The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1940
Page 3
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WEDNKSDAY, F10KRUARV 21, .1MO BLYTIlEVILLfi (ARK.) COURIER NWS TELLS DFIf! IP Hierarchy Of The Marrying Roosevolts ijxncnen- FRAfJKLIN, JR. i\:.'.l'.i:iKI) Kihel (In I'ont June 30. IS37 JOHN MAKHIIvl) Anne Clurll June 18, 1II3S Has Interesting ces While Visaing Slacken There Cainp:irnbh to ilio homo, >.UVYII Urug store, where.sooner or. l.i|er t/ne sies practically ull of one's n:quai!!tance", isSiinlmrji'.s. the hnngout oi Mexico fin where Mis. S. a, ceiitly visiting there, oncomi'ow! friend from New York vvlieir !;£ had not .seen for 12 years "Everybody gjiner.s inere," Mi's, flcrnta'g- said In di.'cu.s.smg one of the numerous intiueius uuniij her vlsil IDi'r?. Uc.-niijse oi the injury of her son, Harold, in Acupulco, Me>:., raid Ills removal to Die Englkili Hospital in Mexico Oily. Mrs. Siernbar;} ha:! many unusual experience.'; iviiile In inul cumury. 'I'lie English Hospital \vns in much betier concilium than th<: American one which hud ti-enukwi over by the Mexicans who threat-1 ened also 10 undertake operation' of the British establishment, she I slated. Mr. Stcrnucr;, whose back ' v;a.s fraclnred while swhmnin;; at: the resort, remained without treatment except ihe adminislering of morphine for '24 hours. It wss necessary to lie him lo a board stretcher placed across the lop of his convertible car which took hini to the alrpluce waiting to fly him to the Mexico City hospital 250 miles away; Noiv saiely back in this country after having been called to Mexico to be wiin ner son. Mrs. Steinberg can relate odd experiences occa- j sioned by her .associations wilh ' inhabitants of trial country. Tlic oay before she left (she was driven back by trie son of the American doctor who is head of the English Hospital), there was .an attempted, assassination of one of me presidential cunaiaaies in-tne forthcoming election, but that only made It a draw for his opponer.t had been filed on only a lew days previously. Fortunately, the would- be gunmen -seldom hit their mark, according to Mrs. Steinberg who said thai with Hie way things are warming up now • they will probably be ready for the usual revolution by linw electioa rolls around. An Aztec Indian princess, whose grandfather and his brotiiers hud loughl lor (he liberty of Mexico, vas in Mrs. biernuergs pjrly wncu she went lo- the National Museum' hWwrr(i;ff are Choused ihe" jewels, carriage's*- and .c.oihlng ol Mazi- niillian ' and Carlotta. Here the weapons with v.nlch the princess' ancestors lought were on exhibit. It was in this museum that Paul Muni is repotted lo have spent much time while he \vas preparing to porlray the vola of Juarez, MeMi^F.n liberator, in Ine iiutioa picture of thai name. The Museum tuguuier with the Chapultepec. Palace, the Floating i^^uviis f.i Z^numiKo. tlie Passeo c!e la IJeforma. the pyramids, the Temple of the Winds, the silver mines nt Tnxco. the convents nnd cathedrals ol Puebio. ihe church of the Eilsilica'ami Jianborns siiuiild all go on one's "must" list when he visits • the old country, according to Mrs. Eternberg. - . : . At the opposite end - of the city from jthe museum : 0.1 a.hill is ine Cliapultepec I'alaee. 'The grounds and garcidis surrounding this form I 'the Cliapultepcc Park, 'one of the 1 most beautiful hi all the \vorld, l:ie traveler said. The Passeo de la Reforms is lliu only Boulevard ill the world comparable to the Champs Eiysces of l-arls. : THE ROOSEVELTS XAItKIKU iManh 17. 1905 ELLIOTT .