The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1959 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1959
Page 19
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Tidbits by Fve/yn ttus C6lamti i* otieft written Several days ahead .and when I stated Mrs Harvey Thompson, of Hurt is now a resident here, I . expected she would be by the time my. copy got into print. Such is not the Case. She is still at St. Aftftt * * * Wh§tt I tead of ihe seed pieiute made, by a Mrs Richard Bachelor, I was Reminded of the seed wreath made by my aunt Em- malifie Heckart. It too had many kinds df seeds, pop corn, rice, barley; and arranged in a graceful wreath, some seeds gilded. Quite a novelty. I also had a hair .wreath rftade by my grandmother Margaret Heckart Henderson. In it were strands of hair of various relatives and friends, wound on wires and shaped into flowers. , * * - * An "important member of ihe family was missing at the recent reunion of the Earl Millers Mr Miller is working with a con* struc'tion company at Taintor some, distance from here. There wasn't time to get word to him when the son Paul and his wife ,came unexpectedly from Lake City,-Minn., but the rest of the family got together; Mr and Mrs - John Miller, Mr and Mrs Raj Lovstad, of Burt, and .Mr and Mr Bernard Miller and tffe respectivi 'families. The Paul Millers wen accompanied by Mrs Miller 1 ;mother, Mrs Wanda Doocy, of Lo Angeles, Calif. The Earl Miller ''-I am talking about lave Sout' Jerome street. 1 .. • * * # Mention of these names will take you back quite a number of , years. Matt Colford of Fort Dodge was registered at the State hotel and inquired about a Dr. Crawford, Summer Quarton and Ed Adams. Well, Dr. Crawford was associated with Dr. M. J. Kene- fick'in the old Algona hospital, now the Masonic Temple. Sumner died in an accident a short time ago and Ed Adams has been ister-hvlaw Mr and Mrs Henrv "vdams will be well remembered Mr Colford said he -and these men had been students together at Iowa University. * » , * I read this in Marian Millet's column and thought it so cute others might get a laugh. "I used 'o love my garden. But now my ove is dead. I found a bachelor's nitton in brown-eyed Susan's bed." *. * * fcick Hanson, pictured in a recent paper, is a son of Pearl Hanson here at G.S. I read it with more interest when the relationship was established. Dick, editor of the magazine "Successful Farming" will head the tour of 30 American farmers and their wives ffn a trip to Russia and six other European countries. * * * Ain't it the ttqth — "Some times a clear conscience is due only to a poor memory". Anc while on the subject of conscienc es, some must be atrophied, fo I have another tale about the meanest men, or boys. Twice th< gas tanks' of two of our nurse over here at Good Samaritai have been almost drained. It is pretty low person who steals anc Helen Hutchison and Betty Cruse) have in. mind." Since I am writing this before the event akes place, I am in the dark oo. Probably a family dinner. « * • Mr and Mrs Prank Schallin will set ,quite a record when their •sixty-fifth anniversary comes up soon, * *. •••» Word from Mahal Livingston is that, she and Charley have taken a unit at £ motel to get the benefit of an air conditioner. They have purchased a home in Phoenix, Ariz., but the demand for conditioners was so great they had io wait for one and in the meantime the heat was almost too much. * # * Another tale which reflects favor for Iowa. The Adrian Sterlings are being visited by their son-in- law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Stanley Miller (Jeanettc) anc grandchildren of Costa Mesa Calif. Rain is a luxury in California, and the past two years have been drier than usual, and usua is darned dry. The