Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 22, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 22, 1894
Page 2
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Fait IS ol The Dream MUST "DO TIME." Ooiey, Is now ready for distribution and is bound to meetjhe favor of all, as it contains some of the Finest Selections Kel As the time approaches for the completion of this Magnificent and unapproachable series of World a Fair Views The'Journal wishes to impress upon all eubwrib era the-importance oi procuring the complete eet Back numbers can be secured by applying at this office, and arrangements have been made for the binding of the sets at the lowest cost. Part 16, ready next Monday, will be devoted to the following subjects: 1 Grand Plaza on Chicago Day. 2 N. W. from Root of Government Building. 3 N. from Roof of Government Building. 4 Across Wooded island looking N B. 5 The White Star Building and Elk Bridge. 6 North Lagoon from Horticultural Building, 7 The Merchant Tailors' Building. 8 Wooded Island and Transportation Building. 9 N. E. corner of Grand Basin, 10 Life Sa\ing Station and Battle Ship. 11 Grand Promenade of Lake Shore. 12 The New Liberty Bell. 13 Barge of State and and German Fountain. 14 World's Congress of Beauties, 15 The Aztec Abode on the Midway. 16 Night Scene—Grand Basin. Don't fail to secure all the numbers, See Coupon Browne and Sentenced! Jones Are All Must Serve Twenty Days in Jail, and the Two Former Must Pay a Small Fine. DECISION OF TUB JUDGE. WASHINGTON", May 21. — Coxey, Browne and Jones have been sentenced by Judge Miller in the Washington police court to twenty days i" jail for violating the statute of the United States prohibiting the display of partisan banners in the capital (-rounds, and Coxoy and Browne were flno'l five dollars each additional lor trespassing on the grass, the alternative being- another ten days in jail. Jones was acquitted on this last charg*e. To Prlion In the "Jllack Maria." At five minutes of i o'clock Coxey, Browne and Jones with handcuffs on their wrists were placed in the "Black Maria" with a dozen white and negro workhouse prisoners (who were not handcuffed) as companions, and the van immediately conveyed them to the jail. Coxey did not relish frea transportation on such a basis, and when h was told that be was to be taken to the District prison he asked to be allowed to go in a carriage, but his request was not granted, and he and bis companions were compared to ride the same as other prisoners. A score of policemen patrolled the sidewalks adjacent to the courthouse after the sentence was giveWand prevented the curious from assembling thereabout. TOOK BOTH LIVES. Harder md Suicide End » Feud Nmr N«- TltdB, MO. NEVADA, Mo., May 31.—William Perdue went to the homo oi Squire A. W. Bundle, in the north part of this county, at T o'clock Saturday morning and opened flre with a revolver. He shot Bundle five times, the man dropping dead just outside the door. Perdue then reloaded his revolver, set flre to the house and, throwing upon a bed, shot himself. Do You Love Music? and schools, stores and realdendss, " Bold at sheriff's sale, but this is the condition of affairs that confronts the citizens of Manchester. The Bale has been arranged by Sheriff Chambers foi Wednesday next. A mortgage given by John Torrey, now deceased, in January, 1807, to the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance company of Newark, is tliu paper upon which the foreclosure proceedings have been brought. This mortgage was given before much of the present town of Manchester was built. It Covered the site of the whole town at that time, and as many building lots have been sold from it since, those 'who have built their homes upon such lots have to suffer with the Torrey estate. THE MARKETS. drain, Frovlnloin, Etc, CHICAGO, May «•. FLOUR—Ruled dull, weak und unchunKod. Quotation* range: WIntor-Patcnts, S2.WX3 800- ntrul|fht«. K.602#.7&; clear*, K,!»a2.40: neoomls ti.80Jftl.tO; low grades, 11.60®'-™. Spring—Putanta, |3.