^:Al;l ! .I^:l» Kli/abeth Donnor Jan 1C, 1932 ANNA ELEANOR MAUK1KU Curtis 1). ])M June 5, I92U JAMES MARK1EU Betsey Jime 4, 1330 PACK THREE THE HIES So Tliis J.s What Dimi's Doing Begins Study Of Ways To Ease Allies' Discrimination MARRIED Ciirtin Winsor Ocl. 23, 1937 MARRlKt) Itiilh Googins July 22, 1933 MAJJRJED John Boettiger Jan. 18, 1035 MARRIED Kathcrlne I.cas Dec. 15, 1938 Nol romancinc; Will lie marry lo gel children Kuiiidlc liy agreement Schneider? Wedding Scenes arc a familiar sijht in the much marrying Inmlly of President, nooscvdl-. Fjillici Franklin started Ihe cycle with his St. Patrick's Uay ninrringc to Elennor in 1905. ills five children now have sevin weddings, four in June, and tivo divorces en their record, w!!h one more break coming up in Mexico was forced to pay a great amount cr duty. Had they licea not have to Mrs. her • propel ty. slie would had to pjy. accordiuj a hunch FDR's name, may stay en that ballot. It may get ruled off by the stele authorities. on the ground that he did noi formally car/sent to its entry. Or ... he might withdraw li. :»l! Ancient Warrior Fiohts for Finns Upon leaving the country, they 'went flVer.tli.E PHI. American. high- <Ke has until Feb. 24.) \viiy, the beautilul feat of engineering which runs" from the Texas border lo Mexico City. America:! en^ln^ers said it couldn't be done, but the Mexicans did it, Mrs. Sternber'g was told. It runs throujli the Aztec Indian territory where fciv while men had been until the road was built. Here. oxen nre usei for plowing the iat?d HUMP tS FORECAST; iilnV ilAKF) IS QUESTION Economists In the Commerce Department figure business Is going to i.,^,.- a s^iiirp attain sometime m the near future. They don't know how far it will fall or how soon it win bounce back up; have a hunch that it will come back pretty soon in primitive style. Homes'are huts C:1 amount o f expansion of tlick-s piled crudely together. o! export trade. and roofed.with,palm leaves which! Meanwhile, here's the way they fiiy and mat up. No chimneys are j figure it: necessary as the cooking is done outside of the unfurnished huts without windows. As most of tile Indians neither read nor write, their only means of communication wilh the outside \vorl:l is by way of the yrapc vine. The present government is establishing schools in an attempt to improve these Indians. Thousands of acres owned by ranchers have been taken over by the government for the use of these natives. Although the soil K tremendously rich, tlie natives have not yet learned to make the most of their opportunities. They arc satisfied with i their little garden, cow. cliivkens '.r-6 turkey. But the poverty there is not as he.ut breaking as it is in this country because of the mildness of the wentiier snd the productivity of chc soil v.-hich two features of the Tnere are many canals at Zoch- imilko which is known as the Venice of Mexico. Here Uic Ora.:i'(lees of. Mexico take their, svveet- ,'ieart.s and families for Sunday outinjs. Each holiday paif.y. rides in a flower bedecked••gotidqhi y-ijiji Ihe Indians .come/; ufjjCJn it)vejt canoes .to peddle "rfielr' : wares ,o/ pottery, scrapes. .-Uecs ^ biit'rtiostly flowers. Occasionally n boa.!., ".of serenadcrs ' Wilt conic by, ' I lowers which aie grown in'!ibu.iitiiii;:e : "on llic islands formed by canals are sold in corsages and las in all colors, pink and white tube roses, pansies, violets,, delphiniums and other flowers of the gardens. At Ihe church of the Basilica, ths pilgrims climb the cobblestones o.i hands an.-l knees lo forgiveness, of the virgin oS llu .Scraps and her blessing. "And the music of Mexico—It really gets you," Mrs. . sternbcrj | continued as siie branched out into the entertainments of this country. "Every orchestra, eve:-, the j E ? BKUOE C,\TTO.V smallest, compares to,our big name WASHINGTON, Fob. 21. — The orchestras here except of course! Gamer strategists went into the tli2 one at the border where ihe | Illinois primary vvk'.i Ihcir eyes country impressed the local tourist more than any others. In fact Ihe country so impressed Mrs, Stcrnber; thai already s'.ie is making plans for relurr.inj lo the country that has no signboards elcng the road to nnr ils scenery. And she fe:!s sure that acquaintances marie- on this trip will be encountered at some future time at Sinborr.'s. The fall boom was pretty much i an inventory boom. Inventories' a-.