children were thrilled at the prospect of rain and said "Please let us know when it rains, in case we arc asleep." In true .grandmotherly manner, Mrs S. wakened tin children early <one morning re fnntty where there was a good downpour. "Oh, isn't it beautiful?' xciaimect. ifes, rain IS bca in a sanitarium many years. His in California brother and COME TO MINNEAPOLIS AND THE NEWj • For Business • ....Vacation or Just a Week-end Minutes from everything m Downtown Minneapolis— shops, theaters, Auditorium and points of interest. You^ enjoy the New Hotel Maryland—where Southern Hospitality moved North. Write, wire or phone for reserve , lion. Very Popular rates. FREE TELEVISION AIR CONDITIONED / PARKING FOR GUESTS HOTEL MARYLAND ' 200 Rooms • 200 tile Batiis IASAUE AT GRANT • MINNEAPOLIS when it is thievery from women who are devoting hours of labo to the comfort of the sick and those in need of care, the perpetrators have sunk Very low. The culprits seem to care little that there is scarely enough gas for hem to return home! Flashlights vere seen, policemen notified, >ut the theives had fled. Maybe hese are 'the same persons who vcre shooting boot-leg fire craek- irs the other night. * * * Mr and Mrs Ted Kelly formerly ived at Waucoma, home of the ate Dr. Fallows of Mason City ^hom they knew very well. Through this column the Kellys earned of the death of Dr. Roger Flickinger, whom they also knew and admired greatly. * * i. When I read an item vin the UDM, about D. L. Driver being njured 20 years ago by a falling, ladder, I was reminded of the time he got locked in the refrigerator at the Swift plant where he was night watchman and engineer. It was a very hot Augus' day so he was clad in light cloth ing. In making the rounds he stepped in the cooler to check. Ir some way the door closed anc since there was no way of open ing it from the inside, he was a prisoner for two or three hours He was taken to the hospital fo observation but suffered no il effects. He said he passed th< time by singing, whistling anc talking to himself. » » * We oldsters aren't very inter ested in July Fourth celebrations Mrs Morrall says she stayed home even though her son Bernard and his wife invited her to their home at Armstrong where a celebration uiv_ ( y c.Ai;itijLiit:ii. A wo, LCIUI **~t WV.CA utiful even to us who have it in good measure. THESE WOMEN! By dVUefttit) . SflO ao no 2.VOO »O.T» 2S.OO "You will meet a tall, dark, handsome woman who will steal a tall, dark, handsome man from youi" with the accompanying parade was held. Olive Reid has dashed here and here so much of late, she isn't uite certain where home is. It vas quite recently she returned rom a visit with relatives in Cal- fornia. Then the son Allen was raduatsjd from high school and .ad a chance to take a job with Roger Sorensen, a relative, in his arage at Burbank, Calif. He lidn't find anyone to drive out vith him so his mother hastened :o get things packed and ready ,o go with him. At Denver, Colo., they visited friends and the son Bob Junk was glad to go the rest of the way with him. This left Mrs Reid free to return home via train. * * * 'Twas a very hot day when I called Kittle Ott for news. She was in the midst of canning string beans. Reminded me of the good old days when mother and I processed quarts and quarts, d9nated by Wesley Dutton, bless him. J * * * Meda Redfield and Ruth Phillips called on me the other day. I hadn't seen Meda since she moved to Des Moines a few years ago. She likes it in Des Moines where her son Clark and family live, but she enjoys getting back to good old Algona. Jon Rising and Jan Raduenz — Jon and Jan Rising it will be before too long. They met at Minneapolis, some time ago when both were attending college, Jon studying medicine and Jan nurs- ng. Then both w.ere in an Qak- and hospital. Jon is continuing lis work and at present is being sent back and forth to Japan with wives and families of servicemen going to the orient and wives and QUARTERLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND SUMMARY OF PROCEEDINGS School District Algbrm Community, County Kossulh 1 do hereby certify Hint this report is n true- an<l correct slntcmrnl of tic prococdinfi.s pertaining to the financial matters of the board of said district lor liio quarter uncling June 30. 