«xas.80; straight!, W.8*S 260' baiters', »1.T5@«.10; low gradea, ll.40Sil.50; Bed Dog, |1.80®1.40; Eye, J2.4«a2.M. WHEATi—Aotlvo and unsettled. Cash. 54X3 MXo- July, G6»®68X°; September, MK@K>Xo. OORM—Moderatoly active and llrm. No 2, »7Ho; No. B Yellow, 38*o; No. 8, Mo; No. S Yellow, 87X0! May, 87JJO! Juno, 87X0; July, 875iffl38k<>; September, 88X3399(0. OATS—Moderate trading »nd prices firmer. No. 2 own, 83*o; Mar, 88Jio; June, 33«c; July SOKOSlo; September, (MHS^Ko. Sample. «teaOy. No.8,MK@»o; No. i White, 86X ®96«o; No. 8, 84K<S#»<:o; No. 2 White, 3«X HT»^-There WM »little more demand. No. S oMh, «o; «»mpl8 lots, tU&to; May delivery, B'ABLVT—Steady, with U«nt offerings. Choice by§ample,M®Mo; (alr.to good, 61@»o; common, «®Mo, with Screening!, IIT.00@I9.OC P *Mxss"poBK-Tr*<IlcB light and price* lower. Quotations ranged at Hl.T5ffill.88H for cash rKrTin.9n4ttll.Wfor May; Ill.Wfcli.MJi lor July, and sn.wati.Mt4 for September. L±BD—Moderately active ana steady. Quotations rang«<J »t »T.UW.WM«woaah: JJ.IJ® "iTH for May; H-83H««-» (or July, ana M.M® 187H for September. LiVl POUI/TBT—Per pound; Chickens «3 - Turkeys, 6®*c; Duoks, 7Ji®8o; O«eso, IF YOU HAVE AN EAR And poa^mMical taste yo» , onnotM to to L> series ot portraits Md biographical sketches of GREAT SINGERS Which term rartsl2J3andl4ot;<The Marie Bur- tmX Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities," Kven if yon h»ve not been taking the preceediag numbers, You Want These Three por- Which constitute in themselves the most complete .col- Iwtkn of representatives of lyric ait. Get Part 12 '«tage Celebrities" (the first musical number) with traits of Melba, Eames, The De Reszb 5*; Dime. No extra charge for postage on Portfolios sent "1 "After you have secured this number you will not fail to secure the remaining two numbers which com- pTete the series, as they are both devoted exclusively to the Grand Opera. PART 14 NOW READY. CUT THIS OUT. MAY 99. 1894. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. Thwe of the*e coupon jand " COT THIS OUT. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon wttl two others of OUfennt i!i<L »ml T«n Cents, 1* good lot one «w»W porualtg, ol the Marie Bnrroogh'i Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOURNAL. GOT THIS OUT JUU1BV11 WfcW* «• mf*r*~i -r iReighbors surronnded the house, but llor a time were afraid to go Inside. When they entered the flames were almost up to the roof and Perdue was [dying. The fire was extinguished in time to save the house from total de- istructlon. The crime grew out of the •alleged relations between Perdue and 'Bundle's wife. NOTES OF THE DAY. The Traders' bank of Tacoma, Wash., suspended payment for a second time. The republican state convention of North Dakota will meet in Grand Forks July 11. •With" the gold exports of the last week deducted, the treasury reserve will stand at about $83,000,000. An Illinois Central passenger train was wrecked by an. obstruction at Watson, 111. Two men were injured. Bight prisoners in the county jail at Beatrice, Neb., sawed their way to liberty through three iron doors. Experiments with a brand of smokeless powder discovered by a Virginian prove it superior to any yet tested. The Ohio legislature adjourned sine die. Among the bills passed was one to hold but one session in two years. Dr. Madison Reece, one of the best- known surgeons of Illinois, died at Abingdon from consumption. He was 57 years old. Conductors and motormen on the Atlantic avenue line in Brooklyn declined to buy new uniforms and were looked out The grand lodge of odd fellows of Illinois will hold a special session at Danville beginning May 81 and extending to June 2. Property valued at 8148,000 was do stroyed in Akron, O., by a blaze which started in Weary, Snyder & Wilcox's planning mill. Marsene B. Erskine, who had served four terms as mayor of Racine, Wis., and was a prominent business man, is dead. He was 74 years old. Henry Jones, a negro wanted for an assault on a 7-year-old girl In Lafay- etteTLa-. was shot through the heart by Sheriff Isaac Broussard. Peterson, Rogers, Durnan and Cork-. er defeated Qandaur, Teemer, Hosraer and Rice in the four-oared 8-mlle raca for professionals at Austin, Tex. A bill has been introduced in the United States senate to authorize several American citizens to accept decorations and testimonials from th« Hawaiian government. Henry Woolwine was sentenced at Mexico, Mo., to six years in prison foi assault. He secured a change of venue to Montgomery county and has been sentenced there to twentyyears. HE WAS APPROACHED. Hwiator Kyle Admit* Being Offered S)14,000 for His Vote. WASHINGTON. May 91.