The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 16, 1959 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1959
Page 21
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,--11 - "• Tidbits by Evelyn The interesting part of an item ,was deleted recently. To say I heard the name Karen Wool- drddge over Mason City T.V. and that she,is a niece of Mrs Henry" furst was a small part of it. The real story is that she was awarded $25 in a "driver x»f the Mon,th" contest. The award was made for her assists nee'in an accident involving another car and it's .passenger — no part of it having 16 do with Miss Wooldridge. She simply gave aid. * • » * Everyone is familiar with Friendship Haven at Fort Dodge, the Methodist home for retired """"^'•""*"=«"^^"'^'^" - "»™™»^ LARRY'S RECREATION IS ReDikAlus THIS COUPON ENTITLES BEARER TO: Oi CREDIT On 6-Paclc Of Beer CREDIT On Case Of Beer FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY LARRY'S SPESHUL ! persons. Some are ministers and their wives, sortie just lawmen, fttarrted and single persons, widows and widowers. A recent Item appeared about wedding anniversaries celebrated there. Of interest to Algonarts is that former pastor Dr. W. G. Muhleman-and his wife recently cele brated their fifty-fifth annivet' saryv Dr. and Mrs Muhleman went to Fort Dodge in March, 1957, He is now chaplain there. * * . * A leiiet from my cousin, Mrs G. W. Cady of Mason City say* that she and daughter Jean wont to Iowa City to attend the graduation of the son Pat from a course in law. He and his wife Carolyn and little daughter Karen are locating in Garner where Pat' is associated with a Mr Berge. Jean has a busy summer ahead. Her agenda is a recital in Colorado, a couple of church services and will be at Interlaken National Music camp where she will be on the faculty. She was honor initiate of Alpha Xi Delta national social sorority at the National convention at Glenwood, Colo. Her mother, Julia, is an alumna of the Statci University of Iowa chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. Jean is assistant professor of music at Hammond, La. college and has been concert soloist with the Baton Rouge Symphony orchestra. THESE WOMEN! • "Don't worry, Mr. Bigby—lots of companies skip dividend* . .. Can't you just tell them the watchamacallit exceeded the whoei*?" ALSO GRAB |n^*.»wr«vi " "V"V*"W* J S V , A> f Connie's Column HANGING "GARDEN" Invert one plastic berry basket on top of another, enclosing a 3-inch cube of plastic foam inside. Wire together. Saturate foam with water. With ribbon or wire, suspend baskets from ceiling or doorway. Thrust stems of fresh flowers through top, sides and bottom of the baskets into the foam. Cut some stems short, some .long, for prettiest effect. ROOM FOR FIVE Recently saw an old glove nailed to a wall near a work-' bench. The cuff had been shortened, and the fingers "pocketed"'files, pliers and wrenches. Nice way to keep five, small tools in easy reach! FRESfl-AIR ECONOMY Get the most in 'central air- conditioning, with natural gas! Cool your home comfortably in hot weather... make it cozy and warm in cold weather. A gas air-conditioner heats, cools, filters, circulates, de-humidifies the air — all with a single unit! And it won't ru/t u.p expensive maintenance bills; it has no moving parts, nothing to wear out! Enjoy a, new way of life ,,, install a gas air-conditioner from your local gas company or gas appll- once dealer, QUICK DISGUISE Even the tiniest scratches on furniture don't look good! Lady I know purchased several colored pencils to match her furniture, She applies the soft, waxy lead to the scratched area. She then buffs it down with a cloth; finishes with a wax or polish shine. There's a wide variety of colored pencils, even some made specifically for furniture. You're sure to find ones to camouflage scratches on your blonde TV set, jnaho-, gany dress or maple \\ table. *~' POTATO SALAD TRIUMPH New twist to an old.favorite: Cook 6 medium sized potatoes _ in salted water, with their jackets on. Fry 6 bacon slices till crisp. (Save the bacon drippings.) Drain bacon. Crumble. Return % cup. of drippings to skillet. Then add crumbled bacon. Stir miy 2 Tbsp. flour. Add 1 cup water, a little at a time, stirring constantly. Mix-till smooth. Add % cup vinegar, 1% tsp. salt, J / 8 tsp. pepper, 1 Tbsp. sugar, 1 tsp. prepared mustard. Cook over low gas heat, stirring till mixture thickens. Remove from heat. Slice 2 stalks celery; break 1 small head romaine into bite-size bits; slice 1 medium sized