1959. Inez Wolfe Secretary. FINANCIAL STATEMENT SCHOOLHOUSE FOND Bntnncc from Previous Quarter .. 00^273.20" Total Receipts for Quarter — - 47.312.fiO Algona (lo.) Upptt Thursday, July 9, 1959 I,lbrnry Suppll** ., - 314.08 _. .. lnr» Register ftntl Tribune 70,38 Robert Dovlno M.OO OruRfflsls Mutual . .. . . .. 31.82 Genrge DuvAll 2500 F.ducn'.ors Hook Club 10.R2 Knevelopedtn Brllnnnien ...... 4('S Jnrft Evnn* 74.15 Field Enterprise Corp 293.02 County Nursery ~" Snmucl French, tnc. . Jnek C.nlln . ., ntisnell Ouster - Hnll Slrnhorn John It mold . Mary liny* Hlleirmn Tool and Supply Co Hoover Skclgna Service Hot Lunch Program Huntlngton Laboratories - Hutchlnson and Hough iluUoH'R School nnd Office Supply ..-Information Class Room Picture Pub Tvrroll InRerRoll Mrs Mnrthn InfVeUl IV H. Irons own Center for Ke»eim>n in School Administration own Employ. Security Commission - •••• — • own Public Het. System own Stnte College lacks O.K. Tire Seivlce loss Johnson rohnson Servier Co Kent Motor Company - KoRMilh Motor Compnny .-. .„.,., KosNiilh Oil Compnny - - l™ "l Kt-nfl Music Company -...--- 7-J-™ Donald Kramer Otto tl. l.nlng l,iuiKnn Paper Compnny Mnplewood Hooks Walter Mc-Hrlde, Totnl to Account for ... Total Warrants Drawn During Quarter .... HSU .. 41025 ... (123.BO ... 1102 nt.B ... 1000 . . IB2 ... 40. ft 500 . .. . 5,5113 r .I/MB 51 2.70 1ft 00 . B7.:n i.oin.R3 SHUTS SHOE STORE n „ 30.00 --Inc. •I'M HB.'IO in.zo 10.23 fi.OO 8.VB Balance at End of Quarter McConnells Std. Service McCtvnw Illll Hook Co.. Metropolitan Supply -James Meyor ... ••--•• Midwest Shop Supplies Motor Club of Iowa Mimte Publishers nnd Nnt'l. Education ABSH. '••'" Nnl'l. School Pub . )00 Relations Assn...--- •;,----North Central Public Sor. C o. N W. Hell Telephone - •">'•<" Norton Machine Works •»•<» ivnrinn Trucking Service - 7UW Mill 74.05 GENERAL FUND Balance from Previous Quarter Total Receipts for Qunrlor ---------- ..... ..... ...... -• Totnl to Account for -. ----------------- -- ...... EXPENDITURES Rcgulnr Salaries Paid for Quarter -- t'rv.ichers, .liinltors, Ol fleers, etc., giVupefl) ""r Otlit-r Warrants tssvied — amount ----- . ... -------------- ....... ,> I'l-ucklng Joyce Opheim - Oxford Book Company Pnnnmn Carbon Compnny I'axson Ins. Agency Perclvnl Motors . .. 31.005.-14 I Petty Cniih . .-• ,.„ Pnitt Kloctrle Connt (.o. 354,130.00 Pralts Radio mul I v. Ilelimi Proper . . 323.070.50 Public Affairs Comm , Iiu . 130.742.71 .> r >.> Total Expenditures Balance at End of Quarter - -- _ SPECIAL COURSES FUND Balance from Previous Quarter --. ___ Total Receipts for Quarter — 10,000.00 180.7(10.20 | Lowell Sump Scholastic Mn 142,302.30 | School Supply Lo. .. Security State Bunk GCOI-BU Scrrit UUlnee faefrlt , — Carol Shore Total to Account for r — Total of Warrants Drawn During Quarter — trans, to General Fund 10,081.30 Slug F°rt Dodge Co. Knthrvn Sorenne.n Sportman'B of Spencer 18,500.00 Std. Oil Compnny •-•Robert Stephens --1.4(11.30 | David Steven - --- Wnlt Steven --- ---- Balance at End of Quarter LIST O Security State Bank. int. on uunua nnnooo Security State Bank, princ. on bonds i ifi(i 9-1 I n'nnor DCS Motnes Security State Bank, accrued int. - - ---- - ""l^MM-iM I Publishing Co. IU 1 Alj ~r "~""*""""r."A7.7m 2f)B 48 ' 1.5!) 