—The senatorial committee to investigate allegations that attempts had been made to corrupt Senators Hunton and Kyle held a brief session. Senator Hunton and :his son testified and the correspondence between them upon the su bJeet 'was laid before the committee. C. W. Buttz made application to be present at the meeting of the committee, but no answer has yet been returned. Senator Kyle told the committee that about two months ago he was ap. proached by Buttz with a proposition to pax him 814,000 for, his vote. VILLAGE AT SHERIFF'S SALE. Landi, HOUIW, StoreTand B»llro»d Rhopi to Go at Auction. MANCHBSTBB, N. J., May 91.—U 1« not often that a whole village, including huge railroad shops, churchei lS918o; Dairy, Picking Stock, 7®9o- LrauOBS-DlitlUod spirit* steady on the ba«U of tUB p« gal. for flnlihed good*. On*-Wisconsin .Prime Wblw, Tiio; Water Whlto, THo: Mlohlgan Prime White, 840; WaterWhite, «o! Indiana Prime White, 8«o; Water White 8*0; HesdUght, 176 ten, 8*0; OMoUne!t7«i»^.li»'': "den,*; Naphtha, M dog'«, «**«• Lire Stock. ~~ CHICAGO. May H. Hoos-Market rather active and feeling rather euy. Prices lOe lower. Sal«l ranged at K884W "for Pig.; HM94.8W4 tot light; HMO i«for rough packing; M.e03>4*6 for ml»d. and HtO<a>4.»o for heavy pocking- and ihlpplng CATTL"—Market rather active and prloei fair* ly »ell supported. Quotation, .ranted at JUO $4.80 for ohoioew extra ihlpplnf Steers; «.M 35JW for good to choice do,; jS8.8098.8o for fair to good- M.809S 60 for common to-medlnm do.; SB.S&3S.60 for putenWii Steers; »»-»<>5f;« tor Stooken- Sl.iaa4.00 for Feederi; W.OO&SJB for Oow? £.»oa*W for Heifers; (S.009&.40 for Boll*; I8.T09S.M for Texas Steert, and $2.60$ (.00 for V«sl Calve«. Young Ken'tucklaui' Fight m Dnel. JEPFEKBONVH.IJ]:, Ind.. May ai.—Early Saturday morning a duel was fought at the falls in the suburbs of this city by George S. Lemon and George Avery, prominent young men of Louisville, Ky Lemon was struck in the thigh bv a bullet from Avery's revolver. It was extracted by Dr. S. a McClure, of this city. The cause of the duel is not known. It was the first real duel that has been fought in southern Indiana for thirty years, Murder Ohjwged to Striker*. BIBIIUI»HAM, Ala., May 81.-Masked men, believed to be striking miners, called Walter Glover, a nonstriker, to his door near here, and riddled him with bullets. FM*ed AW*T. ATLASTA, Ga., May Sl.-Gen Phillip Cook, secretary of state, died at 1 o'clock a, in. He was 77 years of s*«. A Brilliant Aoiwor. "Can you swim?" "Yes." "Where did you team?" "In the water."—Hallo. Meetings of the committee to investigate the attempted bribery of sectors are to be secret. THE PAWNSHOPS. Their Helpful MlMlon Among the Poor of »w York. The one hundred and thirty licensed pawnbrokers in New York, firms and individuus, are believed to be as a class honest and straightforward men of business. They are in the business to make money and in ordinary times undoubtedly do make money. These one hundred and thirty pawnshops are the poor man's banks. They perform a proper and useful work that is sanctioned by the law and they :ire of vital commercial importance to a very large portion of th« population. For the wage-earner, laborer, and the poor the pawnshop is a very prac- tieal bar against eviction and starvation. The pawnshop or some institution like it that will loan small sums on pledges or on chattel mortgages or furniture and personal effects, is even more useful to the people generally than the banks. It is certainly more important to prevent starvation and eviction than to prevent a mere commercial failure, besides this, the small borrowers outnumber the larjre borrowers ten to one. The .terror of poverty in New York is rent. A poor woman once said to an East Side missionary who stood beside her dying bed. "Heaven, sir, I'm thankful to hear what you say about