force of nearly every department will be subjected to another thinning out. Tonight the throe work trains at Warsaw and the one at Upper Sandusky will be taken off the Plttaburg road and the crews and shovelera will be Indefinitely suspended. About fifty men will be afteotcd. Another economic measure is the dropping of the Valparaiso and Plymouth local freight trains, while the Fort Wayne and Plymouth local will run between this city and Valparaiso. Ly this arrangement one train crew will be lot out. The above, itis believed, will be the extent of the economic move eo far as this city is concerned. There are ro instructions to reduce the number of workmen in the shops; at least none have arrived so fur. The com pany claims that the falling off In freight traffic, due in a great measure to the strike of tho miners and the consequent coal famine, caused the necessity for tho reduction of ex- pcnses. CHANGE OK TIME. An Associated Proas dispatch says: •A general change of time will go into effect on the Pennsylvania railroad Hnea on May 27. The principal change is in the Pennsylvania limited, the schedule of which is greatly quickened between the east and the west. The Improvements recently made in the roadbed of the Pennsylvania, the elimination of curves, the laying of additional tracks and tho perfected block signal system enable tho company to make the schedule of twenty-four hours between New York and Chicago, the old schedule requiring twenty-six hours for the trip. On the new schedule the limited will leave New York at 10 a. m.; Philadelphia at 12:20 p. m.; Washington at 10:80 a. m.; Baltimore at 11:40 a. m., and arrive at Plttsburg at 9:15 p. m., and at Chicago at 9 o'clock the next morning. The eastbound train will leave Chicago at 5:30 p. m; Pittsburg at 7:15 a. m.; and arrive at Baltimore at 4:80 p. m ; Washington at 5:45 p. m.; Philadelphia at 4:17,and New York at 6:30 p. m. Geo. H. Preaoott, superintendent of motive power of the Vandalia. spent Sunday in tho city. Jacob Krieg of the Pan Handle boiler shop spent Sunday at his old home at Huntlngton. W. W. Reynold la temporary gen. eral foreman of the Pan Handle shops during tho absence of Thos. Austin. Pan Handle brakeman C. S. Collins la laid up with a badly sprained ankle caused by stepping on a stone while alighting from his .train, A. H. Pollamua road foreman of engines of the Indianapolis division of the Pan Handle is reported serious'y sick at his homo at Indianapolis. The Business Men's Association of Evansvllle has offered the Switch, men's Association a suit of business rooms rent free for five years to make Evansvllle their permanent headquarters. The offer is now being considered by the switchmen. The Grand Trunk road is curtailing expenses with a vengeance. Working- hours in all the shops along the line have been reduced to a minimum and every man who can bo spared has been let out. Many of the smaller and unimportant shops havo been closed entirely. Out of 123 roads for which returns for the month of April have been pub lished, 25 only report ac increase in earnings, while 98 show losses. Of the roads with Increase all but three or four are very small, and In oaly one case is the grain of any considerable amount. The largest decreases are as follows: Northern Pacific, 1539,676; Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, $531,404; Atohieon. Topeka & Santa Fe (two roads), fc44*. 94 °! Canadian Pacific, $296,214; Louisville & Nashville, $261,668; Illinois Central, $230,695: .Missouri Pacific, $180,658; Chesapeake & Ohio, $177,280; Denver & Bio Grande, $146700; Norfolk & Western. $142898; Grand Tsunk, $133,030; Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis. 126,341; Wabaub, $120,315; Missouri, Kansas & Texas, $104,736. . A Hmppr Hu»bsnd. DELAWARE, O.—After four months use of Simmons' Liver Regulator my wife is almost entirely relieved of ohronlo constipated and bleeding piles. _W. B. Leeper. Your druggist sells it in powder or liquid. The powder to be taken dry or made into *> tea. See the new silks, new check and wool dress goods—T«d« Palace. Cur* fsr Small p«x. A correspondent to the Inter Ocean writes that a sure cure for small pox and scarlet fever which ex-Kev. Adirondack Murray claims to be as Infallible as fate is composed of one grain of sulphate of zinc, one grain of digitalis (commonly known as fox-glove) and a half teaspoonfui of sugar. This is to be thoroughly mixed with two tea spoonfuls of water and four ounces of water added. The doee for adults is one teaepoonful every hour and for children smaller doses according to age. Murray says: "The medicine is harmless and ii recommended by the b<.