The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 16, 1959 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1959
Page 17
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It "5 July 16, July 16, 1959 BLOOM .Nine years ago, Mrs Harry Mead of near Manchester, took a cactus frlant from the desert in Arizona. Recently the f>lant bloomed for the first time. It took about a moftth for a lovely red flower to develop from the tiny blossom. Jbs. of butterfat per cow: Glen Rasmussen Farm, 1207 bs. milk, 40.6 Ibs, fat; C. H. Wilhelmi, 1315 Ibs. milk, 40.2 Ibs. fat; Sidney Payne, 1168 Ibs. milk, 39.6 Ibs. fat; Ralph Walker, 119? Ibs. milk, 39.0 Ibs. fat. D.H.I.A. Test Shows Seven Over 400 Lbs. A total of 491 cows in 25 herds were tested on the D.H.I.A. plan and 490 cows in 37 herds were tested on the owner-sampler plan during June, according to Forrest Holbauer, Dairy Herd Improvement Association supervisor, Swea Cj>iy. Seven cows completed lactations over 400 Ib. of butterfat. They were: C. H. Wilhelmi, 13,670 Ibs. milk, 483 Ibs. fat; Alvin Boettcher, 12,150 Ibs. milk, 401 Ibs. fat; Leander Menke, 16,080 Ibs. milk, 623 Ibs. fat; Glen Rasmussen Farm, 14,560 Ibs. milk, 487 Ibs. fat;' . George Wallentine, 12,390 Ibs. milk,: 470 Ibs. fat; Milton Madison, 12,950 Ibs. milk, 467 Ibs fat; John Ruger, 10,890 Ibs. milk 439 Ibs. fat. '.Four herds averaged over 39 Revenue service in the state. Change Income Tax Setup Here The' Internal Revenue Service announced .this week tha.l a plan for more' effective utilization of man power had been put into effett in the state of Iowa. Neces- ary adjustments involved the discontinuance of several small posts of duty, including AJgona. According to the announcement, it has been found services previously rendered by the Algona office can be provided without retention of a permanent, employee. Future service here will be provided by eni- ployees from' nearby offices. The change is supposed to reduce the cost of administering Interna" Algona Anglers Catch Limit In Canada , A pair of Algona anglers, Dick Waldera and Jim Gade, returned from Lake of the Woods, Canada, Saturday w.Rh their limit of nice walleyes and Northerns, fhov spent nearly a week in Canada They reported extremely rbugh water on .the .lake at times', which made navigation a little rough. It was the first trip into Canada on a fishing expedition for both men. Algernon Named Assistant Of Loan Company Eimore Celebration •Elmore's annual Horse and Buggy Days will bfc held this Friday, Saturday and Sunday* July 17*19. A parade, horse sh'dw, free acts, band concerts and Queen coronation will be featured. There will also be rides and concessions. It is one of the largest celebrations in this area each year. SAVE and discover how Robin Hood's HIGH PROTEIN RICHNESS gives you BETTER BAKING! Once you have discovered Robin Hood's High Protein , Richness you will never want to use any other flour. •All your .baking will taste better, be more successful. That's because Robin Hood is madefromspecially-selected high protein Cheats. Take advantage of. this High Protein Richness to give your family better baking, and better nutrition, top. Take this coupon to your grocer and save 254 on 25-lb. bag or larger of Robin Hood Flour! Hood. ,60-D save 25 oh your next purchase of a 25-lb. or larger bag of Robin Hood Flour TAKE THIS COUPON TO YOUR GROCER: ft Is worth 25* on the purchase of Robin Hood Flour. Unlit one to a family. „ • This coupon expires; September 30,1959 Mr. Grocen Redeem this coupon as our agent for 254 only when applied on purchase of Robin Hood Flour by a customer at your store. Any other use constitutes fraud. Customer must pay any sales tax. If so redeemed, we will reimburse you 254 (plus 24 handling) on surrender of this coupon within 90 days of expiration.' Surrender to oursa'/sman or mail to Robin Hood Flour, Box 2097, Commerce Station, Minneapolis! Minn. Redemption or surrender by or through outside agency or others who are not retail distributors of Robin' Hood Flour will, not be honored. Invoices proving purchase of sufficient slock within last 90 days to cover coupons redeemed must be shown on request. This coupon is void where prohibited, taxed, license required.or otherwise restricted. Cash value 1/20 of 14. ^International Milling Company James E. Sheridan Jamrs E. Sheridan, son of M and Mrs James P. Shoridan, Al RoYia, has been promoted to th position of Assistant Branch Man iigor of the main office of Son- board-Finance Co. in the Chicago loop. James has been with the firm for two years, lie is a graduate of St. 