it I'm glad to go for I hear they pays no rents in Heaven." Every thirty days, summer and winter, is the demand for money—money, always more money. Bent seems so utter lost and sunk that it is BO wonder that it appears as the one unending terror of life. Heaven would begin at once for many people on the East Side—if there were norents. It is this necessity of paying every thirty days (and ohl how few days are these thirty) that makes the pawnshop so necessary. It is estimated by persons familiar with the great district east of the Bowery that almost the entire noDUlatlon holds one or more pawn ticke* at all times. The majority of families have a dozen or more in their rooms the greater part of th« year. Next to rent stands the always certain uncertainty of employment. There are few trades without their dull times when wages are low or extinct. These dull times must be lived over somehow, and the pawnbroker appears then a friend indeed. Sickness and death are expensive, and demand ready money that often only the pawnshop can supply.—Charles Barnard, in Chautau- quan. .. INDIA. NO BUDDHISTS A Very IN I Profoundly Grateful Symptoms of Cancer Removed—Rheumatism Cured A Chicago Clergyman'* Faith In Hood's aartftparllla. «C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mm.; "Dew Sin: I »m profoundly impreuM WI fee mulled virtue* of Hood's 8»r»psrUI* . WM iknBMM* with c*»Mr, and dl ifneabls eruptions oo my back sol otfesr plMHn. The cancer WM appesrlng oa mrMp. yrovldentoUy I obtained a bottle of Hood* B»n»p»illl», »°d by the time It ins f bad symptoms tod nearly dtoppesred. vied lour bottles, sod I believe It h*i •aved M« From Pwmaturo >>••**» I»»now»lmoit7J yean of age and I w«s* Uk««ti««r. And I k»«w that Hood's 8«» i»ptrUI» hsi bad much to do with tny vigor an* Itnngtb. I recommended It to Dry wile, »*•• bad suffered x> much with rbeumstio tronblst* Hood's?^ Cures stoeu. In two M M also with female westoeu. In two ins has used about three bottles of Hood's sspsrUX and todsy, and for the tail v si* nonthi,theseemiUkeanewbelnf. Wear* Hearty and Robust si the young people who lire with ni. W» •*• want tbe afflicted to know what Hood's Sarsa- parniabai done (or ui, and I (eel It » duty totok- Mopltknowia ttU way of th* help obtained. . . Hood's PIN* v« O* belt after- dinntr pUkV 4d«i^ a»c.p»rb«. , Common Impression Is Ber» Corrected* India has served many gods, he says, and the monuments raised in their honor are countless. It appears to b« generally believed at the present day that the rcliffion of India is Buddhism. How this common impression (jained irround it is hard to say. When Sir Edwin Arnold published "The Light of Asia," be did not think it necessary to state that Gautama the Master had no longer any following in the country which witnessed his birth and holy life; but Sir Edwin's book produced a religious revival, or something very like it, among a certain class of semi- intelligent readers who are continually foraging; for some new tidbit of religion with which to tickle the dull sense of their immortality into a relish for Heaven. . There are no Buddhists m India, There are many in Ceylon, and there id a sect of them in Nepal, an independent territory to the north, on the borders of Buddhistic Tibet The religion vanished from India in the early centuries of the Christian era. The neo-Brahmans set up anti-Buddhas, so to speak, in |the Injures of Krishna, Mahadeva and Rama-demttfods and idols ol the great neo-Brahmanic religions, Vishnu- worship and Siva-worship; and these swept everything else before them until the Mohammedan conquest; and at the present day, in one shape or another, these forms of belief are ad- heredtoby five-sixths of the population, the remainder being Mussulmans. The Buddhists are gone, though not without leaving behind them a rich legacy of philosophic thought, and many monuments of their artistic genius.— Marion Crawford, in Century. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly uieAV The many, who live better than others and enjoy life mor*, with tea expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's beat !»»