-Bt schools in Paris. I have cured my children of scarlet fever and others of smallpox when the doctors said the patients must die. Either dissase under this treatmtnt will disappear in twolve hours. If the countries would compel their physicians to use it there would be no need of pest houses. Indlnnii at the Fxlr, Tbe final report of B. F. Havens. Indiana Work 's Fair executive commissioner, has been issued. It shows that the total cost of tho Indiana building to the tax-payers was $57,162.60, the contributions making the total value $67,368 50. Tbo amount expended by tb« board of managers was $122,241,03, the per diem of the managers being $5,436 03. The balance in the bands of the treasurer is if4,788.80. The public schools of tho State contributed $5,781 98. The total number of awards to Indiana exhibitors was 278. These were distributed to nearly every department of tho fair. About 152.000 people from this State attended tho Fair who reg. istered at the Indiana building. Mr. Havens estimates the total number from Indiana at 300,000. flOO Reward, 1100. The reader of this paper will be pleased to learn that there Is at least one dreaded diseases that science has been able to cure In nil Its stages and that Is Catarrh, Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the only positive care known to the medical fraternity. Cntarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrli Cnre Is taken Internally, acting directly on the blood and mucus surfaces ot the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and glvlnn the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature In doing Its work. The proprietors have so mueh faith in Us curative powers, that they oflar One Hundred Dollars for any case that It falls to cure. Bund for list of testimonials. Address. F. ,1. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. sr-oold by druggists. Notice. The first payment on subscriptions of stock to the Citizens' Natural Gas Company of Logansport, Ind., is now dus and should be paid at the company's office, corner of Market and Fourth streets. Shares of Block are twenty-five dollars ($25.00) each (two shares to a fire) to be paid as follows: Anrll 20,18»4 * 1 jjj MayZ'i. 1894 J 2S June 20, 1KM - * ™ July 20,1894 * 00 August 20. 1894 SUO September 20.1KI4 ~ J * October 20,18M " "" November 20,18(14 D-cember 20.1884 January 20,1895 3 <» * $2600 JOHN GRAY, President. C. W. GRAVES. Secretary. A Pointer for Traveleri. While Mr. T. J. Rlchey, of Altona, Mo., was traveling in Kansas he was taken violently ill with cholera mor. bus. He called at a drug store to get eome medicine and the druggist recommended Chambflrlaln's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy so hlgV ly he concluded to try it. The reB«lt was immediate relief, and a few doses cured him aompletely. It is made for bowel complaint and nothing else. It never 'alls. For said by B. F. Kees. ling Druggist. ^ Home Seekers' Excursion Northwe«tt Went, aoutbweit, »nd SoutU via Pennsylvania Line*. May 29th, special excursion tickets to points in Northwest, West, ( Southwest and South, will be sold at'prlnci- pal ticket stations on the Pennsylvania lines. Tickets will be good returning thirty days. For details please apply .to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent or address F. Van Dusen, Chief Assistant General Passenger Agent. Pittsburg, Pa. _ Wto»t Will Do It? Medical writers claim that the successful remedy for nasal catarrh must be non irritating, easy of application, and one that will reach the remote .sores and ulcerated surfaces. The history of the efforts to treat catarrh Is proof positive that only one remedy has completely met these conditions, and that Is Ely's Cream Balm. This safe and pleas »nt remedy has mastered catarrh as nothing else has ever done, and both physicians and patients free, ly concede this fact. Our druggists keep it. To IndlaunpolU, Special excursion tickets to Indi. anapolts will be sold from ticket »ta. tions on the Pennsylvania lines in Indiana at reduced round trip rates. as follows: May 22 and 23, aooouat People's Party Convention; good to return until May 2fi, Inclusive. Forparticulars "d time of trains, apply to neirest Pennsylvania line ticket agent. WALLS THAT SPEAK. B*BtlmnDt» gorlbbUd bj Frlioneri Wnll» Awaiting Trial In Court Pent. It is not an uninteresting