-e still piling up, though new, orders are falling off. Tne index \ cf-industrial production '•' drop-1 ping fust. Frices of Industrial raw materials, which wcr.t up sharply [ when the war started, have been going down since mid-December. Cessation of inventory accumulation will mean a stiff business j vfOU. , , j* J [ Nevertheless, they don't sec ti.c siutauon as parallel to 1937, when there ivas a crash after an inventory boom. For one thing, they say, there has not been a general rise in svoge rates, a.s Ibere was during Ihe 1338-37 boom; on Hie con- ivary, waje costs per unil have declined. Further, the pending drop in government sjicntiing will orcbably not be as heavy as It was in Hi37. Lastly, many indus- IrialLsts may carry larger inventories in expectation of war demand. CATION'S WASHINGTON COLUMN The old flghl in Finland. This grizzled warrior from Oulu is mustered into lighlina ranks. nlghl club had chorines which were } wide open. nt least 50 and over and where the j They knew when thay filed management presented n flo-ir shoiv. Gainer's 1131110 as a candidate, that that would cause him tj be lynched in a straight Garner-Roosevelt race In this country." : in Illinois tiie winner will just "And the altitude will get you if: naturally he Roosevelt. It simply you don't watch out." Mrs. Slern-' can't be figured any other way.' berg wanud. She exphlnecl that No candidate ordinarily iftes to there were always Iwo perfect ali- tis in Mexico, the allilud; and the alkalinity of the waler. 'J'ne Mexicans love American money. At the time she was there, she could usually get six dcliars for cue. "And It was su:h a pleasure lo jo lo ;< shop and gel lots for a lhat Garner would onlcr any slate Uttle money." contest where any local group In- Slie went i'.lo the country on a viled him. He get r.-.i invite in train with 20 other Americans. At Illinois, srd he wasn't going to Nu Laredo, customs examined their run out on his first scrap—and baggage, and one young girl who have it said he was looking for was taking American ndios, books sat-ups. and other trinkets to her friends Second, the Garner peenlc have U. S- I'l.AVS "GOOD NKIGHliOK" ON CANAL JOB U. S. army engineers are surveying for a c.mal across Nicaragua— but it's s:ot that big "second nma" that has been so much talkcd- of. Instead, it's a modest barge canal which the NIcaraguan government hopes to bulkl. inlt a dozen officers and some enlisted men have been at work since last Novembsr. Present 11 pifins nrc for a waterway via the £an Juan river from the Atlantic | lo Lake Nicaragua, wilh possibly 1 a short ditch from the western side of Ihe lake t3 the Pacific. When President, Somoza of Nicaragua was in Washington a year ago he mentioned the project to President Roosevelt and asked for i a lifl. Good-neighborly, the President agreed to have the army do the surveying. It doesn't cost much — 3-A, if the U. S. ever docs go ahead with the big canal project (for which treaty rights exist, and for which comprehensive surveys were made back in 1931) the baw canal which the Nicarasuans are golnj to build will be helpful. WASHINGTON. l-Vb. 20. iUl'>— Administration furm officials have benun a study ot how In meet Ihu SJ'Oinnj; dl!«rlml:int!an iisnlnst Auu'iU-an faun piCKlncts by Uritain , mil l'iiino». Tlu-y are convinced that tho i sliiiJiioii wlih'li sent Aim-ileini fanu priKliicts pi'iter. KkyrtK'kotliiit In ilu> ),,si world Wiir iv'lll noi lie rcpciui'd In ihe piv.w.'l war. \\a- vo:( indiki'l.s In i'Mrope lire e.x'- IK'cUil in dcdine, The Allied jioivers nic not cliitn- orln^ for Aiiu-rlcun food nnd cloth n* ihcy did In lilH-)91(l. liisU>»d they h'.i\t> placed drastic restrictions on ncirly nil Imports, nnd hnvi; cmbm/wd oilier*;, irom this country. Two Si'fllDiis Ihinl lilt ffouihcni kb:ici:o fnniicrs mill Wcsl Cu:i>,t fruit growers, who uov- innlly export e. large porllon of Iheir production lo England, have been especially hind hit by the embargoes. They have