*>«*•*» the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid l«at?ve principle embraced m the Panting In the form mo 8 t «**P te ^ e «£ dd fe ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly A gealr Trie*. Grocer— Yes; I want a pair of grocery scales, but — ahem Hardware Dealer -O, the weights are all right. We have a hole in the bottom ot each one to be filled up with lead. No pound weight will go over fourteen ounces until filled up. Grocer-Ah, I see. Very well sir, your house evidently understands its business. Send me the scales.— Texas Sifting*. _______ _ —Poverty is hard, but debt is horrible, A man might as well have a smoky house and a seolding wife, which are said to bo the two wor»t ovlls of our life.— Spurgeon. 1 mile from here Sunday |« t the four occupants, Spence? wafkilled and his brother and fata11v h When ol the repeated kind iocs troubled with m«omnla, «oon bring sbou an aurmlng condition ol the nerrow . witsm. The shaking hsndg, contusion ol the brain, lspM»otmemory»ud low of «PP eUt «J n <"? l £,; with terrible prectoton, the ravage. P«?'«' e(l J» losiot.leep.wmcn If unremedled jnurt dertw mental equilibrium altogether. No better and thorough nervine exl.t» thsn Hoswtter's Stomach Bitten, common »ewo and eipetlenco point to Its «*tly and steady use In ease .of Jnwm- 5T It strength*,, weak snd ***£»»"** oforewtrslnednerfe., Which, bjthe way. s retort to nnmedloated stlmnlante will never do per- manwtly, while the after effect of such ««>»?» Under tbe Influence oftbls . wtnm. and bodily comfort and health Dtoavowo. Btt inTtiusble in chills sad few. Hvsr .oomplatut, constipation, rheum.ttem and kidney trouble. To waste your money OB Tile, dirty, watery mixtures, compounded by inexperienced perioni, when you b»va the opportunity of testing O«o'« Cur« free of charge. Wby will you continue to Irritate your throat and lungi- with that terrible hacking cough, when Ben FUber. 311 Fourth street, will furnish jou a free sample bottle ef thli great remedy? Hold a fcottto- of Otto's Cure to the light andobierra It* beautiful golden color and thick heavy »yrup. Largest packages and purest goods. Large bottles 50c. an* 25c. _ Fer Orer Fifty Yean Mrs. Winslow't Soothing Syrup ha* been ueed for over fifty yean by millions of mother* for their children while teething, with perfect suoceei. It soothes the child, §of tens the gunu. allayi all pain, cures wind oollc, an« ii the best remedy for dlawboaa. I* will relieve the poor little suffers Immediately. Sold by druggirti In every part of the world. Twenty-flv, cento a bottle. Be tuns and Mktor •Mr*. Wlntlow'i Soothing Syrup" »a take no other kind^ Weck ama Meklv CMMvea. If you have a child weak and nervous the best remedy to give ii» tor doset of Klnehart's Worm Lozenges.. Thete lozengM remove all kinds of worms and the worm nest, thereby making a permanent cure. Childrta like them. They are safe and the- most reliable worm remedy. Fortale- byB. F. Keeillng and the Keystone- drug store. ^ u marHaW a Faiiwe* Have you been trying to get the- best out of exlttance without Health in your family? Have you been wear. logout your life from the efleott of dyspepsia, liver complaint and 'ndl- gestlonP Are you sleepless at nights Do you awake in the morning feeling languid, with coated tongue and sal> low, haggard looks? Don't do> it, £. shout in the camp tells how Baoon •Celery King has cured others; It will, cure you. Trial package free. Large- slzesCOo. and 25c. at Ben Fi.herV- 311 Fourth street ClunDerliU't By* •»< 8lta «'•«»••« Is a certain cure for Chronic Bora- Eyes, Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nip- pies, Piles, Eczema. Tetter, Salt- Bheumand Scald Head, 25 cento par box. Forsaieby B. F. KeeilUg. TO HOWS owirew. For putting a horse in a fine healthy- condition try Dr. Cady'i CondltiOD- powders. They tone up the. systam, aid digestion, cure loss '• of »PP«t"« relieve constipation, correct kldnay disorders and destroy worms glvlaf new life to an old overworked horn.. » cents per pwkage. For sale bj B. F. Keesling, druRglst. If you lack energy and are drowsay, takeElnehartt Liver PUlt. 1 adoa* For sale by B.F. Keeping and •tone drug itore.

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