'Cecelia's Academy here. (UDM Engraving) Society Horse Show Set At Swea July 18 The Swea City V.F.W. post will sponsor a Society Horse Show on the high school grounds at 7:30 p.m. this Saturday, July 18. It is the first show of this type ever featured at Swea City. There will be 12 classes of horses and _ ponies and entries have been pouring in, according to the committee in charge. Many free goto prizes are going to be given away by the sponsoring organization. Area Baseball Players Star In Minny Loop Two former star high school baseball players from this vicinity aro doing right well in the Solithrrn Minnesota LOOKUP this •eason. They ore Htil (Junior) Snydor, son of Mr and Mrs Hnl- nrd Snyder, Algona, and Loon, VI a flow of Lone Hook. Snydor, who has boon on outstanding hurlor for Albert Lea for sovonvl seasons, Is again chalking up wins for (hat team. Mis latest victory was a 5-2 conquest of Winonn, a v/in thai moved Albert Lea within 1 '*• games of Rochester, eastern division leader. Snyder allowed only throe hifs in going the distance. He was a star hurlcr for Algohn high school in the Into forties, then pitched in the LOB Angeles (then Brooklyn) Dodgers chain for several years. Marlaw is ploying with the Mason Cily Braves this summer. He bolted a home run and o run- scoring single as his team downed Fairmont, 2-0, last Thursday night, at Mason City and has been named to the league's All- Star team for o game to bo played at Mason City tonight (Thursday). His play at shortstop and timely hitting have boon important to the showing of the Braves all season. Leon was a basketball and baseball star at LOIKI Rock high school and later at South Dakota University. TWINS Twin Shetland colls wore born on the Edith Murphy farm south of Monluzuma. The evenit is somewhat of a rarity and 95 percent .of the time, when twjn Shet- '•Tands-are born, they do .riot live. "Nip" and "Tuck", however, arc doing fine. College Course To Be Offered At High School A college-level sociology course will be offered in Algona from July 20 to August 7 by Drake University. The course, "Society and Ju venile Delinquency" will moo 1 Monday through Friday from i a.m. to noon in the high'schoo building. The course offers three semester hours of college credit Registration will be at the firs class meeting. Instructor for the course wil be Dr. Ray Zinser. SOME PEOPLE ACT RIDICULOUS ONLY on alternate Thursdays; others save up their silliness until two weeks from some Saturday. Some people, and 1 am nol about to name names, are ridiculous sill UK- timo and others ore so dignified they are never ridiculous. Bui next Friday & Saturday everybody is going to lose thoir marbles -it's Kedikalus Days in Algonu! * '» * NOW REDIKALUS DAY IN ALGONA may seem to a few unonllghtemod thinkers, merely a chance for the local merchants to let off steam by acting /.any, meanwhile unloading some of their more i idirulous'white elephants on some customers who are temporarily crn/.y with the boat und the atmosphere of Ridikalus Day. But 1, with my usual calm, ralculaterl and deeply probing method, have conn- up with true and absolutely scientific reasons for the Day. It's all in the interests of cosmic research. We are trying to find the lojiK-smiKht answer to the question: "How Ridiculous Can You Get?" * * * I HAVE DESIGNED, AT ABSOLUTELY NO extra cost to the renders of this column, a quiz which will go a long way toward answering this question. In the first place, you have to be pretty ridiculous to even read it. I don't want any back-talk from you either, stiying that this is the usual situation with Woman s World every week. We shall begin with some questions, and so that you can 'siive up all your brain power for Ridikulus Day, I have also included the answer for the first portion. Everytime you agree with me on the answer, Rive yourself 3 points. 1. Do you know what good, clean fun is? Ans. No, what, good is it? 2. Can centipedes bo trained to dive? Ans. No, centipedes have o hip bones and thoir .swimming trunks keep falling down. 3. Does a flounder spawn children? Ans. No, a flounder spawns aby flounders. "'I. Why do some cooks fry fish with their heads on? Ans. Because the siuht of a headless cook takes away some people's ppetites. 5. Why did the South lose the Civil War. Ans. Because they vere using Confederate money. 0. What makes the ocean so restless? Ans. If you had lobsters )n your bottom, wouldn't you be too? 7. Docs waving a red flag irritate a bull? Ans. No. Cows are he ones who Ret irritated when a red flag is waved at them. The •eason a bull gets mad when a red flag is waved at him is because ic dislikes being mistaken for a cow. * * # vampire, Mamma? Ans. Shut up, Junior, and A total of 54 of the 69 'highes mountains in the United State 1 are in Colorado. INCH skill saw REG. $49,95 Combination Wrench Sets 8.95 But Your Honor! It's Ridikalus Day And . . Redikaluz Speshul! 09 ya m O • «* 00 NO VI O Z <1> CD O o O I z i z o CHILDREN'S UMBRELLAS Protects Against Rain & Sun ea. 69 Gotta Git Downtown Per Ridikalus Day GUARANTEED REDIKALUS LOW AT KULLEN'Z 10-Qt. Galv. PaiU ONLY TJ O I MJ ' SSI • i SERVING TRAYS BARGAINS 10 3-4?'x 14,3-4" EA. 12 3-4" x 17 1,2" EA. 70 2. 3 Q (O m in H <P r» ••t 1 O 8. What is a drink your blood. * * * » NOW THAT I HAVE HELPED YOU off to such a good start, 1 shall give you only the questions. It is up to you to figure out the answers. If you find you are having a bad time, cheat a little. When you get done, give yourself 5 points for each correct answer. 