story that the four walls of the three prisoners' pens in the court of jreneral sessions tell. The story is of faith, hope, discontent, pessimism, utter dispust and anything else you will. Fresh chapters are being added every day. Day after day the three pens are filled with wretched individuals, who await the calling of their names to be- arraigned for pleading to or trial on indictments that charge unything from the theft of ten cents to tlic crime of murder. Betimes the prisoners tlirust their faces, one nt a time, ujjiinst a little square aperture to peer into the courtroom to sen how the unfortunate fures •who a little while before iv:is called from their midst. It is during these intervals that the chapters of tlic pen's story arc written. The question: "What do thn prisoners do iu the box while they :u-e waiting to be tried or (sentenced?" was answered by tho four walls. They were covered with scribbling. One of the favorite pastimes evidently is tlmtof name writing. Autographs abound by the hundreds. Here and there are faces or caricatures. Whether or not "one year in the pen." meaning the penitentiary, is written before or after sentence has been pronounced I am nuable to say. At any rate you will find that !e<*end scorces of times in connection with as many different names. It may tell of a prisoner's expectation in the way of sentence. The writer may have g-uessed rifrht or wronjr. One fellow who must be a bit of a wag scribbled: "There is more honest men in tho state prison than is on the police force." What, led him to come to such a conclusion no one will ever know. At some time or other the pen contained an individual who had either studied well or been-tolrt much and remembered it. He dropped into classical quotations. In one place he wrote, "The first thinp we do let's kill all the lawyers," but failed to say the words were taken from the play "Henry IV." Presumably in the same handwriting and a little removed from the above he ajrnin wrote, this time from Goldsmith's "Traveller," but without ffiv- incr the author his due. "Laws f,'rind the poor, and rich men rule the law." Socialistic, truly. His third ittempt showed the same train of thought, although he did misquote Hacon 'in this wise:—"Laws are like cobwebs, where the small ilies are caught and the great break through," This fellow must have been thrown in with a-yietty lot of culprits the day lie wrote, judging by his last quotation, while his mind ran to some individual who had plundered a bank and then rid himselt of the law's meshes. So the lead pencil fills in spare time and Sailing moments in those little coop's. Justice may hold the scales at one end of the court-room, but at the other prisoners hold their opinions beyond doubt—N. Y. Herald. A Popular Remedy. The promptness and certainty of Us cure have made Chamberlain's Cough Remedy famous. It is intended especially for coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough, and is tho most effectual remedy known for these diseases. Mr. C. B. Main, of Union City, Pa., says: "I havo a great sale on Chaimberlain'a Couph Remedy. 1 warrant every bottle and have never heard of one failing to give entire sat. isfactlon." 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keeslinfi'. Druggist. Hoime-Cleaiilnif. The time is now at hand, it's commendable and necessary—but how about the house within you. It has nfled of cleansing, to insure health and the best remedy to use is Rinehart's Pills- They are better than sarsaparlllas, etc. More potent and permanent in results. For sale by B. F. Kaesllng and Keystone drugstore. A DalrTDiitu'M Opinion. There Is nothing I have ever used for muscular rheumatism that gives me as much relief as Chaimberiain's Pain Balm does. I have been using it for about two years—four bottles in all—as occasion required, and always keep a bottle of it In my home. I believe I know a good thing when I get bold of It, and Pain Balm is the best liniment I have ever met with. -V7. B. Denny, dairyman, New Lexington, Ohio. 