42.07 345.50 35(1.20 I 4,13 21.50 3.34 1.2 22.110 I 31.03 05.00 25.00 1.38 I 3.02 14.400.88 105.48 I 25.00 111.20 34,30 I 355.70 1.00 | 10.44 325.00 I 17.5!) 12.1)0 I 40.00 07.501 1.534.115 I ' GENERAL FUND Acme Chemical Co. _____________ Activity Fund ____________________ Advance Pub. Co. ____ ........ — I wonder why Hitle prince Albert of Monaco is dressed in such feminine finery. The parents are so proud and happy over a boy, why don't they dress him like- one. An American boy baby would blush in shame. * * * Mr and Mrs C, B. Muriagh celebrated their fifty-fifth wedding anniversary June 29. When I talked with Mrs M. and she told me about it, she said, "I don't know just what the girls utual Funds WE OFFER AS AN EXAMPLE: Affiliated Fund Broad Street Investing Corp. Chemical Fund, Electronics Investment Corp. Fidelity Fund Fundamental Investors Incorporated Investors Massachusetts Inv. Trust Minnesota Fund, Inc. "National Investors Keystone Custodian Funds Wellington Fund 9,74 937.04 !)li.85 IB.20 110.13 192.1)0 605.59 17.03 Algona Munic." Utilities 2,422.58 Algona Plbg. and Healing 170.(iB Algona Reminder 145 Joyce Alberts Algona Flour and Feed Algona Implement Algona Insurance Algona Laundry . children coming home. His next trip will be of the same nature, out this time to' lovely Hawaii. * * * When Mrs Ethel Gilles came to us a few years ago—going on nine to be exact, 1 heard her speak so frequently of Rev. S. H. Hammer family of Swea City, always with praise and affection for the family and her pastor .Rev. Hammer's name appeared in the list of Methodist conference ministers and I noted he has been changed from Swea City to Gilmore City, lie has served Swea City long and faithfully. INJURED Giles Ripperger was injured recently when he was run over by a hay baler. He accidently hit the clutch as he was alighting from the tractor and it threw him to the ground in front of the baler. He received a dislocated hip. American Dental Association __ 4.00 American Optical -- 1225!) Bcechor Lane Appliance 34.35 Botsforcl Lumber Company 781.02 K. L. Brayton . - 139.50 -Bureau Audio Visual Insl. 21U 80 Buren Edj Research Science Bureau of Publications - C. O. Baplistn Films Calif. Test Bureau - Cnileton Stewart Music Co. .. Caroline Biological Supply Carson's Building Supply T. P. Christensen ...... Coast to Const Stoves . Charlotte Collier Joe E. Collier Helen Comfort Alice Condon - Consumer's Cook's Radiator Repair . Cook's Welders Supply Cullen Hardware Culllgnn Soft Water Service ... Decker Bros. Inc. 4.24 10.80 43.02 308.31 17.00. B!BO 21.70 18.20 18.40 47^87 06.03 M W. Wilson Co lliiltle Wilson -- - WlltBon Jewelers Shirley WoodrlnB 4.00 02.50 25.00 101.24 7.50 100.00 7.00 10.00 '' ™ ending Juno , . ])ip/ Wo i fc Secretory. Subscribed and sworn lo before m this 2nd ««»y »' JulJ Cph?nc l wildcrB Notary- Soiil - To - Coast Stores Coast - To - Coast Stores Coast - To - Coast Stor^ (ft O O U SALE... NOW IN PROGRESS INDEPENDENT OWNERSHIP CELEBRATION HANDLING 100 MUTUAL FUNDS All Offerings By Prospectus LESLIE C. LARSON Ringsted, Iowa PHONE - Volunteer 6-0648 REPRESENTING Minneapolis Associates. Inc. 607 Marquette Ave. Minneapolis 2, Minn. WITHOUT OBLIGATION TO ME I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES NAME ADDRESS Mail Tp Leslie Larson, Ringsied, Iowa (or Call Collect) UTILITIES PROCEEDINGS A postponed incclmfi <>l the Boar of Trustees of the Algona Munieip; Utilities was held in the City Hall. Lit of Algona. Iowa, June U4, 11)59, at 11:4 o'clock a.m. Present were: Allen Buchanan. O. B H.umes. Melvin J. Bay. T. James Pa mer, Supt. and Ira Kohl, Sec. Motion by Buchanan, seconded llaimes. that the reading of the mil ules be waived. Motion carried. A % °Moi'ion by Harmes, seconded by Bay, that the vouchers payablu be approved, and authori/.ed paid as audited. Roll call, voting "Aye". Buchanan, Harmes and Bay. Voting "Nay", none. Motion Carl ' 1Cd ' LIGHT FUND C. M. St, P. & P. n. R. Co., freight .. W. W. Sullivan P. M.. postage Pav Holl. pay roll Milton Bilycu, labor ... Mt-rvm Hentges, labor .... Wilbur E. Brunei-, labor James Drone, labor Harvey Peglow, labor . Iowa Slate Bank, withholding tax Social Security Fund, soc. sec. tux - - ---• — . ., n Merrill Feed Supply, rndse. - ; 141.00 John R. Spencer, service ..,.