demanded isi protests be made to Ilrltahi. nclallnllon nnd reprisals against Irlllsli and French exports lo the Unlied .States are within llic power f the United Slates government, 'Ut ihe Slalc Depot tmcnl Is rc- uclant to use luush meusures. Only n mild protest lias been miulu. This government, hus recognl/ed hut Britain arul Fruiice believe hey must conserve their oxehange n the United states for purchases T airplanes, trucks, guns and other vur H'iileilnti. They must seek proilucU lu countries vhich 1)0 noi jnanufacturL' wiir naterlaK. But, while American Industry profits from Hie war, agriculture must face a diminishing Europeiii' market—Germany and the rest of Central Europe already hnvhv been last—bccnnse of BrIUsh and /tench restrlcllons. Brlllsh restrictions against Amer:can farm products Inelude: 1. An embargo ugnlnsl America! ipples nn:l ]>ear.s. '2. Au embargo ug'.ilnsl Amerlcai .obacco In favor of Turkish tobacco :i. A price on lartl has been ftxe( :o low as to discourage sales anc sreatly reduce exports. 4. Ducoii and hnm exporl.s IKIVI ^een reduced under a license con ;rol system thst fiivors Cnnniin. 5. Shipping space lias been plncci uiiiler strict control nnd allotment .'or tonnage on agricullural pro lucls reduced. . Except lor it temporary spurt li :otton e.xporLs, • sales of America 'arm products In Europe have de •lined since the outbreak of win \t least a part of Ihe increase i: :btton exports was clue lo a stock na up by European mills ill lakin advantage of the cotton expoi .lubsldy. \Vheiil Exports Slunut Wheat, the other great America export crop,"vlrtunlly has sloppc moving to Eatope. Tile America price |s about 31 cents n' bushe ibove C'anadlnn prlee.s. vyillr.hniva )1 the American subsidy "on when for Europe' mulled In n svvlicli I jthor markets. In nddllton to restrlcllons vendy Imposed. France and llrltal NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 The f.iliools are jo- catcil nt the University of Wisconsin, Ihe Southern Summer .School at Ashcvllle, N. c., the Bernard Furniner Kch'oo! tn'New York ollv,. dls?cntinucd In 1934, and (he Hud- ton fihorc Labor -School, for.-nerl/ tlio lliyn Mnwr Summer .School, Covering a four yunr i>erio<l from I0;t! lo 1031, llio .study revealed that Ihe women, comhvj principally from iimiulaeluiliv; Indus- Irlcs, .showed u growing lutercM In tiiide unions an a way cut of th-j iiHiir of lo«- salaries, IicMent jo'.>. diniige.s, and unemployment. Although 70 lo 85 per cent of t!u>. »ui;niicr frfiool student} were (irnwn from U;a ranks of industry,, rrcmdj of Ibf? bureau slio«d a, ri^hn ireml hi ad,nl'.t?.iiie of do^-. ui'.d p'.'r.smn:) service «•<;,-):-. • ITS. Invest!.'liters found that Ihs nv-'- : . .ii!ji> ii'ie of Hie (itutiiV'ti vj-is M. innlly u nalWc-born, slnzle and. ex|K'rleiKO(l worker pc..s?sLi!n'{ a hl||h Octree of skill. As of Jim. I, 1910, the average., mull price cf- KiiEollne liV the Unl'.ed KlnlCM was 13.53 ccnl* 'a In service slallons, fis coiii-' irarcil lu 14.^!) cf-iils ii gallon oa .Ian. 1, 1!KI9. While Alley Ocp wns gadding about with Ulysses and the, hyimotic -«:s. Dlimy, his clliiosnur from the caveman eru, had an euunlty fine ne with 2(ilh cralury swing sirens al 3uu Valley, Ida. Elleet of the acini chnnse on Alley's ninny will soon wear oil wltli girls like lucly Vcimllye. New York dcliulnnle, iiromul lo rnlst: his icmpera- e. Alley, NKA Service comic chinncler, now Is oil on a new adventure. For Prnnipt Lniindry nnd Cleaning Service u pooling arrangement under hlch they will not compete ugatnst leh other for Aiiierl:'iin coiinnoill- es. They lire. In effect, o;irnt(lng consolidated control over Amei'l- 111 exports to them. Secretary of Agriculture Henry .. \Vnllnce tins warned farmers mil they must expect n reduction 1 exports ly Europe diirlii« the •iir unri probably for somn (line tier Hie w«r when, rcjurdlo.'i.s of he outcome, the purchasing power if both sides will be diminished. iistoric Bridge Sherman Used Out of