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keesllng, Druggist. WONDERFULI The Remarkable Cure of an Arkansas City Street Commissioner. I had an attack of La Grippe the 18th of December, complicated with tonsllltls; was confined to my bed one week. The physicians gave me up My breathing was very labored; had a smothered sensation attunes; my chest and lungs were verj lore Phelp's'TourC" remedy helped me the flnt dose- the soreness left my chest almost In- stantlrwsswell In three days. The sbofe la due Mr. Pnelps In simple Justice to this wonder- mi madlclne, P.H.FBAM5Y, 'Street Commissioner Arkansas City, December aOth. 1891. Four "C" has cured Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, snd Uloewted Tonsllltis. In composition It IS l)IFFKBBN;r, IS MOM POWIBFDL and AOTIV1 m fart is saDIFTRHBBNT from any other lam remedy as molssus U different Horn vinegar. It U a BIVBLATION. BlSt OF ALL TOO Tin »0 MR. fhsisswioioftlisoontraotii, roar "0' MUST WTO 8ATJBIA.CXIOH or money refolded * BEN FISHER. BLUB MONDAY. It was dubbed blue Monday By old Mrs. Orundy A long that ago. No wonder that under This serious blunder The working was slow. x * But Monday* have brightened Work lightened—clothes whit Since housekeepers know, Without furthsr telling. What Fairbank is selling- Sec sample below. N. K. FAIRBANK &• CO. of Chicago* make it. - THE MARIE BURROUGHS ART PORTFOLIO OF STAGE CELEBRITIES Is now complete in FOUBTS'ENr PARTS, the entire series making the most ELEGANT WORK of this character EVER PUBLISHED. A grout ninny Journal readers havo availed themselves of the opportunity to feoure tince parts us they came in from week to week but ther« are a number of subscribers who have expressed a desire to secure the complete set without (.he coupons. To prive all an opportunity to secure thia Too Journal lias decided to distribute the complete set of 14 parts on the following terms: CUT THIS OUT. Upon presentation of this Coupon at the DAILY JOUKNAL ART PORTFOLIO DEPARTMENT to- B c lit- with *I.7G the entire series [Complete In fourteen parts] ot the MARIE BURROUGHS f\RT PORTFOLIO Of STAGE CELEBRITIES Will be delivered to you. No extra charge for sets sent by mail. CUT THIS OUT. This offer does not interfere in the least with the existing offer of each part for 3 coupons and 10 cents, as the coupons will be published for a sufficient time ye* to all who have started on the series to complete.their set*, bat is intended for those who for various reasons have neglected to MV« their coupons. __m Don't fall to secure the set at onee as this offer will only hold good until Saturday, May 26,1894 "A LITTLE NONSENSE." —"My rauvver, she's French, she is, but I'm English, an 1 so's ray farvcr." "An' what's yer little sister?" "Dunno—she can't talk yet"—Judy. —Mistress—"I wish I knew how to havo my photograph taken so as to please dear Charley." Familiar maid— "Let me sit for you, Miss Emma," —She (curiously)—"Whatdoyou suppose ever gave rise to the expression •Height of folly?'" He (promptly)— "The modern theater hat, of course," —Buffalo Courier. —Minnie—"You seem annoyed. What is the trouble?" Ma.y—"This announcement of my marriage is all wrong. It reads 'Tuesday at noon;' I distinctly said 'high noon.'"—Puck. —"Haven't you made Mr. Bulger's portrait a pood deal more than life size?" said one artist to another. "Perhaps. You see, that's as hi* as he thinks he is."-Washington Star. —•"That is a wonderfully bright do? of Timmins'. Can do most anything but talk." "That makes them a pretty good team. Timmins can do nothing 1 but talk."—Indianapolis Jourpal, —"No, Mr. Jones," said the Pittsburgh girl, "I cannot marry you. I have observed In all the letters you write to me that you spell Pittsburgh without its final h. This is evidence of an unrefined nature that I can't swallow."—Harper's Bazar. —"Children," asked the teacher, "does it not seem very wonderful to you that Samson was made weak just • by losing his hair?" And Willie spake, saying: "They mighter used him fer half back, bui he'a b» n. g. .in the rush lino."—Detroit Tribune, —Mrs. Dosor—"There, I begin to lose all confidence in patent medicines. I've tried five bottles of the Inevitable Reuewer, and I'm not one bit better than when I befran." Mr. Doser— "Possibly the patent, my lovo, has run out"—Boston Transcript —The cigars had been lighted, when the traveling man abruptly asked his teat-mate: "What business are you In?" "I am a United States senator," warn the answer, In a l«JsT«. impreMlre Toioe. "Er—what line, whlaky, »ilw, or oolUrt and «fl»"-IndUn»polto Journal. ' • -v - . ••••• •. . '; 5OO DOZEN Of these Beautiful Waists" In Blue. Pink, Lavender. Navy and Black ground. Sizes 22 to 42. Only AT THE BUSY BEE HIVE, 09-411 Broadway, Tbe maker* of Dr. Wheeler's Neriw Vitalizer offer all nerrou* lufferew advice and consultation of the doctor, free of charge. Wrtie to the J. W. Brant &Co.. Alion, ICiehlfM.—BM FUher. ;

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