1. In what month is the Fourth of July? 2. How did you cut your finger—burn it? 3. Who was that lady I saw you with last night? 4. How far is up? 5. When was the war of 1812? 6. Why does a chicken cross the road? 7. In a recipe calling for boiling water, do you use heaping or. level- teaspoonsful? „ . ... NEXT WE COME TO THE MULTIPLE choice portion of our examination, entitled, What Would You Do? If they sound a little- familiar, it's because they have appearred before in this column, and bless your heart for remembering. You can take 10 points for each correct answer, but those of you who think I swiped them someplace else get only 2 points for each correct answer. Besides that, you should try thinking up something new each week for a column. 1. You are at a party but you aren't having much fun. On the other hand, your husband is having a gay old time for himself and he's spending the entire evening off in a corner with a luscious little blonde number. What do you do? (a-) Clobber him right then and there, (b) Wait until you get in the car on the way home to clobber him. (c) Clobber him in the morning when he's feeling much the worse for wear. 2. One of your acquaintances is a good soul, but she is also somewhat of a'bore. When she comes to call; she talks, and talks, and stays and stays. This time you happen to see her coming up the walk before she rings the door bell. What dp you do? (a) Hide in the basement, (b) Hide in the bathroom, (c) Hide under the bed. 3. Your neighbor has a backyard full of choice petunias. One day your pre-schooler comes home with a big bunch of petunias which he graciously presents to you. Which would you do in this situation? (a) Gently, but firmly, lead him by the hand over to the neighbors and have him apologize for getting caught stealing flowers, (b) Thank the child and pretend you thought the petunias grew in your own back yard, (c) Send the kid back over to the neighbors so that you can fill your other vase. 4. Your husband has never been much on giving you those little unexpected gifts. One night he comes home from work much, much later than usual, clutching a big box of candy which he gives to you. What do you do? (a) Smell his breath, (b) Make him eat the first piece of candy just in case they are poisoned, (c) Give him a big kiss and then dash around madly to cook him his favorite supper. IN ANY TEST TO SEE HOW ridiculous you can get, you must have a few facts on which to base your research. These are gleaned for your especial use through earnest perusal of Mad magazine and other distinguished publications: 1. Although a pound of salami and a pound of liverwurst weigh the same, three pounds of chopped liver weighs more than both put together. . 2. A man traveling on foot from Tokyo, Japan, to San Diego, California will drown before he goes a hundred miles. 3. You can boil an egg in the waters of Lake Jubywahta on the Island of Izmagola! (Of course, you have to,-heat the water first). 4. Queen Kayzaheta of the Ongla tribe of Outer Slobovia has a harem of 400 husbands. In a single evening recently, 397 of them called to tell her they would have to work late at the office. . 5. Contrary to popular opinion, the canary cannot sing! The musical sound which the canary does make is just a form 'of accompaniment for the canary's real specialty—tap dancing. _ ,6. If you take a number, triple it, divide it by 3, add 20, multiply it by 7 and subtract the answer from your original number, you will probably come up with the wrong answer. NOW IF YOU HAVE FINISHED this test to the best of your ability, copy the answers neatly in ink, add up your score and cut out the coupon. Any old one will do, such as the ones on the General Motors or A. T. & T. stock, and rush them to Grace,, There will be 5,680 winners of the first prize—a special invitation. to demonstrate just how ridiculous you can get at Algona s Ricnkujus Days, Friday & Saturday, July 17 & 18. Anybody who stays home is a Sour Puss! —GRACE.' Wf^^MHJWBII '•w^^"^^BB Tile Project Is Okayed At Ringsted The Ringsted town council, after a lengthy discussion Thursday night, voted to lay 1,150 feet of 10 and 12 inch Vsewer and drainage tile in town, Work will be done by Harvey Pedersen, Joc^i tiler. This action was the result of loos - time complaints receive.*! by the council of fioo4e4 base* meats and streets, Coun$lmeii felt there were enough, fwndj to accommodate the pp^ject now. No cost tor the projeot was quoted. The council is' getting ah estimate, whiph wiH depend on'how deep the tile will h«ive to be installed, It will connect with old tile installed about three years ago. ' >1 Homemakers Meet '"Vision ft* leadership" is theme to be featured at- Conference to be he}d Ames,-- 'Mrs-Q. A.-|ij chairman, ol ., __ tee, sn4 Bock,

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