Service IVnuc.iscc buckwimdsiucn n n d marched uwuy lo defent 1'iiken- ham's forces al New Oi'lc-nns ilui 1 Ing Ihe War of 18I'J. It Is believed thai Hernanilo de Soto spent the winter of 1510--11 nl this p:ilnt. Thti licllef of historians was stre^glheneil recenlly by Ihe Ilndlni; of a coin In llic In- iltnn village nearby bearing t!io ;crliit!un uf a Caesar. Young Women Cut Old Ties With Kitchen PAVETTEVII.LB, Temi. (Ul'l— rime has talten its toll nnd tho mils and picturesque old stone irldgc over which den. William T. Sherman and his Irooiw marched In;; llic civil Wftr has Ijoen closer! to tnifib. A modern, netv span has been cie:ted over the ilk river about lOil yards doivn- >lTcnm. The old bridge was built of 1111- Ive limestone nnd had six elllp- .Icnl arches nnd wns 450 feel lon^. Before It was constructed In Idllo, old-time ferry operated across the stream. The bridge wn.s built at Ihe historic point where Gen. Andrew JnckEon mustered an army of FOR ATHLETE'S f GOT To effectively relieve the Itching, burning discomfort of athlete's fool, nnd to kill the firnjjl ii|ion conlael. use foinoiiH jiarnsltlcldiil Bhicli anil White Ointment ns dreasing lo exposed surfaces. Soothing, cooling relief begins nt once. Use with Blaclt mid White Shin Soap loduy. WAS1I!NO.TO^^ HIP)—The woman who once accepted as law the dictate that her place, was In the kllche:) has been replaced liv lh" Imluslrlal woman who realizes thai her .sphere of Influciicu extends to Ihe development of wise ao;lnl nn;l cconoiute (lOltchs, nccnrdliri • to the Woman's Bureau of the Ijilwr Da- pnrtinent. k ' The observation was made In it study of tile work live:; of women who ftttc:.dCLl one of llic several summer .schools held for women sintnitN'iu;i;i, * COMPANY t.lfflG Rack r I'ltio Bluff - Fort. Smith FISTULA A Fistula Is n false drainage canal which usually starts irom an ulcerallon Hint penetrates the rectal wall mid works Its way downward nnd outward. In Ihe anal region where It appears as n holl or abscess. Fisluln Is u treacherous, dangerous condition, gradually <md surely waslcs one's vitality and health by the absorption of pus ami loxlns from 11, Into'the blood stream. A cure Is accomplished without hospllulhulion or• loss of time from work by our ambulant office methods. DRS. NIES & NIES r.l I Main St. DlyltMYlllo, start his campaign by taking licking. 1 Nevertheless, the Garner peo])!e filed—after Roosevelt's name had f.hcady been put in. They had two reasors. First, it had been announced KEYSTONE ALFALFA SEEDS ALL KINDS FIELD SEEDS HAHY CHICKS L. K. Ashcrait Co. PUIUNA FEEDS Phone 151 DOOCSE TRUCKS ;ATnck That Fits YOUR Job / Here's Why! -" THK nODGK TRUCK you buy is Jot.- led for tlic ri^Jil jicrformnncc , , . fo pull your \tynill H's Jo7;'Ifn[ftl for economy ...(<) snrc you inonc;;! HV powered with exactly ilic right one of 6 grcol Dorfflc trucf; engines.' This means Ions life nnd maximum economy. From half-ton delivery units to lilg load-lugging gas or Diesel llirce-tonuer?, every Dodge Jnb-Rnfed truck is powered for the work il's built (o do ... onrf In ifo llic job at Jess cost. Gulches, transmissions, rcnr axles, frames and spring equipmcitl— fhcsc, loo, Rie sited tor lire (ruck . . . and "rale for llic job." Tlie ncl rcsull is n bellcr (riicfc. . . more economical, more dependable . ,. n Iniel: that pis Ihe job! Soo Your Dorfgc Doalcr For Easy Cutf£e( Terms OEAH MTIOS CAFiCIIIES I SID. CHASSIS «d tODV MOOtlS 96 56 >450 474^ THfl -GET AND READ THIS Gel il (IOTTI Y°ur Odd DC d-akf OMiien, Chrvilef Cotporclion, BOOKLET or wrll* to Dcfr^rt, Mi HOW1 OoJj* cMjan. BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO; 7 K. Main SI. Phone tilled f ' S i'M.Vrt»i i>J.i,,.^.A J-...<lillO WHISKEY. 76f r Sculnl Splrlls diJ. Drain. 86,8 Proof. Jullni Kwtler Distilling Co.. Inc.. L.T*rcn«biiTR. Ind. DEPEND ON DODGE Sra«<tsvK( m ' I CAFACIIIIS .. . ?» SUNCMD CHASSIS AND »ODT MODUS ON 17 WKIIKASU

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