cucumber, 2 small onions, very thin. Add layer of sliced and peeled potatoes, sliced celery", romaine, cucumbers and onions. Repeat in that order till all ingredients are used. Place skillet over low heat for 10-15 minutes. Toss gently and remove from heat. Top with radish slices, DEPENDABLE FRIEND Unlike most fuels, natural •gas is 100 percent combus* tible, ready to be burned in its natural state. We can call ourselves lucky, with such a perfect fuel.available in great quantities beneath the surface of the earth, Another happy thought: You can always depend on Northern Natural Gas Company to keep piping gas to your local gas company... who pipes it into your home, to enrich family living and leisure, Fifty years a§o we were astonished at the horseless carriage and we have gone through a series of innovations so far as automobiles are concerned. We have reached .the point where they surely are "-the most," But' when a caller comes in his own private plane, well that adds another story to progress and travel facilities. Mr and Mrs Adrian Sterling were recently visited by Howard Westphal of Oak Park, 111., who formerly *4ived here and was employed by the Swift Co. He made his home with the Sterlings. He said, upon arrival, that it suddenly came over him that a visit with the Sterlings was just whait he needed, so he go>t in hia plane, drove out and then phoned his wife that he wouldn't be home to dinner — he was staying over night with Algona fripnds. Just, ike that! Nonchalance to the lighest degree. * * » A (note from Edna St|abbints informed me she will be .in Algona about July 11. I shall be very happy to see her. She is the former Edna Winslow and has lived in Pomona,' Calif., many years. She flew to Dayton, Ohio to visit her sister Margaret (Mrs Ross) and bolih will be here en- route to Minneapolis. Both will be very well remembered. * * . » I was quite bowled over Fri day when a caller dropped in whom I haven't seen tn '^years It was Karel Horan who has livec in Los Angeles many years but is now living in Minneapolis. He is vice president of the Washington tool and machine works and had been in a similar business in California. His parents anc brother, Mr and Mrs W. H. Horan and Clemmer will be well remembered. Mr Horan was ar electrician. Clemmer lives Hollywood and is not in,gbp| health. Mr and Mrs Horan have been deceased for several years He has never liked the name Karel and his cards read the name he prefei's, Maurice K. Horan. * * * Our trays had cute lilile favors July 4th. I haven't learned yet who gave them. They were fire* crackers made of red card board) had pipe cleaner fuses, white cotton. tops which lifted up as lids and mints were in the interior. * » • * The John Paul Jones I am about to write a comment on may not be as famous as the John Paul Jones of American history, 3ut he is far dearer to Mrs Bessie Jones. He is her grandson, and like his famous namesake, is with the- navy. What else could he do with that name? , He is stationed at Nonfblk, Va., and was recently here to visit his grandmother. - , * * * On a recent visit to a local bank Frank Vera remarked to one of the charming women who weC waiting on him that he was going my room here at Good Samaritan. Years ago when this home was owned and occupied by Mr and Mrs Ambrose Call, my room wan the library. The woodwork in the room is cherry and is beautifully preserved. For a quarter of a century a bookcase which belonged in this room has been stored in Dr. A. J. Eason's office. Chester Call, son of the Ambrose Calls, came into possession of the case and not caring for it, had it stored. What ever links come between, 1 don't know. At any rale, Dr. Eason had the right to dispose of it as he saw fit. One look at it and Frank succumbed. It is now his by right of purchase and he has it in his home. He was afraid his' wife Ha/el might throw both him and ihc _book- casc out but she took to it immediately too and it now reposes in a prominent place in their living room . Frank's description of it intrigues me greatly and 1 moan to go sec it one of these days. weeks ago. They have made shings fly since meeting, ns the /loon's will be coming back to the States nnd will locnte In, >x., I believe Mrs Ott said. Mtij. Ott is in for a two year stretch. Another odd thing is that vvith ill the flying both Maj. Ott and Col. Moon have done, neither has ?ver crossed thn Miison-Dixon Inc. Too bad, for wo "Yanks" arc "purty" Rood folk. » * * Algona'* Flying Gtftndmolher, Mrs Wilfred St. John, appeared on KGLO TV June 