- .J5a.UO Algona Ins. Agency, premium -2,12'J.U WATEH FUND' Pay Roll, pay roll Walter Peterson, labor -- ~;j' James Drone, labor (f Reiner Helmers, labor ^ Keakus Helmers, labor "- J George Wlfcg, labor -- „ Leroy Gronbach. labor .,,,'.''? Thomas Moe, labor -I'.,?, Eugene. Thompson.'labor •""•'- u Iowa State Bank, withholding tax Soc. Sec. Fund, , BOC. sec. tax 11B - dJ Wallace & Tjernan, Inc.. on contract ..,--, .- r a.('nn Luther Fairbanks Jr., survite — d^.uu North Cen Pub. Serv.. Has -i-1.34 12 PC. Plastic Picnic CUTLERY SET Plastic handled »•» of 4 •ach of 7Vi Inch $errot- •d knlvct, f o r k i and tpooni. Rainbow colon. <J - UJO O n o Q CD v> n KWIK MIST INSECT BOMB Mary Gannon, ct al, relund .... The Secretary was authorized to redeem curtain U.S. Treasury Bonds, owned by the Water Fund. Then there was presented by Supt. Palmer, a letter addressed to the Board ol Trustees from F. C. Dailey, tendering his resignation and retirement as Chid Engineer at the Power Plant. The Boai^i, with regret, orally accepted the resignation and. commended Mr Dailey for his services during the past 25 years of employment. Next meeting date "was set lor July 1. 195SJ, at 11:45 o'clock a.m. Meeting Adjourned, /S/ Ira Kohl 'Secretary /S/ Allen K. Buchanan ol tile bual'U O o u IA o o u ut vo O o u IA D d REDUCED! 'tow prtunre household jnstttlcidt. Kill* b u 8 l, •flitif roothai, motht and «th«r initct*. Purchase! aE 2 SLICE TOASTER One Tray TACKLE BOX Snap catch, padlock hasp. C o p p • r color. Inehei. n CO O in K»g. $10 DRESS AIR-STEPS White - Beige - Brown • Blue Mesh * Black Mesh - and Black Patent. AH Sizes, 4s to 11s. All Widths, AAAAs to Es. Formerly 10.95 -11.95 • 12.95 -13.95 Values Jumbo Sfze 65 Inch WADING POOL Hai thr«« rlngi, 11 inch«i de*p. Holds 115 gallons of water. Built, in drain plug, BIG 54 INCH WADING POOL $4.97 ( 6 v* </> (O V> n </> Specially Priced' *14" PAY ONLY IJ.50 PER WEEK OUR E-Z PAY WAY Begytifjl thr«mel 6 pott* »ion control, uvmb (rey. lug. 799 4$ .Inch rubber disc, 9 inch *andppp»r dlte, 5*A inch polishing bonnet.'/« inch fldoptvr to fit all drill!. 0/ut Enomef 20 Qf. Cold Pack Canner Easy, lowKOst way (• have all whit* walls) White Wall Discs for canning, ham boiling and tovp. Rack and Instruction! In' clvded, Holdi 7 o>ort tr pin) (arf, Simply clamp while rub* txr a i t c between 'llr* bead and rim to convert both snow and regvlar .tires, to bftter looking white walls. For )4, |f «r 16 Inch n 5.95-6.95- 7. White - Beige - Bone - Black Formerly 8.95 to 12.95 Values 4.95-7.95-8.95 GLAMOUR DEBS DRESS FLATS White - Beige - Black - Red - Blue All Sizes, 4s to 11s, All Widths, AAABs to Es. Formerly (i.95 - 7.95 - 8.95 Values White - Beige - Flax - Blue - lied - Black AH Sizes. All Widths, AAAAs to Es. Formerly 5.95 - 6.95 - 7.95 - 9.95 Values MEN'S - WOMEN'S - CHILDREN'S Wheat - Tan -Flax - Black White and Beige - Red and Blue Formerly 4.95 to 7.95 Values WOMEN'S & CHILDREN'S DRESS FLATS - WEDGIES - LOAFERS Perfect 1'or School Wear All Colors - All Sizes - All Widths Formerly 4.95 - 5.95 - 6.95 - 7.95 Values MEN'S AND BOYS' BIG BUYS FOR SUMMER WEAR! Regularly 10,95 to 17.95 Values 5.95-7.95-8.95-9.95-11,95 Phone CYpress 4«4S7«/^

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