30, but it came on at a Inter hour than I usually stay up -- 10:15. so I didn't see it. Mrs St, John said It showed a picture of hor in the plnne nnd one of her and the instructor. Mrs St. John has passed her physical test nnd has ninn hours of flying to her credit, Hoi- ardor is as keen as in tin; begin nlng, perhaps mott> PO nnd who thoroughly enjoys every monvnt of it. Each week Jill I have completed the prayrr, I will give a pur- lion of an author's contribution, who remained anonymous. They seem very timely to me and full of meaning. "Lord, Thou know- est bolter than I know myself that I nm growing older, and will some day be old. Koop me from geitting talkative, nnd particularly from the fatal habit of thinking I must say someUiinu on thuwltiy, July 16, 1W Atgoita (to.) Uppftf LAKOTA NEWS if. Dr. run I Mrs H, II. Murray left Thursday for Toluo.'i, '.III. to visit their chiughter and husband. Dr. and Mr.s Robert Mrs W. D, Ley entertained at n breakfast Tuesday, in honor of Mrs A. C. Selmiid's birthday. Present «•<•><:> Mrs W. K. Ley, Mrs Opal Whot-U-.r. Mrs Irl;i Smith, Mis H. O. Mmsnwn. Mrs H. II. Murrav. Sue; .Si:hi:wr| ;ind Carolyn v - . ' pi, 'i '• Ley. t - v Mr and Mrs I, E. -tlJteli* attended open house Sunday honoring Mr and Mrs Ted Holland, at Grand Meadtnts^ *MS«fr, on th"tr 25th wedding anniversary, HAIRCUT When Art Tyler oi Tabor, first opr-ned his barber stso|> tht<«, on March 15. 1922, his first customer was Beno Clapper. Recently Mr Tyler retired, after 47 years. His last customer was Beno Clapper. every subject and on every occasion. Release me from rrnving to try to slnuRhlen out everybody's affairs." SALES BOOKS, register tick cts, register carbons, adder anc cash register rolls nt the Uppei Moines Pub. Co., Algona. to the Okobojis for a .^ rest" and relaxation. The charming one replied, "Oh, I wish -I w.ere going with you." Gallantly; Frank answered, "Well, I sure wish you were too — but alas, my wife .will be along." The lovely "Eve" turned red, Frank turned — around, but it furnished both of them a go'od 'laugh and she said, *T sure 'walked into that" I might add the sequel — Frar^k and his party (brothers-in- law/, Lester and Fred Hagen) caught 200 bullheads as well aj gaining the rest and relaxation Frank sought. » * * There is another story about Frank which interested me in 1 1 1 « Blake Funeral Homes "Understanding Service" Homes At LuVERNE WESLEY TITON1KA RENWICK 24 Hour Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipped l! The world is full of strtmge happenings. One can be on this side of the globe ono day, and a day- or- BO • ItiteEr^be- on-4b«- posMe side. Recently Mr and Mrs Orlnn Oil were visited by Esla Oil whose official home is listed as Hartley but who. recently purchased a new home in Omaha, Neb. For 20 years she has been with the nursing air corps and .has risen to Major. She had phought she was on the inactive "' then boom — at. once i'she' was ordered to Tac-hikawa, Japan where she is now back on the job. On the other side of the family, Mrs Ott has a sister Marie who is married to Col. Robert Moon. He and his wife have been batik and forth, hither and yon transacting affairs with the air force, yet they and Maj. Oil have « | JU I C'111IX W 11 J Vr 1 1 * I I v\.* v>o-vv. \.\. *i*w -•* -..-.- it/ »/ -- ,, in particular for it has to do with never crossed paths until a few OW-UR STORE 45 r.p.m. Records — While They Last ! ARRIVED OUR NEW COLUMBIA JUST-A-MINUTE If you don't want to get out your double boiler to melt a small amount of butter, chocolate or baby food, do this; £?ej[; a soup ladle in a small pan of boiling water. The chore is done m a jxfiy! <§ Northern Natural Qas Company, Omaha, Nebraska Hi-fi & Stereo Consoles DARE YOU §*/£"% II EL» I VXW TO DEAL WITH US FRIDAY & SATURDAY CI AMD ERNIE Sez; "You Drive the BARGAIN!" RIDIKALUS LOW PRICES - EASY TURMS TOPS IN USED KARS FROM TRADE-INS ON AMERICA'S FINEST AUTOMOBILES Ponticsc-Cadillac ERNIE WILLIAM PonViac-CacTillac r/ y — •— •tx yours 1 in wy. ' FRU1TWOOO HO.NEYWOOD AUTUMN BIRCH/ SANDALWOOD Take your choice from Youngstown Kitchens* great new Woodcharm line! Sandalwood, Fruii> wood, Honey wood, Autumn Birch — whatever your choice you'll own a kitchen of distinction, a kitchen that will gather admiring glances by the carload! The price? Surprisingly low — and you can buy it "By-the*Yard"—Youngstown Kitchens' exclusive plan that permits you to add to you* as your needs and budget allow. YOU TOO CAN OWN A YOUNGSTOWN

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